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Left, Right, and Center Respond to Joe Biden's Veep Pick, Kamala Harris

Plus: Portland eases restrictions on density, chain stores are fleeing Manhattan, and a QAnon believer is likely headed to Congress.


Sen. Kamala Harris's (D–Calif.) selection as Joe Biden's running mate is reverberating across the political landscape, provoking enthusiastic reactions from left, right, and center, and even knocking the coronavirus pandemic off the front page.

Many Democrats are cheering the selection while lots of Republicans waste no time trying to paint Harris as a dangerous radical. Actual radicals, meanwhile, are either making their peace with Harris or re-upping their criticism of her as a phony progressive.

Former President Barack Obama praised the decision, describing Harris in a statement as someone who was "more than prepared for the job" of vice president, and a person "whose focus goes beyond self-interest to consider the lives and prospects of others."

Several of Harris' former primary candidates weighed in with messages of support.

President Donald Trump meanwhile offered some backhanded praise of Harris as his "number one draft pick" in a news conference last night while attacking her as an extremist.

"She's very big into raising taxes. She wants to slash funds for our military at a level that no one can even believe, she's against fracking, she's against petroleum products," said Trump. "How do you do that and go into Pennsylvania or Ohio or Oklahoma or the great state of Texas?"

The Trump campaign also released a 30-second attack ad criticizing Harris's embrace of Medicare for All and tax increases. The ad also points out that Harris had attacked Biden during the primaries for supporting "racist policies." The California senator had criticized Biden during the primary debates for opposing busing and for praising segregationist senators earlier in his career.

In a sign of coverage to come, CNN has already deemed Trump's more personal attacks on Harris—who he called "nasty," the "meanest," "most horrible," and "disrespectful" of Biden—as playing "into racist and sexist stereotypes of black women."

Several days prior, the progressive group We Have Her Back circulated a letter to major news organizations demanding they "actively work to be anti-racist and anti-sexist" in their coverage of a female, minority vice presidential candidate.

Conservatives have spared no criticism of Harris following her selection, attacking her for her authoritarian impulses, abuse of power, embrace of cancel culture, and anti-Catholic bigotry.

On the left-wing fringes of the Democratic Party, the reaction to Harris was a bit more mixed. Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I–Vt.) former press secretary Briahna Joy Gray accused Biden and the Democratic Party of showing "contempt for the base" by choosing a "top cop" like Harris.

Waleed Shahid, a spokesperson for the progressive political action committee, Justice Democrats, was more sanguine, saying that Harris was a non-ideological figure whose drift to the left showed the growing power of the Democrats' progressive faction.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii), who delivered a devastating debate stage takedown of Harris' criminal justice record last year, has so far issued no comment on Harris' selection. What more could she say?


Today, Portland City Council is expected to pass a major update of its zoning code that would ease restrictions on density, permit multifamily housing citywide, and allow homeowners to add up to two accessory dwelling units (sometimes known as granny flats or in-law suites) on their property.

The Seattle-headquartered think tank Sightline Institute has called the changes "the most pro-housing reform to low-density zones in US history."

There's a lot to like in Portland's reforms, including the legalization of four-unit homes on residential lots citywide, and the elimination of parking requirements in most places. However, they also come with a number of regulations that will be unpalatable to libertarians.

The maximum allowed size of houses has been shrunk, for instance, in an attempt to prevent the construction of "McMansions." Developers will be allowed to build larger buildings with more units, but only if they include rent-restricted units. Similar inclusionary zoning policies have been shown to increase overall housing costs.

The Portland metro area's urban growth boundary, which limits development on the urban fringe, also remains untouched.


  • Retail chains are getting the hell out of Manhattan, reports The New York Times.
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.) won her primary yesterday, meaning the "squad" member will likely be returning to Congress.
  • The U.K.'s economy shrank more this year than any other rich country, reports the Wall Street Journal.
  • QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene has won the Republican primary for a U.S. House seat in Georgia. Given the solid red nature of the district, Greene is likely to sweep the general election as well.
  • Hong Kong media mogul and pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai has been released from jail. He was arrested under the semi-autonomous territory's new China-imposed national security law earlier this week.
  • Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced she is resigning in response to cuts made by the Seattle City Council to the police department's budget.

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  1. Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D–Calif.) selection as Joe Biden’s running mate…

    If you haven’t been arrested by Kamala Harris, you ain’t black.

    1. LOL!!! Grand Champ funny comment!!!!

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      The DNCLOL.

      Re. Omar. Minnesotalol.

    3. Coffee on my keyboard via nose. Your best yet.

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      Fuck man, first comment and a banger at that. Actual LOL.

      Well done sir

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    7. a person “whose focus goes beyond self-interest to consider destroy the lives and prospects of others.”

      Fixed that for you, Mr. former president.

      1. oh, she considers the lives and prospects of others, as long as they can advance her march to power

    8. I’d wear that shirt.

    9. Nice. I’d heard that Kamala had already locked up the black vote.

      1. LOL, this one is good as well!!!

      2. another reason why Dems want to restore voting rights to felons

  2. Former President Barack Obama praised the decision…

    Really thought Joe should have picked Barack.

    1. And leave the lucrative speaking fees behind? That is the reason to become president in first place.

    2. Sniffy couldn’t pick Chocolate Jesus…he would have been overshadowed again.

      1. Anybody who can walk and talk will overshadow Dementia Joe.

    3. Michelle. It’s her turn.

      1. She has to be a Senator first. And pretend to be a Yankees fan.

    4. Obama wasnt able to return the compliment Biden gave him about being clean and articulate

    5. Former President Barack Obama

      Maybe if we stopped capitalizing the title of president, there would be a little less emphasis on the importance of the job.

      1. But what if we gave it some multi-cultural flavor? El Presidente?

      2. then Obama was the first Black president.

        1. *laughing*

  3. “How do you do that and go into Pennsylvania or Ohio or Oklahoma or the great state of Texas?”

    By brazenly pandering?

    1. a good accent coach?

  4. …Portland City Council is expected to pass a major update of its zoning code that would ease restrictions on density, permit multifamily housing citywide, and allow homeowners to add up to two accessory dwelling units (sometimes known as granny flats or in-law suites) on their property.

    If more people live there then they won’t destroy it on a nightly basis?

    1. ENB running with a story out of Portland (with a mention of Seattle) that doesn’t mention the protests and riots has to be her trolling the comment section.

      I laughed.

      1. Sorry to break it to you, but Ron Bailey is the only writer on staff who ever looks at the comments.

        1. I think they still read the comments. They just quit jumping into our little cess pool, wrestling with pigs and all that. Hell I don’t think Ron has even made a comment appearance in quite some time.

          1. Lol at thinking the writers of this shit aren’t the pigs

            1. Ok, then the writers are pigs and we commenters are dung beetles for making a home in their excrement. Either way, everyone gets covered in shit.

        2. ENB used to sometimes.

        3. Bailey ran away after being repeatedly embarrassed

          1. That’s one slant.

              1. Mr. Brown can moo!
                Can you?

        4. Robby responded to one of my comments a while back. I consequently had to change my handle because I have not been able to post under that account ever since. Not sure what the heck that was all about.

          1. The Wrath of Robby

      2. Look at the byline.

    2. I don’t know what they are getting at here. Metro (the tri-county agency that includes Portland and the surrounding region) has been doing everything in its power for over 30 years to increase population density against the will of the people that live in the city. Most of the neighborhoods are already zoned for R1 (5000 sq ft lots). I am sure they are thinking tiny homes, but what they will get is 3rd world slum shacks over shacks.

      Oregon has some of the worst restrictions on urban sprawl in the country. Outside of the designated urban growth boundary (which is small and viciously enforced), you cannot build on less than 80 acres.

      Never been a better time to be a city inspector in Portland.

      1. That’s how you keep the hoi-peloi out of your area. Gotta be able to afford 80 acre estates if you want to have a place outside the city.

