Portland Protests

Dispatch From Portland: The Morning Crew

A tarot card-reading liberal arts major, a Sudanese immigrant, and a former restaurant worker explain why they are out protesting in Rose City.


It's just after 5 a.m., and the scene at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse is as quiet as it will be today. A few young people linger on corners, a news crew watches two men kick through burnt trash behind the temporary fence in front of the courthouse, and a homeless man gathers empty cans into a plastic bag larger than he is.

Across the street in Lansdowne Park, people make ready for the day, cleaning barbecue grills and filling tubs with bottled water. Others crawl in and out of tents or sleep sprawled on benches, and when one young woman in pink footsie pajamas announces she's a unicorn looking for her tail, a guy nearby blazing a joint says, "Your tail looks good to me."

It's daybreak at the Portland protests, and a few of its denizens tell me what brings them here.



Stephan: I've been coming two months, every night. I'm just a black man who feels like equality is a big problem in our society and I feel like we need to address that situation expeditiously and hit that right on the butt.

Violence throughout—from police through ourselves through public media—violence itself has to stop. I don't care who it comes from, what race, what creed, what demographic, we just have to stop being violent as a race. And there's only one race and that's the human race.

Nancy Rommelmann: How does what's happening here every night help achieve the goal of less violence?

Stephan: There's a lot of things that are not helping. The violence-upon-the-violence is not helping achieve the goal of stopping violence. People speaking out, chanting, marching, being peaceful; that's helping us achieve our goal, by showing that we can stand out and speak out and be together as a race, the human race that I spoke of. The fact that people are lighting fireworks, destroying things, I don't see that as helping or making a better-quality thing. I want people to understand that there are people out here that are willing to fight for them and to fight for your rights, I don't care if you're saying that Blue Lives Matter or that Black Lives Matter; I don't care what side you're on. I'm here to fight for you and to say that your vote matters that you have a right to feel however you want to feel and no one should judge you and you should not have to sacrifice your life for that.

Rommelmann: Has your thinking changed in the past two months?

Stephan: I've definitely evolved in how I've seen people respond to things, seen who actually is for the movement that we have for peace, and who's in the movement of "fuck the police." I've definitely seen there are people here on a different agenda. They should not be here screaming "Black Lives Matter"; they should scream their own agenda, if they want to be here. Like I said, I'm here for everybody, but you should be honest in whatever your opinions are.


Albedri (left) and Augustina (right)

Augustina: I've been out here since May 30, almost every night. The Portland police injured my shoulder and my elbow and so I had to take a couple of nights off to get some medical attention. I don't have my sling on right now but I am normally in a sling. They kettled a group on June 30 outside of the Portland police union. They came in from five different sides after making the crowd march into an alley and just started tackling everybody from every which way. They tackled me while I was live-streaming, it's on my Instagram; you can see the police that tackled me, it's actually pretty scary.

I went to PSU [Portland State University]; I have a degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in social science and a dual degree in theatre. I also do the very Portland thing of reading tarot to predict political events and reading the energy.

Rommelmann: What did that tell you?

Augustina: I haven't done a reading since the marshals came. Do you want me to do one and send it to you?

Rommelmann: Sure.


Albedri: I just got here today. I was actually sent here on business; I saw the riot and I just got out of my car. But at the same time, the reason I took the job was because I saw the wall of mothers on TV and I just had to come. It's just so beautiful. For them to stand in front and even though it's all about race to not to make it about race—there's about 14 black people here—the way they sacrificed their own well-being and the well-being of their future children, it was just something too beautiful for me to sit and watch it on TV.

I came from Sudan when I was two years old. We just had our own revolution recently. We had a dictator [Omar al-Bashir] from 1989; I was born in 1990. He was president for 31 years, and finally, we kicked him out last year and we got off the U.S. terrorist list.

Rommelmann: Do you see similarities with what's happening in Portland?

Albedri: I hope so. What I love about America, and specifically Portland, is every voice is heard here. In Sudan we also have racism, where it's tribalism; where it's this, that, and the third. The movement, even in my country, even the movement here in the United States, was led by a lot of the beautiful sisters; they got up there and they had a lot of knowledge. Their voice was heard. To me, that's a beautiful thing, that's true freedom.

It's not absolute freedom, but we're working towards that. I mean, we were treated like terrorists today, with the tear gas; I got hit in the face with rubber bullets. But we all did, and that's what's so beautiful about the United States, right?

Black people were the minority today. Ninety-four percent of the people standing out here today were just people who, something about their soul spoke to them; it said, if we're not all free, none of us are free.


Mike: I've been out here probably 40 nights out of the whole deal. My job was lost from Coronavirus. I was in the service industry, at a nice restaurant here in town, I'll just say it was in The Nines [Hotel] so that will narrow it down to two restaurants.

What made me come down here is, I'm 39 years old and I'm from Southern California and I grew up during the Rodney King beating and the LA riots in 1992. I was a huge fan of basketball and I remember the Lakers game being interrupted to show me, at nine years old, a black man being beat by four cops 52 times. I have a 14-year-old son and I don't want him to grow up with the same thing I grew up with, even though it's already happening. But I'm out here because I feel like I can make that end, maybe, before he has to.

Rommelmann: In what direction do you see the protests evolving and to what end?

Mike: I've talked to [Portland Mayor] Ted Wheeler, and today I reached out to [Portland mayoral candidate] Sarah [Iannarone] about what her plans were. I reached out to [mayoral candidate] Teressa [Raiford]; she's a black woman and she's very important in the community. I don't know anything about Sarah.

Rommelmann: She's pro-antifa.

Mike: Well, that's kind of a crazy thing to be, if you're going into politics. Like, I'm anti-fascist. I would never group myself with a thing called antifa—whatever that is. Not that I'm not interested in it, but I don't affiliate myself with any group. I can be anti-fascist on my own.

Let me put it this way. I'm not an anarchist; I don't come down here and set fires; I'm not throwing anything. But I'm against a fascist police state, which is what I've witnessed the last week or so.

Rommelmann: You feel the feds being here is equivalent to a fascist police state?

Mike: Absolutely, 100 percent. This has nothing to do with the city of Portland. They were never asked to be here. I was here the night when the snatch vans came out. There was no angry antifa mob or whatever the government is telling everybody on the news. There were 30 people out there, two minivans going around picking people up. That's fascism. I've never seen anything like it.


Megan (right)

Megan: I started watching my friend's livestream [of the protests]. I got in my car, came down here, parked two blocks away, and [the feds] let off CS gas. This was back on June 7. I started driving around and making sure people were in pairs and giving them rides to the MAX [light rail]. Then I got arrested for chasing the police around as they chased the protesters around. That was June 8; that was my first arrest. And then I started coming out and meeting more people; building a family essentially. I know my [two-year-old] daughter is taken care of so I can take care of other people.

Rommelmann: Where is your daughter?

Megan: She is in Northeast Portland, with my parents.

Rommelmann: What are you doing here at the camp?

Megan: Anything that needs to be done.

Rommelmann: You said people were calling you Mama.

Megan: Yeah. I don't get to be with my daughter so I don't feel like a mom, so coming out here and everybody calling me Mama, it gives me a purpose, so that's why I'm out here. There are so many teenagers that are living in group homes and shelters that they feel their parents don't care about them, so they're fine being on the front lines being shot with pepper bullets, having flash grenades thrown at them and being shot with a fucking rubber bullet. I can't have it happen day after day after day, and them feeling that that's what they're supposed to do, there are so many that have said, "Nobody loves me, it's OK if I die." It shatters me.

Rommelmann: They're finding family.

Megan: Yeah. We were saying "gang gang," because that's a thing, but we've been saying "fam-family." That's what we tell the police; that's what we tell the feds.

Rommelmann: Are you camping out here?

Megan: I live in my car right now. When I can afford a place and it's safe for [my daughter and me] to live together, I'll get a place, yes.


Charlie: I'm a Portland resident, I'm just here doing some volunteering. I've been here a few nights, but this is actually my first time here in the morning. Riot Ribs put out a call earlier this week, they need more people in the morning, so the people here at night can actually get some rest. I'm like, I can do that! I'm not the most confrontational person, so I'm more prepared to help out in this sort of way where I can just clean things up.

