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Trump's Latest Executive Actions Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional

Plus: Hong Kong police arrest pro-democracy publisher Jimmy Lai, Portland demonstrators set fire to police union headquarters, protests erupt against "Europe's last dictator," and more...


President Donald Trump issued a series of executive actions Saturday intended to extend coronavirus relief measures in the absence of legislation by Congress. Their legality and practical effect are still being debated.

Of the four actions issued by the president over the weekend, the least controversial appears to be a memorandum allowing for the deferral of payments on federally held student loans until the end of the year. Trump had issued a similar order in March that deferred payments until September. That order was later codified in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

More contentious, but less impactful, is an executive order issued by Trump that attempts to limit evictions and foreclosures.

The CARES Act had suspended evictions at multifamily properties with a federally backed mortgage until July 24. It also granted homeowners up to 360 days of forbearance on federally backed mortgage loans.

The president's Saturday order does not reinstate that eviction moratorium. It instead asks the secretary of health and human services to "consider whether any measures temporarily halting residential evictions of any tenants for failure to pay rent" would be necessary to prevent interstate transmission of COVID-19.

It also orders the secretaries of the Treasury and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to identify available federal funds that could be used to provide temporary rent and mortgage assistance for those struggling to pay their housing bills. This falls far short of the national ban on evictions and $175 billion in emergency homeowner and renter assistance passed by the House back in May, and housing activists aren't happy about it:

Trump's memorandums dealing with payroll taxes and unemployment benefits have sparked the most controversy.

One memo orders a deferral, but not forgiveness, of payroll taxes for employees making less than $4,000 per biweekly pay period until the end of the year. Workers would still be on the hook for these taxes come the end of the year, although Trump's memo also asks the treasury secretary to "explore avenues, including legislation" to forgive this tax bill.

In addition, Trump issued a memorandum partially extending the now-expired federal unemployment aid provided for in the CARES Act. That bill had provided jobless workers with a $600 weekly unemployment bonus. The president's order calls for a $400 weekly unemployment benefit to be paid out of the Department of Homeland Security's Disaster Relief Fund.

The aid would continue until the $70 billion Disaster Relief Fund is drawn down to $25 billion, or until December 6, 2020—whichever comes first. State governors would have to ask for this funding before receiving it. They'd also be required to chip in $100 of the $400 unemployment benefit.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called Trump's executive orders unconstitutional, while also saying they do too little to help struggling families.

In a Sunday National Review column, American Enterprise Institute scholars Yuval Levin and Adam White similarly argue that Trump's executive actions on payroll taxes and unemployment benefits, while potentially legal, undermine Congress' constitutionally granted power of the purse.

"If the Constitution is more than a law, if it establishes a system of government with a particular character, then there could hardly be any question that a presidential action explicitly setting out to change federal policy regarding both spending and taxing, and to do so precisely because Congress has declined to take these steps, violates that character," write Levin and White.

Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) likewise criticized the president's actions as an example of executive overreach.

In the wake of these executive orders, Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have both said they are willing to restart stalled talks on another relief package.


Hong Kong police have arrested business tycoon and publisher Jimmy Lai for violating the semi-autonomous Chinese city's new national security law.

Lai is the owner of Next Digital, which publishes the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper. Lai's two sons were also arrested, as were four other Next Digital executives. Police also stormed Apple Daily's offices. Videos posted to Twitter show officers rifling through journalists' papers.

A number of press freedom groups, including the International Press Institute and the Committee to Protect Journalists, have criticized Lai's arrest and called for his release.


  • Protests have erupted in Belarus after early returns show its longtime President Alexander Lukashenko, often called "Europe's last dictator," winning a sixth term in a landslide.

  • Amazon and mall operator Simon Property Group are reportedly in talks to convert shuttered Sears and J.C. Penney stores into fulfillment centers, reports The Wall Street Journal.
  • The Trump administration's plan to help the struggling camera maker Eastman Kodak remake itself as a pharmaceutical company with a $765 million loan underwritten by taxpayers is reportedly stalled following scrutiny from Congress and regulators. That loan, Reason's Eric Boehm noted last week, came after Kodak spent $870,000 on lobbying expenses.
  • Rioting broke out in downtown Chicago last night.
  • Protesters in Portland, Oregon, set fire to police union headquarters.
  • A California church held indoor services in violation of a restraining order issued by a judge declaring such gatherings a "menace to public health," reports the Los Angeles Times.
  • The New York Times has the backstory on how 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were left sitting in a Beirut warehouse for seven years while Lebanese officials ignored warnings about the safety hazard they posed.
  • A proposed New York bill would mandate that "shampoo assistants" complete 500 hours of training before being allowed to legally ply their trade. Critics have decried that requirement as absurd and unnecessary. Proponents of the bill argue it would actually make the state's licensing laws less burdensome by making it clear that shampooers do not need to obtain a full cosmetology license, which requires 1,000 hours of training.

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  1. President Donald Trump issued a series of executive actions Saturday intended to extend coronavirus relief measures in the absence of legislation by Congress.

    Someone left him a pen and a phone.

    1. This is funny.

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    2. The opportunistic outrage by the DNC and ENB was nowhere to be found back for President Obama’s precedent setting DACA and DAPA.
      It always amazes me how the left never explores how their actions may backfire later. When they have power, they can never imagine not having power.

      Of course neither the DNC and ENB actually give a shit about the substance of Trump's executive orders, or the fact he's assuming dictatorial powers in doing so. They're both just pissed that what he's enacting will probably be popular with the voters and give him a leg up come election time.

      1. You may have a bad case of ENBDS when she gets you to rant against her over something she didn't post.

        1. ENB is utter trash.

          That is all

        2. I know. There was no “outrage” expressed in ENB’s post today, and Reason did plenty of speaking out against Obama’s use of the pen and phone.

      2. They don't have to consider how their actions may backfire because they don't care even the slightest bit about looking like hypocrites. They have a vast army of useful idiots in the media that will spill digital ink by the boatloads telling you why it's not hypocritical, it's for a righteous cause when their preferred candidate wipes their ass with the constitution.

        To be clear, I don't actually think the Republicans care about looking like hypocrites either, they're just lacking the vast network of gaslighting minions that the DNC has. Fox and Breitbart can only pump out so many half-baked op-eds a day.

        1. Yep.

        1. HAHA. Watered down version of dissent coming from unreason.

          Notice the article was from 2014. Obama had already issued thousands of pen and phone orders since 2009.

          1. It’s just one example of many that Reason wrote on the topic.

            1. it's from 6 years ago and its the judge, a guest writer

              1. So?

      3. 4 years ago they were bragging about a permanent Blue wall on the Electoral map. Now they want to abolish the Electoral College.

    3. And a Twitter account?

      1. To be fair, Chocolate Jesus used Twitter a tiny bit during election 2008. He opened his account in 2007.

        As with all Democrats, they try to fool Americans into thinking the Democrat Party is cool and hip. Anything to detract from the historical fact that the Democrat Party is a bunch of corrupt thieves and slavers.

        Trump took Twitter to a whole new level to get his message out and slam the Lefty dipshits. Lefties hate him for it.

        1. To be fair, JFK and Jackie, Bill Clinton, and Obama were cool and hip, at least as far as Presidential personalities go. They all had other problems, but they were cool and hip.

          1. Trump is cooler and hipper than all those Democrat clowns put together.

            JFK, Jackie, Bill, nor Obama ever had their own popular tv show.

            It is funny how thanks to Democrats, Donald Trump is the best President in US History.

            1. Trump is cool, said nobody ever.

              1. which is an obvious lie of course, you fuckers were slurping him when you thought he was only slagging R's

              2. You don't host a show for 14 seasons if nobody thinks your cool.
                Just sayin.

                I can't believe that show was on for that long. According to Wiki it was 15 seasons but Trump did not host the last one.

                1. Kathie Lee Gifford, Howard Cosell, Larry King, Ed Sullivan. Hip and cool all.

                  1. You just said Obama was "cool and hip"

                    You can go sit in the corner now

          2. Obama wears mom jeans and looks like a dork when he plays basketball. He is not cool and hip, you’ve just been told that by your handlers and you believe it.

            How cool can you be if you marry someone who looks like Michelle?

            1. Calm down. I’m not even a fan of Obama. I used to cringe when his admirers would swoon over videos of him crooning some song.

              All I could think of when I watched those videos was a photo of little kids I’d see with their heads blown off by drone strikes.

              When he went on Leno (I think it was), and joked about how he smoked pot when he was younger, all I could think of was young lives, many black kids just like him, ruined by his support for the Drug War.

              1. Yet here you are saying he is cool and hip.

                1. There’s a difference between his being hip and cool, and my being a fan or supporter.

                  1. So you’re saying you wear Mom jeans.

                    1. No, he wears his mom’s jeans. Totally hip and cool.

              2. “Calm down.”

