CDC Data Confirm That Young People Face a Negligible Risk of Dying From COVID-19

The risk for the elderly is much higher, probably largely because of preexisting medical conditions.


The latest data on COVID-19 cases and fatalities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirm that young people face a negligible risk of dying from the disease, while people 65 and older face a much higher risk. Patients 65 or older account for about 16 percent of confirmed cases but four-fifths of COVID-19 deaths.

The crude case fatality rate indicated by the CDC's numbers (deaths divided by confirmed cases) is about 0.25 percent for patients younger than 50 and nearly 16 percent—63 times higher—for patients older than 64. While the overall crude CFR is 3 percent, the rates among adults range from 0.07 percent for patients in their late teens and 20s to 29 percent for patients 85 or older—more than 400 times higher. (The fatality rates are even lower among minors: 0.04 percent for children 4 or younger and 0.02 percent for 5-to-17-year-olds.)

Because these calculations include only confirmed cases, the percentages are higher than the fatality rates among all Americans infected by the COVID-19 virus, many of whom never seek testing because their symptoms are mild or nonexistent. Judging from the CDC's antibody studies, the infection fatality rate varies widely from one part of the country to another—from 0.1 percent in Utah to 1.4 percent in Connecticut, for example.

The nationwide infection fatality rate remains unclear, since it depends on how many infections have been undetected. The CDC's current "best estimate," based on studies from around the world, is 0.65 percent, more than twice as high as its implied estimate in May. Since the CDC's antibody research suggests the ratio of total infections to confirmed cases is something like 10 to 1, the earlier estimate may prove closer to the mark.

The strong correlation between age and fatality risk is probably largely a function of preexisting medical conditions, which are more common among older Americans. As of August 22, the CDC reports, 94 percent of COVID-19 fatalities involved "additional conditions or causes"—2.6 on average. Aside from conditions, such as pneumonia and respiratory failure, that may have been caused by COVID-19, the most common comorbidities were circulatory diseases. Hypertension, for example, was noted in more than a fifth of the cases. Diabetes was mentioned 16 percent of the time.

The CDC considers diabetes a risk factor for severe COVID-19, and it lists hypertension as a possible risk factor. Other risk factors mentioned by the CDC include kidney disease, which was noted in 8.5 percent of the deaths; heart failure (6.5 percent); cancer (4.6 percent); and obesity (3.5 percent).

These data reinforce the point that COVID-19 (unlike, say, the "Spanish flu" of 1918) is mainly a threat to the elderly and people with serious preexisting conditions—two groups that overlap a lot. The policy implications depend on which approach to protecting those vulnerable groups makes more sense: broad restrictions that seek to reduce the spread of the virus and thereby make it less likely that high-risk individuals will encounter carriers, or narrower safeguards that aim to shield those individuals until a vaccine or natural herd immunity reduces the danger to a tolerable level.

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  1. "narrower safeguards that aim to shield those individuals until a vaccine or natural herd immunity reduces the danger to a tolerable level."


    1. Which should consist of, at most, providing aid to vulnerable populations to help keep themselves isolated IF THEY SO CHOOSE. I agree that there is no logic to putting any effort whatsoever into protecting anyone but the old and sick; however, it is no less evil to lock granny in her house (or the home), or make her mask up, even if granny is in fact at statistically real risk should she contract covid.

      1. Ah, more people justifying why they should be able to go out and spread a disease, just because it likely won't kill them. Heck, peeps, herpes won't kill you either. Have at it.

        1. Well I'm glad you know what's best for them.

          If you asked them, they'd might disagree with you, but hey it's for the best.
          I know I'm glad my bettors have determined that I can't visit my terminally ill loved ones who aren't likely to see the end of the year. It'd be a shame for them to have contact and possibly get sick and die before they die.

        2. If you're so bothered by the spread of nonlethal diseases, why do you spread ignorance?

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          2. Ignorance can be lethal.

            1. As can stupidity.

        3. The number of depressed old people in nursing homes has grown apace as the ones that have caring loved ones that visit frequently have been isolated from those same.

          To isolate anyone against their will is akin to putting them in solitary confinement.

          Why do you hate old people?

        4. "Ah, more people justifying why they should be able to go out and spread a disease, just because it likely won’t kill them. Heck, peeps, herpes won’t kill you either. Have at it."

          "For the childrunz!", right? Or "if it saves just one life!", slaver?

        5. As a doctor, wearing a mask protects others, not yourself. So not wearing a mask endangers people who are vulnerable.

          But you knew that.

