Joe Biden

Joe Biden: 'Why the Hell Would I Take a Test?…Are You a Junkie?'

The Democratic Party presidential candidate attacks Donald Trump's mental faculties while revealing his own issues.


Joe Biden enjoys a comfortable lead over President Donald Trump in most polls, but the former senator and vice president is famous for gaffes that worry his supporters virtually every time he opens his mouth, especially without a script.

In an interview earlier today with CBS's Errol Barnett, Biden scoffed at the idea that because of his advanced age—he would be the oldest person ever to take office if elected in November—he should take a test to show he has his wits about him (a few weeks ago, Trump discussed taking a cognitive test on Fox News).

"Why the hell would I take a test?" he asked angrily before launching a rant:

That's like saying, 'You—before you got on this program you took a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?'

The weirdness doesn't end there. Throughout the exchange, Biden's affect is exaggerated and he repeatedly stammers and cuts himself off, at one point stumbling repeatedly when announcing that he's confident he will shine in any debate with Trump.

I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical and mental fil…my physical as well as my mental fil…and mental fitness…and to make a judgement about how I am.

Either Trump, who is 74, or Biden, who is 77, will be elected president come November. The behavior and speech of each have given rise to legitimate questions about their cognitive functioning at the exact moment when the United States is skewing younger (more than 50 percent of Americans are below the age of 40). The sort of display Biden put on today is only going to sharpen concerns about our gerontocracy. Based on their campaign plans and past performances in office, I don't plan on voting for either Trump or Biden. But if they are going to wreck the country, it would be good to know that they at least knew what they were doing.

Click below for the 90-second clip. Go here for the full interview.

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  1. Is that the same Joe Biden ‘constantly tested”?
    Is that the same decisive Joe Biden that can’t even choose a VP candidate?

    1. CNN claims his comments here were a “clarification” of his earlier claims. Because “clarifications” are usually 180 degree reversals.

    2. What kind of person constantly takes a cognitive test?

      The only reason I could think of is that you (or your doctor) suspect you’re in decline and you’re trying to validate that theory or measure how much decline is happening. No one who is confident in their cognitive ability would bother taking tests regularly.

      Taking one because you’re running for President and you need to silence the haters makes sense, taking one on any kind of regular interval is strange unless you’re monitoring a problem.

      1. No one who is confident in their cognitive ability would bother taking tests regularly.

        I think Joe Biden is far enough in his decline that he has no self-awareness of it.

        1. I think most people, unless they’re quite attentive and introspective, have no self-awareness of it. And lucky them. Declining and noticing it is a special sort of hell.

          1. Flowers for Algernon, man. Makes me weepy just thinking about it.

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          2. It is the thing I fear the most.

          3. “I think most people, unless they’re quite attentive and introspective, have no self-awareness of it.”

            Nope. Never underestimate the power of denial. Most people are, practically speaking, aware of their decline, they just minimize, avoid, and obfuscate as much as possible. Typically will continue in this pattern until they cannot do so anymore, then while becoming obvious to everyone else, they themselves are often well past the point of recognition or acceptance.

            1. FFS Admit shit. Who wants to open the door to being declared incompetent so people can steal your shit and make all of your decisions.

        2. He’s at least subconsciously aware of it based on his stammering retort.

      2. Silly. Is that a wilful misunderstanding? It’s clear he meant just being out in public is as much test as the public needs.

      3. Trump has already won because we’re talking about it. It’s akin to one of those “I’m not going to say anything about my opponent’s lack of a brain, I think he’s plenty smart [for a mule].”

        1. This guy gets it.

        2. Debate Between President Reagan and Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale in Kansas City, Missouri

          “I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

    3. It’s time to introduce a cognitive capacity test that candidates have to pass to become President. It’s clear both Trump and Biden would fail such a test.

      1. Cognitive function and language ability are not necessarily related. It’s possible that either of them is not cognitively impaired, but simply has poor language skills. A proper test can distinguish those. Poor language skills, are, of course, a serious concern in themselves for a President.

        1. “It’s possible that either of them is not cognitively impaired, but simply has poor language skills.”

          Biden’s speeches from 8 years ago were substantially different than his talks today. His language skills have clearly declined.

          Granted, he’s got an easy road to the White House, but the one spot that could trip him up are the two debates. If his campaign starts talking about not having debates, then that will be a red flag.