        1. All you need is the modern equivalent of “…40 acres and a mule” – 10 acres and a high speed connection. The cities have become ungovernable, why anyone wants to live in those shitholes is beyond me. Maybe the availability of pizza in 10 minutes or less, only slightly longer than response time for the average crime or heart attack. You don’t have to be a millionaire to move to the country, its actually quite affordable. Just dont bring your fucking politics with you.

          1. No, “10 acres” isn’t “all you need” in the scenario described, where “80 acres” is the legal required minimum.

  5. Retail chains are getting the hell out of Manhattan…

    Trump got out of the NYC real estate business just in time.

    1. He’s just reducing the value by creating the unrest. He’ll then throw the election, swoop in and snatch some properties up on the cheap and wait for Cuomo to get Biden to send some federal funding to NYC. Playing them like a fiddle.

      1. Not if Di Blasio buys it all up first.

        1. That would work out in Trump’s favor. He’ll get a greater deal* when DiBlasio’s woke business ventures go bankrupt.

          *Greater and yuger then the Dutch / Native deal that built NYC to begin with. Bestest of all time.

      2. and hopefully index his capital gains to inflation first

    2. Maybe Cuomo should offer to buy them dinner.

  6. …the “squad” member will likely be returning to Congress.

    They’re too effective not to.

    1. for fuck’s sake somebody give them a different name.

      1. Alexandria’s Council of Idiots?

        1. How about “The Wad”

        2. something like “fuck, kill, marry my brother” but there’s four of them

          1. fuck, kill, marry, cancel?

        3. The Librarians of Alexandria?

          1. “The 451”.

        4. With all the ink they get call them The Squid.

        5. Alexandria’s Library Fire?

  7. The U.K.’s economy shrank more this year than any other rich country…

    Who knew shutdowns could do that?

    1. Economists. But only medical experts were consulted before deciding to shut things down.

      1. But only medical experts politically appointed toadies were consulted before deciding to shut things down.


      2. They will consult economic experts for advice on how to handle the economic impact of their medical experts advice about how to handle COVID. I’m expecting something along the lines of more spending.

        Government: If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions.

        1. More spending and more laws is always the answer!

    2. Who knew shutdowns could do that?

      No, no. It was the bad white nationalists and their Brexit. QED.

  8. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced she is resigning in response to cuts made by the Seattle City Council to the police department’s budget.

    Pension and inevitable advisory salary looking pretty good.

  9. My fundamental point for the past 3 years is that the Democrats are now the pro-billionaire, pro-Wall Street party — which means we Koch / Reason libertarians should support them.

    And yet again, events prove me right: Wall Street executives are glad Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his VP running mate


  10. Although VPs becoming president is historically complicated, we are potentially looking at 12 years of Kamala and possibly 16. Think about that. Joe might just make it 8 years (doubtful), but the real power will be Kamala and the far left. If she converts that into a presidential win, the Kamala Harris far left prog squad won’t leave until 2033 and possibly 2037.

    Imagine the economic and social devastation that will bring. We are talking stalin mao levels of human misery. It might just take another revolution to unseat it, but as we have accepted all sorts of government control over our lives I wonder if that is even possible anymore.

    1. A shame that the alternative we are being given is Donald Trump, super cretin.

      1. Nice comeback.

      2. Yea, why couldn’t we have one of your beloved career politicians

        1. Nardz goes for the personal attack. Misguided one at that.

          1. Lol, you’re such a hypocrite.

          2. You were literally attacking people in threads yesterday dummy.

            What is it with the sanctimonious behavior of you and your buddies?

            1. That was Tulpa.

              1. sure it was

    2. Not going to happen. Biden isn’t going to win this time.

      1. We shall see. I wouldn´t bet the rent money against Biden.

  11. Now is a good time to revisit Kamala Harris’ brilliant response to the Jussie Smollett hate crime.

    @JussieSmollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.

    It’s totally unacceptable that the Drumpf supporters who orchestrated this attack are still at large.


    1. It’s totally unacceptable that the Drumpf supporters who orchestrated this attack are still at large.

      They were probably responsible for the looting!

      1. ‘Scuse me, that’s post-capitalist shopping.

        1. They only become looters and wreckers after the revolution.


    Time after time, when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reforms as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, Ms. Harris opposed them or stayed silent. Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.

    Consider her record as San Francisco’s district attorney from 2004 to 2011. Ms. Harris was criticized in 2010 for withholding information about a police laboratory technician who had been accused of “intentionally sabotaging” her work and stealing drugs from the lab. After a memo surfaced showing that Ms. Harris’s deputies knew about the technician’s wrongdoing and recent conviction, but failed to alert defense lawyers, a judge condemned Ms. Harris’s indifference to the systemic violation of the defendants’ constitutional rights.

    Ms. Harris contested the ruling by arguing that the judge, whose husband was a defense attorney and had spoken publicly about the importance of disclosing evidence, had a conflict of interest. Ms. Harris lost. More than 600 cases handled by the corrupt technician were dismissed.

    1. Tulsi better stay in hiding. The knifing she gave Kamala in the debate is going to be upgraded to a hate crime

    2. So that’s what the NYT means by “pragmatic moderate.”

    3. Better archive this. Given the puff piece they wrote last week praising her criminal justice reform, I expect this article to be deleted or altered significantly.


    Despite one newspaper’s account, our officers who came to the assistance of an 11-year-old girl being assaulted in Harlem on Sunday did not stand by. They were met by a large crowd that hurled projectiles at them and had to reposition, then called for additional officers.

    1. Where the hell was that air strike anyway?

  14. “The Portland metro area’s urban growth boundary, which limits development on the urban fringe, also remains untouched.”

    So tiny houses within the UGB good, actually eliminating the boundary to free up space and seriously reduce the cost of housing bad. It’s Portland being Portland.

    1. You expand the border too much some of those deplorables out in the sticks might get to vote in your city elections.


    My research in bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?

    It’s a far-out proposal that’s bound to be controversial, but one I believe is worth at least considering, given the importance of social cooperation in the struggle to get COVID-19 under control.

    …One is that the science isn’t developed enough. For example, while oxytocin may cause some people to be more pro-social, it also appears to encourage ethnocentrism, and so is probably a bad candidate for a widely distributed moral enhancement. But this doesn’t mean that a morality pill is impossible. The solution to the underdeveloped science isn’t to quit on it, but to direct resources to related research in neuroscience, psychology or one of the behavioral sciences.

    Another challenge is that the defectors who need moral enhancement are also the least likely to sign up for it. As some have argued, a solution would be to make moral enhancement compulsory or administer it secretly, perhaps via the water supply. These actions require weighing other values. Does the good of covertly dosing the public with a drug that would change people’s behavior outweigh individuals’ autonomy to choose whether to participate? Does the good associated with wearing a mask outweigh an individual’s autonomy to not wear one?

    The scenario in which the government forces an immunity booster upon everyone is plausible. And the military has been forcing enhancements like vaccines or “uppers” upon soldiers for a long time. The scenario in which the government forces a morality booster upon everyone is far-fetched. But a strategy like this one could be a way out of this pandemic, a future outbreak or the suffering associated with climate change. That’s why we should be thinking of it now.

    1. Or we could sit around chewing quat

    2. I saw this movie, with Sean Bean and Christian Bale, C+.

      1. Yeah, but the Joss Whedon version with Nathan Fillion was awesome.

    3. Oh my fucking god. I’m against lockdowns and other restrictions because I’m pro-social. I’m fine, I have a good job and can do pretty much what I want to where I live. I am distressed and angry about this because of the enormous harm being done socially and psychically to everyone, and especially the shitty prospects we are creating for young people. To say that objections to lockdowns and mask mandates are purely selfish or anti-social is monstrous and ignorant.

    4. Soma?

    5. “I ain’t gonna kill you. Hell, I’m gonna grant your greatest wish. I’m gonna show you a world without sin.”