          1. As a doctor, you know every study on mask usage for viruses has shown no evidence for protecting the wearer or others until April of this year when WHO and CDC changed course off of very shoddy studies. As a doctor you know Sweden and Denmark have now both released papers on the literature showing there is no strong correlation of mask usage and transmission rates for viruses, matching the last few decades of research on it.

            1. So masks prevent, to some extent, doctors from getting your germs and you from getting theirs. Is that correct?

              1. Did you have a point? Please state it.

          2. Of course we knew doctors wear masks. We don’t want their germs and I’m sure they don’t want ours when we are their patients on the operating table.

            So what brings you to these parts, doc? Just a little virtue signaling this evening after a long hard day of sucking Fauci’s dick?

          3. But doctors didn't wear masks all the time. In fact, I never saw a doctor wear a mask before this spring unless they were performing surgery or had a dental hook in someone's mouth.

            Oh, also, using cute lines like "But you knew that" when you engage in willful memory holing of how the world used to work is astounding.

        6. What about peanuts? Due to paranoia and compulsive nannyism, we now have some percentage of people who have (or think they have) a chance of getting ill from exposure to peanuts. And some small fraction of a percent who might die.

          So let's all lock down, institute a national peanut ban, and then start worrying about the next paranoid thing. Meanwhile, PB and J can become a foodie tourist thing in Sweden--because they don't care.

          1. And let's not get started on gluten. At restaurants, I like to make it a point to ask for extra gluten.

            1. I love extra gluten!

        7. I always thought the percentage of people that are assholes is around the Lizardman's Constant. This pandemic has shown me how wrong I was. Now I think the asshole percentage is more like 10%, and might even be as high as 15%. Studies have linked non-compliance with social distancing and wearing masks with the dark triad of personality traits.

          1. Here’s a thought - don’t leave your quarantine if you don’t want to get near any assholes, psychos, or people with the sniffles.

            Also, good to see you’re coming to terms with the frequency of “how wrong you are” nowadays.

            Stay the fuck home and get something right for once.

          2. You want the government to force people to do something that MIGHT have positive results, and we’re all the assholes?

          3. Chipper Morning Wood---------------------
            August.31.2020 at 8:21 pm

            I've know for years that CMW is as asshole, and incapable of rational thought.
            Fuck off, you pathetic piece of shit.

        8. "Available evidence from contact tracing reported by countries suggests that asymptomatically infected individuals are much less likely to transmit the virus than those who develop symptoms."

        9. It’s people like you that create concentration camps: to protect lives and society.

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  2. Those risk factors narrow it down to about 40% the population.
    "The percentage of U.S. adults with high blood pressure jumped from 32 percent under the old definition to nearly 46 percent"
    "More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to a new report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report finds that as of 2015, 30.3 million Americans – 9.4 percent of the U.S. population –have diabetes"
    "The U.S. Obesity Rate Now Tops 40%"

    1. Good thing we shut gyms down.

      1. Shockingly, one can keep in great shape at home, without any special equipment. Even more shockingly, diet is more important than exercise.

        1. So when do you advocate state mandated diets like you do covid restrictions?

          1. As soon as Michelle Obama is president?

          2. If we vote for him, he promises a gym in every home!

        2. Personally I prefer the gym.

        3. "Shockingly, one can keep in great shape at home, without any special equipment. Even more shockingly, diet is more important than exercise."

          Shove it up your ass, lefty scum.

        4. Shockingly, millions of people die every year from preventable causes that are the result of their lifestyle choices. We can hardly wait until totalitarians like you take on that issue too!

      2. The virus isn’t killing us, It’s the ever increasing rates of diabetes and high blood pressure.

        1. Indeed. I agree with your take (diabetes and high blood pressure are the killers). Whether a death is "caused by" COVID-19 or by some other comorbidity is a philosophical question, answerable best by such as King Solomon, or God.
          I'm 75 years old and am not afraid of the virus (no comorbidities that I know of). Maybe I'll find out otherwise, if I'm infected.

        2. Don’t forget the other 17 lockdown-free causes of death that kill us more than Covid.

  3. Interesting read about pcr testing and positive reporting thresholds.

    1. It's almost like they've been trying to find as many cases as possible!

    2. Early in April, I read an article about the guy who invented PCR testing. He said it should not be used for clinical testing.

    3. Everyone should read that article. It's remarkable to imagine what may be constituting "new cases"

      As a side note, I am very curious as to how many people, after being tested, believe that they have a chronic disease.

