Election 2020

Would a Less-Nativist Republican Have Won in 2020?

If he had focused more on economic growth, Trump would have made even more headway with Hispanics


Much has been made of Donald Trump's better-than-expected performance with Hispanic voters. But a close look at his showing in key battleground states suggests a missed opportunity: A less-nativist candidate might well have ridden that wave to a second term in the White House.

Exit polls suggest that Trump won a third of the Latino vote overall, a little better than last time around. But what put him close to the edge was his impressive performance with Hispanics in Florida and Texas, both states he won.

To the extent that exit polls can be believed, Trump got a thumping 45 percent of Florida's Latino vote, an 11-point improvement over his 2016 performance. This is squarely because 58 percent of the Sunshine State's sizeable Cuban American community in the populous Miami-Dade County voted for him, an improvement of four points from last time. This cut Joe Biden's overall county-wide lead to merely seven points, in contrast to Hillary Clinton's 30-point one.

Why did Biden lose ground with these groups? One reason is that Trump successfully associated Biden with socialism, and raised the specter that the Democrat would turn America into the countries they'd escaped. In one masterstroke of microtargeting, Trump invited Fabiana Rosales, the wife of an imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader, to the White House and then used the video with her to woo the community. Meanwhile, Biden took the Latino vote for granted and did little to refute this branding, even as political commentators like Linda Chavez, a conservative who opposed Trump, were sounding the alarm telling him to wake up. Biden could have also done more to point out that Trump had rejected half the asylum petitions of Cubans and Senate Republicans five times in 18 months spurned efforts to extend the Temporary Protected Status for undocumented Venezuelans. If these communities had been more aware of Trump's record, they might have been less inclined to support him in such numbers. It was missed opportunity on Biden's part.

The Latino vote in Texas was even more surprising in some ways. Despite the heavy Latino turnout, Dems could not realize their perennial dream of turning this red state blue. Biden increased his vote count among Hispanics in large, more liberal cities like Dallas and Houston over Hillary Clinton's totals. But he lost the state by six points after an eye-popping 41 percent to 47 percent of Hispanic voters in several heavily Latino border counties in the Rio Grande Valley region, a Democratic stronghold, backed Trump. In Starr County, which is nearly 97 percent Hispanic, Biden had only a five-point margin with the group compared to Clinton's whopping 60-point 2016 lead. Nueces County in South Texas went for Trump by a wider margin now than four years ago, after Beto O'Rourke flipped Corpus Christi and its surroundings in 2018. Why did this county return to the GOP camp? One reason is that Latinos, like other groups, reflect the rural-urban split with rural voters being naturally more conservative and urban more liberal. The other is that Hispanics in border towns have been living there for generations. So they don't self identify as immigrants and Trump's interior enforcement raids didn't directly affect them.

But Trump's threatened border wall, which would have cut through their cities and towns, was more relevant to their daily lives. They were vehemently opposed to it. Compared with 2016, Trump chose to de-emphasize his border wall specifically and his anti-immigration stance generally. This decision likely kept Texas red by allowing border-dwellers to focus on his economic message of creating jobs and boosting growth, both of which are huge concerns in this poverty-stricken region.

By contrast, the states where Latinos came through in decisive numbers for Biden—and against Trump—were Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. Colorado was an early win for the vice president. Nevada was a squeaker. And Arizona has yet to even be called by The New York Times. In all three, preliminary reports suggest upwards of 70 percent of Hispanics voted for Biden. Why in such large numbers? Because unlike Florida, Hispanics in these states tend to come from Mexico or Central America. And unlike Texas, they tend to be immigrants or first-generation. Hence Trump's rhetoric and policies directly threatened them, especially in Arizona, which has long been Ground Zero for the restrictionist movement and where Trump's interior enforcement policies have hit the Hispanic community hard.

Had his immigration positions been less extreme to begin with, he could have pulled off the same feat in Arizona and Nevada that he did in Florida and Texas, namely, gained Hispanic support without sacrificing too much other support to win. Not just that, such a stance might have also put Michigan, one of the key Midwestern battleground states that cemented Biden's victory, in Trump's corner, handing him the presidency. Biden won Hispanics by an estimated 54-point margin in the Great Lakes state. And although Hispanics constitute only 3.1 percent of the eligible voter population in Michigan compared to 22.7 percent in Arizona and 18.4 percent in Nevada, losing just a modest share of them (along with other more immigration-friendly voters) might have wiped out Biden's narrow 0.6-point margin.

