20,000 Copies Sold of "An Introduction to Constitutional Law": 16,779 Paperbacks and 3,460 E-Books

Randy and I are humbled, and honored that so many people have learned about the Constitution from our book.

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An Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know was released one year ago. Randy and I launched the book at Georgetown University Law Center on, fittingly, Constitution Day. We are proud to report that we have sold 16,779 paperback copies, 10,431 of which were sold on Amazon. We also sold 3,460 copies of the ebook on Kindle. These numbers are humbling. Truly.

Last summer, our publisher printed a first run of 2,000 copies, which they expected would last for the first year or so. We sold out every copy before the book was even released. Throughout the past year, the book was consistently out of stock on Amazon. At one point, after Randy's appearance on the Mark Levin show, we spiked to #4 on the Amazon best-seller list. We were behind Elmo and ahead of Jessica Simpson.

Over the summer, our book was consistently the second-best-selling constitutional law casebook, right behind Dean Chemerinsky's popular casebook.

And our book has (as of today) 359 ratings, 84% of which are five-star. (We received a two one-star ratings, which complained about Kindle formatting).

Our book has been adopted at all levels of education: law school, graduate, undergraduate classes, high school, and home schools. Countless teachers have told me how valuable this resource has been for the flipped classroom during the pandemic. Many of our readers are not in school at all, but find constitutional law worthy of study. We are truly and profoundly honored so many people are learning constitutional law from our book.

And we're just getting started. We are working on an expanded second edition of the book. We will add coverage of areas that we omitted from the first edition, including Criminal Procedure, Voting Rights, and others. We are also developing a video series on Slavery and the Constitution–a very timely topic. We hope the book and expanded video library will be available in 2022. There is so much more to come.

Last summer I told Randy our book would sell a million copies over its lifetime. He didn't believe me. I'm sticking with my prediction.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Will order one today for our homeschool. Will be a good follow up to the Land of Hope book/video series on U.S. history that we are doing, which is excellent. (I’d recommend Land of Hope for anyone looking for a fair and evenhanded U.S. history book for middle or high school. There’s an accompanying video series that is a great resource. I’m a big fan of pairing video with textbook learning. Or watching HBO’s John Adams miniseries and Ken Burns’ The Civil War with the kids when we get to those eras/events in our history class.)

    1. After you watch the Ken Burns material, move on to the “Pillows and Blankets” episode of Community, now available on Netflix.

    2. Land of Hope is terrible. It almost completely ignores anything uncomfortable in US history, such as the Indian wars, Reconstruction, and Jim Crow; memory says the entire period between the Civil War and World War I only merited a couple of paragraphs, but if my memory is exaggerating, it’s not by much. I eventually gave up after that. Hagiography came to mind.

  2. Congrats! Loved Randy’s interview clip on Levin.

  3. Now if only our Representatives would buy a copy and read it…

    …as opposed to the little copy of the Constitution they carry in their breast pocket to pull out as a prop during press interviews. Pretty clear they’ve not read that, either.

    1. Call me when they’re clearing out crowds so they can have a photo op holding up their little pocket Constitutions upside-down.

  4. Josh looks like that generic white guy who works in every office all around the United States who wants you to come over for a BBQ on a random Saturday or grab a beer at 5pm.

    1. Your description sounds like a pretty cool dude. BBQ and beers? I’m there.

  5. How fitting that “Constitutional Law For Clingers” omitted voting rights.

    1. Some “nice folks” are still getting over the fact that black people can vote.

  6. “Randy and I are humbled”

    To self: Fight it, fight it, fight it….

    I don’t want to be a dick, but you’re not making it easy.

  7. How many bought the paperback so it can appear on their bookshelf background while on Zoom?

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