Brickbat: That Was Then, This Is Now


During her successful 2018 run to become Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot campaigned on a promise to reduce the city's dependence on fines and fees to balance its budget, noting they fall disproportionately on the poor and minorities. Now, Lightfoot is facing the possibility of a more than $1 billion deficit in 2021 and her budget proposal calls on police to ticket anyone driving as little as 6 mph over the speed limit clocked using speed cameras. Currently, only those driving 10 mph or more above the speed limit get ticketed. Her proposal would have drivers receive a warning for their first violation and a $35 ticket for each additional time they are caught driving 6 to 10 mph above the limit.

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  1. She’s a man baby !!

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    2. She’s the daughter of General Ackbar. <– Google a picture of that. Thank me later.

      1. She’s the offspring of Don King and Beetlejuice.

        1. To be fair, she probably has great depth perception.
          I mean, Hammerhead shark’s eyes are closed together.

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      2. General Ackbar? What the fuck is wrong with you? He was an admiral, dammit! He lead a fleet of spacecraft.

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        2. Stupid me, I actually did google “General Ackbar” because I wasn’t sure if he meant the Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar or an actual person who was a general with the last name Ackbar.

          Sadly, some people just don’t know how to Star Wars.

      3. It’s a trap!

    3. She’s an insect.

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  5. Chicago government could always take a second look at the graft line items in that budget.

    1. So, maybe a tax on graft? Or fines for collecting graft without a city permit?

    2. Read a story that people are freaking out about eliminating the rule that a city garbage truck has to have three people, or that the driver has to empty cans. Also that “motor truck drivers,” or the guys who drive other workers to job sites then sit in the truck until it’s time to drive them back, be eliminated in favor of letting people drive themselves. Seriously, the Chicago stereotypes are real.

      1. I used to do an annual trade show in Chicago. We used to have to call a staff IBEW electrician just to plug something into an outlet at our booth.

        1. You really can’t tell the difference between parody and “reality” any more.

      2. Years back, the Villiage where I lived gave everyone rolling bins for trash and recyclables designed to be picked up by a robotic arm on the truck.

        1 truck, 1 driver and the driver never gets out of the truck on the route. If you don’t put your bin where the truck can reach it, you don’t get trash pickup that week.

  6. Time to skip out on the debt and move the whole city ten miles up the road. I’d suggest heading east.

  7. The only thing this incompetent mayor has accomplished is getting a lot of poor black Chicagoans killed.

    And her response is…Oh, let me write more speeding tickets? AYFKM?!

    1. That criminals in Chicago regularly kill one another and innocent bystanders if the fault of Indiana where their guns come from. If it weren’t for those darn guns legally owned by people like me there would be no crime in Chicago.

  8. I don’t envy a chicago politician’s position. They’re stuck between the unions who will absolutely mobilize the dead to vote them out, and the ordinary voters who don’t have any more cash to hand over.

    1. If the ordinary voters had any sense, they’d get the fuck out of town and leave the union workers to cannibalize each other.

      1. Fuck that. They come to the collar counties and vote Democrat here.

        Build a wall!

  9. A lying democrat is not exactly news – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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  11. Now, Lightfoot is facing the possibility of a more than $1 billion deficit in 2021

    It never occurs to cunts like here to reduce spending, does it?

    Christ, what a bitch.

    1. Reduce spending? What are you, some kind of anarchist? Deficits don’t matter! Get with the Republican program!

      1. Republicans are welfare statists and Democrats are warmongers. ¿Qué hay de nuevo?

    2. Yeah, women. What are ya gonna do? Men, now men would cut speding, don’t you know. If only men were allowed to be in charge of city, state, and federal budgets…, deficits would just be a thing of the ….

  12. Is it just me, or are politicians these days even more full-on incompetent than in past eras?

    Apart from being a predictably corrupt cog in the Chicago machine, mayor Lightfoot is just a grade A idiot.

    Rahm was evil and corrupt but at least he appeared to have some kind of rational thought process.

