Climate Change

The U.S. Officially Withdraws from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Biden would rejoin on day one of his administration.


The United States withdrew today from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The agreement aims at limiting the increase of global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius above its pre-industrial level. Signatories to the agreement each make voluntary pledges, called nationally determined contributions (NDC), outlining how they plan to address the problem of man-made climate change.

Back in 2017, President Donald Trump made the decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. On November 4, 2019, the Department of State submitted to the United Nations the notification that our country was formally leaving the Paris Agreement. Under that agreement, the withdrawal takes effect one year from delivery of the notification.

Back in 2015, the Obama administration submitted its NDC promising to reduce the United States' emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 to below 17 percent of its 2005 level, and by 26 to 28 percent by 2025. According to a January 2020 report by the Rhodium Group consultancy, U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases had by 2019 cumulatively declined 12.3 percent relative to their 2005 levels. The decline largely resulted from the shift from coal to natural gas to generate electricity. The report added that the fact that since the U.S. had achieved no net reductions in greenhouse gas emissions over the past three years, aiming to meet the Obama NDC targets would be "extremely challenging."

Of course, by withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, the Trump administration has basically made those Obama-era NDC emissions reduction goals null and void. In its 2020 reference case that assumes no new laws or regulations aiming to cut emissions, the Energy Information Administration projects that U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide, the chief greenhouse gas, will be basically flat through 2050.

Should Joe Biden win the presidential election, he has promised to re-enter the Paris Agreement on day one of his administration, when presumably he would reaffirm the NDC commitments made by the Obama administration to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025. 

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    1. Second for ridin’ with Biden!

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    2. Another argument for overthrowing the democrats.

      1. Votes are still being counted in this election. I hear all the time about how Democrats were calling for Trump’s impeachment right after he was sworn in. You don’t even want to wait for the counting to be finished before “overthrowing” the other side?

        My suggestion: Get over the fact that people have different ideas and policy preferences and focus on persuasion instead of just ranting.

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  1. Doesn’t the Congress need to ratify treaties or agreements with other nations / international NGOs?

    1. Yes but Obama has a pen and a phone… MSM sits idly by as the lapdog they were/are…

      1. Not to be that guy, but to be that guy, the Senate is a “house” of Congress.

        1. But its *not* Congress.

          Congress is both houses.

          1. “Congress is both houses.”

            Because you say so? No it isn’t.

            1. No, not because I say so.

              Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States and consists of two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

              1. It’s only confusing to people like Dasay because too many people flippantly refer to the House of Representatives as “Congress” or their Representative as “Congressman”. It’s a forgivable but still 100% wrong to equate “Congress” with only the House.

    2. No one does “treaties” any more. — John Kerry.

    3. I would expect this to go to SCOTUS if Biden does try to become a signatory again based upon the fact that he does need Senate approval. With the addition of ACB, I would think that Biden would be prevented from signing it without “consent and advice” of the Senate.

      1. Why would biden be any less lawless than oh bummer was? The Supreme Court isn’t going to act unless someone refers it, and that won’t happen untill after it’s too late, just like four years ago.

        Make no mistake, the rule of law is dead during democrat administration.

      2. I think that there must be a large number of ‘agreements’ that the U.S. enters that aren’t treaties, because I hardly ever hear about ratification votes. These agreements wouldn’t then have any force of law behind them, but they could still be useful diplomatically. I don’t know. The details of diplomacy are pretty opaque to most of us.

        1. If a treaty is approved by the Senate, its provisions have the force of federal law. If it isn’t, it has no force at all. The Paris Agreement was never even submitted to the Senate by the Obama Administration, because they knew it would go down in flames. Therefore, there was no need to leave the Agreement, because we were never in it. It was just a feelgood move on the part of an Administration that was much more about theater than substance.

  2. I’ll say it again, unless Nuclear energy is on the table, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% is non-sense. And any effort to get there will be felt the hardest by the poor and lower-middle class Americans. Dems are trying hard to push voters to the GOP.

    1. I agree. If anyone claims to be for stopping’AGW’ but want support nuclear power, then they’re full of shit.

      1. I am all for stopping a process that occurs naturally. I just don’t want to have to change my life style or anything.

        1. What’s natural about digging up coal, oil, and natural gas that has been underground for millions of years and then burning it so that the concentration of CO2 increases by nearly 50% from what it was before we started doing that on a large scale? And that the concentration of CO2 had been stable at around 280ppm for thousands of years before that? CO2 levels haven’t been over 300ppm in at least 800,000 years (according to the deepest ice cores in Antarctica). It is now over 410ppm. None of this is ‘natural’.

    2. The deceit/lie about “greenhouse gases” is that if the corrupt liars of the modern religion masquerading as “science” actually gave the facts/told the truth versus the spin (fat chance with that) they’d be forced to admit they don’t truly know what really causes “climate change” (first freezing then warming, then “change” and completely corruptly and dishonestly ignoring the HUGE factors of the sun and water vapor) so for the incompetent government to get involved when they have no idea what’s really involved is a sure recipe for disaster. Like the incompetent compact fluorescent light incompetent “government” required versus the far superior new LEDs invented by business and industry. If you want something screwed up, have the government do it. It’s why socialism/communism is so riotously successful, right! Ha ha. Like they used to joke in the USSR: they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work. No wonder the alcoholism was insanely high. Getting drunk was their way of trying to deal with the hopelessness very similar to what corrupt comrade Biden wants America to suffer while his buddies at the top get all the goodies they deny to the deplorables they despise while deceitfully pretending otherwise.

