They Came for the 'Illegals' First, Now They're Going After Immigrants Who Played by the Rules

The Trump administration might be setting the stage to eject foreign techies who've played by every immigration rule.


Anti-amnesty firebrands, like conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, have long insisted that they weren't anti-immigration, they were just anti-illegal immigration. But even as they were saying this, they were also accusing legal immigrants—people who came to American "the right way"—of all kinds of sins, paving the way for President Donald Trump's all-out assault on literally every category of immigration.

Now the Trump administration is reaching a point where it wants to kick out immigrants for no reason except that they are immigrants.

Most immigration watchers thought President Trump's new executive order extending his 60-day April immigration pause until the end of 2020 was meant to stop new immigrants from coming into the United States. As I pointed out, the order was halting new green cards for anyone other than the children and spouses of American citizens. It was also imposing a moratorium on new temporary work visas, including H-1Bs for foreign techies, H-2Bs for low-skilled non-agricultural work, J visas for summer jobs, and L visas for intra-company transfers. Bringing in more workers from the outside, the proclamation's zero-sum logic declared, "present[s] a significant threat to the employment opportunities for Americans," which the country can't allegedly afford at a time of high pandemic-induced unemployment.

But now the National Foundation for American Policy's Stuart Anderson has found that buried in the proclamation is a potential deportation plan for hundreds of thousands of high-skilled foreign workers who've been legally living inside America, in some cases for decades. They have high-paying jobs for skills that are in short supply in America, they pay far more taxes than they'll ever consume in welfare, and they are generally upstanding folks.

Foreign techies have to go through an exceedingly arduous, expensive, and long process to obtain green cards. The wait time for green cards is running over seven decades for many of the 350,000 Indian professionals on H-1Bs—and their 357,000 dependents—in the country currently. That's because Congress capped employment-based green cards at a meager 140,000 per year.* And then, just for good measure, it gave every country the same quota for green cards. This means that countries like India, China, and the Philippines, which send America many tech workers, doctors, nurses, and other high-skilled laborers, have access to the same number of green cards every year as, say, Kazakhstan, which barely sends any. The upshot is that a massive backlog has developed for the former countries. But of course, the Trump administration has shown zero interest in a simple fix like eliminating the per-country limit and rolling over the unused green cards from previous years.

So what does the process of acquiring employment-based green cards for foreign techies entail?

The first step involves acquiring a visa to legally work in the country. The only option for the vast majority is an H-1B visa, including foreign international students graduating from American universities. Getting this visa is itself an exceedingly fraught proposition given that only 85,000 are handed out via a lottery every year—less than half the demand. In order to obtain these visas, the employers of these workers have to prove to the Department of Labor (DOL) that they will be working in some pre-approved specialty occupation, will at least get prevailing wages, and that the company isn't involved in an ongoing labor dispute. H-1Bs are not transferable, which means that H-1B holders need another company to petition on their behalf if they wish to change jobs.

If a company wants to hire an H-1B holder permanently, it has to apply for his or her green card. This means it has to return to the DOL to obtain a "labor certification." What does this involve? Among other things, it requires proving that there are no qualified Americans to perform the job by advertising in DOL-approved channels, reviewing resumes of all applicants, and then explaining to DOL bureaucrats (if asked to) why this particular candidate is the only one who can perform said job.

If the DOL issues labor certification, then the employer can file an I-140 form with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service which, if accepted, puts the employee in a line to be eventually approved for a green card. This is the step that is now taking decades for nationals from India, and years and years for many others.

But Anderson maintains that Trump's new proclamation includes ominous language that potentially opens the door to subjecting the I-140 holder to one or more additional labor certifications while they are waiting to be approved for their green cards. At the same time, the administration might make the labor certification process itself so onerous as to ensure that few could pass it.

Should the administration proceed with its scheme, hundreds of thousands of high-skilled professionals who've played by every rule and waited patiently for years for their green cards, raising families and building lives in America, could find themselves ejected from the country. "If a foreign government wanted to come up with a plan to harm America's technological leadership in the world, this would be the plan," Anderson says.

To be sure, there are significant statutory hurdles that might prevent the administration from successfully requiring repeat certifications, says Anderson. However, simply attempting to do so will sow fear and panic among foreign professionals and prompt at least those who are in the relatively early stage of the process to self-deport rather than take any risks with their lives and careers.

Nor is this the first attack on foreign professionals by this administration. The denial of new H-1B petitions has increased considerably during Trump's term and renewal of existing petitions has become much harder. Still, if this new development comes to pass, it will take things to a whole new level. It'll basically make the ability of these professionals to stay in the United States nearly as precarious as that of undocumented immigrants.

The rap against the latter, of course, was that they were not playing by the rules; they were violating the rule of law. But now the administration is moving the goalposts for those immigrants who have played by the rules. The rule of law, properly understood, is meant to prevent the government from arbitrarily passing irrational and unfair rules whose purpose is not to help ordinary people coordinate their plans but simply harass or control them. But restrictionists have turned this argument on its head to absolve the government of any responsible rulemaking while throwing the book at the undocumented for minor, victimless transgressions.

But once one set of peaceful foreigners who are here to work came to be regarded as liabilities rather than assets, all immigrants—regardless of whether they are playing by the rules or not—became fair game. Undocumented immigrants were just the lowest hanging fruit. Over the years, restrictionists have found ways to smear every category of immigrants. Family-based immigration got pilloried as chain migration; refugees got branded as national security threats; Latin American asylum seekers got lambasted as "invaders." And now foreign techies, a once-sacrosanct class of immigrants that even conservatives considered highly desirable, are being branded as economic threats.

They came for the illegals first—but of course they didn't stop there.

*This sentence has been revised for accuracy

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  1. People here working on H1-B, H-2A, J or L visas are by definition NOT immigrants; they are guest workers. And sometimes guests can overstay their welcome.

    1. I figured that’s what she meant. I don’t bother reading her idiocy.

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    2. They Came for the ‘Illegals’ First, Now They’re Going After Immigrants Who Played by the Rules
      Wasn’t one of the rules “We are not required to grant or renew your temporary visa”?

