Covington Catholic

Covington Catholic's Nick Sandmann: 'I Would Not Be Canceled'

Wrongly maligned by the media as a racist in a MAGA hat, the kid is now a celebrity speaker at the Republican National Convention.


On January 18, 2019, a misleading viral video briefly transformed a Catholic high school teenager into the smirking face of racial aggression in Donald Trump's America—an erroneous judgment that quickly collapsed upon scrutiny. Today, that teenager, Nick Sandmann, was a featured speaker at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

"While the media portrayed me as an aggressor with a relentless smirk on my face, in reality the video confirms I was standing with my hands behind my back with an awkward smile that hid two thoughts: Don't further agitate the man banging a drum in my face, and never do anything to embarrass your family, your school, or your community," said Sandmann in his remarks.

Sandmann's summary of his ordeal was accurate. After attending a pro-life rally in Washington D.C., Sandmann's class decided to visit the Lincoln Memorial, where they encountered a group of provocateurs called the Black Hebrew Israelites. This group antagonized the boys for over an hour, but despite incessant taunts and insults from the black nationalists, neither Sandmann nor anyone else in his group took the bait. They were then approached by Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist, and his entourage. A video of this encounter made it appear like the Covington kids targeted Phillips for racial harassment, and that Sandmann specifically had chosen to face down the man and block his path. Phillips himself encouraged this false interpretation; in reality, the students were mostly just confused about why Phillips had decided to march through their midst while chanting and drumming. Sandmann didn't do anything wrong at all.

"I learned what happened to me had a name," said Sandmann, reflecting on his experience. "It was called being canceled. As in annulled. As in revoked. As in made void. Canceling is what's happening to people around this country who refuse to be silenced by the far left. Many are being fired, humiliated, or even threatened, and often the media is a willing participant."

Indeed, Sandmann is perhaps the most infamous victim of the media's penchant for rushing to judgment—particularly with respect to social media incidents that play to progressive journalists' political biases. Many well-known reporters, celebrities, and politicians tweeted obscene and hateful condemnations of Sandmann without knowing all the facts:

Reza Aslan, a scholar and television pundit on CNN, tweeted that Sandmann had a "punchable" face. His CNN colleague Bakari Sellers agreedBuzzFeed's Anne Petersen tweeted that Sandmann's face reminded her of Brett Kavanaugh's—and this wasn't intended as a compliment. Vulture writer Erik Abriss tweeted that he wanted the kids and their parents to die. Kathy Griffin said the high schoolers ought to be doxxed. As a USA Today retrospective noted, "comedian Patton Oswalt called the students in the video 'bland, frightened, forgettable kids who'll grow up to be bland, frightened, forgotten adult wastes.'…Writer Michael Green, referring to Sandmann's apparent smirking at the Native American man, wrote: 'A face like that never changes. This image will define his life. No one need ever forgive him'Huffington Post reporter Christopher Mathias explicitly compared the students to violent segregationists.

And while many mainstream outlets—including CNN and The Washington Post—ultimately conceded that they got the story wrong, several ideological publications stubbornly kept to their initial judgments.

Sandmann concluded his speech with an appeal for fairer media coverage and then donned his MAGA hat once again. It should surprise no one that someone in Sandmann's position would be pushed more firmly into Trump's orbit: That's what happens when the mainstream media positions itself as the opposition tribe, and then judges everyone outside that tribe as obviously and irredeemably racist on the thinnest of pretexts.

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Covington Catholic Media Criticism Republican Convention 2020

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212 responses to “Covington Catholic's Nick Sandmann: 'I Would Not Be Canceled'

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  2. Fuck the left.

    1. We don’t come to your country and knock the borscht out of your mouths.

      1. You speak for them all?
        They are all united in choosing you as their spokespsrxhen?

        1. Since we got direct Russian propaganda at the GOP convention tonight, I should have said vodka, since they’re probably celebrating.

          1. Pretty pathetic even for you Tony.

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          2. You’d get out your kneepads for Putin in a heartbeat if he just announced that he’s been a communist all along.


  3. Hurrah for him, and hurrah for the opportunity to make more Metallica jokes!

    1. -1
      I was expecting a Sandmann parody, not a lyric video.

  4. I kind of took this as, “boy the media is dishonest and a bully”, so let’s focus on them rather than the lying bully we’re nominating.

    I can’t even been mad because it’s the same lame magic trick both parties have been doing for decades.

    1. And in this case, it’s entirely true about the media. But why let that get in the way of your narrative?

      1. I agree it’s true, but my comment wasn’t about the media. It was about the distraction from people being nominating for president.

    2. Wait; are you talking about the lying bully the dems are nominating, or the lying bully the repubs are nominating?

      When one “can’t even been mad” that major media collectively tried to destroy a teen, by making up shit and wishing for violence, one has a problem.

      1. I am mad at the media. I was specifically referring to being mad at politicians because I’m so word out by their BS.

  5. “Don’t further agitate the man banging a drum in my face, and never do anything to embarrass your family, your school, or your community”

    He’s the goody-two shoes bully magnet of the schoolyard, and the sad thing is the supposed adults were doing all of the bullying.

    Fortunately he is having the last laugh.

  6. The Democrats greatest expertise seems to be to create life long Republicans.

    1. Other than stomping the Republicans into whiny casualties in the culture war, you mean?

  7. Robby deserves a lot of credit for getting the story right from the get go. He faced pushback from other writers at other publications and his own. Probably suffered professional repercussions for the crime of being truthful

    1. Do you have any evidence Robby faced pushback from other writers about this story? And yeah, this kid got treated very unfairly.

      1. You’d have to go back to his original story. ENB and CJ tweeted their disagreement with Robby’s story. It was linked in the comments.

