Brickbat: Tripping Out


The Gloucestershire Constabulary in England says it will patrol routes out of Wales looking for Welsh drivers who appear to be taking long trips. Cops will stop them and order them to turn around. If they don't, police will report them to their Welsh counterparts for possibly violating a 17-day ban on nonessential travel that Welsh authorities say is necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus. The Welsh government has also closed most businesses for those 17 days and restricted high schools to online instruction only.

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  1. To think this island once traveled the globe to establish an empire.

    1. And they did it wearing masks, and staying 1.8 metres apart.

      Didn’t they?

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      2. And they did it wearing masks, and staying 1.8 metres apart.
        How else could they have possibly survived?

        1. Mostly they didn’t survive the tropical diseases, but they kept shipping out more British people until they found a few with high resistance to nearly everything. Most of those survivors found a better life in the colonies than they could have ever had back home, so they didn’t return. The modern day Brits are the descendants of those who never had the courage to get on a ship in the first place. They were further filtered by two world wars, each killing nearly half of the fit young men in a generation. Select for a trait such as timidity severely enough over sufficient generations, and it becomes genetically coded

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    2. It’s Garbage Island now.

      Scared little English who mentally reside in one of their own fairy tales.

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  3. Did the Brits and Nazis switch places? Was WWII a waste of time?

    1. No, they merged.
      No, the camps are gone from Europe.

    2. We never defeated Socialism in WWII even if Germany called it National Socialism and Britain called theirs “Democratic”.

    3. Was WWII a waste of time?

      Bo, but the cold war apparently was.

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  5. I expected it to say they will stop anyone driving without a mask. Someday they will be more enlightened and enforce masks in cars.

    1. We can’t risk ONE grandmother!

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  7. You all realize the GB is a progressive template for the US, right?

    Use a persons preferred pronoun or you get a visit from the police and fine and maybe some jail time.

    Knifes and even pointy scissors are on the way to being banned outright; and if you are in possession of a hammer or a screw drive, you’d better have a good for it and a trade union card on you.

    You all get the same government health care; it will be shitty and you will wait for any elective or non emergent procedures; of course whether you get a treatment will depend on a score, that is comprised of you age, your prognosis, and your general benefit to society vs. the cost of the care. This goes for oncology, dialysis, and any sort of life sustaining care. But hey, we will all be “equal” which is the whole point.

    And of course government will be able to legislate and regulate you as it sees fit. With a compliant/ diluted federal court system or an eviscerated Constitution, they will get it done.

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