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Trump Warns Biden Will Destroy Washington Monument, Christmas, Easter, Suburbs, Borders, and the American Dream

The president's warnings about the destructive potential of a Democratic White House should make us skeptical of the powers of the executive—not just the person who wields them.


There's no telling where the destruction wrought by a President Joe Biden would end. Not even our most prized obelisks would be safe.

On Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump's campaign tweeted out a screenshot of an imagined future CNN report from the "D.C. Autonomous Zone" where the demolition of the Washington Monument is well underway. "This would be Joe Biden's America," the caption reads.

The tweet is perhaps meant as a bit of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole. (By the Trump campaign's standards, it's even relatively charitable to CNN in depicting the network neutrally covering urban unrest.)

It's nevertheless in keeping with the dark closing message of Trump's campaign: A Democrat-controlled White House will use the immense power of the Oval Office to remake America.

"The Biden lockdown will mean no school, no graduation, no Thanksgiving, no Easter, and no Christmas, no Fourth of July and no future for America's youth," warned Trump at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Monday, conjuring up the risk that a Biden administration would do its best to shut down most social and economic life to fight coronavirus.

It's not the first time that Trump has claimed Biden would prosecute the War on Christmas with a renewed vigor. It's also not the only thing that would be in President Biden's sights.

"Him and his group," Trump warned Monday in North Carolina, will "destroy the suburbs, dissolve your borders, terminate religious liberty, outlaw private health insurance…shred your Second Amendment, confiscate your guns and indoctrinate your children with anti-American lies."

His Twitter feed over the last few days has rung similar alarm bells about gun rights, the Supreme Court, and school choice.

Some of these criticisms are more on point than others. But Trump's warnings about Biden represent the president's choice to end his campaign with a strongman's song that dabbles in the language of liberty while still managing to be overwhelmingly hostile to the idea of individuals leading their own lives. Trump's pitch isn't ultimately about freedom, it's about control.

"America will never be a socialist nation," Trump said in North Carolina Monday, which is always good to hear. But every warning about high taxes and the end of Christmas is pared with a warning that Democrats will make it too easy to trade with other countries or for people to move to this one. Even as the president was praising school choice at his rally and on his Twitter account, he was signing executive orders setting up a federal commission to encourage "patriotic education" in public schools.

The destructive potential of a Biden administration doesn't necessarily mean the federal government is too powerful as is, Trump argues. Rather, it means we need to keep electing to right people to wield that power correctly.

"This election comes down to a simple choice: do you want to be ruled by the arrogant, corrupt, ruthless, and selfless [sic] political class, or do you want to governed by the American people themselves?" said the president in his speech Monday.

The choice of being governed a little less is apparently not on the ballot.

NEXT: Responsible Individuals, Not Lockdowns, Will Beat the Coronavirus

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  1. He forgot the economy.

    1. And his life alert.

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    3. Trump needs to stay out of Wisconsin! Trump turds pack in like sardines all defiant with the masks just like Trump! Trumps filling our hospitals and his dumb ass supporters are helping! DUMP TRUMP! Republicans against Trump…….VISIT HERE FULL DETAIL.

  2. The actual Biden/Harris impact on those things:

    He won’t tear down the Washington Monument, just rename it for Barack Obama.

    Christmas will still be tolerated, but not celebrated at the White House.

    Easter will still be tolerated, but referred to as a “date of religious significance to some” as it was in mainstream media stories earlier this year when Islamic terrorists killed Christians on Easter.

    Suburbs will be opened up to more low income housing in the name of equity, to allow the stationing of more Marxist rebels in more neighborhoods, in case the Republicans win in 2022 or 2024.

    And Americans will still be allowed to dream, of one day being free again.

    1. No, he won’t tear down the Washington monument he’ll just fail to prosecute the antifa terrorists who do. He won’t ban Christmas just gatherings over 5 people, family included so you can have Zoom Christmas dinner.

  3. Oh God britches. You unreason staffers are hacks.

    According to you jackasses, there is no difference on the election ballot.

    Which is why Trump will win because more and more Americans KNOW there is a difference.

  4. You’ve done it now Britches. Get ready for the Aspy Alt-right Q-tard Drumpf-sucking reeeeeeeee fest.

    1. As opposed to Lefties, with their losers Hillary and Biden beating you over the heads with their wrinkly dicks.

  5. Trump’s bombasit claims have more truth than the Democrats caterwauling about Literal Orange Hitler.

    At some point, you just have to weigh shit.


    The Biden lockdown will mean no school, no graduation, no Thanksgiving, no Easter, and no Christmas, no Fourth of July and no future for America’s youth,”

    The Inslee lockdown meant no school, and no graduation.

    The ‘no thanksgiving, no Easter, no Christmas is clearly bombast.

    The no future for America’s youth also might be closer to the truth because we’re literally killing the global economy.

