Cuomo Clamps Down on New York Churches and Schools (Again)

Students and congregants may be collateral damage in a turf war between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.


There comes a moment as you're listening to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo rant when you realize it all seems so familiar. Oh, yeah, you thinkthis guy sounds like the dictator in the movie Bananas who ordered everybody to speak Swedish and wear their underwear over their clothes. Only Cuomo isn't intentionally a joke, and his commands have serious consequences.

This week, Cuomo announced another closure of New York schools that have already left families floundering through the pandemic and threatened to shutter synagogues and churches if their congregations don't bend to his will.

"I am not going to recommend or allow any New York City family to send their child to a school that I wouldn't send my child to. We're going to close the schools in those areas tomorrow," Cuomo announced on October 5, in a command that applied to private schools as well as public ones.

Since places of worship have been resistant to restrictions on gatherings, the governor got specific about penalties. "I have to say to the Orthodox community tomorrow, if you're not willing to live with these rules, then I'm going to close the synagogues," he threatened.

The targets of Cuomo's ire fired back.

"A picture that [Cuomo] said showed an unlawfully large gathering of Hasidic Jews from recent weeks turned out to be a picture of a major rabbi's funeral in 2006," pointed out Ari Feldman at The Forward.

"In the three Catholic Academies and one Parish School located in the affected areas, enrollment totals 1,070 students, and there has only been one confirmed COVID case," pointed out the Diocese of Brooklyn. "These statistics prove that the Diocesan COVID-19 safety policies are effectively protecting our students and teachers."

The diocese might also have emphasized the fact that its schools have been doing something else better than the competition: educating. New York City completed reopening its public schools only last week after two delays caused by disputes with the teachers' union. Many families have fled to private education options precisely because they've proven themselves more responsive to a range of preferences, and less susceptible to arbitrary policy decisions. Cuomo might not choose those schools, but the parents of the children attending them very clearly did.

Then again, raising fact-based objections to official mandates from on-high is probably beside the point. There is a sense in which the students, congregants, and other victims of Cuomo's latest brainstorm are collateral damage in a turf war that has little to do with them.

"Local governments have not done an effective job of enforcement in these hotspot ZIP codes," Cuomo tweeted October 4. The state "will be doing aggressive enforcement starting tomorrow. As we saw with bars and restaurants, when the state initiated enforcement actions compliance greatly increased."

Observers of New York politics all understand that "local governments" mean New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city officials. The governor and the mayor hate each other and are engaged in a running feud, in which the lives and livelihoods of actual human beings seem to be nothing more than weapons to be used against one another. Are the latest closure orders just skirmishes in never-ending warfare between elected officials? That's as good a bet as any given the personalities involved.

In fact, to listen to one of Cuomo's regular and extended monologuesas he openly savors the sound of his own voice and directs verbal jabs at his political enemiesis to be reminded of yet another political figure, this one a little less fictional. The governor seems an awful lot like President Trump, who also takes pleasure in his time in the spotlight, and in petty sparring with political rivalsincluding Cuomo himself.

Then again, some nutty autocrats are more popular than others. While Trump's Bananas impression has few fans in the media, Cuomo's version enjoys the support of many journalistic fans, even after he ordered nursing homes in the state to accept patients who had been infected with COVID-19.

"Multiple states are considering adopting an order similar to what was issued in New York that requires every nursing home to admit hospital patients who have not been tested for COVID-19 and to admit patients who have tested positive," the American Health Care Association, a nursing home trade group, warned in March. "This approach will introduce the highly contagious virus into more nursing homes. There will be more hospitalizations for nursing home residents who need ventilator care and ultimately, a higher number of deaths."

Sure enough, months later, that dictate had resulted in a body count in the thousands, with researchers still counting the toll.

That fiasco by itself should give New Yorkers pause when their governor issues commands supposedly intended to curb viral outbreaks and keep them healthy during the pandemic. Maybe his judgment should be taken with a good-sized grain of salt.

And maybe parents who are desperate to see their kids resume their interrupted educations, and worshippers eager to find some solace during tough times, should place more weight on their own decision-making skills than on those of politicians. They, after all, are struggling to do their imperfect best by themselves and their families. They'll make mistakes, of course, but those mistakes will be on a small scale, and made in the course of attempting to do the right thing.

By contrast, Cuomo seems best-skilled at consuming camera time while inflicting widespread pain and engaging in political combat. His track record necessarily casts a shadow over every word he utters and each new mandate he gives.

