Cancel Culture

Museum Curator Resigns After He Is Accused of Racism for Saying He Would Still Collect Art From White Men

Irate employees of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art said the removal of Gary Garrels was "non-negotiable."


Until last week, Gary Garrels was senior curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). He resigned his position after museum employees circulated a petition that accused him of racism and demanded his immediate ouster.

"Gary's removal from SFMOMA is non-negotiable," read the petition. "Considering his lengthy tenure at this institution, we ask just how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the content of the museum?"

This accusation—that Garrels' choices as an art curator are guided by white supremacist beliefs—is a very serious one. Unsurprisingly, it does not stand up to even minimal scrutiny.

The petitioners cite few examples of anything even approaching bad behavior from Garrels. Their sole complaint is that he allegedly concluded a presentation on how to diversify the museum's holdings by saying, "don't worry, we will definitely still continue to collect white artists."

Garrels has apparently articulated this sentiment on more than one occasion. According to, he said that it would be impossible to completely shun white artists, because this would constitute "reverse discrimination." That's the sum total of his alleged crimes. He made a perfectly benign, wholly inoffensive, obviously true statement that at least some of the museum's featured artists would continue to be white. The petition lists no other specific grievances.

You might think that one of the most prominent art curators in the country—with 20 years of experience at SFMOMA—would be able to weather such a pathetically weak accusation of racism. But in the current cultural moment, it appears not. Garrels promptly resigned.

In a statement announcing his decision to step down, Garrels apologized for the harm his words caused, only slightly disputing the absurd charge against him. " I do not believe I have ever said that it is important to collect the art of white men," he said, according to "I have said that it is important that we do not exclude consideration of the art of white men."

Suffice it to say that this is not the language of a white supremacist. Those who say otherwise—that Garrels is guilty of racism—have stripped the word of its potency. They have shown once again that the signatories of the recent Harper's letter were entirely correct that the progressive drive to purge lofty institutions of racism and sexism has frequently gone astray, in a manner that threatens both free inquiry and common decency. The 1793 Project continues.

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  1. Look at this, look at ‘antifa’ in Portland, and tell me these people wouldn’t be equally oppressive with government power before you give me any “this isn’t the government doing this” shit.

      1. ‘Equally’ just meant they’d abuse government power the same way they abuse social power.

        1. They would be more oppressive with government power.

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    1. They don’t expect to march us to the guillotines.

      They expect us to walk to the razor voluntarily.

      Not defend ourselves. Guilt-driven self-flagellation. Like Garrels did here.

      1. Those marshals in Portland showed what you do with Antifa–you shoot them in the face with bean bags.

        1. In my neighborhood you would need the marshals to protect the rioters.

          Portland ANTIFA is LUCKY they only got shot in the face with bean bags.

          Love hearing ANTIFA scream and cry when one of their own gets hurt. It’s even better than watching Hillary supporters weep on election night.

          1. “It’s even better than watching Hillary supporters weep on election night.”

            Now that’s a mighty high bar there.

          2. So we had to suffer through Trump and abortion isn’t even illegal yet.

          3. Wait, wait….I’m sorry. But I have to call bullshit here, Red. Nothing surpasses watching the libtard meltdown montage on election night. Nothing.

            Larry Elder has a hilarious one. 😉

            1. Apologies Jeb. Need an edit function.

    2. That is exactly why you should criticize every single use of presidential power by Trump, rather than cheering it on. Because the next guy in will inherit those powers and he might not be of your tribe.

      1. LOL. Trump can’t even write an executive order undoing the executive order of his predecessor.

        1. Not for lack of finger mashing.

        2. Obama’s executive order was illegal, I might add, as it conflicted with existing law.

          1. Oh, it was illegal you say? Well, that should’ve stopped it in its tracks. Nothing exists that is deemed illegal.

    3. We let your radicals be in charge, and they did a predictably bang-up job, so don’t worry, Joe Biden is not the grand grand wizard of Antifa.

      1. Biden is irrelevant. His VP matters because he’s far, far more mentally incompetent than even the most virulent lefty imagined Trump is.

        And Trump is an idiot

        Biden is the Trojan horse.

        1. Does it count as a Trojan Horse if there are Greeks riding on top of it and spilling out its nostrils?

        2. One of Trump’s best qualities is his incompetence and ignorance. In order to be truly dangerous an authoritarian or dictator has to have a plan, a fixed set of views, and has to know how to implement it.
          Trump’s ideology (if we can call it one) is anything that he thinks benefits himself. That’s obviously dangerous (rule of law? what’s that?) but it’s all short term; it’s not enacting anything that will exist after he’s gone.
          Historically, dictators use crises (real of faked) to consolidate power, to enact legislation that cements his authority. Think of the Reichstag Fire. Or Stalin’s “Doctor’s Plot”. But Trump hasn’t – and doesn’t know how – to use, for example, the covid crisis to consolidate power. It’s not to his benefit.
          We hear ideologues all of the time say, “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” That is, use it for power. Trump is too stupid, too self-centered, to think of something like that.

          1. This is why I supported Trump over Hillary. He’s neither that bright nor well supported by either side, she’s a criminal who would have 100% support from her own side and some support from the other side. I considered him the less dangerous choice.

          2. Are you kidding ? With hundreds of unfilled positions of critical civil service jobs still vacant ( FDA & EPA leadership vacancies can be unhealthful) , it’s as big a problem as having an Israeli spy in Jared who uses his security clearance to make deals keeping his failed real estate holdings out of bankruptcy. Jared took masks from hospitals and sold them to China . He made a good payday with Bin Salman giving up Kashoggi’s itinerary . Acting on contrived intelligence or sponsoring illegal assassinations of heads of state without legitimacy, the list is endless and painful to list. Don’t be so flippant.

        3. I tend to agree. I think the D’s want him to be elected, get a black female in the VP seat and then resign in short order so she moves up to the presidency. At least that has to be what the D’s are shooting for whether Biden wants it or not.