  4. Promoting outlandish claims now are you?

    1. Indeed.

  5. Patients 65 or older account for about 16 percent of confirmed cases but four-fifths of COVID-19 deaths.

    The surgeon general took the last fifth of COVID-19 and put it in his wine cellar, in the hopes that it will age nicely.

    1. This is shit the commentariot was yelling at Bailey with since March.

      1. Yeah, my response when I saw the title was: Didn’t we already know this months ago, almost right from the beginning?

        1. Didn’t we already know this months ago, almost right from the beginning?

          Yes we did... Six... Fucking... Months... Ago... We knew that "the coof" had a ~20% infection rate ceiling and an IFR <1%.

          But that isn't enough to force a complete restructuring of society (Who's gonna pay for it? Don't know!) so we had to follow the advice of a 14 year-old's science project and shut everything down.

          Because SCIENCE!!!*

          *P.S. - science isn't what you think it is and doesn't give half a shit what you think/feel/believe

          1. @Rmac - not "you" in that last bit, but rather ""you"" by which I mean """them"""...

            Fuck... I need another drink...

  6. This is leaking out about 2 months too soon.

  7. Clearly the cdc just wants young people to die

  8. I hear the risk of death drops to 0% if you say "black lives matter"

    1. No, dummy. That only stops transmissions and contagion. And you have to take part in an active protest; you can't just say it. Geez, do you even science?

      1. science is a verb ?

        1. Yes... and so is 'Will'.

      2. Does the protest have to be mostly peaceful? Is a burnt offering enough or does the Rona require a blood sacrifice?

        1. To be sure, we should get some BLM t-shirts and burn down a Family Dollar. When we run away, we should trip and skin our knees badly enough that they bleed, screaming "No Justice No Peace" the whole time. Then we click the heels of our combat boots three times and say "Orange Man Bad."

          1. that was pretty funny. Touche.

      3. You said "science". You win. Discussion over.

        1. Hey alright! I didn't even pull out the big guns and say the word 'consensus'.

    2. 1. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, they torched an autodealership with a black lives matters sign.

      2. There is no such thing as zero risk of death. All things that live, die. It's just a question of when and how.

      1. I plan on being immortal.... So far so good
        -Steven wright

        1. LOL. Thanks.

        2. I'm just planning on living to about 100. After that, all you're friends and relatives are dead and you have no one left to brag to, just for fun, about how long you lived. What fun is it to tell some young snotty kid that you you made it to 100? They all think that they're immortal -- when they're young -- and that they will live forever.

          If you want to live for a long time, drink moderately, and find a really good bar where you can socialize with other old farts.

      2. What?!?!? Every true believer knows that devout behavior guaranties salvation--which for the current crop of socialists must mean eternal commune life.

  9. So it’s the flu. Like we’ve been saying. Fuck masks and fuck politics.

    (I still wear a mask because I want to fit in).

    1. i still wear a mask because I am hideously ugly and my wife insists.

      1. Yeah, but has a woman ever called you a double bag and said it may also take a 30 pack?

    2. masks help prevent your from spreading Covid while doing little to protect you.

      1. You're a terrible fake doctor.

      2. What if you don't have covid?

        1. Then they reduce the chance of infection to almost zero.

  10. Next you'll us that water is wet.

    1. *tell us*


  11. Oh so now all the sudden it's no longer about keeping the COVID-19 deaths to absolute zero. Suddenly it's about acceptable risks. Monsters.

  12. "from the March 2020 issue of Reason Magazine ..."

  13. Almost certainly if you were to measure by years of life lost then driving under the age of 21 or heroin overdoses have caused more loss of life this year

  14. So similar to the flu then.

  15. And the ' no shit award goes to'.....

  16. Hasn't this been widely known? One of the common retorts to those of us that opposed the lockdowns was "Do you want to kill your grandmother?"

    1. my grandmother died in 1958.

      1. But do ever wish you could have?

  17. Maybe kids and healthy young adults should not have spent the summer hiding from this virus, and instead got infected while they could safely stay home and recuperate? Rather than getting it now and spreading it to their old and decrepit teachers.

    Gee, if only somebody had thought of this sooner.

    1. no, killing those old decrepit union-organizing teachers will finally pave the way for universal school vouchers

    2. Not only that, IF we thought that people were going to get sick when we lifted lockdowns, there was NO BETTER TIME for that to happen than in May, when everybody was ready for a huge covid surge.

