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Louisiana School Threatens 9-Year-Old Boy with Expulsion for Having BB Gun During Virtual Class

"They’re applying on-campus rules to these children, even though they’re learning virtually in their own homes."


Ka'Mauri Harrison is a nine-year-old boy in Harvey, Louisiana. Earlier this month, he was taking a social studies test—during a virtual classroom session—when one of his younger siblings entered the room and knocked over an unloaded toy BB gun. Harrison picked up the fake weapon, which made it briefly visible on screen.

Readers can probably guess what happened next: The district, Jefferson Parish Schools, threatened Harrison with expulsion for having a lookalike weapon in class—as if his home is now an extension of the school. The Washington Post reports that the expulsion was later reduced to a six-day suspension.

"This is an injustice. It's a systemic failure," Chelsea Cusimano, the family's attorney, declared in a statement. "They're applying on-campus rules to these children, even though they're learning virtually in their own homes."

Schools have doled out similarly harsh punishments to other students who inadvertently violated policies that don't make any sense when applied to at-home instruction. Inflexibly taking a rules-are-rules approach to school discipline makes even less sense now than it did when kids were actually going to school. Dealing with Zoom-based learning is difficult enough; kids and parents shouldn't have to worry about what might appear in the background. It's an extra penalty on families that have more kids to deal with or less access to stress-reducing resources.

Note also the difficulty that Harrison's teacher had when she wanted to talk to him about the toy gun. She waved at him to get his attention, but he had the computer on mute because he was taking a test. By the time he could unmute, the video feed cut out. These are the struggles and impracticalities that thousands of children all over the country are dealing with—even in districts where the COVID-19 infection rates are low and in-person instruction could probably resume safely.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has taken an interest in Harrison's case and the broader issue of "blatant government overreach by the school system."

"I have begun investigating this matter and plan to take action in defense of this young man and his family and all families who could suffer the same invasion of their homes and constitutional rights," Landry announced.

That's good news. School districts need crystal-clear instructions from state authorities that they should not make life even more difficult for kids like Harrison.

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  1. Let’s hope this ends in a massive civil rights lawsuit.

      1. Love it. Public schools in this country are purveyors of stupidity and mass-hysteria.

        1. What do you expect when you have a bunch of sub-human, worthless, evil, vile, disgusting DEMOCRAT SCUM running the public school systems across this country. This is why every sorry, stinkin’, worthless piece of filth DEMOCRAT needs to be voted out of office at every level from local to federal!!! Get these anti-American filth out of our school systems and away from your kids. They’re as vile as any child molester!!!

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      2. You’ll shoot your BROTHER’S eye out!

        Get it right.

      3. “You’ll shoot your eye out!” No, but you might shoot out the camera on you computer, and that would be an even greater tragedy for in home schooling. The State needs to be able to monitor everyone all of the time, 24/7.

    1. It’s scary that official’s brains are so wittled down by authoritarianism that they don’t see the difference between their classroom and a kid’s bedroom. It’s not enough that they abuse it in the school proper, they have to intentionally attempt to extend it to other’s private domain as well? I’m starting to rethink why the kids are having so much trouble in schools nowadays. Maybe it’s more of a teacher problem than a student problem but the teachers are the only ones that are heard.

      1. Be careful there! This is NOT stupidity! It is a well-orchestrated plan to vilify guns to children and punish them out of wanting anything to do with them the rest of their lives! This is a coordinated attack against the 2nd Amendment. Attack them while their kids over their toy guns and make them afraid of what will happen if they ever own a real gun!! Not stupidity…AN ORCHESTRATED DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED ATTACK ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT THROUGH YOUR CHILDREN!!

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  2. “The district, Jefferson Pariah Schools…”

    Misprint, or irony?

    1. I would assume that was supposed to be “Jefferson Parrish Schools.” But let’s hope this little episode turns them into a pariah.

