Brickbat: He Don't Like the Young Folks Hanging Around


The Boulder County, Colorado, Public Health Department has banned people aged 18 to 22 from gathering together in any size group, both indoors and outdoors. Officials say the edict is aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus.

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  1. One of the few bright spots of this thing is how many young people are not panicking and trying to live as normally as they can. Even though they only have a 99.995% chance of living if they get it.

    1. But they will still vote for the ones giving the orders to stop.

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    2. I went on a college visit on Friday. I counted exactly 5 people not wearing a mask “properly” while outside.

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  2. It seems every state is trying to out do the others with all these over the line ‘laws’.

    1. Yes, it does. Or at least try to keep up with other states. Usually if I see something in another state I think, “Glad I don’t live in that state.” Then our state governor sees it and copies it.

  3. “[Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health executive director] said he understands how this order may have a negative effect on the young adults’ mental health.”

    I’m sure he understands all about negative mental health.

  4. Wait until Boulderites 18-22 or health officials – or even the journalist writing that article – discover the First Amendment.

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  6. Yep, these young people should be at work in the mines or wherever they need to be to support the tax breaks and benefits for the retired class.

  7. If the legislature didn’t pass it, it ain’t the law.
    Party on, dudes!

  8. Bad time to be a young mother with a baby I suppose.

  9. Thank God the virus can distinguish between people in the 18-22 year old group from everyone else! You think this is really about using covid to prevent those no good kids from loitering?

  10. I guess the U. of Colorado will have to cancel their football season again.

  11. meh… prob a sausage-fest anyway.

  12. And the mayor is encouraging those not within that narrow age range to patronize businesses to make up for the drop! Because I guess they don’t spread the disease.

    This is like a friend who said he sure would avoid going on a boat when Skylab was given a 75% chance of crashing into an ocean.

  13. Violators can be suspended for 10 days or more from the U. of Colo. …which is closed.

  14. How is any of this constitutional? This might surprise you, but Colorado used to be a great state where a person could be left alone to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

  15. This ended 4 days ago. Way to keep on top of things Reason!

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  17. Young people speaking their minds
    Getting so much resistance from behind

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