Brickbat: Wait Your Turn


Some British physicians are criticizing Health Secretary Matt Hancock for saying the National Health Service could suspend cancer treatment if coronavirus grows "out of control." The charity Breast Cancer Now estimates some 8,600 women may have undetected breast cancer because the National Health Service suspended screenings for four months earlier this year because of the pandemic.

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  1. National Health Service does not mean what you think it means.

    1. Medicare for all is this. Delayed treatments, government control of who lives and dies. It’s everything terrible about HMOs, plus facing the end of a pointed gun.

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    2. Their health hasn’t been nationalized in service to the state?

      1. You’ve figured out the code. Watch your rear!

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  2. As always, the system’s primary concern is the system.

  3. COVID infection rates per capita are three times greater in the US than the UK, but the COVID death rates per capita are just about the same. So, effectively, you’re three times more likely to die of the same disease in the UK than in the US.

    Way to go UK!

    1. But we (the US) should make our healthcare system more like the UK’s healthcare system.

    2. And to protect against COVID – a disease with a death rate under 1%, that does not even require treatment in most cases – they are neglecting diagnosis and treatment of a disease that will kill over 99% if it goes past the early stages without treatment.

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  5. Is there some form of cancer that DOESN’T have a higher mortality rate than COVID 19?

    1. Undiagnosed and untreated? None.

      Caught early through regular screening and promptly treated? Yeah, breast, prostate, and thyroid… several others are pretty close.

    2. Life has a higher mortality rate than COVID 19.

  6. The inevitable rise in cancer deaths (and heart attack and stroke and every other disease that might be missed for lack of early detection and intervention) will of course be attributed to the coronavirus. That damn coronavirus! It’s already causing an increase in suicides and mental health problems and now it’s going after cancer patients?

    1. And be counted in the virus totals, right? Lockdowns for all!

    2. If this trend continues, soon the number of deaths from cancer will be higher than from the COVID.

  7. The resource allocation problem of this communist system is bad enough, but you get the idea that it’s just as much of a “you can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat you meat” situation. Like we’d better do what the top men say, or we’ll have our “rights” taken away.

    1. It’s not communism. But imagine how much worse it would be if we got the full blown socialist system the Democrats want.

      Instead we have the ObamaCare that the Republicans and Trump fought tooth and nail to… preserve. Sigh.

  8. Just wait for mediscare for all, and watch the death rate get crazy. No no no that won’t happen because the gubermint will just deep six the stats. The CDC is already primed for this. Everyone who dies will be due to covid or gun shot wounds. Mediscare will have cured cancer and heart disease.

  9. Then we can withhold treatment from the people with wrong think too, just like the do in England. Medicare for all who bow down to the government king

  10. But, but… THE PLAGUE!

    It’s sad that this pandemic has become a partisan issue, because it’s real. The Blue side of the issue holds that it’s a plague that kills all it touches, and the Red side denies it exists or if it does, not worse than the flu.

    And so we have spiking heart attacks and strokes and cancer because we were told not to bother our doctor unless we had the sniffles in which case we had to rush to the emergency room and overwhelm it. The fusion of panic and politics.

    But the flu is a good analogy. It’s NOT the flu, but it spreads in much the same way. (Flu cases dropped precipitously after the lockdown). And while it’s not ebola, it’s still four times more deadly than the flu. Wait, you say, that doesn’t sound like much. It is. The flu kills. Most people just puke and shit their pants for a week a or so, but many people die of it. 40,000 people in the US in a bad year. And that’s with ubiquitous vaccinations. And don’t forget the Spanish Flu, which was a flu, hence it’s name.

    But still, not ebola. New York City hospitals got overwhelmed because it hit them by surprise (plus far far more social non-distancing on enclosed subways). But out here in California, half the hospitals and clinics of my doctor’s system are closed. Nurses are being laid off for lack of work. Because we were all told to stay away from the doctor lest we overwhelm him. Sigh.

    1. I’d say the closer analogy is viral pneumonia, which finishes off a significant number of people in the same classes as seem to succumb to Covid-19. In fact, but for certain characteristics peculiar to Covid-19, it would probably be considered an agent of viral pneumonia.

    2. Most people just puke and shit their pants for a week a or so

      This isn’t the flu.

      1. I was going to make the same comment. S/he is conflating a respiratory infection with a gastrointestinal infection.

    3. It’s 40,000 to 60,000 in a usual year and 80,000 deaths from flu in a bad year.
      With 200 of those deaths being among children.
      I’m willing to except you number of Wuhan flu being far more deadly than regular flu, we are still talking about a death rate of under 1%
      Here in South Florida things are back to normal, we are doing elective surgery, and screening for and treating cancer.
      Please enjoy your democratic states which are all still locked down for a disease which has a death rate of under 1%.

  11. They keep telling us the danger with Covid-19 is having it with co-morbidities, so why would they want to suspend dealing with possible co-morbidities?

    1. So true!

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  13. “The charity Breast Cancer Now estimates some 8,600 women may have undetected breast cancer because the National Health Service suspended screenings for four months earlier this year because of the pandemic.”

    That;s okay, as long as they don’t die from COVID. /SARC

    1. The longer they put it off, the better their chance of dying from COVID, Cancer, or both becomes.

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