        1. I think that was the only thread I’ve ever read where Fist of Etiquette used vulgarity.

      2. So you have evidence you’re not WK?

      3. At least he wasn’t born to migrant parents.

        1. Like Nikki Haley? Who gave a speech last night.

            1. Is that the sound of your point being completely deflated?

    2. Almost 200,000 Americans are dead from a virus.

      1. And?

      2. Virus, especially novel ones do kill people. It’s a fact of nature. And viruses are notoriously difficult to fight and control.

        1. Asshole kids with stupid faces get made fun of. It’s just nature.

          1. How were they assholes? And I am guessing you are talking from experience.
            What did they do wrong? Belong to the wrong political party and stand still minding their own business at a public memorial? A national one at that?

            1. How many laws does Trump have to break in one night before you start caring about that instead of that one time people were mean to a kid?

              1. If you have evidence of him breaking laws, okay. But he isn’t all Republicans. Also, since I didn’t vote for Trump and am voting for Jorgenson this time, why are you asking me. We are discussing the Covington kids (you are now living the goal posts and applying guilt by association, since downstream I’ve already showed you are gaslighting, whataboutism, and ad hominems, and I asked if you were going for every logical fallacy, I guess this post confirms my hypothesis).

          2. And it isn’t nature, other than if you believe it’s nature for supposedly mature adults to confront, harass and bully kids.

            1. A bit slow on the uptake aren’t you?

              1. Says the only person that still believes the kids were the aggressors. And doesn’t understand basic virology. I can guarantee I understand more about virology, immunology and pathophysiology than you do. You can’t stop a virus. It’s scientifically impossible. You can only stop it when you reach herd immunity. That requires it to run out of susceptible hosts. That is because all the possible hosts, or the majority anyhow, have formed some form of immunity, either by contracting the virus or via vaccinations. And for true herd immunity for vaccinations you need at least 60% efficacy in the vaccine and greater than 90% of the population vaccinated. There has never been a successful corona virus vaccine in humans. There are some for veterinary usage, but their efficacy is as low as 40%. These are simple scientific facts. But yeah, I’m the one slow on the uptake. God, you are reaching parody level tonight. It is time for OBL to hang up his spurs because he can’t top you.

          3. Made fun of? Sure. “Made fun of” by being slandered by several by major media organizations? Not so much.

      3. Millions of Americans have died from a virus.

        1. Which one? Polio, smallpox, yellow fever, measles, hepatitis A, B and C? Or all of them. Yes, all but smallpox continue to kill people to this day (albeit yellow fever is rare in the US and we had almost completely eliminated measles and polio before the idiot anti-vaxxers came along) You’re right why hasn’t our government saved us from those scourges too? Maybe Tony has an answer. (note I was ridiculing Tony, not you).

        2. Is it roughly the rest of eternity that I’m going to spend being subjected to white grievance whining?

          1. I don’t know. Since your side seems be doing most of it, why not ask them? Or will that bruise your white savior complex?

            1. So Trump’s entire political career, and the entire Republican message, is based on white racial resentment politics and you’re here saying, what, you have misunderstood the concept I’m talking about?

              1. No, it isn’t. That is empty talking points used to demaogouge anybody who is the slightest bit conservative. It is just empty talking points. But, once again I notice that you, a white person, and a white progressive, is once again acting the white savior for the poor black man. Fuck, you don’t even know how racist that is.

              2. Tony, that’s just racist.

      4. How many of those dead are due to Democrat governors and mayors and inappropriate executive orders?

        1. Lots. Not only because the Republican governors refused to take necessary measures (until they were forced to out of sheer terror) but because they contributed to an atmosphere of paranoia and science denial in service of Trump’s poll numbers instead of people’s lives. Yes, Republicans up and down the line don’t care about Americans dying. Not a newsflash.

          1. Yes, Republicans caused all those deaths in Democratically controlled New York and New Jersey and California. God, have you just decided that the only way to defend yourself is to take gaslighting to the obscene level? And don’t think we don’t notice that these are almost word for word talking points from Vox and HuffPo.

          2. Yeah, all those Republican governors who introduced a highly contagious, virulent pathogen into nursing homes, where just about every patient is immune compromised.

            Republican governors like Phil Murphy (D-NJ), Fredo Cuomo (D-NY), Tom “stay home and enjoy unemployment” Wolf (D-PA), Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI)

            1. Don’t forget about Ohio Republican Mike Dewine, whose handling of COVID certainly rises to the level of murder.

      5. almost 3 million Americans died at year.

        As relevant a comment as yours.

      6. So, when are you going to start railing against Cuomo for murdering all those nursing home victims by forcing them to accept active COVID-19 cases?


        1. I have. On more than one occasion.

          I tend to focus my ire on NJ Governor Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy. The guy who not only joing in the nursing home massacre, but actually pondered state-ordered DNRs for hospital patients who arrested.

          1. Trying again, without the links to avoid moderation.

            First off, your number is considerably off. The CDC lists deaths as of August 26 to be 164,280. Also, over 40% of the deaths are people who also had pneumonia. Visit the CDC to verify these numbers.

            Only 337 people have died that are 24 or younger.
            Under 14,000 people have died up until through age 54.

            Ages 65 and up account for 130,082 deaths.
            Out of a total of 164,280, that’s a little over 79%. That percentage has been pretty consistent since March (it came down a little from maybe 80-81%).

            What percentage of deaths is Cuomo *directly* responsible for, I wonder. How many did he kill by forcing the elderly into the death traps known as nursing homes?

            “nursing homes were prohibited from requiring that medically stable prospective residents be tested for the virus before they arrived.”

            Talk about complicity.

      7. Under Obama, no one died of any virus.

  8. Nick, maybe now with the settlement you got you can get your teeth fixed. You will never convince me that you were trying to “de-escalate” the situation. I have seen that same smirk on many self-entitled kids in the classroom. They grow up to be self-entitled adults like Brett Cavanaugh. Hopefully at Transy you will learn that de-escalation would have been best achieved by simply walking away.

    1. Imagine being such a tough guy that you get off on e-bullying a high school kid. People are legitimately broken. Seek help

      1. Every time a liberal goes on FOX News they get death threats. The guy that kid threatened got death threats.

        “If I had a son, he would look like Nick.”