          1. There definitely will not be debates.

          2. The press is already going down this road. They know debates will be the end of the election.

      2. Except Trump passed it 5 out of 5 which is higher than the normal rate of 3.7 out of 5 average. Per the doctor who developed the test.

        But you knew this.

        1. Lol. How did you do on the test? Were you impressed with Trump’s results?

          1. He just explained it. Maybe you need to be tested. It might explain a lot.

          2. Was this a sarcastic comment or just a stupid one you will claim was sarcasm..

            What part of my post was unclear dummy?

        2. Given by the staff at Walter Reed. But I am sure this one time they actually got things correct over there at the VA, the doctors may have even sobered up to do this one. I am surprised he got an actual appointment and not just put on the secret wait list.

          1. Walter Reed isn’t a VA hospital.

            1. Aw, you just spoilted all of SAGN funnies.

              In the words of the late great Roseanne Roseannadanna, “Nevermind”

        3. Dont know if its sadder that HE thinks its impressive that he passed it 5/5 times, that you find it impressive (might be the most embarrassing), or that you think you can take the statement seriously at all.

          I mean this was reported by a morbidly obese, unhealthy low IQ declining guy (that’s Trump for clarity, not talking about you) who lies as easier than he breathes (what with the clear sleep apnea). Im sure he def took it 5 times…and every time it was perfect… Administered to him by the doctors that told him “sir you are the picture of health” and reported by a non stop liar with no way of verifying it. More likely that he borderline failed it; we do have him on camera telling Chris Wallace how hard he thought the last 5 questions were…that alone tells you he probably either did poorly or actually wasnt able to answer the questions well, probably failed and told the docs there to never speak of it again.

          Man the fact that 35% of the country is sold by this snake oil salesman is truly tragic.

          1. I’m setting the over/under for your IQ at 97.5

            1. I’m taking the under, despite Jimbo’s clear implication that he is a medical doctor, a psychologist, a mind reader, Cathy Newman AND has the power to insist that reality is what he says it is.

              He also, given the TDS, thinks he is a “journalist”.

          2. his doctor released the results.

            Does TDS make one retarded? Trump took a cognitive test used commonly on the elderly. He passed with a perfect score. The doctor who created the common test described the test and discussed Trumps results as being good.

            You: yeah but trump has cognitive issues.

            Holy fuck some of you are dumb.

            1. I’m not convinced you people ever actually watch Trump speak.

              1. Have you?

                Because Trump seems to do quite well and is easily in the 99% percentile for public speaking skills.
                A certainly in the upper half of all prior presidents.

                Have you listened or watched other current politicians recently? Hillary is horrid. Pelosi is horrid. Warren, Kamala? no one wanted to watch them. Bernie had some flair, but not enough to carry the day. Obama has skill, but certainly isn’t exceptional. He would be mocked for half the stuff he spews if he had an (R) next to his name. The recent eulogy as a prime example.

                1. The wide-ranging effects of TDS were confirmed with the media responses to Adam Schiff’s repetitive, content-free impeachment summary, which was described in such glowing terms I thought Cicero, Churchill and MLK must have possessed the pencil-necked, pop-eyed serial prevaricator. But no. It was sheer gaslighting.

                  I might have thought the praise of his speech to be the most delusional thing ever to come out of so-called “journalists”, but 2020 had already taught me not to assume limits on the idiocy, brazenness and delusion they were capable of.

                2. You are completely delusional.

          3. The very fact that you don’t know the first thing about a test or the people who administered it that you are actually criticizing is all that needs to be said about taking you seriously. It’s fun to just make up “probable” shit and then use that as the basis for your opinion. Gonna guess that you often also quote yourself as an expert, amirite?

      3. We need cheap cognitive ability tests in every home. Damn the FDA.

        1. If you don’t pass, you can’t leave your house without a mask.

          1. Or a condom, preferably.

            1. Body condom.

      4. “It’s clear both Trump and Biden would fail such a test.”

        Not both, but it is clear you have TDS and you will pass that test.

        1. His imaginative conjectures, presented as “what must be true”, will pass the only test that counts: blue-check Twitter.

          NOTE: Zero tests confirm the validity of any assertions deriving from blue-check Twitter, but “some people” (on blue-check Twitter) “question the methodology” of the tests’ non-findings. Also, racism.

      5. We have one – it’s called common sense.

    4. “Is that the same Joe Biden ‘constantly tested”?”

      Nobody said he passed.