                Says the guy that squawks all over the comments like a distressed bird.

                But thanks for agreeing with me that Obama’s not cool.

          3. Jfk forced his secretary to give his buddy a blow Jon at the white house. Cool as shit.

            Never have to worry about you not pushing common narratives.


              “They all had other problems”

              Yeah, I was really pushing a pro-Democrat narrative there.

              1. At least you admit it.

          4. JFK, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. One of these things is not like the others. Maybe the one wearing mom jeans?

            1. How cool is not inhaling?

              1. We all know it was a lie.

    4. What's interesting is that it appears that Trump is doing something. With the speaker of the house whining, she, and the democrats, appear to be doing a whole heap of nothing...hell even Amash his the nail on the head "...when Congress doesn't legislate..."

      Where is Sniffy and his side piece?

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    7. Surprisingly not said in the article:
      1. Congress has delegated many powers to the Executive Branch, and his EOs take advantage of that
      2. Trump is exposing the Democrats as not for the little guy they claim to support (the unemployed, renters behind on their rent, ex-students with government created student loans, and workers) and instead for the political class, landlords, and bailing out their failed local and state governments at the expense of responsible jurisdictions.
      3. It's the Democrats holding the responsible people in the US hostage, demanding special favors, in holding up relief funds for the unemployed little guys.

      Surprisingly, the Dems allocated a big zero to small business relief, for all those mom and pop businesses employing a bunch of people. But lots of money to bail out their failed local governments. They're taking advantage of a crisis, to take advantage of taxpayers and workers.

  2. Protests have erupted in Belarus after early returns show its longtime President Alexander Lukashenko, often called "Europe's last dictator," winning a sixth term in a landslide.

    This is what Trump is going to do here.

    1. You're delusional

      1. He’s also being facetious.

        1. I thought he was predicting the day after the election.

    2. Not if Tammany II can help it.

    3. Trump’s landslide election victory for a sixth term would be about 16 years from now, so we will also be told that his not being seen in public for a few years is not proof of the rumors he is no longer alive.

      1. You can always figure out what the Democrats are going to actually do by what the White Shill warns that the GOP are planning.

        1. The White Shill is me, right? Just want to state that Fist was joking when he predicted the GOP is planning to emulate Lukashenko.

          Will also state that I do not predict that Trump is planning to remain in the Presidency beyond two terms.

            1. Mr. Brown can moo!
              Can you?

              1. Is that some kinda of code involving a CA politician and a CA AG?

        2. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


    Breaking: evidence obtained by BBC on COVID quarantine in Xinjiang shows Uyghur model handcuffed to bed in health station, young men who violate quarantine beaten until they "scream like babies", crowded detention cells where detainees infect each other...

    1. Shh. Don’t give the Democrats any ideas.

      1. They've had those ideas since before they created the Klan.

        1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. that's just the youth basketball camp.

      1. It's just somebody doing something.

      1. Narrator "was not actually relevant"

        1. Hi, Tulpa. I see Reason IT hasn’t fixed the spoofing loophole yet.

          1. Are you sure?

            1. Looks like they might be replacing characters like HAIR SPACE with regular spaces so it’s easier to see the handle spoofing.

              1. Oh, you might be right.

                Tulpa, how’s handle spoofing working for you today?

            2. You can see the spaces on the spoofer.

  4. So feds pull out of Portland and peaceful protestors start setting fires to buildings? Huh, guess it wasn't the feds fault there was violence afterall.

    1. Now it’s the Trump provocateurs causing the violence. All you have to do is read the comments on the Washington Post’s coverage of the Portland protests.

        1. I'm sure they'd find Jussie Smollett's attackers in that mob if they'd just start arresting people!

      1. First riots gave voice to the voiceless.
        Then riots were actually started by the police.
        Now riots were started by white supremacists, Russians and Trump supporters (I think this one will be the most popular)

        1. This really isn't a new narrative. When the first people were killed in CHAZ/CHOP some tried to blame right wing infiltration for the murders. Remember in 2016 when Antifa blocked Trump rallies and then pointed to the violence that ensued as evidence of how violent the right was?

    2. It's only been 72 days of violence. They are just getting their aggression out. Everything will be fine soon.

      Sure, a bunch of white liberals overtook the BLM movement, but they totes know what's best for their fellow minorities.

      1. Massah syndrome?

  5. Amazon and mall operator Simon Property Group are reportedly in talks to convert shuttered Sears and J.C. Penney stores into fulfillment centers...

    Like Sears and Penney's weren't fulfilling enough.

    1. Better break up Amazon before they get too big.

    2. I was wondering what they meant by fulfilling, they probably aren't think what I'm thinking

    3. South Park did it.

    4. JC Penney is literally a penny stock now. Hell, they're actually doing well now considering they're were at 11 cents per stock back in June (they're at 35 cents now)

    5. that would be cool if Amazon brought back the mail order catalog


    Nursing homes and other long term-care facilities account for a disproportionate share of COVID-19 cases and fatalities worldwide. Outbreaks in U.S. nursing homes have persisted despite nationwide visitor restrictions beginning in mid-March. An early report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified staff members working in multiple nursing homes as a likely source of spread from the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington to other skilled nursing facilities. The full extent of staff connections between nursing homes---and the crucial role these connections serve in spreading a highly contagious respiratory infection---is currently unknown given the lack of centralized data on cross-facility nursing home employment.

    1. When people finally become rational again, they will realize that the true Covid issue was terrible nursing home policies as 40% of the deaths have occurred related to or around a nursing home. A lot of this in blue states where people seem plenty happy to send off their "loved ones" to a downgraded nursing home. With the left's preferred destruction of the nuclear family and multi generational families, we can all look forward to this end of life care.

      1. "When people finally become rational again..."

        What do you mean "again"?

      2. The real covid19 issue is that it isn't different in any way from a typical flu, and was never anything but an excuse for the US "elite" class and the left to go full totalitarian and punish we the people for not supporting them enough

        1. Over 150K deaths in five months or so is a significant difference than the typical flu. The fact that this is still going on when the regular flu would have pretty much vanished by June.

          Not that I'm siding with government actions but this is not a typical flu. It's not the 2 million is going to die flu either.

          Here's an example of your totalitarians and punishment. She has been making noise about how the state is being unfair. So the goon squad was sent to shut her down.

          Some bars have started selling silly things like hot dogs, or chips and salsa just so they can serve drinks. You can't just order drinks either, someone at the table must have food. Another stupid requirement is that if you are in one of the outdoor seating areas you must sit. You can't stand. I got yelled at for that on Saturday. Stupid petty authoritarian shit.

          1. Both “it’s no different from the regular flu” and “we have to shut down the entire economy, if it prevents even one death” are both extreme beliefs that are harming the country. But our stupid Red vs. Blue Team cultural war makes our entire society collectively stupid and incapable of rational, adult governance.

            1. "it’s no different from the regular flu” entirely closer to reality than “we have to shut down the entire economy, if it prevents even one death”

              apples and lugnuts

              1. I agree that the first is closer to reality than the second.

            2. Let's not compare it to flu. While it's not that different, people tend to stop listening when you do that.

              I prefer to compare it to measles. People know about measles and worry about it, but they have a rational understanding of the risks involved (small but not non-existent, with about a 0.1% death rate for people without complications).

          2. Those 150,000 deaths are DEATHS WHILE INFECTED.

            There is no supporting evidence that all recorded COVID19 deaths in the USA were caused by the virus.

            Numbers and scientific facts dont mean much to the lunatics on the Left.

            I for one am glad that the lie that the Democrat Party is the party of science finally died in 2020.

            1. ""There is no supporting evidence that all recorded COVID19 deaths in the USA were caused by the virus. ""

              Sure, and if you cut it by 33% it's still the largest flu death since 1918. And it's not over.

              1. Because raw numbers tell us anything after population growth

                1. Hi, Tulpa!

              2. When does the flu season start and end?

                When did the Kungflu season start and end? The kungflu season started when China had their first case. So that season almost a year long. We only had 150k deaths while infected in 11 months.

                I think Flu deaths are better counted than Wuhanvirus deaths while infected.

      3. Didn't Italy have problems with their multi-generational households? I'd suspect the real problem is old people are susceptible to disease not where they are living. Also Cuomo's policies didn't help.

        1. Italy was also having hug an Asian parades.

      4. You cannot put that on “blue states”. It has been a common aspect of American culture for decades to stick old people away in a home. That’s on all of us, as a culture.

        I wonder if that will change post-COVID-19.

        1. In the South, we have homes built with In-Law suites to care for elderly family and give them the independence of their own home. That is not as common outside the South.

