Take My Likeness Out to the Ball Game

Baseball teams are finding unusual ways to make up for lost revenue.


As of late July, Major League Baseball was doing its best to make lemonade out of COVID-19 lemons. When teams determined they couldn't host actual fans in their stadiums, many of them decided to sell seats to be adorned with a life-size cardboard cutout bearing a fan's photo. The seats range in price from $25 to over $200, depending on location. Of course, these sales won't replace lost gate or concessions revenue, but every bit of commerce—and baseball—helps.

CLARIFICATION: Many teams, including the Dodgers, are donating the proceeds of their stadium cutout sales to charity.

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  1. I really like watching the team mascots trying to get a wave started

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  3. It’s always a pleasure for who have been play for american baseball, congratulations bro.

    1. Seems like the link to the scam site got dropped. Squirrels sometimes help out.

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  5. “teams… sell seats to be adorned with a life-size cardboard cutout bearing a fan’s photo. The seats range in price from $25 to over $200”

    Well good for them I suppose.
    Their fans must be total idiots though.

    1. They still had money to burn after paying extra for customized license plates.

      1. $25 isn’t all that much for it. I’d consider it.

        1. If I’m paying to have my cardboard cutout go to the game, I’m at least going for the front row so it shows up on TV.

        2. I checked the Dodgers since they’re in the photo.
          Their cutouts are for charity.
          I could see paying to have my cats at the stadium for charity.

    2. I knew a guy who paid to have a Boston Celtics logo painted on his driveway. Yes, some fans are total idiots.

    3. I had the idea that they should take down the netting and let the cardboard cutouts get taken out by foul balls. That would liven up the TV product. Then if your fan cutout gets taken out, they send you a signed baseball.

      Not a great purchase, but it’s a way to let the fans interact with the game a bit.

  6. More concerning is the cardboard cutout ball players making $2-3 + million per year who can’t seem to hit their weight with runners in scoring position.

    1. It doesn’t concern me at all.

    2. It’s a semi free market. At least the owners and players arrived at it through negotiations. Baseball pays minor leaguers a sub-subsistence wage, then keeps them locked up at the lucrative (550K a year) but sub-market minimum major league salary for as long as they can, before allowing open bidding. Players who are good enough and persistent enough to make it to the big leagues eventually stick it to the teams in revenge, signing long term guaranteed deals that pay them handsomely, long after their skills have eroded.

      If baseball (and other sports) did away with the draft and let players and their agents move freely to the highest bidder, the best players would make far more far earlier, and the marginal players wouldn’t make as much.

      1. If the minimum MLB salary is sub-market, players are free to take their talents onto the non-MLB market. The only reason their skills (ability to hit/pitch/field) have any value is because of the existence of professional sports leagues (primarily MLB). And a reason MLB has become as big as it is (with the ability to pay big salaries) is because, over the course of a century or more, the teams have built up a brand by, among other things, having rules (like the draft and a collectively-bargained salary structure) that allow for a certain degree of competitiveness among the teams.

  7. How about replacing the actual presidential candidates with life-size cardboard cutouts bearing their photos?

    1. Would anybody notice?


    1. Some actually do – – – – – –

  9. Give free passes to Antifa and BLM. It’s been proven time and time again that rioting and looting won’t spread the Wuflu.

  10. How many of those cut-outs are transgendered? Better be the proper amount.

  11. I spotted the cardboard Deidre Hall on a Dodger broadcast.

    1. that’s Mary Hart dude.

  12. Diversity and Inclusion for cut outs. Cut Outs Lives Matter


  14. What’s funny is when a foul ball heads to the stands, and none of them try to catch it.

  15. The cardboard cutouts should be wearing masks so it’s more realistic. They also need versions where people get smashed in the face and spray blood everywhere.

  16. Would my likeness get peanuts and Crackerjacks?

    Can I sue if my likeness is beaned by a game ball?

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  19. oh it’s cute for $50 maybe we can see our faces on tv at the games and who knows maybe if a homer hits us we’ll “get the ball” … hurl.

  20. How much they charge to create the cardboard cut out? You could dress up as a ji hadi terr orist or you could choose an historical figure from the past like Caesar, Napoleon or Hi tler.

  21. Do they reposition the cardboard cutouts into the aisles in the 8th and 9th inning during a blowout win or loss?

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