      Soon it will be flu season, and the at-risk will NEED to be at the hospital. Dragging our curve to flu season would be the stupidest thing we could do, so of course that's our goal in WA. 5+ months locked down with no end in sight.

    3. Tony will be along shortly to call you a monster.

  18. Almost all the young-ish people they show on TV who died of COVID are also obese. Yet the lockdowns only create more of such people (since people will tend to hoard and binge, and not go to the gym or get exercise). Yes this was the cynical strategy all along: so we would get hit even harder in the second wave. The lockdowns caused far more harm (health-wise and financially) than they helped. Fortunately people became wise to it and snuck out to covid parties. I suspect we are closer to herd immunity than people realize.

    Arguing online with the covidiots showed that they were angry progressives whose agenda was medicare for all and other socialist nonsense (nothing to do with public health). They despise capitalists and conservatives and Trump supporters and religious Christians with a passion. But this actually helps explain the mortality of the virus - remember that many of these people have elderly & obese relatives. But it also explains why the mortality is going down - the vulnerable now know to scatter when a liberal approaches.

    1. We are close to herd immunity because ~50% of people are functionally immune due to T-cell mediated cross-immunity from previous exposure to other Coronaviruses... The rest of what you say is of course true, but it's only applicable to half of the people we were told it would apply to.

  19. Which is better? Isolating a huge population of healthy people, who must get close to the virus before it will go away, or protecting the vulnerable effectively. Number 2, I think.

    1. #2. It's established, sound science. The former was retarded.

      I'm reading college students have to be tested twice a week!


      This damn scam has to come to an end already. Yes, SCAM.

      Now Massachusetts just made flu shots mandatory. 40 years nothing. All of a sudden with no public hearings they announce it.

      If people don't start screaming soon these sons of bitches in power are going to continue to leverage the scam into more power.


      1. On behalf of all retards, we had NOTHING to do with option one. Even we knew option one was retarded and option two was the best approach. After all, we are experts.

        PS We also disavow Joe Biden.

      2. Wonder how many kids will die of an adverse reaction to a flu shot? Probably just throw the numbers on the Rona heap and cry havoc.

      3. Don't get too uptight about that it's not like mandatory flu vaccines is going to lead to a justification of eugenics... Oh wait

  20. So the teacher unions are right; no way at all to open schools this fall. We have to pay them for another year of not working.

    1. Those teachers should be fired.

      Start from scratch.

      Pussies. Especially the men. Any teacher still screaming 'kids will give me Covid and I will kill granny' should have the decency to stay home or change job.

      What they're doing to kids is child abuse because they're little bitches these adults.

  21. We knew this in late February. I love how the "leaders" need to pretend like we haven't learned anything since then. The truth is we knew everything that we needed to know by March 1.

    Three weeks later, Cuomo ordered covid patients into nursing homes.

    1. Diamond Princess.

      The thing about Cuomo, Whitmore and even Australia recently that's inexcusable is we KNEW from Italy and Spain to isolate the old and vulnerable but they didn't.

      They have to be investigated. Why didn't they?

      1. The won't be investigated. An investigation would mean the powers that be admitting they were wrong. It will never happen.

      2. Our Fraulein Fuehrer's name is Gretchen Whitmer. A good German name. Get it right or it's the box cars for ya.

      3. Diamond Princess

        John Ioannidis is *literally* the only doctor we should have been listening to for the last six months.

  22. O....k.

    Didn't we already know this?

    Wuhan likely won't kill you (sorry outliers!). But wear a mask anyway.

    1. Or... If you're in a vulnerable category, be cautious...

      Why is YOUR safety suddenly MY responsibility?

  23. Since the CDC's antibody research suggests the ratio of total infections to confirmed cases is something like 10 to 1, the earlier estimate may prove closer to the mark.

    This isn't true now. Their antibody research was conducted in late March and April - before testing ramped up beyond ER/ICU admissions and while the antibody tests were still being tested for their false positive rates.

    They haven't publicly released any antibody results since early May and I have no idea whether they are even gathering those test results now. But expanding the testing so they could play catch-up and the antibody tests reducing their false positives both mean that ratio drops a lot.

    Idk know the current ratio - but simply repeating the same number from April does not make it truer over time. It just means its repeated more often.

    1. But on the other hand, not long ago, there were breathless reports that COVID immunity would only last for two to three months after infection because antibody tests were finding that antibodies were going away after that long. Then other scientists were saying that that's the way it's supposed to work, and that t-cells and the body's memory of the infection would ramp up the immune system of someone who had already been exposed to fight off the virus even after that two to three month period.