To be clear: Trump had plenty of restrictionist plans ready to go for his second term, he simply chose to de-emphasize them on the stump. Top aide Stephen Miller had already cued up a series of executive orders to further limit grants of asylum, punish and outlaw "sanctuary cities," expand the travel ban to include more countries, require even more extreme vetting for visa applicants, and impose new limits on work visas. As if that wasn't ambitious enough, he was also planning to act on a perennial item on the ultra restrictionist wish list by using an executive order to end birthright citizenship, forcing the matter to the Supreme Court.

But he didn't campaign on those plans. In fact, he barely mentioned them. This was in sharp contrast to his first campaign when he called Mexicans "rapists and criminals" and promised to build a wall on the entire Southern border to keep them out and make Mexico pay for it. No doubt the shellacking Republicans received in the 2018 midterm, thanks to his unfair depictions of Central American asylum seekers and the cruelties that his zero-tolerance policies visited on the border, had something to do with this re-calibration.

Even this minor reset generated rich political dividends for Trump with a demographic group that is now the second biggest after whites. (There are 32 million eligible Hispanic voters, 2 million more than blacks.)

Hispanics are a diverse group with varying interests, not a monolithic voting block. The lesson from a granular analysis of both the Hispanics that Trump won and those that he lost is the same: They aren't seeking welfare handouts before extending their support to candidates, contrary to conservative mythology. They also aren't party loyalists, as liberals would like to believe. They are up for grabs for anyone who does not declare open season on them and shows them just a little respect or at least doesn't rain hate on them. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush understood that. Rejecting their party's traditional antipathy, they courted Hispanics without turning into Santa Claus—and did quite well, especially the latter who won 40 percent of their vote in 2004 when he was re-elected.

Although Trump lost, the pattern of his support from Hispanics points the way to a strategy that can work for future Republican presidential candidates—if they are willing to turn away from nativism and focus on economics instead.


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    2. Would a Less-Nativist Republican Have Won in 2020?

      Trump won. What we are witnessing is a coup.

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  2. How racist is it to assume everyone in a group votes a certain way?

    1. Pretty fucking racist.

    2. to say “everyone” is a strawman. In a homogeneous society you can expect a diversity of stances and opinions within a society. In a heterogeneous society, the reliable norm is that different racial and ethnic groups living side-by-side develop into political blocs based on their ethnic and/or racial identity. In such a society democracy is little more than a racial headcount.

      If it’s racist to acknowledge that, well then so what?

  3. Biden increased his vote count among Hispanics in large, more liberal cities like Dallas and Houston over Hillary Clinton’s totals. But he lost the state by six points after an eye-popping 41 percent to 47 percent of Hispanic voters in several heavily Latino border counties in the Rio Grande Valley region, a Democratic stronghold, backed Trump.

    So the answer to the headline is “No.”

    1. Or in other words, Fact Check: Mostly True

    2. Trump had the best “non-white” support since 1960 Nixon and the accusation is that he’s too nativist.


      1. He actually did so well among Latinos because he IS a “nativist”. (IOW, wants immigration laws enforced.) Latinos who can vote are “citizens”; They really dislike the illegals, at best view them as line jumpers.

  4. I hate reading through one of these and then a goddamn millennial throws out “to be clear” in that self righteous Obama speak.

    Anyway, he did better by saying he was the law and order candidate, he would protect American jobs, and he was anti socialist and pro capitalism. Democrats conned you by putting up Joe Biteme the laziest running candidate in a hundred years, as the anti Trump promise I won’t hurt your feelings on Twitter. That some Americans are soft on crime, pushing for socialism, believe goods=rights, and want open borders is a testament to poor education.

  5. “…less-nativist candidate might well have ridden that wave to a second term in the White House.”

    PA, MI, GA. There’s the difference. Karens run amok after having their faces transplanted with putative horribles of the Plague, like echoes of Hannibal ad portas.

    Fear makes change.

    1. More accurately: Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta

      1. The only metro areas in which the doddering old fool did better than Obama. Pretty sure the mysterious sixfold+ increase in president only ballots which didn’t show up in any other metro area helped out there.

        1. Watchout, WK is in other threads accusing any discussion or use of statistics isn’t allowed. He even has citations that state statistics can imply fraud, but we still shouldn’t use them.

          1. What a third rate shill he is. But for some reason he imagines he’s tricky and that nobody notices he’s a Dem operative.

  6. LOL. NONE of my Dem friends could articulate a single difference between a Biden agenda and a Trump one.

    It was all “PUSSY GRABBER.”