    6. Seriously, who took the plot of “We Happy Few” and made it into a serious proposal?

    7. So this guy watched THX1138 and gets it medicate the populace into compliance, also reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. teh one the left thinks is about a republican run country but is touted by democrats

      1. And Brave New World, minus the fun. And Equilibrium, minus the ninja cops.

    8. Government: The people won’t do what we say they should. They keep coming up with conspiracy theories about how we only want to control them!

      Therapist: And how do you think you should go about addressing this issue?

      Government: Drug them all into submission?

      Therapist: No….

    9. MK-Ultra program. Sandoz-For-All!

    10. Gimme that Z, O, L, O, F, T

    11. Bioethicist (n): A medical professional who specializes in justifying collectivism, via such methods as eugenics, euthanasia, and forced medication.


    REVEALED: Top Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx’s office has dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases – including murders, shootings, sexual assaults and Jussie Smollett’s ‘hoax’ attack
    Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped charges against 29.9% of felony defendants during her first three years in office, the Chicago Tribune found
    Foxx’s case dismissal rate is more than 35% higher than that of her predecessor
    The state’s attorney told the Tribune that its analysis gave an ‘incomplete picture of her commitment to keeping the public safe’
    She said she’s dropped cases against low-level, nonviolent offenders so prosecutors can focus on violent crimes
    But data showed Foxx’s office has dismissed cases involving murder, shootings, sex crimes and serious drug offenses at a much higher rate than her predecessor
    Foxx gained notoriety last year when her office dropped felony charges against Jussie Smollett, the actor accused of staging a racist, anti-gay attack on himself

    1. ‘We Will Not Prosecute’: Left-Wing Prosecutors, Many Backed By Soros Cash, Implement Soft-On-Crime Policies Across America

      Left-wing prosecutors overseeing Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and San Francisco have embraced soft-on-crime approaches, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.
      Several top district attorneys vowed not to prosecute specific crimes as a matter of policy.
      Multiple analyses have shown left-wing prosecutors dropping or diverting more charges than their predecessors.
      Super PACs backed by billionaire George Soros are major funders for several left-wing prosecutors taking soft-on-crime approaches.

      1. Hundreds of Portland protesters will see their criminal cases dropped as DA announces plan to ‘recognize the right to speak’

        1. His prosecutors won’t pursue demonstrators accused of interfering with police, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, escape or harassment if the allegations don’t involve “deliberate’’ property damage, theft or force against another person or threats of force, Schmidt said.

          His office prosecuted a guy who brandished a handgun while being attacked by Antifa goons and put him in jail. Woodchippers are too quick for these depraved motherfuckers.

      2. Hmm, maybe Kamala Harris is the symbolic cure for this.

      3. What’s the squeeze out of not prosecuting such cases? Is the idea to legalize theft?

    2. well when the problem is the guns, why lock up the criminals?


    In order to appeal to disaffected black voters who might lean toward protest voting (Kanye) or not voting (2016), Democrats ingeniously picked the one black candidate whose parents are not from America, whose ancestors had slaves, and who spent her career locking up black men.

    1. Report: Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, Too

      In his defense, McConnell noted that former President Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, had ancestors on his mother’s side who were slave owners.

    2. On the plus, since she’s a Brahmin on her mom’s side she’ll put those Dalits in their place.

  18. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced she is resigning

    I saw a bunch of comments complaining that they defunded her department because she’s black. This was followed by much cognitive dissonance.


    These efforts could prove meaningless, though, in states like Illinois that give public-employee union contracts greater power than state law. Buried deep in the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, which gives collective bargaining power to police unions, is Section 15, entitled “Act Takes Precedence.” Section 15 explicitly provides that when a government-union contract conflicts with any other law or regulation, the contract prevails.

    It would be unthinkable, in any other context, to permit an agreement negotiated by unelected third parties to trump state law—but that’s exactly what Section 15 demands. Illinois could enact the best police reforms in the nation, but those reforms won’t matter if they run contrary to a police-union contract.

    1. Doesn’t that violate the clause in the Constitution requiring that states have a Republican form of government?

  20. “I’ve known Senator @KamalaHarris for a long time. She is more than prepared for the job. She’s spent her career defending our Constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake.”

    Obama then added, “And she’ll be the best looking Vice President ever.”

    1. “…She’s spent her career defending our Constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake.”

      by making sure they stay in jail.

      1. And by doing her best to keep the constitution from being applied in court.

  21. How Forced Isolation Makes Huge Power Grabs Possible
    Today’s wannabe social controllers are clearly using the virus as a sort of obedience school where we can be conditioned through isolation to conform to their demands.

    1. Or it’s just misguided policy and the usual government overreach motivated by the good intention of protecting public health. But an arch conspiracy is more fun to believe in.

      1. I don’t believe it’s conspiracy. Or even necessarily conscious. But I have a hard time not believing that some part of the motivation at this point is to maintain maximum control.
        For the most part, I think you are right, though. It’s mostly well intended but misguided, plus a lot of ass-covering and refusal to admit mistakes.

        1. And the usual power drunkenness that happens to most people when they get down power over others.

        2. You two have quite a lot of faith in the inherent goodness of psychopaths

          1. Which Presidential candidate are you supporting, again?

            1. The one who established his career outside politics

          2. I don’t believe well intentioned is enough to make a person good. And I don’t think most of the politicians are total psychopaths. I believe that they do actually convince themselves that all of their bullshit is still ultimately in the service of the good. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

            1. ‘Once you can lie to yourself, and believe it, everyone else is easy.’

      2. “Good intentions”? And just what limits do you support in the face of comprehensive growth of government scope and purpose, manifest in policies and plans to macro- and micro-manage our society and economy, all with the best intentions?

        1. The typical libertarian ones. Acknowledging someone’s (misguided) good intentions doesn’t change that. It just means I’m not going to classify a big group of my fellow Americans as being secretly evil and scheming.

          1. It just means I’m not going to classify a big group of my fellow Americans as being secretly evil and scheming.

            OK, now what about the groups that are overtly evil and scheming?

          2. Except Trump supporters.

            1. I don’t think Trump supporters in general are evil. I think certain Trump supporters here in the Reason comments section are assholes, but that’s based on months of daily observation of their behavior.

      3. Or it’s just misguided policy and the usual government overreach motivated by the good intention of protecting public health. But an arch conspiracy is more fun to believe in.

        I haven’t read the article, but he didn’t say anything about a conspiracy. Plain old collaboration and useful idiots demonstrate that it’s not an either/or proposition.

        1. Don’t know about the article. I was responding to what Ra’s said.

      4. A lot of the worst, most abusive, and egregious shit was done “with good intentions” of protecting someone or something, and the tactics used were equally abusive, and usually involved leveraging fear and confusion. And then, the invasions are usurpations didn’t stop when the immediate threat was eliminated or mitigate. I still have to get an invasive search of my body by an xray machine, without a warrant, reasonable suspicion or probable cause, every time I want to get on an airplane, even though there have been no terror attacks on US soil in decades, and Obama killed bin Laden.

        “Good intentions” are actually worse than evil intent, because people with “good intentions” use them to justify pretty much anything.

        1. I don’t think anyone is claiming that good intentions are justification or an excuse for anything.

        2. Don’t disagree. That’s the way good intentions go a lot of the time.

          But I’m still going to acknowledge that the good intentions are there. We are all stuck in this country together, and the sooner we drop the Red vs. Blue Team political war and treat each other with respect, the sooner we’ll pull of the downward spiral.

          1. Lots of people with good intentions think that people who disagree with them must have bad intentions, and therefore they have no good reason to try to understand them. That’s a big problem. We do all have to live here. The political extremes aren’t going away.


    Did you return the money Weinstein gave you?
    How many predators bankroll you?


    And SE Texas, with a population about the size of New York City, has roughly 10% as many deaths – a death rate far lower than Spain, Holland or other countries that the good professor no doubt believes have “crushed the curve” (don’t look now, it’s uncrushing). Reality! It’s fun.