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    5. The people attacking Garrels are bottom feeding scum. He should tell them to go to hell.

    6. Fire the employees, not the curator.

    7. Stupid people like you don’t realize how good you have had it. Maybe a few decades of Marxist government woukd do you some good, just to appreciate what you lost. “Equally oppressive”!

  2. In a statement announcing his decision to step down, Garrels apologized for the harm his words caused, only slightly disputing the absurd charge against him.

    Here’s another experienced, well known guy resigning. He’s never going to have a significant job in his field again, regardless of what he does. Has it ever occurred to any of these guys to go down fighting?

    1. “go down fighting?”

      An art curator?

      1. weapons cache in the Bronze Age display

        1. I would watch the hell out of a movie like that.

          1. Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

        2. We are long overdue for a good chariot battle.

        3. Art curator, not museum curator.

          Though smaller sculptures can make excellent blunt instruments.

          1. yeah I was going for plates and sculptures

            guy on the wall w/no arms and legs: Art!

        4. izzatt the MODREN Bronze Age Display?

      2. Force the whining little bitches to do something.

        Do they all want to quit? LET THEM. Not hard to replace staff at a museum.

        1. Do they all want to quit? LET THEM.

          An adult would not allow them to quit. An adult would call a meeting with every signator and tell them they have all been terminated effective immediately.

          1. ” …. call a meeting with every signator and tell them they have all been terminated effective immediately.”

            “You have five minutes to gather your belongings and be off the premises. If you’re still here in six minutes, you’ll be arrested as a trespasser.”

    2. Has it ever occurred to any of these guys to go down fighting?

      Apparently not, although my hope is that eventually people realize the apologizing or bending the knee to these mental deficients only ever makes things worse, but I kind of doubt that will ever happen.

      1. He’s never going to be allowed back, so there’s no point in keeping the bridge intact. Don’t just burn it, drop napalm on it.

      2. It will indeed happen, but it won’t happen among leftists. Let them all throw each other under the bus, it will only change things for the better for us.

        1. At least go buy a fingernail clipping for eleven million and a pickled turd for fourteen on your way out the door.

          Preferably from someone who the scolds hate viscerally.

      3. I keep thinking they must have some dirt on him. Why else would someone go quietly like that.

    3. This whole thing is reminding me of that episode of South Park where the kids figure out that they can basically have every adult in town locked up in definitely by saying the phrase “my parents molestered me” to the cops. It quickly leads to a Lord of the Flies society where there are no adults around and no one has the slightest idea how to run anything so they splinter off into warring factions ruled by a despotic Eric Cartman.

      You don’t say molestered, you just say white supremacist, but so far the beginning is the same and I’m guessing the second act wouldn’t be that far off.

      1. so far the beginning is the same and I’m guessing the second act wouldn’t be that far off.

        To get a glimpse of the second act, just look at how “CHAZ” turned out and imagine that, but everywhere.

      2. Just watch CNN

        1. I take better care of my brain than that. Pollution is pollution, and is bad for you. And me.

      3. I think that episode is like 20 years old. Best show ever.

      4. Adding a link to today’s dilbert because its on topic.

        1. Yeah, that’s the “logic” one expects from people like Artie and his flock.

      5. What a great episode, from the olden days when they put a little more time into writing

      6. You just perfectly and completely described what recently happened in Seattle. Lord of the Llies indeed.

        They PROVED beyond any shadow of doubt that of which they are made, Had Trump sent in the Guard to retake the territory that never would have been proven, and HE knew it. Which is WHY he stapped back and said to Seattle and Inslee “you’ve got it”. Now they REALLY have got it dont they?ALL of it. And it looks REAL good all over their smug mugs.

        1. Unfortunately, most people do not know about CHAZ, and far fewer have been shown the aftermath.

    4. Has it ever occurred to any of these guys to go down fighting?

      It occurs to me that some are just going Galt.

      I imagine the cancel culture isn’t familiar with that term.

      I wonder how long it will take.

      1. The cancel culture is definitely familiar with John Galt references.

        1. And look how John Galt ended up, defeated by a mere leppo.

          1. (In Christopher Walken cadence)
            You want me to say…. what’s Aleppo…. like….. I don’t get it.

   (there’s sound).

    5. “Has it ever occurred to any of these guys to go down fighting?“

      Imperfect analogue, but during the Lenin-(Stalin (especially) purges, when millions were marched off to the gulags, very few resisted. Submissiveness, infrequently even relief, was a prevailing consciousness and common practice.

      Even the great Solzhenitsyn went meekly. In fact, he guided those who arrested him to the prison Lubyanka.

      1. This guy rolled over so easy it’s almost like he was part of the scam himself. He made the headlines. He caused division in the public by doing so. Mission accomplished. Another win for the racism that was never there in the first place.

        If this guy cared at all, he would have been more vehement in his denials. But it appears he was more than eager to accept the charges and resign. Fishy af.

        1. I’ll lay high stakes at VERY long odds that not one of those museum dweebs who hollered for this guy’s hide could do the following on a more than a coin-flip level of accuracy:

          View a hundred pieces of modern art, of the sorts commonly curated and displayed at this museum, NOT KNOWING who the artist/creator is, THEN be able to tell with an accuracy of fifty percent or more, the race and/or gender and/or ethnicity of the creator of that work. Let this now-retired curator select the works to be included in the study/examination.

          1. I’ve had similar thoughts with respect to Hannah Gadsby and her shtick about how you can’t separate the artist’s gender and biography from the art. I thought it would be hilarious to have Gadsby and a roomful of feminist art critics respond to art pieces that were unknown to them, identifying not only which were by men but which were by *abusive* men. Bonus points for spotting the *rapist*. The joke would be that all the artwork would be by women, but I have no doubt that at least half would be identified as coming from men, many of them violent.

        2. Yeah, probably got a nice serverance package to shut him up and appeal to their “woke” customer base. Probably worth the money.

