Hydroxychloroquine Is Conspicuously Absent from Trump's COVID-19 Treatment Regimen

And that's good.


President Donald Trump has been touting chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine since March as effective treatments for COVID-19. He even took hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic measure for two weeks in May.

Last week, when the president was hospitalized for a COVID-19 infection, his physicians listed the medications with which he is being treated. Hydroxychloroquine is notable by its absence.

Instead, the president has been aggressively treated with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals' polyclonal antibodies. This combination of two monoclonal antibodies aims to block the coronarvirus from infecting cells, providing extra time for patients' immune systems to ramp up their own natural defenses against the virus. While the treatment is still in clinical trials, preliminary reports suggest that it does substantially help to alleviate COVID-19 symptoms.

The president's team of physicians subsequently started him on a five-day course of remdesivir infusions that aim to inhibit the virus' ability to replicate. Clinical trials suggest that the drug offers moderate benefits by shortening the recovery time for people with COVID-19 from an average of 15 days to about 11 days. That said, in one study "remdesivir did not appear to affect rates of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 viral RNA load decline and mortality when compared with placebo." In other words, the drug did not hasten the elimination of the virus nor have much effect on the death rates of COVID-19 patients.

Now the president is being treated with the corticosteroid drug dexamethasone. Some preliminary research finds that this drug can modestly reduce the risk of mortality for COVID-19 patients who are on ventilators or receiving supplementary oxygen. It had no apparent effect on the risk of death for patients who were not receiving respiratory support. (The president has reportedly been given supplementary oxygen.)

In addition to the these cutting-edge treatments, the president is also taking zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin.

Given the role that zinc plays in the immune system, some researchers have suggested that the nutritional supplement might help reduce the health consequences for COVID-19 patients, especially among that portion of the population experiencing zinc deficiency. A very preliminary observational study reported in August found that zinc therapy had minimal effect on the survival of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. But another small study, reported in September, found that zinc-deficient COVID-19 patients "developed more complications with prolonged hospital stay and were associated with increased mortality."

Researchers have tentatively concluded based on observational studies that supplementation with vitamin D could help prevent COVID-19 coronavirus infections and ameliorate the symptoms of those who do become infected. An October report of one small randomized controlled study in Spain found that administering a high dose of vitamin D "significantly reduced the need for ICU treatment of patients requiring hospitalization due to proven COVID-19."

Famotidine, widely used to reduce stomach acid, may prevent the immune systems of COVID-19 patients from unleashing an uncontrolled inflammatory response to the virus that ends up destroying their organs. Several observational studies have suggested that administering the compound to hospitalized COVID-19 patients reduces their risk of death. And one small study of non-hospitalized patients found that the drug ameliorated the symptoms of the disease.

Some researchers are speculating that the sleep hormone melatonin might help prevent an overactive and destructive inflammatory response to infection by the coronavirus. No clinical trials researching this hypothesis have been conducted.

You might wonder why the president's doctors aren't treating him with hydroxychloroquine, the compound Trump has been touting as a COVID-19 treatment for months? The answer: lack of evidence from clinical trials that it works.

A July report of a randomized trial in which patients with early diagnoses of COVID-19 were treated with hydroxychloroquine found that the compound "did not substantially reduce symptom severity in outpatients with early, mild COVID-19." An August study reporting the results of a multicenter randomized trial using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients concluded that adding the drug "to standard care did not add significant benefit, did not decrease the need for ventilation, and did not reduce mortality rates in COVID-19 patients." An August 26 systematic meta-analysis of the effect of hydroxychloroquine administered with and without the anti-bacterial azithromycin reported that "hydroxychloroquine alone was not associated with reduced mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients but the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin significantly increased mortality."

It is not surprising that the president's medical team have declined to prescribe hydroxychloroquine as a treatment, since no randomized controlled trials to date have shown any significant benefit to COVID-19 patients with the drug.

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  1. 200 Days: The World’s Longest Lockdown Has Failed To Stop COVID-19
    “Quaranternity” was only supposed to last two weeks.

    On March 16, Argentina completely closed its borders to the outside world, and three days later, Buenos Aires imposed a nation-wide, mandatory lockdown. In mid April, they imposed mandatory masking. The lockdown and its accompanying restrictions were only expected to last two weeks time, yet here we are, on day 198 of Argentina’s lockdown, which is scheduled to last until at least October 11. Given the government’s track record of continually extending restrictions (and promising to lift lockdowns, while at the last second, pulling the plug on those ideas), it seems that there’s little to no chance that the restrictions will actually end in a week’s time.