      1. Shitty Shikha isn’t very bright.

    3. when a simple out of the way retiree like me,runs into 4 acquaintances that had to train their replacements from India and were subsequently “laid Off” after , never to return, it’s a huge problem, anecdotal yes, but it goes to the depth of the problem with HB-1’s . and all replacements had smaller salaries and benefit packages.

      1. I have heard more than a few such anecdotes.

      2. Right, it’s a huge problem when Americans lose their jobs to foreigners.

        Except that it’s not, and has never been. IT’S A FUCKING GOOD THING.

        1. Jobs are not a scarce resource. New jobs will appear. Immigrants create as many jobs as they take. This has been studied over and over.
        2. If someone does something for cheaper than you do, you have NO MORAL RIGHT to demand that you keep that job. You can hire someone to paint your house for $2,000. How would you like it if I made a law saying that you have to hire me for $10,000 instead?
        3. Making things cheaper, shockingly, leads to higher wealth for everyone. Protectionism means you’re wasting resources building products you could just buy for cheaper somewhere else.
        4. If you care about your job so much, we could hire the foreigner, tax half the new profit, and give it to you for free. We’d still be better off than without the foreigner.

        Value doesn’t “flow out of the country” when you buy things from outside, like people seemingly believe. Value is actually flowing inward. We get more things for less than they would cost us, freeing up time and resources for Americans.

        For fuck’s sake, this is a website dedicated to free-market capitalism. This is what free-market capitalism IS. You are not and have never been a real capitalist if I have to explain this to you.

        1. Thank you for writing a comment that doesn’t make me want to kill myself.

          It’s so fucking discouraging to read the comments on REASON. The articles are fine and then the commenters… Don’t seem to know what capitalism or libertarianism actually are.

        2. Americans have no moral right to their jobs.
          Foreigners have no moral right to live and work in the US.

          Americans do have a right to government policy designed to benefit Americans, and a policy of mass immigration to hold down their wages and job security, while driving up their housing costs, aint it.


      3. I had to listen to a high level manager complain that because our company was involved with national security, he was unable to bring in third-world workers to do our jobs for minimum wage or less.

        But of course he could probably have been more easily replaced by someone from Bangladesh than could the highly skilled professionals he was complaining about having to pay.

        I bet we could even get someone to write open borders advocacy articles for Reason, and they could write those articles from Senegal or wherever, for 10 cents a paragraph.

    4. JesseAz, here’s where you can step in and put forth one of the disagreements with Trump that you supposedly engage in. Oh, never mind, you are already defending this idiotic plan to kill American high-tech.

    5. Well, there’s some deep analysis. Never mind the effect on the economy if high-tech companies lose hard-to-find skilled workers. Never mind that the companies need to be able to function and stay in business to providejobs for Americans. Never mind liberty.

      1. “$15 an hour for burger flippers!”


      2. They aren’t providing jobs for Americans. That’s the whole point.

        1. Many companies the bulk of their employee are Americans. They are hiring a limited number of specialized workers aboard. If a company can not get these specialized worker they may have to lay off Americans. This is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

          1. . They are hiring a limited number of specialized workers aboard. If a company can not get these specialized worker they may have to lay off Americans.

            Or, you now, they could try hiring Americans. I hear offering a salary at the market rate (rather than much lower) is an effective way.

        2. True, immigrants don’t create jobs, because immigrants don’t eat food or drive on roads or watch t.v. or live in houses or buy technology themselves. Absolutely no one needs to create goods or services for immigrants.

          Oh wait no, robots. I’m thinking of robots.

          1. “American can serve their foreign masters. What’s the problem?”

      3. Hiring foreign workers to provide jobs for Americans – – BAHAHAHA! Had to go around your ass to find your elbow on that one, right?

        Stupidity starts with a position and then tries to find some way to get there, logic be damned.

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    7. ‘One guy found something that he thinks might open a door to a possibility that someone could potentially do something I don’t like.’ Yeah, sounds like an obvious conspiracy to me… or it would if I was Alex Jones detoxing from crack in a house of shadows.

      WTF… is there any way that she could stick more qualifiers and biased speculation into a single thought? It was only worth a face-palm until she then calls it an “administration’s scheme” [her speculation becomes their obvious intent], even though she then qualifies that with unlikely because “significant statutory hurdles”, before going 180 again to assert that the administration is “moving the goalposts” as she imagined they would.

      The woman obviously cannot look at anything coming from this administration without first wrapping it around her victimhood and then presuming to tell everyone *what it REALLY means*. This would truly be pathetic if it was just her thought process. But to couch this in the light of journalism insults the profession.

      The stupidity of this article is then only compounded by the presumption that economics and employment rates are irrational simply because lots of Indian citizens WANT to move, and that the process is too onerous for anyone to get through, despite 85,000 Indians alone manage to do it every year.

      Let’s get this out of the way…. there are no rights to emigrate to this or any other country. Also, there is no obligation for the US to open the floodgates to India or anyone else, let alone when we are dealing with a pandemic and the business aftermath. The advisability of any future immigration aside, the time to flood the employment pool is certainly not when it is already overflowing.

    8. Nothing waters my lawn quite as well as a deluge of Shikha tears.

      US immigration policy should not be designed to drive down the wages of the working class, blue collar or white collar.

      It can’t be overstated how much the foreign pimp shops have corrupted US corporations. Every manager can now be greased by the endless slush funds of the pimps. IT corps design their entire corporation around accomodating the use of indentured servants from abroad.

      Shikha always puts Foreigners First and Americans Last.


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    10. And some guests can be spies, industrial or otherwise.

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  2. Those labor certifications are a game that HR departments play. No Americans get hired instead of the chosen applicant when they submit resumes for the position. Everyone knows that.

    Is the process going to stop being completely phony now? I can see why that might upset some of the game players.

