Brickbat: Terrorizing 12-Year-Olds with the Utmost Professionalism


Commander Kyle Gordon, of London's Metropolitan Police, is defending officers who arrested a 12-year-old boy for playing with a BB gun. The officers, accompanied by police dogs, raided the home of the boy's family after someone reported seeing a black male with a gun. The gun was a pistol with a blue slider to show it wasn't a real gun. "The reporting member of the public was right to call us and we would encourage others who see similar weapons to do the same," Gordon said. "We are committed to bearing down on violence, and we rely on our communities to help us do this."

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  1. According to the linked article, it looks like the police responded (with a show of force, yes), detained the occupants, searched the house, found no deadly weapons, and made no actual arrests.

    1. Trump’s secret police force strikes again!

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      2. It happened in the UK, dumbass.

      3. I didn’t know Trump was in charge of London’s Metropolitan Police.

    2. It says the boy was “dearrested” when they ascertained it was a toy gun.

      Which brings up the question of why they are even available for sale as toys. Hell, I thought Old Blighty had long progressived past the point of allowing toy guns. I’d expected that any time now, they’d ban guns from movies.

      1. “You can only use a toy gun to rob a toy store.” — George Carlin

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  2. I didn’t know you could own a BB gun in the UK. What with their gun and knife laws I assumed they disarmed all the children too.

    1. In reality, the weapon was a BB pellet gun

      Yeah, I’m surprised about this being “allowed”, too.

      The article also refers to it as a “toy gun”. Pellet guns can be lethal weapons, and you probably don’t want to get shot with one.

      1. The article also refers to it as a “toy gun”. Pellet guns can be lethal weapons, and you probably don’t want to get shot with one.

        Not to mention, and it’s the case with this one, that it’s trivial to get a pellet gun that’s outwardly indistinguishable or nearly indistinguishable from a real one. Especially since the proliferation of cerakote.

        I don’t condone the home invasion based on American standards, but if he were waving or pointing this gun I would completely understand someone calling the cops.

        1. This is why NY bans “colorful” paint on real guns. Because you want to be able to put police officers at ease since we know a criminal would never paint a gun to make it look like its not a real gun

          Also google “Hello Kitty AR-15” the guy made it for his wife, actually did a real nice job lol

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  3. We are committed to bearing down on violence…

    By introducing it where it did not previously exist.

  4. pistol with a blue slider

    As in, if you blow in it and move the slider the pitch goes up and down?

    1. ‘Blue slider’ sounds like a euphemism or trademark for a urinal cake.

      1. Or the latest made up “gender”?

    2. The real important question is, did have it a shoulder thing that goes up and if so, what color was it.

      Also, Blue Slider sounds like a band name. As in, “Up next on KBLO, Blue Slider with their hit single It’s just a pellet gun, you pussies.

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  6. The officers, accompanied by police dogs, raided the home of the boy’s family after someone reported seeing a black male with a gun.

    Odds that the ‘someone’ doesn’t know the kid in question are, what 100:1 against? Not condoning the raid, but it’s pretty clear that the ‘someone’ didn’t just say ‘a black male’ and the LMP went out and picked up the only black male in all of London.

  7. The Brits. Sigh.

    So I’m watching this Let’s Play of Fallout 3 by a Brit. He gets tot he point at the beginning where the child gets a BB gun for their tenth birthday. The YouTuber then asks, “Do you Americans really give firarms to your children as gifts? That sounds crazy!” (Or some words to that effect). He literally had no idea that BB guns were not guns. He just thought they were guns but crappy guns. Not

    1. Tell that to the Attorney General in Massachusetts who bans BB guns along with big boy guns, and slingshots too!

  8. “The officers, accompanied by police dogs, raided the home of the boy’s family”

    Damn right! He could have put his eye out with that!

  9. I’m confused.

    The UK, and especially London, have a strict gun control regime that limits the ownership of firearms and strictly keeps track of who is legally allowed to possess one.

    So why would the police feel they need to assault a home? Obviously anyone there in possession of a firearm already has permission by the state to do so and has been heavily vetted for political reliability.

    1. At the very least, you would think that such a well planned and executed prohibition network, effectively preventing all criminals and civilians under its umbrella from possessing a firearm, couldn’t be circumvented by a 12-yr.-old boy.

      If you think too hard, you might come to the conclusion that some motivated individuals with means greater and morals less than those of a 12-yr.-old might not actually be effectively deterred by such a network.

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