          1. Baloney. Plenty of in-law exist outside the South.

            1. “in-law suites”

            2. This contradicts your earlier statement.

              1. Fuck you

                1. Hi, Tulpa


    If you're a rapist you're free to go as you please but we better not catch you law-abiding citizens gathering in your own back yard.
    Quote Tweet

    Josh Kraushaar
    · Aug 7
    “Released from jail at height of pandemic, Alexandria rape suspect allegedly killed his accuser”

    1. At least he didn't kill grandma.

      1. That’s what really matters.
        Cue the sad Biden commercial about how Trump killed grandma.

        1. And stopped funding Social Security in order to starve her

        2. "" about how Trump killed grandma.""

          Can't be. I've heard Trump is failure at all things. Cuomo on the other hand has done a pretty good job.

  8. ...after Kodak spent $870,000 on lobbying expenses.

    Gotta spend money to make money.

    1. Had they spent the full million, maybe they wouldn’t be under investigation.

      1. Exactly, when it comes to bribing public officials to have them shape public policy around making sure your individual company has an easier time competing in the big scary marketplace, you need to go big or risk being investigated.


    I love how the paper that ran a major op-Ed titled "Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish The Police" timidly wrote this follow-up on the absolute terrorism by criminals and mobs of LARP'ing kids that occurs when you ACTUALLY abolish the police two months later:

    1. Abolish the Police? Those Who Survived the Chaos in Seattle Aren’t So Sure
      What is it like when a city abandons a neighborhood and the police vanish? Business owners describe a harrowing experience of calling for help and being left all alone.

      1. You can substitute 'Michigan Avenue, Chicago,' for 'Seattle' today. And the cops are mostly just watching it happen.

    2. This is a fascinating change. Especially the acknowledgement of Anti-Fa. Must be a changing wind. Burning down neighborhoods didn't play well, so a scapegoat must be found.

      1. Their pea brains might be grasping the implication that "no cops, no prisons, total abolition" means it's open season on them, too, and right-wingers would be free to shoot them dead as long as they have the numbers to back them up.

        Sort of like our nation's vibrantly diverse ghettos.

        1. Only Hispanic ghettos are diverse. Unlike African American ghettos.

      2. Democrats are looking at a Nixon election landslide by Trump if they keep it up.

      3. November is getting closer.

  10. Rioting broke out in downtown Chicago last night.

    Judgmental much?

    1. Peaceful cashless shopping is getting a bad name.

      1. LOL, thanks.

      2. Peaceful community asset rearranging.

      3. Peaceful wealth redistribution.

    2. there's a video of some dumb bitch livestreaming herself as she runs around inside a clothing store looking for something to cut the security wires that are keeping the clothes on the racks. What sort of genius livestreams themselves doing a crime?!

      1. It's Shitcago, you really have to ask?

        1. fair enough. The inbreeding is probably making WV and Alabama look normal.

    3. Only 2 shot? Rioting is the solution to Chicago's gun violence problem!

  11. What We Learned Sunday From Spygate Insider Steven Schrage

    Uh-oh Democrats. Time to pay the piper.

    1. Local News. The story that was the most important news of the last 3 years is so long ago.

      1. Over here! Look! Cases are spiking!

      2. Isn't it amazing how hard Reason is ignoring this.

        I think all we'll get in the end is a Both Sides article from Nick or Robby, followed by a piece from Welsh on how the GOP is totally misconstruing everything and nothing happened anyway.

        1. "I think all we’ll get in the end is a Both Sides article from Nick or Robby, followed by a piece from Welsh on how the GOP is totally misconstruing everything and nothing happened anyway."

          You're likely right. How many stories did they write here anyway about the whole mess over the last three plus years? And not even a Whoops! from the staff.

        2. To be sure.

  12. A Queer Indigenous Professor Who Died of COVID-19 Didn’t Actually Exist
    Academic Twitter users made friends with the nonexistent professor, mourned her death, and then discovered they had been catfished.

    1. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that the smattering of twitter users who post their contempt for lockdowns and mask orders and then a few weeks later contract the virus and die aren't real either.

      1. They deserve to not exist.

    2. Great shades of Smollet!
      Reminds me of the Gay Girl in Damascus hoax.

      Maybe the entire online woke world is just a guy in the basement of the Soros Foundation, pumping out tweets and tumblr posts.
      Could explain Tony, Jeff and Plug, too.

      1. I've thought 'Tony' was an employee of Reason for a long time. Certainly drove clicks, although 'Jeff' has supplanted him, I think.

        1. Jeff's intelligence has gone down over the years in my opinion, probably due to all the paint he's huffing.

  13. Protesters in Portland, Oregon, set fire to police union headquarters.

    It's the alliteration that requires they not be rioters.

    1. Arsonists in Portland, Oregon. By definition.

      1. Purveyors of heated debate, thank you.

      2. It works if you pronounce it Ahregon, not Oaregon.

    2. Regardless of what you call them, this might finally be an attack worthy of applause - an act, however unlawful, that is finally pointed at the right enemy.

      Police are like the rest of us - mostly good people with a minority of bad apples who belong in jail. Police unions, on the other hand, I have nothing good to say about.


    Widnes, NW England.
    Illegal immigrant alleged to have tried to snatch an 11 year old girl.
    Caught in the act by the family and instant justice dispensed.
    Police of course arrest the father.
    h/t to Jack Dawkins

    1. SWEDEN: Man Who Beat Armed Robber Arrested
      Burglar pointed gun at man's child, man beat burglar, man is arrested

      1. They arrested him to make sure he's present for his award ceremony, right?

      2. 'Shoot, shovel, and shut up,' is a thing for a reason. The last part is really important.

        1. Yeah, but that's Sweden. If it's Texas, the only thing you hear about is a missing person report, because the perp's already been dumped in the woods to feed the feral hogs.

          1. They were Vikings not that long ago... It will eventually occur to the brighter ones among them that the police may not have their best interests at heart in a situation like the tweet described. And so, why call them then?

            That Lutheran streak of sappy cooperative interdependence sure runs deep though.

            1. Sweden's been effectively neutered for a long time. They came out of World War 2 with a tremendous amount of self-inflicted guilt for having been neutral in two major world wars, one of which was practically existential the second time around.

              Read up on the career of Dag Hammerskold as UN Secretary-General if you want to see the embodiment of Swedish guilt (and the fetishization of Third-World cultures by European liberal-progressives) as a national identity.

      3. Its because normal people still think there will not consequences for use of natural rights. Unfortunately they havent been paying attention.
        But it is just a matter of time....too many stories of people getting charged for legitimately defending lives and property will cause a resurgence in vigilantee justice.
        Like most urban centers, people evreywhere will just stop talking to the police. "No officer, i was asleep, didnt see anything". Bodies will be dumped, and as needed there will be masked vigilantee gangs dealing out street justice and retaliation.
        This is the road the west is on, and the only difference from the past is that the US citizen is far better armed, while the rest of the west is largely disarmed. Interesting times.

  15. A California church held indoor services in violation of a restraining order issued by a judge...

    What's worse, they were snakehandlers!

    1. It actually was a peaceful protest of excessive executive orders.

      1. Was it largely peaceful, mostly peaceful or actually peaceful???

    2. --insert Samuel Jackson quote about MF-ing snakes--

  16. Trump's Latest Executive Actions Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional

    Its also unconstitutional for Congress to do what it is doing. For some reason, unreason loves to focus on Trump and gives Democrats (Party of slavery) a pass.

    1. Locking people in their homes is super constitutional.

      1. If its for their own good, then Okey-dokey.

      2. Unless there's an unburned courthouse nearby, then you have to let them peacefully deal with it and anyone who happens to be inside.

    2. MAYBE a few of the Reason writers should click on the VC link occasionally and not which of Trump's actions are specifically authorized in legislation passed by the congress?

      1. They might even 'NOTE which' - - - -

        (stupid squirrels)

    3. Ineffective? LOL It is a political rout. Pelosi and Cryin Chuck are begging for a deal today

      1. They overplayed their hand. Trump's order is bullshit from a Constitutional viewpoint but from a political standpoint it made the Democrats have to defend their obstructionist. They were saying no deal unless the $600/week payments were continued and the feds bailout the states. Now they are saying they were always ready to compromise on these issues.

        1. On a related note my wife lost her job at the end of June and it is tangibly related to COVID (she's a CNA and many nursing homes haven't been accepting new residents or very limited and many census is down in our area, with few deaths related to COVID but plenty from natural attrition, meaning fewer CNAs needed. As she was a contract employee, she didn't have her contract extended). However, because it is only tangibly related,and we can't afford for her travel anymore 5+ hours for a job and pay for housing (company changed its policy of paying room up front, now they require travelers to pay out of pocket and will be reimbursed) and therefore she can only take local contracts (which are few and far between) the state has been doing everything to deny her her unemployment. If she had voluntarily took unemployment in April, when schools were closed down it would have been no questions asked.

          1. Even despite my job going to work from home on March and April. She is currently training to be an EMT so she can get out of CNA work (and it pays a lot better), but is still looking for work. Unfortunately, the oil market crashed and many of the jobs in the area went with the oilfields.