        That about cover it?

        1. He didn’t threaten anyone. I’ve linked to several stories that dispute your claim and if you want, I’ll link to the full video (all one hour and thirty minutes of it) that clearly shows the kids did nothing wrong while two different groups of adults plainly become verbally aggressive. Phillips also lied initially about the kids using swear and racist language towards the Black men, but when the full video came out he backtracked and admitted it was the kids who were being harassed with abusive and racist language from the black protestors.
          Go to YouTube, they have the full one hour and thirty minutes video. The first hour and fifteen minutes is almost exclusively the white kids standing while being insulted, and racially slurred by the black group, and then you see Phillips move towards the kids, who have not moved other than to offer a pep rally cheer (in place) when the first group became excessively abusive, and walks right up to Phillips banging the drum in his face. Phillips then lies to the media (which he then, when the full video comes out recants and changes his story). Phillips also has lied about his military service and several other issues.

          1. If someone doesn’t understand Sandmann did nothing wrong at this point, no amount of evidence will convince them. Dude probably thinks wearing a maga hat is in and of itself a threat.

        2. On the bright side, it looks like one of your fellow Antifarts got shot in the head in Kenosha while trying to loot a car shop.

          1. The best part? The rioters started screaming “call the cops! call the police!” while they were trying to give the useless sack of pus first aid.

          2. Correction–apparently TWO Antifarts got ventilated in Kenosha.

            This is what happens when BLM and Antifa try taking their stupidity outside their living Calhoun rat experiment of an urban cesspool–they fuck around and find out.

          3. More news–apparently the rioters are reporting that people are shooting at them from their houses.

            1. These Antifucks are so goddamn clueless.

              Revolutions aren’t settled with street warfare or even spicy “protests” where tankie-symp politicos let you destroy property and drop rioting charges against you. They’re settled by hard-ass motherfuckers who show up at your house and, if you’re lucky, kill you quickly instead of torturing you and your loved ones first.

              They have no idea–NONE whatsoever–how dirty this shit really gets. They’ve watched it on TV their whole lives and think it would be cool to “fight against tyranny.” They have no fucking clue how many Kurds have been killed fighting ISIS, the Turks, and Assad all at once the last six years. They saw the Yazidi getting enslaved and buried in mass graves and thought, “Gee, that’s terrible, if only they had weapons they could have resisted and drove off ISIS because they’re such good people and the good guys always win!”

              Fucking morons. Real, actual revolution is scary as hell. It’s the last thing you should be striving for, and if you want it that bad, you better be hard-fucking prepared to die for it. If you’re not, you’re not a revolutionary, you’re just a poser.

            2. And of course, all the Antifa and tankie-symp Twitter accounts are crying the blues about these militias having a “violent internalized attachment to property” and whining that their little riot-fest was met by ordinary citizens with something harder than pattycake.

              This is what “community policing” looks like when ordinary people think the cops aren’t going to be enough to keep them and their community from being destroyed–it’s open season on the invaders and the people who want to burn.

              “No cops. No prisons. Total abolition” doesn’t mean that only the left gets “space to destroy.” It also means their opponents are going to feel empowered to shoot them dead. And until these LARPing pieces of shit finally wake up to that fact, we’re going to see a lot more of this happen.

              1. That’s the thing that has me surprised.
                OK, defund the cops and replace them with social workers.
                Or more likely, replace them with antifa thugs as the new police.
                And start oppressing the normals.
                Do the soy boys really think that armed Americans are going to allow themselves to be terrorized?

        3. “The guy that kid threatened got death threats.”

          Maybe you should consider not libeling him.

          1. I’d also like proof that Phillips got death threats. He has a history of lying so his word isn’t worth a bowl of warm piss.

            1. Everyone who gets a minute of attention nowadays gets death threats. Even I have, and I’m a nobody. Honestly, people need to stop treating that shit like it’s relevant.

        4. Sandman didn’t threaten anybody, and you know it, you lying commie prick.


        5. confirmation bias. Your “facts” are dead wrong here, but you can’t admit it, even if you were to watch the whole video… which for normal people (i.e. people not blind with partisanship) clears the matter up. I’m sure you believe the Charlottesville hoax too.

    2. I have seen that same smirk on many self-entitled kids in the classroom.

      Why, because they recognized you were acting like an ass, just like the “Vietnam vet” with the drum?

      1. Acting?

      2. Libertarians believe in a persons right to smirk!

    3. Even if he were smirking, what did he do wrong? Not give into the bullying by two different groups of adults? Yeah blame the victim, I’m sure you also state “she deserved to get raped, I’ve seen girls with short skirts like that, and they only want one thing”.

      1. He stood there and smiled awkwardly, as any normal human would do if some crazy old man came up to you and started chanting in your face.
        He was remarkably polite

        1. I know, but I am asking this moron what it even matters if he did smirk, what difference does it really make it what happened?

    4. I have seen that same smirk on many self-entitled kids in the classroom.

      You will never understand the pain of being 16 with a boner half the day and having to sit and listen to fat middle age retards “teach” subjects they somehow understand less than the 16 year-old with boner brain. Smirking is extraordinarily polite behavior under the circumstances.

    5. Did you just blow in from Stupidville or something?

    6. You are making a lot of assumptions. Isn’t that why there are so many problems in this world?

    7. Nah, “wizardlover,” you’re not even honest with yourself–it wouldn’t have mattered to you what he did. If he’d walked away, you would have labeled him a coward and Phillips a hero for having intimidated the privileged white boy. If he’d attempted to speak up for himself, you’d still find a way to demean the kid based on his looks.

      No, you’re just a shitty person who thinks they are wise.

    8. His smile is crooked even when he speaks. I think maybe he was in an accident as a kid or maybe had a stroke or something.

      I bet all you assholes will feel horrible when he comes out one day to say you’ve been mocking a physically disabled kid.