      1. If only we could make the Parrish perish. Ahhh, but I digress.

    2. Typo. Should be “Parish” – which is what Louisiana calls their counties.

      1. No, Parishes are what Louisiana has instead of counties.

        1. They’re geopolitical subdivisions akin to counties left over from the French before the Louisiana Purchase made it U.S. owned.

          1. There needs to be a law against Parishes. Quite Un-American. And might as well outlaw pariahs while they are at it.

            1. They could do a public outreach campaign. And have Pariah Carey sing the theme song.

  3. It’s almost as if we overreacted to a virus about as deadly as the flu and now we’re making people pay for that mistake.

  4. virtual expulsion.

      1. Melinda Dillon was the greatest movie mom of them all.

        1. She really was

      2. Love that movie. And she was right!

        “…a new study found that while the overall rate of injuries due to BB and paintball guns has dropped around half since 1990, the rate of eye injuries has risen by 30%.”

        1. We spend all our money on “cloth face coverings”, and have no money left for eye protection.

          1. My industrial strength face shield, which is about to be outlawed for COVID protection, begs to differ.

  5. If it ruins one child’s life it was worth it.

    1. Black children don’t need to have access to weapons of war!

      1. Maybe if they are selling their Adderall on the playground.

        1. When I went back to college to finish my degree, everyone I new for a fact was taking Adderall was white. Obviously just a personal anecdote, but interesting. And yes, I knew lots of non-white people in college as well. Even some Chinese and Indian international students. If they were on any drugs to help them in school, they certainly never mentioned it.

          Maybe white students are just more open about taking drugs to try and do better in class? No idea.

          1. My experience in an alt school was all the “students of color,” especially the Pacific Islanders, forced on to Adderall were selling it to white kids at a huge profit. Also obviously anecdote.

            1. Using the Waffen-SS as an anecdotal evidence, white people love amphetamines.

            2. This would actually explain why so few of them had a prescription for it.

  6. “toy BB gun. Harrison picked up the fake weapon”

    I’ve never heard of a “toy” BB gun. What does that even mean?

    I had both BB guns and pellet guns growing up and killed many a bird and squirrel before graduating to a .22 that did some real damage. But saying that a BB gun is a “fake” weapon is a bit of a stretch.

    1. I suppose that depends on if it’s pneumatic or spring powered.

      1. my handed-down Daisy top-loader from the 50s wouldn’t puncture the skin

        1. Exactly. That’s a toy, while a Crosman is a different story.

        2. But I bet it would shoot your eye out.

          1. neighborhood kids & I used to hunt each other running through the South Jersey pine forest … my buddy had a pump-action can’t remember if it was Crosman but whoever of us had his gun was limited to two pumps

            nobody shot their eye out.

      2. Yeah, spring powered could put your brother’s eye out, but that’s about it. Good luck trying to kill a crow with it. A proper pneumatic BB gun can do a bit of damage, however. Not like a .22, but can definitely rid the backyard of vermin and kill your brother if it hit the eye socket at the right angle.

    2. I don’t care if he had an AR-15 mounted the wall behind him artfully placed between a saber and a bazooka.

      This is the child’s home. They are allowed to have legal weapons in their home. There is precisely zero danger to any student. He did not threaten anyone. It was not even deliberately on camera.

      The only possible explanation is that the mere existence of the weapon on camera is traumatic for all the children to see and will cause permanent harm. As the history textbook contains numerous images of soldier wielding all forms of weapons, that is an absurd proposition.

  7. Huh, so you’re telling me that now that people who have children are living in schools that by extension their homes are now gun-free zones? And any neighbors home within, I don’t know, say 120 feet?


    Why didn’t the left think of this sooner? It’s like two birds with one stone! (Because you aren’t allowed to use a gun to kill birds, obviously.)

    1. Drug free zones as well; please discard all aspirin immediately.

      1. Guessing we shouldn’t hold our breath for the parents to be paid back by the state for essentially doing their jobs for them. I’m sure they’ll find some way to justify keeping your education tax dollars at the same level.