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59 responses to “Cuomo Clamps Down on New York Churches and Schools (Again)

  1. Orthodox synagogues and “churches” are similar yes but not the same.

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    1. I will be posting this everywhere, I can’t get over how amazing it is.

      This fucking guy is held to high esteem around here. Shaming a regular guy for voting for Jo. This is what Reason has become, beltway lib crybabies.


      1. He was, but went off the rails years ago.

        Does anyone remember when Popehat was still human? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

        1. I remember.

          His work on using the “fire in a theater” argument in a free speech discussion is fantastic.

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    2. So what? Andrew Cuomo was right to clam down on all large gatherings of people, even religious ones. He made a stupid mistake of sending Covid-19 patients into nursing homes, exposing already vulnerable people to the illness. It’s about time he made up for that stupid mistake.

      1. You need to make up for killing thousands of nursing home patients!

        Cuomo (and Mapol): I know. I‘ll get at those pesky JEWZ and churchgoers!

    3. Maybe Cuomo thinks he’s doing the right thing. I’m pretty sure Gretchen Whitmer here in Michigan thinks she’s doing the right thing. But good intentions don’t turn the wrong thing into the right thing.

  2. The Bee knocks it out of the park:

    That’s a rough headline to have to explain.

    1. Have to do something about those disease ridden Jews. He is claiming they are spreading disease. That is one step from claiming they drink the blood of Kidnapped Christian babies

      1. If I were in NYC right now I’d be trying to locate some lamb’s blood for the door frame. Can’t be too safe.

        1. Yeah man! For your reading pleasure I imported the whole kibbutzim below. Not that long!! Can we maybe make them all wear yellow “stars of David” maybe? Just to keep track of them, ya know?

          ALBANY, NY—Governor Andrew Cuomo believes he is on the right side of history. He also just announced a plan to target and crack down on Jewish activity in his state.

          “We’re on the right side of history,” said the man who announced a crackdown on Jewish synagogues. “Nothing bad has ever come from targeting Jews. They’re Jews, for goodness’ sake. If they didn’t want to get harassed, they shouldn’t have become Jews.”

          Cuomo briefly considered whether he was actually the bad guy.

          “You, uh, targeted the Jews, my man,” said one reporter.

          “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?” Cuomo answered thoughtfully.

          “No,” he finally concluded after several moments’ thought. “It’s the Jews who are wrong.”

    2. Beat me to it. Ok, instead I have this.

      You know who else emerged from an aircraft and waved from a balcony?

      1. Matt Danzico has too much time on his hands.

        1. And not enough common sense.

          Not sure if this was intentional, but it’s eerily similar.

          Meaning, the
          ‘s film is playing out in real-time. But the shots on the right are scattered throughout the first ten minutes of the two-hour-long propoganda film.

          So… he intentionally edited Triumph of Will to look like the WH footage and he isn’t clear as to whether it’s intentional? I think he’s been watching too much Triumph of Will.

          1. Take out the i and h and what do you have? Trump of the Will? Coincidence? I think not.

    3. I thought the Babylon Bee was satire.

      1. They try very hard to be satire, but the democrats make it really, really hard.

      2. Satire is dead. No matter how hard the satirists try, real life will one up them every time.

        1. When reality makes an entire genre of fiction obsolete, reality is fucked.

    4. It is every Jews responsibility to the tribe to oppose that Wop POS Mayor!

  3. They are doing what fascists always do first, go after the Jews. Both of them are absolute antisemites

  4. The governor seems an awful lot like President Trump,

    I pointed in another thread that Reason headlines since Monday are 12-0 critical of Trump v Biden with a single headline for Jorgensen. Saw this, and thought maybe they call out Dems since Cuomo is the heir apparent, but nope, JD compares Cuomo to Trump.

    Reason is totally committed to ineffectually criticizing the Democrat/Socialist agenda of Biden for the next 4 years.

    1. Fortunately their hopes will be dashed in a couple of weeks.

  5. Open, proud, blatant anti-semitism.

    1. We’ve already been rounded up in the ghettos. Next will be an Amtrak train to a “medical” isolation center and forced vaccination!

      1. Few people have precious metal fillings anymore, so we will be spared the eventual pictures of buckets of teeth, but the organ market is going to hit the payday.

        Drinks on Cuomo, and newly donated livers for all his friends!