      1. He’s constantly tested by trying to avoid Shitting himself every day, or forgetting where he is. And he was pretty stupid even in his prime.

  2. Ironically enough, many people do in fact take a test to see if they’re on cocaine or not before they get the job.

    1. Drug testing might have prevented The War on Errorism.

      1. Yes, because Al Qaeda would surely have not launched 9/11 if Bush hadn’t been elected. Fuck, that was a stupid attempt at being snide and sarcastic, even by your rather (low) standards.

          1. Oh, great! A wiki cite!

            1. Jfc. We are engaging with literal idiots here. It’s not even fun entertaining myself at your expense, Sevo. I just feel bad. I gotta stop this. This is not healthy.

              1. I know. I get the same thing. This place was more fun when everyone agreed the president was an over empowered obstacle to liberty.

                1. you’ve never offered an intelligent rebuttal. You’re too dumb to understand this.

              2. “It’s not even fun entertaining myself at your expense, Sevo.”

                Since you’re a fucking lefty ignoramus, I’m sure you’re adequately entertained wiping the drool off your chin.

              3. The one denying Trump aced a publicly released cognitive test is calling others idiots. Never change chipper.

      2. That was a great album, and if you had tested anyone from NOFX during that time you’d have broken your machine.

        1. That album is when I stopped listening to them, but to each their own.

          1. Definitely some duds on there. Separation of Church and Skate, Idiots are Taking Over, Mattersville and Anarchy Camp are still on my playlist though.

            Anarchy Camp was especially fun during the whole CHOP thing.

      3. But would drug testing have prevented the disastrous War On Drugs?

    2. Give Torpedo Joe a break. It’s not like he or his family have ever had to apply for a job in the last 45 years or so.

      Fucker’s been a Senator longer than I’ve been alive.

      1. And what would any of them know about cocaine?

        1. Worked for Marion Barry.

      2. An election is kind of like a job application, only worse.

    3. Maybe he’s remembering paying to get his son hired?

  3. If they can just keep Joe off TV long enough…

    1. I’m thinking the best adds Trump could run would just contain Joe Biden interview clips.

      1. Honestly, this election season, almost every attack ad I’ve seen makes me want to vote for the person under attack. For example, in Georgia, Kelly Loeffler is running a bunch of ads attacking Doug Collins’ history as a defense attorney, and I’m like, “Hey, he sounds pretty all right!”

  4. so Biden’s handlers are coking him up. would explain the energy *and* stammering incomprehensibility.

    1. That’s not a bad theory.

      1. seemed like a tell to bring it up.

        1. Right; would be tragic to let them know they’be been found out. Like Napoleon put it, never interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake.

        2. He was asking in case the interviewer had some to share.

          1. “I wasn’t being racist. I just figured that, being a negro, he might have some to share!”

            1. But was he a “clean” negro?

              1. Now, now. Be fair.
                Joe likes all races, even the bad ones.

    2. Way to even out the playing field

      1. props for a good jab.

    3. Hunter has been slipping it into his Dad’s coffee. Worthwhile investment if it lands him another cushy job with a foreign power seeking favors.

  5. “Either Trump, who is 74, or Biden, who is 77, will be elected President come November.”

    Uhhh… that’s a bold statement.

    1. “Uhhh… that’s a bold statement.”

      You know something about the next three-four months that we don’t, Farnham?

      1. Haven’t you heard how many people close to Trump have tested positive for the ‘Rona?
        With how deadly this virus is, he’s not likely to last much longer…

        1. And how deadly is it, O Great Karnak?

      2. Ha, just that both of those guys are old as dirt, and old people have a nasty habit of dying. Also, they’re the presumptive nominees of political parties that have never showed much loyalty to people or principles… and these are exceedingly turbulent times.

        Just saying there’s a decent chance either nature or opportunism could throw a curve-ball in the next several months.

        1. And then there’s Ginsburg with both legs and an arm in the grave while digging with the other one. That alone could set off a whole new round of riots.

          1. RGB is irrelevant at this point. No way a new justice is confirmed before the election. The precedent has been set.

            1. Yeah, I think you’re confused about what the precedent was.

              Anyway, I’ve looked at the mortality tables, and while it wouldn’t be totally shocking for either of them to die before the election, the odds are still very much against it. They’ve both got a 97-98% chance of living out the year.

            2. The precedent that the Senate has a say in confirming the USSC Justice?

              Or are you being “sarcastic” again instead of stupid.

