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Trump and Biden Spar Over Which One Is the True Threat to America's Suburbs

The president renewed his attack that a Biden presidency would wipe out the suburbs. Biden accused Trump of racist dog whistles.


America's tranquil suburbs were regrettably dragged into tonight's presidential debate. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden sparred fiercely, and occasionally coherently, over which one of their candidacies posed the greatest risk to these tidy communities.

"If [Biden] ever got to run this country and they ran it the way he would want to run it, our suburbs would be gone," said Trump, winding up a rant about recent violence in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago and Portland.

Trump was basically repeating an accusation he's levied before: that Biden wants to "abolish the suburbs" through a soft-on-crime approach and intrusive federal housing policies.

In particular, Trump has singled out a campaign proposal of Biden's to require jurisdictions receiving federal housing and transportation grants to implement policies intended to make housing more affordable and inclusive. Under Biden's proposal, that could include everything from allowing the construction of apartment buildings in low-density neighborhoods to banning landlords from asking about potential tenants' criminal history.

That proposal is a more muscular version of an Obama-era fair housing regulation that the Trump administration gutted this summer over the alleged threat it posed to suburban communities' single-family zoning policies.

Biden responded by accusing Trump, a New York City native, of being ignorant of suburbs as they exist today, and of making racially coded attacks. Trump wouldn't know a "suburb unless [he] took a wrong turn," said Biden. "This is not 1950. All these dog whistles and racism don't work anymore."

The former vice president went on to insist that today, "suburbs are by and large integrated."

Interestingly, Trump and his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, have also seized on the argument that suburbs are more integrated today than in the past to defend single-family zoning. If suburbs are racially inclusive already, then their zoning policies clearly aren't excluding people because of their race, the argument goes.

Biden went on to argue that the COVID-19 pandemic, floods, and fires pose a much greater risk to the lives and livelihoods of suburban residents, with the implication being that the president's failure on climate change and COVID-19 made him the real anti-suburbs candidate.

The intensity of the exchange is odd when one considers what little control the federal government exercises over the quality and character of suburban life.

While the federal government can pull some strings when it comes to funding and regulation, suburban communities' zoning codes and approaches to law enforcement hinge more on who gets elected to city hall than who occupies the White House.

On the debate stage tonight, suburbs existed as more of a political and cultural football both candidates wanted to defend than as a policy issue they were eager to sink their teeth into.

Those who do have strong opinions about preserving the suburbs (or their own sanity) would have been better off skipping tonight's debate and boning up on who is running for office closer to home.

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51 responses to “Trump and Biden Spar Over Which One Is the True Threat to America's Suburbs

  1. In Cali, the true threat to suburbs is the green movement’s insistence on keeping dry wood so close to the houses.

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  2. I really don’t know man.

    Going to the candidate’s debate. We can laugh about it, shout about it, but when you’ve got to choose- every way you look at it, you lose.

    1. I choose not to decide.

      1. You still have made a choice.

        1. You have temporarily restored my faith in humanity.

        2. You can choose from phantom fears, or kindness that can kill.

          1. I will choose a path that’s clear, I will choose freewill

            1. Hey, have you checked with Neal Peart, to see if you have permission to reference his music? Remember, he came out a while back, said that we wasn’t libertarian anymore; because libertarians are mean, and don’t care, or suchlike.

      2. Which would be great, except for the millions of other people, who ARE willing to decide.

    2. America has come so far since 1968.

      1. We really have, though. The U.S. is on balance a nicer place to live than in the 60s. It’s just that people never change.

      2. Have we REALLY? Far can apply to DOWN, just as equally to UP.

    3. Nope.
      Trump is a win.
      Only good president I can remember.
      You can bitch about small details, but the progressive era has been working against the people for over a century.
      It’s been a steady descent to totalitarianism, and they’re making their play to seize power absolutely.
      Trump may bother you, and that’s unfortunate because he’s hilarious.
      But we need him in charge at this moment in time.
      Then answer me this:
      Who else can stand up to totalitarian leftism?
      Who else will?

      1. I am interested in how you distinguish Trump from “the progressive era.”

        With Trump we got:
        1. breaking the separation of powers through growth of the executive branch
        2. no regard for fiscal restrain and balanced budgets
        3. paternalist welfare schemes to placate support base
        4. economic interventions that intentionally distort market outcomes

        To me it sounds like FDR is one of Trump’s biggest influences.

    4. I don’t know either.

      Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A nation turned its lonely eyes to you.

      1. Joltin Joe has left and gone away.

  3. ‘Biden campaign starts selling ‘shut up, man’ shirts after heated debate’

    Well that sure was fast.

    1. Trumps strategy was to rile Biden and it worked…fast.

      Biden is effectively telling every dissenting American to shut up. Accept Harris’ socialism.

  4. Its Trump vs Communism.

    Lefties prepare for a Trump landslide like Nixon in 1972.

  5. Trump and Biden sparred in the opening moments over the consequences if the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act.

    In answering the first question of the night, Biden argued that if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice and the court overturns former President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, 100 million people who have pre-existing conditions will lose their coverage.