    1. I worked at a major Seattle-area software company. In one of the groups, every one of 20 mid-level, vendor contract, tech workers but me was H1-B1 from the same area of India as the department manager. They recruited directly through a company with a branch in that location – didn’t bother getting anyone local. From what I’ve seen, wages for non-developers have been relatively stagnant for at least a decade and entire sub-industries have risen up to take advantage of these ‘immigrants’. (I heard nightmare stories about trying to get your deposit back on an apartment and heaven help you if you disliked your job). The H1-B1 program doesn’t help anyone but the tech companies.

      1. But there are still progtard idiots here decrying any changes.

      2. Those same companies pump money into Congress to get the laws that let them do this stuff.

  3. O/T before Shikha madness sets in, RIP Charlie Daniels, 83.

    1. He will be missed.

    2. Dammit. National treasure, that man.

  4. While I have no opposition to guest workers in general it is clear the system was abused to get in lower paid foreign tech workers and layoff higher paid Americans. That might sound ok to libertarians but it sucks when you see it happen in person. The system was set up when there were no options to hire American tech workers. Now it’s used to bind foreigners to jobs they cannot leave and for which they will never receive a raise.

    Once again this was another rant against Trump instead of a serious discussion of why the system was abused and how to fix it.

    1. But, but, this potentially opens the door to a verification that games aren’t being played which could deny new certifications, which is totally the same as kicking everyone out

    2. Sadly, you will be accused of bigotry and a fear of competition, rather than have your points addressed.

    3. The system is absolutely broken. You are correct, the system is abused because the guest workers end up bound to a single company. Assuming that scrapping the cronyist H1B system as it stands is out of the question, there are a few reasonable solutions. We could make H1Bs “owned” by the worker and fully transferable. Or we could drastically increase the limits, thereby reducing the value of the H1B to a company, and reducing their leverage to use it against workers.

      That might sound ok to libertarians but it sucks when you see it happen in person.
      Seeing someone fired or laid off certainly sucks, but it’s no place for the federal government to be involved. Either we agree in the freedom of association (and all the good and “bad” that might come with it) or we don’t. Freedom isn’t always fair.

      1. My wife came over on an H1B in a group of specialty teachers. The non-transferable nature was a burden, but not as bad as I’ve seen. In 2011, Prince George’s County in Maryland was found to have abused their H1B teachers owing them about $4 million. As part of the punishment, the county was barred from the H1B program for a few years. The teachers had to rush to find a new sponsor or deport.

        1. I don’t have any data that says it’s abused, but I can’t imagine that it’s not given the abnormal power that the company holds over the employee when their ability to stay in their home is tied to their employment.

          It also seems like the whole system of extremely limited H1B availability if not rife with cronyism is certainly subject to be. Again, I don’t have any data, but when corporations need permission from a government to do something, that system is bound to be abused by both parties.

          The idea that anybody who claims to believe in free markets can defend our immigration system is beyond me.

          1. And you go with the naivete that open immigration would be a level playing field if we just opened borders. Why are you not aware of the other costs associated with your views?

          2. Immigration and entry into the nation is one of the few powers the constitution grants the federal government. Americans seem intent on crying for the federal government to do everything it has no constitutional authority to do and nothing it actually has the authority to do.

            1. The word “Immigration” doesn’t appear in the US Constitution. Judge Andrew Napolitano argues that the Constitution doesn’t give Congress the power to regulate immigration. Nap is hardly a progressive as you probably know.

              The SCOTUS has upheld immigration law largely as an extension of Naturalization, which of course is a totally separate process from coming here to work on a visa, for example.

              1. The word “Immigration” doesn’t appear in the US Constitution.
                I know. Article I Section 9 uses “migration” instead of “immigration” so clearly unconstitutional.
                Napolitano is a poor judge if he thinks that is significant.

                1. Nobody but LC1789 and apparently you thinks that A1S9C1 is about anything but the slave trade.

                  Can you find a single piece of case law with respect to immigration that has referenced it?

                  1. It doesn’t mention slavery and makes a distinction between migration and importation, but go ahead and ignore it if it contradicts your narrative.

            2. That’s the left in a nutshell

      2. Leo. When you start loudly arguing against policies like ACA which actually make foreign workers cost less than american hires, I’ll take your arguments seriously. You seem to completely ignore the laws and regulations that detriment american workers as a cost against foreign labor while arguing for more foreign labor. It is a dishonest discussion when you dont argue just as loudly against those laws.

        I dont know why this has to be repeated to the open borders crowd. Dissolve the costs and benefits of the regulatory state first prior to opening the borders.

        1. What on earth makes you think that I’m for the ACA? What makes you think that I’m for any regulations? I’m not… full stop.

          I noticed that you ignore the costs of H1B sponsorship as well.

          I’m with you on principle though. Get rid of all regulations that puts the government between employer and employee. Inconvenient for you and Trump, that has to include immigration regulations.

    4. Dont forget that due to policies like ACA foreign workers also cost less in benefits than if you hired americans. So the system is now set up against those that were born here.

      1. This is a recurring theme with democrat policies. They are existential enemies of American citizens

        1. #AmericaFirst vs. #AmericaLast

      2. So you saying that if we just got rid of health care for people companies could make more money. Great for companies but bad if your kid gets sick.

        1. But losing the job to somebody else isn’t a problem, of course.

  5. Oh, so it potentially opens the door to something they might try to do, which is prohibited by other regs. Abd nothing about kicking anybody out.

    Time to panic.

    Peak Shikha

  6. This is the most compelling reason to support Joe Biden. Literally any form of “border enforcement” puts us on the slippery slope to fascist alt-right white nationalist totalitarianism. And if Biden does one thing as President, it will be to implement the immigration policies favored by billionaires like’s benefactor Charles Koch.


    1. Thanks! I was wondering what your take on this topic might be!

  7. Good. Please show me where it says foreigners are entitled to be here. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

    1. Unless you’re Native American, I’m sure your ancestors were foreigners at one point in time.

      1. Because 300 years agi is the same as now.

        No no, it’s the retarded take you stole from prog morons, eat it all.

        1. 300 years agi? Agi, gaggii, googoo gaagaa? Oooogee boogee? Momma-Dadda-Babba? Googoo need agi? Maybe, if you will explain what an agi is! 300 of them sounds kinda GREEDY, though, googoo gaagaa!!!!