        2. Exactly. It's a great move toward getting himself reelected, because he can say, "Look at this great thing I did for you, that the Democrats [stopped/tried to stop] with their lawsuit. They don't care about you."

    4. When you actually read the story it really puts the whole Trump is a tyrant BS in perspective. I have yet to see him flaunt the law like Obama did. He may issue questionable EO’s but when courts have issued an injunction he stopped an appealed he case. With these even the most “troubling” apparently is the one on payroll taxes that even his critics concede is probably legal. Even the so called “Muslim Ban” had a legal basis. However, Obama issued EO’s that even he claimed he did not have authority to issue, but he has that calming Methodist preacher voice so he got away with it.


    'Our community is terrified, angry and frightened': Upper West Side residents fury as homeless junkies and sex offenders are moved into three luxury hotels and turn the area into a spectacle of public urination, cat-calling and brazen drug use


      What has really upset residents in the neighborhood has been housing 10 sex offenders a block from a public school. What genius thought that one up?

      1. Some local pizza vendor.

      2. Bill Clinton.

      3. what genius thought that one uP? the same guy who put covid patients in elderly care homes

      4. Oh, come on, like any kids in a blue state are actually going to be attending school in person...

  18. Never stop democrats... WaPo with glam shots of the "peaceful protesters". 73 straight nights with fires set on the local PD station and threats to nearby residents.

    And last night Chicago felt the love with 5 hours of mass lootings.

    Not a great political message.

    1. This is how America gets a 1972 landslide for a Republican president.

      1. You would think so...

        Public order and safety is the one thing we expect city government on up, to be able to do. Liberty, justice, public schools, 300 kinds of ice cream: all those are nice, but the core purpose of government is to provide civic order.

        Governments which forget that? They go away.

        1. Chicago will be utterly Zimbabweified in about 20 years, unless the cartels decide to make that their upper Midwest hq.

          If it's one thing Latino bangers are really good at, it's ethnically cleansing black neighborhoods.

  19. "Rioting broke out in downtown Chicago last night."

    We in the progressive / libertarian alliance should avoid the word "riot." Instead, we should say "mostly peaceful protest infiltrated by right-wing saboteurs."

    And given that this occurred in Chicago, I wouldn't be surprised if the Drumpf supporters who tried to lynch Jussie Smollett were there causing more trouble. Why haven't they been brought to justice yet?!


      1. I dunno about that. I was kinda curious about how mr koch’s net worth fared over the weekend.

        Sigh. Some people just can’t be counted on to be consistent.

  20. 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were left sitting in a Beruit warehouse for seven years while Lebanese officials ignored warnings about the safety hazard they posed.

    That's nothing. The United States once left the Arc of the Covenant in a warehouse for decades.

    1. And it almost got busted up.

  21. New Study Finds Sweden’s Refusal To Lock Down Saved The Economy Without Sacrificing Lives

    The state of Georgia is also another example. Georgia has been "open" for months and schools started last week. We are at 4,000 deaths while infected.

    The Lefty Narrative is falling apart.

    1. Cuomo retreated just a few days after parents pissed off at public schools started calling him. Schools open up in NY this week.

      1. Yeah, apparently you can manipulate people with pandemic propaganda only so far. But the narrative falls apart for parents who reach stage 3 of "if you don't get these fucking kids out of my sight I'm gonna kill them".

        1. To be fair to parents, we all pay massive amounts in taxes for education. I got a cut in property tax because I challenged my county that we should not pay the same as last year when they had lower expenses this year.

    2. Sweden is playing the long game. I think that is the smarter game to play, but too many Americans don't have the attention span for it.


    A mother is excited because her 4 year old child is trans. The child, a biological girl, still dresses feminine, refused to have their hair cut and refused a new male name, but the mother knows the child is a boy because the child prefers to play with other boys

    1. It's the latest fashion accessory. the girl should appease her mother.

      1. For some people, political ideology is the ultimate fashion accessory.

        1. Woke is munchausen-by-proxy as ideology

    2. Maybe she is just a slut?

    3. Tomboys are women.

      1. What about Uncle Tomboys?

    4. Anyone remember the movie sleep away camp, where the deranged parent raised the boy as a girl, and he went crazy and killed everyone?

      1. Was this at Epstein's island?

        1. Afghanistan, at least.

    5. The mother is the kind of person who reads White Fragility to show how prog she is.

    6. Great, another attention-seeking horrorcow looking for internet asspats for having a "special" child.

      I hope the girl puts a hammer through Mommy Dearest's skull when she gets old enough to apply deadly force.

    7. Reading the words of that 'parent' left me physically nauseated. I actually had to get up and walk around to keep from vomiting.

      It is one thing to let kids form their own ideas about how they want to play and with whom. To engage with a child less than 4 years old about sexual identity is abuse. That a daycare or school would tolerate such obvious abuse is indicative of a very broken system.

      1. Some places call child services if you spank your child.

        But doing this to young kids is a-okay.

  23. Proponents of the bill argue it would actually make the state's licensing laws less burdensome by making it clear that shampooers do not need to obtain a full cosmetology license, which requires 1,000 hours of training.

    Seems like there's another direction you could go with this.

    1. It's the last 100 hours of training where the whole shampoo mystery really starts to come together.

      1. No wonder there are so many bald guys. Not enough training.

        1. We need common sense shampoo control.


    The first black woman to run the Seattle Police Department will now make $100,000 less than her white predecessor. So much for equity.

    1. Seems unlikely that the key to improving police performance is to pay police less but what do I know

      Right. When they fuck up constantly, you pay them more. Doesn't anyone know how government works anymore?

      1. Define constantly

    2. To be fair, she's getting paid what she's worth.

  25. Gretchen Whitmer’s Virtue Signaling Can’t Hide That Her Lockdown Strategy Has Failed

    Oh Michigan is so going for Trump again.

    I think Virginia will go Trump in 2020 even with all the bureaucrats in D.C. that hate Trump. The Party of slavery instituting so much gun control in VA will backfire. More and more Black Americans bought guns in recent months.


    Gun-toting terrorists created by the Democrats unlawfully restrain unarmed citizens. #VoteRed like your life depends on it.

    1. Because it will.


    Overnight there was rioting and looting in Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile shopping district. The violence began after misinformation spread about a shooting incident involving the police.
    has the latest.

    1. "The violence began after misinformation spread about a shooting incident involving the police."

      No, the violence began because there a bunch of feral motherfuckers in Chicago that usually only are allowed to rob and kill each other, but spectacular levels of incompetence in Chicago city government have allowed the ferals to rob and kill the people who keep the lights on and the tax coffers filled.

      I'll never go back to that town, if it remains like this. Too bad. Chicago can be a lot of fun.

  28. First I will preface this with I am against the executive orders, namely the spending. I'm fine with the payroll tax holiday. The latter part is not unconstitutional.

    Christian Lamar
    Who gave President Trump the power to cancel payroll taxes in the event of a declared disaster?
    Trump Hater John Kasich & Bill Clinton
    26 U.S. Code § 7508A. Authority to postpone certain deadlines by reason of Presidentially declared disaster or terroristic or military actions.

    But the best part of this EO is that Trump has made the left (and Reason editors) admit where spending originates, in the house. After a year of blaming Trump for the 3 trillion in Covid spending and the deficits from the yearly budgets.... there are now cries of spending being from the legislative branch.

    The sad part is idiots won't realize the hypocrisy of their arguments. How they can blame trump for deficits but now claim he has no power over spending. It is quite amusing to watch.

    1. Justin Amash
      Our Constitution doesn’t authorize the president to act as king whenever Congress doesn’t legislate.

      The funny thing over the weekend regarding this talking point was watching Eric Holder trend over the weekend as those who defended DACA were reminded of when they told a different story.

    2. The president has a part to play. I'd like to see him at least try to control spending. I'p perfectly happy to give Trump credit where it's due, but fiscal responsibility isn't one of those places.

      1. He has a part to play if the bills are not passed with veto proof majorities. At that point it is just cosplay if you expect him to do anything.

        1. Trump haters want Trump to play some political suicide game to fight veto proof majorities, while giving the House of Representatives a free pass when they control the purse.

          Trump should veto spending bills and make Congress revote their supermajority on record. Many Americans in key states dont want that right now, so I dont expect Trump to lose an election on that reason.

      2. Congress did it first and Reason isn't complaining about how Congress did it first which means Reason hates Trump because Congress did it first! Waaaaah! Reason suuuuucks!

        1. Well this is a dumb fucking take.

          1. "sarcasmic"

      3. Well the Ds want another 3 trillion and the Rs only want 1 trillion. The Ds are holding tough demanding their amount and are willing to break off talks if they don't get it.

        Who wants to spend more is in plain view for all to see.