I got here at 5 a.m. We're first picking up a lot of trash, then making sure it's organized in the back, making sure everything's set up for the day. I'm only here until 9 a.m., then I have to go to my 9-to-5 job. I'm an education administration assistant.

Rommelmann: Is your employer cool with you being here?

Charlie: I think so. A lot of my coworkers are involved. I have a coworker who's an ACLU legal observer who's been out more often than I have. I believe in the cause. As a white person, trying to help out as much as possible, cede as much of my privilege, which is me giving my time and giving money, all those resources that I have an excess of. I just believe in Black Lives Matter and police abolition.

Rommelmann: Do you believe in complete police abolition?

Charlie: Yes.

Rommelmann: How instead are citizens to be protected?

Charlie: There's a lot of different answers for that, from people far smarter than I am at that. There's social work. I think that's one of the answers. Moving some of those responses where you think you'd need the police; you can actually use mental health workers or nurses in ways that are not a use of force.



Paul: I own Graffiti Removal Services. We're a little busy. Haven't had a day off since this all started.

Rommelmann: You look pretty fresh. You were not out here last night?

Paul: I was not out here last night, but I'm out here early this morning, to clean up the aftermath.

Rommelmann: There's a lot to clean up. I said good morning just now to some of the municipal garbagemen and they were like, "Lady, we have no time for you."

Paul: Yeah, they have no time. We'll have multiple trucks out here, scouring within an eight-block radius, cleaning up, helping business owners, property owners, some city property. The Bangkok Palace [restaurant] over here? They're open, but they still get graffiti every night. It's an added expense on top of all the COVID stuff going on. It's kind of a double whammy. A little perfect storm going on.

Rommelmann: Some workers told me, they're not cleaning the graffiti off the courthouse every day, that it doesn't make any sense with the protesters coming back every night.

Paul: At the federal building they're not doing it, but we do City Hall, we do the Justice Center, we do the cop [station], because if we don't get it off, it accumulates more and more. At this point, the feds will probably have to replace all that stone; they can't even clean it now, and with spray can and ink pen marker and Sharpie marker, the stone is a sponge, so the more it sits, the more is soaks in, the worse it gets. You just want to keep up on it as fast as you can.

Rommelmann: Do you see an end to this?

Paul: With the political climate and with summer and it being warm out, there's probably not an end until after the first of the year, unfortunately. When it starts to get cold and rainy, it may slow down a little bit. It's kind of, again, this is a perfect storm, everybody's kind of out here, and with social media calling for people to come down, not only in Portland but Seattle, Chicago. We would have thought this would have ended three weeks ago, but it just keeps going and going and going.

Rommelmann: It's good business for you, but…

Paul: It is; we're busy, but we have a division of the business that protects public artworks; we're actually putting our anti-graffiti coating on a Black Lives Matter murals, the murals up on the Apple Store; they're preserving them and giving them to a gallery, so we can be doing stuff within the community besides cleaning up all the anarchy stuff. We can be doing other things to help the community besides this.

NEXT: Indians and Aliens

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  3. Stephan is probably a week away from the realization that the riots have made any meaningful goal unachievable.

    1. Hell, does Stephan know that a Fordham University student who expressed the same thoughts as he did was disciplined for “hate speech” and is being told to write a letter of apology? Or that a woman who expressed similar thoughts was accused of behind bigoted and prejudiced and spreading lies?

      Bet Stephan had no idea he was a white supremacist.

      1. “I’ve seen people respond to things, seen who actually is for the movement that we have for peace, and who’s in the movement of “fuck the police.”
        Maybe it’s time to cancel Stephan for being literally Hitler. Charlie sounds up for it. I bet he burns witches fascists real good.

        Paul: I own Graffiti Removal Services. We’re a little busy.
        Cripes! isn’t removing BLM graffiti murals a hate crime? Somebody tell de Blasio.

    2. “the riots have made any meaningful goal unachievable.”

      Yep, the riots only serve to perpetuate the status quo. A status quo that for decades has been ruled over by a single party.

      Is there really any wonder why Wheeler and the rest of his ilk around the country are glad to see this all hijacked by the street muscle of their own party?

      Real change might put them and their phoney baloney jobs in jeopardy. Can’t have that.

      1. Maybe the author of this piece could ask some of the more violent ‘protesters’ if they have considered the actual ramifications of their actions?

        Surely they aren’t too hard to find.

        1. But not safe to talk to.

          Not digging at Rommelmann with that, either. These are folks who will smack you in the back of the head with a bike lock for wrongthink.

          1. But chemjeff and DoL keep calling us the fascists…

            1. Because fascists aren’t authoritarian ultranationalist socialists silly. Fascists are anyone who disagrees with whatever opinion the DNC is holding today. To disagree is thoughtcrime and must be rooted out.

              1. I think they’re really international socialists. I have seen little evidence of the nihilists being ultranationalist.

    3. Stephen sounds sane and thoughtful. I wish more Portlanders were like him.

      1. Yea, I like Stephan.

        It’s a shame he’s out there helping people be assholes

    4. There are really two kinds of useful idiots: the kind who would worth your precious time if they weren’t such fools and the kind that are walking timebombs and therefore are going to get any sympathy from anyone who is moderately intelligent and sane. The nice ones are the ones that prevent me from being in favor of nuking them all from orbit. Stephan will never learn, in any case.

  4. I would never group myself with a thing called Antifa—whatever that is.

    I love how Antifa has become this century’s version of the mafia–no one who’s lived around them ever seems to have heard of them.

    1. I love how Antifa has become this century’s version of the mafia–no one who’s lived around them ever seems to have heard of them.

      Well, your lack of historical and political knowledge doesn’t make them go away. Antifa has been around for a century; they are violent Marxists and (despite the name) pretty much indistinguishable in both ideology and methods from brownshirts.

      1. Cue Lt Dan: “Yes, I know that.”

    2. …this century’s version of the mafia..

      As a nod to the old Black Hand , and since antifa is so lily white, I’m going to refer to them as the White Hand.

      1. The White Hand is Saruman.

        1. Kind of fitting.

  5. Having made one point, that someone should protect federal property in Portland, Trump should just clear the buildings out of all documents and computers, lock the doors, and leave them to the mercies of the Portland mayor and the peaceful protestors. Who knows, it could result in a new vision of a peaceful and socially just America. Or the buildings could be burned down on video as an object lesson to potential voters, making a second point for the President.
    Rebuild the structures far from Portland, justifying the relocation as what one would do if in a flood plain. Medford, Klamath Falls, Pendleton, and Coos Bay look good.

    1. Abandoning the facility to be burned or otherwise trashed could rightly be seen as a dereliction of duty. Especially when a mob who have already made multiple concerted efforts to do so remains present and active.

      1. Abandoning the facility to be burned or otherwise trashed could rightly be seen as a dereliction of duty.

        Send the bill to the city of Portland.

        1. There has been enough bending the knee to the crowd. It needs to stop. This isnt peaceable assembly. They are violating the rights of others, including speech. The video of the interview with the black marine followed home from the protests to be intimidated by the “protestors” is chilling.

      2. You’re not wrong, but does it matter? The press is going to excoriate Trump whatever he does. He has at least enough power from possession of the bully pulpit to get his message heard by the people might potentially listen to it, instead of being like one of those Far Side “What Dogs Hear” cartoons, and could give a statement along the lines of: “The Portland and Oregon government have made it perfectly clear that they don’t want the assistance of the Federal Government in dealing with the property damage inflicted within their locale by rioters. So, we have withdrawn all Federal LE assets from the area. Let’s all watch and see what that leads to, shall we?”

        I mean, Trump could win the next election, get sworn in, abdicate office the very next day, and he’d get railed by the media for “dereliction of duty” as well. As I’ve said before, he would walk across the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and the WaPo headline the next day would read “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM!”

      3. They can’t let the communist mob take the building.
        If they need to leave, they need to blow it up first and leave nothing but rubble

    2. They should shield all the electronics in the building and set off EMP devices outside nightly. Maybe if they fried the means of communications the asshole rioters would get bored and leave.

      1. Imagine how your betters are going to treat you after the curtain comes down on the Clinger Show in January.

        1. Null set.

          1. This is really the best description of the Rev, if he ever said anything new or insightful most of us here would fall out of our chairs.