          1. SQRLSY One
            July.2.2020 at 5:11 pm
            Port-a-potties ARE buffets


            1. Hihn litetally said he wants to eat shit and that he thinks port-a-potties are buffrts

              God what a fucking idiot.

              1. Uh oh you have some typos, the “dalai llama” of eating shit and babbling like a retard is gonna cry at you lololol

                1. Well he better finish eating those turds before he does it.

          2. Agi, gaggii, googoo gaagaa? Oooogee boogee? Momma-Dadda-Babba? Googoo need agi? Maybe, if you will explain what an agi is! 300 of them sounds kinda GREEDY, though, googoo gaagaa!!!!

            Hihn finally stroked out.

            1. It shows everything you need to know about him that he thinks pretending to be a baby is a good idea lololol

            2. Empty-headed, moronic thread-shitters of the world, unite!

              Here is Tulpa,’s rock-bottom, absolute world-class feckless and hopeless asshole and vacuum-headed comments-clutterer, and OTHER morons rush to defend Tulpa!

              I knew that birds of a feather, flock together… Now I ALSO know that TURDS of a feather, flock together!

              1. SQRLSY One
                July.2.2020 at 5:11 pm
                Port-a-potties ARE buffets


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                  1. Hihnsanity!

              2. You literally do nothing but thread shit and then lick your lips at said shitting.

                1. You do nothing but lie and lust after sucking Trump’s dick!

                  Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See
                  “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

                  Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
                  With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
                  “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

                  I say again, this is important…
                  “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
                  We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
                  Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

                2. JesseSPAZ, as a grade-school bully, would steal the other kids’ lunch money. When confronted about it, he would say, “But there is no controlling legal authority above me”, and other oh-sooooo-deep legalese bullshit! And then skitter away, to do it again the next time!
                  “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
                  Reminds me of ol’ Prez Clinton and “there is no controlling legal authority above me”. Clinton-Gore logic!
                  “Gore had no real defense, so he trotted out a phony one: There was, he infamously claimed, “no controlling legal authority.” What he meant was that there weren’t many court decisions interpreting the meaning of Section 607. It was laughable. The rule of thumb for judges, as for the rest of us, is that laws are construed to mean what they say, the ordinary, everyday understanding of the words. ”
                  Plain written laws and Constitutional writings don’t mean what they say, unless JesseSPAZ agrees with them. Otherwise, he’ll trot out some Al-Gore-like bullshit, and then skitter away.

                  Trumpbots also totally lose sight of the fact that ultimately, written words (laws, the USA Constitution, etc.) aren’t the be-all… Obeying our conscience, and positive outcomes for the human race, matter more! Example: In the waning days of the Nixon administration, people (to include the DoD) worried that a whacko Nixon (while depressed and drunk off his ass every night) might push the big read button, and start WW III, just ‘cause he (Nixon) was totally bummed out. So Schlesinger (Secretary of Defense) didn’t tell Nixon, but he whipped up a kludged-up “bypass” to Nixon’s Big Red Button… Which was totally in violation of the written words of the USA Constitution! But it was the right thing to do! “Right” as in “ethically and morally correct, and benevolent, and sensible”, not FAR Right, as in Trumpbotic minds and Trumptatorship worshippers today!

                  Donald Trump’s Strange and Dangerous ‘Absolute Rights’ Idea
                  This is a profound misunderstanding of the American constitutional system.

                  This is Trump, and this is JesseSPAZ… They both have the “Absolute Right” to lie, lie, lie, and then LIE some more, to push their right-wing dictatorial SHIT! Morality and ethics are totally foreign concepts to both JesseSPAZ, and to Trump!

                  1. Holy shit, I hope one of the nurses found you before you hurt yourself to bad and gave you a PRN.

        2. I know it may pain you to hear this, but America is nation of immigrants. Libertarians stand for the free movement of people as long as they don’t pose a threat to anyone.

          1. Your assumption that you are talking to libertarians on this comment section, while it might seem reasonable, is completely unfounded.

            1. At least you finally admitted you’re no libertarian. That’s something.

            2. It isnt a requirement to not understand the issues of a welfare state and open immigration. Sorry not all of us have as much naivete as you.

          2. “”Libertarians stand for the free movement of people as long as they don’t pose a threat to anyone.””

            Largely agree. However, how do you determine they don’t pose a threat to anyone?

            1. Screen them at the border for disease and criminal records. Make the process easy, otherwise people won’t follow it and you’re right back to “illegal” border crossings. Once screened, give them some form of ID that along with a passport presents them the ability to cross the border with relative ease, much like traveling abroad for vacations.

              1. Screen them at the border

                You wouldn’t need to screen them if they truly posed no threat.

                And before you bleat stupidly at me AGAIN, you have already been told my stance on free association. You moronically forgot that when you bitchily tried a cheap shot upthread.

                1. Crime along the border is lower than in the rest of the country. Facts don’t care about your feelings.


                  1. It is almost like there is an extra influx of officers of some sort at the border… and that certain populations dont report crimes because of fear of deportation…

                    1. Or that immigrants are smart enough not to break a law a few moments after they get across, as opposed to their kids committing crimes wherever they settle hundreds of miles away

                2. You wouldn’t need to screen them if they truly posed no threat.

                  I would be insane to state that they (they being individuals that might want to immigrate here, not all immigrants lumped together) posed no threat. Of course there are some criminals, even terrorists, that would like to come here and deserve to be screened out.

                  This is where the “open borders” strawman falls apart. Nobody is really for no screening at the border, at least not anybody that’s serious about the issue. I’m all for making immigration freer and easier, you know with much less government involvement.

              2. So a dozen posts and still no mention of the welfare state and how it complicates this free movement.

                At least you’re consistently naive.

                1. It complicate it in they it makes welfare cheaper for Americans. What possible reason could you guys for relentlessly perpetuating this outright falsehoods about the welfare state?

                  If you have real reasons to be critical of immigration, just say them.