    3. Do you really think politicians, especially at the federal level, can feel hypocrisy?


    On September 17, 2020 we will lay siege to The
    for exactly fifty days.

    We need your wisdom and expertise to pull off a radically democratic toneshift in our politics.

    Are you ready for #revolution?

    This is the #WhiteHouseSiege

    1. 50 days to leave your lover

    2. Is it a good idea to broadcast your battle plans?

      1. It's going to be a peaceful siege.

        1. I hope Kushner is taking notes. Clarifying which peaceful sieges in the Middle East we support and which ones we don't.

          It's one thing to be stupid, it's quite another to advertise it so openly on Twitter.

    3. Nathaniel A. Gregory ????????????????????????????????
      @Faithslayer202 Jul 31
      Replying to @Adbusters and @WhiteHouse
      It must be Peaceful, not Violent.

      @Adbusters Jul 31
      Only way ♥️

      I know! We'll have a siege! Yeah. And... and... it'll be a peaceful siege! That's the ticket!

  30. New ‘Sensitivity’ Editors At The New York Times Will Enforce Far-Left Propaganda

    The NYT has been a Commie rag for a long time. Its refreshing that they are just coming out and proving all of us right.

    1. Lol, creating their own political commissars because the government hasn't yet. On the bleeding edge of tyranny is where you'll find the ever earnest NYT.

      Is it libertarian for corporations to build their own Minitrues and Memory Holes without government assistance?

  31. Anyone who cares about Black bodies must vote for Joe Biden.

    It's been six years since Michael Brown's life was taken in Ferguson — reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing.

    Michael Brown, you'll recall, was killed by a cop for absolutely no reason — despite being in the #HandsUpDontShoot pose.

    1. Greg Popovich is OBL?

      1. #HandsUpDon'tShoot? He must've been yelling at Rodman.


    Did you know:

    Alleged rapist Ibrahim Bouaichi was released from jail to "keep him safe" due to Democrat China Virus policies

    He immediately hunted down his accuser and brutally murdered her

    Yet the media ignores this and only covers "illegal" church services—I wonder why?

    1. I know this is a big story among those that don't want pretrial detainees released and its a sad story.

      The problem is that every pretrial detainee has an 8th Amendment right to non-excessive bail. Murders, rapists, drug offenders, thieves...

      One of his conditions of bail could be to not be near the accuser. If she had a gun, she could have blown him away when he tried to hurt her again.

      States could also make it a capital offense to go after an accuser or otherwise commit a violent crime while on bail.

      1. Isn't it fairly routine to deny bail to defendants if the judge determines the meet some threshold of danger to others (eg. like this guy before the wuflu)? If so, how does that legally get around the 8th amendment, or does everybody just ignore that?

        1. Almost all judges at the trial level are operating under various unconstitutional playbooks.

          There are no "flight risk" or other exceptions in the 8th Amendment to all defendants having the right to non-excessive bail.

          Everyone just ignores it.

          1. Your point is valid, but it is difficult to generate sympathy for murderers.

            1. "Accused" murderers.

              Americans could always amend the Constitution and the 8th Amendment.

          2. "Excessive" is a necessarily relative, not absolute, term/value.
            Severity of alleged offense and the circumstances of the accused are logical factors

        2. If so, how does that legally get around the 8th amendment, or does everybody just ignore that?

          Just to be clear; In this case, wuflu shennanigans aside, what exact price would you have put on this woman's life? What price wasn't excessive in preventing her death?

          1. It wasn't a rhetorical question. I asked because I really didn't know, and occasionally there's some good discussion. I followed up and found the law that governs denying bail (18 U.S. Code § 3142,,
            Relevant section is (e) Detention.—), and the Supreme Court case that decided it was constitutional (UNITED STATES v. SALERNO ET AL, I just skimmed these so I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's at least the figleaf used to get around the 8th amendment's excessive bail clause.

          2. Ladies & Gentlemen allow me to introduce Willie Horton 2020.


    Portland rioters throw paint on elderly woman preventing them from vandalizing building

    1. No, no. Protesters donate a temporary tattoo to local woman.

    2. Yes, but you don't understand, it's okay because they were fighting fascism when they assaulted the old lady trying to defend her neighborhood.

    3. Caring citizens re-imagine fashion statement for late blooming Boomer while protecting her from micro-aggression from building name.

  34. Deep Inside, Rioters Are Angry That They Never Learned Anything But Lies

    "Our educational institutions have committed intellectual grand theft. They have withheld critical knowledge from students and replaced it with the poison of identity politics and political correctness. This makes it difficult for students to express independent thoughts, or even to think them. Where does that leave the victims who have been forcibly injected with this ignorance?"

    Trump is the best President in US History. If it weren't for him being elected, many of the Lefty tactics would not have been exposed to many Americans who choose to live with their heads in the sand. Lefty anger that Socialism will not take hold in America is impossible to ignore now.

    1. Seems like Education skipped critical thinking not critical knowledge. SMH
      Remember in the olden days when we read the whole book and not just the tweet post?


    Here is yet more evidence of the two-tier justice system we have in the United States. A “veteran insider” at the Department of Homeland Security revealed Wednesday that two different federal agencies have investigated Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Ankara) for months, but decided not to prosecute her for immigration fraud, despite clear and readily available evidence that she married her own brother as part of an elaborate immigration scam.

    A key clue as to why there will be no prosecution can be seen in the fact that Omar has accused those who have researched her unusual marital arrangements of “Islamophobia.” Ilhan Omar is a leftist, a black person, a woman, and a Muslim. These are the reasons why she will not be prosecuted. Anyone who dared to prosecute her would be excoriated in the establishment media as a racist “Islamophobe”; few have the courage to stand up against that onslaught.

    1. No reasonable prosecutor.

    2. "Ilhan Omar is a leftist, a black person, a woman, and a Muslim"

      Don't forget brother-fucker, she earned that one.

  36. Looters are not taking advantage of the BLM movement - looting is what the movement is.

    Look at their message/demands: all just euphemistically stating their desire to destroy and loot other people's resources, and threatening to keep doing so if anyone tries to stop them.

    Take a look at the violence, the chaos, the theft: it is leftism

    1. Still waiting for the first report of someone looting a pair of work boots.

      1. Does Nike make work boots?

        1. Certified by Uighur.

      2. Nothing says "Decent price for a high-quality pair of workboots." like The Miracle Mile.


    Antifa protesters beaten, 3 arrested, told "you came to the wrong city," after a wheelchair-bound man was allegedly assaulted at a Back The Blue march in Colorado.


      When ANTIFA makes a wrong turn into MAGA country.

    2. Just a couple blocks from my neighborhood. Wife and I went out to dinner and saw the protesters standing around the Police station as we drove by. Wondered what they were on about now. They were pretty active at the start of the whole thing but hadn't seen the white guilt groupies gathering for a while now. Joked about joining the protest. On the way back home they were all gone. Usually they are there all night. Found out the next day about the skirmish with a local PD press release.

    3. A black and blue march, you say?

  38. 2 Princeton grads just bought out hotels in Hawaii and Arkansas and are betting on college students paying them $15,000 to study in a 'bubble'

    1. paying them $15,000 to 'study' in a bubble


    “In June and July, Fox News was the highest-rated television channel in prime-time.

    Not just on cable.
    Not just among news networks.
    All of television.”

    1. I'm reading a lot of left leaning people starting to watch Fox because it was the only channel not blatantly gas lighting over the riots.

      1. Too bad they still gaslight the covid

  40. Coronavirus: Nine test positive at Georgia school where photo of crowded corridor went viral

    Look at the media attack Georgia because we had school start last week. The liars in the MSM will say anything to keep their Kungflu hysteria going.

    1. COVID clearly incubates instantaneously in school environments

  41. Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications sent across Virginia, including to dead people

    1. Almost never happened a half a million times.

    2. But since there are no convictions there is no problem or something.

      1. Evidence of attempted fraud is not evidence of fraud!

  42. CHECKPOINT CITY Cops stop 350 cars entering New York City at random new ‘coronavirus checkpoints’ to enforce quarantine rules

    Why anyone would roll their window down and stop for these unconstitutional checkpoints?

    I dont stop for DUI/Driver's license checkpoints and I sure as hell would not stop for an unconstitutional Kungflu hysteria checkpoint.

    4th Amendment. Police need probable cause to stop your vehicle.

    1. "I dont stop for DUI/Driver’s license checkpoints..."

      LOL. Sure you don't. And how was jail?

      1. You have been arrested for that?

        I never have. Everyone that I know doesn't stop for them either and have never been arrested.

        What would they arrested you for anyway? What constitutional law have you broken? None is the answer.

        The police depend on Americans being scared and stopping for police even when police are violating the Constitution.

        Let me ask you...if a cop yells for you to stop, do you? I don't. Unless a cop specifically stands in front of me and I know is talking to me, I ignore them. Even when they are talking to me, I ask "do you have a warrant or am I under arrest"? Since the police answer is always "no". I walk away.