        2. Go change your diaper.

        3. And if not January, then 2025 for sure! And if not then……. ummm, how much time ya figure ya got left to achieve this long awaited victory, rev?

          I’m guessing not much. Old hippies are fading fast.


          1. Oh, don’t be silly. It won’t be 2025, because that’s when our first female, Jewish president, Ivanka Trump will be getting sworn in. And since she’s bound to win again in 2028, it won’t be 2029 either. Maybe he’ll get lucky in 2033?

    3. I would literally rather see the federal officers walk out and summarily execute every single rioter in the street before I’d want to see that building burn.

    4. OK then, fearful leader, when do we *stop* allowing Federal property to be torn down and burned? It’s not like the trial of George Floyd happened at this particular Federal courthouse. It’s not like Portland is a predominantly black city. It’s not a notably large or otherwise critical urban or legal center. If you move the courthouse to Medford and they move to burning down the next federal building, then what? Once you’ve relocated all the federal buildings to Medford and they come there, is there a plan then?

      Additionally, whom do you stick with the bill for the new construction?

  6. Hmm. No interviews with business owners or folks who are supposed to be working in the area. Wonder why.

    1. The piece was written at 5am. It’s part of a series, so the business owner perspective may still be coming. I find her reporting a refreshing change from the usual TDS drivel.

      1. I liked this too. If she does end up interviewing a wider variety of people it could be one of their better pieces in awhile

        1. A bit of her backstory having been on the receiving end of the cancel culture:
          “Pundits and politicians who should wait for the truth to be revealed instead turn today’s story into a cudgel and, when proven wrong, refuse to walk it back, and who cares, anyway? There will be a new epidemic of hate-shredding in the morning, in an hour, and as soon as it’s there, we engage. Or we don’t, and are spattered with the blood regardless.”

          1. “I have been asked whether I hate the people who started this. The answer is I don’t. I see them as afraid of the ideas of others.

            With this in mind, I have several times offered to have conversations about issues they evidently find dangerous enough to go to war over. No one has taken me up on the offer”

    2. In fairness, the last guy she interviews owns a graffiti removal service.

      1. He reminds me of the guy cleaning the portapotties in the Woodstock movie.

      1. An hour or two ago they set fire to a Starbucks at the bottom of an apartment building, then told the people living above that they should leave.

        They also assaulted a couple people they accused of filming them.

        It’s war, but only one side is fighting.

        Put them and their sympathizers down. Forever.

        1. An hour or two ago they set fire to a Starbucks at the bottom of an apartment building, then told the people living above that they should leave.

          Wait, again? They did that a couple days ago, too.

          These people are extremely lucky they’re in Seattle. There are many other places in this country where people will flat out shoot folks trying to set their house on fire, especially if they’re in it at the time.

          1. One dead in Austin.
            The mob stopped a car and crowded around it and one of the “protesters” approached with a rifle.
            Driver put him down permanently, as proper.

            1. I see the “interesting times” are getting more interesting.

              1. There will be many more.
                These “peaceful protesters” think that their right to throw a tantrum is sacred. They do not believe other people have rights.
                They keep blocking cars, sometimes beating the vehicles or people inside, then whining about people “trying to run them over”.
                It’s abusive as hell, but you have literally no rights in their eyes.
                It’s mass psychosis, and they will not stop unless someone else forcibly stops them

            2. Foster’s family on Sunday said he served in the military and described him as a man committed to social justice, who had peacefully protested almost every night over the past 50 days with his fiancee, an African American woman who is a quadruple amputee.

              “He was doing it because he feels really strongly about justice and he’s very heavily against police brutality, and he wanted to support his fiancee,”

              LOL… supporting a quadruple amputee.

    3. At least it’s new, direct interviews instead of just a Twitter review or repetition of other news sources.

      I do find the interviews interesting, but not surprising. None of the people willing to talk were admit to being part of the violent group on the record (I presume that such things wouldn’t be cut). They have ideas that they want, but no idea about how to implement it.

      I would prefer of Ms. Rommelmann had followed up with harder questions. “How will that work?” “What do you expect them to do?” Being softball might be necessary for safety and cooperation, but I find that the “Abolish the police” arguments fall apart when I ask about what they would do about murders. While these inner cities are overpoliced for minor crimes, they are severely underpoliced by major crimes. You will get arrested pronto for weed or loitering, but almost every murder goes unsolved. Thus, the only time she asked that question, the response was “I have no idea”, and she didn’t follow up.

      Similarly, with the federal police, when you have people actively attacking the building and destroying fences, simply asking “what do you want them to do?” tends to either shut people up or cause them to deflect. Once people think about it for five minutes, they know that they have put the government in an impossible position. Abandon buildings and let lawlessness reign? That worked so well in Seattle. Since they have to stay, they need to arrest people. If they have to suggest a course of action, they realize that

      So, Bravo to Ms. Rommelmann for her reporting. I just wish that she could make them think more with follow-ups.

  7. I know Saturdays around here are almost exclusively for shit-posting, but this time, I think it’s gonna be different.

    1. No, Jeff will be here soon to once again defend the violent actions of the mob. I promise that wont be a shit post.

      1. Until then, let’s enjoy another rousing meeting of Libertarians For Unlawful Detentions By Nameless Government Agents In Unmarked Vehicles.

        Do as you wish until January, clingers.

        Then, the reckoning.

        1. What patriotic song will you be singing when your own kind puts you up against the wall?

          1. “Kirkland gazed up at the enormous donkey. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden behind the ass’s muzzle. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. Kirkland had won the victory over himself.
            He loved Big DNC.”

          2. L’Internationale, of course.

        2. Wrong on all counts. You can thank your fellow travelers for continuing to reaurhorizing the Patriot Act and the like.

        3. Ominous! Haha.

      2. And JesseAz takes the cue from Ken and shit posts something about chemjeff, who did nothing.

        1. Fuck off, Jeff. White knighting for yourself is pathetic.

        2. I noticed you protected jeff… but no words about Kirkland.

          It is most like you arent actually a noble defender of anything sarcasmic.

          1. I didn’t defend anyone. I criticized YOU.

    2. And one day, Charlie Brown will actually kick the football?

  8. The really funny part about this article is not the stupidity of the “protesters” (which is bog standard prog retardation) but that the garbage man is about 50 levels higher on the intelligence ladder than the rioters.

  9. A few things
    So the people up at sawn aren’t the rioter, that was already known. She is just hunting for selection bias now.

    1 the immigrant sound clueless and seeks in talking points that clearly the ass hats in Portland give him
    2. The retard tarot reader who says she can predict the future, no need to say anything more
    3. The restaurant worker who has been out of a job because of state/local government dictators, and has nothing else to do. Also has no idea what he’s there for.

    Lastly if everyone is so peaceful why does the cunt Megan say it’s too dangerous to bring her child. Hint because the scum there isn’t peaceful.

    Contrast that to the atf biker shootout in wako a couple of years ago that reason covered pretty well. The bikers flat out said that if they thought there would be any danger they would not have brought their kids. (for those who missed it atf shot up a biker gathering, the bikers shot back, and some people died. then arrested all the people there. It was such a shitshow that I believe all chargers for everyone involved were dropped. Um except the atf they never got charged with starting a shoot out)

    1. “1. the immigrant sound clueless and seeks in talking points that clearly the ass hats in Portland give him

      2. The retard tarot reader who says she can predict the future, no need to say anything more

      3. The restaurant worker who has been out of a job because of state/local government dictators, and has nothing else to do. Also has no idea what he’s there for.

      I maintain that George Floyd, racism, and the police are the focus of their rage, but these protests aren’t really about that. It’s mostly about the unemployment, the economy, and fear.

      There were two Rodney King riots. The first one was largely driven by African-Americans in Los Angeles who lost it over the accountability of the police—even after they were caught on video perpetrating brutality. The second riot was by average people of all races in Los Angeles, and it was not directly related to Rodney King. The unemployment rate in Los Angeles continued to rise and even accelerated–after the recession of 1991 was officially over and GDP started rising nationally. That was the ultimate cause of the second wave or rioting.