      The takeaway there, it seems to me, is that antibody tests are now virtually useless in determining how many people have been exposed, since an exposure which may grant immunity may not show up in testing if it happened over three months ago. Bottom line, the more we find out, the less we seem to know.

      1. The t-cell research stuff is certainly interesting. But like pretty much everything, the research on that is happening overseas. We just seem to be chanting USA #1 so that we can cherry-pick the best data points as our projections

        1. I'm glad to see that at least one other person - aside from myself - has nothing of value to add to the conversation.

  24. "The CDC's current "best estimate," based on studies from around the world, is 0.65 percent, more than twice as high as its implied estimate in May. Since the CDC's antibody research suggests the ratio of total infections to confirmed cases is something like 10 to 1, the earlier estimate may prove closer to the mark."

    "Closer to the mark"? You're saying that both estimates are wild, crazy, high and that the truth is more like .13%.

  25. This article indicates that covid-19 does significant harm to young people even if they don't have noticeable symptoms. Just because young people don't die immediately doesn't mean it is OK for them to get the virus.

    1. "...And for the rest of us? Wear a mask, social distance, avoid large gatherings, and spend more time in the great outdoors. I would echo the advice of J.N.: “Be careful. Just don’t get the virus in the beginning.” As of today, it’s still the best defense we’ve got."

      Stay afraid.

      So for how long? Indefinitely?


      I'm going to live my life. I'm pushing 50. I've lost six already as it is.

      If I get it, I bloody get it.

      1. lost six months.

      2. You’ll be singing a different tune when you have a tube shoved down your throat. Keep your germs off children. Is that too much to ask?

    2. Not just that. Strokes seem to be occurring more often. If a Red Sox pitcher (very healthy athlete) can get myocarditis from the covid infection, then presumably others are getting that too. Young hearts are usually healthy enough to recover before there's a risk of heart attack - but even a slight amount of permanent damage in the left ventricle (presumably the area that would be damaged by reduced oxygen to lungs) can increase the probability of blood clots

      1. Hey. Chicken little is back with his " I heard this on the news " medical advisement.

        Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). Exactly how many people are affected is hard to know because it often has no symptoms.

        Many people who get myocarditis are otherwise healthy. Many things can lead to it. The best ways to prevent it are to treat infections quickly and stop them from happening.

        Viral infection is the most common cause of myocarditis.

        1. Chicken little is back with his ” I heard this on the news ” medical advisement.

          haha. Says a clown who's been touting the medical advice of Dr Trump.
          I'll take Mayo Clinic over Webmd (who merely plays doctor on the internet) or your GP Dr Trump.

          Severe myocarditis weakens your heart so that the rest of your body doesn't get enough blood. Clots can form in your heart, leading to a stroke or heart attack.

          1. Why did you not quote this part?

            A viral infection usually causes myocarditis

            Oh. It says the same thing WebMD said.

            So you're full of ignorant shit?

            1. What is your point? You specifically mentioned that myocarditis is irrelevant

              1. Wait. You pretend to be educated and can't understand the point?

                Myocarditis is a condition common to virtually all viral infections. It is not correlated to the health prior to infection. It happens many times a year.

                You quote a single, formally healthy person as getting it as if it was novel to Covid when instead it was just a common statistical chance for any viral condition.

                Just because you were ignorant to the issue prior to Covid it doesn't mean Covid is responsible.

                1. Myocarditis is a condition common to virtually all viral infections.

                  Horseshit. It may be caused by viral infections but that does not even remotely mean that 'virtually all' viral infections result in it. Otherwise, we would be seeing millions of myocarditis cases every year because millions of folks get the flu or cold every year.

      2. Oh shit. This happens with the flu too. SHUT IT ALL DOWN.

        1. Keerist. Even your link points out the problem. Thus, myocarditis is likely to be a terminal complication of pandemic influenza infection.

          IOW - not everyone gets it - but those who do get it from a virus in pandemic stage have some serious problems in the longer-term. The pandemic stage of a virus is precisely when there's a higher risk of an overly strong cytokine/tcell response.

      3. Or this. Neurological complications of the disease.

        1. 10 hospitalized patients with confirmed coronavirus


        2. And apparently one of the things that study is concluding is that the myocarditis resulting in rapid stroke is caused by an overactive T-cell response. Which is likely to be stronger in younger healthier populations. Even if the risk of stroke develops over a long time rather than in a couple months.