      1. I think that you might want to try and write something more coherent and focused on that science. You’re not going to persuade anyone that doesn’t already agree with you about this supposed lie with random ranting about “comrade Biden” and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

  3. I missed having gas be less than $3 a gallon. Oh well. LIBERTARIAN MOMENT!!!

  4. No wonder it was so warm out today.

  5. It was, and still is, bullshit anyway. The Paris Climate Accord is no more than a pile of virtue, that doesn’t smell like virtue.

    Maybe the Swedish Potato can come up with something.

    1. When you actually read the Accords and the individual nation statements, it’s pretty obvious that the whole thing is basically an Agenda 21/”Build Back Better”-type scam that would allow banks to make billions by serving as middlemen for these 1st-to-3rd World wealth transfers. Not only is the Accord completely unenforceable, it classifies China and India as “developing” nations, two of the biggest polluting nations on earth, despite the fact they’ve had first-world-level economies for at least 30 years, if not longer.

      1. Yeah, but America….

  6. You’re pimping a corrupt lazy stupid lying candidate and his party who cheated to try and win an election.

    1. If they get away with it then they must be overthrown.

      1. Rather prosecute them for massive fraud and flagrant violation of law, like the corrupt majority of the unelected PA SC dissing the people’s legislature and rewriting the law to get the outcome that corrupt majority desired.
        They also need to start prosecuting folk who flagrantly, criminally commit the felony of lying under oath when saying they’ll swear to uphold and defend the Constitution but proving themselves liars by doing the opposite, AKA treason.

  7. And joining or not joining will change the weather not one tenth of one degree. But joining will undoubtedly cost US taxpayers more.

  8. About those “agreements” – – – – – – – – –

    A pair of studies in Nature have said that, as of 2017, none of the major industrialized nations were implementing the policies they had envisioned and have not met their pledged emission reduction targets, and even if they had, the sum of all member pledges (as of 2016) would not keep global temperature rise “well below 2 °C”.

    So we are ahead of the signatories.

  9. I have never understood the sturm und drang over this Paris Climate Accord. It is completely voluntary, right? It does not have the force of law, precisely because it’s not a treaty. (Maybe it *ought* to be regarded as a treaty, but that’s another discussion.) So since it’s purely voluntary, we can propose anything we want and no one has the authority to tell us otherwise. So what is the big deal about staying in vs. getting out?

    1. How are people going to know how virtuous you are if you don’t constantly tell them?

    2. “I have never understood the sturm und drang over this Paris Climate Accord. ”

      We are aware of your intellectual disability.

    3. “So what is the big deal about staying in vs. getting out?”

      money, you twat

    4. You just described the definition of virtue signaling and are too stupid to realize it haha.

      Never change, retard.

    5. It’s being treated as a binding treaty by other countries. (There was a Dutch court decision to that effect if I remember correctly.) And there are binding consequences even if it’s not a treaty. Otherwise, Trump would have simply repudiated it on his own day one rather than following the torturous ‘exit protocol’ that was built into the accord.

      Now, there is an interesting legal question of whether those exit protocols are legally enforceable without the whole thing being presented to the Senate. Unfortunately, Congress as abrogated so much of their authority over the years that there is a credible (though weak) precedent that just maybe the accord was within the President’s already-delegated authority to sign. I think that argument should lose but I also think that Congress should be more consistently forbidden from delegating away their responsibilities.

  10. Biden will do what China tells Biden to do.

    1. true dat !!

  11. below 17 percent of its 2005 level, and by 26 to 28 percent by 2025

    How in the fu . . .

    So we promised not only to roll back to 2005’s emissions levels but to also reduce cut out over 80% of THOSE emission levels?

    Would that not require us to roll back to, what? 1970’s level of emissions? When was the US emitting 1/4 the level of the 2005 emissions?

    1. Dude, it’s not about reality with these idiots. It’s about feelings. The cold, hard truth is rolling back to those emission levels requires smart choices. Choices that the pro feelings crowd doesn’t want to make. Doubling our Nuclear energy footprint would likely get us much of the way there along with the continuing market forces that are improving electric vehicles and hybrids.

      Instead of smart choices, Democrats are just going to carbon tax everything and they act surprised when the average energy bill doubles. Because the supposed 80% of people living paycheck to paycheck need a double electric bill. Pushing this legislation is likely going to be a huge boon for the Republicans if they’re smart enough to fight it.

      1. It’s about whatever they can do to confiscate money from the middle class to redistribute among the globalist cabal

    2. the agenda of the Green Raw Deal is to set humanity back a couple of centuries.

