Mrs. World 2018 vs. Mrs. World Libel Lawsuit

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Officially captioned Gianetta v. Marmel (C.D. Cal.); the underlying libel claim has to do with a business relationship gone bad, as so many libel claims do (here, the plaintiff is a lawyer, and apparently had various overseas business connections, so she was seemingly involved in working out the deal for the Mrs. World 2021 pageant in Sri Lanka). Still, the factual backstory seemed interesting enough that I thought I'd note it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. At first glance, though the pleading isnt bad it sure looks like it could’ve used a second set of eyes to polish it up.

    Bookmarked for later reading.

  2. Remind me. Is Mrs World the one with pretty girls in bikinis or the pointless one where they brag about their academic accolades or how many whales they saved etc?

  3. I mean, the letter itself didn’t seem so bad, I don’t think it is right to grant libel here for that … most of the substance seems to be that, plaintiff worked for free for the defendant and then defendant screws her over with allegedly defamatory statements despite that, making defendant an asshole.

    Of course, defendant hasn’t responded so who knows, but it certainly seemed that defendant was a gigantic prick, but that isn’t illegal. That plaintiff went out of her way to help defendant is irrelevant

  4. The above defamatory statement made by the complainant against Mrs. India Worldwide is baseless. The complaint claims half information and inaccurate facts. Hereby we request you to kindly examine the matter from both the sides.

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