                2. Wrong again. How funny. My post in this exact thread at 4:02 (4 and 1/2 hours before your post) actually mentions that I’m supportive of making a condition of making immigration freer and easier with the stipulation that there’s no path to citizenship and the immigrant is ineligible for welfare.

                  Keep up those strawmen Jesse. We need a fill in for John whenever he’s not around.

          3. Hey wow stupid paltitudes in response to being mocked for your stupid post.

        3. The fact is that we have never liked immigrants. The Irish, German, Italians all suffered from prejudice. They were the foreigners then and now other groups are the foreigners. I welcome new immigrants and would like to see them treated better than my Irish ancestors.

      2. You’d be largely wrong.

      3. What, you think Native Americans were created out of nothing on in the Americas? They came over from Asia and took this country, forming hundreds of nations. And like nations anywhere else, most of those either collapsed or were conquered. Native Americans are US citizens now.

      4. Native Americans were foreigners too. Try not to be so stupid.

      5. Would note that so-called native americans also came from somewhere else. Literally no one is native to America.

  8. A potential problem with trying to “deport” folks who have been here for decades, Some of these folks might just pass muster as being one of the “People,” which just might throw a wrench into the deportation process:

    “‘…the people” [494 U.S. 259, 260] refers to a class of persons who are part of a national community or who have otherwise developed sufficient connection with this country to be considered part of that community.”’ Pp. 264-266. (UNITED STATES v. VERDUGO-URQUIDEZ

    1. Ok, I’ll agree not to deport anyone who has been here illegally 20 years or more without committing a serious crime if you’ll agree to deport the rest.

      1. Cool. At the very least, we have a point at which to start a discussion. Wouldn’t it be great if Congress could do the same?

  9. The Trump administration might be

  10. Making it easier for Americans to get high-paying tech jobs when the country has > 10% unemployment sounds like a winning policy

  11. > Now They’re Going After Immigrants Who Played by the Rules

    Well duh! Any conservative who told you “we’re only against illegal immigration was lying to your face. And when you believed them they were laughing behind your back.

    How do I know this? Because those same conservatives were unable to use the word “illegal” when they talked about how they wanted to deport immigrants. They want all immigrants deported. And for many of them, “immigrant” is defined by skin color. Don’t see anyone railing against the Irish, only the Indian. And they certainly don’t mean their own grandparents who came over to Ellis Island. They mean those other immigrants, those with different colored skin. We’re building a wall next to Mexico, not next to Canada. I don’t want to play the race card here, but when the immigrants being pointed to are universally not European, it’s gets hard not to.

    Conservatives who are not racists need to be very careful of not falling into this trap. If they are in that trap then they need to take a very hard look at why they want to deport Pedro but not Grandpa Vinnie.

    1. I know, we should also have a wall to keep all those Canadians who are pouring into the USA from the north…

      FWIW, I think (hell, I KNOW) Trump’s wall is a big fat waste of money, but your argument was a total non-sequitur.

      Say you have a neighbor on each side of your house, and both have dogs. One keeps his confined to his yard, while the other lets his run anywhere, and it is constantly taking dumps in your yard. So where would you build a fence?

    2. Using the voices in your head as a source doesn’t make anything you say, even remotely correct.

    3. This may shock you dummy…
      But the rule isnt “once a visa live here forever.”

  12. First of all, H1-B visas are not immigrant visas; they are temporary, non-immigrant visas. The president has the power to let non-immigrant visas expire without renewal. The president does not have the power to expel people on immigrant visas. So the premise of the article is wrong.

    Second, people who come to the US legally have often been treated worse than illegals. People who were in the US legally were ineligible for the Reagan amnesty; we had to leave the country, even though illegals who came in after us got citizenship. And it’s the same with DACA: it only applies to kids brought to the US illegally; kids brought to the US legally are still forced to leave.

    So, Shikha, as usual, your article is dishonest, misleading, and plain wrong in parts.

    1. Reminds me of Carter giving amnesty to the draft dodgers who attended college and played grab ass whilst I squatted in the fucking weeds ducking incomming. It was then I realized we were all fools.

      1. Anyone who voted for Carter sure was.

    2. What about K1 visas, which are also considered non-immigrant visas by the US State Dept? Shouldn’t people be free to marry whom they want?

      1. K-1 visas are temporary 90 day visas for fiancees; is anybody objecting to them? I don’t see it. Spouses are separately covered by IR1 or CR1 immigrant visas.

        What does any of that have to do with Shikha’s lies about immigrant/non-immigrant visas anyway? The fact is that Democrats have been treating legal workers and legal immigrants like sh*t for decades. Democrats just want to bring in millions of poor, unskilled workers illegally to work on their plantations and (later) vote as they are told.

      2. Saint Anthony says they should.
        I’m waiting for the challenges to immigration marriage laws based on the ludicrous and unconstitutional 0bergefell decision.
        Also parents “marrying” their children to avoid inheritance taxes.
        Who’s to say they don’t “love” each other?

  13. They have high-paying jobs for skills that are in short supply in America

    *clears throat*

    1. This is the thing that raises a whole host of questions that few people seem to want to tangle with.

      It’s much easier to make this about pro-immigration vs. anti-immigration. Racism, hate for brown people etc. But the thorny questions that pop into my head suggest a far more complex problem is afoot in our culture- one not easily swept aside by merely dismissing anyone who questions our immigration policies as “racist”.

      If you live in one of the most technologically advanced economies on the planet, and we’re building our national policy around the idea that the only people with the skills to fill the jobs are coming from certification mills in a desperately poor, third world country, we might have much larger national policy issues than just immigration.

      For instance, it might suggest that your country’s education system is in a complete shambles, unable to produce enough domestic graduates and skillsets, right in the literal backyard of the advanced economy.

      One might almost begin to think there are patterns in the chaos.

      1. Yeah, but you forgetting – everyone DID get a trophy.

      2. To be fair, even within this country, non-native born Americans are drawn to technical degree programs at a higher rate than native born. Some of this is due to it being seen as a pathway to the middle-class and some due to the fact that these jobs only require a moderate verbal command of English. Also, math is hard and the percentage of the population with the right personality type(s) to spend 12 hours a day staring at lines of code tends to be rather small.

