Brickbat: Free and Open Discussion


Gloucester, Massachusetts, school Superintendent Ben Lummis says he was disappointed when he heard a teacher had mocked a 12-year-old student for voicing support for President Donald Trump during a classroom discussion of the presidential debate. The teacher asked if anyone supported Trump, and Jackson Cody raised his hand. "Well, Mr. Jackson, I thought I liked you," the teacher said, according to Cody. "Then she asked why I support a racist and a pedophile. She also said, 'I am ashamed of any woman who voted for Donald Trump,' and I told her my mom and one of my grandmothers voted for Donald Trump." The family later retained a First Amendment attorney, and the boy received an apology from the teacher.

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  1. Should have been fired.

    1. Fire a teacher? Why do you hate the children?

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    2. Should have been burned as a witch.

      1. It was Massachusetts after all!

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      2. Was she lighter than a duck?

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    4. Public apology is better than firing. It teaches a kid that it’s possible to get justice and fix hurt feelings through discourse.

      Firing a teacher involves hearings, delays, school board meetings, negative attention for the kid, and expenses. It’s a stupid response to a non-violent screw up that did no lasting injury.

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  3. The value of an education degree on display once again.

    1. Not terribly difficult to obtain a degree these days.

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  5. Fledgling bigots and slack-jaws-in-training have rights, too.

    Including the right to get stomped into irrelevance in the culture war. By their betters.

    Carry on, clingers. But only so far and so long as better Americans permit.

    1. “Then she asked why I support a racist and a pedophile. So I told her ‘But I support Trump, not the Bidens.'”

      1. Epic

    2. You’d know all about having betters, since everyone is yours.

    3. Agreed, that kid should be removed from school and not allowed to participate in society! That why the US needs a social credit score to propley punish those with wrong think

  6. That kid gets an F for failing to put his pride aside and game the teacher for a good grade.

  7. Sadly, that teacher’s attitude is prevalent in public education today.

    When did it ever become Ok for a teacher to malign a student’s family in class? An apology? Really?

    1. It’s more a requirement than anything, Get used to this it’ll come 10fold after Kamala is Pres. With the addition of re-education caps for those of us who like to think on our own.

    2. A majority of teachers, like a majority of all people in this country, are politically apathetic and see no value in imposing their beliefs onto others.

      1. Bullshit I taught for 25 years in a public school. I have been to conferences all over the country. Imposing their beliefs upon children is seen as an obligation, a glorious mission for the vast majority.

        If I had a penny for every time I heard a variation of this phrase; “So I nailed the little shit by telling her xyz, I don’t care the little fuckers a conservative”, I could retire on Epstein’s island

        1. Oh yeah? Which conferences are recommending that teachers “impose their beliefs upon children”? I would love to see their literature.

          Certainly none that I have been to. The National Council for Social Studies does no such thing. The Common Core and C3 Framework certainly do not suggest that this is the job of a teacher.

          1. The Common Core and C3 Framework certainly do not suggest that this is the job of a teacher.


          2. You are right they don’t “suggest” they demand. See the exclusion of WWII combat. It’s been eliminated b/c it shows the US in a positive light vis a vie our resistance to fascism and communism. My district has gone even further in pushing the “benefits” of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.

      2. Most teachers are natural socialists – they want to work for the government and are so unwilling to take any chance and stand on their own that they actually never left school. You can find some libertarians or conservatives in any educational institution; they are the ones sitting quiet in the back.

      3. Calling BS on that. As a parent of three children in a solid 50:50 purple county in a swing state….where one would expect people to know that political stances are about as diverse as can be, I’ve seen teachers embrace a level of idealogical group-think that is downright scary. And this is in a very top-notch public school district.
        The vast majority of teachers are outspoken leftists who never miss an opportunity to preach to the kids, even when they are barely a decade older.

        1. As a teacher in a solid blue state in a district of 30+ schools I can assure that a majority of teachers are not outspoken about anything, let alone “leftists who preach.” There will always be some people who inappropriately insert their personal beliefs into their job, but that can happen in any profession and it is far from typical in education.

          I am not even sure how you could possibly have gotten such an impression, or what makes you think you can generalize an entire industry of workers, maybe because of certain unions? Never confuse the PR of unions as a reflection of teachers as a whole.

          1. I live in very red state, in a very red county, my daughter attended a country elementary school. Her 3rd grade teacher taught about veganism, climate change, and white privilege. None of these were on any approved curriculum. We are mostly hunters and farmers and of course, white.

            1. Yikes. That is unfortunate. Like I said, there will always be some crazy people out there. I do run into the occasional colleague who treats the job as if it was preaching rather than teaching. As I am sure you know, kids have great bullshit detectors. It is funny to watch the preachers get rejected by the kids when they become tired of listening to it, even in a city of mostly black and Hispanic students.

              1. “”As I am sure you know, kids have great bullshit detectors.””

                No they don’t.

                1. In fairness to the kids, adults don’t have great bullshit detectors either.

                2. Individually, perhaps, but if you put 25 of them in a room there will be quite a synergy.

          2. “Who are you going to believe, some LARPing cunt on the internet or your lying eyes?”

            Fuck yourself with a railroad tie.

          3. “I am not even sure how you could possibly have gotten such an impression” Direct personal experience, which is far more relevant their your preaching and lobbying. Kinda funny how a claimed teacher is arguing against the reality of preachy teachers, but being a preachy teacher.