              There have been many non votes for a nomination in USSC history.


              Look for lapsed.

              But again, because you said something stupid, i’m going to guess youll claim sarcasm.

            3. Chipper? Where did you go dummy?

              You’ve failed twice in this comment thread with idiotic takes. Wait, sorry. Sarcastic takes.

      3. Well one is just another impeachment away and with all the hair sniffing the other does amazing he hasn’t caught covid yet

      4. If I were in my mid to late 70’s, I wouldn’t be making any long term plans that I actually expected to keep.

        1. OTOH Trainer, you don’t get their medical care. Jeez, what is it now, three times Ginsberg’s faced down pancreatic cancer? Most people get smoked the first time it shows up.

          I have said here before that a lot of people’s problems would magically end if Donald Trump did too. There is no Trump 2.0 waiting where the Orange One left off. That, more than his age—which is elderly too—would make me think he has a chance of not making it to November.

          But wow, would there be fireworks if he were to die. Even if by ‘natural causes.’

    2. Yes, it is a bold statement. There are no official nominees yet, and both parties are highly motivated to dump their front runner. It’s quite possible the neither Trump nor Biden will be on the ballot.

      1. Possible? Yes. Probable? No.

    3. On election day, Biden will be just a couple weeks short of 78.

      1. “Election Day”. It already sounds quaint.

  6. Just wait until Biden humiliates Drumpf in the debates.


    1. BidenIsAsSharpAsEver: that’s the problem OBL

    2. Sharp enough to cut butter left out on a 90 degree day.

      1. This assumes he knows what “cutting” and “butter” are without his brain overheating.

    3. John Oliver! Where’ve you been hiding? Somewhere to build a sense of humor, I hope.

  7. ” But if they are going to wreck the country, it would be good to know that they at least knew what they were doing.”

    Yes, the important thing to know is if they are too senile to wreck the country competently.

    1. The difference does imply different strategies for their opponents.

  8. Joe Biden takes a test every time he’s in front of the camera. And fails.

    1. Hilarious

  9. I just watched the video and Biden sounded completely rational to me. His answer to the cognitive question was basically “go fuck yourself, I’m fine” and I like that about Biden.

    1. Fuck off shit post junkie.

      1. Who ruined you? Was it your parents?

        1. The fact that you like anything about Biden pretty much covers it.
          Tells me you’re very much in favor of a particular political party fucking every up, because it just “feels right.”

          1. There are things I like about Trump.

            1. Well pick a side for fuck’s sake; everyone else has.

              1. I have chosen. I’m voting for Biden.

                1. Repeat:

                  Tells me you’re very much in favor of a particular political party fucking every up, because it just “feels right.”

                  1. How bout I go eat lunch? BLT and salty chips.

                    1. That sounds great.

                    2. If that is the best you can do. Load up on the fat and salt while you’re at it.

                2. I have chosen as well. I choose “None Of The Above.”

                  1. And yet, come January of next year, you will be subject to the whims of whichever god-king ascends the throne through our complete farce of a binary electoral process.

                    I’ve been working on learning Marxist double speak. How’s this: Our most precious freedom is the lack of ability to opt-out.

                  2. The only rational choice.

                    1. No, it’s the opposite of a rational choice.
                      It might be the logical choice, or tthe sensible choice, but it isn’t the RATIOnal choice

                    2. I’m sick of voting against what I perceive to be the greater of two evils. Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche? Fuck it. I didn’t bother to register to vote last time I moved.

                    3. Hey Nardz, was that a math joke? I thought you were too obtuse for something like that. I’m impressed.

                    4. No, it wasn’t a joke – it was a comment on word choice.
                      Rational, in this case, would be deciding to vote for a candidate based upon which you judge to have the more favorable ratio of pros and cons.
                      Not voting isn’t the rational choice because it’s simply refusing to compare/pick one over another.
                      Unless you’re concerned with voter participation numbers, in which case it would be rational to choose to increase the non-participant number by not casting a ballot

                    5. “No, it wasn’t a joke”

                      Yeah. Shame on me for thinking you had a sense of humor.

                    6. “Rational, in this case, would be deciding to vote for a candidate based upon which you judge to have the more favorable ratio of pros and cons.”

                      Now do choosing between ingesting cyanide or arsenic.

