After 3 Weeks and 4 Shootings, Seattle Dismantles Its 'Autonomous Zone'

Seattle police have arrested dozens of protesters during their sweep of the so-called Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.


The dream is over. This morning Seattle police cleared away the last remnants of an "autonomous zone" established by anti-police brutality protesters in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Today's sweep follows weeks of deteriorating relations between protesters in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who had first praised the perma-protest before taking a tougher line in response to violent incidents that happened in and near the zone.

An executive order signed yesterday by Durkan instructed the Seattle Police Department to clear the park and surrounding city blocks that protesters have been occupying for the better part of three weeks. Anyone who refused to clear the area could be subjected to arrest, per Durkan's order.

"I support peaceful demonstrations. Black Lives Matter…but enough is enough," said Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best in a statement. "The CHOP has become lawless and brutal. Four shootings—two fatal—robberies, assaults, violence, and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area."

Video from KING5 reporter Michael Crowe shows police officers advancing up the street and occasionally fighting with protesters, some of whom had reportedly thrown cones at the officers.

Best told local media that at least 13 people had been arrested as part of clearing the CHOP this morning. The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports at least 31 arrests stemming from the operation.

The CHOP officially got its start on June 8, when police abandoned their Eastern Precinct building following a series of escalating clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators.

In the wake of the police's retreat, protestors reassembled barricades around the abandoned precinct building and later occupied the nearby Cal Anderson Park. The area quickly developed an Occupy Wall Street-like vibe, with activists giving speeches, staging demonstrations, holding film screenings, and even starting a community garden in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and defunding the police.

Durkan visited the CHOP and even defended it as an example of democracy in action following criticism of her handling of the zone by President Donald Trump. City agencies also provided protesters with sturdier barricades, portable toilets, and helped to clear trash from the area.

However, a series of shootings in and near the CHOP, which have resulted in two deaths, plus the growing annoyance of businesses and property owners—some of whom had filed a class-action lawsuit against the city for tolerating the CHOP—led Durkan to take a tougher line.

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237 responses to “After 3 Weeks and 4 Shootings, Seattle Dismantles Its 'Autonomous Zone'

  1. “Today’s sweep follows weeks of deteriorating relations between protesters in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan”
    Christian, please note the following; persons who murder, rape, steal, burn, and vandalize are called rioters, not protesters.

    1. There were and are far more protesters than rioters.

      1. And forget citations; you don’t have any either. What we both have is the reality that if there actually were millions of rioters — millions of “persons who murder, rape, steal, burn, and vandalize”, it would be far more newsworthy than has happened. Not even the Progressive Pravdas could hide it, and Fox News would be all over it.

        The million of “persons who murder, rape, steal, burn, and vandalize” you fantasize over is even less real than 1/5 of college women being raped.

        1. And forget citations; you don’t have any either

          lol waving the white flag from jump lololo

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        2. The rioters had a lot more power due to the numbers behind them. The protestors provided cover for them by not ejecting them from their ranks.

          So no, they are not blameless.

          The “protestors” do shit like surround cars in traffic, forcing people into dangerous decisions.

          Fuck them.

          1. Cool, let’s blame you for all the right-wing shootings. Why didn’t you stop any of them? You are not blameless.

            1. Personal responsibility is not for Trumpistas.

              1. Yeah, it’s not like both groups were operating side-by-side or anything. When a guy is handing out rifles from the trunk of his Tesla to people whose only gun-handling experience is playing with a Super-Soaker, you’re not really in a position to scold anyone for choosing to associate the two.

                1. When a guy is handing out rifles from the trunk of his Tesla to people whose only gun-handling experience is playing with a Super-Soaker…

                  Actual incident?

                  1. It was bricks from a stack

                    1. They were protest bricks though.

                    2. We don’t need no education.

                  2. Yes. Tried to link video but it won’t post it I guess. The self appointed “warlord” Raz gave a couple pimply faced teens ARs on tape. I reckon he will get a visit from BATF at some point.