  24. I’m hearing that Kamala Harris is a pragmatic moderate who builds coalitions, a coalition-building pragmatic moderate, and a moderate who pragmatically builds coalitions. I don’t know which of those three diverse descriptions to believe.

    1. I’m curious how much she will “race to the middle” and pretend to be those things.

      1. Harris is a tough former top cop prosecutor who wants to fire all the police.

        Don’t you read

        1. I’ve been thinking of trying the experiment of reading nothing but conservative news sources for a week.

          1. Any longer and you might lose the narrative.

    2. I keep hearing “Kamala Harris is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

      1. And she probably is!

        Progressives are America’s most horrible people, and if all your friends were progressives, you might think she was the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being you’ve ever known in your life, too.

      2. Until activated.


    Australian woman choked during arrest for not wearing face mask.


      As part of its strict new lockdown law, authorities in Melbourne have set up highway checkpoints at which residents have their papers scrutinized to ensure they’re allowed to leave their homes.

      1. And those on the proscribed list have to wear a symbol sewn on their clothing.

    2. they didn’t shoot her for going outside?

  26. Conservatives have spared no criticism of Harris following her selection, attacking her for her authoritarian impulses, abuse of power,

    Wingnuts have been prepping for some Defund The Police type and now a former “top cop” prosecutor is the VP candidate.

    Pick one or the other wingnuts!

    It’s like Biden and his tough 90s crime bill is now a Defund the Police socialist. Can’t be both.

    1. turd, did you get banned again? What did you do this time, post links to vids of you and some 5-year-old?

      1. Go take your Droxy, Sevo. You’re hallucinating again.

        Be a good little Trump-tard.

        1. So, yes, it was another banning? Kiddy porn again?
          One day, perhaps, like your fave bud Mary, they’ll toss your sorry ass out for good.
          Make your family proud, and the world a much better palce, trud; fuck off and die.

          1. He’d be living in a trailer-court out by the interstate right now, if the kids didn’t kick his ass before he could make his moves.

            1. “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

    2. Both Biden and Harris will lock up as many black men as necessary while letting white antifa scum burn the inner city.

      In other words, Democrats.

    3. What is Harris’ record on prosecuting child pornography?

      1. Maybe the dildo is actually is prison for his pedophilia but just gets internet privileges when he can behave.

  27. “Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii), who delivered a devastating debate stage takedown of Harris’ criminal justice record last year, has so far issued no comment on Harris’ selection. What more could she say?”

    She could mention that Kamala comes from a long line of slave owners.

  28. According to the Chron, Harris brings ‘star power’ to Biden’s campaign, and given the lackluster efforts to date, it’s true if only by comparison.
    Maybe she’ll do the campaigning to keep doddering Joe in the basement.

    1. Over under she does three times as many interviews/appearances as Biden does.

      1. 3 times? I hated dealing with infinities in math, so dividing by zero’s always going to be a pain. I don’t think Biden will make a non-mandatory public appearance before the election, and if he does, he’ll be coked and Dopamine’d to the eyeballs.

  29. The only nonracist position is total dependence on the government.

    While FCPS doesn’t and can’t control these private tutoring groups, we do have concerns that they may widen the gap in educational access and equity for all students. Many parents cannot afford private instruction. Many working families can’t provide transportation to and from a tutoring pod, even if they could afford to pay for the service.

    1. Does that include putting all kids in education camps, so that there are no family privileges?

    2. Non racist isn’t good enough.
      A libertarian must be actively anti racist

    3. That part of the post is stupid, but I was relieved to find that most of the post is just addressing the fact that FCPS cannot participate in pandemic tutoring pods in any official or unofficial capacity. Looks like they’re just trying to clarify that since some parents have asked the school system to help organize these pods.

      Seems like an appropriate response, but the line about “widening the gap in educational access and equity” is a stupid one. So is the idea that “working families” can’t provide transportation. Part of the reason parents are pooling resources for teachers is because they are working families. They’re pooling resources because it makes the overall expense lower per individual student.

      FCPS is a good school system by US public school standards, but the paragraph you pointed out is really stupid for all sorts of reasons. What do they expect parents to do? “Oh yeah, you know what? Lets just leave little Timmy uneducated because someone, somewhere, makes less money than we do.”

  30. Bat-shit crazy QAnon candidate wins House primary for GOP.

    Trump congratulates QAnon supporter Greene on Georgia win

    The Dotard says she has a great future in the GOP.

    1. Was it a 5 year old this time? Maybe 6 and you were hoping he’d pass for 18?

    2. Is QAnon the plebeian’s version of Intersectionality and Critical Theory?

    3. Does this upset xer?


    Joe Biden made the pick that maximized his chances of continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump while also selecting someone whose resume suggests being ready to step in, if and when Biden decides to step aside. | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN

    1. Harris has a resume indicating she’s ready to step in? Really? What has she run beyond a Senator’s staff or an AG department?

      Christ, Rice was more qualified, and she managed to fuck up most of the positions she was given.

  32. Dunno where the pop-up vid in the corner comes from, but it’s got Bidden claiming Harris is a ‘fearless fighter for the little guy!’.
    The only ‘little guy’ she ever fought for was Willie.

  33. I’ve been wondering how the news media would cover President Trump’s peace deal in Afghanistan as we approach the election in November, and the criticism is starting to take shape.

    The negotiations are a product of the deal the U.S. and the Taliban signed in February. But a full U.S. withdrawal doesn’t depend on them being successful, just them starting — and President Donald Trump’s repeated commitment to pulling out American forces has undermined the Afghan government’s negotiating position, according to some critics.

    . . . .

    Defense Secretary Mark Esper said over the weekend that another 3,600 U.S. troops will withdraw by November and the 2020 presidential election — fulfilling a key Trump campaign promise, but potentially leaving Afghan security forces more vulnerable to Taliban attacks or possibly diminishing joint counter terrorism efforts against the Islamic State’s affiliate in the region.

    The U.S. has approximately 8,600 troops in Afghanistan now after drawing down from 14,000 as a condition of the U.S.-Taliban deal. Commanders like Gen. Austin Miller had said 8,600 was the minimum needed to sustain key counter terrorism and training missions, but the new draw down will leave less than 5,000 troops in Afghanistan.

    The reluctant party in these negotiations has been the U.S. backed government in Kabul. They would rather the U.S. did not withdraw from Afghanistan. They refused to release Taliban prisoners until President Trump started withholding their financial aid, and if the U.S. backed government didn’t need to negotiate a ceasefire and a power sharing agreement with the Taliban, they wouldn’t. By continuing to draw down troops, President Trump may be “undermining the Afghanistan government’s negotiating position”, but their negotiating position may need to be undermined before they’ll consent to a power sharing agreement with the Taliban.

    How many times have I argued here that state governments like California will never choose to cut spending until they have no other choice? If they can raise taxes or get a bailout from the federal government, instead of cutting spending, that’s what they’ll do.

    It’s the same thing with the Afghan government and negotiating a power sharing agreement with the Taliban–the U.S. backed Afghanistan government will never negotiate a power sharing agreement with the Taliban until they have no other choice. By continuing to draw down U.S. troops, President Trump is giving them no choice but to negotiate an agreement with the Taliban. President Trump is committed to leaving Afghanistan because he cares more about U.S. interests than he does about the government of Afghanistan.

    If Joe Biden were president–and refused to withdraw troops from Afghanistan until the government in Kabul were ready to negotiate a power sharing agreement of their own will–then we’d never get out of Afghanistan. And we should take that into consideration in the upcoming election. If Joe Biden refuses to endorse President Trump’s peace plan in Afghanistan or criticizes President Trump’s decision to continue drawing down troops, we know that electing him president will undermine our chances of getting out of Afghanistan permanently.

