Joe Biden

Even In Defeat, Bernie Sanders Is Pulling Joe Biden to the Left

An expansive new batch of policy proposals shows Biden moving toward a more expensive, more intrusive policy agenda.


For most of the Democratic primary elections, the race resembled a battle between Sens. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden—or, at the very least, the ideas and ideals they represented. The geriatric duo made almost perfect foils for each other, one the amiable, moderate party fixture, respected (if not always loved) by Democratic elders, the other its constant, cantankerous left-wing critic and the choice of its young insurgents. They were avatars of the party's self-satisfied insider class and its disgruntled agitators, the odd couple of Democratic politics, and the spectrum between them encapsulated the entirety of the party's internal debate.  

The contest between the two was real, as was at least some of the animosity between their two camps. But the party's internal tug-of-war, sometimes sees as a struggle in which one view of Democratic politics would definitively prevail at the expense of the other, obscured the ways in which the two were actually working toward a synthesis, in which Biden's moderate-seeming likability politics would serve as a vehicle for a policy agenda that was—if not exactly #FullBernie—far more progressive than ever before. 

That was true during the race, in which Biden ran notably to the left of the party's 2016 nominee, Hillary Clinton, on a host of issues. And it has proven even more true since Sanders dropped out and Biden became the presumptive nominee, especially when it comes to major domestic policy issues. 

For the last several months, representatives from the two camps have been negotiating a far-reaching set of policy recommendations jointly backed by the two camps. While Sanders wouldn't get everything he proposed during the campaign—no Medicare for All, no Green New Deal—it would, inevitably, mean that Biden, who had already won the primary, would be moving left.  

The mere fact that the two sides had come together was a sign of Biden's leftward momentum, and, given Biden's stature, a symbol of the party's leftward drift. But yesterday, the working group released its proposals, in the form of the "Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations," 110 pages covering a multitude of issues, including climate, health care, criminal justice, education, and more.  

On nearly every issue, the document would move Biden toward Sanders, with what The New York Times describes as "broader and costlier plans than he has championed so far in his campaign," and more aggressive plans to mandate reductions in carbon emissions. 

Among other things, the new document proposes creating a new zero-deductible Obamacare plan that would automatically enroll low-income people who otherwise lack coverage, expanding Medicare eligibility to people aged 60 and up, boosting Social Security benefits, creating an environmental justice fund, canceling up to $50,000 in student debt for people working in education, and adopting more restrictive trade policies closer to what Sanders supported during the campaign.

These are not just friendly overtures to a primary opponent. They are real policy concessions from a politician who was already running on the most progressive platform of any Democratic nominee in recent memory. It's far from a full-fledged victory for the Sanders wing of the party, but it suggests significant movement in their direction, as Sanders indicated in a statement. "Though the end result is not what I or my supporters would have written alone, the task forces have created a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction," he said. And its very existence hints at more of the same should Biden win the presidency in November.  

Historically, successful nominees have tended to play to their party's base during the primary, then tack toward the center as the general election nears. But Biden has done almost exactly the opposite, claiming the moderate label during the primary, and then moving leftward, towards Sanders, after winning.

Not only that, he's doing so from a position of relative political strength—riding high in the polls against Trump, and increasingly likely to flip the Senate to Democratic control if he wins. Democrats, polls show, are already broadly unified behind him. That Biden's leftward trajectory has become more pronounced even as his ultimate victory looks more likely suggests that Biden, as president, may be most responsive to pressure from the left flank of his own party. 

Biden has always styled himself as a centrist politician whose goal was to find the most universally agreeable path by negotiating and compromising with his political opponents. Over the last year, this approach has landed him in some trouble with those on the left who believe that negotiating with Republicans is a fool's errand.

But as it turns out, in 2020, he isn't negotiating with the GOP. Instead, he's bargaining with the Democratic left, trying to find the center of his own party rather than the country at large. The real Biden is not a reflexive moderate so much as a finder of consensus, and it's clearer than ever that the consensus he's looking for now is one that exists almost entirely to his left. 

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  1. Even in death, Bernie will still be a commie loser.