                    1. They didn’t know which end was which, pretty comical.

                    2. If someone is handing out guns, that kinda takes them beyond the ken of being a mere protestor, no?

                      This doesn’t disprove Á àß äẞç ãþÇđ âÞ¢Đæ ǎB€Ðëf ảhf’s point. (Which is my point, too.) If someone is just there protesting, and not trespassing and not handing out guns, then they are just there protesting. There isn’t some kind of collective group guilt by association that attaches to an innocent protestor.

                      We libertarians, who ascribe to individualism, aren’t supposed to engage in guilt by association.

                    3. We libertarians, who ascribe to individualism, aren’t supposed to engage in guilt by association.

                      No no, you don’t get it.

                      This is all about narrative pushing.

                      See, Trump can no longer run on the economy as his main re-election argument. So he is going to borrow a page from Nixon 1968 and run on LAW AND ORDER. The only way he can do that successfully is if the public believes that the BLM protestors are violent fanatics who will go to the suburbs and rape their wimmin. So GOP toadies like Jesse are more than willing to use whatever convenient argument is available to push that narrative. Because the alternative is that Joe Biden gets elected, which means that AOC would be empowered to push for the Republican Final Solution and send conservatives to death camps and gas chambers in order to implement a glorious Stalinist future.

                    4. Are you a fucking idiot, Jeff?

                      Don’t answer
                      Rhetorical question

            2. This is literally the dumbest response ever. Or are you being sarcastic again?

              I’m not actively walking around in crowds with criminals robbing, looting, and assaulting you dumb piece of shit.

              1. You think every protest has had robbing and looting? Most have been uneventful and therefor unreported outside local news.

                1. “they weren’t reported on but I know they were uneventful”

                  what your idiot ass just said

          2. “The protestors provided cover for them by not ejecting them from their ranks.”

            This is exactly what Antifa wants you to do. Great work.

            1. When riots continue breaking out because you’re holding “protests”, you get to share in some of the responsibility.
              And wtf is anyone supposedly protesting anymore?
              It’s all bullshit anti US marxist astroturfing

              1. NO! The rioters, the murderers, thieves, vandals, they alone bear responsibility for their actions.

                Have you forgotten about personal responsibility?

                Maybe it only matters for others.

                1. And protecting and abetting murderers, thieves, and vandals is a personal action for which the “protesters” bear responsibility.

                2. Do you know what the fuck aiding and abetting is?

                  Have you ever watched antifa videos on how to assault then blend back into the crowd?

                  My god some of you are fucking ignorant.

                  1. Fine so go find the exact individual who allegedly “aided and abetted” and charge that person with a crime, if you can.

                    Don’t smear thousands of innocent people with criminal intent based on your ridiculous theories of collective guilt.

                    1. Fire bird shot on the street in front of them. It will bounce and a few pellets are bound to find those aiding and abetting.

                  2. Pedo Jeffy chimes in with his usual sophist bullshit. Next he will likely insist you prove the sky is blue, or water is wet.

              2. “Hey, I just posted some edgy memes on the Internet hating on Jews and Muslims. Then some nuts decide to shoot up a synagogue and a mosque. By the Nardz standard, I’m responsible as well for all of those murders.”

                1. Chipper proved he was retarded without you doubling down on it. Your example doesnt have him in actual physical proximity to the crimes you raging imbecile.

                  The protestors arent responsible for the riots in LA. But the protestors in LA allowing looters to blend into the crowd are.

                  How are some of you so fucking stupid?

                  1. Right. So the 8chan meme-rs who allowed Brenton Tarrant to blend in with their crowd are also responsible for the Christchurch shootings. Got it. That is your logic of collective guilt. Own up to the consistency of your own opinion why don’t you. Maybe if Tucker Carlson or Rush Limbaugh explained it to you, you might understand.

                    1. You keep bringing up 8chan. Is that supposed to mean something? Is that a place where losers like you congregate?

                  2. How about this.
                    Instead of doubling down on this insane collective guilt fantasy that you all have – because you just are DYING to associate all of the BLM protestors with violent fanatics, because that would make right-wing opposition to the BLM demands so much easier to deal with – just abandon the whole stupid idea of collective guilt, blame individuals for their own actions, and address BLM demands on their own merits, instead of trying to smear them all as violent looting radicals.