        1. ""Unless a cop specifically stands in front of me and I know is talking to me, I ignore them.""

          I had a cop do that once trying to stop me and another car for speeding. The one car stopped and I just moved over to the left lane and went around. He could keep the speeder he got, or get in his vehicle and pull me over properly.

  43. Biden to stay in hiding as long as possible

    The MSM wont mention this but Democrats are not only going to lose Election 2020 but wont have the campaign money they are used to. If Biden wont shake hands nor talk to people, many average Americans wont give him a dime.

    1. You seriously need to get a life man. This cult devotion you have built up is not healthy.

      1. Poor Lefties. They are in so many Cults that they think other people must be in cults too.

      2. "You seriously need to get a life man. This cult devotion you have built up is not healthy."

        Fuck off, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

      3. That's rich coming from you. Tell me again about Russians.

    2. LOL

      Biden will humiliate Drumpf in the debates and cruise to a landslide victory (350 Electoral Votes minimum) in November.


      1. "Biden will humiliate Drumpf in the debates"

        By sniffing his hair and asking him if he is seeing anyone?

        1. The smell of Trump's pomade (superglue and aerogel) will be be both oddly arousing and disconcerting for the old reprobate, leading to a reacharound that will shock the nation.

    3. I wouldn't be so sure. It's already August. If a difference in campaign funds hasn't appeared yet I doubt we'll see it happen in the next two or so months, and I haven't heard anything in right-wing media about the Biden campaign falling behind. Plus, there are plenty of extremely rich, extremely leftist billionaires out there. With the frenzy that the left is working itself into, I can see them shelling out far more than they normally would to cover any fundraising shortfalls that do come up.

      1. Joe Biden (2020)-
        CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $273,717,273
        OUTSIDE MONEY: $136,468,241

        Hillary Clinton (2016)-
        CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $563,756,928
        OUTSIDE MONEY: $206,122,160

        Its not always what media says, even "right-wing" media. It's sometimes what the media doesn't say. Lying through omission is a valid tactic for some people.

        1. For completeness:

          Trump 2016:
          CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $333,127,164
          OUTSIDE MONEY: $100,265,563

          Trump 2020:
          CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $342,808,367
          OUTSIDE MONEY: $72,816,660

          So Trump seems to be outraising Biden by about $70 mil out of around 800 total so far. Bigger than I thought it was but not insurmountable.

          1. Wait! So, the presidency is now an auction? Maybe we should just run the election on eBay.

            1. "So, the presidency is now an auction? Maybe we should just run the election on eBay."

              Little Mikey? Is that you? Only way he'd sniff the Oval Office.

          2. I didnt mean for these amounts to be a comparison where whomever has the most/least amount of campaign money wins the election.

            I just meant to say that Democrats need a certain amount of bribe/Useful Idiot money to throw around and they have less this election. The Democrats could absolutely make up hundreds of millions but that takes time and it needs to be distributed to be effective. Democrats only have about 10 weeks before the election. Maybe it takes less money to win an election because of Kungflu hysteria.... I don't know.

            I put Democrat chances to win Election 2020 at <1%. Anything could happen.

  44. Yep- learned his lesson during impeachment that Congress won't do jack shit, not even their own gd job. Pathetic.

    1. So you think their jobs are partisan politics?

      1. He's stoooopid that way.

  45. Trump's Latest Executive Actions Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional

    Strangely, I find comfort in the realization that Reason will follow the word "Trump" with the word "Unconstitutional" with the sure predictability of a whack on the head when you step on a rake. It's a fun reminder that God is in His Heaven and Everything Is How It Should Be....

    1. Thought experiment. Can you think of anything Trump could do that you would consider to be unconstitutional? Just imagine. Can you imagine? Or is anything he does automatically constitutional?

      1. There's plenty. Now is there anything you can't blame on Trump?

        1. I'm pretty sure the 1/2 life for being able to continue to blame Trump for all problems is longer than 4 years.

          1. I'm already seeing people blame Trump for this year's deficits totally ignoring Pelosi's role in the amount spent.

  46. Educator/Activist forgets to not loudly state what should be kept quiet. Screen caps prior to him shutting down his thread:

    Teacher actually says he is worried about parents hearing their real teaching lessons.

    1. I was at a bookstore earlier this year, preCOVID, and a mom and her preteen daughter were looking for Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United states because it was assigned reading material at her school.

      At this point I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the CCP was in talks to start funding teacher's unions

      1. Zinn has done a huge amount of damage to our schools. But apparently it is getting worse. There was a teacher at one of the anti-school open marches that flatly stated on camera that when she recieves the material she is supposed to teach, she just throws it away and teaches the kids whatever she wants, generally activism.

        1. Principles over principals

      2. Betsy DeVos is right up there with Gorsuch as the best thing Trump has done in office.

      3. If you really want to annoy people, especially on the left, quote segments from Thaddeus Russell's Renegade History of the United States, including interviews with free slaves who claim to have been happier before emancipation.

  47. Jake Paul appears to allude to FBI raid as he breaks social media silence

    Im sure unreason will cover "protests", like those in Chicago as anything but the violent and criminal riots that they are.

    1st Amendment only protects peaceable assembly.

  48. The Left demanding that Trump exercise a unilateral authoritarian decree to halt evictions demonstrates the problem. The Right doesn't care what Trump does, he's their hero. And the left wants him to exercise power.

    Neither side has the slightest interest in actually limiting power. In my lifetime every president but one has received expanded powers, until today we have a presidency barely checked by other branches. The next will be worse, and the one after that might very well be South American style strongman. Congress is too busy engaging in a silly partisan team sports to bother noticing how increasingly irrelevant they have become. And the SCOTUS seems uninterested in checks. Perhaps its afraid of being packed.

    1. Italy locked down for 10 weeks and "stopped the virus cold."
      But they are having 500 new cases every week. So lockdowns aren't effective because you'll never catch all cases. As soon as the lockdown ends, the rogue carriers will once again spread it among all those who didn't get herd immunity during the first lockdown.
      I guess the solution is 100% lockdown forever until a 100% effective vaccine is discovered?

      1. 100% lockdown except for [insert lengthy list of professions needed to keep food on table, sewer/water/heat/lights on, etc].
        It doesn't stop the virus cold, it resets it for the next ride up the roller coaster.

  49. If teachers were not paid for sitting on their asses at home, no doubt their unions would be demanding schools open immediately and any
    "danger" would be debunked.

    1. Yep. I know a few, and funnily enough, it was the teachers who were mocking people who actually worked for a living for wanting to be able to go back to work and afford food and housing back during the nationwide lockdown. We need to go through the education sector right after we deal with the media.

    2. What is the place in the LA area that will "watch" your children take online classes for 200$ a week or day? I think it was in pasadena

      1. The L.A. County Jail?

  50. These cops are fucking murderers!!! God damn I just watched this and I'm shaking. These motherfuckers should be convicted, never see the light of day again and then they can burn in fucking hell for at least a 1000 years. God damn this country is so fucked up.

    1. God damn. Did you notice the way the cops reacted after they killed this person? There was hardly a reaction. Nothing. They showed no remorse. No acknowledgment of what they just did. Apparently, they have no souls. Are these cops even human? I don't know if the job turns them into soulless creatures from hell or whether it attracts these types of demons but it hardly matters. We have to stop this. These police and the system that supports them is evil incarnate.

      1. To be fair, he was a gamer.

      2. This is how you know all these riots are not about police reform. Other than a couple of articles there has not anything about this.

    2. What are you gonna do, wait until BLM riots over his being shot?

    3. Kinda like blaming the pit bull when it savages a kid, and not the douchebag owner who trained the dog.

      The cops did what they were trained to do. It was politicians and commissioners who created this scenario and the system that perpetuates it.

      This man's blood is on the hands of Kate Gallego, Thelda Williams and their predecessors in Phoenix.

      1. You don't solve this by banning all dogs. You put down the specific dog and then take action against the owners who created the monsters.

  51. "Trump's Latest Executive Actions Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional"

    Describing them as "ineffective" is probably missing the point.

    Once again, here's a comparison of the proposals--in terms of the issues that matter most.

    Democrats: $3.5 trillion in stimulus, including $1 trillion to bail out the states.

    Republicans: $1 trillion with no bailout for the states.

    If what President Trump did preempted a $1 trillion bailout for states with outrageous unfunded pension obligations, then what he did wasn't ineffective at all. In fact, if that's what you mean by "ineffective", then we need more ineffectiveness--just by constitutional means.

    In regards to what he did being unconstitutional, I'm not about to argue against that. Even what he did was constitutional, Congress should repeal whatever legislation gave the President the discretion to do this.