    6. re: “go down fighting”

      Why would he? By resigning, he gets to leave behind a bunch of obviously toxic co-workers and walk right into his pension. (Okay, I’m guessing based on picture and reported years of experience but it seems a fair bet that this is only a slightly-early retirement.)

      1. Does he get a retirement if he resigns?

        1. Scratch that. If it’s a vested retirement plan, he’d walk away with something.

      2. Instead of meekly apologizing for patently absurd accusations he could at least retire with a statement that points out how absurd the petition is and how insane and/or evil the petitioners are.

        1. Walk out the door with the middle finger clearly extended.

          1. Ya but he did the opposite, graciously bowing out as the racist he’s accused of being. What a dick.

            1. He would have gotten a bit of respect from me if he went out like Guillermo Diaz in “Half Baked.”

              “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool (the one guy who didn’t sign), fuck you! I’m out!”

              1. Get busy photoshopping his head into that gif please

              2. Though on second thought, he may have been thinking that if he didn’t offer some form of apology, he’d have gotten doxxed. And people wouldn’t have to travel very far to make his life hell. His immediate neighbors would likely have been carrying the biggest pitchforks. After all, it’s not as if this guy was commuting from Oakland every day.

          2. make sure said middle digit is well coated with Shinola.

        2. Probably got a nice severance package to go out “woke”. Modern art? Seems like something the “woke” crowd would like. Having the dude resign meekly is probably a good public relations move and worth the money so the museum could appeal to their “woke” customer base.

    7. Museum curators, college administrators, etc; they partly believe what they are being accused of, if only because of their supposedly privileged race, gender, or sexual orientation. And remember, these are the dip shits who created the monsters who take them down. Thus they go willingly, apologizing all the way to the end of their careers.

      1. Yeah, the meek apologies from his type show that he was or nearly was a true believer too. He never thought he’d be targeted and is in shock. They’ve caused him to question his very identity be accusing him of being that which he thought they were all united against. He just didn’t realize that the rest of his crew had turned the crazy up to 11 while he was still only at a 7 or so.

        1. Probably true. And I’ve personally lived in his kind of urban circles. His “friends” no doubt have already abandoned him. This guy will lead a very very very lonely life unless he openly denounces the Left and reaches out to the other side. A cat can only provide so much affection. I hate to be glib, but seriously, I know these people. They are hideous human beings.

          1. The purpose of an apology is to seek forgiveness. It’s meaningless to this crowd because 1) You didn’t do anything wrong, but your apology confirms for them that you were guilty, and 2) they won’t forgive you.

            We’re getting dangerously close to a world where the entire concept of apology no longer has any meaning. There’s no forgiveness, no absolution, and no capacity to move on.

            1. “The purpose of an apology is to seek forgiveness. It’s meaningless to this crowd because 1) You didn’t do anything wrong, but your apology confirms for them that you were guilty, and 2) they won’t forgive you.”

              Spot on. One of the few things I find appealing about trump is that he doesn’t apologize. They have created an environment where the only way you lose, is to officially apologize. In terms of your options and their results, the apology is all downside. Admits wrong-doing. Admits they were right about what they accused you of (in their book anyways). And all the articles the next day? “Joe Smith apologizes!!!” followed by articles jam packed with how much of a racist bigot xenophone Joe Smith is, and that he admitted it. Name dragged through mud more, and nothing is forgiven. Just a public annotation that “yep we were right, Joe is a bigot”.

              They have made it so the only option is either: completely ignore them, or double down.

              Kevin Hart’s oscar shit was another good example. He has said openly a few times now, they basically gave him no option but to ignore everything about it and just say “sorry, not talking about it anymore”. Multiple apologies from him, and every time he did, they came at him harder, scrutinized him more, gave him more shit, and just rehashed the “Kevin hart is a homophobe” schtick.

      2. Like that MegaCuck at Evergreen State

    8. If he did, it wouldn’t just be a fight with words. These progressives think that any hint of blasphemy is a sign of Nazism. Who wouldn’t kill a Nazi?

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    10. I agree go down fighting make them fire you then sue. If you quit you can’t get unemployment

    11. I’m taking a stand! I vow to buy no fine art for the remainder of my life in protest to this man’s walkout!

  3. I’m posting this again, because I think it needs to be seen (and this is probably a better thread):

    Who was it who made the crack about Reason covering the Libertarian Party candidate when Jo Jorgensen endorsed Biden?

    We just got closer to that reality.

    1. Me. That’s why I said it.

    2. She clarified:

      means standing in solidarity with a mourning black community as we fight together to end qualified immunity, police brutality, sentencing disparities, and the war on drugs, not support of any “organization” by that name

      I stand by the statement that black lives matter. I don’t stand by the organization.

      1. I should add, I think it is enough to be passively not a racist person. Her original tweet was wrong in that respect.

        But the more troubling thought that she was endorsing the organization BLM, I’m glad she clarified that wasn’t the case.

        1. Except she was.

          She just got caught and is backpedalling.

          1. We can only take her at her word. If she says that she doesn’t support the organization then I believe her.

            Nothing about her ideology suggests to me that she is a Marxist person. It seems like a stretch to me on your part to say that she is supporting a Marxist organization.

            1. I would never suggest she’s a marxist person. I would suggest, however, that she will latch on to political movements for purposes of signaling without really thinking about what she’s doing.

              It seems like a stretch to me on your part to say that she is supporting a Marxist organization.

              I submit she’s unwittingly supporting a Marxist organization. And as things spiral further out of control, knowing what it is you’re really supporting becomes increasingly important.

              Sure, it’s 1978 and you’re a left wing liberal intellectual at a university in Tehran, and there’s popular anger against the US-backed Shah… be very careful about what it is you’re getting behind.

              1. “Useful idiots” are still supporters of communism.

              2. Yeah…but I’m with her! {Jo, of course)

            2. When you support an organization, you support its publicly stated agenda, and BLM’s is partly Marxist.

          2. “She just got caught and is backpedalling.”