        In the computer science master’s degree program I was in, roughly half the class were non-native born (most Eastern Europe or Asia) and about 10% female.

        1. Everything you point out is the very grounds for further discussion that I’m talking about.

          Why are so few native born attending college for a computer science master’s degree program? Is it the natural entropy of a successful civilization that say, third or fourth generation citizens are no longer interested or have the ambition to tackle difficult subjects in school? Is there an admissions issue in the colleges that gives favor to non-native born students? The 10% female figure you give is always written off as sexism. Is the 10% female figure you give sexism, or the well-argued (and somewhat scientifically backed) idea that women are less interested in STEM fields by their nature and temperament?

          Is there a problem with work ethic with native born? If so, why?

          I might become convinced that the only way to fill these jobs is in fact to import foreign workers– even if I’m convinced by way of agreeing that our native cultural fabric is rotting away (and can’t be fixed), and so the only way to keep the country going is through immigration.

          It just feels dismissive when we declare as un-varnished fact that “these are jobs no American wants to do”.

          1. Why are so few native born attending college for a computer science master’s degree program?

            For the same reasons few native-born citizens are attending college for degrees in the physical sciences either.
            1. It’s not “fun”. Going to college for 8-10 years (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) just seems awful, unless you’re going to get an M.D.’s salary, which natural science Ph.D.’s only rarely achieve.
            2. It’s perceived that you have to be some sort of brilliant Einstein in order to just set foot in a lab. Which is ridiculous. Yes you need a certain amount of intelligence, but you don’t need to be a world-class genius to just do well in science or technology or engineering.
            3. It is often presented very poorly in school – “Here, memorize these facts and regurgitate them on the standardized exam at the end of the year.” That’s horrible.

            1. Correct on all three counts. My son just got an MD job after an arduous training period and the starting pay is three times what a PhD (me) was making at retirement. And unless he screws up pretty badly he has job security.

          2. But yes it would be nice if discussions about immigration of high-tech workers would also consider issues of the education system in this country. It is horrendous to a large extent. We should be embarrassed by how bad our K-12 educational system is. I wish the people who go around chanting “USA! USA!” and “MAGA! MAGA!” would put half as much effort into making American schools the best in the world as they do in trying to get Republicans elected.

            1. Haha. What? Who runs the schools? (And does such a fine job of it!) Yeah, MAGA should “put effort” into changing that. Like you wouldn’t whine about that.

              Too funny.

      3. Racism, hate for brown people etc.

        I don’t see a preference for living in an Anglo-Saxon country over living in some other culture or a multicultural society to be “racist”. I mean, I have the greatest respect for Japanese culture, but I wouldn’t want to live in Japan, and most Japanese wouldn’t want to live in another culture either.

  14. As a Libertarian, I in theory support open labor borders but a couple things bother me.
    – I think today that a fair number of immigrants coming in here either legally or by the book are not open to the ideas of small gov and individual liberty as we libertarians see it. I fear we are making our challenge harder just by the sheer number of new inhabitants coming who just do not share our values on this. Why do you think the Democrats are so all about open borders when just a few years ago they were not?
    – Lots of argument over the % of immigrants who one way or the other access some form of welfare or other benefits but I can think we can safely say that some significant enough number do in fact receive some kind of benefit. I am with Milton Friedman on this when he says that open borders and the existence of a welfare state are ultimately fiscally incompatible.

    1. I think today that a fair number of immigrants coming in here either legally or by the book are not open to the ideas of small gov and individual liberty as we libertarians see it.

      Neither are the native born Americans. I too think that the Democrats are in the business of increasing their voter rolls through immigration, because they don’t really seem to be for personal liberty otherwise. If there were any compromise here it would be to open up the methods of immigration without making it easier to become a citizen. Many people are happy to come here for the opportunities without any promise of becoming a citizen. Make the Democrats explain why they don’t support such a bill while claiming to be pro-immigrant.

      Likewise with welfare. Make immigration easy. Make it impossible for immigrants to receive welfare benefits. Seems like a simple compromise that neither side is very willing to make.

      1. Neither are the native born Americans.

        THIS RIGHT HERE. It wasn’t immigrants who gave us the ever-expanding welfare state, and it’s not immigrants who are the main beneficiaries from it either.

        Those people who sit around and complain about immigration because “those people will just vote for more welfare”, need to really look and see who is CURRENTLY voting for more welfare. It’s not the foreigners.

        1. Those people who sit around and complain about immigration because “those people will just vote for more welfare”, need to really look and see who is CURRENTLY voting for more welfare. It’s not the foreigners.

          Naturalized Hispanics overwhelmingly vote Democrat, i.e. for more welfare. Also, by their very presence, even illegals give several more congressional districts to California. Without illegals coming into the country, the country would be far more conservative and far less generous with welfare.

          and it’s not immigrants who are the main beneficiaries from it either.

          No, the main beneficiaries of welfare spending and social programs are rich urban progressives. Poor Americans are simply the conduit and political fig leaf to justify this kind of cronyism.

    2. Open borders, with no freebies – a lot of the problem is solved right there.

  15. Poor Shreika….all her little friends need to go home now. She’ll be all alone.

    Guess those FAANG companies will just have to get along with hiring Americans. Oh, the horror.

    Next, OBL will be along to tell us how terrible it is that Charles Koch has to send back his low cost H1B labor. Boo hoo.

    1. Shecky, like Old Beaner, simply wants enough time to anchor in that last second cousin.

    2. They ARE hiring Americans! Why do you think our unemployment rate has been hovering around 3% during most of Trump’s presidency? That of high-skilled Americans is even lower. Jobs aren’t a zero-sum game, lump of labor fallacy.

      1. Now they will hire more.

        1. Why will they hire more when they can just outsource it instead?

  16. Shika Dalmia objects to calling people who engage in wanton destruction of property “thugs”! That makes her a thug accomplice!

    I didn’t know libertarians were pro-destruction of other people’s property. Isn’t that an act of “aggression”?! Whatever happened to the NAP?! NAP goes out the window “when” “you’re” “fighting” “for” “justice”, right? Right?!