    So no, it’s not about nativism.

    All he had to do was not be an asshole and consider campaigning on the good things he was doing. But then he’d have to understand what those things were.

    1. Based on what you wrote, apparently what Trump actually says and does doesn’t matter at all.

    2. But he’d’ve lost more of the asshole vote.

      Opinions that assume a candidate can be tailored to fit a certain mold are just silly. The silliness is compounded by trying to project how many voters this or that tweak would gain or lose on net.

      Trump is Trump. You think he could’ve done better by trying to be someone else? You think Joe Biden is the way he is by some act of will? (That’s a scary thought!)

  7. Are there any words to describe immigrants with irrational hatred for the natural citizens of their new home?

    Oikophobic and Xenophobic don’t quite capture Shikha’s particular brand of bigotry.

    1. autochthonophobic?

      1. Is that a fear of the world being taken over by giant tentacles?

    2. Leftists?

    3. Professors?

    4. I think “dummy” describes her best.

    5. I sit stick with ‘dumb cunt’.

  8. >>eye-popping 41 percent to 47 percent of Hispanic voters in several heavily Latino border counties in the Rio Grande Valley region, a Democratic stronghold, backed Trump

    blew up your entire raison d’etre.

    1. Must be those white Hispanics.

  9. 1.it was the democrat governors who destroyed the economy
    2. any one less bold as Trump would have lost in a land slide and thats every republican who could have run. We would have Hilary the Hitler for president if not for Trump

  10. “…a strategy that can work for future Republican presidential candidates—if they are willing to turn away from nativism and focus on economics instead.”

    Really, you’ve got to be kidding me. This year 86% of Republicans support the wall effort by Trump, even when their precious military funds were diverted to build that wall.


    So you’re actually suggesting a less xenophobic approach to immigration would work with Hispanics…and at what cost? The loss of the Republican base? Just look at the comments here from phony libertarians who are actually just apologists for the Republican Party.

    Shame on you for being the latest apologist. There isn’t a Republican Party anymore. It’s the Trump Party. And one of its core tenets is xenophobia.

    Really. Wake up.

    1. You don’t know many Hispanics do you

      1. or much at all.

        1. Tulpa, I love you!!! Will you go out with me?!?!?

          I know that M. Stack Overflow already lusts after you, as does Steve Bannon, and Pepe the Stolen-IP-4Chan-Frog, and Miss Piggy, but I was STILL hoping that you could find room for me, in your twelve-some, or whatever it is, by now, if we include the declawed hamsters, and the Land-Lady, and the Parole Officer, and the dwarves and the green paint and the chickens and what-not, butt… PLEASE, Mister, Please?!?!?

          1. tulpa-me is much meaner. i’m just me.

            1. Whew! THAT is a relief! THANK YEW for setting my mind at ease!

      2. What I took issue with was her characterization of what the base Republican Party is, not how Hispanics will vote nor what is important to them in order to earn their vote. Surely you should have been able to understand that, but I guess not. She may be exactly right about Hispanics, she’s really naive about Republicans.

        It might have been valid to question my belief that the base Republican isn’t xenophobic. But I’m fairly certain I’m right…look who they nominated for President and who you love.

        1. What is xenophobia to you is homophily to another.

        2. >>She may be exactly right about Hispanics

          individual people she likely does not know all of.

      3. He hates them. Jack doesn’t like people if they’re not white.

    2. This is like the people who used to tell me, approximately, you Libertarians would do a lot better if you recognized the program is for white people only, and made it explicitly race-conscious. Or, if you don’t repudiate all religious people, they’ll only drag you down. And so on.

  11. The rotting corpse of a dead dog could have won for Republicans in 2020. Face it: They fielded a candidate who was not only worse than no candidate at all, but worse than pretty much any imaginable candidate.

    1. Stop talking. I wish there was a camp the last 4 years for you.

    2. Much like every election is The Most Important Election Ever!, every loser is the most worthless waste of time in political history (it was certainly said about the last two, Kerry, and Dole).

      Recency bias, our harshest mistress.

    3. He was the goddamn incumbent!

    4. This is one of the more idiotic takes possible, but you’re consistent

  12. Fraud was the deciding factor in the election (obviously).

  13. Shreika….The election is not over yet, as the votes have not been fully counted; so there is no winner.

  14. Wait a sec Shikha, so it is the case that race and ethnicity actually does impact political preferences and allegiances? No wonder that you of all people find “nativism” to be so repugnant. It precludes people like you from having a seat at someone else’s table.