    “And so it’s just not appropriate to do this before this election,” Biden said, referring to a Senate vote on Barrett.

    Trump disputed the statement that 100 million people have pre-existing conditions, before pivoting to attack Biden for his own health care plan which he said will “extinguish” the health care of 180 million people who currently have private coverage.

    Biden said “that’s simply not true,” as Trump accused him of “going to socialist medicine.”

    1. “And so it’s just not appropriate to do this before this election,” Biden said, referring to a Senate vote on Barrett

      This is the opposite of logic. He should want the vote before, so the American people can see it and vote for Biden because they are upset.

      And tell us if you will pack tbe court in response, before the election, too. Let the American people know your plans so they can factor it in when voting. Do not be shy.

  6. That shit was brutal. imho Trump kinda blew it in many key moments.
    Trump knows everything, literally everything is so clearly stacked against him, the establishment et al, the media, hollyweird elites, the questions, the ‘moderator’, fkin Stink Finger Joe refusing a drug test or letting them check his ears for an ear piece, it’s farcical. He would have been much better off letting Biden run out of steam and dialing his own vitriol back, acting ‘civil’, shoving it in the D’s faces, giving them no fuel for their fires.
    Biden didn’t come off like the mentally deficient dementia-ridden bumbler he clearly is and I saw this coming a mile away.

    Trump came correct in virtually every instance, and I think he won in that sense, but really Biden scored big in not looking like he has dementia, which was really all he had to prove. Yea the bar really was that low for Biden.

    1. Biden had ticks and stuttered on multiple occasions.

      Normally I give politicians huge latitude on grammar and speech mistakes because public speaking can lead to mistakes. Its a lot of info and high pressure situation.

      biden has been doing it for 40+years and came off like the person hiding something and cheating for his team. Its bad for Democrats and didnt work for Hillary.

      If Trump had told chocolate Jesus to “shut up dude”, the lefites would have demanded he be shot by secret service.

      The MSM will say its a Biden win and everything they say is the opposite.

      1. Trump won on all the policy points, but looked like a bully.
        Biden was mostly coherent so he may have gained somewhat.

        1. It worked against Hillary too.

          If you think that Trump is the bully, you obviously havent had enough stolen from you wallet by democrats.

          Its okay when Hillary and biden interrupt Trump and call him stupid or a liar. When Trump interrupts a democrat…its a problem. More and more America s wants Trumps brand of standing up for America.

        2. Biden gave up any gain there when he called Trump a clown, said shut up, racist, etc.
          Trump is always very specific in his insults, clearly focused on an individual, a peer.
          The left is all about the collective and the vague.
          Biden calling the president of the United States a clown is not a good look.

          1. Yup. Americans will take bidens comments as the deplorable comment all over again.

            Biden getting upset wont play well. It appears weak, which he was.

          2. And what is this with the “Racist Dog Whistles” crap. When has President Trump not said exactly what he means about anything. That is one of the things I like about him, he does not use that no answer, answer that the politicians use, you always know exactly where he stands.

            1. “And what is this with the “Racist Dog Whistles” crap”

              It’s a way lefties claim a non-racist statement is racist anyway so they can cry about non-existent racism.

              1. The proud boys question was bullshit. They had to go all the way back to Charlottesville to reference an instance of ‘right wing extremism’.

  7. One wants to continue current government interference in private personal property rights.

    One wants to change government interference in private personal property rights.

    Both want the federal government to meddle in traditional local and state matters.

    Big whoop. Let me know when one wants all governments to butt out, but also recognizes that this is not a federal problem.

    1. Literally irrational

  8. So Trump is basically right, but exaggerating.

    1. How did he exaggerate?

  9. Biden has clear cognitive problems.

    Watch for MSM covering up and both sides have it narrative tomorrow.

  10. I dunno, Trump may be onto something. Even though white suburban women seem to be in the dems pocket, a lot of them are still scared of Black people moving in and bringing down their schools test scores. They’ll still vote blue, but he might have caused a few to not vote.

    1. Women are buying more guns and ammo. If that doesnt mean more support for trump….

  11. Donald Trump cheated on his wives, defrauded contractors, vendors, investors, creditors, and customers, bankrupted multiple businesses, looted a children’s charity, cheated on his taxes, accepted bribes, ran up enormous debts, lied about his income and net worth, and lied about a deadly disease resulting in the deaths of thousands.

    1. Thanks for posting Biden’s debate crib notes.

    2. Democrat movie of the week on Lifetime.

  12. And he is still more honest than Biden.

    I am voting for JoJo, but you guys sure are driving me toward Trump.

    1. RaCiSt! YoU dOn’T bElIeVe BlAcK lIvEs MaTtEr!

  13. On the debate stage tonight, suburbs existed as more of a political and cultural football both candidates wanted to defend than as a policy issue they were eager to sink their teeth into.

    You could say that about pretty much any topic that they debated obnoxiously yelled over each about last night.

  14. I have to say, my biggest guffaw of the night came when Biden said the suburbs would be washed away in a biblical flood if Trump was re-elected.

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