It's Amazon Prime Day! Your Quarantine Purchases Can Support Reason.

Improving your Zoom setup? You can help your favorite libertarian magazine in the process.


The coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have completely upended our lives. But alas, there's one constant that we can all celebrate: It's Amazon Prime Day, which means you can buy your essentials from the safety and comfort of your home while supporting your favorite libertarian magazine at the same time.

How can buying an engraving cutter shank help Reason, you ask? Well, the first step is becoming a Prime subscriber—new users can sign up for a free 30-day trial and our distance-learning college readers can purchase a Prime subscription for 50 percent off the normal rate.

The second step is to shop like you normally would. All the products linked in this post are things that folks who support Reason through Amazon bought recently. (Don't worry: Even though we can see what our readers buy in aggregate, we can't track specific purchases to individual readers.) 

Perhaps you're low on refreshments. Sure, you could hop in your car, drive to the grocery store, don a mask, and wait in a long line to enter the store. Or you could save the gas and buy Propel's lemon zero-calorie water from the comfort of your home. Putting your newly acquired zero-calorie water in that section of your living room you've deemed a home gym? Purchase TheraBand's resistance band set to complete your workout. Have your workout area all set up but still ordering contactless delivery from local restaurants? We're doing the same thing, so here's some fish oil for your health.

Or maybe you've decided to take on a new hobby while stuck inside. There are all sorts of books to help you learn enchanting animal and plant embroidery or ukelele with the kids when they're done with virtual school.

Speaking of books, The 5 Love Languages might help you get through quarantine with your special someone. Or you could appease your politically diverse roommates with The 1619 Project: A Critique, Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, and Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration.

Adopting a new furry friend? Seeing more of your furry friend than you usually do? Take a deep breath and read The Well Cat Book: The Classic Comprehensive Handbook of Cat Care. Or get this squeaky dog toy.

Whether you're using Gorilla's waterproof duct tape on that overdue home improvement project or improving your Zoom setup with a tripod ring light, be sure to start your shopping from our affiliate link so you can support Reason along the way.

Again, your purchases are private. Reason only gets your dollars and a delightfully weird list of products. So we won't think you're crazy for buying this 2021 quilt calendar in preparation for the end of this awful year.

We know you've already bought a lot of things you probably now regret. But we thank you for remembering us in your quarantine and supporting us with your unique purchases every year.

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    1. Roger Smith: Noooooooooooo……

    2. You are still supporting Reason with your clicks, Nardz. To stand by your convictions fully, you should stop visiting the website.

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      1. It’s funny and pathetic how your ilk have turned your argumentation to simply not letting people who dare have a critical thought of Reason to post here.

      2. Do adblockers not stop the revenue?

      3. I have ad block. I minimally support any site I visit.

    3. I was hoping there would be a link to a libertarian magazine somewhere in the article.

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  1. Support a handful of major corporations to drive local businesses out of business to better enable cancel culture, in the name of free minds and free markets.

    Buy local. Fuck Reason.

    1. Based and redpilled.

      1. You guys sound like progs.

        1. You really think they sound like you? I don’t.

    2. Buy local. Fuck economics.

      1. Economics did not exist until supranational global government privileged connected companies, doncha know.

      2. So true..

        1. Yes! Yes! Genuflect before your God ECONOMICS!!!

          Give yourself over totally!!

          All other considerations are moot ECONOMICS IS YOUR GOD NOW!!!

          1. You might as well be mocking logic, science, and reality. Oh wait, your kind already does that with regularity.

            1. It’s like you knew my handle meant you.

          2. Your what hurts?

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    1. Fuck you meegan gott — You have the oputiny of a lifetime. You can hit the Reason Amazon >>LiNK<< and upgrade your ZOOM setup. It's Prime Day. Chek it out now.

  3. Hell no

  4. I encourage my fellow libertarians to support our favorite website in this manner. Now some of you might be wondering “Given that is funded by Charles Koch, one of the richest people on the planet, do they really need my help?”

    Well, the answer is YES! Our benefactor has been struggling financially the past few years because of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration polices. In fact Mr. Koch is currently worth a mere $57 billion — barely enough to put him in the global top 20. So it’s understandable if he can’t be as generous as usual. It’s up to us Reason readers to make up the difference.


    1. Koch is struggling so much he can only hire ex democrats to become his writers.

    2. While you are playing on readers’ emotions, remember poor Bezos had to give up half of his immense fortune to his ex in order to move on to that hot news babe from LA.

