Brickbat: Stay Right Where You Are


Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro has ordered the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, which licenses and regulates doctors in the province, to ban groups of doctors from withdrawing from practice at the same time. The move is aimed at stopping doctors from closing their practices or leaving en masse in response to the province's recent cuts in health care funding. Shandro says doctors must be required to provide three months notice before leaving practice and required to "provide effective alternative resources and/or arrangements for patients if they choose to withdraw services." If they can't, the government would force them to continue to practice "until effective alternative resources and/or arrangements have been created."

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  1. How appropriate it is that the title of the next article is “Progressive Policies Keep Failing”. This brickbat is an excellent example of that. Bad policies cause doctors to flee and we can’t have that. So, let’s ban them from going. Yeah, that’s going to work.

    What are the chances that these doctors just won’t show up for work? Or, provide shoddy service on the days they do show up? How about giving 3 months notice and then taking a long holiday?

    Government: We are too incompetent to grow carrots but, we can always pick up a stick!

    1. Who will want to have cataract surgery with a doctor being forced to work against her will??

      Calling Doctor Indentured Servant !

      1. That might be a good way to stick it to the local gov if they try to force you to keep working. Indentured servant doesn’t have the same baggage as slave, but still reminds people of nasty things. Just put it in nice big letter over your waiting room.

        1. Except indentured servitude had a defined length of service. This is indefinite.

          1. Just for the rest of your life – – – – – – – – – – – –

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  2. Oh no Canada !

    1. And you know who else made people work against their will?

      1. US Government Almighty military drafters?

      2. parents?

      3. The Qatar 2022 World Cup committee?

        1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to here, (maybe the Pinkertons?) but “strike breakers” is the less offensive term for “scabs” or other people who cross picket lines. JSYK.

      4. Spartacus?

  3. “If they can’t, the government would force them to continue to practice “until effective alternative resources and/or arrangements have been created.””

    Otherwise known as slavery.

    1. I wonder how many of the docs are’ people of color’ ? That will be interesting.

      1. I am sure Joe Biden will be right along to proclaim, “They’re going to put you all back in chains”.

      2. White is a color too.

  4. Hey, you spelled ‘slaves’ wrong in this.

    It’s s-l-a-v-e-s, not d-o-c-t-o-r-s

  5. Galt’s Gulch is always willing to welcome competent medical practitioners. Patients usually pay in gold.

  6. “Being a a physician, I monitor myself for coronavirus, and unfortunately I show signs of positivity. My Oath requires me to withdraw from service immediately.”

    1. “Well then we will assign you to the CV-19 ward in the most northern part of the providence. No reason to get another doctor sick.”

  7. These doctors should be eligible for US work permits as refugees.
    Now how many heads will explode here?

  8. Heh, saw that coming. If the Democrats have their way it will be coming here soon enough.

    They’ll be building walls…to keep us in.

    1. Just like the East Germans and the Czechs.

      With a difference: where you gonna run to? The US is the last stand of liberty.

      Very sad, it was a short run.

  9. Decided not to hobble them instead, huh Alberta? And this is coming from what is probably Canada’s most conservative province.

    I’m very surprised it hasn’t occurred to these kind of regulators before to condition medical licenses on performing X amount of pro bono, or indigent care, per year. No forcing them to stay open; just taking away their right to practice if they don’t do Social Justice Task du Jour

    1. I imagine that taking away their license is how they are enforcing doctor’s stay open. Continue operating here or we’ll make it illegal for you to operate anywhere else, sounds like the kind of threats govs like to make.

      1. That is probably how it’s being enforced, though the blurb made it sound like the doctors would be arrested or fined if they didn’t remain open and servicing patientsl

        1. That’s next.

  10. Yes, massah, eh?

  11. I’m hoping they actually chain doctors to the operating room table in the abortion clinic.
    So they have to do the anesthesia and surgery for free.
    That won’t look good when it appears in the morning papers

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    2. If that happens CBS will report it as a practice in texas, chaining their doctors in order to maximize profit

  12. So in Canada is it allowed for Health Ministers to just issue laws on their own say so? It sounds rather arbitrary and capricious, the kind of thing done in Latin American countries, not Canada. Doesn’t Parliament, or the provincial legislature need to be creating the laws up North? I don’t know, I never took Canadian civics class.

    Rule of law, where art thou?

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    2. It happens in the US. Just look at all the edicts, fines, and jail sentences being implemented here in the name of pandemic. Apparently, you can ignore the Constitution in a health “crisis”.

    3. If the government can re-establish slavery, the rule of law is already gone.

      And slavery is always the end point of progressive policies.

  13. the government would force them to continue to practice

    Only with socialism can we truly be free!!

    1. Back in the 60’s when they were jamming socialized health care down our throats doctors fought against it… protests strikes etc… In 2 generations they all became true believers, so I guess they’re getting their gubmint good and hard…

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  15. I expected to see a “Fuck off, slavers!” here.

    1. That is sooo yesterday – – – – – –

  16. Talk about life imitating art!

    Sounds like “Directive 10-289” in Atlas Shrugged (“All workers, wage earners and employees of any kind whatsoever shall henceforth be attached to their jobs and shall not leave nor be dismissed nor change employment, under penalty of a term in jail….”)

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