                    1. You got it. Having to actually self examine or acknowledge that other people have their own problems is too much for them. The defensive shield they throw up is to find any reason they can to dismiss the protests. I’ll quote this again, because it keeps being relevant. Both in using riots to dismiss legitimate complaints of protestors, and in the complete and connected denial of the existence of racism.

                      “Now I wanted to say something about the fact that we have lived over these last two or three summers with agony and we have seen our cities going up in flames. And I would be the first to say that I am still committed to militant, powerful, massive, non­-violence as the most potent weapon in grappling with the problem from a direct action point of view. I’m absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt. And I feel that we must always work with an effective, powerful weapon and method that brings about tangible results. But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the negro poor has worsened over the last twelve or fifteen years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.

                      Now every year about this time, our newspapers and our televisions and people generally start talking about the long hot summer ahead. What always bothers me is that the long hot summer has always been preceded by a long cold winter. And the great problem is that the nation has not used its winters creatively enough to develop the program, to develop the kind of massive acts of concern that will bring about a solution to the problem. And so we must still face the fact that our nation’s summers of riots are caused by our nations winters of delay. As long as justice is postponed we always stand on the verge of these darker nights of social disruption. The question now, is whether America is prepared to do something massively, affirmatively and forthrightly about the great problem we face in the area of race and the problem which can bring the curtain of doom down on American civilization if it is not solved. And I would like to talk for the next few minutes about some of the things that must be done if we are to solve this problem.

                      The first thing I would like to mention is that there must be a recognition on the part of everybody in this nation that America is still a racist country. Now however unpleasant that sounds, it is the truth. And we will never solve the problem of racism until there is a recognition of the fact that racism still stands at the center of so much of our nation and we must see racism for what it is. It is the nymph of an inferior people. It is the notion that one group has all of the knowledge, all of the insights, all of the purity, all of the work, all of the dignity. And another group is worthless, on a lower level of humanity, inferior. To put it in philosophical language, racism is not based on some empirical generalization which, after some studies, would come to conclusion that these people are behind because of environmental conditions. Racism is based on an ontological affirmation. It is the notion that the very being of a people is inferior. And their ultimate logic of racism is genocide. Hitler was a very sick man. He was one of the great tragedies of history. But he was very honest. He took his racism to its logical conclusion. The minute his racism caused him to sickly feel and go about saying that there was something innately inferior about the Jew he ended up killing six million Jews. The ultimate logic of racism is genocide, and if one says that one is not good enough to have a job that is a solid quality job, if one is not good enough to have access to public accommodations, if one is not good enough to have the right to vote, if one is not good enough to live next door to him, if one is not good enough to marry his daughter because of his race. Then at that moment that person is saying that that person who is not good to do all of this is not fit to exist or to live. And that is the ultimate logic of racism. And we’ve got to see that this still exists in American society. And until it is removed, there will be people walking the streets of live and living in their humble dwellings feeling that they are nobody, feeling that they have no dignity and feeling that they are not respected. The first thing that must be on the agenda of our nation is to get rid of racism.”


                    2. Black Lives Matter only when there’s money to be made.

                    3. Dunno.

                      Does this also apply to officers and the demands to police their own? Or the calls to defund/reform police as being racist instead of individual officers being held to account (in which case you will have to remind me what the protest are for)?

                      I understand guilt by association, but at some point when all you see is white robes, you have to take a step back and think maybe this celebration of white heritage day isn’t quite what you had in mind.

                    4. Pedo Jeffy is replying to himself.

                    5. “…… the whole stupid idea of collective guilt……”

                      Doesn’t that make the protesters stupid?

                    6. BLM is an admitted Marxist institution. Nobody should support their ideals.

          3. As I’ve said before, as a libertarian, I judge people as individuals. There is no “the protestors” and “the rioters”; when you talk about groups of individuals with such a broad brush you are referencing granfalloons that exist only in your mind.

            1. If you don’t respect property rights you’re a shitty libertarian.

              1. If you don’t respect property rights, you’re a shit.


            2. He is classifying people by their actions – perfectly legit. One need not name each person.

            3. I’m talking about the protestors who are providing cover for the criminals. They are doing so by choice.

              Why are the three biggest dumbasses on this site completely missing the point.