    1. Yes, they’re getting more stupid.

      Say what you want about the prominent elites practically anointing politicians in the past, but they got to that elite level by accomplishing stuff, working hard, and having a brain on their shoulders.

      So when they elevated someone of their class to be a leader, they were picking a man (and, occasionally, a woman) who also had earned his way into office.

      Today, not so much. Union cronies, sycophants, partisans, and credentialed morons get pushed to the top. It’s a world where Buttigieg and Beto, men who accomplished nothing, but had the right credentials, get ahead.

      Any of our country’ Founders could run circles around the idiots in politics now.

      Lightfoot got ahead simply by being black, female, and credentialed, then promoted by sucking up to the right crowd. She never actually accomplished anything and is literally the dumbest person in any room.

      1. Nonsense. See Lori Lightfoot’s recommendations while working on the Chicago Police Department Office of Professional Standards, her work on the Chicago Department of Procurement Services, and especially her work on the Chicago Police Board and Police Accountability Task Force.

        1. Oh, she also graduated from that bastion of affirmative action the University of Chicago Law School.

          1. A person that dumb could not possibly get advancement without being female, black, and a lesbian.

            Like Buttigieg and Beto, a resume based on ordinary credentials isn’t a sign of competence or greatness. It’s literally the evidence of my point, that an idiot can get ahead by having the right paperwork and identity.

  13. How the hell does any city get a one billion dollar deficit? Oh wait, Dick Cheney told me that deficits don’t matter.

    Republican, holding bong: “Where did you learn to deficit spend?”
    Democrat, angrily: “I learned it from you dad! I learned it from you!”

    1. Omygosh! Did you think that up all by yourself? Very clever.

  14. Murderous Mayor Lori — how about a death tax on the victims of unchecked street violence in your city? You have made Chicago a national leader in that category.

    1. Is this the first time you’ve heard of violent crime in Chicago or the first time you’ve heard of Chicago?

      1. Is this the first time you’ve heard that Chicago has had it’s deadliest weekends in 50 years, and has surpassed 600 dead from street violence?

        Stop feigning shock that someone calls out the Mayor. It’s all on her and her policies. Her arrogant, negligent, and condescending efforts at police reform are twisted by her personal animus toward the PD, and the citizens of Chicago are the ones suffering for it. Stop defending her.

        (and that’s not meant as a defense of the Chicago PD)

        1. “It’s all on her and her policies.”
          Chicago had a serious violent crime problem long before Lori Lightfoot was elected mayor. The exact numbers of shootings and homicides in Chicago for a given year aren’t actually known, though. The data supplied by the Chicago Police aren’t trustworthy. Nothing supplied by the Chicago Police is trustworthy.

          Every Chicagoan should have an animus towards the Chicago Police Department. It is a disgrace and embarrassment to the city. The illegal drug trade and the violence accompanying it flourish in Chicago in great part because the Chicago Police are part of it.

  15. I am incredibly disappointed to find no one joking about Mayor Lightfoot depending on heavyfooted people to balance her budget.

    Incredibly disappointed.

    1. acabas de hacerlo

  16. As long as she has the police set up barricades around her block to keep the presents out she doesn’t care. I would call her an evil nigger dyke cunt, but that would be too kind. And Chicago still has “black sights” so congrats to that

  17. it’s a [speed] trap!

  18. Streets of Chicago: Unsafe at any speed.

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  20. Don’t forget to shorten the yellow lights!

  21. I was mixing her up with Gail Lightfoot.

  22. Meh. Another reason to avoid Chicago as if I needed yet one more.

  23. Wow, the comments here are even worse than usual.
    Lightfoot’s speed camera ticket proposal is the same as the original plan under Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The only difference is that the city, apparently, didn’t actually ticket ($35) anyone caught by automated speed camera driving 6 to 10mph over the limit.

    Lori Lightfoot is one of the only people in Chicago to ever accomplish anything close to serious police reform in Chicago.

    Ordinary Chicago voters broke with no cash left to hand over?

    Racism and sexism aren’t good substitutes for something intelligent to say, but it’s good for readers to get some indication what type of person a commenter is. The bigotry makes you sound like morons.

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