      Police reform, the resignation of Daryl Gates, etc., that addressed the cause of the first riot, but the bigger second riot had nothing to do with any of that. They looted stores and burned them down because they were unemployed and scared and they wanted free stuff. Whether we’re talking about Los Angeles in ’92 or Portland today, they’ll never put it in those terms if you ask them, but people tend to rationalize the things they did after the fact. I didn’t burn these businesses down because I’m unemployed, and I’m jealous, and I’m scared, and I’m angry, and I want free stuff. No, the reason I burned these stores down is because I’m against racism!

      Economic downturns breed civil unrest. 500 years from now, historians will describe the events of today in those terms. Why wait to speak the truth? You can’t say anything that’s true of every individual in a large group–and no doubt, there are African-Americans with legitimate gripes about racism and police brutality.
      But most of the people in Portland probably aren’t protesting or perpetrating arson because of racism and police brutality. They’re doing it because they’re unemployed and scared.

      Fear is the mind-killer.

      1. Based on posts from Ngo and other journalists on the ground many of these protestors are affluent whites with a number from outside of portland.

        This isnt about fear or unemployment.

        It is about a trained class of people who feel the need to either be victims or the saviors of those victims. This is why the riots are predicated around victimhood and not the general economic principles of UBI or welfare.

        That isn’t to say these people arent being used by those who want to overthrow the capitalist system. The riots are a byproduct of Critical Theory that requires first war between groups, to have people fighting so that the current system can be destroyed and then replaced.

        The fear here is from the democrats in Portland who see themselves being replaced by said radicals, so they issue stand down orders like Wheeler.

        For as much as Jeff and others call those who defend the law fascists, it is those supporting this mob that are the actual replication of the brown shirts in Germany. They are using the same tactics such as using watchers and scouts to follow people home to intimidate them with violence. They have people working in government agencies to get doxing information.

        And we have useful idiots pretending to be libertarians supporting this because it simply wasnt a government actor.

        1. Portland’s choice for mayor in November is Wheeler or Iannarone (the self-proclaimed Antifa mayor). Trump should have left Portland alone as a cautionary tale to others. Now the media will shift all the blame for the shitshow that is Portland onto him

        2. “Based on posts from Ngo and other journalists on the ground many of these protestors are affluent whites with a number from outside of portland.

          This isnt about fear or unemployment.”

          That conclusion does not flow from the premise.

          And we’re probably talking about the children of relatively affluent people. They’re talking bout people who work in hospitality and restaurant industries, people who work in restaurants and service industries, . . . these people are relatively affluent compared to inner city people who live on welfare–who are mostly losing their jobs.

          Even so, Stockbrokers, real estate agents, bankers, and insurance salesmen may be more afraid of losing their jobs than restaurant employees–especially if they have kids at college and a house payment.

          1. The kids dont give a shit about employment for themselves. That is where I disagree with your premise. These kids think they deserve shit because they say the “right” thing. They all have a instagram and youtube channel. They all want to be paid activists. They dont want hard work to give them wages.

            1. Well, work is oppressive.

            2. The assumption that people don’t care about their jobs or whether they’re employed is ludicrous.

              1. Everything from 6,000 years of recorded history to the marginal propensity to save and the fluctuations of consumer confidence underscore that, yes, people behave differently when they’re afraid of losing their jobs and after they’ve lost their jobs–for Pete’s sake.

              2. Have you talked to a recent college grad? I agree it is ludicrous, yet it is happening.

                1. Yes. They expect to be well paid because they graduated from college. That’s why they went to college–to be well paid.

                  Now they aren’t even employed–and it’s freaking them out.

                  The world is supposed to rearrange itself to confirm their fantasies about their value and self-esteem, and if that doesn’t happen, then it must be society’s fault.

                  1. Jesse see your point but from what I’ve seen around my parts it is a lot of folks that are worries about jobs or jobless. I do have one known antifa person i work with and she seems to be disconnected from reality she Is barely making it partly her own lack of ambition but sees this as a way to prosperity. The rich folks i know who support this seem also disconnected they’re far enough away that it seems to be a good way to show how much trump sucks. Don’t know where i was going there at the end but i lean towards kens view on this one

        3. I have to agree with Ken on this one, not so much them being worried as that they have nothing else to do. This is a generation that came of age watching GOT, playing video games and chatting on twitter. The only real work they had was the short stints as baristas or at fast food restaurants. Those have all dried up, they are now being paid by us taxpayers and they have nothing else to do with their time and they are angry about that. If they had a job, any job they would not have time for this nonsense. It is why they have so much unrest in the middle east, what jobs are there, nothing is made there at least nothing anyone else would buy. There is construction and hospitality but those are mostly staffed by Philippines and Indians. Pretty much what you have hear only ours are Latin Americans. This more than any other economic reason is why we should be pushing to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, people without jobs are restless people. We pay one way or the other, either higher prices in the stores or higher taxes to pay for the unemployed.

          1. Having nothing else to do is different than them doing it on fear of employment.

            The lockdowns exacerbated it, but honestly shit like this has been going on in Portland for over a decade both matter the employment market.

            1. Agreed on portland there quite often and its a different world there

            2. The difference between people like ChemJeff and Tony, on the one hand, and rational people, on the other, is that rational people don’t ignore facts if they contradict their arguments. Rational people base their arguments on facts, and if accounting for the facts requires them to revise or expand their arguments, that’s what rational people do. People like ChemJeff and Tony don’t revise their opinions just because silly things like facts and logic get in the way. They ignore them. We don’t want to be like ChemJeff and Tony.

              The fact is that unemployment and the fear of unemployment have been the primary drivers of human behavior during economic contractions since before the ancient Egyptians were building the pyramids. It isn’t just that everything we know about people’s behavior during recessions is built on that–and that’s everything we know according to every economic system from capitalism to communism and from monetary theory to Keynes and fiscal policy. What do we do to maximize employment? The fear of unemployment is a driving factor when we’re in recessions like gravity is to physics when objects are falling from the sky.

              Are you’re arguing that it isn’t really the gravity that’s pulling objects out of the sky–it’s the object’s absurd preoccupation with things like racism? That this time, it’s different? That’s absurd. And arguing with people about race when their behavior is largely driven by economic fear and economic anxiety isn’t just a meaningless distraction. It’s feeding into the problem. The problem is that when people are anxious about the economy, they need to focus on what’s best for the economy–instead of screaming at each other about racism.

              If you really want to help the situation, when people start screaming at you about racism, start talking about the economy: where sustainable jobs come from, what makes economies grow and stabilize, etc. On the other hand, some people enjoy screaming at each other about racism like other people enjoy watching baseball games or crochet. It’s a hobby. That’s fine, I guess. Doesn’t mean screaming at people about racism who are really jumping on the progressive anti-racist bandwagon because they’re scared and angry about losing their jobs is rational or likely to be productive.

              My brother loves going fishing. When I think of what it costs him to catch those fish on a per pound basis, it looks completely irrational. He could buy more fish for less than it cost him to buy a boat, all the gear, get a license, the cost of bait . . . but then he’s not doing it for the fish, really. He’s doing it for fun. And what do I care so long as it doesn’t impact me? Getting Biden elected by screaming about racism when we should be addressing these people’s economic concerns might impact me, though–right in the wallet.

              1. My god it is pompous as hell to surmise that people can’t evaluate their own circumstances and have to rely on their betters to really tell them what their concerns should be.

                They may be mistaken in their evaluations or have bad information, but to deny them their own judgements is just the opposite side of the coin to those you criticize.

        4. For as much as Jeff and others call those who defend the law fascists, it is those supporting this mob that are the actual replication of the brown shirts in Germany.

          Always remember that Antifa was founded in Berlin in 1932 by the explicitly Stalinist KPD (German Communist Party). “In the usage of the Soviet Union, the Comintern and its affiliated parties, including the KPD, the epithet fascist was used from the 1920s to describe capitalist society in general and virtually any anti-Soviet or anti-Stalinist activity or opinion.”

          I’d also recommend treating anyone who tries to use the line “Oh, but we’re a different Antifa!” with the same contempt you’d treat someone who used the same symbols as the Nazis, and said “Oh, but we’re a different Sturmabteilung!”