            1. In that case you simply have a distorted definition of “preach.”

              1. Well then, you could preach to us about the proper definition of “preach”. I’m sure you have plenty of practice.

                1. As a quality instructor, I can only give you the tools that are required to succeed. Your success is ultimately up to yourself.

          4. Who gives a shit how prevalent it is? How about the fact that even one teacher disparaging a child for their beliefs is one too many. Instead of puffing up our chests and doing battle about this statistic or that, solve the actual issues when they occur and move on.

            1. It matters if you are going to use a single, isolated incident as the basis upon which to judge a very large group of individuals. Any libertarian who takes methodological individualism seriously should immediately recognize the fallacy here. Expecting 100% of anything to be absolutely perfect seems a bit unreasonable.

            2. Right. So dal with the teachers who do bad things. Don’t malign the whole profession with huge generalizations.

  8. You would think teachers would carefully avoid any discussion of current politics. When I was a kid, one of my history teachers talked about the shooting of JFK but refused to say anything positive or negative about the JFK administration itself—and this was when Reagan was in office, so it’s not like JFK was recent.

    1. Likewise, a student asked one of my HS teachers whether capitalism or socialism was a better system (it was a serious inquiry) and the teacher carefully responded that he’d had to make that determination for himself (or words to that effect). Said teacher quit a year later to take a bigwig job in the state teacher’s union, so you know where his sympathies most likely were, but in the classroom he kept his own viewpoint to himself and just taught the facts and encouraged thought. Seems like a better way to go to me since we’re pretty much compelling kids to be in school for X years.

      1. If, after 103 years of real-world trials, you still regard the answer to that question as a statement of opinion . . .

  9. Keep in mind the little shit’s name is Jackson Cody and he’s a seventh grader at O’Maley Middle School in Gloucester, Massachusetts so he shouldn’t be that hard to find on social media and you can send him all sorts of threats and imprecations, insults about him and his mother and his family and his dog and his dental hygiene.

    The teacher in question isn’t named in the article, presumably to protect his or her privacy.

    Nicely done, Channel 7, WHDH. You’ve subtly let us know where you stand on this issue.

    1. Good catch.

    2. Blame his dad and lawyer.

      Surely the school didn’t contact the reporter to give notice that one of its teachers is an asshole.

      Someone had to tip off the reporter. Logically, it was someone who should have been protecting the kid, who reached out directly or posted about it on Facebook or some shit.

  10. Next time Jackson should express a less extreme opinion, like the urge to shoot up his school.

    1. He should just say he’s really a she, and the whole class would have clapped.

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  12. What I want to know is why students were in a classroom in the first place? I though Massachusetts was too Progressive to allow their unionized teachers to be put at risk of Covid while there was still one possible case left in the Bay State.

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      1. Yeah, but do you have a union with powerful links to local and state government?

    2. No classroom education until there are no cases worldwide for a year. If we just put the world on house arrest for a few months (except for the inner party), we could get through this.

  13. I am sure women will be thrilled to knowthat they can go to This teacher for approval of their political affiliations.

  14. Should Biden squeak by cheating to win, and should Americans stupidly let democrats control the Senate, this is the kind of behavior you can expect permanently. Once back in the leftie rats won’t leave the walls. Best to stomp on them now.

  15. This took place in Massachusetts right, why has she not been indicted for bullying? This is the same state that imprisoned a girl who just texted her ex to go ahead and do it when he threatened to commit suicide so they have some pretty stringent anti-bullying laws on the books. She not only allowed but encouraged other students to humiliate another, if that is not a text book example of bullying I don’t know what is. The family should immediately go down and file criminal not civil charges.

    1. As if those laws were ever intended to punish anyone but the _wrong kind_ of bully. Remembering my school days, putting school administrators in charge of an anti-bullying program is akin to putting mice and foxes in charge of guarding the hens – either they’re too timid and ineffectual to accomplish anything, or they’re bullies themselves, and those laws just gave them _more_ power.

  16. Any conservatives still supporting the government schools? If so, please tell me why.

  17. this is the problem with politics in general these days….. people find someone who does not think identical to them, and they stop looking at them as a person and instead look at them as an adversary. there was no attempt to understand the kid’s reasons, no attempt to persuade him with other facts or ideas…. just straight to insults and bullying.

    1. this is the problem with Democrats in general these days…..


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  20. This has been going on for a long time. Nearly sixty years ago, in a small Michigan town that was solid Republican since before the Civil War, the elementary school teachers were solidly Democrat. When I was in 6th Grade in 1964, every one of them utterly hated Goldwater and was for LBJ, but it didn’t start there. I was in another state in 1960, but they still talked about that election, and it was clear that they detested Nixon and worshipped JFK. To be fair, given power, Nixon turned out to be a “conservative” who had heard that conservatives were fascists and therefore acted like one, so for once they scored as high as 50%.

    They regretted Adlai Stevenson’s two losses to Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956, but never mentioned the more popular Democrat that the party bosses passed over permanently, Estes Kefauver. Let alone how Senator Kefauver became so popular with voters and unpopular with Dem party bosses: he held a series of hearings across the USA investigating links between big-city governments and organized crime – links which he found in every big city, nearly all ran by Democrats. I don’t know if anyone short of Jesus Christ could have beaten Ike, but the bosses would rather lose twice with Stevenson than stand a chance of winning with Kefauver.

    And they also worshipped Woodrow Wilson, never mentioning his blatant racism. (One thing that they, Goldwater, and I agreed on: Racism is BAD. But they could only see racism in Republicans and Klansmen.)

    1. WTF does this have to do with the kid and his teacher in this instance?

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