    1. “The reluctant party in these negotiations has been the U.S. backed government in Kabul. They would rather the U.S. did not withdraw from Afghanistan. ”

      They remember what happened to the last non-Fundamentalist government to run Kabul. From the cite,

      Najibullah was at the UN compound when the Taliban soldiers came for him on the evening of 26 September 1996.[5] The Taliban abducted him from UN custody and tortured him to death, and then dragged his dead, castrated[74] body behind a truck through the streets of Kabul.[5] His brother, Shahpur Ahmadzai, was given the same treatment.[75] Najibullah and Shahpur’s bodies were hanged from a traffic light pole outside the Arg presidential palace the next day in order to show the public that a new era had begun.

      So it was, so it shall be once more. I hope the US Embassy in Kabul has practiced their exfiltration drills.

      1. The Catholic church took on a lot of the functions of the Roman empire as the government of the empire disintegrated. When a power vacuum develops like that, there needs to be some kind of legitimate authority to repel invaders, arbitrate disputes, bestow legitimacy, etc. Religious institutions are one way to handle that in a power vacuum, and the Taliban was likely to emerge in that role for that reason anyway.

        That was the situation before we invaded. We didn’t bring that about by our presence, and we’re not creating that situation by leaving. Our presence there is merely suspending the inevitable. There are other things that are inevitable, like the Taliban moderating with power–just like the original Muslim invaders did when they overran what we now call Iraq. Just like the Saudi regime moderated over time. Just like the Vietnamese moderated over time. ISIS failed, in no small part, because they failed to moderated their ideology sufficiently to rule the peoples they conquered. The Khmer Rouge failed for the same reason.

        Afghanistan used to be an essential part of the Hippie Trail.

        “I laid traps for troubadours
        who get killed before they reach Bombay”

        That lyric was apparently a reference to the threat in that region from bandits–rather than the government or religious authorities. The social, religious, economic, geographical, and historical forces that created the society they had before the Soviets invaded was relatively tolerant and peaceful, and given enough time, I have no doubt but that they will revert to that once they achieve stability again–if not under the Taliban than under whomever replaces the Taliban.

        We have to leave first. We’re a bullet in their chest, and the infection around it will remain until we extricate ourselves. The surgery will hurt like hell, but it has to be done. We should have accepted this before we invaded. We cannot withdraw ground troops without creating a power vacuum. It’s like going swimming and getting wet.

        1. It did, Ken. I’ve talked to people pre 9/11, who’d walked through Mazar-I-Sharif, seen the Buddhas at Banyam. That was while Afghanistan was ruled by your typical 3rd World, half-assed socialist secular government.

          That won’t be what replaces who’s running Afghanistan now. It’ll be a vicious Islamic tribalist government, because thats what Islamabad wants, and is willing to pay for.

          The Afghanistan War was lost May 28th, 1998. After that, the US was never going to invade Pakistan. (The bin Laden raid is the exception that proves the rule.) Neither the US, nor ISAF, were going to meaningfully interdict the pipelines of men, support, shelter, morale, coming from KSA or the GC via the KP. And if that was going to happen, all those people had to do was wait until the US got tired of playing Blue Team for real.

          If the US isn’t going to grab the nascent mines and other minerals, while killing the shit out of anyone unauthorized to be near them, then the US should go. Which they are. I’m just pointing out that it’s going to be really hard on a bunch of people that trusted us. It’s going to be 1973-79 in SE Asia all over again.

          I’m not normally pro-immigration right now, but those people need to be taken care of, need to be at the head of the line. But I agree with Trump on this, and with you.

        2. “I laid traps for troubadours
          who get killed before they reach Bombay”

          That lyric was apparently a reference to the threat in that region from bandits”

          I really thought it was a dig at the Beatles during their Maharishi period.

    2. Who will ask Biden these questions? Not the msm. And Trump will be too excited hurling “Sleepy Joe” or “Demented Joe” insults to concentrate on Joe’s positions and the harm they will cause Americans.

      1. Our friends here at Reason will ask those questions!

        First we have to get them to acknowledge that there’s a peace deal and the next president will decide whether we follow through.

        And that’s about to happen any moment, I’m sure.

        But don’t hold your breath.

        The people you know, creech, may be depending on you to tell them about it, when the subject of the election comes up. The most effective form of persuasion is still probably word of mouth. That’s how Jesus took over the Roman empire. That’s how the communists managed to infiltrate societies all over the world, too. We need to be evangelists for the truth because if we don’t speak it to our friends and family, maybe no one will.

        1. Of all the pro-Trump issues that Reason won’t cover, this is the most disappointing.

          1. Agreed. A lesser statesman would’ve had us at war in at least North Korea by now. Maybe Yemen, Iran, or China too?

            The guy has really tried to shrink the US’s international footprint, and gets less than no credit from the staff here.

  34. As someone who was always in the back of their mind half expecting Biden to “””pick””” Hillary Clinton to be his vice president Kamala Harris fills me with feelings of resigned ambivalence. If Donald Trump is like drinking piss and Hillary Clinton is like drinking bleach Kamala Harris is a frosty bottle of Mountain Dew in comparison.

    1. I don’t understand why you would compare Harris to Trump and think that Harris was better.

      Can you elaborate?

      1. Harris is bad, don’t get me wrong. I’d never cast a vote for her. However, if you’re calculating the exact amount of awful she’s significantly less awful that Trump has been for the last four years. I don’t expect her to be any worse on civil liberties than Mr Bump Stock Ban has been. I admit I don’t know much about her beliefs on trade and immigration but I would expect her to be much more friendly to both of those things. She would certainly be more capable of sticking to the script when dealing with foreign leaders.

        Again, I’m not saying she would do a good job on any of these. I fully expect the next four years of president Harris to be a slow motion disaster and I don’t view presidential elections as choosing a lesser of two evils so I’m going to vote for someone I actually like but if you were comparing that slow motion disaster to the last four years of light speed disaster-derby that’s been going on one is objectively less awful than the other.

        Vote for JoJo.

        1. I don’t support Trump’s bumpstock ban, but if all we get after the next Vegas-like tragedy is another bumpstock ban, we’ll be really lucky. We wouldn’t have gotten away with less than that if Hillary had been elected, and if Biden is in office, I doubt he’ll let a tragedy go to waste like that.

          There are some issues I have always criticized Trump for, his anti-immigration and anti-trade positions being foremost among them. It’s important to remember, however, that the alternative to Trump isn’t a neutral non-entity. It’s Joe Biden. And IF IF IF the Democrats take both the White House and the House, the only thing standing between us and the socialist Green New Deal is the principled opposition of Mitch McConnell, which is about as formidable as cup of water against a forest fire.

          I wish we had a better alternative to Trump, but he’s the best we’ve got at moment–and some of the things he’s done have been great, with his refusal to commit us to a ground war in Syria and his efforts to get us out of Afghanistan permanently have been tremendous. He’s been great on taxes, tried to push a bill through that would have cut spending on Medicaid (a socialist entitlement program) by $772 billion, deregulated an awful lot of things, including ObamaCare, and done other things that were genuinely good from a libertarian capitalist perspective in their own right.

          His main upside right now is that he’s not a Democratic socialist, and that puts him head and shoulders above both Biden and Harris. In 2024, maybe we’ll have some better options, but for now, keeping the Democratic socialists out of the White House is the best we can hope for, and Harris is part of that. She may be better than Trump on immigration, but I wouldn’t bet on it. She probably isn’t better than President Trump on international trade. Biden certainly isn’t.

        2. “However, if you’re calculating the exact amount of awful she’s significantly less awful that Trump has been for the last four years. I don’t expect her to be any worse on civil liberties than Mr Bump Stock Ban has been.”

          Completely, utterly, and totally disagree.

          Review Harris’s and Trump’s records, views, and policy goals again. Or don’t, but your quoted statement is a remarkably silly thing to say.