    1. I dunno about the bombast. Newsom has pretty much shit down Thanksgiving in CA this year.

        I particularly like the outdoor only with 6 feet between households. Keep it under 2 hours is also nice.

      2. Chicago’s quarantine canceled my Thanksgiving trip.

      3. “Shit down” is an accurate description of everything Gov Karen Newsom has been doing to CA since COVID-19.

    2. There were really no 4th of July celebrations in Blue states.
      Long weekend Labor Day celebrations were cancelled.

      1. How about Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

        1. I thought it was Indignant Peoples’ Day.

  6. One day until the Apricot Retard is deflowered on the altar of public opinion.

    1. Finally, you pedos have a child sniffer you can look up to.

    2. Just voted in PA. They removed all voting machines and replaced with paper ballot. They give you a pen (Covid anyone?) you bubble your choices, no chance to change your mind and turn it over to a poll worker who can see your vote, they scan it and you leave…now!
      I guess it doesn’t matter much anyway DA Josh Shapiro claimed Biden won….yesterday

      Let the get harvesting begin!

  7. “The choice of being governed a little less is apparently not on the ballot.”

    Seriously, it’s TDS madness around here. This statement has ZERO evidence supporting it. While Trump and the GOP have many flaws, the Democrats are taking a hard left into communism. They’re not even pretending otherwise!

    Do you think the New Green Deal will make you governed less? Do you think bailing out the blue states unfunded pensions will encourage less state government spending or more? Do you really believe that Kamala Harris pushing her idea of “equity over equality”, at the end of a barrel, will be more or less government.

    Seriously Reason. You guys have all gone full retard. You can absolutely make a case that Presidential power has exceeded it’s Constitutional design. Referencing mean tweets by OrangeManBad, while ignoring the stated intentions of Biden/Harris, isn’t helping your case.

    1. The “lived experience” phrase that you heard coming right out of Kamala Harris’s mouth originated in obscure academic Marxist texts in grievance studies departments. Literally.

    2. Exactly its not like Trump would grant the ATF powers that even Obama said they didn’t have, tax the American people by executive order violating not only the Constitution but a central theme of our revolution – no taxation without representation – and confiscate wealth from private landlords in the name of public health…nope thats all the stuff the commies will do.

  8. Notice how nothing Joe Biden says or claims is ever challenged here. I mean the funding would dry up otherwise.

    1. How do you challange the statement of “if elected I Will flibertygibitglocenspheeilertraloo”?

  9. With reason is is always bout immigration…somehow with open borders the immigrants will all be reading Atlas Shrugged and voting to shut down most of the Federal Govt and stop wars. Yeah sure…

  10. Remind me the reaction from Reason when Trump said that removing statues of Confederate Generals would lead to the removal of Washington and Lincoln statues?

  11. I am disappointed. Trumpers will believe anything, so why not go for gold and come up with some real doozies. I will help.

    Biden will draft all the Antifa people into the US military and station them in all the churches to arrest pastors who say anything that is not approved.

    Biden will appoint the Chinese Ambassador to be a senior advisor and do everything they say.

    All guns, without any exemption, will be confiscated, and the gun owners charged a fee for every gun taken.

    All animal products will be banned, forcing everyone to become vegan.

    1. What you say is not too far off from what serious progressives really want done.

      1. Thank you for demonstrating my point.

        1. The point is that you are openly dismissing what is happening right in front of your eyes, today.

          1. I have not heard of anyone advocating what I wrote.

            1. You’re purposely not listening then (most likely receiving fake-filtered-news).

              Biden will draft all the Antifa people into the US military and station them in all the churches to arrest pastors who say anything that is not approved.

              1. Antifa was beholden as above the very basics of the law by Democratic Governors; don’t burn down police stations, take over territory (this is war tactics), endless list of criminal activity.
              2. Perhaps not arrest pastors just yet; but arresting a bakery shop for not baking a cake for fags isn’t far from it.

              Biden will appoint the Chinese Ambassador to be a senior advisor and do everything they say.
              1. Already DONE! U.N. Agenda 21 – from which grew the New Deal.

              All guns, without any exemption, will be confiscated, and the gun owners charged a fee for every gun taken.
              1. The Obama Administration did move that way (they do slowly and more-so ALL THE TIME) and many non-felons had their prized guns TAKEN (made it illegal not to surrender them) so JAIL was the fee.

              The amazing ability people have to sugar-coat these things is astounding.

    2. It’s always amusing when you come here to demonstrate how stupid you are. Thanks for that.

    3. Look at you able to copy and paste from bidens campaign site

  12. I can see them doing away with the National Christmas tree because it is offensive to non-Christians and atheists, or perhaps renaming it the winter holiday tree.