    1. cccc

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    2. Comrade Bernie has been dead for quite some time now, and so has his Marxist beliefs.
      His mind hasn't caught up to his body.

  2. Bernie Sanders Is Pulling Joe Biden to the Left hiiiiiii! Tech Updates

  3. Why does Bernie want Trump to win?

    1. If Biden wins, Bernie's hairbrained ideas might actually be put into practice. Where you, me, and everyone else not a drooling idiot knows they'll fail. Like they've always failed.

      Trump wins, Bernie continues lobbying with the 'How can we know these fair, progressive ideas will fail? Trump won't try them! Give me money so I or something."

  4. From a Koch / Reason libertarian perspective, the Democratic Party's move to the "left" is wonderful news. It means they're closer than ever to the open borders position long advocated by billionaires like our benefactor Charles Koch.


    1. The funny thing is, I bet as soon as they win most immigration issues will mysterly disappear just like 2009.

      1. President Biden will, at the very least, dismantle the concentration camps.


        1. Yep, they will magically disappear, just as they did before 2016 (never mind the picture most attributed to as evidence comes from 2015, that is entirely different).

      2. Not to mention the COV-19 "crisis."
        When Biden gets elected, someone will ask him about it, and he'll say, "Just foolin'. There's no crisis. We just made it up to have some fun. Now where's my depends?"

  5. that elbow bump was a lowlight.

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  6. If Joe moves any farther left, Bernie's going to be the moderate candidate.

  7. But I've been assures that the current polarization is because Democrats haven't shifted left so much as the GOP has shifted right. Are you telling me that this isn't true?

    1. That's what happened in the deep south when all those racist democrats suddenly became republican! Or so I'm told.

      1. The person who told you that was time-dead. Those racist democrats stayed democrat (most of them) to their dying day. Their racism shifted towards less racist once blacks could vote. George Wallace in his last term in office was not as (openly) racist as he had been in his first term.

        The sons and grandsons and daughters of those racist democrats chose to become republicans. They were even less racist than old daddie had been when he died.

        Question: Do you use the one-drop rule for racism? Just as supposedly one drop of Negro ancestry made a person black, do you believe that the least thing that could be accused of being 'racist' makes a person irredeemably 100% racist?

    2. Both are true.

      1. So true that the Republicans basically nominated three 90s era Democrats for the past two election cycles. Romney, who claimed Republican but governed as a centrist Democrat, McCain who often seemed to support Democrats more than Republicans especially at the end, and Trump. Hell, even Bush wasn't that far removed from Clinton. Compared to Reagan, the party focuses far less on Christian Right issues today (albeit this remains a strong base). It possibly may be right (however, based upon commitment to small government, balanced budgets etc that you always complain about the GOP has moved to the left by leaps and bounds according to you) for both, however the magnitude of one side is far larger than the other sides.

        1. Bush was very much a progressive

          1. most of them still are.

      2. Sure. Like Robert Byrd, founder of W. Va's KKK chapter, "Exalted Cyclops," and later a senator who filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which the Republicans in congress voted for in higher proportions than Democrats. Democrats like Byrd, George Wallace, Bull Connor, Woodrow Wilson...

        The idea that the southern racists moved en masse to the GOP is bunk. The "unreconstructed" Democrats still seethe at the mention of Lincoln, and were called "yellow dog" Democrats because they would sooner vote for a yellow dog than a Republican.

        The Democrats have tried to disavow their racist ways, but they remain the party that is obsessed with judging people on the basis of race, sex, and all kinds of other things that aren't the person's character or competence. Dementia Joe has promised to pick a woman of color for the veep... without even knowing who she is, he knows already what race and sex this unknown as-yet running mate will be.

        It used to be that Democrats and Republicans agreed that America was the greatest country in the history of the world, and that for all of our faults, we are a force for good in the world. They, like the modern GOP, revered the great men who founded this country, putting into action the radical idea that rights did not come from government edict, but because they were inherent within each individual from nature|God. It was universally understood that while slavery was an abomination and a stain on our legacy of liberty that cannot be minimized, they also wrote a Constitution that ensured the end of slavery, and their descendants fought a war to end it once and for all. That, of course, was a positive end, though the dictatorial and imperial nature of Lincoln is often swept under the rug.