          1. But mainly, don’t believe what either one of them is saying over their actions. Harris has a long, long record of violating rights while pretending she didn’t. Trump has a record of talking about violating rights, but not nearly so much action – especially where citizens are concerned.

    2. I’ll take the crab juice.

    3. Kamala Harris is just a lady Hillary Clinton

      1. She’s a female Michelle Obama.

  35. Quarter of a million over-50s ‘will never work again’ after coronavirus

    1. Given that work is either white privilege or white oppression, these post-job people have received social justice.

  36. Joe just gave away the election…a grating SF dem….she does not play in the upper midwest at all and will likely give Trump those states now

    1. She will crush Trump with over 600,000,000 mail in votes.

      1. how so? where?…WI? lol…MI? lol…..Joe just threw away the election…sorry bro

        1. Read it again. There’s a joke in there.

      2. Some of those from living people!

      3. those are just the ones in Franken’s suv

      4. “Ignore the Made in China stamp, god damnit!”

    2. If California didn’t have single party voting she wouldn’t be a national politition

      1. Ditto if Willie Brown weren’t here.

  37. Developers will be allowed to build larger buildings with more units, but only if they include rent-restricted units.

    This ends up limiting number of units and increases cost of building since not everyone can afford to build two house and often those who can don’t want to be landlords so they end up putting the kids in the second unit or use it for storage.

    1. It also greatly limits who’s willing to rent the full-price units. Typically those rent controlled units are also nearly impossible to evict anyone from.

      If I’m paying full price, why would I want to live next to someone who isn’t paying much and can’t be evicted? All their incentives to be decent neighbors have been removed.

      1. You’re mentioning second-order effects, Drug Habit. We don’t do that here.

  38. A star that could not pull better than 2% in the Primary elections?

    1. all the Democrats’ rising stars (think O’Rourke, Abrams, etc.) are high profile losers. Except AOC.

    2. During the primaries, the left-leaning mass media was too busy trying to cover up all of the leftist candidates records to do a sufficient job of covering Harris’s long and terrible record. Now, they can concentrate on just covering for Demented Creepy Uncle Joe and Jailer Harris.

  39. In response to various divisions cancelling their seasons or thinking about cancelling their seasons, Lou Holtz (famous football coach) said this:

    “When they stormed Normandy, they knew there were going to be casualties”

    —-Lou Holtz

    We need more people who think this way in American society, but we don’t necessarily need them to think this way about college football.

    1. I like the “These kids aren’t getting paid to risk their lives.” comment. Like nobody ever lost their life or livelihood playing college football.

      1. Nobody expects to die playing college football, and if anybody does die in a football game, it’s a tragedy.

        1. several have died from heat exhaustion in practice. and many have suffered gruesome injuries. and healthy young athletes are at very low risk from the virus.

      2. Also I’m pretty sure most elite college football programs are paying their athletes.

      3. Their lives are at risk from the virus, whatever that risk is, no matter what. So, the question is are they at any more risk playing than they would be staying home. And I think the answer to that question is they are at much less risk going to school and playing than they are staying home.

        1. Michigan coach Harbaugh said they’re at less risk playing football than they are going to class and partying.

          1. He is right. I don’t see how they wouldn’t be at more risk not playing football.

    2. never before these uncertain trying times did an offensive lineman sneeze at the bottom of the pile.

    3. Where is a kid more likely to get the virus? At home taking virtual classes and going out socializing and doing what young people do or playing college football where virtually his entire life is planned and controlled and is in an environment where everyone is tested for the virus regularly?

      I saw various talking heads on ESPN claiming the Presidents of the PAC 12 and the Big 10 exhibited so much leadership by canceling sports. As with everything the media says, that is the exact opposite of the truth. Leadership would have meant stepping up and taking on the responsibility of educating and playing sports in this environment. Instead, the Presidents walked away from their athletes and left them on their own so they could avoid any responsibility. If a kid stays home and get’s the virus or shot or whatever, the school and the President’s can’t be held responsible. That is all the decision was about; avoiding any responsibility for what happened. They don’t care that the kids would be safer going to school and playing. They only care about covering their own asses.

      1. ^^^^^^^^
        He’s right you know.

      2. ESPN is an SJW mouthpiece.

        So glad they don’t get any money from me anymore.

      3. ESPN no longer understands that their audience is made up of sports fans.

        1. A network that broadcasts sports applauding the canceling of it’s product is a bit unexpected to say the least.

    4. Since sports are canceled and most of the scholarships are dependent on playing it would be halarious to see all of the sports scholarships vanish. It would be an interesting upheaval to have the top 1000 athleats in the country go from path to pro to graduating with a 2.0 GPA in athletic training.

      1. If college football doesn’t play this year, it may never return to what it was. The NFL is playing this year. And the NFL has said that if college football isn’t playing on Saturdays, it will reschedule games and play on Saturdays. The only reason the NFL doesn’t play on Fridays and Saturdays until December is out of courtesy to college and high school football. If college doesn’t play this year, the NFL no longer owes that courtesy. If the NFL games draw higher ratings on Saturday than the college games, which is very likely, why would the networks go back to broadcasting college on Saturdays instead of the higher rated NFL? I don’t think they would.

        If college football is entirely canceled this fall, it might never return as a national TV sport. I think the football schools understand this. So, I think there will be a college football season. What will happen is the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 will play and take in the schools from the PAC 12 and Big 10 who want to play. If that happens, those schools will be under no obligation to return to their original conferences since the conferences defaulted on the contract with the schools by canceling fall sports. You could very well see these schools not returning and the schools that did play this year breaking away and forming their own organization and championship.

        1. Yup, the upshot of all of this is it almost definitely means the death of the NCAA, which should’ve happened decades ago.

          Those schools make way too much money on football to accept that it is permanently canceled, and the fans don’t care about conferences as long as rivals still play each other. Ohio State vs Michigan will draw an audience whether a conference oversight body is involved or not. They will play football, and it will be televised; it just might not be under the same system we’re all used to.

        2. Football brings in too much money for the NCAA to end it. It supports all the other sports, including all the womens’ sports.
          And there will still be a TV audience for the SEC and Big 12 and Big 10.

          1. I agree. That is why I think the Big 12, SEC, and ACC are going to play. And I think the Big 10 and PAC 12 might never recover from that happening.

  40. Portland eases restrictions on density

    Yet most residents will choose to remain dense.

    1. there’s a no fat chicks joke in there.

      1. Fat chicks in Portlandia are no joke

  41. >>and a QAnon believer is likely headed to Congress.

    you’re journalists here or marginalizors?

    1. She can join the Intersectionalists, 911 Truthers, left wing anti-semites, climate doom-mongers and other prog nutjobs that ENB doesn’t usually have a problem with.

    2. This is a much bigger story than the Russiagate Truthers who infect the government at every level. And by truthers I mean the ones who knew the truth but hid it and deliberately constructed a lie to overthrow our democracy

      1. Reason waits for the pics so it happened.

  42. Biden/Harris 2020 – Because Jill Stein is too much of a centrist.

  43. They’re a perfect match for this year’s clown show.

  44. So, Ken Schultz was saying yesterday that picking Harris as a VP will allow Biden to run to the center by forcing SJWs and the idiots on the radical left to come out against him. I can see the logic of this thinking but it doesn’t take into account the current state of the Democratic Party and Democratic voters in particular.

    What Ken is talking about is Biden having a “Sister Soulja” moment and attacking and distancing himself from the far left the way Bill Clinton did in 1992. And that makes perfect sense. The problem is that it wouldn’t work today.

    The Democratic Party voters are too far left and too unwilling to tolerate criticism of the far left for that to work. It is not about alienating the actual votes of BLM leaders and Antifa members. Those don’t number enough to matter. It is about the votes of dedicated and activist party members. It is about people like Tony.

    Those people might not be out rioting and burning things down but they are for whatever reason incapable of criticizing those on the left who are. At most they will say “well that was a mistake”. But they will never say the people doing this are wrong and should be kicked out of the party. And usually they will just pretend there isn’t any violence or the violence is caused by the police or is done by super secret “white supremacists”.

