100 Supreme Court Justices Everyone Should Know

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After all the Court packing, Randy and I will have to write a book about the current members of the Court: 100 Supreme Court Justices Everyone Should Know.

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  1. Nah, 99 or 101; gots to be an odd number.

    1. Some Justices, such as Ginsburg, are not worthy of the ink used to print his book.

  2. That’s a joke meaning that you expect Biden to win and the Ds to flip the Senate, then go about greatly expanding the number of Justices beyond the present 9? Or I misunderstand your mention of court “packing”? (To 100?)

    Care to make any other predictions of what may happen if we have regime change? For example, how many pardons will Trump hand out and to whom? How will Trump go about pardoning himself or arrange for Pence to do it in the manner of Gerald Ford, in order to avoid federal prosecutions for his federal crimes? Any way he can help himself as far as possible state prosecutions and civil liability? Any further extralegal measures to rig the upcoming elections beyond those already coming into view?

  3. I’d tell you not to quit your day job, but you’re not amazing at that either.

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