        5. The people I call “fascists” are the people who advocate for the literal murder of all the protestors, peaceful and violent ones alike. Because they want ideologically-based murder, which is 100% wrong no matter what. That includes Nardz and RRWP who have repeatedly advocated for such things. You haven’t, AFAIK.

          1. Which shows you know as little about fascism as you do about mob action.

          2. Fuck you, you’re an apologist for terrorist traitors.
            You want free reign to attack Americans, only to cry when they even talk about fighting back.
            You can get buried with your fellow travelers

          3. Because they want ideologically-based murder, which is 100% wrong no matter what.

            So, are communists “fascist”, then? Because they do that sort of thing a lot.

          4. Because they want ideologically-based murder, which is 100% wrong no matter what.

            Uh, what would be a non-ideological murder? Even a husband/wife who catches their spouse in the act of cheating and shoots them in a fit of passion are ideologically motivated by conceptions of monogamy. So, maybe something like Paddock’s shooting in Vegas? Paddock’s shooting or something like it would be better or OK because it’s not ideologically motivated?

      2. I maintain that George Floyd, racism, and the police are the focus of their rage

        George Floyd has nothing to do with race and everything with bad policing in Democratic cities. They have yet to provide any evidence of systemic racism.

        The focus of their rage is really their own economic situation, and their solution is to “destroy the system”; they are revolutionary Marxists driven by anger and greed, no different from all the revolutionary Marxists who came before them. The people who organize them always try to piggy back their ideology on some outrage-du-jour.

        1. “They have yet to provide any evidence of systemic racism.”

          I maintain that racism and police brutality are the rationalizations for what they’re doing, but anything can be rationalized. Serial killers rationalize what they’re doing and why. Rationalizing something doesn’t justify it. It just means that for every effect there’s a cause.

          Serial Killer: “I murder women because my mother sexually abused me”

          Prosecutor: “What about all the other abuse victims who don’t become serial killers”

          Serial Killer: “Well the victims were all racists anyway!”

          That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here.

          They’ve lost their jobs or they’re losing their jobs and the future they thought they were going to have is limbo permanently, and this wasn’t supposed to happen. They were supposed to live successful lives doing the things they want to do and cared about–and now that’s in the shitter–so society is gonna pay, and all it costs to make them pay is a gallon of gasoline.

          In the 1930s, the government would have put them to work building public projects. In the early 1970s, they’d have send them to Vietnam. Nowadays, we’re sending them more in unemployment than they’d make if they were working, and we’re paying off the others with $1,200 checks every couple of months.

          In the history of the United States, we have never seen so many people lose their jobs at the same time like we have during the lockdowns. Maybe the patient is bleeding to death because she’s naturally anemic. Maybe it’s her time of the month. Maybe she’s iron deficient. Maybe she has a disease like Crohn’s that makes her bleed internally. Any or all of those things might be contributing factors. But let’s not ignore the shotgun blast she took to the chest. I think that’s probably the reason she’s bleeding to death.

          50 million people have lost their jobs.


          30 million lost them in just a few weeks.

          That is unprecedented, and that is the reason why people are freaking out. They’ll hop on any bandwagon that comes along–and whether their rationalizations are logical is beside the point.

          1. The Trump Economy will conclude soon enough, enabling America to get back to progress.

            Democratic House + Democratic Senate + Democratic President = The Reckoning.

            1. Democratic House + Democratic Senate + Democratic President = The Reckoning.

              That reminds me, it’s range day.

              1. I’m going once a week

                1. How you guys spend the time you have remaining before replacement is your business.

                  So long as you continue to toe that line and comply with the preferences of your betters, that is.

                  Carry on, all-talk clingers.

                  1. your betters

                    Still a null set, Artshole.

            2. Just like in 2016

      3. There’s a lyric “We’ve got our MTV, we want our Vietnam.” (1980s, May be Captain Beefheart, I haven’t been able to find it.)
        There’s a validity to that still, a restlessness and a sense that a) they know that they can solve the problems of their parents’/grandparents’ generations and b) this is how to do it because it looks like the 60s and 70s. They don’t need “a reason,” they just grok injustice.
        I did a little bit of protesting about twenty years ago, starting out in opposition to the second war in Iraq. Things were definitely being organized even then, the idea being that if you “support the cause” you don’t need to know who the leadership is or what they’re planning. I became sure I was in the wrong place when I saw the portrait of Mao on the wall in the bathroom of somebody’s clubhouse or whatever it was. I think criminal justice reform was on the fringe for so long it made it vulnerable to hard left, infiltration I guess. The WTO Seattle 199x was sort of a new level of white-people-break-things and it never went away. But I still go back to that lyric. Same way upperclass Bin Laden became radicalized, like Thoreau in the woods looking for essential truth, enough people of means looking for “what’s real” and there they all are in the street. The details are usually foggy because for a lot of people it’s not about the details, it’s where the party is, where the community is and that’s supposed to be enough. I went the other way with some sadness, but they didn’t miss me. Now I’m glad.

    2. “ She is just hunting for selection bias now.”

      Or she thought it would be interesting to interview people that are hanging around at 5 am. And, you know what, some of it was interesting.

      1. I agree with this, though your simpering tone is unfortunate… and characteristic

        1. Nardz really shouldn’t be lecturing anyone about their tone, unless he can get some help for his anger management issues.

          1. I’m damn good at anger management, and you created an account for the sole purpose of whining about people criticizing Reason and not buying your shallow narrative bullshit.

            You’d be a much happier person if you realized that you’re wholly mediocre, and your attempts at “showing up” people just reveal your intellectual insecurity.
            I do enjoy watching resentment consume you, but it gets boring because you’ve only got the one note.

            Now run along, you’ve got truth to hide from

            1. You really are not good at anger management. You habitually end debates by insulting people, because you have no rebuttal.

              1. You mistake the fact that I have no respect for you, because you’ve never demonstrated capability for any thought more complex than that required to take superficial pot shots, as anger.
                It is not.
                It’s simply me treating you as utterly worthless, because you bring no value to any conversation you involve yourself in.

                1. That might be true if I were the only one you blow up over on a regular basis.

                  You throw tantrums all the time, and not just when talking to me.

                  1. It seems you don’t understand what a tantrum is, perhaps because that is your perpetual state

  10. “How does what’s happening here every night help achieve the goal of less violence?”

    —-Nancy Rommelmann

    That’s a good question, but there’s an even bigger picture being missed here.

    “Violence throughout—from police through ourselves through public media—violence itself has to stop. I don’t care who it comes from, what race, what creed, what demographic, we just have to stop being violent as a race. And there’s only one race and that’s the human race.”


    What does he mean by violence? Is he including property crimes?

    Is UFC part of the problem?

    I don’t think so.

    Violence can be a perfectly legitimate reaction to having one’s rights violated–and that means all kinds of rights. If you catch someone burglarizing your home, violence is a perfectly appropriate response. If you don’t feel up to inflicting the violence yourself, hopefully you’ve alerted the police and, hopefully, they will use violence–if necessary–to neutralize the burglar and lock him or her in a cage like an animal so he can’t violate anyone else’s rights.

    Arson was up 280% in Portland in June 2020 compared to June 2019. That kind of property crime requires an appropriate response which could include violence. If we want violence to always be an inappropriate response, then we need to stop violating each other’s rights. The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights, and violence in defense of our rights may not always be the smartest option, but the defense of people’s rights is what makes violence appropriate.

    1. I think “violence” is put in opposition to “cooperation.” Which requires a group, articulating and creating its own peace. When the group is in charge, every individual in the group will have a say. Of course that’s not what happens. There’s always an inner circle.
      The part they also miss is it takes tremendous initiative and organization to get all those signs, shirts, water bottles, tools and rocks from A to B. Individual actions are creating the conditions for the “group” to appear to exist autonomously. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

      1. Underneath it all, if they’re trying to persuade the American people to want something different than violence from the police?

        Arson, vandalism, and property crimes justify a violent reaction by the police in the American people’s minds–and if they local police won’t put a stop to it, then in most people’s minds, that justifies sending in the feds and/or the National Guard.

        “How does what’s happening here every night help achieve the goal of less violence?”

        —-Nancy Rommelmann


        It’s a rhetorical question.

        1. Rommel Mann did phrase that question very gently. I agree with what a poster said above, there are different trends in the situation, people with different goals are there at different times.