              1. Citation needed.

                1. Any riot video

              2. Jesse, you don’t come here for the hunting, do you?

                1. So you knew he was calling you out when he said biggest dumbasses

          4. If I were surrounded like that, I would either floor the accelerator, or shoot the idiots until they backed the fuck off.

            When people that shit, they what they get. We also need to go back to shooting looters.

        3. Yeah, we should be more worried about the millions of white nationalists and nazis out there.

          Plus, I don’t think “millions” of rioters could fit into the chop. Haha.

      2. “There were and are far more protesters than rioters.”

        So what?

        1. So nothing. Ya got me. Protesters are responsible for the rioters. Got it.

          1. Once the looting starts whoever hangs around is an accessory .

            1. B.S. If you are hanging around, and not engaging in looting yourself, you are not doing anything wrong.

              1. “You are known by the company you keep”

                1. Hmm.
                  Isn’t David Duke a Republican?
                  How about Steven King? I think he is too.

                  “You are known by the company you keep.”

                  Okay, so all Republicans should be smeared as racists by association with David Duke and Steven King. Fair is fair, right?

                  AOC is a socialist, right? So is Bernie Sanders?
                  So all Democrats should be smeared as socialists by association with AOC and Sanders. Fair is fair, right?

                  Most of you love that second one I bet, but that first one is just unfair!

                  1. Most democrats identify somewhat with Bernie and AOC. No republicans indenting with David Duke, and also homogeneously revile him.

                    Once again you’re engaging in bad analogies, and false equivalence. In addition to your usual sophistry.

                  2. David Duke is on board with Omar now. So no.

                    The GOP got rid of King.

                    Say, what happened to that VA Governor who wore blackface? I am sure they removed him from office but who replaced him?

                  3. Actually you love the first one and you only get upset about the second one. Of course there’s plenty of other evidence that they have embraced socialism (fascism to be more precise) but you like to ignore that. Doesn’t fit the narrative after all.

          2. The peaceful protesters went home weeks ago. What we have left is a bunch of unemployed college age white kids attacking people and destroying property. The media finds it convenient to conflate the two so you can hardly blame people if they assume protesters support rioting.
            Here’s some footage a group of black people shaming some of these white punks for trying to destroy a Lincoln statue.

            1. No, they are all employed by the open society foundation, or one of its subsidiaries, or the Ford foundation. And then they will collect unemployment.

        2. And the Army has a lot more cooks than snipers, but they are all considered combatants when they go to war.

          1. So if the lieutenant commits war crimes on the battlefield, the cooks are responsible for those as well. Got it.

            1. Jeff tripled down triples down with his idiocy.

              1. The only idiocy on display here are the right-wingers like you Jesse who are desperate to smear protestors as guilty by association with violent radicals so as to create a narrative that “BLM = Riots”.

                It’s too much trouble to actually address the concerns of BLM, to go through the intellectual effort to discuss their legitimate concerns while dismissing their obvious socialism. Much easier to demagogue and smear them all. That is the modern Right nowadays. “Party of Ideas” turned into “Party of Demagogues”.

                1. It’s too much trouble to actually address the concerns of BLM

                  Fuck those race-mongering pieces of shit.

                2. Jesse, you can explain it to him a hundred different ways, and he will bleat out the same nonsensical bullshit in response every time. Pedo Jeffy is a waste of time and energy. It’s just a shame karma hasn’t kicked in yet and some rough trick hasn’t offed him yet.

                3. That “stupid idea of collective guilt” you keep whining about is at the center of half of liberal ideology. Collective grievance is the other half.

                  You’re hilarious, dude.

                4. It can be difficult to sympathize with BLM when their founder is an admitted Marxist and the BLM website touts Marxist talking points such as barbs against the nuclear family. Police brutality is a serious issue but it’s not really what BLM cares about.

                5. OK, they oppose the nuclear family. So I will feel free to label BLM as a collection of Marxists idiots. Why a libertarian would expend such energy defending a Marxist group is lost on me.

                6. It’s too much trouble to actually address the concerns of BLM, to go through the intellectual effort to discuss their legitimate concerns while dismissing their obvious socialism.