      4. Do you know what, you know, FRICKEN OUTLIERS MEAN?

        If you're going to look at all the possible complications that come with diseases you really need to stay home.

        And doctors who just look at this and tell us to mask up can go pant shit on a potty.

        1. It isn't an outlier. Virtually all viral infections cause it. JFree is just ignorant and fell for the media fear mongering.

          The health of someone prior to infection has no correlation to the risk of complication from Myocarditis. Which is why I knew JFree was taken in.

          1. Just ask yourself WWHHD. What would Howard Hugh's do

      5. Lots of diseases have long-term side effects, including the flu.

        "A number of studies have linked influenza to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and scientists have theorized that the inflammatory response triggered by the flu can fuel the development of atherosclerosis, a contributor to heart and artery disease. In a study published this year in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Canadian researchers found that the risk of having a heart attack was six times higher during the week after being diagnosed with the flu, compared to the year before or after a flu infection.

        The flu can also do a number on the immune system, which can leave people vulnerable to other illnesses and infections—like pneumonia, for example. And while pneumonia is often referred to as a complication of the flu, it’s also not unusual for a person to come down with it once their initial flu symptoms have passed.

        “It happens quite often,” says Sharon Nachman, MD, chief of the division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. “People feel poorly, then they start to feel better, and all of a sudden they feel poorly again and they wonder why they’re not getting better. And actually it’s because you don’t still have the flu; you have a new, secondary infection.”

        After most viral illnesses, your white blood cell count is going to be low,” she says. Other measurements, like cholesterol levels, could also be outside of their normal ranges. If you’re scheduled for any routine testing after a bout with the flu, be sure to mention it to your doctor so he or she knows that it could be a factor in your results.

        For elderly patients, getting the flu could be the first step in a continual downward spiral when it comes to their health and their ability to take care of themselves. Not only do older adults face a higher risk of serious complications and death while they have the flu, but they’re also at greater risk of a reduced quality of life afterward, says Dr. Schaffner.

        These post-flu risks may not be as well known or as well publicized as the more obvious symptoms and immediate complications of influenza itself. But they should serve as even more reason to get vaccinated, say the experts we spoke with, and to hopefully prevent getting infected in the first place. “It makes flu an even nastier virus than we thought,” says Dr. Schaffner, “and we thought it was plenty nasty already, even without these lasting effects.”

    3. Your reply and article reference is an oversimplification and a bit of fear mongering. There are a substantial number tens of thousands) of young folks walking around with pre-existing heart conditions and have no clue. There has been a significant increase in heart attacks in the 20-40 yr age groups.
      There are well over a dozen non covid causes of Myocarditis and should one have Myocarditis and contract covid then that's a more complicated problem. Details matter. Specifically, the rising factual incidence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. in the younger aged populations.

      1. For fucks sake. The problem isn't existing myocarditis complicating a covid case. It's covid CAUSING myocarditis.

        And from that article a link from a German study written up in JAMA - A German study found that 78 percent of recovered COVID-19 patients, the majority of whom had only mild to moderate symptoms, demonstrated cardiac involvement more than two months after their initial diagnoses. Six in 10 were found to have persistent myocardial inflammation. If you think that is the pre-covid estimate of myocarditis in the population - in Germany -that's just dumb.

        1. All viruses can cause it you raging ignorant fuckwit. Even your own link says it.

        2. By the way, from the site you refused to link...

          Essentially, the new research establishes a link between COVID-19 and myocarditis, or inflammation in the heart caused by viral infection, but a relatively weak one, Daniel Cantillon, MD, a cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic, tells Health.

          1. There is nothing from that actual doctor that disputes what I'm saying. He makes a general claim about myocarditis - which is all find and dandy but not a reason to go out and get MORE of it in the population as you seem to prefer.

            And more specifically - in one of his quotes - “This is a sobering reminder that the pandemic is likely going to have a long tail in terms of public health implications". This is EXACTLY the potential problem with younger infected. There is no long tail AT ALL with older folks because they DIE already. Younger folks don't die - but they develop conditions that real doctors (as opposed to R doctors who specialize in electionology) see problems with down the road.

            1. Keep digging chicken little. Keep digging.

        3. More from your link chicken little.

          According to Dr. Cantillon, myocarditis sounds a lot more severe than it usually is. In fact, many viruses have been linked to myocarditis, and most people who develop the condition continue to be fully functioning, Dr. Cantillon says—that includes working full-time and exercising. Myocarditis resulting from causes other than COVID-19 has been linked to arrhythmias (which occur when a patient has an irregular heartbeat) that can be life-threatening; however, “that is extremely rare,” Dr. Cantillon adds. Most patients who have myocarditis “have a very good quality of life.”