    3. Well you can just reduce the population and take everyone’s smart phone and tablet away…that would work

      1. Nah, the idea is to tax the very air the unwashed masses have the audacity to breath, despite the seething contempt of their betters who think they’re entitled to the world, and we’re not even worthy of defending ourselves against their tyranny, because “it’s for our own good.” That’s what a carbon tax actually is…they don’t even respect our right to breath and think we are stealing/consuming “their” air by our “intrinsically morally inferior” existence. Well, they are the party of choking and slicing up babies in their cribs (er womb). So any matter of cowardly, stealthy naked agression should be no surprise.

  12. Should Joe Biden win the presidential election, he has promised to re-enter the Paris Agreement on day one of his administration, when presumably he would reaffirm the NDC commitments made by the Obama administration to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

    And shovel tens of billions of dollars to developing nations like China and India and Russia and France in order to pay them for building no greater than twice as many coal-fired electrical plants as they were planning on building, for not burning all their forests down, for not jabbing sharpened sticks up their asses, and other sundry items it would be unwise for them to do. In fact, forget the green grass houses thing, just shovel the money.

    1. truth/facts/reality be rayciss ………..

    2. And shovel tens of billions of dollars to developing nations like China and India and Russia and France

      Four more board positions for Hunter!

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  14. “The United States withdrew today from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.”

    This news sucks.
    Now all the good socialists in America will have to think of another way to redistribute the wealth.
    Stealing the taxpayer’s money isn’t as easy as it seems.
    I wonder if these idiots who insisted on withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change ever thought of that?

  15. Enjoy your two months of “America: Alone And The Asshole,” clingers.

    1. Enjoy knowing you failed at your life and you will die alone, cranky, and with a soiled pair of depends.

  16. Good for him. Also would be good to have a President that understands science better than the con man we currently have and who has been endorsed by vast majority of Reason readers.

    1. I don’t think Biden understands what’s happening when he shits his adult Depends. Anyway, AGW is bullshit.

      1. Jackass assures us that ‘fighting climate change’ will make the CA wildfires go away, but he seems to be a bit lacking on specifics, like what wee should do, and when would we see any effect.
        Pretty sure it’s a mantra with him and he’s hoping to be on the right side of the rapture with his praying.

  17. Virtue signaling on a national level

  18. Whoever takes the White House, Trump’s climate science trolls will always have Paris to remember

  19. First of all the President doesn’t have this power..the Senate approves treaties..

    Biden is a fraud..its 1960 all over again with cheating big city democrats and their media friends but Trump is no Nixon…

    90% vote percentage in Wisconsin? Sure…just like in the old Soviet Union. I’ve never been so upset at my country. Too many bolsheviks are running the show…

    1. Yeah, it’s a record! More people than ever voted for a man who can’t finish a sentence or remember what day it is? More than for Hillary!? Think about that for a minute.
      Biden’s like Ebola, but with less charisma. There was less support for him than Hillary, by far.
      We’re supposed to believe that Dem states can be called at 48% reported, but red states are too close to call at 99% reported with Trump ahead 700,000 votes? Let’s stop the count at 10 pm in case we can mysteriously find 10 truckloads of ballots we somehow missed that are 100% for Biden at 4 am, when no one’s watching.

      1. If there were a de at h penalty for vote fraud, Dems would never win again.

        1. Or maybe just one more time?

    2. If voter fraud is proven and Trump is back in, the narrative, for the next four years is, Trump stole the election. Dems walk away. Think FISA warrants and spying on political opponents. The Russia collusion is still playing and the kids in cages – are, yep still going.

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  21. “Biden would rejoin on day one of his administration.”

    That should make Bailey very pleased, since he’s been promoting Biden the past six months.

  22. “According to a January 2020 report by the Rhodium Group consultancy, U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases had by 2019 cumulatively declined 12.3 percent relative to their 2005 levels.”

    While China, India, and the rest of the “Developing world” doubled theirs. If the U.S. completely stopped carbon emissions tomorrow, aside from the economic and social disaster here, the rest of the world would, at their present rates of increase, easily make up the difference within 10 years.

  23. The knobs get as excited about something that they have as much knowledge and understanding as they do about their gods.

  24. Isn’t part of the Green agenda to get more people out of the suburbs and living in city apartments close to work or public transportation?

    Didn’t we just have the “worst” epidemic ever that shows that living in such close proximity spreads such viruses more easily?

    1. Didn’t you notice? As of election night, Dems stopped wearing masks.
      What virus?
      “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia…”

      1. And we have always called in the National Guard when a protest becomes a riot.

  25. Putting humanity in charge of climate change could cause devastation on a scale that makes the COVID-19 stupidity look like patty-cake.
    And it’s every bit as fake. Line up and bend over!

  26. Option one; the religious are right, and God made the world. In that case we are powerless to overrule His decisions, and must let Him continue to run the climate as He wishes.
    Option two; Science (Darwin for instance) is right, and as a part of the ecosphere we cannot disrupt the natural order of evolution.
    Option three; the whole mess is a poorly disguised effort by grant-grabbing socialists to hide massive redistribution in plain sight.

  27. Treaties are supposed to be voted upon by congress. When will the vote be held or did we elect an emperor and our votes for Congress and Senate are meaningless?

  28. Who said paying more to pollute won’t make the earth paradise?

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