    So, neither Biden nor Harris is having a Sister Soulja moment. They can’t do that. If they did, it would alienate and demoralize the bulk of the party voters who absolutely refuse to allow any criticism or distancing from the sacred “activist” class.

    If you don’t believe me about this, ask yourself why the Democratic Party has for two election cycles been so unable to produce a formidable candidate for President. Despite there being hundreds of elected Democratic Party members including governors and powerful members of Congress, the choice for Presidential nominee has come down to a socialist crank or an ancient disliked crook that was the best Wall Street and the establishment could come up with.

    The reason is that the party has been taken over by the crazies. There are not any young or up and coming Democrats who are not part of the lunatic left. Why is that? Because the bulk of the Democratic voters are if not lunatics themselves, incapable of standing up to them and fine with voting for them. In the past even the New York City Democrats could come up with mayors like Ed Koch, who while a lousy mayor was at least a normal person who cared about the city. By the 2000s, Micheal Bloomberg, who was also lousy but at least kept order, had to run as a Republican because the party activists wouldn’t have him. Now, the best they can do is DiBlasio, who is the worst mayor in the cities history but will likely be replaced by someone worse. This is true of the Democratic Party everywhere.

    So, Harris won’t be going to battle with the SJWs. She will along with the help of the media, be pretending she never threw all of those people in jail and be marching with BLM and pretending that the riots in Portland are really peaceful protests made violent by the evil Orange Man Bad, and being exactly the kind of candidate the SJWs want. If she didn’t, at least half of the party’s base voters would be totally devistated and angry at Biden and Harris attacking the loyal and noble far left. When Democrats put up shit like “101st Airborne, the original Antifa”, they actually believe it. To them the Antifa guy who shot the person in Provo was acting in self defense and is far superior to some deplorable turning a wrench in Ohio who voted for Trump.

    Harris is going to toe the SJW line. There will be no triangulation or running against the far left. You watch.

    1. “So, Ken Schultz was saying yesterday that picking Harris as a VP will allow Biden to run to the center by forcing SJWs and the idiots on the radical left to come out against him.”

      A few points:

      1) To be clear, Biden doesn’t need to openly criticize the SJWs or provoke them any more than he has–just by choosing Harris as his VP.

      That’s the end of the provocation. She’s still a woman of color who plays well with suburban women, and criticizing a woman of color for being hard on prostitutes, criminals, and pro-cop may play really well with those suburban women.

      2) If Biden’s strategy doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t his strategy when he picked Harris or that it wasn’t a good strategy.

      I think this is his best play given the hand he’s been dealt, but anything could happen. And if the final card doesn’t come up the way he wants, this was still the best play he had. He wasn’t about to win the support of the swing voters in the Midwest for being a social justice warrior.

      3) The battle for the support of social justice warriors mostly ended when the primaries ended. The battle for swing voters is the key to victory.

      Biden may be able to lose 10% of his support in California, Illinois, and New York for angering SJWs–and still carry all the delegates to the electoral college in those states. However, if Biden dampens the effectiveness of the criticism against him for being anti-cop, pro-crime, and pro-arson–by provoking the SJWs and picking Harris and that picks him up 2% of the vote in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin? That could be the difference between winning and losing.

      And, again, regardless of whether that strategy ultimately proves effective, I think that is his strategy, and it makes sense.

      P.S. Now let’s go after him for his support for the Green New Deal.

      1. It is a smart strategy but it only works if you actually have the “Sister Soulja” moment and criticize the far left. The far left criticizing him won’t do it. Most people in the country have no idea who the far left is and pay no attention to what they say. They pay attention to the nominee. And right now the Democratic Party is way too associated with the far left in most people’s minds after this summer. The only way to change that is for the nominee to come out and criticize the far left. It won’t happen by osmosis or by the far left criticizing him, which I doubt they will do anyway.

        And again, it is not that the SJWs won’t vote for him. They will. It is that if he were to criticize the SJWs, doing so would demoralize the bulk of the party. Someone like Tony isn’t really an SJW. But, they will still broker no criticism of the SJWs much less allow the party to move away from them. To do that is to admit that Republicans might have a point about a few things. And the typical Democrat has way too much of their personal sense of meaning and self worth wrapped up in being a Democrat to ever allow that.

      2. Biden may be able to lose 10% of his support in California, Illinois, and New York for angering SJWs–and still carry all the delegates to the electoral college in those states.
        It’s not just about the SJWs in deep blue states. It’s about the SJWs in the big cities in swing states, like in Pennsylvania and Florida. Each of those kind of swing state saw many millions of votes, and if SJWs nationwide are sufficiently demotivated to get out and vote for Biden, a mere 10 or 20 thousand of those SJWs finding something better to do on a Tuesday could swing a state to Trump.

        Furthermore, despite the leftist media’s best efforts, they won’t be able to pass off Harris as a moderate. She’s a far leftist that has consistently played the SJW angle hard, as seen in the primaries, and there’s more than enough material for Trump to work with. It’s possible that the Biden campaign genuinely considers her a moderate, but that’s more a reflection of how out of touch the Democrats are right now.

        So he’s trading part of his already unenthused far left base (that may be vital to taking some big swing states) for a long shot at capturing moderate voters in middle America (good chance to note that both Biden and Harris are coastal elites). I don’t think it’s going to pan out.

        1. In regards to Pennsylvania, the question is whether the women of suburban Pittsburgh outweigh the women of suburban Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is funny like that. In the eastern part of the state, it’s like New York, in the western part of the state, it’s like the Midwest, and in between them, it’s like Alabama.

          Florida is tricky like you said.

          Kamala Harris probably plays better to swing voting women in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin than anyone else would–while still be a woman of color. And I’m not saying that the Biden campaign completely defused all of Trump’s attacks against them by picking Harris. I’m saying he’s significantly less vulnerable to those attacks for picking Harris rather than someone else. She was the most law and order running mate he could have reasonably picked–and still picked a woman of color certainly.

          1. I’m not just talking about those two states. Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota (IIRC, Hillary won MN by about 10,000 votes) are probably all up for grabs, and the point stands for all of them. A few tens of thousands of far left voters not showing up (out of several million, meaning a ~1% drop in Dem turnout) could mean the difference between going “red” and going “blue”. Of course each state has its own dynamic, but it’s going to be that much harder for local Dem campaigners to get out the vote if they have to battle against a “racist, far right” platform coming from the Dem nominee.

            I agree that Harris is likely the best choice the Biden campaign had, but it’s more the least bad out of a pool of very bad choices (not just artificially limited by the campaign, but also affected greatly by self selection, as likely any Democrat with talent and a future has been sitting 2020 out and waiting for 2024). She’s not going to pass as a moderate, there’s just too much campaign ad material just from her own campaigning. She’ll be embraced by the leaders of the far left progressives and most of the followers will swallow the kool aid, but I think her prosecutorial record will be enough to depress their turnout by at least that 1 or 2 percent needed to swing states to Trump.

            I also want to add that while it’s true that Harris can claim to be the law and order candidate, her record of law and order is exactly the kind of abuse of authority that appalled everyone, including the typically law and order conservatives, in the run up to the George Floyd riots (just from the courtroom instead of the streets). Expect to see Trump walk the tightrope between law and order and authoritarian abuse, staggering like a drunken sailor but somehow hanging on, while attacking the Biden campaign for doing the exact opposite in both directions. (To that end, it would also be the perfect time for Trump to “pen and phone” legalized weed, but I doubt that will happen).

            So I don’t think we actually disagree. You’re saying that Harris was the best choice Biden had, while I’m just saying that it won’t be good enough.

            1. Also, one more aspect that may come into play is the fact that both Harris and Biden are long-time party insiders. It shouldn’t be possible for Trump to run against the “establishment” from the oval office, but with two establishment types running against him, he may be able to pull it off.