    That being said, if we absolutely must do something unconstitutional, it's nice to see it be something in favor of denying California, Illinois, and New York a bail out for their government employee pension systems--rather than a convoluted justification for forcing us all to buy insurance, invading some country when it isn't in our interests to do so, or violate the Fourth Amendment rights of hundreds of millions of Americans, inflict immigration policies by executive order, entering into a climate change treaty without even bothering to consult Congress.

    Watching progressives argue for constitutional restrictions on the presidency is about as refreshing as a cool drink on a hot summer day. I suspect there is little danger of the Democrats following through on a legal challenge, though--since trying to stop the President from extending unemployment benefits to 20 million voters three months ahead of an election is so stupid from an election standpoint that not even the Democrats will fall for it.

    1. It seems the constitutional or not question hinges on whether COVID fits the definition of a natural disaster covered by FEMA

      1. "Sur la nécessité, l’excuse des tyrans"

        ----Marquis de Condorcet, libertarian martyr of the French Revolution

        My observation on the constitutionality is that they should strip the president of all legal pretenses here. Everyone claims it's an emergency when they're violating the spirit of the Constitution. Has there ever been a violation of the Constitution that wasn't somehow justified as an unfortunate necessity through some reading of some law? Even if what he's doing is legal, it shouldn't be.

        And isn't it the case that gridlock in the legislature is often the justification tyrants use to seize power? This is how Bismark seized control of the government. The legislature couldn't agree on a necessary spending and tax bill, so Bismark ordered the tax authority to do this, and he ordered the treasury to spend on that--and they started doing what he said. The legislature still met, but what they did didn't really matter anymore.

        Same thing happened to the Roman senate. They continued to meet and argue and rubber stamp bills, etc. for 600 years after Augustus Caesar. When it happens in the U.S. our legislature will keep meeting and debating, and we'll argue about when exactly things changed. Some people will point to FDR as the beginning of the end, and some people will point to President Trump or George W. Bush. I don't think this is the end of the republic, by any means, but when it dies, this is the way it will happen. Some president will ignore the legislature in an emergency, and the American people will be glad when it happens.

        Most of them, anyway.

  52. Trump's Latest Executive Actions Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional



    1. Another new username, Mr. Buttplug? What happened this time — did a right-wing admin ban you again?

      1. Trying out a new model Sarah Palin Buttplug 2.

        It has a kick starter.

        1. Like you moped?

        2. As long as this model is over the age of 18 you will be better then the original

  53. "Proponents of the bill argue it would actually make the state’s licensing laws less burdensome by making it clear that shampooers do not need to obtain a full cosmetology license, which requires 1,000 hours of training."

    But how many of these hours are Diversity Training?

  54. Not sure if y'all saw, but Heels Up Harris was told by her sugar daddy Willie Brown not to take the VP slot publicly. Hope she knows better than to piss off "Big Willie"

  55. Welfare Scorecard per person

    Bush the Lesser $300
    Obama 0
    Trump $1200 and counting.


    1. Since Obama canceled all welfare spending during his 8 year administration, you have to wonder what he spent 12 trillion dollars on while he was doubling the size of the national debt.

      1. Drone strikes and drone strike accessories.

    2. "Sarah Palin's Buttplug 2"


  56. Pelosi: "This food is terrible! And the portions are too small!"

  57. I wish we could get more voters to pay attention to the difference between states that imposed lockdowns early, harshly, and for a long time and those that didn't.

    The unemployment rate for June 2020 breaks down like this by state:

    California: 14.9%
    New York 15.7%

    These are states where the lockdowns went into effect earlier, harsher (closed down restaurants), and lasted longer. I believe most restaurants are still closed in both California and New York.

    Here's the unemployment rate in states that didn't have mandatory stay at home orders or implemented them late, weren't as harsh, or didn't last as long:

    Iowa: 8.0%
    Missouri: 7.9%
    Utah: 5.1%

    There are some anomalies: Hawaii and Nevada have a tourism driven economy that's highly dependent on air travel and people congregating on beaches or in casinos, for instance. Their unemployment rates would have spiked with or without a lockdown. To a lesser extent, Alaska and Florida presumably suffer from the same effect.

    The general trend should be clear enough for anybody, though: Shutting down service industries has a dramatic impact on employment in the service industry. If there's any question about whether progressive politicians in California, New York, and elsewhere disregard the concerns of average working people, relative to other states, put it to rest. When they felt like they needed to sacrifice one for the other, it's average working people they put on the chopping block.

    Meanwhile, the long term effectiveness of mandatory lockdowns in containing the virus only holds for as long as 1) We don't have a vaccine and 2) The lock downs remain in effect. As soon as California and New York start lifting restrictions, the infection rate spikes again. It'll be interesting to see what the morbidity rates and infection rates were in different states--once it's all over. It may well be that California and New York won't end up with rates that are significantly better than states that didn't impose lockdowns that were so harsh for so long--with twice the unemployment rate.

    1. It is a mathematical certainty that without an effective vaccine, everyone will be exposed eventually. Lockdowns delay the inevitable..

      1. They may delay the inevitable, and they certainly come with additional costs in terms of unemployment and crime. And if higher unemployment and more crime are based on an entirely elective choice, people should know that.

        Can we choose to have half the unemployment rate and less crime, and did Cuomo and Newsom choose to have twice the unemployment rate and a spike in crime? They may have, and voters need to know about that.

        We get to make choices, too.

      2. I know people locked in their basement, not coming out. Looking into purchasing airlocks, etc.

        1. yep, I have a colleague who hasn't gone out since this shit started, she has her sister do it. She doesn't have an autoimmune issue, she's in her late 20s, and we live in TN, not exactly plague central. Smdh at how some people are freaking out about this.

          1. What does she look like and how horny is she? Same questions about the sister


    "SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE!" shrieked the Antifa thug with a 'DEFUND THE POLICE' sign and an ACAB T-shirt just before he was slammed to the pavement by the driver of the car whose progress he thought he could obstruct.
    I've seen a number of videos where there's pushback on Antifa/BLM from normal Americans, either by simply not stopping their vehicles or actually getting out and decking one of the loudmouth protestors.

    And I'm surprised (maybe I shouldn't be) how they react most of the time when this happens:

    They start screaming "Somebody call the police!"

    Isn't that kind of weird?

    1. they tend to be lying about people "driving through" the rioters too. What usually happens is that the driver slows to 5 miles an hour and tries to make their way through, and when mobbed THEN steps on the gas. Antifa then tries to claim that it was a "white supremacist" attack. Often times the driver is some poor minority working joe who was just trying to get to work or home


    Portland rioters burn police union building and threaten to burn down nearby house. These are the people that Reason supports and makes excuses for and whom the LP Presidential nominee praises and supports.

    Heck of a job Wokeltarians. Heck of a job.

    1. The media's refusal to use the terms "riot" or "rioter" have been disastrous for the First Amendment.

      If the news doesn't distinguish between protesters and rioters, we shouldn't expect the American people to distinguish between them either.

      There are "protesters" coming this way? Katy, bar the door. I'll get my gun, and you call the fire department.

      1. They are making protests illegitimate by associating them with riots. That is going to hurt the left a lot more than the right

        1. Leftists protests generally are pretty illegitimate anyway, so... *shrug*


    WATCH: Pelosi Confirms ‘China Would Prefer Joe Biden’

    1. And Russia would prefer Trump. Another great reason not to support either of the major party candidates.

      1. Where is your cite?

      2. Did an official of the Russian government, who signed a sworn statement that his word represents "Russia" in total, say this on camera while holding up his passport and matching birth certificate?

        1. Did a Chinese official make an analogous claim of support for Biden?

          1. Yes, Pelosi did.

  61. Libertarian Presidential Candidate to Miss Rally After Being Bitten by Bat

    "I will not be able to attend the campaign rally tomorrow morning," Jorgensen tweeted Friday. "I will be getting a rabies vaccine as a precaution after having been bitten by a bat near the start of this campaign tour! I have every intention of participating in the FLAME march and I will deliver remarks at the #LetHerSpeak rally in Hattiesburg later in the afternoon."

    1. COVID v2.0: This time, the bat bites back!

      1. Pretty good metaphor for her embrace of Marxist theory

  62. Hong Kong police have arrested business tycoon and publisher Jimmy Lai for violating the semi-autonomous Chinese city's new national security law.

    Importing a trillion dollars a year worth of cheap Chinese shit is going to turn China into a liberal democracy any time now.

    1. Turning the United States into an authoritarian state sure isn't going to solve the problem.

      1. ^ You heard the man ,time to end the lockdowns and mask mandates!

        1. Link to where I ever argued for lockdowns or mask mandates.

      2. "Any year now."


    As Portland experiences more than 70 days of violent protests, riots, arson attacks, soaring homicides & shootings,
    actually published a glowing photo essay on #antifa riot fashion. What is wrong w/reporter
    & the editors there?

