Brickbat: Lots of Room


State and local officials spent $66 million converting Chicago's McCormick Place convention center into an emergency hospital to treat coronavirus patients. It ended up treating just 38 patients, at a cost of about $1.7 million each. Officials hired Walsh Construction, a politically connected Chicago firm, even though the Army Corps of Engineers, which is covering 75 percent of the costs, said the two other bidders for the project were better. One of those bidders, Power Construction, offered to forego any fees or to donate them to coronavirus relief.

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  1. It’s the Chicago way.

    1. Forget it Jake, it’s Chicago-town.

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  2. BYW,they put up a big COVID addition on outside at the hospital up in Athens, never used it. And of course , were only taking emergencies like Dewhine ordered.

    1. Are you also aware of the 1,000 bed hospital at the convention center in Columbus? Never saw a patient, but at least the facility didn’t go unused, they hosted a basketball tournament for ESPN in July. Must’ve just pushed all those beds up against the wall.

  3. But think of all the construction workers who were able to keep their jobs! $66 million probably translates to at least several dozen jobs saved.

    1. A little less after deducting for the necessary political contributions.

  4. He also notes that the medical equipment is being stored and can be redeployed if needed.

    Politically needed.

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  6. a politically connected Chicago firm

    But you repeat yourself.

  7. Silly rabbit. Government spending is not designed for practical effectiveness. It can only be judged by political value.

    Now go back and try again.

  8. 66 million? Couldn’t they have just put up some MASH type tents?

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  11. There is no proof they are politically connected.
    (Am I doing this right?)

    1. Close.
      Try this; “the alleged ‘proofs’ offered by the opponents of this patriotic effort are manufactured hate-filled racist dog whistles from the rabid Trump loving alt-right.”
      See, lots more words to hide in, lots of catch phrases that have no meaning, and throw in Trump.

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