  15. Prior to the rona we had the hottest economy in history. Does she think the Biden economy is going to be better than that?

    1. A hot economy means some people are doing better than others. We can’t have that anymore. Everyone needs to be equally poor. Except the political class, of course.

    2. Yeah the pandemic was totally unfair to Trump. Do-over!

      1. And if a meteor hit would you blame that on Trump as well. some things are unstopable.

        1. Only if he said the cure for the meteor was more meteors, and then a meteor fell on him except he survived and declared the problem thus solved.

      2. Why? He’s already won.

  16. No. Next question, please.

  17. Also, fuck off, Dalmia

    1. Well said.

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  19. you’re a globalist, racist scumbag who doesn’t deserve the freedom this country offers

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  21. Enjoy Ezekiel Dr. Death Emmanuel.

    1. Dr. Kill the Elderly is advocating more lockdowns to counteract the spread of a disease which… primarily kills the elderly.

      It’s almost like he’s a gadfly whose pronouncements are not to be taken seriously.

      1. He’s old. Let’s out HIM down.

  22. I’m sure the Republicans would have done much better if they had run somebody other than that bag of shit Trump. If only the Republicans had run a decent, honorable, respectable candidate, somebody like say John McCain or Mitt Romney, you know, somebody that the Democrats could halfway get behind, somebody they wouldn’t be able to demonize as a literal Hitler.

    1. lol good stuff

    2. Any Republican who had a backbone and testicular fortitude could have wiped the floor with Biden. But McCain and Romney didn’t. McCain used to, but he lost it along the way. Romney never had it.

      Our hope now is Rand Paul in 2024.

      1. I like Rand and think he’d be a good President, but he’s got a tough row to hoe if he’s going to be the nominee in 2024, as the media will once again be all-in on making sure President Harris gets back in office.

        1. Who else do the Republicans have to run that can beat Harris? Or do you suggest they sit out 2024 by sending Romney back in?

          1. You do realize that trying to predict a candidate four years out is a fool’s game, right?

            Was there ANYONE here that seriously in 2012 thought Trump was going to be anything more than a vanity candidate, if he decided to run at all? If so, send me your lottery number picks.

        2. No. If the courts fail, then it’s up to Americans to push back and prevent a Biden presidency. If there is no rule of law then we should not consider ourselves constrained by law.

          The democrats are welcome to choke our rivers with their dead if they want to fight against Americans.

    3. Democrats in 2000:
      “Mr. Straight-Talk Express is shaking up the Republican establishment!”
      Democrats in 2008 (two types):
      “If warmonger John McSame gets the nomination, we’ll go to war with Iran by the mid-terms (granted, a not-unreasonable assumption)!”, or
      “I guess he’s okay, but I don’t want him running things.”

      Someone like McCain or Romney might have won election 100 years ago. But today, they’re seen as hopelessly weak, ineffectual, and too quick to give the other side of the aisle what it wants so they can get media and celebrity asspats, because they don’t/didn’t understand how modern society operates in the Information Age.

  23. There is massive non-White immigration forced into EVERY & ONLY White countries. The Anti-White tyranny in charge of White countries then force-integrate these non-Whites into every part of White people’s living spaces. This is causing the forced assimilation of Whites. Diversity is just a code word for White Genocide.

    1. You know who else committed White Genocide?

      1. If you believe Tim Wise’s definition of a white person, that would be Hitler.

    2. This is a joke, right?

      1. It’s Jeff’s ‘racist hillbilly’ sockpuppet he uses to astroturf the comments with.

  24. The nativism wasn’t a factor in this election. Latinos who are legal residents or citizens don’t have a huge problem with nativism. They got in, they’re largely okay if no one outside their extended family gets in. Plus most Latinos have been citizens for generations. Most of the US used to belong to Spain and Mexico, after all. No really, open up a history book.

    This election hinged on the working class versus the elites. (NOT a Randian producers vs moocher, as the Right is all in favor of the right people mooching). As such most Latinos have nothing in common with the Democrats anymore. They’re tired of being taken for granted, of being told how to think, of the crypto racism of coastal white progressives.

    What Trump could have done was been less rude and arrogant, but still firm. Less mocking of disabled veterans, more defense of traditional family values. Less pussy grabbing. More decisiveness. But that Trump wasn’t on the ballot. The person who spent a career locking up Latinos was.

    1. Most of the US used to belong to Spain and Mexico, after all. No really, open up a history book.

      Which is interesting, because I can walk into any history department on any college campus in the US, and the professors will claim that Spain stole it from the natives.