      But I’m not interested in upgrading my Zoom at this time, so the relief package will have to wait.

    3. Your efforts are slipping lately. Really phoned in. Maybe the joke is played out?

  5. Yeah because this cum sock of a magazine just won’t be able to get by without a 25 cent affiliate commission on Amazon purchases of its readers.

    When Chuckie Koch has his Mexican chamber maid reorder his adult diapers he can use your affiliate links and deduct his quarter from the annual operating budget. Now go fuck yourself.

  6. When SF starts sending me my $1k/month I’ll cut you in.

  7. is Mackenzie delivering?

  8. What KMU? No purple hair dye? Well color me disappointed.

    1. That was supposed to be a W, stupid autocorrect.

  9. As a libertarian who buys virtually everything from local businesses (mostly small family owned businesses), I’ve never purchased anything from Amazon, and I have no plans to ever do so.

    Don’t understand why Reason is teaming up with business killing and job killing Amazon.

    1. Amazon (and Walmart before them) do a great public service by replacing mom and pop businesses. Imagine having what you want in stock, at a reasonable price. I don’t want to pay to support some outdated business model.

  10. Support Jeff Bezos? No thanks.

    Democracy dies in darkness, and Bezos’ Washington Post is a rolling blackout.

    1. That motto is aspirational not cautionary.

      1. Like the NYT’s “All The News That’s Fit To Fake.”

  11. Too many Team D writers at Unreason. Besides, help Amazon?

  12. It’s illegal house arrest, not fucking quarantine. And it’s not cute or fun. Break out of your prison and go do something real.

    1. Karen Mangu-Ward is making the best because we’re all in this together you be nice.

  13. I’ll support you guys! Thanks for the challenging and thought-provoking reading during quarantine. It’s good to challenge one’s one worldview once in awhile.
    It stinks being cooped up all day every day but me and my partner have found ways to make it work. Definitely lots of amazon ordering! Guess I’ll be ordering a lot on amazon today!

    1. And the shipping is FREEEEEEEE

  14. Count me among those that will not be giving Reason extra support when I place my amazon order this evening. Based on tweets by employees of this publication, it is clear that they are aware of the criticisms of many of us in the commentariat, and don’t give a shit.

    But on the off chance that KMW is reading these comments today, I would like to bring some additional information to her attention. I’m one of those who is still on Facebook, mostly for non-political reasons, but I do follow a handful of libertarian Facebook pages. Occasionally, Reason articles will be shared on these pages. And I can assure you, there are a lot of libertarians that are not commenting here that have also lost all respect for this publication. I’m sure there is some overlap, but the number of people there I’ve seen criticizing Reason is far greater than the number of commentators doing it here.

    1. And another thing, starting a title with “No,” is bush league and should be stopped.


    Also, I don’t use Amazon because of their sweatshops. They compete with my sweatshops.

  16. I can think of little worse than giving money to reason koch industries and amazon bezos enterprises.

    Harris – Biden comes to mind, and the democrat assholes that roam the halls in Congress. And broccoli.

    1. I like broccoli.

  17. Tell Mr. Koch, the faux libertarian, that he can toss my salad.

  18. Excuse me, but don’t those packages look a lot like the ones that gave First Responders™ probable cause to break down Breonna’s door and riddle everyone in the building with bullets?

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  21. Since my wife and I are both working from home now she has used the opportunity to remind me of all the projects I haven’t done for the past 15 years. Thanks for doing it again.

  22. We don’t need “Prime” or “Prime Day” in order for our Amazon purchases (if any) to support a cause; simply by switching to Amazon “Smile” (a parallel Amazon web site), one can designate a beneficiary to receive a half-percent of every Amazon purchase every day. I’ve been supporting IJ via “Smile” for several years now. My infrequent Amazon purchases have probably amounted to a whole dollar of charitable giving already (or several cents anyway).

    1. Exactly. I’m not sure what the difference is between the “affiliate link” in the article and the “Smile” program, but I use Smile when I remember.

      Imagine if someone at Reason wrote an article that explained this stuff.

  23. Reason writers are not libertarians, don’t support them. They refuse to write about the Democratic party’s lurch toward totalitarianism because they lefty friends will disown them if they do.

    Support the Institute for Justice. They *are* libertarian, just take a look at their cases. And they *are* effective, just look at their wins this year alone.

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