Classes #15: Slavery and Property Midterm Review

Dred Scott v. Sandford

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Class 15: Slavery

  • Slavery, Citizenship, and the Due Process of Law (773-775)
  • Dred Scott v. Sandford (775-799)
  • Note (806-808)
  • The Adoption of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendment (811-816)

Prop2 Class 15: Midterm Review

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  1. How could you start a class about slavery without explicitly condemning the institution? You must be a racist.

  2. Here’s how we should do reparations—every American ages 30-50 that has an Black ancestor that was a ancestor in 1960 gets a check for $40k obviously with an income limit. In addition they would get a government backed mortgage with no interest for up to $150k with down payment coming out of $40k. Those under 30 get free college and upon graduation, serving 4 years in the military, or getting a certain # of SS credits get $10k. Those over 50 get $10k and then an extra $200/month from SS ages 62-70. Furthermore cities with affordable housing but declining population like St Louis would be encouraged to offer incentives to attract the newly flush citizens with offers like no property taxes for 2 years. So I just read about Blacks living in crappy expensive homes in Miami that will be destroyed in the next hurricane—get them to move to St Louis AND the low income people left behind will see their wages increase and in St Louis the tax base will eventually expand which benefits everyone already living in St Louis. So in 2021 that would be great stimulus coming out of the lock downs and help get us over 4% GDP growth for the first time since the 1990s!! (Bush’s faux 4% doesn’t count.)

    1. What about the other side of the “ledger”? Deaths during the Civil War. Racial preferences for 50 years. Welfare. Food stamps. Costs of other civil right initiatives. These should count for something.

      1. In 2021 it would essentially be stimulus that benefits everyone…thanks to racism we have a sizable group of people that live paycheck to paycheck and have been risking their health the last several months keeping everyone fed.

  3. I’m for reparations. All they have to do is renounce their citizenship and they’ll get 100,000 dollars and a one way ticket to Liberia.

    1. I’m for continuing to replace the right-wing bigots in our electorate in the natural course, as the cranky old clingers take their stale, ugly thinking to the grave and are replaced by younger, better Americans.

      This plan is working. Our desolate backwaters are emptying; our electorate is improving; our nation continues to progress against conservative preferences and efforts ; and the liberal-libertarian mainstream is winning the culture war. I am content.

      1. As opposed to your “progressive” thinking which is to discriminate against a new class of people based off of your preferred race and belief structures, right?

    2. Trump has thrown billions at coal miners and farmers and steel magnates…why are descendants of American slaves any less deserving of having money thrown at them than those groups?? Keep in mind people that live paycheck to paycheck would spend all of the money they get relatively quickly so reparations dollars inevitably end up in the pockets of productive Americans.

      1. And what about those productive Americans whose income was stolen to pay the reparations?

        1. So Trump stole money from you to give to coal miners, farmers, and steel magnates??

  4. What other kinds of property does the class cover? Does it cover real property as well as chattels?

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