Brickbat: Stirred Up


The British government has banned plastic straws, cutlery, and stirrers, as well as cotton swabs in what officials say is an effort to reduce pollution. People with certain medical conditions will still be able to ask for plastic straws in restaurants and buy them at pharmacies.

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  1. Wet ,limp paper straws will go great with that gruel they call food. Speaking of limp…..

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  2. So they’re banned, but some people can still buy them in pharmacies? Do they need a prescription? How long before some limey is killed on the street by the local constabulary for selling loose plastic straws?

    1. Apparently we failed during WWII. The fascists ended up in charge of Britain anyway. :-\

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    2. Depends on if he’s cultural enrichment or just some white thug. He may get the Rotherham treatment if he’s the first.

    3. How’s the buying inpharmacies thing supposed to work? Linked article doesn’t say, but that’s not surprising a reporter wouldn’t do things like asking follow-up questions. So do I have to have a royal permission slip to ask the druggist for my plastic straws, and he brings them out from under the counter with my lad mags? Or will everybody just make a run to Boots whenever they want a plastic straw, and the original “problem” doesn’t go away?

  3. That 9 year old kid whose research triggered all of this has certainly peaked early in life. Nothing he will do in adulthood can compare to damaging an industry and spawning a moral panic that is surviving well past its shelf life.

    1. Oh, but you can bet he’ll try.

    2. Maybe he can link up with Greta, and they can produce a brood of whiny brats to further the green victim agenda.

      Of course, we could hope that at least one of their progeny rebels and buys a heavy duty diesel pickup to scatter black market straws all over the countryside.

      1. Of course, we could hope that at least one of their progeny rebels and buys a heavy duty diesel pickup to scatter black market straws all over the countryside.

        Rufus Plasticstraws, the 21st century counterpart to Johnny Appleseed.

    3. I got a couple of kids, I’m wondering if we could fabricate some numbers about tea bags and the little tags and the end of the strings and get a little game of chicken going with the stupid limeys.

  4. You voted for Brexit, this is your punishment.

    1. To be fair the EU will probably ban them too, only harder.

  5. I’ll give you my Qtip when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. Fuck that shit, I got waxy ears.

    1. Presumably it means the ones with wood or rolled paper sticks (like lollipops) will be the ones sold. For the extra danger, of course.

    2. I’m hoping they mean those cheap knock-off Q-Tips with the hollow plastic shaft and not all cotton swabs.

  6. I would like to impliment a you reap what you sow law. If you vote for a socialist you have a 100% wealth tax. If you vote to ban nonreuse plastic then your not allowed any. No zip lock bags, no dog crap bags, grocery bags you get from the deli are also not allowed for you, and every Dr office will have 1 group of reused tools that are never put in a hermetic bag after being autoclaved.

  7. Pope fined 2BN euros for slandering Market Economy.
    In an unusual plug into reality his holiness said that he really never took a course in economics and that whatever they have in Argentina isn’t good either.
    Having never actually created any wealth, he said he was sorry and would try to get some education but at age 83 his top of head data bank was fuzzy.

    1. Bee or Onion?

    2. How would the Vatican buy more gold candlesticks and silk robes without the wealth created by capitalism and market economies?

  8. > and buy them at pharmacies.

    With a prescription, naturally. Can’t be having the oldsters buying up plastic straws and then cooking meth with them out behind the east paddock.

  9. Banning plastic straws and cotton swabs? I’m betting this came about from some regulator’s kid turning a straw and Q-tip into a blowgun.

  10. So what exactly did the Brits of 1940 fear the Nazis would do to their culture that the Brits of 2020 are not doing to themselves?

    1. They are not killing (((undesirables))), yet.

      1. Just chemically castrated them all back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s.

  11. Retarded fascists come for the plastic, because they have maids to clean their silverware

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