          Portland has managed to pretty much eliminate all the media analysis of police violence and possible reforms. I agree, you’d think if a decrease in police violence was the goal, they’d realize they’re working against it and stop. I think distracting the media and misdirecting the protests has been a goal of some portion of the protests from the beginning, though.
          Some courageous journalist could try to resurrect the original goals, but to do that would require criticizing the current movement, which would probably lead to cancellation.

  11. “For them to stand in front and even though it’s all about race to not to make it about race – there’s about 14 black people here—the way they sacrificed their own well-being and the well-being of their future children, it was just something too beautiful for me to sit and watch it on TV.”

    Nope, not an Orwellian death cult

  12. Yeah you’re never going to get a commie to admit their mistakes on tape. They just double down on every bet. It’s why their protests keep going. They lost jobs and wheeler can’t do anything despite being in their ideological camp. Frankly I hope large cities keep getting it so their tax base dries up and eventually their city councils turn over.

    1. You figure the desolate, can’t-keep-up backwaters are going to prosper at the expense of our modern, successful, educated, diverse communities, Kumquat?

      1. The ones that are burning themselves down, Hicklib?

    2. It’s like trying to get a Trump supporter to admit he’s a sociopath and incompetent.

      1. Lol. You forgot to switch to another sock. Now the visage of this sock and its purpose are void.

        1. Whatever. Sock this. Sock that.

          Nobody else is my sock.

  13. “People speaking out, chanting, marching, being peaceful; that’s helping us achieve our goal”

    And there is the core delusion: vocalizing a wish is the way to get things done.

    There must be a hard-wired defect in the human brain. We see it in children, who sincerely believe in magic, and learn that asking hard enough for something can make it appear. We saw it manifest in the Cargo Cults of the South Pacific, during and after WWII. And we see it constantly in the legacy of every activist, protestor, and organizer, all marching for “change”.

    Instead of actually learning and working in substantive ways, say studying chemical engineering to develop better batteries or starting a business to hire and serve some desired people, these people are no better than wishful (or whiny) children. I suppose it is tempting to suggest that people do what they are capable of (and math is REALLY hard, not to mention an oppression of the white patriarchy). And many of these people seem like drama queens at heart, so life as theater probably tempts them more than life as real, physical accomplishment.

    At least some of these people have energy. Too bad they do not have any direction to contribute in any material way.

    1. And there is the core delusion: vocalizing a wish is the way to get things done.

      Yup. Wish in one hand, shit in the other.

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  15. one young woman in pink footsie pajamas announces she’s a unicorn looking for her tail, a guy nearby blazing a joint says, “Your tail looks good to me.”

    And then The Byrds start playing in the background.

    1. Chestnut Mare? Or Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man?

  16. I actually found this interesting, so thanks for posting. You need to interview a wider range of people though. The graffiti removal guy is the only non-young naive idiot perspective. Interview more local store owners.

    1. residents, city workers, etc.

      This could have been really good if the selection was more representative of the area rather than just “here’s another sweet summer child protester”

      1. Stephan seemed like he might be making his way towards the station where the Clue Train boards.

    2. Yes.

  17. Why don’t the cops shoot these people? They shot Daniel Shaver for pulling up his pants and Philando Castille for getting out his wallet but won’t shoot terrorists throwing rocks at their heads.

    1. Cause they’re white, duh?!

  18. Look at all these violent thugs! Wow… scary.

  19. These people are clearly violent lunatics as opposed to the freedom fighters who were brandishing assault weapons at BLM agents on Cliven Buddy’s farm. You gotta be more able to distinguish between violent anarchists wearing unicorn costumes and freedom fighters pointing an AR-15 at a park ranger. Geesch, Unreason, know thy dangerous terrorist for Pete’s sake!

    1. Because it’s totally impossible, of course, that there might be different groups of people present at these events, at different parts of the day, with different goals in mind.

      The fact that there are some people in unicorn onesies serves as a sort of metaphysical shield ensuring that there are no arsonist nihilist rioters present at any time.

      Well said, AmSoc. Very solidly worked out.

      *polite applause*

      1. people in unicorn onesies

        It’s a slow process in the pandemic.

      2. Can I quote you on there being more than one type of person there? John, Nardz, JesseAz, others have told me over and over that they are all rioters, or just as guilty because they are ALL protecting the rioters (no matter what the person is doing).

        1. It is just as foolish to say that there are no protestors as that there are no rioters. I know people who are only protesting. They go for the protest, and leave when the riot starts. Admittedly, some days, this means they aren’t there for very long.

          Though I suspect that you will find my position that it’s easy to cross the line not to your liking. If one goes to a protest for the purpose of protesting, one is a protestor. If a rioter throws a brick at a cop, and the cops move in to arrest that person, and the protestor interferes, they’re no longer on the side of angels. And this is certainly not the only way in which one can move to the wrong side of the protestor / rioter line.

          So, yes, you can quote me, but please do so accurately.

          1. “Though I suspect that you will find my position that it’s easy to cross the line not to your liking.”

            Why would I have a problem with that? I don’t disagree with anything you have said.

            It is others here who have tried to paint me as supporting rioters or not believing there are any rioters.

            1. Why would I have a problem with that? I don’t disagree with anything you have said.

              Fair enough. I haven’t been around much lately and don’t really know who all the players are these days.

              My suspicion was based mostly on interactions with far too many people (in other venues) who think basically everything short of actually directly shooting cops is “legitimate protest”. And some who think even that counts. I apologize for the unwarranted assumption.

              1. It was an entirely warranted assumption, and correct

                1. OK, so, I have been back long enough to realize he’s not very popular, but thus far, he’s not been a dick to me. So while that remains the case, I’ll also endeavor to remain civil.

                  What can I say, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.

                  1. Fair enough.
                    I’m just pointing out that his claim is a flat out lie

                    1. Actually, Nardz’ claim is the lie.

                    2. Incorrect, white knight.
                      I wouldn’t be surprised if you believe you’re not lying, but that doesn’t change the fact.
                      You constantly whine that people group “peaceful protesters” in with the violent simply because the violent are among the “peaceful”, then you get upset when we assign them personal responsibility for their actions – which in this case are associating with violent actors and creating the conditions needed to start riots.
                      “Though I suspect that you will find my position that it’s easy to cross the line not to your liking” is 100% accurate.

                    3. There are violent protestors and rioters, there are some who run interference, and there is a third group: people who are peacefully protesting without interfering with police, as they have the constitutional right to do.

                      It is not right to lump the last group with the first two. They have done nothing wrong. It is guilt by association and collectivist thinking, which is counter to the foundations of libertarianism.

                    4. So the collectivists who gather knowing that their presence is necessary for a riot have no responsibility for the choice they’ve made?
                      How liberaltarian.

            2. Lol. You act like you’re the victim the do literally the bullshit you accuse others of above. Find one post where I said there were zero protestors sarcasmic.

                1. Dispute the assertion.
                  If “protesting” leads to rioting 50/50 nights, anybody who shows up shows up to riot, knowing that if enough of them didn’t show up a riot wouldn’t be possible.

                  1. Don’t have to go far to dispute that all the protestors are violent. Stephan from the article above states he is there to protest peacefully and denounces violence in the interview.

                  2. If “protesting” leads to rioting 50/50 nights, anybody who shows up shows up to riot[.]

                    OK, I’m sorry, but I know for a fact that this is inaccurate. I am very close friends with someone who goes to the protests, because she thinks that the goal of the protests is worth achieving, and leaves when the assholes start rioting. (Though, it should be noted that this is in Seattle, not Portland.) She despises the fact that the assholes are effectively co-opting the goals of reducing police violence to promulgate their nihilism and simply have a party where they smash other people’s stuff.

                    I understand what you are saying, but it is somewhat unreasonable to expect the sincere protesters to submit to the Heckler’s Veto of the fucktards.

                    1. Is it?
                      I can excuse those who leave when things get physical, and if there haven’t been constant riots where they’re going, though they still know they are a necessary ingredient for rioters.
                      In that case they are just useful idiots.
                      But we’re 2 months in. The “protests” are transparently bullshit and making life worse for the majority of people. They are actively inhibiting police reform. At some point you have to realize you and your friends are being assholes.
                      So why are they still associating with marxist rioters?