    …Notably, the dispatches from the international press celebrating Argentina’s “success” are no longer being published. That’s because the reality on the ground tells us a very different story from the initial narrative being distributed by the media. Yesterday, Argentina recorded a record high number of new cases, and reported 311 COVID-19 related deaths, which is its third highest day on record. 200 days of lockdown doesn’t seem to have done much of anything to protect Argentinians from COVID-19.

    1. Don’t cough for me Argentina.

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        1. Somehow the “timing” of these blurbs as I read these threads always makes me chortle. I’m going along reading comment, response, and then this non sequitur always has that effect on me. It’s like a stock joke. It might not be so funny if I were a speed reader, but I always have the sound of what I’m reading in my head.

    2. California also had the earliest US lockdowns and mask orders. And now has the most confirmed cases.

      1. Georgia never had a lockdown. Infections went down on their own since July.

        We have people traveling from all over the USA. I see license plates from Alaska, Commifornia, NY, and Washington.

        Georgia is proof that not wearing masks and not having lockdowns lets the virus burn through the population, causing a shorter interruption period to Georgian’s lives.

        The design by Lefties after the Impeachment didnt work was to nuke the economy any way they could and they created the Kungflu hysteria plan. Ron bailey fell for it.

        1. Yep. Slowing the curve just to slow it isn’t a logical goal. We want this to be done as quickly as possible without overwhelming the system. We have OVERWHELMING evidence at this point that won’t happen. Yet the “leaders” double down with their tyranny.

          And the odds of them admitting they were wrong a month before the election? Under zero.

          1. A large part of the calculation is trying to make sure that the limited resource of hospital space isn’t completely overwhelmed with people dying in the hallways.

            But you can’t go to your mud-n-bud cousins-only dance aww.

            1. In the real world there is nowhere in the county with over 15% beds taken by covid patients, and only 4 states where the number is over 10%.

            2. “A large part of the calculation is trying”

              Was, dipshit, was. You should consider pulling your head out of your ass and get an update from the last four months.

        2. I think California has a problem with tourism. I live in the SF Bay and I often work in San Francisco. Last Friday I was working there and decided to go to fisherman’s wharf for dinner after work. When I got there the place was crawling with tourists. I didn’t even bother to stop, I just kept on going and went to another restaurant that had car service on the other side of town.

          I’m not sure what Southern California looks like, but I’ll bet it’s the same problem down there. I get it, people are tired of staying home and they want to get out. But jesus christ, there is a limit to how many people you should have in one place. I’ve never been to Georgia, but I’ll bet they don’t have as much tourism as California. And I’ll be the people there are smart enough to stay in their own towns and cites and not go traveling around the country or the world. People just need to stay put for a little while longer until we get Covid under control.

          1. When would that be, and what is under control? When 90+% of people infected have less than a common cold, it will never be contained or controlled. Once it started spreading all over the world, it was not going to be controlled.

    3. The hydroxychloroquine saga began when Trump’s climate science squad announced a sure-fire covid cure last spring .

      Unfortunately it turned out to be a fatal overdose of chloroquine :

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    I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!
    1:37 PM · Oct 5, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

    1. he must have been on one heck of a bender 20 years ago

    2. Of course he is feeling great. He is on steroids. Wait till that shit wears off.

      1. Do you need tiny hands to grasp at such straws?

    3. Sure, but will you be going back to your job at ShopRite? I’ve read you can quit that and make good money.


    The coronavirus is dangerously useful to people who want to create fusions of ideology and morality, people who seek to forcibly restore faith in authority after it fell to an all-time low, and those who assert the superiority of centralized control over individual freedoms.
    In truth, the big advantages authoritarians have in such a crisis is their callous disregard for individual lives and their ability to lie without consequence. China was trapping sick people in their homes by welding the doors shut. They quarantined cities bigger than New York.
    And of course they constantly lie about how many cases and deaths they really had, and even though everyone knows they’re lying, everyone implicitly treats the lies as truth by only comparing more honest and open societies in their “worst coronavirus responses” analysis.
    You really don’t want to live under any of the authoritarian regimes that claim to have done a bang-up job of handling the coronavirus. Even if their claims were true – and they aren’t – you wouldn’t want to live through the measures they imposed on outbreak areas.