            Badly. I read the Libertarian Party’s clarification tweet of what Jorgensen had written, and thought immediately of Jeffrey Tambor’s character in The Death Of Stalin. Black Lives Matter, not Black Lives Matter.

            Clown shoes, but what do you expect? She’s not a professional politician, and this is what can happen when amateurs try to enthusiastically pander.

        2. Leo, is it enough for libertarians to be passively anti initiation of aggression, or should they actively denounce initiation of aggression if given the opportunity?

          1. It’s enough for libertarians to live libertarian lives. There’s no requirement for them to activate or evangelize, though they are free to do so.

            By placing a requirement on libertarians to be “actively anti-racist,” Jorgensen violates Rand’s principle that “I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

            1. I agree with this take.

              It’s a distinction between what we should do vs an ideal. It would be ideal if libertarians were anti-racist. It’s enough in this world to simply not be a racist.

              I honestly don’t know what it means, necessarily, to be anti-racist. Speaking out against racism is something I would expect of those running for elected office. Using the force of law once in office to try to change people’s racism is entirely a different thing. For someone running for President it’s important to understand if she’s in favor of the latter given her tweet. I don’t think she is, but I can understand why libertarians might be concerned about the original tweet.

          2. Well, if non-aggression is your supposed organizing principle, then that should trump anti-racism. Racists still have rights. You can be racist, or sexist, or homophobic, and still be a better person than those who aren’t. Being “passively” racist, or sexist, or homophobic doesn’t really harm anyone, despite the current conventional wisdom. There were plenty of racists who were for the Civil Rights Movement in the late 50s thru Mid 70s. Civil Rights would never have happened Without the support of the “passively racist” majority of Americans. They didn’t really think black people were their equal, but also weren’t for them being mistreated or denied equal protection under the law. Most of the adults I grew up around fit this description.

            Give me a little old lady who is condescendingly racist, or an older chivalrous gentleman who is sexist and a bit homophobic over a Stalinist, a gun-grabber, or someone who calls the cops over kids walking alone to to the park or regretting sex the morning after. Much less run of the mill thieves, bullies, and acid-tongued gossips.

        3. Agreed.

          Not being racist is enough, because being “anti-racist” means that I need to be concerned with the thoughts of others, and I definitely can’t be bothered to seek out the thoughtcrime of others.

          Fuck “anti-racism.@ It’s the most collectivist shit we’ve seen from this bullshit movement yet.

          1. Fuck “anti-racism.@ It’s the most collectivist shit we’ve seen from this bullshit movement yet.

            It’s also a complete fucking lie, because every single person who parrots it absolutely loathes white people.

            If you’re talking to someone promoting “anti-racism,” you’re talking with a forked-tongued snake who doesn’t actually believe in the term.

            1. Wasn’t Angela Davis an originator of the current term, “Anti-Racism”? I’d read where that was the case, but whoa, do you uncover some snake pits full of crazy, if you try researching online for who came up with it.

            2. The curator had nothing to apologize for and should not have resigned. If the museum had fired him, he should have claimed unemployment with news cameras rolling.

            3. In the racist country that elected a black man twice.

      2. Does she frequently post tripe without knowing what the fuck she’s writing about?

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised. I watched just a couple of minutes of an interview with her on CNN and just had to turn it off. I don’t think she’s ready for big time campaigning.

        2. If she does, then it seems like she’s perfectly fit for office.

      3. She also said it’s “not enough” to be passively not racist. I don’t stand by that.

        1. I agree with you.

          I hope she means that libertarians should be actively supporting issues that are anti-racist. Holding police accountable for brutality, ending QI, ending the war on drugs are all ways to either reduce interactions with police or hold them accountable for violating civil rights if they do. To me those policies help to reduce opportunities for “systemic racism” among police. Libertarians should be actively promoting these policies.

          I don’t know if that’s what she means. She should clarify her position if in fact she doesn’t mean she would use government force to promote anti-racism among individuals.

          1. From what I’ve seen, the “anti-racists” would say those policies are “not racist” but they would not say they are “anti-racist”. “anti-racist” seems to mean “all whites are inherently racist and need to take overt action to counteract this accordingly”.

            I also note that “privileged” seems to mean “anyone that didn’t grow up as disadvantaged as possibly be and never left their neighborhood”. Seriously, having married parents is used as an example of privilege. WTF?

            1. My daughter isn’t white. She’s from Europe and is part of an ethnic minority that faces actual legal discrimination in many areas across the continent. In her home country, racism against her group is so socially acceptable that I witnessed more than one person casually use slurs against her ethnicity in her presence. She has been chased by real, no joke racist skinheads, the for real kind who actually intend to curb stomp people they hate (and would, I’m sure, happily butcher antifa larpers on the streets of Portland if they were over here). Most people in America have never even heard of her ethnicity, although I’ve witnessed several white progressives pretend to know about it. But many of her nonwhite friends view her as privileged. (Or have viewed her that way, because I think she’s discarded all those losers. She still has nonwhite friends, just not stupid ones.) If they knew the term “white adjacent,” they’d definitely have used it to describe her. It’s ludicrous, because she doesn’t have to pretend to have faced systemic racism. She has known the genuine article. Anti-racism here is mostly just a scam invoking a phantom for the purpose of extracting power and resources from white people like this guy. The joke is that it’s the anti-racists who are the most avowedly racist people I’ve seen at large in our society in decades.

          2. “Libertarians should be actively promoting these policies.”

            They should be, but on the most important way to hold police truly accountable that can be agreed upon by many on this website, breaking the police unions, the leftists are not on our side. Tangling with any public sector unions at all is an inviolable “line in the sand” for them. Look at the list of demands of the most vocal of the BLM supporters and you’ll see that that demand is conspicuously absent.

        2. I remember the old, “White people need to STFU and listen”. Now its “White Silence is Violence”. What does passively not racist even mean? I assume it means that any white person that does not vote for black or latino democrats or socialists while loudly promoting complete wealth, land and income seizure and redistribution for equal outcomes of 340 million people.