    2. No guns (or drugs) within 1,000 feet of any home with a child in public school.

    3. Are the students and teachers wearing masks in this virtual school?

  8. They don’t care about people. Every day we see more and more examples.

  9. What the fuck? Why can’t I post a link to Ron Paul suffering a stroke?

    1. The video is on BitChute, is that a banned site or something? When I try to post the link it just kicks me off of the comments and back to the main story.

        1. Is this real ?

          1. Yes, there are other outlets reporting it too.

            1. Don’t google “Ron Paul stroke” though, they’re not reporting it. Go to Bing and type in “Ron Paul stroke” and you’ll get a shitload of hits. Why the fuck is google doing this, censoring the news?

              1. Also don’t Google ‘Does Joe Biden have Dementia’ on Google. Weird, right?

                1. Damn, Google is all in on censoring the news, aren’t they?

                2. I’m not sure what you guys are talking about – I just checked and both those terms return tons of results.

                  1. Same here — didn’t see any (different) censoring on google. Both full of reports.

                  2. Just monkey’s flinging poo. They know no one will check so they just fling the poo.

              2. Bing? Try DuckDuckGo.

          2. Okay I guess I could’ve just looked it up before asking. Damn hope he’s alright.

            1. He seems good

              1. I mean, as good as anyone who just had a stroke can be at least

  10. Once again gun control Nazis prove how racist they are… We need to start using the lefts tricks against them. Point out how gun control laws hurt blacks the most.

    1. Doesn’t matter gun rites people have been pointing it out since the Civil War ended. The pros know they are racist, and they know nobody will call them out on it

      1. Except Trump. Did you see he laid out a major policy plan for blacks today (of course it is more government but appears to be aimed at aiding with starting businesses and getting training) while calling our Biden for not helping blacks and Democrats for just paying blacks lip service today?

        1. I did not see tjat

        2. I dunno. A major policy plan for blacks. What is that really.

          Not sure what each individual is asking for but I do not think it is a sandwich and a training program. It seems condescending.

          Then he is going to hand out $200 cards to seniors. Just awesome.

          A national health care plan which does not exist. He promised that four years ago. It did not exist then.

          There is an alternative to Trump and Biden. Her name is Jo Jorgensen and she is on the ballet in all 50 states.

  11. Heaven forbid those school administrators were to see my 11 year old’s nerf armory.

    1. My son’s got a bag a Nerfs like Neo.

    2. Always use a virtual background on zoom.

  12. Clearly this needs repeating.
    If you allow your child’s school district to evade the responsibility of properly education with in person classes, you need to be aware of the intrusive nature of spying school busybody Karens, aka teachers. Have your child use a cell phone if possible. Point the camera at the ceiling and lean over it so the only background is the plain ceiling. If possible, have on a ceiling light to place the face in shadow. Speak only if spoken to. Keep the microphone at your end on mute except when actively speaking. Never log in early and log out immediately.
    And vote Republican early and often.
    Remember, you have entered 1984, and the person on the other end of the communication is an agent of the state who does NOT have your best interest in mind.

  13. Look at that photo he is clearly a menace hell bent on destruction. He has an easy to conceal miniature wooden spear in one hand, and is shown looking at a silicon/plastic/metal based bludgeoning weapon. We know he is only planning destruction with items like that

  14. “They’re applying on-campus rules to these children, even though they’re learning virtually in their own homes.”

    If you think these are “on-campus” rules, you’re an idiot. These are the new rules for everybody, Big Brother is not a joke. Your social media is being monitored, it’s only a matter of time until you find out to what end. And you’re probably not going to like it.

  15. What?
    Not a single reference yet to 1984 cameras in every home?
    For shame.

    1. See Longtobefree’s 2:15 PM comment. He referenced 1984.

      Remember, 2 + 2 equals whatever the Party tells you it equals.