  4. Hydroxychloroquine Is Conspicuously Absent from Trump’s COVID-19 Treatment Regimen

    So is acupuncture.

    1. So are condemnations of white supremacy.

    2. Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows

      Poor unreason staff like Ron Bailey. They cannot get past politics to see that Kungflu is not more dangerous than flu/colds each year and doctors ARE using Hydroxychloroquine as preventative medicine and treatment.

      Trump’s doctor is maybe choosing the correct treatment schedule for Trump, not for Ron Bailey’s say on what the treatment should be.

      1. Sorry…supposed to be its own post.

    3. So are Trump’s assurances that he will leave office. Whether he gets reelected or not.

    4. So are Blood Boy transfusions.

    5. Instead they’re using dexamethasone, which treats the symptoms of many of the same diseases as HCQ.

      1. Those two drugs do not even belong in the same paragraph.

        1. You seriously don’t know jack about either medication. They are both anti-inflammatory, via differing mechanisms. They are both used in chronic inflammatory conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis. They both have side effects, occasionally serious, mostly long-term vs. short courses. LC1989 is spot on, every patient is different, some may do well on it, others not. Up to his doctors, not Mr. Bailey.

          1. 1789. Although 1989 did rock, for me personally. I was living in South Beach, where safe sex is a padded headboard. Sorry, where was I?

          2. Glucocorticoids and quinolones are entirely different in drug class and action. They are not comparable in any way.

          3. ya dude, I think echo actually knows a thing or two about it based on past posts

            Regardless, seeing your reasoning is like watching liberals try and make comparisons about guns…you just dont know wtf you are talking about, leave it to the people that do…your wiki search wont give you enough info to talk with the adults

    6. Did Trump tout acupuncture as a cure?

      1. Why would he do that?

        1. For the lulz, like everything an everybody else.

        2. So that lefties could denounce it hysterically, and we could all laugh at them?

    7. “You might wonder why the president’s doctors aren’t treating him with hydroxychloroquine, the compound Trump has been touting as a COVID-19 treatment for months? The answer: lack of evidence from clinical trials that it works.”

      Bailey showing his scientific ignorance and laziness again. There are a zillion positive studies on HCQ.

      Also, a competent science writer might note that while the President is using zinc, he’s not using a zinc ionophore like HCQ, which is dumb.

      This is one of the problems with the medical #DeepState studies on HCQ. Usually they include no zinc, which is kind of the point with HCQ – it is there to function as a zinc ionophore (something that helps zinc get into cells). Either no zinc ionophore, or they start treatment well after infection, when antiviral therapies rarely work, after your immune system has already lost the race against the infection.

      1. Oh, look! Web site with infinite HCQ studies showing its effectiveness.


    A son moves his chair next to his mother to comfort her at the funeral of her late husband, a member of staff says they’ve “been told” and asked to separate. It really does highlight the cruel lack of humanity and decency in the way in which we’re forced to live our lives today.

    1. I’d have told that dude to fuck right off.

      1. Perfect scenario to be carrying concealed in a shoulder holster so that you can let your suit coat fall back and put the fear of God into that bastard.

      2. Or pointed out the many fine casket selections the funeral home has.

        1. This. My first reaction when I heard about this, is if it was my mother, I’d have told him fuck off or your funeral is next.


    Neil Ferguson’s doomsday prediction of 510k COVID deaths went unchallenged by Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance – despite warnings it was 12 TIMES too high as No.10 panicked into full lockdown
    EXCLUSIVE: New biography of Boris Johnson being serialised in Mail on Sunday
    The book by Tom Bower explains how SAGE meeting told of ‘worst-case scenario’
    Imperial College professor warned some 80 per cent of Brits could be infected
    Neither of the government’s scientific advisers outrightly challenged prediction

    1. Like the MSM, 99% of what Ron Bailey is utter bullshit and you will be correct 99% of the time by disregarding what those lying asses say.

      1. Everyone knows 57% of statistics are false.

        1. You forgot to attribute that quote to Ben Franklin.

          1. That’s because he lifted it from Socrates.

            1. Who stole it from Jesus.

              1. Who got it from Hillel

              2. Socrates was well before Jesus. Just sayin’.

                1. They all got it from Adam!

                    1. My wife got a really bad cold in Ireland last summer (2019), and she jokes that she got it from kissing the Blarney Stone. I ended up getting it as soon as we got back.