          1. I remember the old, “White people need to STFU and listen”

            When they answered my question with “It’s a black thing you wouldn’t understand”, I took them at their word and quit caring.

      4. Well, at least you’re not being silent. We all know that silence is violence.

        Give yourself a pat on the back.

    3. I don’t mind the idea, but probably not in the way she meant it. As this episode shows no one on the left is anti-racist.

    4. Yeah, the amount of butthurt from supposed libertarians about Jo’s anti-racism statement is mind-blowing. I like that she said that. It perfectly aligns with libertarian principles. Libertarians should absolutely be anti-racist.

      1. If you can clearly qualify the difference between being not racist and being anti-racist in a way that doesn’t make the latter sound anti-libertarian, I’d love to hear it.

      2. Careful. Someday someone might decide that you are not sufficiently pandering and virtue signaling.

        On your knees, bitch.

      3. Bake the Cake, and Take the Knee, you scumbag

      4. Butthurt! What do you mean by that, Sir!?! Are you somehow impugning gay males. You need cancelling ASAP! See how that works?

      5. Libertarians should be anti-racist? Why? What libertarian principle does racism violate? What do you even mean by “racism”?

        Libertarians are for equality under the law and non-aggression. Private beliefs or private discrimination in business may or may not be a moral failing, but they are not of concern to libertarians.

        In a free society it’s none of your concern who I choose to discriminate against or why.

  4. “Gary’s removal from SFMOMA is non-negotiable,”

    Appropriate answer: “OK, bye.”

    1. Another two-word reply is at least as appropriate.

  5. He should have refused to resign, waited until he’s fired. And then sue the museum. He will never work in his field anyway. But then he’d have enough money from a potential settlement to stay comfortably retired.

    1. Ironically in black and brown nations they would welcome people like him with open arms. People in non-white nations HATE America’s wealthy black elite and victim class. My gay Iraqi friend always tells me after watching another Netflix show depicting America’s evil oppressive racism, “if they want to experience systemic bigotry, send them over here!” With Oprah the multibillionaire now cashing in on the BLM narrative, black radicals won’t win any fans overseas.

    2. His neighbors would not take kindly to that. As I said above, this guy isn’t commuting from Oakland every day.

  6. Neocon Lesbian Bari Weiss Leaves the New York Times, Blaming Woke Millennials for Poisoning the Paper

    Dear A.G.,
    It is with sadness that I write to tell you that I am resigning from The New York Times.

    …Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.

    …The paper of record is, more and more, the record of those living in a distant galaxy, one whose concerns are profoundly removed from the lives of most people. This is a galaxy in which, to choose just a few recent examples, the Soviet space program is lauded for its “diversity”; the doxxing of teenagers in the name of justice is condoned; and the worst caste systems in human history includes the United States alongside Nazi Germany.

    1. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history.

      Trust me, the New York Times is writing the first rough draft of history.

      1. Their new leaders will ensure it’s the only draft of history. To write any other will result in exile or sentenced to work in the Gulag known as “USA Today”.

      2. The 1619 Project is anything but that. It’s taking actual factual history and attempting to polish it up so it looks like something else.

        1. The phrase “polishing a turd” comes to mind.

    2. Who is AG?

      1. I have read that “A.G.” is Arthur Sulzberger, the _Times_’s publisher, who commonly is address be his first two initials.

  7. It is additional evidence that In the current climate, to be acceptably against racism means being racist against white people. Apparently, people like Mr. Garrels do not find that position intolerable enough to call them out on their bigotry.

    1. Acceptable? Being racist against White people is apparently becoming a requirement.

  8. They continue to eat their own.

    This is shadenfreude. As the head curator for SFMOMA he was of course part of the culture that directly led to this. I wonder how many such petitions Garrels has signed in the past.

    1. That’s true. Communists HISTORCALLY always go after their own first….

      1. Only after they’ve actually taken control of whatever political apparatus they’ve acquired. Typically, the pattern is that the moderates are the first targets, followed by the “enemies” when the brutality against the moderates results in reprisals, and then internal purges once they’ve gained real, actual power.

        Look no further than Seattle–as the last of the conservatives and moderates have long been purged from the ruling class there, you have a power-struggle between a Gen-X leftist mayor and a Bindi communist for who’s actually trying to get the mayor removed so she can take over. San Francisco is the same rotten political and social cesspool.

        History shows that anything taken over by the radical left eventually descends into chaos, which is why any such political movement that gains real, actual power inevitably results in some strongman taking over to settle things down.

        1. I miss Raz. Has Kimmel scheduled him yet?

  9. >>”Considering his lengthy tenure at this institution, we ask just how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the content of the museum?”

    considering his lengthy tenure at the institution, you fucknuts enjoyed his direction as curator of the content of the museum. fuck you.

    1. Better torch the place, just to be safe.

      1. I’ve heard arson can be an effective negotiation tactic.

  10. We must destroy museums in the name of fighting white supremacy. We must also make sure all expensive art is in museums, for The People, instead of in the homes of the 1%.

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    2. Screw museums. On the streets, brother, on the brick and asphalt! For the ages!

  11. Cancel culture doesn’t exist.


    *takes breath*

    1. something something abortion access something something

    2. Cancel culture doesn’t exist.


  12. In a statement announcing his decision to step down, Garrels apologized for the harm his words caused, only slightly disputing the absurd charge against him.

    And the mass struggle session continues.

  13. SJWs: “Can this get any crazier? Hold my organic, locally-sourced craft beer.”

    1. Sorry, but organic barley is rarely grown in the same locale as organic hops. And NEVER in a Blue county in a Blue state.

  14. To paraphrase Thatcher, the problem with social justice warriors is that they eventually run out of other people to ruin.

    Reality will also eventually reassert itself. I hope we choose to reassert reality sooner, on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 as a nation, rather than later.