              1. Here is JesseAz mocking the idea that there are any peaceful protestors:


              2. And, by the way, sarcasmic is a different person than me.

        2. All you do is lie sarcasmic. It is hilarious. You whine and bitch and act sanctimonious while asking for honest argument and yet this is all you actually do, lie about the arguments of others.

          Pathetic. Sarcasmic.

          1. Sarcasmic isn’t here.

            You do realize that you are lying when you say someone is the sock of someone else, with no evidence.

          2. You habitually say things and then try to gaslight others by claiming you didn’t.

    2. Antifa and BLM have a larger body count of black bodies in the last two months than the KKK in the last two decades.

  20. “I believe in the complete abolition of police.”

    “So how do you think we’ll protect people’s rights?”

    “Smarter people than me will figure it out.”

    Clearly he’s the kind of voter we need.

    1. God I love this city.

      1. I wonder if there will be another season of Portlandia, and if it will cover the protestors.

    2. “So how do you think we’ll protect people’s rights?”

      5 years from now, we’ll be reading articles about the militarization of social outreach workers.

      1. Wonder if we’ll ever get any type of good push to remove qualified immunity for social workers.

      2. 5 years from now, we’ll be reading articles about the militarization of social outreach workers.

        I’m currently working that fantasy as stereotypical russian babuska grandmothers in their house-dresses and aprons sweeping their stoops and raiding homes of parents whose chilluns have snitched them out for badthink.

        I’m trying to find a happy-ending but failing

    3. Top Men?

  21. Excerpt from another article by this author:
    ““I sometimes think we’re the scatterbrained generation,” a 26-year-old woman told me, for a 2010 opinion piece headlined “Is Portland the New Neverland?” “You have so many choices,” she said, “and you know what you end up doing? Nothing. You become the DJ-fashion-designing-knitting-coffee-maker.””


    1. “I have a friend, let’s call her Karen. Karen bootstrapped several Portland businesses, including a coffee shop. She walks in one day and the barista, who is trans, says she had a man come in earlier wearing a MAGA cap and is she obliged to serve people like him? Karen asks, did he say something to you? No, says the barista, but he’s a white supremacist. Karen tells her, first, you don’t know that, and second, you cannot discriminate based on the way someone is dressed. And that, Karen thinks, is that, but no, the barista relays the story to another barista we will call Jen, who goes onto Facebook and posts, “My boss Karen is a Nazi.” Karen learns of this while she is on vacation. She calls her manager and tells her to get Jen into the office. Jen may intuit as much, as when the manager says she needs to speak with her, Jen gets on the floor behind the espresso bar and curls into a fetal position. And you might think, if anyone should maybe not be in customer service, it’s Jen, but no, people prove sympathetic to her and the other barista’s fears and start an online inquisition and can Karen prove she is not a Nazi? And should she not be more concerned with the safety of her employees than some random Republican wanting a cup of coffee?”

      1. Why would you argue with such people? Attempting to reason people who fundamentally reject reason is absurd.

        “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

        —-Matthew 7:6

        That’s pretty good advice!

        I’d say that people today make Americans during the Red Scare seem reasonable by comparison, but after reading that, it’s more like the Salem witch trials. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in 1953 about the Red Scare. I think someone should write something about today set during the Red Scare. Yes, you’d have to make the Red Scare look ever crazier than it was–to make it obvious that it was really about what is happening today.

        1. How do you write this ironically?

          The Red Scare was clearly a rational position…

          1. Oops

            Meant “unironically”

        2. There was no ‘Red Scare’.

          There was a successful attempt by the Soviet Union to undermine American institutions.

          If we’d erred on the side of McCarthy, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in today.

        3. “Attempting to reason people who fundamentally reject reason is absurd.”

          Your superstitious clinger colleagues won’t like that one.

      2. Karen should fire the two baristas and hire people who understand what customer service is.

  22. One more article by this author:
    “Below one of the various Instagram posts drumming up a boycott of Ristretto, a woman wrote of #MeNeither, “I clicked, paused, down voted, then reported on YouTube that it violates community guidelines: hateful … I didn’t listen but it’s one way to make that shit go away.” This kind of virtual attack on something she hasn’t bothered to watch, to assess on her own, strikes me as childish—it is the behavior of a toddler whose tantrum brings a dinner party to a halt until it can be placated with the attention it seeks.
    I have invited my critics to speak with me; the whole point of #MeNeither is to provoke discussion. Only one woman took up my offer. It is evidently easier for some random guy on Facebook to send me the message, “You are scum. Rot in hell you dirty bitch.” Those with a bit more ambition have taken to phoning all my husband’s purveyors and telling them to discontinue their relationships with Ristretto. There is purpose here; there is drive; there is, maybe, a sense of triumph at a business being eradicated. “Yes, the delight in the potential destruction of others,” agreed Heying.
    Dismay seems to be the very sustenance of these campaigns. The digital activists swarm like locusts, descending and leaving the earth shorn before moving on to the next field. But what lasting satisfaction can there be in forcing a small business to close and its employees out of work? Do the people leading these crusades picture themselves as admirable figureheads? If so, they seem to be steering into perpetually unhappy waters, full of hazards real and imagined, with the pervasive fear that everyone and everything might harm you so you must harm them first.
    “Exhausted is a big word with this crowd,” remarked Heying. “They’re just so tired of fighting. What they’re fighting are their own shadows.” The fight against Heying and her husband, and me and my husband, all but obviated personal inquiry and interaction. Why risk having uncomfortable conversations? Why challenge your beliefs—such as the notion that only you are entitled to free speech—when you are convinced your cause is entirely just and that your opponents are evil? What these campaigners call progressivism strikes me as fundamentalism.”

    1. They’re tweet span attentions, trying to make their point in 140 brain cells or less. They’re no more capable of engaging in discussion than they are of flapping their arms and flying.

  23. The protestors had gained nearly universal support for their cause early on. Not many people are in favor of police brutality and racist cops. But the longer the protests went on and the worse the riots got, the more that support eroded. Lots of mainstream voters who don’t particularly like Trump started registering to vote, and they’re not going to endorse the Democrats whose response is to let their cities burn and let the mobs take over downtown.

    As for the mostly peaceful protestors (and in raw numbers, they are mostly peaceful), they only give cover to the rioters and vandals and arsonists by continuing to protest. If they really cared about their communities, they would end the protests and start turning in the vandals.

    1. If they’re giving cover and support to rioters, then they aren’t actually peaceful.

      1. Is that the “Vicki Weaver Principle?”

        1. Amazing. I did not realize it was possible for you to actually be more vile.

        2. The “Frank Little Principle”.

  24. Good story.
    I like the unintentional reveals:

    “I’m just a black man who feels like equality is a big problem in our society and I feel like we need to address that situation expeditiously and hit that right on the butt”
    -so communism?

    ” I have a degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in social science and a dual degree in theatre. I also do the very Portland thing of reading tarot”
    -ah, she’s completely useless; but being a bot for the violent mob makes her feel purposeful

    “and even though it’s all about race to not to make it about race – there’s about 14 black people here—the way they sacrificed their own well-being and the well-being of their future children”
    -it’s about race but it’s not about race, it’s beautiful to sacrifice your children to the collective

    “I’ve been out here probably 40 nights out of the whole deal. My job was lost from Coronavirus. I was in the service industry, at a nice restaurant here in town”
    -you’re a 40 year old waiter with a teenage kid who hasn’t found any way to make money in 2 months

    “There are so many teenagers that are living in group homes and shelters that they feel their parents don’t care about them, so they’re fine being on the front lines being shot with pepper bullets, having flash grenades thrown at them and being shot with a fucking rubber bullet.”
    -she says, having abandoned her own toddler

    “A lot of my coworkers are involved. I have a coworker who’s an ACLU legal observer who’s been out more often than I have.”
    -how does his employer exist? It’s clear none of the employees have any value except as mindless drones…

    “there’s probably not an end until after the first of the year,”
    -yea, when you’re complaint is that you hate yourself and you’re a nihilist who brings nothing to the table, it’s not the kind of thing that ever really ends

    1. ” I have a degree in liberal arts electrical engineering with an emphasis in social science small signal electronics and a dual degree in theatre management. I also do the very Portland thing of reading tarot”

      …No, that makes no sense at all.