                      The symptoms were very similar to Covid actually, and if they ever show it going back that far, then I’ll be convinced we had it. I hardly ever get sick for more than a day or two, but I was still coughing pretty bad over a week later.

      2. I read it in Lancet.


    Right now Spain, Ireland, France, and the UK are all going into covid lockdowns because of spikes in cases

    Were they just not wearing masks enough? Is it Trump’s fault?

    Think for yourself, folks.

    And btw Sweden has a couple hundred cases a day now. Spain has about 10,000+

    1. Cases but nothing near the same number of deaths or hospitalizations so they are basically irrelevant. Compare the case to death ratio now vs April/May/June for Europe, then get back to me.


    The US continues to lead all other large countries in tests per capita. Our very high sampling rate, along with the use of hypersensitive PCR tests which grossly overstate positives, causes us to find cases which would normally be of little or no concern.


    Georgia was doing an “experiment in human sacrifice” they said.

    “Georgia screwed it up” they said.

    “NY successfully flattened the curve” they said.

    Wait 2 weeks, they all said.

    Is it any wonder people lose trust in the media? Original articles below.

    1. Us Georgians are fine. We never had a lockdown and dont wear masks unless people want to. Restaurants seat people next to each other and bars are open.

      We have parties, interact with people from other states, and dont do stupid quarantines for travelers.

      7,100 deaths while infected here in Georgia which means probably only a few hundred had some hard time with Kungflu and the cold killed them. The rest were typical heart disease and/or respiatory related deaths.

      1. We have a death rate way under 1% and infection rate of less than 10%.

        Our economy is booming too.

        1. 260 people in the hospital in all of Washington State.

          Still locked down 6+ months later, with no end (other than Inslee losing) in sight.

          1. Have you seen any polling on Inslee vs. Culp? I’m really hoping that hatred towards Inslee transcends politics so we can be rid of him.

            1. All the polls say Inslee is still fairly comfortably ahead, but the lead is shrinking. However when out walking through the city, it’s nothing but Culp signs. Have not seen a single Inslee sign and everybody I know can’t wait to vote against him. Even Inslee’s Twitter is now full of hate instead of “THANK YOU GOVERNOR”. It gives me hope.


    says we’ve had 750M global COVID infections.

    We’ve also had around ~1M deaths.

    That’s an infection fatality rate of 0.13%.

    Can people understand why some don’t want to deny others freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and a full education?

  11. Trump gets tested every day. Didn’t keep him “safe”.

  12. Clinical trials suggest…
    Some preliminary research finds…
    some researchers have suggested…
    A very preliminary observational study…
    Researchers have tentatively concluded…
    An October report of one small randomized controlled study…
    Several observational studies have suggested…
    Some researchers are speculating…

    But I thought the science was settled! That’s why Twitter and Facebook are blocking people who tout misinformation on their sites, there can be no dispute about the truth.

    1. Social media silences MDs and PHDs with differing opinions, however a software engineer who was a college dropout gets to steer policy because he’s a billionaire.


    Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “I have to say to the Orthodox community tomorrow, ‘If you’re not willing to live with these rules, then I’m going to close the synagogues.'”

    1. You know who else closed synagogues?

    2. And fuck Cuomo and that steroid bitch brother of his.

    3. Apparently the governor has never met an Orthodox Jew before.

      Don’t tell him. They don’t need synagogues.

      1. He probably has met them, and knows that lots of Orthodox Jews vote republican.

      2. “It’s ok for Daddy Gov to close synagogues, because they aren’t important to Orthodox Jews.”

        Wonder where that kind of attitude has led before…

  14. Well clearly Trump had something better than hydroxy. You don’t drink piss beer when you have good whisky. That said why deny the rest of the populace a cheap, readily available and effect treatment? do you want people to die Ron

    1. Ron advocated for denying the treatment to others? I doubt that.

      1. Ron advocated for denying the treatment to others?

        He supported the state level bans on prescribing it, denying both physicians and their patients access to an FDA approved drug in contravention of the law.