    The Washington monument not only celebrates an owner of enslaved persons, but is a giant phallic symbol and thus also signifies male oppression, it must go and be replaced by a giant vagina monument

    No school? What would the teachers unions do?

    The worst thing that the dems will attempt to do is pack the courts if they’re that batshit crazy. But they will need to do this to get any of their agenda enacted into law.

    1. Yes, because in order to be inclusive, you must exclude people, their beliefs, and any symbols representing them. If nihilists want to be represented in D.C. symbolism, I propose to build a box of nothing on the national mall. It can then be neglected, graffitied, and pissed on by the homeless.

      1. A box of nothing? We already have the congressional bulding! *said in the voice of the 2 old guys from the muppets

    2. As a non Christian I have no issues about a Christmas tree or any other Christian holiday celebration. I like the lights and decorations.

      Heh. Few years back one of the neighbors put up a Christmas display which included a lawn sign. The sign said “Jesus is the reason for the season” or something but it said something about Jesus.

      So we live in an HOA which has rules about lawn signs. You can’t put up political ones, whatever. One guy who is annoying atheist objected to it.

      The neighbors consulted the local Jews. We and the three other families. The neighborhood Jews said “well we have no issues with it. This is a freedom of religion issue. Something we value.” Or words to that effect.

      Anyway the sign, reindeers, pretty lights, stayed up.

  13. That’s a fascinating theory. While you go around doing whatever practical thing you think you can do to make the outcome of elections less important, I suggest the rest of us libertarian capitalists vote Republican because if the Democrats take both the senate and the White House, they’re gonna take turns raping our economy and our rights until we put the Republicans back in power again.

    The libertarian capitalist lesson to broadcast is not that the outcome of our elections should be less important. It’s that if the Democrats want libertarians to vote for third party candidates instead of Republicans, they shouldn’t openly embrace socialist polices like the Green New Deal or authoritarian policies like obliterating our gun rights.

    The only thing we’re teaching the Republicans by not voting for them is that they shouldn’t bother trying to appeal to us because we won’t support them no matter how authoritarian and socialist the Democrats become anyway.

    1. “they’re gonna take turns raping our economy and our rights until we put the Republicans back in power again.”

      So after they go full totalitarian, they’ll let us vote for Rs to stop it?
      “It totes can’t happen here!”

    2. Sorry, I don’t think they even tried to appeal to libertarians when they showed total disrespect for Ron Paul. Maybe a few olive branches over the years would have helped. Sure, they’d love libertarian votes but don’t want any libertarian voices.

    3. Yes Ken

      We know you are a Republican.

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    1. This is a dog whistle, right?

      1. Google renders this as

        “Holla, my name is Felicia. I am currently in Jakarta. I am currently working as a CS at the Safe and Reliable Online Slot Gambling Agent, namely IDNSCORE”

        It seems Felicia is Queen of the Slots. Huh-huh.

      2. Did Jill lose track of Joe again?

  15. Okay, here’s my prediction for how the election will go down, starting the RCP polling averages:

    Trump wins solid Red states, Biden wins solid Blue states. (duh)

    Swing states to Trump (current RCP lead):
    Iowa (T +1.4)
    Texas (T +1.2)
    Ohio (T +1.2)
    North Carolina (T +0.6)
    Georgia (T +0.2)

    Swing states where Trump will win despite the polls:
    Arizona (B +0.9)
    Florida (B +1.0)
    Pennsylvania (B +2.9)

    Swing states Biden will hang on to win:
    Nevada (B +3.6)
    Minnesota (B +4.3)
    Michigan (B +5.1)
    Wisconsin (B +6.6)

    So basically, if Trump wins Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona, he wins 279-259. Losing Florida or Pennsylvania would flip it to Biden/Harris of course. Losing Arizona (not likely) would make it 268-270 for Biden.

    Trump could also take Nevada and Minnesota.

    1. And with that 279-259 baseline, if Trump loses Pennsylvania (20 EC votes) but wins Minnesota (10 EC votes), it would be a 269-269 tie, and Trump would win in the House of Representatives when they vote based on one vote per state delegation.

      1. Now take faithless electors into account.

        I like your breakdown, though I’d add NV and MN as poorly modeled by pollsters and going to T$. Wisconsin should too, per some early voting analysts I’ve seen.

        If, after the riots, WI still pulls D, they’re going to deserve every bit of the fucking they’ll get.

        1. Nope wisconson pulled the green party off the ballot. That might be enough to swing it to biden

    2. No way does Biden win MI by +5. If Biden wins MI, it’ll be razor thin victory. I’ve been out to MI a couple times this summer and it’s Trump-mania out there. Folks are pissed off at Democrats because of the lockdowns.

      And here in AZ, I’m seeing a similar lack of enthusiasm for Biden. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I believe the polls are way off. I guess we’ll see in about 8-12 hours…

  16. And is Trump wrong? Those things are all goals of the left, and they are running the party now. Biden is too dazed and confused to do anything to stop them.