    Their delusional beliefs are just a delusion, and popular delusions do not become reality because they are shared by those in the news and broadcasting industries. But the destruction caused by believing in delusions certainly seems to increase the longer the delusions endures.

    1. And what do they hope to accomplish by removing people from positions of influence for thought crimes that aren’t really thought crimes? Do they want to see the cause of anti-racism lose some credibility? Do they want a world where people lose their jobs arbitrarily? That is not a better world for minorities or anyone else.

      1. The saga of CHAZ answers this question. They want to remove people from positions of influence so that they can then assume those same positions of influence, operating them under the exact same rules they deemed racist the week before, just not as competently or fairly. In other words, they don’t really want to change anything, they just want to be on top.

        1. That explains corporate virtue signaling!!

      2. These are not people who look even a mile down the road. All they want is power right now. That, and importance. The clue to how bourgie a lot of anti-racists actually are is how much they clamor for cultural prestige. They want people to view them as amazing and inspiring, and they believe that can be compelled from on high. They’re really pathetic. They couldn’t care less about the consequences of their actions. They just want a trophy to wave around, even if they took it from someone else’s shelf.

        1. Anti-racism being discredited will only enhance the reputation of Stormfront and their ilk.

          Already, a group of black students at U. Pitt called for racial segregation.

    2. “There can be only one.”

  15. There is a term in television for when a series has run out of fresh ideas and goes to the absurd to keep the show going–“Jumping The Shark” (based on a “Happy Days” episode where Fonzie literally “jumped sharks” on water skis). The BLM has absolutely jumped the shark.

    1. They jumped the shark when the dude shot up a BLM rally killing 5 officers in TX. At this point, we’ve jumped the shark, nuked the fridge, killed Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, *and* Palpatine twice, and are working on a sequel to both Space Jam *and* Suicide Squad.

    2. BLM was, from the beginning a Marxist movement. It’s just no one knew or noticed.

      1. BLM began by pretending that a large man shot while charging at a much smaller policeman, whom he had already assaulted (a real assault with injuries), was peacefully surrendering with his hands up. Why would anyone expect them to become any less dishonest and insane?

  16. “this is not the language of a white supremacist. Those who say otherwise—that Garrels is guilty of racism—have stripped the word of its potency.”

    Clearly they’ve supercharged the word with potency. Merely uttering it forces someone out of their job. And the reason it works is because sackless plebs like Garrels, all the way up to major corporations, are all too happy to roll over for the hysterical few.

    1. This modern-day Maoism has the open support of one of the two major political parties, while the other is essentially controlled opposition. It’s not going to change unless the counter-revolution effectively neuters that particular party.

    2. I thought they were nuts for calling us guilty of microaggressions. Now we’re fully white supremacists. What’s next?? Grand Dragon leaders?

      1. Is pay involved? I’d consider it.

  17. Holy shit why don’t these people fight back???

    1. Paid not to fight, is my guess. Perhaps by the same donor or group of donors that threatened to no longer donate unless he was removed.

      Or he’s a wimp. Pick your poison.

    2. We’re talking about an art director in San Francisco, for heaven sake, not an armed lawyer in St. Louis.

  18. Museum Curator Resigns After He Is Accused of Racism for Saying He Would Still Collect Art From White Men

    The ironic thing is that a lot of traditional galleries and museums treat artists like indentured servants. They try to control as much of their work and who they sell to as possible. So I suppose it makes things simpler if all of the members artistic underclass are one color and their wealthy masters I mean benefactors are a different color. It was too confusing before. Plus, white men can be so uppity.

  19. “Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party. On the contrary, they adored the Party and everything connected with it… All their ferocity was turned outwards, against the enemies of the State, against foreigners, traitors, saboteurs, thought-criminals. It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children.”

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I feel so much better now.

  20. the progressive drive to purge lofty institutions of racism and sexism has frequently gone astray

    It’s one thing to give people the benefit of the doubt, but you’re a fucking retard if you think the progressives want to rid institutions of racism and sexism. They don’t want equality, they want superiority.

    All straight white men should die, they’re evil, subhuman scum that need to be purged from this Earth. Try saying that on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube about any other group – with the exception of Jews, of course – and see what happens.

  21. “Don’t worry, they’re only concerned with Confederate Statues.” – Reason Magazine

  22. When all there is left to see is a banana taped to a wall, and someone eats it, who will visit the art gallery? NOT ME!

    1. I might go back if I’m hungry, to see if anybody has replaced the banana.

  23. Jesus, dude, you don’t ever apologize to these assholes.

    And there is no such thing as reverse discrimination or reverse racism. If excluding black female artists is racist and sexist, then so it excluding white male artists. The cure for racism is not a slightly different flavor of racism.

    1. Zeb, you’re not keeping up. Only white folks, conservative black folks, and the police are racist. ALL of them.

  24. So by next summer the only art exhibit we can see will be Manifesto, which by virtue of it being video feeds can be seen in every city on earth simultaneously. What a capitalist bitch such an artist!

  25. ” I do not believe I have ever said that it is important to collect the art of white men,” he said

    “As a matter of fact, I believe all art is quite useless.”

    1. Art was nothing without Paul.

      1. The sound of silence after your comment, Sparky, was unfair.

  26. “I realized almost as soon as I used the term ‘reverse discrimination’ that this is an offensive term and was an extremely poor choice of words on my part. I am very sorry at how upsetting these words were to many staff.”

    Complete bullshit. It’s a shame that some people don’t seem to understand that racism can cut any number of ways. In this world, in this country, racism has definitely almost indescribably cut against “people of color” but in other places and times it could go the other way and cut against other people. We need to try to live in the here and now.

    1. Yeah, i was going to say something about this. There isn’t reverse discrimination. It’s just discrimination. He’s brainwashed to believe that only white people can be racist or discriminate.