        1. Another #LibertarianMoment from Reason.

  15. >>conspicuously

    misspelled “gleefully”

  16. Hydroxychloroquine Is Conspicuously Absent from Trump’s COVID-19 Treatment Regimen

    Bleach injections, on the other hand…

    1. We’re something only stupid gullible progs thought he suggested?

      1. Look who else needs a bleach injection.

        1. Ever heard of a Peroxide Nebulizer?

        2. So I guess that’s the end of you bitching about people calling for others death huh?

          1. We always knew it was an affectation.

          2. He’s always whining at me because I point out suicide is his best option.

            I feel it’s important to be honest with the little turd.

    2. I think he settled on quercetin. It’s why he has to wear masks because the only way to get quercetin and zinc into the nasal passages is to coat asparagus with zinc and then shove it into the nose until it absorbs. It just doesn’t look Presidential for him to be walking around with asparagus visibly dangling from his nose.

      1. Did your mommy tell you it’s OK for you go out, cowardly lefty shit?

      2. Coating the asparagus with chlorox would be closer to the cure Trump University Medical School was pushing last spring:

    3. Lol. He’s full pathetic. Congrats on the title bro.

    4. “…Bleach injections, on the other hand…”

      Do you ever post anything which isn’t bullshit?

  17. I can’t believe that asshole has enough audacity to get better so quickly. Doesn’t he realize what that does to the narrative?

    1. Months ago, Ezekiel Elliot confirmed that he got the virus and said it wasn’t a big deal. Radio personalities in Columbus, where they treat football players as gods, were suggesting that he should apologize for making such a statement.

      1. F that.
        Zeke’s taking me to the championship (again).
        His real team, on the other hand, needs to figure out how to play defense.
        Either way, no need to apologize.
        Maybe cut down on the fumbles though.


    We’re thankful that the numbers of those we’re losing to this virus are much lower than before.

    But, we cannot consider our jobs done until that number hits ZERO and stays there.

    Until the number of people in our hospitals for #COVID19 hits ZERO and stays there.
    Well they are finally saying it out loud. No normal ever again.

    1. Death is illegal.

      1. didn’t teh babylonbee run an article about newsome outlawing death

    2. no Treatment or vaccine has ever hit zero, perfection does not exist.

      1. There is one exception. Smallpox. Polio is darn close. Two of the widest used and oldest vaccines, without any method of long term hibernation (like hard spores that has kept anthrax in the wild) mutation (like the flu) and devastating enough to eventually override the fear of the anti-vax movement that is as old as the concept of the vaccine.

  19. The author needs to do more research.

    Dr. Chris Martenson’s YouTube videos have been explaining for a long while that hydroxychloroquine is only useful against the SARS-CoV-2 virus if given early, before catching the disease COVID-19. (Martenson was one of the most trustworthy experts covering the pandemic from day 1, making relatively few mistakes, retracting those few mistakes publicly, and also being proven right several times as other experts flip-flopped and came around to Martenson’s hypotheses.)

    Since Trump has already got COVID-19, the disease, he doesn’t need hydroxychloroquine.

    1. I emailed Mr. Bailey a web link listing (as of today) 128 HCQ studies of which 76 are peer reviewed. The studies come from around the world. The site includes the 3 that Bailey mentioned. His selected studies were atypical (one didn’t even correctly support his article’s claim!) since the preponderance of studies indicate HCQ is effective as a Covid-19 prophylactic. The site is
      There is no diplomatic way to say this, so: IMHO Bailey’s understanding of the HCQ literature is incredibly shallow and he probably only got his few references from other news sources, not an original literature search. If he had he’d have more difficulty explaining the choices of Trump’s doctors. They very likely haven’t paid attention to the literature either on HCQ.

      1. I hope Bailey responds to your comments; he often does. Please keep us informed.

        1. Has he lately? I’ve stopped reading most of his shit.

        2. I have not seen any response yet, though my email didn’t really call for one. This is what I sent him:
          Mr. Bailey,

          After reading your latest article on Trump and hydroxychloroquine, I was wondering if you are aware that at least 76 peer reviewed studies have been done with hydroxychloroquine and they overwhelmingly indicate that it is a fairly effective prophylactic against Covid-19 ? The following site lists all those studies (actually 126 when including non-peer-reviewed):

          Since they link to all the original papers or abstracts and claim to include all relevant studies and claim to avoid any exclusion criteria, the only way they could be found at fault is to find studies they overlooked or otherwise excluded.

