Brickbat: Elder Abuse


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has vetoed a bill that would have blocked COVID-19 patients from being sent to nursing homes, unless those patients were recovered or they could be housed in a building separate from other residents. Whitmer called the bill a "political game."

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  1. Democrats know that old people are a drain on the system and make it unsustainable.

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    2. The left finally found a way to fix Social Security. Get rid of all the old people.

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  2. You would think that the veto would be immediately over-ridden.

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  3. You know who else wanted to get rid of the elderly?

    1. The Children of the Corn?

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    2. Soylent Industries?

      1. Elderly are too tough and stringy. Not enough meat on those old bones. The Scoops were used as paddy wagons for young lean protestors. Straight to the soylent factory as Charleton, cold-dead-hands, Heston witnessed.

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  5. Anyone want to place bets on whether Whitmer is removed from office by vote or by popular revolt?

    1. My money’s on neither. And if she is somehow removed from office, I’m sure there will be a nice, cushy cabinet position in Biden’s administration (if he wins) waiting for her. I’m thinking maybe Secretary of Health and Human Services would be right up her alley.

    2. Michigan is rapidly losing it’s Blue as Detroit continues to implode. A huuuge union presence there, but the union base is abandoning the Democrats too, much to the consternation of the union bosses. In other words, the Democrat machine in Michigan is crumbling, and Whitmer shouldn’t be assuming the machine will be there to protect her when the time comes.

  6. How will this not get her absolutely murdered politically? Don’t intentionally kill grandma seems like something you couldn’t afford to be seen voting against?

    1. It assumes the entire electorate’s been politicized, and no longer vote on the practical consequences but only on the basis of political appearances. “Kill Grandma” now means, “See, the Democrats were right!”

    2. She knows she’s done, and she’s going to wield her power for as long as she’s in office.

  7. You know, Phailing Phil Murphy, Governor of the People’s Republic of NJ, and his little Harpy Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli mandated the same thing: Allow nursing homes to take in Covid-19 patients. That decision was made in plain contravention of the data and science available at the time from Spain and Italy, that showed the elderly were particularly vulnerable.

    The deaths of many long term care patients are on their hands. May they personally bear the consequences of their incompetence. I only wish there was a class action suit I could join to sue them both. I had a family member in a nursing die from Covid-19. The both of them should resign in disgrace. And be held personally liable.

    1. Strange, isn’t it, that a tear-jerking tv commercial being run over and over has someone’s grandma dying because of Trump’s “lack of leadership?”

      1. “If only Trump had the balls to protect our seniors by sending federal troops to New York, New Jersey, and Michigan!”

      2. This is what I see everywhere: the imputation that Trump should’ve assumed extraconstitutional powers to weld people into their homes, while allowing foreigners free access to roam the USA.

    2. Murphy was following the science – political science.

    3. They’ll take “full responsibility.” Like Janet Reno did for Waco.

  8. Because that worked so well in New Your state.

    Wonder ho many will die because other Democratic governors what to emulate Pandemic Hero Cuomo.

    1. Pandemic Hero

      The hot new video game from the makers of Guitar Hero.

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  10. Haha. What a fun game!

    I can’t imagine those reigning over the welfare state might see this as an opportunity to reduce their bottom line through creative reallocation of their wards.

  11. How about we not mandate it either way and let the doctors sort it out with their own patients?

    1. What are you, some sort of libertarian?

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