    2. Yeah, it’s a crazy, provincial perspective. As if white supremacy is the only racism in the world. There are other civilizations in the world. Many of which have been at least as big colonialists and conquerers as any western states. Do they really think white racism rules China or Japan or India? Every powerful civilization has been violent and brutal and racist. Get over it.

      1. Yes, but that’s putting Western – white – sins into a larger historical context and, for the “woke” crowd, that can’t be allowed.
        What’s fascinating is how they both want to dismiss Western values and principles but also use them to indict the West for these sins. Where is this standard that they use to indict the West? From Marx? Who? What source? It comes from the very civilization that they want to destroy.
        King talked about the “promissory note” – equality – that all Americans were given with the founding. And how black men and women were wanting it cashed. They were Americans too.
        If you destroy the founding then the note goes with it. So what then is the source of your grievances? You have none.

  27. This is disgusting. These blacks and “woke” white elites who pretend the Maya Angelou is in the same league as Robert Frost are biased imbeciles. The Caged Bird ain’t “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Skin color has nothing to do with talent.
    “But, I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.”
    I learned these wonderful words 50 years ago in High School and remember them yet today.

    1. Shakespeare is a white supremacist.

      Better replace him with Robin Di Angelo.

      Drink up that Brawndo.

      1. It’s got mail-in electionlytes ‘n’ sh*t.

    2. “I drift upon the moonlit stars
      And float among possibilities
      Some semblance of reality
      That hears the cries of my soul”

      That’s not a stanza from one of Angelou’s poems. I made it up. It took me about four minutes to write. Do I have her writing style about right?

    3. You would enjoy the letter posted from Oxford, in reply to a bunch of South African students demanding statue removal there. It’s wonderfully delicious, in the best English tradition of imperial superiority.

  28. All white teachers and professors need to resign. They are all guilty of white privilege. Because of that they are inherently racist. They must not continue fouling the minds of students.

    1. Maybe they should go form their own country somewhere else, too.

    2. Except for the second sentence, that’s surprisingly accurate on multiple levels.

  29. I’m just happy Robby is off that ‘to be sure’ and ‘conservatives do it too’ kick and shtick.

    He kicked the habit! Don’t relapse! Or else we’re gonna organize an intervention!

    1. Pick a random conservative event and see how far you get having a different opinion on how great the president is.

      They get a crap ton of mileage from the extremely low expectations everyone has for conservatives. To be sure.

      1. Your dumb ass just went on a rant about Fox News. Home of Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes, where Charles Krauthammer is revered above all…

        1. Ah yes, what counts as diversity of thought to them.

          1. You just said….nevermind

    2. To be sure, we beat him up about “to be sure” so often, he really didn’t have much choice but to ditch.

  30. This is not only racism on behalf of the museum, it is also a violation of his civil rights, as are many of the actions by “woke” individuals. Disagreeing with BLM, progressives or anyone else doesnt make anyone racist. If this is the line that BLM and progressives continue to employ, they will only end up being branded the racist and thug types they are. It’s a failure effort in full play.

    1. So then, the system works (just never fast enough, as always).

    2. Branded by whom…us? We’re a pathetically ineffectual bunch. We’d rather play sock puppet Scrabble all day.

  31. So another pussy gives in to stupidity. Such a shame that nobody has any balls these days.

    1. That’s what you might conclude if you only look for them among politicians, newscasters, and blue city panjandrums. The snowflakes got an unpleasant surprise when they tried several times to export their nonsense out to actual ball country. Much more of that to follow, God willing.

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  33. You can let them march you off to the gulag, or you can punch back hard. It’s your choice but you cannot complain if you don’t at least try.

  34. i’m confused. one of my woke relatives just shared a Vox article saying how cancel culture doesn’t exist

    must be fake news

    1. You can cherry pick anything and prove any point you like to an audience that doesn’t care about how evidence works.

      1. But enough about you

        1. I just have to look toward the nation’s capital to see evidence of the shitshow I think actually matters. The anti-PC police have been spending an awful lot of time hopscotching to small college towns to get their data.

          1. Try stringing words together that mean something

            1. The news here comes from San Fran. The other news of the day along these lines comes out of DC and NYC. College towns all…

          2. What aren’t you free to do now that you could do before Trump was elected?

            1. Leave my house and live a normal life?

              1. Thank the evil duplicitous Chinese govt for that.

    2. “Cancel culture” doesn’t exist if only people who deserve it are getting canceled. I think that’s how it works.
      From what I’ve read, the accusation du jour in the former USSR is that someone is a pedophile. I guess here “racist” works better, it makes me wonder which focus groups they listened to. Unfortunately for those who might care about the cause of healing for the Black community, that can’t be the way to win long term. Makes me think all the sleeper cells have woken up.

      Once cancel culture obtains enough high profile victims, it will appear to die down. People will just be threatened behind closed doors. Facebook made visible the process of judging people by their associations, and it encouraged people to publicize all their associations. I keep telling people about the Stone Age when secret ballot was important. “But what about my political identity?” No, that’s a Facebook page.


        There’s a more detailed write-up, including more quotes from Garrels and more backstory.

  35. San Francisco art curator fired for white supremacy — Babylon Bee hardest hit.

    1. They should just cover this story and have a line at the end clarifying it’s not actually satire.

  36. “Snicker”

  37. Ah beez a thankin’ deyz a gonna haffta chaynge de NAYME a dat dere MEWzeum. Otter cawl it da San Fr’nCISco MEWzeum a MAHdren black art.

  38. I’m trying to wrap my head around this one.

    The closest thing I can do in that regard, however, is to say that I think reactionaries of any stripe and of any ideology are a bunch of freakin’ weirdos. The man made a legitimate comment to the effect that the exclusion of white artists would be reverse discrimination. That’s when a bunch of react-o-rama robo-zombies crawled out of the woodwork and tried to ruin his life.

    The entire thing MLK said how he had a dream that one day his children would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin is clean out the window because of a bunch of extremist, reactionary swine.

    A pox on their houses.