          Your article today mentions three studies, all of which are covered by the researchers who created the linked site. All three suffer from problems that you can review by clicking on the study to review their critiques. Prior to writing further articles on the subject you may wish to review all those studies yourself and compare their critiques with your own. The three you picked out are not representative of the state of clinical evidence.

          James Logajan

        3. Ron Bailey did reply to my email today (as well as to another reader’s email) and reasonably points out that it will take some time to review the many studies listed even if he did not otherwise have other demands on his time. It is a lot to go through and judge.

      2. If Bailey wanted to do journalism the easy way, he would contact Martenson.

        But Bailey seems to be phoning it in a lot these days. Gets his science new from The Narrative, not from original sources or anyone honest looking at the original sources.


    2. I second the endorsement of Martenson’s videos. He’s excellent.

  20. As usual, Trump is his own worst enemy. While I believe it’s possible that hydroxychloroquine may have its benefits but all the success stories are anecdotal, which isn’t science. He could have been just as well off mentioning that this drug, among others, has been reported to have some success and left it at that, but he just can’t leave ANYTHING at that. As it is, because he touted it, the left is foaming at the mouth with hatred for this drug and it will never be tested.

    1. It wouldn’t have mattered.
      If Trump had said nothing about it, the legacy press would point out he’s ‘not doing anything about the Wu Flu’.
      I was first said of Bush that if he walked across the Potomac, the press would headline “BUSH CAN’T SWIM!”; ditto here.

      1. If Trump had not said anything about hydroxychloroquine, it wouldn’t have been on the press’ radar to say anything about it one way or the other. It would have been discussed if medical experts started studying and discussing it, which would have been appropriate.

        But keep believing in poor victimized Donald Trump.

        1. Do you think the media would have immediately gone anti-hydroxychloroquine if Trump hadn’t mentioned it?

        2. Keep imagining your TDS has no effect on your opinions.
          You wake up hating Trump in the morning, spend the entire day doing the same, and go to bed dreaming of your hate; it’s your LIFE!

  21. BTW, the pop-up vid has some taking head whining about ‘endangering the driver and the S/S agents!’
    But he’s wearing the magical face-rag which connects to heaven and sucks out all the beasties, right?

    1. They would have been safer if they were defunded I guess.

    2. Which nobody seriously claims.

      1. Of course they don’t. They mandate the use of masks because, uh, why do they do that, WK?
        I’m waiting…

        1. Still waiting, WK.
          Any reason we should assume other than that you are full of shit, WK?
          Still waiting, bullshitter…

  22. This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic
    It’s not R.
    Zeynep Tufekci September 30, 2020 The Atlantic

    There’s something strange about this coronavirus pandemic. Even after months of extensive research by the global scientific community, many questions remain open.

    After nine months of collecting epidemiological data, we know that this is an overdispersed pathogen, meaning that it tends to spread in clusters, but this knowledge has not yet fully entered our way of thinking about the pandemic—or our preventive practices.
    [Much more follows]

    1. Only overlooked by the “experts” the media was trumpeting around.

    2. Really interesting. Thanks.

  23. Trump has shit the bed so thoroughly on this that the old people are abandoning him. If you are still defending him and doing the cousinfucking anti-mask thing, you are the 20%.

    I’m going to excuse some of your hysteria because you know you’re going to lose the election. But the moment you say a goddamn word about Joe Biden I’m shutting you down. You enabled this. We have four months to go and that man has nukes.

    1. But not dementia.

      1. But difficulty speaking in complete sentences.

        1. Oh, gee, the snob WK has a raging case of TDS! Who knew?
          We got it; you don’t think he’s ‘cultured’ enough to be your king and you certainly want one; who else can take care of you?
          Well, I don’t think your intelligent enough to pour piss out of a boot, and I’m damn certain which one of us is correct in our opinion (it ain’t you).
          Fuck off and die.

    2. “Trump has shit the bed so thoroughly on this that the old people are abandoning him. If you are still defending him and doing the cousinfucking anti-mask thing, you are the 20%.”

      Assertions from steaming piles of lefty shit =/= argument or evidence, steaming pile of lefty shit.

    3. Trump has been as good as anyone could have been on COVID, and far better than any of the Democratic and most Republican governors. We haven’t had any better since Reagan left office.