    9. All you have to do is watch the videos to clearly see Sandmann was trying to calm things down. If you need more convincing that seeing it happen on video, then you’re a fucking moron.

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  10. The guy banging the drum feared for his life because 50 idiot children wearing white supremacist hats were surrounding him on all sides and antagonizing him. And this guy’s the victim. What a goddamn pussy. What utterly ridiculous pussies the Republicans and their supporters all are. Fuck.

    1. LOL

      Never change, Tony.
      You’re so much more enjoyable than the chemjeffs, eunuchs, white knights, and kirklands of this site

    2. They didn’t surround him. He marched into their group and was visibly antagonizing them. They didn’t move, he moved to them and got in their faces. A grown man getting in the face of teenagers. And no, they aren’t white supremacists hats, as I’ve seen people of all colors wear the hats, and, while you disagree with their politics, that doesn’t automatically make them white supremacists. However, I will say you white progressives sound a lot like you all have white savior complex, and sound an awful lot like paternalistic white segregationists, who argued blacks needed whites to care for them.

      1. Let’s not forget the black nationalists who were also harassing the kids.

        1. Yeah. Two groups of adults harassing a group of kids, standing, basically minding their own business at a public memorial. But in Tony’s eyes it is okay to assault kids if they wear the wrong political parties paraphernalia. Because to Tony anyone to the right of AOC must be a white supremacists including Nikki Haley, Tim Scott Vernon Jones and Herschall Walker. Didn’t Chapelle do a skit about black Klansman? And don’t forget the scene from Blazing Saddles “you forgot to wash your hands again after the weekly cross burning” (might have the quote slightly wrong).

          1. There were hundreds of kids and one old guy they had completely surrounded. He was not a threat to them unless they are giant fucking helpless pussies. The scandal of this event was the lack of chaperones. The wanton racism and delinquency we let white children get away with.

            You have been lied to because this kid‘s parents hired a PR firm instead of teaching their son how to behave in public or how to apologize for threatening an old man. It’s not your fault you were lied to, but just watch the entire video.

            1. No, the video clearly shows he was not surrounded by the kids, but he moved into where the kids were already standing. And what wanton racism. They were being harassed by a group of black hebrews (yes it is clearly shown in the longer video) and the. This guy deliberately moved into their space and got in the kids face (again the longer video shows this).
              Here is the CNN story clearly showing Phillips approaching the kids and getting in their face.

            2. You have been lied to because this kid‘s parents hired a PR firm instead of teaching their son how to behave in public or how to apologize for threatening an old man

              Maybe standing still and smirking is a threat in Cluster-B Town, but not in normal society.

              1. I said watch the entire video you asshole. Not the one the PR firm his mommy and daddy wants you to watch. The whole trip.

                If you could possibly stomach treating one kid one time as the pertinent symbol of injustice in Trump’s America. God damn this is so insane.

                1. I did watch it, you asshole. And it’s yet another piece of evidence that you and your fellow leftists aren’t human beings, you’re a cancer that needs to be irradiated.

                2. The entire video is one hour and 30 minutes long and completely supports the kids story. They were harassed by the black hebrews group and then Phillips approaches them. Initially he (Phillips) told the press that it was the white kids who were using swear words and racist remarks but when the full video was released he changed his story and stated the kids were being harassed.

                  1. So the guy didn’t fear that the kids would rip him apart, because he was lying, but the kid with the PR firm is telling the truth.

                    1. Yes, Phillips was lying–thanks for finally acknowledging it.

                    2. The video clearly showed Phillips lied. His first statement to the press was the kids were using racial language and getting aggressive against the black group. But the full video shows the kids were being targeted. Phillips recanted and changed the story to the kids were being harassed as soon as the full video was released. This isn’t the first time he had been caught lying about similar situations and he has also lied about his military career. It’s all there in the video. And even CNN admits they got it wrong. But you seem to be about the only person still blaming the kids as the aggressors. NBC and the Washington Post also admit they got it wrong, and that the black hebrews israelites and Phillips initiated the situation, not the kids. But hey, you know more than everyone else I guess.

                  2. Initially he (Phillips) told the press that it was the white kids who were using swear words and racist remarks but when the full video was released he changed his story and stated the kids were being harassed.

                    This information all came out months ago, but Tony’s hoping no one remembers those salient facts, or thinking “watch the video!” is some kind of winning argument, when we already saw it at the time it came out.

              Another story, clearly stating that Phillips initiated the incident, not the kids. And they link to the actual video.

            4. Of course he wasn’t a threat to them. But he walked into the group of kids. You are being absolutely ridiculous. There is no question about what actually happened.

            5. You dumb mother fucker, the whole incident was exposed here at Reason.

    3. The guy banging the drum feared for his life

      No he didn’t.

    4. What an idiotic, vicious lie. You’re scum, Tony.


    5. Tony, have you ever looked down your pants to see if you actually have a dick?

  11. You seem to think white assholes in MAGA hats need protecting from the deep systemic injustice of media coverage.

    1. You seem to think the kid was an asshole without any evidence.

      1. All the evidence he needs is the kid was to the right of AOC. And therefore he is evil. Tony doesn’t even pretend he isn’t a fascist anymore.

      2. The kids plural were assholes and he appointed himself chief asshole at one point, it got caught on camera as plain as the fucking sun, and since his mommy and daddy hired a PR firm instead of teaching their child manners, you for some reason don’t believe your own eyes when you watch the video.

        And apart from this, oh dear lord, who could possibly give a fuck. My god.

        1. You really need to stop lying.

          1. I’m sorry that not even this incredibly lame incredibly petty media grievance travesty actually is a point on the board for Trump and his awful, terrible victimhood, but maybe you shouldn’t support such whining vaginas and the teenagers who defend their honor if you don’t want to be seen as ridiculous. The whole video dude. You’ll feel like an idiot.

            1. The whole video dude. You’ll feel like an idiot.

              Nah, it simply confirmed that you and your fellow leftists are the enemy, and that there’s no co-existence possible with you.