      The Right of Conquest is still applicable, it’s just that the Left’s version of it is malleable, depending on whether it’s hurting White People or not. Mass immigration is good if the immigrants vote Democrat; it’s bad when the non-Left sees any political benefit from it.

      1. Look, there were social constructs, some people didn’t observe those social constructs and rolled over them and started new settlements and towns. I mean, you can’t even really “own” land, you’re just sort of… there temporarily. Everyone needs to stop bitching about who historically owned this or that. It’s just people who are there… for now.

      2. And those natives stole it from the natives before them. There were at least three waves of indigenous people in the Americas.

        But regardless, the US acquired the vast majority of it territory through peaceful means. Outright purchases, shady deals, etc. Other than a tiny peace of Arizona, I’m not recalling any land we took via outright military conquest.

        1. what was that war we had with Mexico and lets not forget the Indians they didn’t always walk away, some might even call it war. We did purchase lands that probably wasn’t the sellers to begin with. fool me once France I’m the government go ahead and fool me again Russia, yes we bought parts of the West coast from Russia

        2. What? No it didn’t. That vast majority of its territory was acquired through conquest of the native population. It didn’t matter two shits that France or Spain or Mexico or Russia or whomever claimed that territory; once it was “acquired” through international treaty, it was only secured through the violent subjugation of people who were never party to those international negotiations.

          At certain points, white settlement was even pushed back or mitigated until the Army could be fully brought to bear in wearing out the tribes through divide-and-conquer strategies and constant campaigning.

          I’m okay with the fact that white people conquered an entire continent thanks to mass immigration and military pressure over a period of about 300 years. That’s human history in a nutshell, and anyone other than the descendants of those tribes who thinks how much better it would be if white people had never gotten here should be forced to fuck off back to the lands of their ancestors rather than continue to suffer the sting of living on “stolen land.” You’re goddamned right it was stolen, and it was made into something more advanced.

    2. It was the slobs versus the snobs. Al Czervik versus Judge Smails.

  25. It wouldn’t have made a difference. The dems would have found another pallat of votes if trump was ahead by too much

    1. Last I checked, any state where the margin between Trump and Biden was less than 4%, the state ultimately went to Biden. Essentially for Republicans to win the presidency, they need to win by enough of a margin that the Democratic political machines in Philly, Detroit and Atlanta (et al) can’t simply inflate their share of the vote with trunk-loads of discovered-at-the-last-moment ballots.

      1. The world has moved on from Trump and so should you.

        1. I don’t give a shit about Trump. I’m allowed to both recognize routine party machine shenanigans and not give a shit if Trump wins or loses. That you took that as some kind of defense of Trump tells me that you haven’t moved on. The big orange meanie will never hurt you again, okay?

        2. Shorter Chipper: “Ignore all the fraud”

          1. You will believe whatever Republican cocksuckers shove into your ears, won’t you? If I were one of them I would have fun with it and tell you moronic sheep that giving me money makes Jesus happy.

            Oh wait they’ve actually been doing that one for a long time.

        3. Yet the electoral college hasn’t. So fuck off Chip. As they are the ones who count.

  26. There are so many tears in the comments. Wow.

    1. Yeh. Don’t think passive-aggressive Democrats should be passing any kind of judgement about tears given how these jerk offs acted the last four years there Geronimo.

  27. Calling all that hails from below the U.S border ‘Hispanics’ is raciest . Latin America is made up of many types of people.

    1. The difference between Latino and Hispanic is small, and vanishes into nothing when we’re talking about North America. In North America all Latin American countries are Spanish in origin. Hence Hispanic.

  28. A ham sandwich could have beaten Biden. Trump may have a loyal following but many people reluctantly voted for him because of the policies he would have promoted. But how many people liked his policies but didn’t vote for him because he is such a disgusting pig? And to think, they were successful in painting Biden as too old and feeble. And the hard left hates Biden. That could easily have been exploited by almost any Republican other than Trump.

    1. I’m pretty sure that this is far more disgusting than anything Trump has ever said or done, but your average Biden voter is totally cool with it.