  6. I don’t know if the citizenry are necessarily “collateral damage” – the whole intent of this exercise seems to be to inflict as much pain as possible. See, if you’re not inflicting horrific pain, the pandemic must not be that serious, right? If you passed a law that required rest homes to take in coronavirus patients and knowingly, willing, with malice aforethought, killed thousands of old people, you can either apologize, admit you made a terrible mistake, hang your head in shame, or you can double down on the terror, admit that you knowingly killed thousands of people but insist that that’s just how existential the threat of this coronavirus is, that tough choices had to be made and we decided we were going to go ahead and kill Grandma in order to save humanity. Cuomo obviously took the second route. He is still hysterically insisting that the ‘rona is a worse threat than Godzilla, zombies, and Chuck Norris all rolled into one, because that’s the only way he can justify all the shit he’s done to stop the coronavirus. He intends to keep this pretense up even if it kills you, and he doesn’t care if it kills you because all he’s interested in is in saving his ass by insisting he didn’t over-react to the coronavirus.

    1. Yep. This close to the election they will NEVER admit they were wrong. The voters will have to see for themselves with states like Florida and Georgia.

  7. Inside every progressive democrat is a totalitarian yearning to break free.

    Cuomo is a putz.

    1. Cuomo is more of a schmuck than a putz imo. His brother, Chris Cuomo, on CNN is what you would call a putz.

      1. Who’s more of a schlemiel, ‘though?

        1. What about the schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer?

          1. Incorporated?

            1. Of course, incorporated, fellow Laverne & Shirley fan!!!

      2. I won’t disagree with you, Rabbi. 🙂

  8. If the clampdown makes even one Karen feel safe, it is totally worth it.

  9. Cuomo is a jew hater. Always knew it. Still better than that commie deblasio though.

  10. Cuomo Clamps Down on New York Churches and Schools (Again)

    Taking off his turban, they said, “is this man a Jew?”
    Working for the clampdown…

    1. ha. get along, get along.

  11. This is a tremendous opportunity for Florida governor to call those religious Jews to move to his state, welcoming them with open arms, even help them move, and assuring they’d be able to worship and do their thing, as I’m sure they vote mostly Republican.

    Why wouldn’t he want a low-crime, net-taxpaying demographic that’ll help grow the state and keep it from going blue?! And help drain arrogant New York from those stupid 29 votes of its.

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  13. Rapid City SD is sunnier, has less rain, much less snow, and is less humid than New York NY. And wonderful scenery. All those conservatives living in NY looking for a nice sane place should give it a look. Don’t believe my assessment of its climate? Scroll through these stat graphs:

    1. People may be in for a shock when they get to experience:
      – The fastest temperature drops they’ve ever felt
      – Negative 28°ACTUAL temperatures, plus 30+ mph winds
      – Multiple annual hailstorms (resulting in some of the largest hail ever recorded on Earth)

      Long story short: stop telling idiots to move to good states so they can wreck them…

      1. Point taken re undesirables.
        SD is a Siberian wasteland fit only for mastodons, and we all know how they ended up.

  14. “is to be reminded of yet another political figure, this one a little less fictional.”

    Jesus wept.

  15. “While Trump’s Bananas impression has few fans in the media, Cuomo’s version enjoys the support of many journalistic fans, even after he ordered nursing homes in the state to accept patients who had been infected with COVID-19.”

    That’s because Cuomo has the magic (D) behind his name.

    If Clinton had won the election in 2016, and the U.S. had the same number of Covid deaths as it does now, the media would be praising her for her strong actions and leadership, just like they have praised Pandemic Hero Cuomo.

  16. What do they think is happening? DO they really expect another big wave?
    The pandemic is over in NYC. There will be some increase in illness through fall and winter because that’s what always happens.

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  18. “I am the State, thy God, who hath delivered you into bondage, and thou shalt have no gods before me.”

  19. Gov. Cuomo needs to be criminally charged for his role in spreading the covid virus and covid deaths. On March 25th, the Governor signed an order forcing New York City hospitals to discharge covid patients to local area nursing homes. By the end of April thousands of those nursing home patients were dead from the virus. Cuomo needs to be brought to justice, but I am willing to bet it will never happen.

  20. Cuomo is not a dictator and does not have unlimited power. Closing synagogues is unconstitutional. They have a right to worship as they see fit. There is NO public health exemption to the first amendment. Read it! The word ‘except’ is not there. If he closes the synagogues, reopen them and then sue him personally for violating their First Amendment Rights.

    1. And for good measure, you can add in the 4th and 9th Amendments.

  21. “”I am not going to recommend or allow any New York City family to send their child to a school that I wouldn’t send my child to. ” Right, because it’s all about forcing other people do do what you want.

  22. Fuck Andrew Cuomo.

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