                    7. Your analogies are as bad as Jeff’s.

          2. I think it’s the Lard of Oklahoma sock.

    2. To be fair, he knew where he was this time.

    3. And he didn’t wander off camera. So I agree, it’s a win.

      1. And he didn’t start to menace the interviewer this time.

        1. kinda seemed like he did, with the ‘are you a junkie’ question

    4. If you think he sounded just fine, that explains everything we need to know about you. You place partisanship over accurate observations.

      1. He sounded like a guy who sutters but the gist of it was intelligible but because he’s not articulate it requires maybe more effort to understand it. Communication is a two way street. And you mfers are deadends.

      2. Now apply that same reasoning to the Axios interview of Trump.

        1. Did Trump ask the interviewer to take a drug test because it was a black guy?

    5. If he actually said, “go fuck yourself, I’m fine”, that would perhaps make him a little more likeable.

      1. Objectively, “Go fuck yourself, I’m fine.” would be more cogent and self-aware than “I’m perfectly willing to let the American people judge my mental fil… fitness and judge for themselves about me and my fitness!”

    6. “I just watched the video and Biden sounded completely rational to me”

      That explains a LOT.
      About you.

    7. “C’mon, man!”

      Not exactly “go fuck yourself”, but hey, you’re easily impressed. Nothing wrong with that, champ.

  10. I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical and mental fil…my physical as well as my mental fil…and mental fitness…and to make a judgement about how I am.

    Uh, huh. Well, you got it, man.

    1. To be fair, he sounded perfectly normal till that point, but yes he stammered and closed his eyes to concentrate to finish that sentence.

      1. Biden has always been a bit daft, but this year has been bad even for his baseline.

        1. Didn’t mean to post that.

    2. mental fil…my physical as well as my mental fil… well you know the thing

  11. Trump certainly has his challenges, mainly being a narcissist on a grand scale; but all he has to do is get Biden flustered and off script [a bit like the “full of shit” auto worker, or the “lying dog faced pony soldier” student] just once and down he goes into babbling incoherence. And then make his ads a recurring clip of that.

    1. Which should be easy for a narcissist.

      1. Don’t care. Just keep appointing FEDSOC recommended justices and progressive dreams can wither till well after I’m dead.

    2. Trump won the day he told the catholic Little Flower preacher he had no intention of sending men with guns out to arrest pregnant or formerly pregnant gals or shoot clinic doctors. A year and a half later papal Ireland voted to recognize women as individuals with rights and repealed a girl bullying Constitutional Amendment Yew Ess prohibitionists had chortled at back in 1983. Comstockism and the Dark Ages ain’t the vote-getters they useta be before there was an LP.

  12. Nick correctly points out that we will be picking a septuagenarian for President. It worth noting that other popular contenders, Warren and Sanders, were also in their 70s. It is worth asking why this is the best we can manage for picks.
    As for our current picks, it is hard to see Biden stumbling as any worse that Trump has been in his recent interviews. I see Biden as prepared and informed but poor on delivery. I see Trump as poorly prepared and informed and so poor on delivery.

    1. So what motivates you? More government or limited and less? Free enterprise or increased intervention? Minding your own business or being regulated on a grand scale?

      Or does it just come down to which personality running for office is the least impaired?

      I personally will choose whatever bag of shit will most likely result in less interference in things like the Bill of Rights. Given Trump’s record on judicial nominees, soon to include replacing a cadaveric Supreme Court justice, I’ll go with that bag.

      1. Good call.

      2. “Least impaired?” Both twits are: narcissistic, bullies, likely sexual predators/assaulters, liars / cheats (let’s not forget Biden’s illustrious college career), manipulators, political opportunists, and a bit unstable mentally and psychologically. Biden is Trump in a partisan mirror. Neither of these two should be leading a country of hundreds of millions of people.

        By now, any sensible partisan would’ve figured out that they’ve been played as a sucker for decades by their respective D & R parties. And maybe they’ve figured out the whole ploy of grabbing more & more power to make everyone think it really matters who wins the presidency.

        Maybe it does… but it should never have. Maybe we should also have more than two criminal mobs to choose from.

        1. You’re not a predator if you pay up front boot licker.

    2. On the Democrats’ side, a while back they fratricided the next generation of contenders to protect the people at the top. So they went into the primaries with a big age gap between the barely preserved corpses and the young idiots.

      Look at it: Pelosi is 80, while the House minority leader is only 55. In the Senate Cruz is 49, but Schumer is 69. (And not really Presidential material anyway, he radiates evil too openly.)