        Now that's changed. We have Democrats saying that America was never that great. Large numbers of them think of America as the bad guy, of capitalism as bad (because they have the luxury of never having had to see what the alternative was like), of our founders as despicable figures whose statues should be torn down.

        That's not the GOP moving right. That's the Democratic base moving so far to the left that Stalin would have been impressed. Look at the things that liberal icon JFK stood for... anti-communism, supply side economics (tax cuts), gun rights (life member in the NRA), an unabashed sense of patriotism ("ask not what your country can do for you..."), and that was a liberal. He was considered left of center! He'd be to the right of many (most?) Republicans if he were alive today.

  8. I put no stock in any polling before Labor Day. Polling doesn't mean shit to that point. And the people telling us Brain-Damaged Biden (BDB) is a lock for 2020 are the same dickheads who told us Crooked Hillary was a sure thing. Um...sure BDB is a lock. We'll see.

    Does anyone seriously think that BDB is running the show here? The man cannot even speak coherently. The communists have taken over the DNC and my attitude is...go ahead, tell America in explicit detail what you have planned for us. Seriously, they should say it loudly and proudly. And speaking of coherence, does anyone think BDB will show up for the debate? Nope. He won't.

    BDB is just a chickenshit corrupt politican.

    1. My theory is that they'll back out of the debate, by calling Trump an illegitimate president, and refusing to give him recognition by debating him.

      1. Yeah, you're right about what they'll say.

        But when you get right down to it, Brain-Damaged Biden is just a chickenshit politician. Plagiarized Kinnock's speeches. He was MBNA's 'bitch' in the Senate. Lied about his academic credentials. Ran for POTUS and failed miserably. Now has to be literally dragged across the Team D finish line. He has no leadership ability at all. The DNC are shitting their pants at his utter incoherence.

        In 47 years, what did he accomplish? The lack of an answer here is what will eventually do him in.

        1. He accomplished being Obama's side man. That's why he's recycling O's line about "fundamentally transforming America".

          1. And why I wouldn't be surprised to see him ask Michelle to be his running mate.

            Yes, I know she doesn't want the job. The thought of Obama, Term 3, would still cause a lot of the Left to scream with joy.

            1. I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary in blackface was his VP candidate. She's evil enough to do it.

        2. He managed to get a lot of black people locked up with draconian prison sentences for minor drug offenses, which he has bragged about at length.

        3. He presided over the Borking. That's where he first came to my attention.

      2. I saying the debates are on. Joe Biden will address the issues as he always has. President Trump will insult the moderator, proceed on a long list of grievances, tell now he know everyone and is ready to finally act like the President. Fox News will report that Joe Biden got a number wrong and so lost the debate, while failing to note that Donald Trump spilled water all over trying to drink.

        1. Is this supposed to be English?

    2. I put no stock in poling before election day.

    3. My advice: go easy on the brain damaged business. When people see Biden outwitting Trump in the debates, Doubts about his mental competence will disappear. Biden benefits in the end.

      1. When people see Biden outwitting...

        LOL okay that actually was funny. I think I’m starting to understand your sense of humor.

        1. Laugh while you can, trumpy boy.

          1. lol again. Not a 'trumpy boy'. Also a non-sequitur. Not sure if you realize that people across all political persuasions can see Biden's cognitive impairment clear as day. Incase I need to spell this out for you, that would include people voting (D). I get that nuance isn't your thing but err- uh, well you know th- the the the, uh the the the thing !

            1. Biden has been prone to gaffs for decades now. I see no evidence of his being brain damaged. Endlessly repeating that he is will backfire once people see him debating Trump. Bush made gaffs. So did Obama and Trump. All managed to win elections, some more than once.

              Biden is hardly the most inspirational candidate but he is a Clintonite centerist and it's his turn. He could suffer mental deteriorization between now and the election but at the moment I see no compelling evidence that he's brain damaged.