    1. Oh. And I’m a Liberal. Ideological correctness knows no color with those freaks of nature.

      1. The attitude expressed by Gordon Hilgers potentially makes him more valuable that most of the commenters here because because one may hope that he can express such sentiments to fellow modern liberals in language that they will not reject immediately.

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  40. It’s so pointless to expect old people to know on a daily basis what phrases are now dog whistles. “Reverse discrimination” is to be deployed very carefully, but some old guy isn’t gonna know that. It’s gonna sound perfectly logical to him and most of humanity. I’ll be happy to explain why it’s an outmoded complaint if you like, but there’s no excuse for being total unforgiving harpies.

    1. Ok, just discrimination then.

    2. Only racists hear racist dog whistles. Especially Democrats.

      1. Robert Byrd!

  41. Step back and look at the big picture.

    The people at the top of the pyramid of power just use blacks, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and “anti-racism” to further their agenda — increase their wealth, further centralize their control, and demonize, marginalize, and eliminate those most able to resist tyranny.

    No real mystery here — it’s the Kalergi Plan.

    The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes want a population of dumbed-down, low-IQ, dysfunctional incompetents that will be easier to manipulate and control than the population now dominant.

    The road to that future is to import third-world primitives with third-world values; encourage the growth of indigenous third-world populations; and, as noted, demonize, marginalize, and eliminate those groups that are most resistant to tyranny –exactly what we see happening today in the United States and Europe.

  42. “He resigned his position after museum employees circulated a petition that accused him of racism and demanded his immediate ouster.”

    To what degree do their actions stem from ideological purity rather than from an opportunity to move up the professional ladder?

  43. “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    Orwell made a mistake, he should have named the book 2020.

  44. I’ll bet all the people canceling this guy after 20 years on the job as a racist will all be voting for Biden, a guy with nearly 50 years of creating the very things these same liberals are currently bitching about with his good friend Robert Byrd!

    1. They never called him a racist. They called him a white supremacist. Here are their exact words: “…how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the content of the museum…”
      As if hurling insults like “white supremacist” aren’t hurtful. Hurtful enough to ruin a man’s life.

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  46. People like Garrels are the problem, not the fucktards who demanded he resign. There are fucktards in every generation, but it takes a spineless gelding to instantly fold to them.

  47. It’s not enough to not be communist. You must be anti-communist.

  48. Another day, more idiots.

    1. But enough about Tony

  49. I don’t think anyone has even bothered to mention the first amendment.

  50. Anti-White Racists are accusing other people of being Racist.

    Why is it NOT RACIST for Liberals and their Mass Media to attack and punish people based on their white RACE; demand RACIAL demographic change in white areas only; to purposely manipulate RACE; to exploit RACE, and use RACE to push a certain RACIAL narrative in TV sitcoms, commercials, and movies, for the purpose of social engineering the RACES, and promote RACIAL identity politics……….But it IS RACIST to notice, or disapprove of such manipulation?

    1. Becaus the workers revolution failed in the US; let’s hope their race focus is a flop too.

    2. This anti-white ideology at this point is getting, well, “disturbing.” For a long time I thought it was just an academic fad – white studies nonsense – but these believers are now outside of academia and have some power.
      No, white people are not in danger as a race; yes, it’s better to be white in America than to be non-white. But that doesn’t excuse this twisted racialist (if not racist) thinking that all white people are culpable for what some white people did 150 years ago to people who are long dead.
      We were told, correctly, that you can’t blame all Muslims for the actions of extremists. True. But somehow it’s acceptable to blame all white people for the actions of other white people more than a century ago? That’s silly. And now it’s dangerous.

      1. More precisely It’s what some white Democrats did 150 years ago. The left seems to conveniently forget that.

        1. I don’t think they care whether it was Democrats or Republicans. It was white people – a small amount since you had to be relatively wealthy in order to own slaves – that enslaved black people and race is their dominant view not party.
          Look, to state the obvious: slavery was a horrible evil. And what was done to our fellow human beings after that was, in some ways, even worse. The denigration of black people as a race, the caricatures, the denial of their human worth was equally outrageous.
          But those white people are long dead. And no, an art director who thinks including white artists among the exhibits is not anywhere like those whites who did those terrible things. The inability of this “woke” movement to see the difference is one of their biggest problems. And ours.

  51. Just how much are wealthy bay area types donating to the SFMOMA? You could buy a lot of underground (white male) art for your own house and tell all your friends you collect examples of degenerate art.

  52. The petition shows that the lunatics are now running the asylum. Those who called for the resignation of Garrels clearly show that they belong nowhere near anything to do with art or human thoughts or expressions. They belong instead behind barbed wire fences, doing heavy labor on bread and water.

    But it won’t happen – it’s San Francisco.

  53. I’m confused. According to the Left, there is no such thing as ‘cancel culture’. It is apparently just a bunch of privileged white people complaining about nothing. I am sure this will be a comfort to Mr. Garrels in his job search.

  54. Just once I want a resignation such as this to simply say “Go Fuck Yourselves”

    1. These people are bullies. Stand up to them and they run like little girlie-men. Not sure why that isn’t happening.

  55. I don’t get it. Not much of an arty person myself but I know it when I see it.

    So a “white” artist in modern art, like say, Robert Mapplethorpe? I was in Cincinnati when the modern art museum had his work up. Saw it. There was a big fuss as the county tried to prosecute the museum and the director for pornography as a few of the photographs depicted gay S&M and there was some nudity. The jury threw the charges right out. It was obviously an art display. I suppose Mapplethorpe would not count as he was gay. What do I know.

    This whole thing sounds ridiculous.

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    1. You do realize you’ll die a horrible death?

  59. Racism is our common enemy, it is only natural that he comes out after racist indications. By the way I have an example of a salary slip that might be used for his final salary: contoh slip gaji ..

  60. I had planned a major legacy bequest to SFMOMA. No more.

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  68. ‘Equally’ just meant they’d abuse government power the same way they abuse social power.Hindi-Shayari

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