      1. … I wrapped a newspaper ’round my head
        So I looked like I was deep
        I said some mumbo-jumbo, then
        I told him he was going to sleep

        No… I can see it if the engineer did it as a hoot; a good icebreaker, party-game, panty-dropper kind of shtick. Not very far from D&D, or Game of Thrones, or re-enactors/cos-play or a lot of other recreation for the mind.

        but on monday you go in a design a wing spar.

  25. I remember when progressives were celebrating the Feds murdering a rancher for grazing cattle.

    1. That was different. – Reverend Kirkland

      1. Not just Kirkland
        Every liberaltarian here

  26. I argued with a few of their defenders online last night, and it’s clear they are just looking to pick a fight. They have no clear message, and refuse to state it when asked. Meaning, they feel very self righteous, but otherwise have no excuse for crime and violence and will get pummeled by law enforcement and no one will come to their defense.

    The feds are doing them a huge favor with this show of force. It’s a warning not to create trouble or commit vandalism and say, “But no one told me it was a crime!” Which is of course, the real reason they hate them coming to the city.

  27. Others crawl in and out of tents or sleep sprawled on benches, and when one young woman in pink footsie pajamas announces she’s a unicorn looking for her tail, a guy nearby blazing a joint says, “Your tail looks good to me.”

    So; drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

    1. But mostly hatred
      Pretty much a hatefest

  28. Federal agents taking down a guy with an American flag and a leaf blower. You gotta admit the optics on that are not good for the “they are all rioters — nuke ‘em all” contingent.

    1. No one is going to give a shit about him. He’s white.

      1. The kid who got shot in the face while just standing there holding a speaker was white, and a lot of people cared.

        1. For about 15 minutes.

          1. You are going to hate November.

            And January.

            And most of the rest of the time you have remaining before replacement.

            1. You and your allies are going to hate those helicopter rides, hicklib.

        2. The two people stabbed yesterday dont care about the rioters. The 3 blind cops dont matter. The 400 plus injuries to cops are meh.

          God you’re dumb.

          1. Or the black Trump supporter stabbed by the pedophile in Portland.
            Or the black Trump supporter murdered in Milwaukee hours after doing an interview

            1. Yes, people have been injured on both sides, or all sides.

              1. Yet you, like BLM and the media, only express concern for those politically useful to your cause

                1. You are just making that up. More collectivist thinking. You have to lump me into some category of bad person you’ve made up, even if I don’t quite fit.

                  1. Sure you do – your a pretentious coward who thinks you’re accomplishing something by trying to play “gotcha”.
                    You never assert firm beliefs, or theory, or analysis, and you repeat whichever narrative is most convenient for the left.
                    My statement above is based on your exclusive concern for “protesters” or “press” (hint: rioters have been trying to “disguise” themselves as press) whenever they receive any pushback. You bitch about “kidnapping” and “brutality” but haven’t yet objected to any violence directed at people other than the “protesters”. Then you, like your idols, cry victim and reject accountability for the protesters, except when an abstract “someone else” was violent while the people you’re conveniently speaking of at any moment are perfectly innocent.
                    You really aren’t close to as clever as you’d like to think you are

        3. The kid who got shot in the face while just standing there holding a speaker was white, and a lot of people cared.

          They cared right up to the point that they discovered that he wasn’t playing “Good Day Sunshine” over the speaker. Once they realized he’d spent 10 minutes shouting “We’re going to fucking kill you.” out of the loud speaker, they stopped caring that he got hit with a beanbag.

          Keep bringing it up. I will continue to legitimize things exactly the way you think it is.

  29. http://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1287048363976916994?s=19

    Antifa militant arrested for stabbing black Trump supporter in Portland, previously indicted for child porn

    1. Adding the previous indictment for child porn makes it sound like a joke, and isn’t necessarily relevant.

      1. I dunno, did you look at that thing on his face? It appears very relevant.

  30. https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/22/black-portland-police-officer-black-lives-matter-is-white-people-telling-black-people-what-to-do/
    In one black Portland police officer’s frontline experience, the Black Lives Matter protests in his city are not about helping black people attain better lives. What this officer sees is privileged white kids infiltrating communities that don’t belong to them to burn stuff, break things, cause trouble, incite violence, and tell black people what they should do.
    “I’ll say this. I got to see folks that really do want change like the rest of us, that have been impacted by racism. And then I got to see those people get faded out by people who have no idea what racism is all about, that have never experienced racism, that don’t even know that the tactics they are using are the same tactics that were used against my people.”
    But to Jackson and his black peers, the most painful thing is white protesters’ words. “It says something when you are at a Black Lives Matter protest, and you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd,” Jackson says. “And you have white people screaming at black officers, ‘You have the biggest nose I’ve ever seen.’”

    1. Oh, come on. Black Lives Matter, but I think everyone knows that doesn’t apply to the house n*’s. Those white kids are totally justified in using racial slurs against them!

    2. NAACP put out a statement asking why a naked white chick spread eagle was the face of the movement.

  31. Navarro is alleged to have “intentionally swerved his truck” into Thiessen head-on because all Harley riders are “white racists.” Lest there be any doubt as to the intentional nature of the act, according to the complaint, Navarro had been “thinking about targeting a white person and killing them with a vehicle earlier that day,” and he “picked a motorcycle because he wanted the person to die,” because “white people drive motorcycles,” and “the Harley culture is made up of white racists.”


    1. all Harley riders are “white racists.”

      I should go let the local Bandidos chapter know.

      1. No. Navarro should.

        1. I was going to point them Navarro’s direction. 😉

  32. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/chicago-mayor-agrees-with-trump-to-allow-deployment-of-federal-police-to-chicago/

    During riots that followed the death of George Floyd during his arrest by Minneapolis police officers, Chicago city council members criticized Lightfoot for refusing to deploy the National Guard outside the city’s business district.
    “My ward is a s–t show,” complained Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski-Garza in a conference call. “They are shooting at the police. I have never seen the likes of this. I’m scared.”
    Alderman Raymond Lopez, a frequent critic of Lightfoot, said his district was ‘“a virtual war zone,” to which Lightfoot responded Lopez was “100 percent full of s–t.”
    “Well, f–k you then,” Lopez shot back. “Mayor you need to check your f—–g attitude.”

  33. “I have a daughter living with my parents so I can be “momma” to the protesters..oh and I live in my car”

    That says it all..forget your basic responsibility to your child to “find yourself”..just like that women who “had” to have a boyfriend and allowed him to kneel on her child’s neck for a BLM statement. These people need to grow up and be mature..abandoning your child is pathetic..

    1. For them children are an accessory like a cool phone not a responsibility.

  34. My last month paycheck was for 11000 … All i did was simple online work from comfort at home for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this agency I discovered over the internet and they paid me for it 95 bucks every hour HERE? get more info

  35. “So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot…” George Orwell

  36. Folks in Portland don’t want the Feds in town. Pull them out. The FBI. Federal prosecutors and public defenders, Social Security Administration. The various other Federal aid agencies. The Post Office. Anything Federal – shut it down.

  37. In an example of artificial selection in action, a liberaltarian BLM supporter (his Facebook was full of pro-BLM and Jo Jorgensen shit before it got shut down) in Austin last night named Garrett Foster uncorked five shots from an AK-47 at a driver, got ventilated by three shots in response, and is now dead.

    Choice quotes from a livestream he was being interviewed on: “I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of a pussies to actually stop and do anything about it.” Oops.

    When asked why he started carrying: “My roommate got arrested and they won’t let us march in the street anymore.” Fuckin’ high-quality right there.

    Playing with guns isn’t like Call of Duty, speds. You get shot, you don’t respawn at a checkpoint.

  38. “Unfortunately, the fundamental concepts of dignity, respect, equality before the law and personal freedom are under attack by the nation’s own government. That’s why, if we want to restore a free society and create greater well-being and opportunity for all Americans, we have no choice but to fight for those principles.”
    ~ Charles Koch

    Some of these protestors are natural but low-information libertarians. Some are simple eccentrics. Some are autocrats, as bad as the current autocrats, that just want their turn to oppress.

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