  9. If only they took Ron Swanson's greatest piece of advice: "We don't negotiate with weirdos."

  10. Let's be fair to Joe, he says whatever his teleprompter Handlers tell him to say. At this point, he probably doesn't remember he is running for POTUS.

    Climate hyperinflation, good times. Here is Kotkin on the new green civil war:

    And think about this...Kotkin comes from the left

  11. i wonder if i'll be able to find betting markets on what one or two unpopular things the democrats will try and force down the countries throat en route to a red wave in 2022

    Will it be gun legislation? more healthcare muck? something else?

    1. It will be declaring climate a national emergency and using executive orders to crash the economy.

      1. Kinda like the government just did with the virus?

        1. Mostly done at the state, county and city level.

      2. I bet it’s a combination of Green New Deal/Stimulus plus tax increases.

  12. Hopefully, Biden will make Comrade Bernie his VP pick.
    This way, Comrade Bernie will declare Biden mentally incompetent, take over the POTUS position, issue Executive Orders outlawing all private property, gun ownership, terminating that pesky US Constitution along with its pain in the ass Bill of Rights, launch the New Green Deal which will accelerate the economic collapse of the US, raise taxes to about a paltry 110% per person, create massive unemployment, be able to FINALLY loot the US Treasury with his cronies, establish gulags and real re-education camps and turn this capitalist hell hole into a Stalinist Utopia.
    Then, and only then, will America be a country that is free, equal and livable.

    1. That scenario does not require Bernie to be the VP pick.
      The fun part of this "open, free, democratic" election process is that whoever the DNC anoints as the VP is the real candidate. But they won't need executive orders. If the dems win the white house, they will certainly also take the senate and retain the house.
      So the VP will wait until sleepy Joe makes it all the way down the steps after the inauguration, and then hand him the cabinet certification that he is batshit crazy and can't be president any more.
      Then the really fun part; the house and senate pass, and the VP (now president) signs legislation to designate the DNC as the "other body" to designate from then on who can certify the president is incapable of carrying out the duties of the office.

      Section 4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

      link to the whole thing:

      1. Accidentally poorly worded or purposely?

        1. Designating an overt partisan entity probably violates the 'as Congress may by law provide' clause. Needless too. Biden to whoever wins? The Right isn't winning another Presidential election, or Congressional majority again.

          The mask came off.

          1. People said the right would never win another election in 2016 too, and earlier this year I was assured the left would never be in the White House again

            Voters have the memory (and attention span) of a goldfish

            1. Which is why new voters will be brought in.

          2. "The Right isn’t winning another Presidential election, or Congressional majority again."

            That's what the pollsters said in November, 2016.
            How did that work out?

            1. He won by 90,000 votes, and because Hillary was too stupid/believed her wiretaps too much, to rein in the Green Party candidate. Or simply cheat a slosh better. If the Green Party votes in three states went to Clinton, she'd be President now.

              Biden wins, and that 90,000 vote margin will be drowned 20-fold the first year by expanded immigration.

          3. The mask came off of the Democrats. Tear down our history, tear down the statues, scrap the greatest political document ever written, the US Constitution, tell us all about how bad the United States is, get rid of the police, allow radical Marxist groups like BLM to do whatever they want, take money from taxpayers to pay for all kinds of benefits for illegals, go back to the stagnant economic growth of the Obama years...

            The Dems are outright Marxists at this point, and they hate our country as much as the Soviets ever did. They've never actually talked to a former Soviet Union resident, though, or they wouldn't think communism was as wonderful as they do. That's a belief that only people who have had the luxury of always living under capitalism could have (and only the really dumb ones at that).

            They are out to destroy everything about America and turn it into another Venezuela, as long as they get to be the ones living behind walls (which don't work, except when they do) and running everything.

            What's the mask that is off for Republicans? That the media hates them and will lie about them at every opportunity? That's not news. None of the racism ascribed to Trump is his... it's always been in the minds and hearts of his accusers. Democrats see everything through the lens of whichever victim group they think someone belongs in, so not pandering to actual racist groups like BLM looks "racist" to them. They would think MLK Jr. was a racist today too, because he famously wanted his children to be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin-- like those of us who are individualists do anyway. Can't be a true individualist and get hung up on race.