      1. Biden is a self described ‘fingertip politician’.

  29. Trump lost because he beat Queen Hillary in 2016. He lost because very major media outlet (including Reason) spewed 4 years of lies an hate against him. I have never talked to one person that voted for Biden, everyone voted against Trump, but could not name a real policy reason, just Russian collusion, taxes or corruption, not one anymore proven than Biden’s political influence selling.
    I don’t think Trump is perfect, the savior of the US or the devil incarnate.
    I refused to vote for President as they are both seriously flawed candidate. Spending, debt and domestic spying are my big issues with Trump, and actually corruption with Biden, beside his age and cognitive decline.
    That does not change the fact Trump is the most wrongly maligned president ever. Hate and only hate beat Trump, his polices were no better or worse than Clinton’s, GW Bush’s or Obama’s. Really they all sucked.

  30. I think he’s calling it systematic election racism.

  31. By the way, Dalmia, in your misguided suggestion the the GOP might ever ditch their nationalism mindset and focus on economics, you’ve completely ignored a few things beyond immigration and instead reside solely on American citizenship.

    Remember birtherism? That was spearheaded by one guy- Trump. And it was based on racism. And it was fully supported by the GOP base.

    You’re really naive to think all that isn’t the base, and that the party will ever reject it now. It’s their key to keeping the base turning out. Economics isn’t as important. It’s theTrump party now.

    1. And it was based on racism.
      It was based on a lack of a birth certificate.

    2. Birtherism was spearheaded by someone campaigning for Hillary. And it stuck because his family got around so much it was plausible.

  32. At what point does everyone just get sick of listening to stupid, useless, insulting identity politics? Who wants to hear it, freshman Sociology majors?

    1. Yes, and that’s all. That’s what you people have had your panties in a twist over for a decade. Freshman sociology majors having conversations you weren’t even invited to.

      1. Too bad they had to demand that those stupid theories be imposed on the rest of us, rather than leave them in the dorm room at the bottom of the bong where they belonged.

        1. No they didn’t.

          You’re a sad victim of rightwing media. Not a single law has ever been passed forcing you to say or think anything. And not a single law ever will be passed along those lines, because it would be unconstitutional.

          You’re worried over yet another in an endless supply of race or gender based culture war hysteria that Republicans shove down your throat instead of having ideas about how to govern.

          1. No they didn’t.

            Yes, they did.

            You’re a sad victim of rightwing media.

            You seem more familiar with it than anyone else here.

            You’re worried over yet another in an endless supply of race or gender based culture war hysteria that Republicans shove down your throat instead of having ideas about how to govern.

            “Just ignore what you’ve been seeing, it never happened.”

      2. I dunno. Back in the day you just had to bring along a couple doobies and a six pack. Sociology majors were welcoming. The math and chemistry girls, were more challenging.

        Perhaps it is different now.

  33. This is all pretty silly. Every election, Democrats and Republicans come in either #1 or #2. How much better could they do than practically always finishing in the top 2? When you’re that far up the ladder, just about anything you do has a greater chance of lowering your performance than of raising it.

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  35. Any discussion of what might have improved Trump’s fortunes should start and stop with the pandemic.

  36. “Although Trump lost….”

    Not CNN and not reason selects the president. When the electors vote get back to us, everything before then is just tds wet dreaming.

  37. I hear Trump won 90% of true latins…Italian Americans….in New York Italians broke for Trump by over 70%! But thanks to Jewish liberals and Nelson Rocky, Italians in NY could not get the Trump over the top…

  38. Test Test

  39. As usual, I didn’t read the article because I know it is nonsensical gibberish.

    Trump isn’t nativist. He is nationalist in a sense, though. The focus on jobs and higher wages for citizens, as opposed to wage-reducing mass immigration, makes no distinction whatsoever between naturalized citizens and native citizens. So there is nothing nativist about it. The distinction, rather, is between citizens and foreigners, so it is nationalist or “America First.” Nativist means policies that would favor natives (those born here or, really, those whose ancestors were born here going back a few generations) over newcomer citizens. There’s not any of that in Trump’s policies.

    More importantly, contrary to the lies constantly parroted by people like the author of this piece, the very policies they falsely label as “nativist” are in reality economic policies, and these economic policies are the crux of why Trump attracted record levels of minority support.

    “Overall, Black Americans are more supportive of limiting immigration than any other bloc of the Democratic coalition. And Hispanics actually tend to be more concerned about illegal immigration than are whites or Blacks.” https://twitter.com/sullydish/status/1326573834221342720

    This is all quite obvious. Black and Hispanic Americans are relatively more working class, and so the economic policies they care about are those that benefit the working class. The laughable, predictable propaganda in the subheading of this article mentions “economic growth.” As if the working class is focused on the stock market and GDP. The reality is, high amounts of immigration lowers working class wages, and raises the cost of housing, education, and health care.

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