      The Republicans had a reasonable age distribution in 2016 among their candidates, it just happens that the old guy won, and is popular with Republicans.

      To be honest, there are some reasonable aged prospects on the Democrats’ side, but they all got ruled out on the basis of being sane.

      1. Calling any person that would willingly run to be president “sane” seems……generous.

      2. This. The Democrats had plenty of opportunities to pick someone young and full of vigor.

      3. but they all got ruled out on the basis of being sane.

        So it’s AOC in ’24 then?

        1. That would require putting “AOC” and “sane” in the same sentence, and I believe that there are fundamental cosmic laws against that.

    3. Jo Jorgensen is over a decade younger than the average age of the looter party candidates. A vote for her carries more law-changing clout than about 20 (0.00000007%) klepto-bootlicker votes. Let’s face it… Biden is clearly showing signs of “late onset,” but the Don is only three years younger and saddled with a 19th-Century party of Comstockian prohibitionists and eugenic-theory ku-kluxers. Not even Trump can fix all that is wrong with Republican National Socialism.

  13. Funny how some dem candidates have an insurmountable lead in the polls until the last week of October. Trick? or Treat?

    1. Trick and treat, contrary to what millions of children have been told every October, are not mutually exclusive.

    2. Always lie to pollsters.

      1. Saw something somewhere about Republicans telling pollsters they were uncommitted, to mess up the results.

        1. Given the current McCarthyist, hostile, violent, revenge-based climate created by the left, most any half-sensible person would lie about planning to vote for Trump.

      2. So for some reason you value incorrect data.

        1. Plenty of value if you know what to expect.

        2. Polls barely qualify as data.

          kinda like how your posts barely qualify as communication

        3. No, I want correct data for myself. It’s in the interest of the American people for political professionals to have incorrect data about how we intend to vote.

  14. You ask the federal government to save you, you deserve to have this guy show up at your door.

  15. He looks as lucid as he’s ever been. After all, this is the guy who asked a man in a wheelchair to “stand up and let ’em see ya”. Biden has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    1. Are you serious? He’s like GW. On coke.

  16. Either Trump, who is 74, or Biden, who is 77, will be elected president come November.

    I dunno. Maybe we could elect someone else with a J in their name. Is there anyone else like that running?

    1. You’re eager to have an actively anti-racist government who won’t tolerate passive non racism?

  17. I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical and mental fil…my physical as well as my mental fil…and mental fitness…and to make a judgement about how I am.

    While Biden my be confident in his fitness, his handlers have to be freaking out.

  18. The bottom line here is that when a black reporter asked Biden about his mental fitness, Biden asked the guy if he was a junkie in response. That is not a good look.

    1. Joe might have an out here; he already established that if you aren’t voting for him you aren’t black. Therefor if the reporter isn’t a Biden voter Biden didn’t do anything racist.

      1. Golf clap

    2. Cocaine is a white person drug, John.

      1. Oh. Well, there you go, then. Joe’s still down with the homies.

        Until he goes all Michael Richards on a brutha. Who will no doubt be a Russian plant.


  19. Regardless of which one wins, we’re basically getting Leonid Brezhnev circa 1980.

    1. Is that a joke Biden would get?

      1. Two words doesn’t provide much room for wandering in a run on sentence.

        You feelin ok?

  20. The Offshore Outsourcing companies really want Joe Biden to win. He is India’s candidate.

    They are praising his willingness to expand the H-1b program so they can move entire departments over to India.

    Trump’s recent presidential orders on the H-1b visa (known as the outsourcing visa in India) includes changing from a lottery (where the we get the luckiest candidates) to a system where highest salary wins (is far better than luck as measurement of actual skill level).

    Joe Biden has said, and it is on video tape, he will rescind Trump’s orders on the H-1b program on Day-1 of his administration. And the Offshore Outsourcing companies (which pay the lowest salaries) are all cheering for Biden to win.

    Trump recently prevented hundreds of jobs being lost, because an Offshore Outsourcing company signed a quiet replacement contract with the TVA. Trump stopped that dead in its tracks and fired the head of the TVA (who BTW makes 8 million dollars a year). Trump also cut the max pay rate from 8 million to 1/16 of that or 500k/yr.

    Obama was easy on the Offshore Outsourcing companies. And while Americans were losing their homes and jobs, India created a 100 billion dollar a year service export industry, and the U.S. is the primary export market. As a result, Obama gave us the slowest recovery in U.S. history.