    Stupid SJWs. Notice Shika didn’t give any stats or studies about actual police racism, or reports thereof. Because there aren’t any that support it!! It’s all made-up. Statistically speaking, the most dangerous thing to young black males is still and always has been other young black males. That’s truth. Police kill like 10 of em a year, and are no less likely to shoot white ones. On the other hand, twenty black bodies were made to drop dead by other black bodies over the weekend in South Chicago.

    But she’s all progressive and all, and so she sides with the looters, the huddled masses yearning to loot free.

    And “liberal-tardian”, STFU! We get it: billionaires exist, and they’re bad and stuff. Now STFU with this billionaire obsession of yours, or go do it in Salon or something.

  17. I just realized I’m responding to her immigration article, not the one about Modi and looters. She’s churning them out fast these days!

    Yeah, I’m fine with immigration in general. I just have fears that immigrants will vote Dem and turn the place socialist and highly taxed.

  18. Why is it that EVERY white country is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?
    Why is it that EVERY white country is told to end its own race/culture?
    No one asks that of ANY non-White country.
    Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries
    Anti-Whites call themselves “anti-racists” but their actions lead to the elimination of only one race, the White race.
    The purpose of “anti-racism” is to GENOCIDE White children.
    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

    1. Listen, I like white people and all that, especially when it comes to living around them. But it’s not exactly a matter of whites vs. non-whites; it’s a matter of IQ and propensity to crime.

      And so, on that basis, I don’t have a problem with non-whites coming to the United States, so long as there’s some selection for them, like selection for job skills, degrees, and so on, all of which are a proxy for “they’re likely to make good neighbors, and contribute to the GDP.”

      But yes, if you blindly allow 20 million people to come from Haiti overnight, you’re going to have problems. Especially with those anti-police liberals who’ll just let them riot and steal free.

    2. You could catch the next plane to Lagos and start the trend reversal…

  19. You want fewer negroes around? Defund the fucking police and watch those mortality rates stack up! Hey, I’m fine with diverse blue cities defunding the police! Because they’re mostly inhabited by dindus and white liberals. Let them reap the fruits of light-handed policing in diverse communities, see what that really looks like in practice!

    What do you know, I guess when it comes to police, I really AM “li” “ber” “ta” “rian”, SJW and all that! My neck of the woods is white as snow demographically, red as blood politically, and I pack heat, so I couldn’t care how much cop defunding stupid blue cities do. Culling of Dem voters as far as I’m concerned.

    Blue cities demonstrated something: they’re bad for business! You open a business in those pro-looting Shika Dalmia cities, and these little punks will destroy it for that stupid baseless social justice. I hope business gets the hell out. Not even libertarian are defending their right to “no aggression” so I hope they reap what they sow.

    1. You seem like you might have a sinking abyss where a cock should go.

      1. Please keep your weird fetish’s to yourself.

  20. “President Donald Trump’s all-out assault on literally every category of immigration.”

    THIS IS NOT TRUE. Many J-1 categories are untouched, including international researchers and scholars (bummer for the au pairs, though). The O-1 visa is alive and well, as are several other categories. So no, it is not an assault on “literally” every category of immigration.

    I don’t support Trump or his EO, but I hate Shikha’s work. I’m a working immigration attorney and every article I have ever read by her leaves me frustrated. She is prone to hysterics and hyperbole. I have a dream that someday I can write for reason instead of her. Her credibility is non-existent, and it is beyond childish to inaccurately use the word “literally.”

    REASON EDITORS – you can do better. Come on.

  21. Another great meeting of Libertarians For Authoritarian, Bigoted, Cruel Immigration Policies And Practices.

    You have six months left, clingers. Do your damnedest until the reckoning begins.

    1. It’s funny, and sad, when the bigot calls other people bigots. So blinded by his faith in his God – Government.

  22. I just looked it up: Shikha has degrees in biology and chemistry and (my very favorite) “Mass Communication.” She’s an “analyst” and there’s nothing to suggest she has any particular expertise in immigration law. This explains why her articles come across as juvenile to anyone working in the field.

    Dear Ms. Nolan Brown, I have a law degree from Georgetown and have began practicing immigration law in 2008. I currently manage the caseload for a university health sciences center utilizing all manner of visa categories (both temporary workers and permanent residence). I am also passionate about the subject, but am well-informed and it is my sole career focus. I fear I do not have a degree in mass comm, but if a JD will suffice, please let me know where I should send my resume and perhaps a few sample articles. Your readers really do not like Shikha’s work, and I can tell you from a legal perspective that it is beyond sloppy.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. (Said the lady who just typed “have began practicing…” Guess I probably won’t get the job.)

      1. Have you read many of the articles from the actual writers here, Dada? LOL. You’ll fit in fine.

        Though, I would imagine writing for these guys would involve one hell of a pay cut from what I guess you make.

    2. Lady D – welcome to the comments section. You are correct that nearly zero of the readers here enjoy Shikha’s articles. However, if the editors of this site read the comments section, they’d all “literally” fire themselves. 😉

      I would love to read your comments and responses to Shikha’s inane ramblings on immigration or any topic she touches. You’re experience would be welcome.

      1. Your, not you’re. Grrr.

  23. The H1B visas is modern day slavery. The very fact that they are unable to transfer visas it enslaves them to only work for one company as its hard to change and have another company invest again. The company that has vested in you can do whatever they wish, threaten you and your status here if they dont like what you stand for, say etc….Also, this thing with having another company to invest in you is a money maker for the us government. It costs thousands of dollars to do this and imagine ‘reapplying’ every time you want to change. I feel that both the companies and the us government enslave the people, set aside that they are immigrants. How would you feel if you were not able to change jobs because its so difficult to ‘re-engage’. I feel its modern day slavery to be perfectly honest. The also get paid less when they are on a H1B visa compared to a similar position they hold.

    1. All the more reason to send them home = The H1B visas is modern day slavery.

    2. The very fact that they are unable to transfer visas it enslaves them to only work for one company

      H1B visas have been transferable for years.