            It's the Democrats who are collectivists who see race [sex, sexual orientation, etc.] first and the individual pretty much never. Their beliefs are an inverse carbon copy of what they were when the Democrats invented the KKK as the terrorist wing of the party to harass blacks and those "n-word loving Republicans." All they've done is changed which side they hate... the rest of it is all the same. All racism, all blaming groups of people, all collectivism.

            If the media didn't constantly lie and run interference for the Democrats, they'd curl up and disappear. They need the media spinning for them 24 hours to make the people that the Democrats abuse the worst think that it's the other guys doing it. The GOP is not the party that bases electoral success on pitching itself as the savior of all of the downtrodden "victim" groups.

            Well, when you do that, you need a constant or growing supply of downtrodden victims. You would never want to make good on any of your promises to actually help them, of course. You would have to keep the promise of being helped just out of reach, but make it seem close enough to get people to vote for you again in the hope that THIS TIME it will work, while blaming the failure of it to work this time on the other guys. It never has worked in any of the prior "this times," though. All of the areas where conditions are the worst are in cities where Dems have been in control forever. George Floyd was killed in a Dem city in a Dem county in a Dem state (though they sometimes use a slightly different name for them there, it's clearly the same group). It's not surprising, since that's usually where those incidents happen.

            The actual helping of people to get out of terrible conditions, to improve the schools (Dems oppose vouchers and support the teachers' unions in opposing charter schools, btw), to really improve the lives of people, is out of the question for team D. If you help the downtrodden out of their unfortunate situations, what use will they have for a savior?

            1. Whodathunk that victim mining might have negative repercussions?

  13. Biden will be dead within a decade. His mental facets will be gone sooner. He'll say whatever and do whatever to stroke his ego now. That makes him dangerous.

    1. Would not Trump be just as dangerous by your definition? Of the two Trump is a bigger ego and thinner skinned.

      1. Policies matter.

      2. Biden is a career politician with deep rooted establishment tendencies and can accomplish more bullshit legislation. DNC is also rolling off the rails which makes his prospects all the more scarier.

      3. "Would not Trump be just as dangerous by your definition?"
        Are you familiar with 'false equivalence'?
        Oh, it's the ignoramus M4! Of course not! Please return if they grant you a GED.
        Until then please fuck off; we have more idiots than we need already.

  14. "...canceling up to $50,000 in student debt for people working in education..."

    Why do these people get special consideration? Without the private sector generating tax revenues, they would not exist, at least the vast majority who work for government. I'm tired of them being deified.

    1. Come on, you know how this works. First students who go into teaching Then those who go into health care demand loan forgiveness too. Then the day care students yowl about their importance. And then the lawyers who work for community organizations. And the diversity counselors. Eventually, justice demands college is free. Then they start in on graduate school degrees.

  15. What I noted in this article is that Joe Biden may be moving left but it is on issues that are very popular. Making health care more accessible, especially in the middle of a pandemic, does not seem like a losing issue. Nor does helping people deal with college debt. The young people will be paying for the national debt longer than I will, so giving them a hand up with college debt does not seem unreasonable.
    The author notes that Joe Biden is not moving to the middle, but neither is President Trump. Biden's move are for health care, Presidents Trump to keep the Confederacy alive. I think Joe Biden doing fine.

    1. Bribing people with other people's money is always popular.

      So is eating a gallon of ice cream every day.

      They are similarly good ideas.

    2. I agree Moderation, I'm reading through the actual policy proposals here and they don't scare me nearly as much as Bernie's plans did. Bernie actually wanted to make private health insurance illegal, institute a national ban on fracking, make all public college tuition free, force publicly traded companies to have a certain percentage of workers on their boards, etc. This is all a far cry compared to passing a public option for health care and student debt forgiveness plans. They're still bad ideas, but I don't see them leading to long-lasting changes in the structure of the US economy that electing a communist who literally defends the Castro regime would have brought about.