    Because even an idiot knows, when you give H-1b visas to Offshore Outsourcing companies. They use those visas to remove whole departments, and all the ordinary jobs they contain, over to India.

    It is insane to cancel Trump’s executive order on the H-1b visa. Unless you are under the control of the Big Tech hegemony, which also controls many news organizations and Political Action Committees. Joe Biden is selling your job to the highest bidder, just as Obama did. And the result will be another record slow recovery.

    This pandemic will abate as soon as we have a vaccine. The question is are we going to go with Joe Biden, who has already said he wants to assist Offshore Outsourcing in every way possible, and in doing so move millions of U.S. jobs to India (after the Americans have trained their H-1b replacement)…????

    Or are we going to go with Trump, who is the only President in the last 30 years that has worked to prevent job losses as a result of the Offshore Outsourcing companies?

    1. Fracking plus the Bush asset-forfeiture crash ran oil prices down to people joking about negative worth. So howcum alluva sudden Big Awl can appoint a president? Giddaddaheah! The Gee Oh Pee and commie Dems are BOTH communo-fascist looter parties stuck in 18th-Century Mercantilism in a nuclear age. Voting for either is begging for the initiation of force to hammer you flat. Whining that there is a perceptible difference and appealing to fear identifies you as a spineless coward, not an independent voter. Giddattaheah!

    2. You don’t believe in free market capitalism and letting companies hire who they want to without government restriction and interference, do you?

  21. Biden seriously cannot be the best the Democrat Party has to offer, but he’s who they’re stuck with. They can’t let him loose to talk without a script, and even on script he goes off on weird tangents. No way they’ll let him into a debate with Trump, it would be a disaster.

    1. Are you SURE that he’s not the best the Dems can come up with?

      After the hippies got out of college and into Dem leadership, they followed typical “Progressive” doctrine and killed off the next generation of potential leaders — and rivals for control. This left the party with a group of old burn-outs (Bidet, Waters, Pelosi, Schemer) and a wide gap between them and the Jugend (AOC, etc). There is no strong candidate between the ages of 70 and 35.

  22. If elected, Mr. Biden will be our first president who enters the office with dementia. Usually they get it after they enter office.

    1. Even the Trump people are admitting this tactic is going over like an old person in the shower.

  23. >unironically asked a black man if he was a junkie…
    Are we sure creepy Uncle Joe isn’t alt right? Has anyone here ever checked to see if he and Richard Spencer have ever been in the same room at the same time before?

    1. It wouldn’t prove anything. Biden could’ve wandered into the room looking for hair to sniff. This is the real story behind his dislike of skin heads. His motto is “if you can’t sniff ’em, ya can’t trust ’em.”

  24. It’s not like a person needs great cognitive ability to style his or her vote to improve party or personal popularity in relation to approval for nonexistent monies to be spent or manipulated by embracing popular demand for special economic favors. Yeesh …

    1. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read that.

  25. Trump has always been a “stream of consciousness” speaker. He starts talking, and follows the flow of thought. This has been true at least since he first became a public figure.

    Bidet has SERIOUSLY degraded over the years. If he weren’t a rich politician, he would now be sitting on a park bench arguing with the pigeons and offering Tootsie Rolls to young children.

    When Trump-haters suggested a mental evaluation, he took one and laughed. When Bidet is asked whether he should take one (by someone in a media which is openly on his side), he PROVES that he should, while getting defensive and obnoxious about it — something that he has been increasingly known for whenever someone appears to challenge him over any issue.

  26. Trump may be a raging loud mouth narcissist, but Biden is very clearly losing his grasp of his cognitive abilities. It is very apparent that the Democrat party apparatchiks are limiting the amount exposure Biden has to the voters

    Hopefully both Trump and Biden will lose the election and Jo Jorgensen will become the next President.

  27. [Biden] would be the oldest person ever to take office if elected in November […]

    So was Trump in 2017. For that matter, only one president left the presidency at an older age then Trump entered it: Regan. You know, the one who went senile while president?

    This obsession about Biden’s age only makes sense if you forget he’s barely older then Trump.

  28. After going through some of these comments…

    Did y’all seriously forget about the GOP’s insistence on drug-testing welfare recipients a few years back?

    It was pretty obvious that’s what he was referring to.