              1. Because a kid got treated badly by the media I have to be exterminated?

                What an odd combination of psychotic and stupid this whole Trump thing is.

                1. No, the fact that you keep calling him an asshole who deserves what he got because he is white and he is conservative. That is fairly evil sounding. And that is a path towards some of the worst human rights crimes committed in the 20th century (targeting people based on their ethnicity and or their political leanings). And it always starts with one group making excuse for their own intolerance, just like you’ve been doing for the last 30 minutes or so.

                  1. Oh my god calm yourself. I don’t think he deserved what he got. I don’t think he deserved to be made a national hero to mouth-breathers for the bravery of being a cunt to an old man (or “grandpa” as he derisively referred to him tonight).

                    This is all a fucking mummer’s farce, why can’t you see that? Why do you think Trump’s convention is largely about white grievance politics (and if you don’t know what the tie, there is a google for you. Start with Atwater)?

                    Why is a white MAGA activist kid a hero but a BLM activist kid is a probable terrorist? What could it be?

                    What is he distracting you from? Is the fact that it’s so incredibly obvious what makes you unable to see it?

                    1. Actually you did say he deserved it several times tonight. So you either are lying now or were lying earlier.

                    2. nah, if he were a cunt, he would have acted like you are right now.

                2. Don’t treat politics as an existential conflict and act like you actually have principles and can feel shame, and you won’t have to worry about your opponents shrugging their shoulders when they realize that you’re a bad-faith actor.

        2. God, the full video is out there and everyone who has watched it agrees that Phillips, (who lied originally about what happened) not the kids was the aggressor. This is massive Gaslighting, even for you. Yeah, I have watched the whole video, I linked to a shorter clip because the full video is one hour and 30 minutes long.

          1. Context isn’t optional and a thousand people are dying a day of covid.

            Do you at least agree this kid with his PR machine and lawsuit got his due and we can move on? Another black kid got shot in the back.

            1. No, a domestic abusing, sexual assaulting piece of shit got shot in the back.

              1. “This rich white MAGA cunt was so unfairly characterized!”

                1. What makes him a cunt? And why do you keep bringing up his race? What does his race have to do with anything? Is it okay to harass white kids for being white? Is that what you are arguing?

                  1. Imagine if those hundred unruly kids were black. You think Fox News would slobber all over their teen boners then?

                    This is culture wars. Try to keep up.

                    1. Your Antifart buddies in Kenosha just got a small taste of what real, actual war is like.

                    2. Imagine if those hundred unruly kids were black.

                      Imagine having to imagine a hundred unruly black kids.

                    3. And how does Trump treat those protesting black kids? Put them on his campaign team, does he?

                      Oh yeah they are literally the biggest threat to America.

                    4. Tony, unruly black kids are why we can’t have malls anymore. I thought you people liked malls.

                    5. Why do you keep bringing up race? You realize you are the only one hyperfocusing on race? And the kids weren’t unruly. And if they had been black instead of white, under the same circumstances, I am more than sure the GOP would use them. I mean it would benefit them. Yesterday speakers included two Hispanics, three blacks and one Indian (southeast Asian Indian). What makes you think they wouldn’t also invite a black kid who was harassed for wearing a MAGA hat to speak? Even just being cynical, of course they would invite them, it’s what politicians do. Especially, if your opponents keep labeling you a racist, you emphasize your friends/supporters/etc who happen to belong to other ethnicities. Wow! Just wow.

                    6. Well, most of the ones he has had arrested were white, and they were rioting not protesting. And actually most of the arrests have been by local police not federal police, so Trump hasn’t treated very many of them any way. But lots of police in Democratically controlled cities (where the violence is happening, and also where unarmed blacks are getting killed) have used tear gas and other methods to control the rioters.

                    7. Please stop wasting your time responding to it seriously.

                2. The inferiority complex is just dripping out of you.

                  1. Oh what am I a beta male soy pajama boy Mr. definitely doesn’t have a inferiority complex?

                    1. No, it is mainly because you have to assault anyone who disagrees with you. People who are secure tend to not react so blatantly when confronted by ideas that they disagree with.

                    2. Blatantly personal like you do.

                    3. Thanks for proving my point.

            2. Context isn’t optional, you are correct. You can’t stop a virus, it’s almost scientifically impossible, until you build herd immunity, either by the virus spreading or via vaccinations (but the vaccines have to be at least 60% effective for this second option to work). Lockdowns do little to nothing, and as we now know ventilators actually make things worse (actually, many in the medical field were saying that from the start). And the science on masks is ambiguous at best. So yes, context does matter. The basics of immunology and pathophysiology do matter. You are right, that is why you are absolutely wrong.

              1. Man, this is not the first time in history that quarantine measures aren’t effective because it’s bad for Trump’s poll numbers.

                He made it bad for his poll numbers. His fault.

                1. That doesn’t even make sense. This is the first quarantine under Trump, therefore yes this is the first time. Also, that isn’t how quarantines work. You don’t quarantine the whole public. You quarantine those who are ill, or suspected of being ill. Never in the history of the western world, and I can’t think of anytime in the eastern world either, did we “quarantine” the whole population. That had never been done before because it doesn’t work. Even during the height of the black death in the 14th century, they may quarantine a single village if it was heavily infected, but generally they would only quarantine infected households. Quarantining is not locking down everyone, it is a targeted process of identifying those who are vectors, and limiting their movement to protect the susceptible. What we did in the spring is not quarantine.

                  1. Well you know better than scientists, is something I should just trust for some reason.

                    Also definitely likely that Trump is right about policy and they’re wrong.