              Basically what I’m saying is that as much as she may seem like a strong running mate because of her law and order record, there’s just so many openings for Trump to attack, and Trump is nothing if not a political cannon aching to fire.

              1. Ordinarily, you would be right about it not being possible for a sitting President to run against the establishment. But, the establishment spent four years pushing the Russia hoax trying to run Trump out of office and claim is election wasn’t legitimate. So, as he is with so many things, Trump is the exception to this rule. I think he will have no problem running against the establishment and portraying Biden and Harris as creatures of the DC swamp.

          2. “Kamala Harris probably plays better to swing voting women in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin than anyone else would–while still be a woman of color…”

            Really? Better than Tulsi? Or Michelle O? Or Demings, or hell, even Warren or Klobuchar? How does Harris possibly play well to swing state women? She has the perception of sleeping her way to the top—which all of those women have experienced working next to in their political careers, and hated. She gleefully threw people in jail while cheating about the evidence against those people. Stereotypical white women don’t like crooks, or pot dealers, but they aren’t keen on the cops/D.As railroading people either.

            I just don’t see how she appeals to women beyond sharing their genitals, and that wasn’t enough for Hillary.

            1. Did the Biden campaign even have the choice of Tulsi or Michelle Obama? Maybe they went with Harris over other, better choices is because they could get Harris. Comparing her with other contenders, like Governor Karen from Michigan, the real governor of Georgia, or that lady that loves Fidel Castro, Harris was not even close to the worst choice the Biden campaign could have made.

        2. If you’ve looked at Harris’s actual record and still think of her as a “far leftist”, you must agree that Fascism was a branch of the far left.

    2. One more point.

      I’ve seen other Trump ads like that one, too.

      Trump was going to win on that argument. Biden picking Harris changes that. If and when Pence and Harris go head to head, Pence won’t be going after her as a cop-hater. Trump probably needs to recalibrate his whole advertising campaign at this point.

      1. It will work. When Trump goes after her as a cop hater, her only response is to point to her record as a prosecutor and talk about how much she supports law enforcement. You think she will do that. I am telling you she won’t because she can’t. Doing that will cause the activist base to lose it’s mind and demoralize the bulk of the party. No Democratic nominee is standing up in front of the country and supporting law enforcement this year. I know that sounds crazy and it is. But that is the reality. You are assuming things about the party that while once were true are not true anymore.

        1. I think she’ll stand on her record.

          We’ll see.

          I sure hope Biden loses, and I’ll continue to try to persuade my fellow Americans to vote for Trump.

          If it hadn’t been for the virus, Trump would be cruising to victory right now.

          1. She will try not to answer it and just say “well I was a prosecutor”. And that won’t be good enough. When Trump or Pence make that charge, the country will be looking to hear her come out and support law enforcement in some unequivocal way. She won’t do it. You watch.

    3. There’s also the false sentiment regarding the far left of “what are they gonna do, vote for Trump?”. They don’t have to vote for Trump for Trump to win, they just have to not vote at all. Not voting at all is a real possibility for them, the far left is mostly young and while young people have always been vocal about politics they haven’t always voted in large numbers.

      If they do run to the center on the idea that they have the far left in the bag, they risk a lot of them not bothering to vote at all. Biden’s campaign is definitely going to have to throw some red meat their way to keep them rabid enough to actually cast ballots. Keeping them motivated and focused until election day is very important, and also difficult.

      The amount of pandering and coddling they’ve done to violent extremists has another effect; those violent extremists may not bother to vote because they’ve already accepted that their revolution will not happen at the ballot box. They get all the change they want by looting and burning, voting is just participating in the very system they want destroyed. By accepting their violent tactics you’ve removed one of their incentives to actually participate in democracy.

      1. The far left absolutely will stay home or vote third party. They did in 2016 and would again if they don’t think they are getting what they want. Biden is going to have to coddle them and throw them some meat for them to show up. And he sure as hell isn’t going to be able to criticize and walk away from them like Ken thinks he will.

      2. …those violent extremists may not bother to vote because they’ve already accepted that their revolution will not happen at the ballot box. They get all the change they want by looting and burning, voting is just participating in the very system they want destroyed

        Pretty much this. I’d go so far as to say they absolutely will not vote. If you already have so little faith in the American system that you’re burning down buildings as a ‘protest’ why would you think voting is on their radar?

        I mean, these people often hold the belief that America is systemically racist and who exactly would believe that a systemically racist nation could solve it’s problems at the ballot box?

        1. They might be willing if we had a real strongman commie running, they might think electing that person would cause the change they’re looking for.

          But Biden/Harris? As much as I dislike both of them, neither of them are radical enough to inspire the kid who thinks burning down the courthouse is the answer.

    4. Hmmm, I think it’s too early to tell. Some of the more moderate left have been making noise as they are cannibalized by the extreme left, but I could really see it go either way.

      1. I used to think that the moderate left would finally stand up to the far left and do something. But, in the last year it has become very clear that they will not. The problem is that for the moderate left to stand up to the far left means admitting that the left is part of the problem. And doing that means admitting that the right isn’t always the problem. The thing about the moderate left is that they get a huge amount of self worth and meaning from thinking that by being on the left they are on the good side and are fighting the forces of intolerance and racism on the right. The old saying about how Republicans think Democrats are stupid and Democrats think Republicans are evil is largely true. For the moderate right to stand up to the far left means admitting that Republicans are not so evil and that there are people on the left who are worse. Doing that would deprive them of all of the meaning and self satisfaction they get from being on the left. Most of them are not up to that. So, they will just roll over to the far left rather than stand up and face the truth that they have not spent their lives fighting the forces of evil but instead are just partisans who had reasonable disagreements with other well meaning and reasonable Americans.

    5. Ken also talked about the choice of Harris creating some distance from the riots and radical protesting, which seems to have started already with the twitter feeds of some triggered SJWs. Watched the PBS newshour last night and Judy was right on point with some of Ken’s predictions and phrasing about crime.
      It will be an interesting news cycle for the next few days, maybe weeks.

  45. Portland eases restrictions on density

    Is that because peaceful protesters have a harder time burning a city block down when the buildings are more spread out?

    1. I think it’s that most Portland residents are so dense that their very existence may have been illegal under the old rules.

    2. “Portland eases restrictions on density”

      I’m generally supportive of this–right up until they start overruling association rules, etc.

      People pay a premium to live in a development with strict association rules, and summarily overruling the contractual obligations of willing parties isn’t liberating at all. Neither is overruling the restrictions on a title. Plenty of land out there is more valuable because of the restrictions on the titles. Depreciating people’s property without due process of law or compensation isn’t liberating either.

    3. the new rules will make the city blocks more dense, not less. so the peaceful protestors don’t have to drive as far to burn down the shops.

  46. Obama’s “endorsement” was so low energy, low key, low excitement that it was laughable and speaks volumes about her

  47. “There’s a lot to like in Portland’s reforms, including the legalization of four-unit homes on residential lots citywide, and the elimination of parking requirements in most places.”

    Unless you own a house, or a car.

    1. Are there special zones where property rights are enforced, and the residents can drive down the street unmolested by a violent mob

  48. “racist and sexist stereotypes of black women.”

    Black women have always been portrayed as tax-hiking socialists, remember that scene in Gone With the Wind when Butterfly McQueen recited from the Communist Manifesto?

    1. Or that other scene where she got elected country prosecutor and threw all of those innocent people in jail?

  49. …and even knocking the coronavirus pandemic off the front page.

    And, if elected, Biden and Harris promise that they’ll take the gun away from the head of the nations economy and COVID will magically not be a big deal anymore.

    I said it at the start of the panic: this will last until November and if Trump is reelected COVID will remain a huge threat but if Biden win’s COVID will disappear within a month or two tops.

    It wouldn’t shock me if COVID disappears the day after a Biden win.

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