  16. “These rules are for the protection of our at-risk and disenfranchised youth and would never be used against them”, is totally something that was said when the policies were being drafted.

    Plus, in Louisiana, you probably need a BB gun to chase the gators out of the yard.

    1. I am sure that if you shot a gator with a BB gun, and he found out about it, he would eat you.

      1. If I could herd cows around a pasture as a 7-year old with a BB gun, I am pretty sure you can chase a gator away with one. Cows are literally made of leather.

        I did get in trouble for shooting the cows…

  17. I wish I had school-age kids. The background would be a wall of guns with my lawyer’s number posted under it.

    1. And then you would not have school age kids – – – – – – – – – –

    2. My son went to school one Halloween as a ghost and got accused of wearing a clan robe and calling a girl a nigger.

      When the principal interviewed him, he didn’t know the girl and had no idea what the word meant. The principal apologized to me and to my son. That is what should have happened here.

  18. I don’t understand why the DOE Civil Rights Division is not going after these schools. They don’t even have to win a case just having them give these schools a legal colonoscopy will scare the rest of them straight.

    1. You can’t say straight; it’s bigoted.

  19. This will happen when you vote for politicians to do things that you know are immoral if you do them.

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  21. Virtue signalling nannies gotta nannie and signal those virtues, ye know…. trouble is, WHOSE virtues are getting signalled?

    My Dad talks abuot his school days. Early on the kids in his family (he was the middle of ten) rode their horses to school, and each kid brought his schoolboks, lunch.. and their RIFLE. Yep. TO SCHOOL, daily. They’d lean them up against the back wall of the schoolroom, ant at recess and lunch they’d grab them, take them outside, ahd practise their shooting skills. They’d have contests to see who was the best shot. His little six year old sister made a lot of the older boys mad, cause SHE could shoot better tnah almost all of them. AT SIX!!! Teacher would most times be outside playing on the swings wiht the little girls.. the ones that wer’en’t trying to outshoot the bos, not paying any attention to the shooting matches. She knew they knew what was what. When Dad was fourteen the school bought a bus.. and since his family were the farthest out from the school in taht direction, HE was the bus driver. Yep. driving the school bus at fourteen. (at sixteen he started driving a commercial dump truck for the local gravel compamy after school, and weekends. Needed to make some pocket money. So whaddya think the kids did with their rifes now they weren’t riding their horses to school anymore? If yuo guessed that they just brought them on the bus, your head is screwed on straight. Tha’ts exactly what they did.

    And guess what.. NOT ONE of those kids ever shot anyone else, or got shot themselves, nor even broke any windows with their rifle bullets. One of Dad’s brothers became a sniper in the Pacific Theatre during the Second German War. He had learned well shooting agaisnt his little sister. And the other boys. I watched him do somelnog distance shooting when I was a teenager, out in the Nevada desert. He hit a designated patch of rock at just overa a mile distance with his 1903 Springfield sniper rifle.. the one he had brought back from the war. He had made a custom hunting stock for it. firing offhand, he hit that rock patch at just over a mile. HUGE puff of dusta couple ofl seconds after the muzzle blast.
    Kids wiht guns are not the problem. IRRESPONSIBLE kids with or without guns are the problem. Sounds like this young man is being responsible with his weapon. Nice to see with a nine year old young man.

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  23. Utah police would have riddled him with 2 clips of warning shots.

  24. Do you have a warrant that describes with particularity the crime of which anyone in this house is accused?

  25. This is your daily reminder that the “system” is ran by democrats, their donors and assorted left wing lunatics.

    Schools (duh), banks, tech, Wall Street, fashion, sports, social media. That’s just at the top of my head.

    So if you really think there’s systemic racism going on in this country, stop voting democrats.

  26. In other words working and studying at home are eliminating privacy. There’s no place left to relax and be yourself….

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