                    1. First, I am a scientist and second not all scientist (a number of them disagree) agree with these lockdowns and third, I am talking history, this has never been tried before. This isn’t how quarantines worked. I helped with a few quarantines when I was in the service when we had bad flu and other viral outbreaks in the barracks, we never locked down the whole unit, just removed those who tested positive, or and we trained for pandemics and bio warfare also, and the protocols were never to lock everyone down, just those infected or suspected of being infected.
                      Also let’s add appeal to authorities with your attempt to silence me by trying to imply scientist disagree with me. So you really are trying for every logical fallacy tonight.
                      BTW, I guess Swedish scientist must not be real scientist since they advised actual quarantine, not locking everyone down, and it appears to have been as successful, if not more successful, than any of the full lockdown nations.

            3. Got his due? How? And Phillips also has his own PR firm, and is a long time political advocate who has been caught lying (as he was this time) in other situations eerily similar to this.

            4. So now you are trying to shift the focus after you’ve been proven wrong? Nice transparent tactic there. Gaslighting and whataboutism. And ad hominems. Are you trying for every logical fallacy tonight?

              1. I’m right and you’re wrong but much more importantly I can’t stomach talking about this vile, slimy Republican grievance horseshit ratfuckery any longe. You wouldn’t care if this kid got disemboweled by a ferret (weakling tha the is surrounded by hundreds of racist cunts with no chaperones). He’s not a person to you and the Republicans, he’s an election prop. It makes me want a shower and that’s how it should make you feel too.

                Also I didn’t break your mother’s chins figurine. That was you after you took your ambien. I swear that’s how it happened what can I say maybe cut down on the ambien.

                1. Wow, that is the best you can do? Insults, and claiming you are right after I’ve shown evidence you are wrong? And then calling him a slimy piece of shit? Wow, and yo momma insults? Tony I think we broke you. And I am not a Republican, just FYI. But since you only see the world in us vs them false dichotomies, I can understand why you can’t grasp simple facts. You’re obviously delusional at this point.

                  1. Are you sure I’m the delusional one? Am I the one with an ambien habit? That mailbox didn’t knock itself down.

                    Now think about what you’ve done, I’m going on a business trip, and if you think I’m gonna fuck Becky from accounting, it’s your fault for not trusting me.

                    1. Ambien? Really? That’s the best you can do, sophomoric ad hominems? You think insinuating because I choose to live in rural Montana I must have a drug habit (despite the fact that my primary job is considered white collar and I am a tenure tracked professor, but hey, you can’t accept anything that doesn’t fit your bigoted, narrow minded group think biases).

                    2. Well I’m confused.

                    3. Yes you are.

                    4. Or did I just get fooled again by an impersonator?

                    5. Becky doesn’t get fooled. All I’m saying.

                    6. Who is Becky? Do you think this is clever? Yeah, it’s just old trope.

                    7. Are you sure I’m the delusional one?

                      Yes, Tony. Anyone who ever saw any of the shit you post here knows that you’re the delusional one.


                    8. ok, sorry, I’ve been responding to this guy Tony a few times here. I wish I’d read this post first, then I wouldn’t have bothered. He is apparently mentally deranged, and now I just feel sorry for him.

                2. I’m not a Republican, and I’m pretty sure both mob-like parties use props.

                  A child was maligned by people who wanted him destroyed for basically wearing a hat of a political opponent. Apparently that’s the America you want–anyone who doesn’t believe the same political partisan nonsense your party does should be destroyed. Sounds like Soviet Russia to me. Fink on your family yet, Tony?

                  Along with it the partisan crap comes piles of childish taunts and names, mostly from you. You argue like a child–when faced with facts, you change the subject and say “COVID.” Or call someone a whiner because they’re pointing out repulsive human behavior.

                  I’m not terribly concerned, because the progressives are great at eating their own. They’ll come for you someday too.

                  1. At least my culture warriors don’t have guns.

                    I’m sorry a kid was correctly characterized on CNN once many years ago. It’s truly one of the great injustices of our time. And when things were otherwise going so well.

    2. When they lie about the story and make the victim the aggressor, and they are minors, yes they do. When adults threaten them, adults in the media, yes they do. And why does the color of their skin matter? Is it a crime to be white? And how were they being assholes? Standing still minding their own business at a national public memorial visited by millions of tourist every year? Oh, that’s right they don’t belong to your political party, so that automatically makes them evil. Gee, I wonder where I’ve heard that before. Might be a central European country during the third and fourth decades of the 20th century. You do realize that was how Hitler (and Stalin) justified imprisoning and killing rival political parties, don’t you?

      1. Trevor Noah explicitly explained it.

        “Putting on that MAGA hat engenders a certain response”

        So it is OK to assault people at restaurants if they wear a Trump T-Shirt. It is fine to punch 16 year old kids in the face, should they trigger you by wearing a red hat.

    3. Actually Soave is no where near a complete “Yes Man” on this issue

      And I do agree that no matter how bad Covington was, if we want to promote Freedom Speech we shouldn’t be thrilled to get the State Involved

    4. deep systemic injustice

      Tony loves this nonsense bumper sticker shit.

      1. I was making fun of the fact that these guys shit all over every attempt by anyone not white and rich to achieve a measure of justice in this world, while treating some MAGA cunt as the biggest victim in the world—nay, the biggest victim other than the president of the United States.

        1. anyone not white and rich to achieve a measure of justice in this world

          Tony loves this nonsense bumper sticker shit.

          1. All illiterate MAGA cunt lives matter!

            1. Tony loves this nonsense bumper sticker shit.

              1. Tony’s gone off the deep end tonight. He’s isn’t even making sense anymore (or what passes for sense). I think he is worried his tribe is going to lose again so he is striking out at anyone he identifies as not his tribe. He also didn’t like me pointing out his rhetoric is white savior complex and that it also sounds a lot like how Stalin and Hitler justified their “political cleansings”.

                1. Being real here, I get upset when I see a rightwing propaganda campaign succeed. It’s maybe even worse when it’s something so petty. Because it’s plain to anyone who gives a damn that you are being made to care about some kid cunt so you’re distracted from the thousand people dying every day, because it’s bad for a politician. Doesn’t this make you a little sad too?