                  And there’s the money shot. All you need to make the socialism go away is ignore it. Funny how you can only every apply that standard to the left. All you can do is collectively smear the right and gnash your teeth and rend your garments when the left is caught behaving much worse. All you have is personal smears. All you have is character assassination and fear. For an “independent libertarian” you show a remarkable compliance to progressive catechism. Remember when we had to talk about how we were going to solve poverty? Remember when it was OK to fabricate allegations against Kavanaugh because of his class/political leanings? Remember when democrats just want a “return to FDR” — you know, the president who actually had internment camps and was our most fascist (literally!) president ever? Remember when you thought that was OK? Pepperidge farms remembers.

                  Note how you have no problem at all with the blanket smear of police from BLM. What happened to “judge everyone as individuals.” There is literally no progressive cause that you won’t justify to your grave.

                  It’s painfully obvious that you are a die hard progressive hypocrite.

              2. Jesse tripling down on collectivism. Bland, plain old collectivism. Gross.

              3. The culture war has turned your mind to complete mush, Jesse.

                1. Haven’t we all drowned by now?

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    3. People can be both protesters and rioters. Though when they are both, I think that the rioter part is the more immediately relevant information.
      I say just call them squatters. That’s closer to what they’ve been doing for the last several weeks.

      1. Or maybe LARPers with guns.

  2. It’s a shame that violent right-wingers had to ruin this wonderful experiment.

    1. It’s a shame that violent right-wingers DIDN’T ruin it.

      1. That would be fun to watch. Those little leftist pussies haven’t really come up against anyone yet who is not going to entertain their bullshit.

        It will end poorly for the progtards.

    2. Haha. Good one.

  3. In the wake of the police’s retreat, protestors reassembled barricades around the abandoned precinct building and later occupied the nearby Cal Anderson Park. The area quickly developed an Occupy Wall Street-like vibe, with activists giving speeches, staging demonstrations, holding film screenings, and even starting a community garden in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and defunding the police.

    This is… one way to describe it.

    1. On the plus side, when certain groups say “You want libertarianism? Go to Somalia”, you can always breakout your pie charts comparing Somalia to the CHAZ.

      At least civil order increases with libertarianism.

      1. “You want libertarianism? Go to Somalia”,

        The standard reply should be that Somalia is a failed Communist state overrun by warlords. What does that have to do with Libertarianism, which relies on a strong independent court system and strong protections for property and personal rights?

    2. Mistakes were made and a few guns were discharged into passersby, but eventually the protesters got home safely

      1. Other than a couple dead teenagers who happened to be black. CHAZ “security” shot a car up the other night, dead 16yo, 14yo in the hospital in critical condition.

    3. Like occupy if occupy was 90% homeless drug addicts and occupying a friendly gay neighborhood with plenty of vegan options instead of Wall Street. Sure.

      1. CHAZ was the purest form of Reason Libertarianism. I think it turned out well, don’t you?

  4. I hope they didn’t let all those garden vegetables go to waste.

    1. One article this morning explicitly mentioned that Seattle Parks and Recreation are leaving the gardens there.

      1. Weed, poppies, and peyote!

        1. And shrooms. Seattle gets a lot of rain you know.

      2. “leaving the gardens there” — OH, H*ll no…. More confederate statues!!!! Tear it down!!! 🙂

        1. Yeah, why are they protecting emblems of people who left the country and opposed it?

    2. Don’t worry, the vegetables will go somewhere else to protest.

    3. Laughing about people in the city who think they’re going to grow enough vegetables to feed a chipmunk, let alone a single human. I expect these folks have zero experience with anything except a pot plant. That is a long, tough row to hoe.

      1. And, they weren’t at it long enough for more than a radish to sprout, or maybe a pea to germinate.

  5. CHOP should stand forever in Seattle.
    It will remind people just how gutless their city fathers were and how violent the punks at Pantifa were.

    1. They should have named it Capitol Hill Autonomous District. Nobody fucks with CHAD.

      1. You are right, nobody fucks with CHAD. However some people occasionally hang CHAD.

        1. Florida man…

        2. ‘Well Hung Chad’ is a star of adult films

      2. “The Chad is stuck”

      3. That’s when you send in Knowledgeable Autists Responding to Egregious Nonsense.

    2. If you live in Seattle, you are well aware of the, err, uniqueness of the city government. Many Seattlites heartily approve of them and voted them in.

