Brickbat: To Tell the Truth


Pineville, Louisiana, police officer John Goulart Jr. claimed he'd been shot in the leg in an ambush. But officials now say he shot himself and made up the story about the ambush. Goulart has been charged with criminal mischief and malfeasance in office. "Everything shows it was an accidental discharge," said Deputy Chief Darrell Basco. Basco said Goulart fired two rounds from his service weapon, one of which struck one of the doors of his patrol car.

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  1. Several employees of the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) office in Prescott were fired after after a photo of them circulated showing them wearing T-shirts that read “professional kidnapper” on the front and “Do you know where your children are?” on the back. They were worn during work hours , according to the Arizona Republic. The T-shirts were an apparent attempt to mock critics of the DCS, who accuse it of being biased against parents and being too eager to remove children from their homes.

    1. A “gaffe” is when a politician – or in this case a government bureaucrat – tells an embarrassing truth.

  2. ‘Accidental discharge’ huh? He accidentally pulled the trigger twice? Apparently the Deputy Chief doesn’t understand how modern firearms work.

  3. .22lr, 9×18 and .357 magnum. Interesting mix.

    1. My thoughts as well; I suppose it make a good photo though.

      1. I’m impressed you could tell the .357 and 9 x 18 w/o looking at a head stamp. I certainly can’t. If I had to guess, I’d have guessed .44 Magnum and .45 ACP.

        ND’ing twice at once, is a particularly egregious act of stupidity. Add a Bubba’d trigger job to the guy’s list of sins.

        1. Shape of the bullet.

    2. TWO guns!
      FIVE really big bullet things!
      SIX big bullet things!
      ALMOST THIRTY regular bullet things!


    3. I would’ve guess 9x17mm short/.380 ACP to fit the Walther PPK behind it and .22 lr to fit the FIE E15. Agreed on .357

      1. FIE E15

        My bad. Knurled extractor rod means it’s likely an FIE Texan. Still .22 lr.

      2. I agree – .22lr, .380 ACP & .357 Mag.

        The short, fat ones aren’t the right shape for 9 x 19 Para.

        Nice call on the pistols. I recognized the PPK but not the FIE.

        1. Guess I should have looked closer. Once you see the engraved “FIE” above the trigger guard, it’s kind of hard to miss.

          1. Huh. Weird the photographer airbrushed out headstamps but not maker’s marks on the pistols. It’s obvious to see it on the pistol, once you know it’s there. Wouldn’t have noticed it without your post though.

      3. That’s what I meant. My mistake.

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  5. He shot a cop. Throw the book at him.

    1. Give him the book and let him throw it at himself.

  6. He should just change his name to Barney Fife.

    1. Barney only get’s one bullet. There is a Reason for that…

      1. It’s prudent practice when getting acquainted with the big Magnum revolvers too. Plenty of video evidence on the Inter Tubes of people inadvertently doubling things like .460 S&W. Sometimes with tragic results.

  7. Dammit, all you had to do is ask the sergeant for time off. Or call in with blue Covid.

  8. Self-inflicted wound? Klinger just wore a dress.

  9. I hope they catch the antifa terrorist that ambushed him.

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