          1. There's a huge difference between the number mentioned above of 200k cases of myocarditis per year (I assume only severe cases) - and what is going to be tens of millions of cases that develop as the population develops your beloved herd immunity. Even if the vast VAST majority of those DON'T get a thrombo blood clot stroke problem in the next year - and of course they won't - it clearly raises future cases of those.

            1. So you completely ignored the actual article and are focused on your unfounded assumptions. God youre a sad person.

              Hint... myocarditis is rarely looked for on the vast majority of patients who get an infection. Single specific studies on one infection can not be compared to general population statistics for infections. Why is it rarely looked for? Read the fucking quote I just took from the article you didnt link to for "some reason." In general it isn't a fucking issue chicken little.

              Keep digging dummy.

            2. Stay home JFree. What can we say?

    4. 200,000 people in the U.S. get Myocarditis from a viral infection every year, so really these numbers mentioned in the article are not surprising. Also, they are at this point small anecdotal numbers. More data collection will obviously be needed to see how common it turns out to be.

      1. But he reads Mayo Clinic. He knows all.

    5. Yeah. I got a lung problem since the Chinese virus got me in the winter. Under 50 y.o. Not fat. Just was unlucky.

  26. Covid is a side show, relative negligible risk of death if one doesn't do drugs, get an effective education, stay out of jail, respect their family and friends, and show some gratitude.

    1. yes.. its migth be need more education im from indonesia and this covid make all get crisis.. I hope everything will pass quickly..

  27. masks help prevent your from spreading Covid while doing little to protect you. But people here already knew that by wearing masks they were protecting others.

    1. Total bs.

    2. "masks help prevent your from spreading Covid while doing little to protect you."

      If you are frightened of catching it, it is your responsibility to take precautions. Not mine.

      1. No people who are professionals in medicine take precautions to protect you. If they were afraid of disease they would find another line of work.

        It is your responsibility to do what you can, however limited it may be.

        1. Echospinner
          August.31.2020 at 10:56 pm
          "No people who are professionals in medicine take precautions to protect you. If they were afraid of disease they would find another line of work..."
          Which, of course, given this twit's stupidity, avoids addressing my comment.
          And then:
          "It is your responsibility to do what you can, however limited it may be."
          No, you lefty scumbag, it is YOUR responsibility as a chicken-little to hide in whatever hole you can find to keep from catching a cold.
          More simply: Fuck off, slaver.

    3. Oof. How old are you? 15?

  28. So, young people have a minuscule risk of dying from COVID, while the elderly are at greater risk.

    Clearly, this is a violation of equality, or equity, or whatever the fuck is the current progressive moral imperative. Young people will just have to get injected with mega doses of live virus to even things out.

    And speaking of inequality, how dare those young people have decades of life to look forward to, while grandma totters at death's door. We need a massive government program to develop technology to suck out some life essence or something, and redistribute it to those in need.

  29. YO SULLUM - Help me square this with your previous article excoriating Trump to retweet a a statement the number of deaths from Covid is miniscule.

    One day, Trump is irresponsible for downplaying the risk for most people. Today, you argue that the risk for younger people is negligible.

    1. I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

  30. I think the last thing young people are worried about is the potential of long-term effects of covid--based on what my friends in their 30s say. I highly suspect they're super rare but the reporting on it has been sparse and/or not very good. I would love for Reason to do a nicely researched article (as so many of your articles are) on long term effects of covid-19

    1. I would also like to see some real information comparing those who died "with" CO-19 and those who died "from" CO-19.

      1. I would like to see you make that diagnosis.

        1. And how would you propose I do so? You're not real bright...

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  32. Just so we’re clear, the new Trump administration strategy, and the one promoted by most people who comment here, is to purposefully infect the maximum number of people in order to achieve “herd immunity” via millions of deaths.

    Libertarian small-government types want the US government to deliberately cause millions of deaths so that, in theory, the jobs market recovers.

    No comment other than to make sure we’re on the same page about what you guys and Trump want.

    1. Yeah, just like those humanity-hating fascists in Sweden. Herd immunity is definitely not a worthwhile goal. Better to shut everything down let people lose their livelihoods and their kids fall behind in school. Better yet, lots of these people will get drunk and beat their kids or OD out of desperation. Meanwhile, science has ground to a halt too, so research that could lead to a vaccine or better understanding of COVID is delayed. I am not saying there aren’t precautions one should take, but having herd immunity in 6 months would probably save at least as many lives as waiting in lockdown for more than a year for a vaccine.