      Obama was near the bottom of that pile, and compared to him, Biden was so bad as to be considered “assassination insurance” by members of his own party, and that was before he had raging dementia. He was a stupid, lying, feckless plagiarist whose only actions of note were those that have caused the most damage, especially to the black people who he thinks are not usually clean and who aren’t black if they don’t vote for him, a white guy. If this is the guy the Dems think is their best chance for winning, who are the rest of them?

      Now he’s all of that AND addled by dementia (not surprising when he’s been in the senate, by his own words, for 180 years prior to his ten years as VP). It’s hard to tell if he is just a horrible liar or just deluded out of his mind based on that debate performance, causing the left to fact-check him, which is quite an accomplishment. If you consider how he appeared to support the green new deal before he was against it, one would conclude that he can’t remember his own platform. If I had his platform, I wouldn’t want to remember it either.

  24. Hey, WK! Gonna run off from being called on your TDS bullshit like jackass?
    It’s not like you have a rep much better than his/hers; you claim some sort of neutrality and then land firmly on the left constantly; stated preference/revealed preference. Do you really hope no one notices?
    Are your Tony-stupid?

  25. The problem with hydroxychloroquine was never whether it worked or not. It was promising but unproven at first. The problem was that as soon as Trump mentioned it, the media spun it as a horrific, dangerous drug and Trump was a horrible person for mentioning something that had been widely talked about for some time.

    1. The president should know that words have consequences.

      1. Words have consequences is one thing. “Everything Trump says is wrong and we will flat out make stuff up” is something else.

        Take the “Trump said to drink bleach”. It was a response to widely circulated suggestions about injecting or inhaling disinfectants. Trump said “People have said this and I thought it would be neat. I asked Fauci here, and he said it would do a number on your lungs, so you have to listen to your doctor”. I’m paraphrasing from memory, but the “do a number on your lungs” is a quote.

        However, people spun it as him saying to do precisely what he said not to do. Quoting someone but eliminating the “not”. That’s the problem with this. It undermines the trust in the media.

        1. Here’s the quote

          He continued.

          “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

          He’s Actually suggesting there might be a way to do it. It interests him. There isn’t a way. And the “number” he is referring to is doing a number on the virus in the lungs. Clearly. Stop making excuses for ‘this idiot.

          1. “Does a number on” is standard slang for harming. You are twisting words into saying their precise opposite.

        2. No trust left to undermine.

          It underlines the distrust.

    2. It IS a dangerous drug and Trump was wrong to be playing doctor in the middle of one of his press briefings. WTF does he know about hydroxychloroquine? “Some people said it’s a great drug”? YOU ALL are the ones who turned hydroxychloroquine into some political football when you doubled down and insisted that it was a better drug than it really was ONLY because Trump mentioned it and ONLY to “pwn the libs” and “punch back” against very legitimate criticisms of the drug.

  26. Here’s a couple more urgent issues.

    The White House is stopping FDA’s new guidelines on bringing potential vaccines for COVID-19 to market, which would almost certainly have prevented their introduction before the Nov. 3 election. So clearly because he wants to do it for political purposes.


    The White House is rejecting the CDC’s offer to do contract tracing, and will instead do it in house. And man6 people who were there say they have yet to be contacted.

    Business as usual in the federal government? Yeah, I don’t think so.

  27. Of course it’s absent! He went to an actual hospital, not a quackery!

  28. Media superstar Fredo Cuomo, brother of political mafioso Sonny Cuomo, took quinine pool-cleaning tablets or something like that when he had the plague. He got well quickly, too, and was spotted several times committing mass murder by not wearing a mask in public spaces.

    Da Sciemence.

  29. the answer: lack of evidence from clinical trials that it works patents and profit margins

  30. Ronald Bailey previous books on environmental issues indicated a that he understood how to interpret scientific and empirical evidence (unlike left wing fear mongering Democrats and the news media).

    Unfortunately, every article Bailey has recently written about Trump indicate that he (like lefty Dems and the news media) is suffering from TDS so bad that he no longer understands scientific and empirical evidence, and that he is not a libertarian.

    1. It’s science vs scientism. A lot of brilliant scientists practice scientism — it has more political support and can be more profitable……

  31. I’m pretty sure your BA in philosopy and economic doesn’t make you a medical doctor, and no amount of “science reporting” qualifies you as one either, even if you have seen a hippo.

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