    1. Because the interviewer’s black?
      Leftists always reveal themselves with their “explanations”

  29. The cocaine line was actually a pretty clever analogy. If someone accuses a presidential candidate of being a coke whore, should that candidate immediately rush out to take a drug test? Or do you not dignify it?

    I can confidently say there was no dog whistle, for those of you here who can’t hear a dog whistle unless it is literally the N-word.

    Senility is obviously a pressing concern in a presidential candidate, and we deserve to know. (Would that Reagan’s handlers were honest, though I understand why they weren’t.) Unfortunately our choice comes down to two elderly men. Only one of them can plausibly resign and let someone else run.

    1. After giving that analogy Biden metaphorically wiped a white, powdery substance off his nostril in being unable to say the word “fitness”.

      1. Don’t stutter shame.

    2. If you’re the one hearing the dog whistle, that makes you the dog.

      1. Don’t talk cliches to me.

        1. So the village socialist orator is seeing “De Don gwyne lose” 2020 flack and flashing on 2016 “De Don gwyne lose” flack. The nicest thing about voting Libertarian–AFTER seeing LP clout change looter platforms and laws–is watching them sweat as the elections draw nearer…

          1. I fail to see how either party is going more libertarian in any way.

  30. Speaking of dog whistles – Biden could really be aided by a shock collar.

  31. Biden’s far from my favorite guy, but …. Oh, c’mon man! That’s not “cognitive decline” … it’s the way a person who has (mostly) overcome a stuttering problem talks. Biden has struggled with stuttering since he was a child.

    “Stuttering — also called stammering or childhood-onset fluency disorder — is a speech disorder that involves frequent and significant problems with normal fluency and flow of speech. People who stutter know what they want to say, but have difficulty saying it. For example, they may repeat or prolong a word, a syllable, or a consonant or vowel sound. Or they may pause during speech because they’ve reached a problematic word or sound.”,fluency%20and%20flow%20of%20speech.

    1. Campaign operatives are not welcome here.

  32. We can assume Biden sees this as something that’s fundamentally unjust?

    That’s like saying, ‘You—before you got on this program you took a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?’

    Maybe someone should explain to Joe that this has happened millions of times since 1988 when he voted to pass the law which requires drug testing of new employees at most government contractors and any organization which takes grant money from the federal government. I’ve had to do it twice myself.

  33. I’m the last person to call a fan of Biden, but the headline here is pretty bad. The ellipsis in the quote removes some important context from the quote about the ‘are you a junkie’ portion of what he said.

  34. Wasn’t Baby Boy Biden Junior booted out of some military sinecure for showing positive on one of the tests for South American plant leaf products? Ronnie, Nancy, Bush and Biden all forced VA personnel to submit to chem testing for Avatars of Satan or being fired back in October of 1987. More of this followed in 1988. Odd that there was a market crash at that very moment in 1987… AND a depression… –Libertariantranslator

  35. I don’t know whether to be amused or terrified by people who support Biden just because he isn’t Trump. Not being Trump is a positive but not being Trump isn’t the same as being a good choice for president.

    1. Sometimes life hands you a choice between a turd sandwich and Trump. It’s not a pleasant decision, but it’s an easy one.

      Imagine, Donald Trump as president. What kind of moron would think that’s a good idea?

  36. I think a great many people, except if they’re very mindful and reflective, have no mindfulness of it. Also, good for them. Declining and seeing it is an extraordinary kind of damnation.

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  39. Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton without a dick.

    1. Kinda true.

  40. What’s wrong with Joe’s reply: ‘Why the Hell Would I Take a Test?…Are You a Junkie?’
    Why in the hell should he take a test to become President, if he already meets the qualifications to be President? Why is HE required to jump through additional hoops to be President? It’s because he’s of African descent, isn’t it?

    For Mr. Gillespie to assert The behavior and speech of each have given rise to legitimate questions about their cognitive functioning is indefensible.

    If the candidate was African American, but there were suspicions regarding his cognitive abilities; slurred speech, limped and suffered from spasticity (like me) ; which one of you fools are going to ask him/her to take a test to prove he’s smart enough to be President?

    What do you think a cognition test will tell you? Is it a seal of approval?

    I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (That’s brain damage, if you can’t figure that out.) and I’m not playing games with any of you cretins. If you don’t think Joe’s got it all together don’t f*cking vote for him but don’t insult the man. I don’t like anything about the man, and it’s obvious he’s crested and is descending rapidly but I’m going to vote for him out of spite! /S

    John Gall

    Liberty begins at conception

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