    1. I know, it’s terrible. Not exactly haute couture.

  64. Not sure if Ra's al Gore mentioned this elsewhere, but Antifa got it's ass beat at a Blue Lives Matter protest in Ft. Collins. Basically, they attacked someone in a wheelchair as they were being "escorted" out of the neighborhood, and about a dozen guys threw them into a ditch and proceeded to beat the shit outta them, while others with guns watched.

    Cops showed up after the fact and arrested 3 or 4 Antifa goons, and of course the BLM/Antifa morons are reeing about "peaceful protest" and "police abuse".

    1. I LOL'd watching the video. Poor target selection by Antifa. When the fat, older, bearded guys with the motorcycle vests show up, it might be time to prepare for a brawl. Jus' sayin'.

      Chased them down into that drainage ditch, and that was that.

      1. That is like the third video I have seen with a bunch of old fat guys kicking the shit out of Antifa. Don’t screw with old fat guys I guess

        1. eh, more like, don't mess with working men who have some muscle beneath the fat, when all you've ever done is bitch and complain into your soy non-fat cappuccino latte while living off your grandparent's money.

          1. "...working men who have some muscle beneath the fat,"

            'Polar bear' builds. You see it on a lot of cops too. Anyone that lifts a lot, but also eats a bunch of garbage food and thinks the physical activity will burn off the fat. Or the activity did, when they were 20-25, and not so much now at 45-50.

            1. "outdrinking my exercise"

      2. I liked "nobody draw your weapons; just keep punching each other in the face"

        1. Also when the dude pinned the little soy boy with an American flag, like a spear

    2. They get their asses kicked. They are pathetic

  65. The New York Times has the backstory on how 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were left sitting in a Beruit warehouse for seven years while Lebanese officials ignored warnings about the safety hazard they posed.

    Even though this started while Obama was in office, I'm assuming this is Trump's fault.

    1. >>while Lebanese officials ignored warnings

      while Jarrett & Hamas funded Lebanese Warning Ignorers

    2. That the wharf in question was---allegedly---run by Hezbollah, didn't help for a speedy solution to the problem either.

      Though it's darkly hilarious to think of these geniuses deciding to store confiscated fireworks right next to a few thousand tons of Nitropril, and then deciding to do some welding next to that.

      1. >>Hezbollah

        yeah those guys not Hamas der.

        1. Hamas is more responsible. They wouldn't have left 2750 tons of explosives lying around for 7 years.

      2. "Fireworks"

        Did those popping flashes prior to the big boom look like fireworks detonating?

        1. They did to me. As well as people purporting to be pyrotechnicians. Looked a lot like 'salutes'.

          I think Hez might've been helping themselves to the stash. Further, as one mass right next to town, Hez might've been relying on that deterring the Izzies from blowing it up. It's one thing to have a few people standing next to the car bomb when it goes off and kills X Hamas leader; it's another to carve out the heart of a city doing the same thing.

  66. Child abuse
    Study: Some children find spending time in nature ‘distressing’ because of the despair of climate change

    1. they asked the hovermoms or they asked the kids?

      1. "C'mon kids. It's time to go visit your cousins at Deer Camp." Or camping with the Scouts. Talk to me after some ridiculous hike into the woods, and living in the dirt, then I'll listen to their 'distress' about the outdoors.

  67. Are the squirrels eating anyone else's comments?

  68. President Trump's peace process in Afghanistan took a big step forward yesterday:

    As some of you may have heard, at the end of February, President Trump negotiated and signed a deal with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan in 14 months. The deal had a number of phases. The first phase had to do with the Taliban not targeting Americans, not using terrorism, not harboring terrorists, etc, and they've abides by those terms since. The next phase required the Taliban to negotiate a power sharing agreement with the U.S. backed government of Afghanistan.

    That got off to a rocky start--starting with the prisoner exchange. The Taliban had about 1,000 prisoners from the Afghan security forces they were holding, and they freed them, but the U.S. backed Afghan government dragged its feet on freeing about 4,000 Taliban prisoners. Finally, the Trump and Pompeo started withholding U.S. foreign aid to the Afghan government, and suddenly they were willing to release about 3,600 Taliban militants. The last 400, they said, were terrorists and too dangerous to release. The Taliban wouldn't start peace talks with the Afghan government until those 400 were released.

    1. It appears that the U.S. backed Afghan government was genuinely concerned that they didn't have the backing of the Afghan people to release those prisoners. They held a Loya Jirga with 3,000 people from all walks of life to vote on releasing those 400 Taliban prisoners, and they endorsed it--indicating that the people of Afghanistan appear to be committed to President Trump's peace plan to the extent that they're willing to free 400 murderous terrorists if that's the price of bringing peace to Afghanistan.

      Those 400 prisoners are being released, and cease fire talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban are scheduled to begin three days after the release of those 400 prisoners. Once the cease-fire is in place, they will start negotiating on a power sharing agreement. Once a power sharing agreement is in place, the United States is scheduled to leave Afghanistan seven months from now. There are a lot of things that could go wrong between now and then, but all signs are pointing towards all parties moving towards a U.S. exit in seven months.

      ----See Link Below

      If you'd asked me when were would be out of Afghanistan a couple of years ago, I'd have responded that it'll be sometime after we get out of Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

      Meanwhile, President Trump is putting pressure on both Germany and South Korea to pony up for more of the costs of their own defense of seeing the U.S. draw down our forces in their countries.

        1. It sounds great. Just prepare for another Fall of Saigon scene, complete with Boat People, and the massacre of everyone who looked like they might have helped us over the last 19 years. Still worth it.

          "Power-sharing..." Where do they come up with this shit?

          1. It's happened before.

            I"m thinking about the Khmer Rouge and the years between the Vietnamese invasion and the death of Pol Pot. There were factions that abandoned the countryside for legitimacy in the new government. Once the Taliban starts negotiating with the Afghan government for power and control, different factions within the Taliban will start seeing each other as rivals. The whole dynamic changes.

            This used to happen a lot in South America. Someone like Pinochet stepping down doesn't happen unconditionally. We want immunity for this and that, and we want our guys in charge of the military and police. We want to be included in the legislature, etc.

            Polanski made a movie of Death and the Maiden based on that, where it's unclear whether the quest for peace if possible if the price is forgone justice, or whether the victims of injustice are paranoid or insane in their pursuit of justice--even if the price of justice in the real world is more strife and further atrocities? Maybe the the torturers and their victims really should have to sit next to each other in peace watching an opera about justice.

            I can't speak for what the people of Afghanistan want. As an American, I can tell you what I want--which is the U.S. out of Afghanistan. Whether it's through a power sharing agreement or something more personal, the Taliban and the people who fought them, the terrorists and their victims will need to learn how to live together. They also used to use truth and reconciliation commissions. Whatever gets them to that point, they'll need to get to peace somehow--because the U.S. may be going away but the Taliban isn't.

            1. The last marine to lift off from Kabul will leave it exactly as the first one to land. It is not the fault of the soldiers. The politicians are to blame.

              We lost the war.

              And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for?
              Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, next stop is Afghanistan.

              1. If the purpose of the war was to make American style democracy and freedom flourish like it does in Texas, then we lost--and that may have been Bush Jr.'s purpose in the war.

                If the purpose of the war was to destroy Al Qaeda, kill the Osama bin Laden, and rid the country of terrorism, then we didn't lose the war at all. Let's not forget that Afghanistan really was a constitutionally valid war of self-defense.

                . . . which isn't like Vietnam at all. We didn't even have a draft, so if Country Joe doesn't know what we were fighting for, that's just fine--since he didn't have to fight if he didn't want to.

  69. The New York Times has the backstory on how 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were left sitting in a Beirut warehouse for seven years while Lebanese officials ignored warnings about the safety hazard they posed.

    Let me guess: A highly-placed confidential source within Hezbollah gave them the inside dope?

    1. Hezbolahlahlah probably has someone on staff at the NYT.

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  71. Here's a good generic headline: [Fill in the blank] Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional.

    Maybe replace possibly with probably to make the headline more widely usable.

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  73. Trump's Latest Executive Actions Are Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional
    “Ineffective” at just what, sating the incorrigible? Uncurl your lips an let me ’re-create this scenario and the likely occurrences; if you still can’t imagine an “effective” as a result you’re ether; you really aren’t libertarians, or you’re blinded by TDS.

    Assume a freeze on payroll deductions was in effect and removed until January, what do you think is going to happen in February; everybody is going bend over, and not want an entirely new tax system in its place? Trump just blew up the nationally dreaded income tax and the LP has he chance to advocate for a new system, and you can’t find anything effective to say?

    What Trump did was put the tax code as the main topic of this election; whether he can do this I don’t know, but now everybody wants the current system, it’s a lame duck.

  74. The both slightly smaller and much larger headline is:

    Trump Likely Ineffective and Possibly Unconstitutional

    The Trumpy the Clown Show's plot is twisting from idiocracy to autocracy.

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