      1. Banning fracking will have an immediate effect on oil pricing. When oil prices rise (which they would), poor people are disproportionately affected. What you see as desirable, is actually idiotic in the real world. Many Team D policies are like that.

    3. The problem is that giving us young people "a hand" with college debt is just transferring it to the national debt, ensuring that we will be paying for it that much longer, as well as our kids

      If you want to help people with college debt, lower the interest rate for negatively amortized loans. That would certainly help me and my wife a whole lot

      1. I refuse to support any student debt restructuring plans that don't also come with serious proposals to roll back how we currently think about the value of a college degree in the 21st Century (by that I mean a conventional degree from a 4-year college that is attended in person). The pandemic has only exacerbated the need for us to move to making online degree programs more mainstream, but this has been a problem for quite some time. I'm willing to bet the reason why most in lower income brackets have difficulty paying for college is not necessarily tuition but the insane price of room, board and on-campus administration costs that would all be nonexistent if they just lived with their parents for another 4 years completing a degree online (assuming they are kids who still have parents that can take care of them). I'm grateful for my in-person college experience but realistically I only went to a nice school because I was lucky enough to have grown up in an area near a well renowned public university where it was possible for me to live with my parents and commute. Also, more trade schools and less taxpayer support for useless liberal arts degrees please.

        1. Tuition is way out of control too, but its due mostly to the prevalence of loans. Schools determine how much the average student can borrow, and set their tuition prices to eat as much of it as possible. Since most schools are nonprofit they then have to spend the money on something, which leads to constant construction and renovation of dorms, and exorbitant administrative salaries

    4. "Biden’s move are for health care, Presidents Trump to keep the Confederacy alive."
      So you think free shit is wonderful and compare that to the strawman you drag around?
      Fuck off.

    5. Biden's moves are to follow Venezuela's descent into socialist hell, while Trump's are to protect the liberty and prosperity that have made us the world's only superpower and lifted our poor people to a level that would seem like incredible wealth to the poor in any socialist country or anywhere else. Trump had the lowest unemployment among black and Latino workers in addition to the general unemployment, and that reflected a growth in real wages too. Until, of course, COVID was unleashed by the leftist geniuses in China and gave an excuse for the Democrats across the country to steer the economy into the rocks, which they continue to try to do even as the pandemic's death rate drops so low that it is about to lose its pandemic status.

      That's the reality. No need for ridiculous strawmen about the confederacy that has not existed for 150 years.

      1. In the works of Joe Biden, "Malarky". Joe Biden was part of an administration that forged a recovery from the 2008 Recession. President Obama handed a good economy over to President Trump. President Trump did little to help the economy and the economies performance at the end of the Obama Administration beats that of Trump. After doing nothing, Trump's incompetance at the start of the pandemics caused the economy to fail. If the economy is the issue, my money's on Joe Biden.

  16. So, what will be the over/under on when the 25th amendment will be used to remove Biden?

    I'm guessing about 18 months.

    1. It’s the only way they will get a woman president in the White House. I’ll say just after midterm elections before that they risk losing seats.

    2. He won't make it to the inauguration if elected.

      His entry physical will reveal a sudden onset of advanced alzheimers and brain lesions. His last event will be him validating the 25th A by watching his Veep being sworn in.

      1. Yep. He might not even make it to the debates. Just gotta wait to officially announce the VP so they can screw Bernie. Again.

  17. Isn't Delaware America's version of the Isle of Man or the Cayman Islands, a kind of corporate haven? How far left can Biden be if he doesn't offer anything that would upset those paying his electioneering bills?

    1. MBNA is no doubt thrilled their former 'Senate Bitch' has a shot at the Oval Office.

  18. I see no problems with any of this. Of course, it's just propaganda, since we all know Credit Card hoe is firmly a Corporate Dem - so a total shill.

  19. is it good or bad for Biden that he's moving toward Bernies ideology?

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  21. Anybody with a stretcher can pull Joe wherever they please; just load him on it first.
    RBG or Joe: Which demented D goes first?

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