  24. If you think restricting non-immigrant work visas for skilled immigrants is going to result in companies hiring more Americans rather than just out-sourcing those jobs, I have a bridge to sell you.

    1. Sorry, that should be “skilled workers” not immigrants. Why can’t we get an edit button?

  25. Let’s hope they come for Shikha soon.

  26. Figured out how to reconcile individual rights maximalism with restrictive race panic policies yet?

  27. That would set the blacks against Indians and Asians since both these ethnicities are more successful than blacks in education and careers. Asians are also more successful than whites in education and careers. Should the Asians be paying everyone else? This is the reductio ad absurdum logical argument Click For Full Detail.

  28. ICE just announced that if colleges remain online next year, that all foreign students will be subject to deportation.

    This was ALWAYS about xenophobia and racism

    That said – this is a massive 2×4 upside the head to colleges since foreign students are the vast majority of those who pay full tuition costs themselves. That 2×4 to the head is a good thing.

    But the fact that it comes at the expense of essentially eliminating STEM at the college-level means it is a massive 2×4 upside the head to the US economy long-term. Eliminate the pipeline of future tech employees and there is little reason for any tech company to stay in the US.

    Worse – most foreign students return home anyway once they get their degree. But their educational experience in the US is probably the main thing that has let the US fill the post-colonial vacuum as a country worthy of emulation and/or learning from. Our activities overseas since WW2 have done nothing but make enemies. But a large portion of the ‘ruling class’ in most countries was educated in the US. US companies that want to sell overseas recruit almost entirely from that group of people. Gut all that and the US is just a very rich asshole who is at war with everyone.

    This is the sort of thing that could end reserve currency status for the US dollar. Which is also a good thing – but it doesn’t have a good consequence unless ending that reserve currency status is the GOAL of whatever actions end that status. Otherwise, it’s just another superpower that loses and starts an out-of-control decline. And history is full of how that ends up.

    1. Stunning just looking at the college majors of foreign students. Couldn’t be more opposite than American students:

      Engineering – 230k
      Biz/Mgmt – 200k
      Math/CompSci – 175k
      Misc – 88k
      Social Science – 83k
      Physical Science/Bio – 77k
      Fine Arts – 62k
      Medical – 35k
      English – 25k
      Journalism – 22k
      Education – 18k
      Humanities – 17k
      Law/Police – 16k
      Agriculture – 12k

      Whew. For a second, I thought Intersectional Politics through Ethnoanthropology might be hard hit.

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  31. Reason always seems to only see one side and lately it’s all “Orange Man Bad!” Apparently they are just fine with the restoration of slavery via indentured servitude as long as it can be a way to virtue signal to their pals in the political class with an attack on the president. We all know Trump isn’t a libertarian but he’s obviously far more friendly to freedom than any one Democrat. But the writers at Reason aren’t either. Reason has morphed into some kind of leftist anarcho Marxists who barely have a grasp on the issues. Always throwing out the baby with the bath water. But then they seem to hate babies just as much as feminists.

  32. “…they were also accusing legal immigrants—people who came to American “the right way…”

    It would have been nice if an example was provided.

    I haven’t listened to Rush in a while but from what I recall he was just that: Anti-illegal immigration. I don’t know about the other stuff.
    But if she’s applying her usual ‘they don’t send their best’ routine, then she’d be misrepresenting him.

    Also. Dalmia can predict what Trump will do?

  33. By definition, a temporary visa for work is temporary. Is Shikha being stupid on purpose, or does it come naturally?

  34. “As I pointed out, the order was halting new green cards for anyone other than the children and spouses of American citizens.”

    Wrong. I know a woman that entered the country, married a citizen and her petition for adjustment of status is on hold.

  35. We offer writing services in Seeking for scholarship and many more. We offer all these on our essay writing website.

  36. “ If a company wants to hire an H-1B holder permanently, it has to apply for his or her green card. This means it has to return to the DOL to obtain a “labor certification.” What does this involve? Among other things, it requires proving that there are no qualified Americans to perform the job by advertising in DOL-approved channels, reviewing resumes of all applicants, and then explaining to DOL bureaucrats (if asked to) why this particular candidate is the only one who can perform said job.”

    Been that way in Canada for a long time. Where are the screeching arguments about Canadian racism and anti-immigration policy?

    In the modern world, apparently only American republicans can be racist.

  37. Rules?
    We don’t need any stinking rules.
    We’ve got guns, badges and a bunch of sadistic assholes on our side.
    What have you got?

  38. This nonsense about “American Jobs” seems a smoke screen. What’s the goal here? What do the central planners want to see? Let’s get the frds out of the way. If someone wants to come here, mazeltov. Just understand that you have depend on yourself, and have no claim to anyone else’s property, including their paycheck. We started to see what deregulation could do to the economy before the pandemic hit; get the bureaucrats out of the way, and there are jobs for anyone willing to work. Then all we need to do is disincentivize unwillingness to work, while covering those without the ability to work (preferably by voluntary charity, not centrally planned coercive force).

  39. Some of my best friends are illegal immigrants, but I read the title, then the byline, aand then I skipped to the comments….

  40. I’m not some old codger blind to the deficiencies of the game in the “old days”, there were many, but compared to todays sparkling, corporately packaged premier league, aided and abetted by soulless identikit stadiums with compliant sat down supporters creating the atmospheric equivalent of a loud cough it was f*****g ace HEREClick For Full Details.

  41. Let the immigrants have their peace. You are also welcome to our academic writing services such as buy a term paper

  42. Just because you have worked here for decades does not make you an immigrant. This writer is just a far left loon.

  43. Do the foreigners who are here because of corrupt legislation that lets them take American jobs get screwed by deportation?
    Or do we continue the current system of screwing Americans out of jobs? 70% of Americans w/ STEM degrees do not work in those fields.

    Make no mistake – the issues will be resolved by Congress as dictated by campaign money.

    Is that clear?

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  44. Maybe if American companies didn’t have access to so many of these foreign tech workers, they’d spend less money on stock buybacks and more on developing domestic talent.

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