                  1. You accuse others of giving into talking points by regurgitating talking points straight from the DNC campaign. And I don’t care about Trump. I do care that you don’t understand how viruses spread and that there really isn’t anyway to stop them until you want out of susceptible hosts. It’s a basic scientific fact. And just FYI, it’s not thousands dieing every day, it was 394 yesterday. Yes, that sounds big until you realize that the population of the US is about 330 million. On average 102 people die every day in car crashes in the US. On average their are 401 deaths per day from stroke and over 2200 from heart disease in the US and about 2660 from cancer. There are 123 deaths from suicide on average every day.
                    And deaths are declining, as expected. Even in states not in full lockdown. It’s predictable. Deaths were in the thousands during the initial outbreak. Then declined for several months, than briefly spiked and is now declining again. This is how just about every virus outbreak works, with or without lockdowns.

                    1. The US has the worst outcomes in the world and is a global embarrassment. Nobody’s more sorry than I that this is why Trump is going to lose instead of a thousand other less apocalyptic reasons.

                    2. Actually several countries have far more deaths per thousands. We have the third largest population in the world, and we have more overall deaths, but we aren’t number one in deaths per capita.

                    3. Uh, Tony, the US does not in fact have the worst outcomes. Not in the industrialized world, not in the entire world.

                      And if you take out the states that ordered nursing homes to accept covid patients back into their care, the US rockets way up the list.

                      Funny that people want to compare “total deaths” across the USA with individual European countries that are the size of individual states.

                      Also funny that people want to compare New York and their governor Cuomo favorably to Florida and Texas and their governors, despite the fact that New York’s response unquestionably an unequivocally resulted in an outcome that is worse by every conceivable measure. Well, I guess unless you have “reduced the count of elderly citizens on the voter rolls”. If that is your measure, then Cuomo did fantastic.

    5. Nah. I think antifa apologists like Tony need shiny grave markers.

    6. You still believe Jussie Smollett?

  12. I’m reading the original Covington thread while watching shitlibs get shot in Kenosha.

    The thread is a such a perfect synopsis of everything wrong with Redditors.

    Someone upthread was wrong. It was ENB and Balko that just hate well-adjusted white boys, evidence be damned. CJ is still awful though, I saw him in a Twitter circle jerk with Seth Mandel and Jane Coasten (shitty concern trolls).

    Cyto corps-fucked the thread with some insightful comments.

    1. Yeah, lot of people showed true color during that incident. You know what would be an interesting article. If we got a long piece covering just how many hoaxes have made national news in the last few years. Start with the Rolling Stones raped on glass and keep rolling. If it was opinion, someone could even opine on how so many lefty causes get their start in hoaxes. Almost like they can’t find real events anywhere close enough to justify their actions.

      1. The supply of racism outstrips the demand.

      2. Here is 400 hate crime hoaxes

    2. It is just like me to think of something clever after it is too late. I’m great at the snappy comeback just after you leave the room.

  13. first time i am reading that kind of blog similar I have also doors manufacturers in India

  14. Cancel culture is a terrible thing. Kudos to Nick here for standing against it. He was terribly misused by the media. I’m not a fan of our current President, but I respect anyone who stands up against call-out/cancel culture.

  15. Nice summation.

    The intro video included several incidences of media personalities saying hateful things about Sandmann… Particularly notable was Trevor Noah saying “I just want to punch that kid in the face”.

    A 16 year old kid.

    And they further had Noah explaining ….. long after the truth had been thoroughly explained and documented…. that wearing a MAGA hat engenders a certain response. So even though he was just standing there minding his own business, wearing a MAGA hat means Trevor is in the clear for wanting to punch a 16 year old kid in the face.

    And why is that particularly notable?

    Because CNN had Noah on the air after the convention, providing analysis.

    Predictably, his analysis (and the analysis of the democrat activists he chose for his panel) was that Trump is a racist and his supporters are racists and they are filled with hate.

    What they didn’t discuss?

    Why in the World was a grown man who has a prime time slot on a major news network taking to the air to talk about punching a 16 year old kid in the face for the crime of being a Republican?

    No… they skipped that part of the evening.

    But they were certainly outraged that people didn’t wear masks in the outdoor, socially distanced speech at the Rose Garden.

    1. >>Why in the World was a grown man who has a prime time slot on a major news network taking to the air to talk about punching a 16 year old kid in the face

      Noah’s bosses know it would be an even fight

      1. I think I got that wrong. I think it was Don Lemon.

        I’m bad with names.

  16. Personally, I hope that the settlements will provoke some thought in major media organizations. I do not think this is the end of it. More people who are wrongly maligned by the media will bring suits. It doesn’t matter if they ‘win’. What matters is they will bleed out profit. Then these companies will start thinking about their coverage, and perhaps be more careful in their coverage.

    Is that really so terrible, asking media companies to think first?

  17. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Click here.

  18. Its time to stop calling them media, CNN is a political action committee.

    1. They’re somewhere to the left of TASS.

  19. Imagine sticking up for your principles and getting rewarded with a gig to warm up the crowd for Donald fucking Trump.

    1. I still think the RNC should have booked the shamwow guy.

      1. saw the mask commercial.

  20. Your mistake is thinking that the media companies are not thinking first.

    Calling this a “rush to judgement” is way too charitable.

    Sid Finch referenced an old comment upthread. I was going to post a screed about how passing this off as rush to judgement is not just underselling it, it misses the entire story…. then I read the old comment. That one said it better.

    1. The original comment thread was about how this was an example of bias, rather than a rush to judgement. But the same analysis applies:

      This isn’t “mere political bias”. It is way, way more than that.

      How can I say that?

      Forget whether they got the story wrong because they were desperate to find some way to slander their political opponents. This goes way beyond “getting the story wrong”.

      Think about what the story is for a moment. Some indian activist that nobody ever heard of and some random kid stand 3 feet apart for a long moment. Somehow several national news editors believed that this was the top national story.