  17. Some of these criticisms are more on point than others.

    And those should be enough. There’s only two acceptable choices this election, principled non-voting or re-electing President Donald J Trump. Well, there’s actually a 3rd choice if you vote in a non-battleground state. Do whatever the fuck you want.


    Exclusive footage!

    Leftist protest groups plot election day coup aided by the Democrat Party, Federal employees & Intelligence contractors.

    – They plan to shut down & take over Washington D.C. starting Nov. 4th until inauguration day to force Trump out of the White House.

    1. When you see all that you realize that In a way the Democrats have already won.

    2. How they haven’t been marched out of their offices, clutching their shit in a cardboard box, I have little idea. Pretty sure my boss would be pissed if I was caught planning a hostile takeover on a Zoom conference call with fellow conspirators.


    Washington DC a cautionary tale on what happens when the mob and liberals run your city. Just wow. Part 1 of 2

    1. That the bit where the Mayor of DC told cops to “slow roll” responding to calls for assistance at Republican leaders’ houses?

  20. Trump needs to stay out of Wisconsin! Trump turds pack in like sardines all defiant with the masks just like Trump! Trumps filling our hospitals and his dumb ass supporters are helping! DUMP TRUMP! Republicans against Trump…….USA PART TIME JOB.

  21. …conjuring up the risk that a Biden administration would do its best to shut down most social and economic life to fight coronavirus.

    Such a ludicrous message. Everyone knows the Rona is going to disappear once the election is over.

  22. We live in age when a former Secretary of Labor and a fairly significant broadcaster are openly floating a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” and the banning off their political opponents from public life. When no actual underlying crimes have even been alleged. We live in age when major elements of one of the two major parties are pushing for court-packing and eliminating the Electoral College. We live in an age where governors actually have placed bans on holiday gatherings.

    And Reason wants us to buy that, because the candidate from the other party engages in hyperbole in his predictions, his opposition is all about control. Reason seems to be fully engaged in the media gaslighting in this election. It’s why so many formerly loyal readers have trouble taking Reason credibly as libertarian journalism and commentary.

    1. According to unreason, Democrats and Republicans are the same-same.

      Only Anarchy to find our Communism Utopia can help us.

    2. …and it’s not actually even hyperbole.

      The DNC’s stormtroopers have already destroyed statues of Lincoln and Roosevelt, so why will they suddenly spare the Washington Monument?
      And look at how resident proggies Kirkland and Tony rant about Christmas and Easier here. They’re always trying to use the no establishment part of the clause to forbid the free exercise of. They’re already on board with banning any expression of Christianity outside of your home, why would their party behave differently.

      Happy 13th of Brumaire, Year Zero, everyone.

    3. >>Reason seems to be fully engaged in the media gaslighting in this election

      totes this.

  23. Just another writer on this website unable to voice any criticism of the authoritarian President we currently have as a stand alone argument. It’s always couched with something about Biden, as if the two are equal.

    In the first place, this con man we currently call our President is the one in office now. And he’s the one who has asked his AG to arrest and prosecute his political enemies. Biden hasn’t. And that should be enough to scare the hell out of any true libertarian, not the phony ones here of course.

    Trump and his political cronies in the GOP are the ones actively attempting to suppress the vote all over the country, thus putting government obstacles in the marketplace of ideas, it’s not Biden and Democrats.

    It’s Trump who has led this country to the worst response anywhere in the world to a pandemic. It’s not Biden.

    It’s Trump who has somehow managed to separate 500 children from their parents and is unable and unwilling to reunite them. Not Biden. Just laughable he actually said every child is a gift from God and you didn’t call him on that, Christian.

    It’s Trump who has denigrated anything scientific, particularly when it comes to pandemics and climate change, not Biden.

    Now, I know everything I listed here are the reasons the phony libertarians who comment here will vote for him. But shame on this website to never show true outrage for this tyrant.

    Mindblowingly fascist he is. Y’all own him.

    1. Fuck off buttplug sock

    2. lol…. All points you’ve made are exactly………..

      Our almighty God – the President of the Constitutional Union of Republican States; hasn’t violated his Constitutional authority! Oh, the horror…

      Let the criminals be free to commit crimes. Let them burn down buildings, throw rocks at people, block / shut-down everyone’s rights. Mobs-Rule!

      Let fairy-tails be science (use to have some basis of tested in reality – of which the religion of climate change has a tested success rate of ZERO!!).

  24. But Biden won’t destroy Apple Pie or Baseball Franks, so that’s okay then.

    1. The Franks’ll still be there, they’ll just be meatless. Have you seen how much methane a beef cow produces? Like we’ll be able to afford meat anyway…

  25. pretty much the Left’s goals dude …

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