      1. Sweden is a failure. More death, no benefit.

        There’s no reason to think immunity even lasts longer than a few months.

        But my main concern is ensuring that we’re all clear on the policy action of killing up to 2 million Americans for the good of the economy.

        1. Tony
          September.1.2020 at 12:03 am
          "Sweden is a failure. More death, no benefit..."

          Cite missing, shitstain. Stupidity clearly in evidence.

        2. Sweden, for the 4959596th time Tony you defunct piece of bark, had better rates than: NY, NJ, Conn, Mass, Quebec, Belgium, UK, and Spain. It's roughly in line with Brazil and the USA which will probably surpass it very soon. As well, Franc and Italy share similar numbers.

          All those places had some form of lockdown and mandates masks. Now we have a state that decided by decree and with no public consultations to mandate flu shots for kids for the first time in North America.

          Sweden followed established science. It achieved success (did you notice no cases this past week as they announced they're going back to normal by October?) in two key areas you're incapable of processing:

          One, it didn't psychologically traumatize its population. Two, it preserved civil liberties by not jumping on the pseudo-science pushing masks.

          We can also add their kids weren't made pawns in a political game and were avoided losing a year of schooling. And to top it all off, Dr. Tegnell admitted they mishandled the nursing homes. Had they done so, their death numbers would be significantly lower. About 80% of deaths came from people over 72 I believe. I don't know what percentage of that were in homes.

          Point is, it was a spectacular success. The were wise enough to look long-term.

          We on the other hand panicked. As we fiddle around with masks like retards, they're kicking back with a cold one.

          Go ahead. Make another sparkling comment. Regal us all with your compassionate genius.

          1. 'were spared' and the state being Massachusetts.

          2. Sweden doesn’t seem to be counting like everyone else.

            “ Hide the epidemic’s real death toll by “officially” counting only victims that were tested and “verified” at the laboratories you have arranged a deal with. Instead of counting all Covid-19 deaths, for instance, leave out those Covid-19 deaths occurring in private and nursing homes and only include those occurring in hospital settings. Deaths occurring in in private and nursing homes in the community are not included in the statistics presented by the Swedish Public Health Agency.”


  33. If young people have such a low risk, then why are primary schools not fully opening? Answer: Leftist teachers unions

    If young people have such a low risk, then why are colleges not fully opening? Answer: Leftist academia

    The economy needs to fucking open up. I have Moms and Dads who report to me that are going crazy with child care and school. The lockdown states simply cannot get their act together. The People's Republic of NJ is a prime example.

    Memo to teachers and academia: If you can't do the job, which DOES involve in-person instruction, you should leave and find alternative employment. Hey...learn to code!

  34. You guys don't understand. Biden has this thing in the bag so hard that they are winding down the campaign coronavirus panic early so that the moment he takes office on January 20th he can declare victory in defeating DEATHPLAGUE2K19, everyone will clap as he graciously reopens the restaurants/gyms for one week in celebration, and promptly abdicates his position to Kamala Harris.

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  36. I've been hoping to see better data on the diabetes question. Like so many Americans, I developed Type 2 in middle age. I'm now in early 60s and it's well-controlled with lower-carb eating and Metformin. I'm overweight but not obese, and I exercise. So is someone like me, with no known damage thus far from diabetes (like kidney disease or neuropathy) at a particularly high risk? I'd like to get on with my life and do my part to promote normalcy and herd immunity.

    1. Yeah dipshit, you think YOU might be ok if you get covid19?

      You want to spread it to others for herd immunity as long as YOU’RE ok. Oh how you must feel for the millions who must die for that to happen as long as YOU are guaranteed a seat on the lifeboat.

      Well there are no guarantees. You roll the dice with everyone’s lives. Fuck you!

  37. Death isn't the main reason I don't want to get Covid, and why I take reasonable precautions to avoid it. I don't want to be hospitalized for a month or even just sick with a very uncomfortable illness for a couple of weeks, or the side effects for longer. My son had a young, fit, healthy friend (mid 20s) who got Covid. She was in a brain fog for months (and may still be in one, haven't talked to my son about her).

  38. So it was as scam to get Trump, good to know. All you people who lost your jobs, businesses, lives, remember to vote for Trump and to destroy the media. libtardians and RINO's who sat on their thumbs.

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