      There’s the flashing red light you were looking for. An editor at CNN thought that some kid at a random protest was a huge story. So did an editor at the NYT. So did the editors at HuffPo. And the AP. CNN had this as their number one story online with an oversized photo, and on the network they ran with it all day, hammering at the racism of the GOP based on some kid standing still.

      So forget that they got the story completely wrong. Pretend for a moment that everything in the story was true instead of being a pack of outright lies.

      In what possible way is this a national news story. What competent editor is going to run this story in the local paper, let alone on national TV? Would that even make the school paper?

      Let’s say that instead of being accused of not doing anything newsworthy, a group of teenage boys had actually committed some crime… maybe they were caught peeing in the Lincoln Memorial. Is that national news? Does it become national news if they happen to be wearing MAGA hats? What if they were wearing Hope/Change hats?

      The revealing thing here is that all of the major (left) news organizations were unanimous. This is a really, really big story. It deserves national coverage!

      Now, it doesn’t deserve actual reporting. Nobody needs to get the other side of the story, or look at the actual video evidence that is available. Taking the word of a spokesman for an activist is good enough. But it is definitely the number one national story.

      That they got everything so spectacularly wrong is just icing on the cake. The actual cake is the fact that the propaganda machine is so deeply motivated to shill for their team that they all made the same ridiculous call. They all decided that some random teenager interacting passively with an unknown activist was a very important story deserving of prominent coverage.

      No sane editor operating under anything approaching the generally accepted rules of journalism would have run that story. Because it isn’t a story. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Unless, of course, your primary motivation isn’t journalism, but is instead being the propaganda arm of a political machine.

      That is the real forest here. Everything else is the trees. That this was covered by so many national outlets with such great prominence is clear proof that they are not operating as journalists, but are to the contrary quite corrupted by partisanship. It goes way, way beyond a simple bias.

      It isn’t news if some unknown Hillary supporter in Omaha gets a DUI. It isn’t news if someone wearing a “her turn” T-Shirt steals packets of sugar at Starbucks. And it isn’t news if someone in a MAGA hat gets in an argument with a parking attendant.

      Even the National Enquirer would balk at these standards.

      1. These points ended up being germane in Sandmann’s lawsuits against several media companies and personalities. They tried to argue that he was a public figure and therefore fair game to lies and slander, as long as there was no proof of “actual malice”.

        Of course, this is absurd, as I explain above. The dude was just a random kid. He happened to be in a photo that they felt they could use, so they slandered and libeled him. And nobody even gave it a second thought.

        Over the last several years, Reason’s Robby Soave has been just about the only voice in media who is both able to see these insane leaps being taken by the media and is brave enough to actually call them out in public. Which is a credit to Robby and to Reason, but should also be an embarrassment to the rest of the industry.

  21. When the Sandmann story was first breaking my social media feed was on fire. This kid was getting roasted. My initial instinct was “I bet there is more to this story”. Just a few days later the actual events surfaced (from video of his accusers ironically). I was curious to see how many of my friends would have the integrity to acknowledge they contributed to spreading a false narrative. The answer was zero. This was the moment I knew the left was truly lost. The goal post keeps moving. Anything to justify their emotions.

  22. There’s one last bit of cognitive dissonance you need to overcome Robby, and that’s coming to terms with the fact that mild mannered, gentle, and down to earth good people can support Trump. I don’t know if you noticed yourself writing it, but you slipped this gem in: “It should surprise no one that someone in Sandmann’s position would be pushed more firmly into Trump’s orbit.”

    I don’t know if or when it will happen, but I hope that one day, you can recognize that there are many people like Sandmann who ideologically support Trump. He didn’t wear a MAGA hat because he was cancelled; he was already wearing it when the media tried to cancel him.

    Trump is the “fuck you” candidate but he’s a lot more than that. He’s the only one who recognizes China as a threat. He bucks the teachings of ivory tower economists who refuse to concede the benefits of protectionist policy on the basis that pareto optimality is societal optimality (most economists are horrible at incorporating externalities into their models). Kavanaugh thus far has been a boilerplate GOP pick, but Gorsuch really was a fantastic pick who never would have been appointed by any other administration. Many people think Trump’s foreign policy has brought us to the brink of war, but I believe fear of acknowledging real problems is what leads to war. Weak people conflate assertiveness with blunt aggression and stupidity. Trump has made more progress than any US President with regards to North Korea and the well-being of Korea as a whole is very personally important to me. Israel is also very personal and I worry that my fellow American Jews have incorrectly assumed that America will always be a nation where support for Israel isn’t political. We need someone like Trump to address the anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism generated by mass Muslim migration and increasingly popular Marxists movements.

    This isn’t a summary of everything I like about Trump or a report card about his first term, but I would hope that writing for Reason, or at least reading the comments, would help you acknowledge these feelings. People like Sandmann didn’t go to the Trump RNC just because they were cancelled. We’re going to try our hardest to get 4 more years.

    1. That was very well written and I agree with every single word.

    2. Nice comment on the top part. I haven’t read much of Robbie’s work, but was impressed by this piece. I would like to see a president work on North Korea’s fears of China to the point that they would move those 1000 artillery pieces aimed at Seoul to the China border.

  23. That kid was thrust into the cancel culture tornado and experienced first hand the hatred and denial of truth necessary for the purveyors of false narratives.

    He’ll never be a cancel culture dipshit.

    Maybe we should make all cancel culture dipshits learn in the same way. Reason isn’t working.

    1. purveyors of false narratives

      Like holocaust deniers?

      1. Boom!

      2. No, like you.

  24. That would set the blacks against Indians and Asians since both these ethnicities are more successful than blacks in education and careers. Asians are also more successful than whites in education and careers. Should the Asians be paying everyone else? This is the reductio ad absurdum logical argument HERE…USA JOBES

  25. There was a video of the entire interaction. Robbie accurately described both the black and Indian groups. It was interesting to hear their vitriolic rhetoric in public then their polite demeanor in private.

    And why were liberals not upset at their message?

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