      1. People get the gov they deserve.

      2. Speaking of, they finally passed their Amazon Tax. City is doomed.

        1. YES! Finally, my hatred of Amazon and Seattle work out well.

    3. “ just how gutless their city fathers were ”

      Is she a tranny?

  6. I’m sure her decision that “enough is enough” has nothing to do with the protesters showing up at her house a couple days ago.

    Black Lives Matter… over there please.

    1. That should be brought up every time she appears in public

      1. Indeed. She wasn’t too bent out of shape of them fucking with others. When they came for HER…she got really pissy.

        To the government, always, you do not matter. At all.

        Like how the Minneapolis council voted to defund the police while several members enjoy police protection.

        1. The Minneapolis council switched to private security.

          1. 4500 bucks a day worth of hired guns.

    2. By this time she had already said that they were going to clear the people out before the holiday weekend. The protestors showing up at her house were specifically in response to her decision to shut down CHAZ.

      1. Now now don’t be bringing in facts into this discussion. The narrative is too appealing to let that occur.

        1. Cunty little faggot Jeff believing his lefty boos again.

          Watch him utterly fail to give the same credence to what his political oponents say because he’s a lying little prog bitch.

          I’m sure “Trump said” will be good enough for him going forward.

        2. Let me guess: Russia offered bounties on CHAZ teens. Those are the kinds of “facts” you find credible.

      2. “By this time she had already said ”


        She said a lot of shit that has never happened. We all saw how ahe got moving though once they were on her doorstep.

  7. However, a series of shootings in and near the CHOP, which have resulted in two deaths, plus the growing annoyance of businesses and property owners—some of whom had filed a class-action lawsuit against the city for tolerating the CHOP—led Durkan to take a tougher line.

    It’s important to note that two of the shootings were two unarmed black teenagers. Whenever I wonder aloud why the races of everyone involved in a public altercation are important to the narrative, I’m told they’re important because it highlights the systemic racism of our society and institutions.

    What I find fascinating is how hard the establishment media is turning their backs on the fact that two unarmed black teenagers were shot–with one killed– by self-appointed CHAZ security.

    I can’t imagine a scenario where say, right-leaning protesters or The Tea Party took over six square city blocks and received loud, continuous and unequivocal support from the local media, government and police. And then as the deaths, rapes, and shootings mounted, the area received soft-focus accounts from the same groups. Try to imagine a dead black teenager shot by self-declared Tea Party activists, patrolling city blocks with assault rifles. Imagine it for just a moment.

    Now ask yourself who’s really running things in this country?

    1. One more thing to note that is hardly being covered anywhere, is while there is no concrete evidence, there is circumstantial audio evidence that the 16 yr old teenager was killed, execution style.

      If you watch live-streamed video nearby the event, after the long series of shots ring out of CHAZ security shooting into the SUV, there is several moments of silence, with one person clearly shouting “Oh, you’re not dead yet?” Then a pregnant pause, followed by a single gun shot.

      It is possible that the two teenagers were punks. It’s possible that the sporadic reports on the ground are accurate: that they were circling the block shooting at people and then tried to crash a barrier. it’s possible that self-appointed CHAZ security did in fact, act heroically and save lives. But we can’t know because:

      1. We only have a one-sided account.
      2. As of this time, to the best of my knowledge, no firearms were recovered from the scene.
      3. CHAZ occupiers went over the crime scene and contaminated the crap out of the scene, including the contents of the vehicle.
      4. CHAZ occupiers haven’t and didn’t cooperate with the police.

      Apropos of my message above, imagine a shooting that occurred say, in Texas where an active shooter attempted to kill people at a gathering, then after gun-carrying attendees killed the shooter, the attendees removed the bodies, cleared the scene and then refused to talk to police when they eventually arrived. Then imagine the Press shrugging and accepting that narrative from the scene.

      1. Here’s an observation by David Hines at Status 451, regarding the book “Days of Rage” and its parallels to today’s America:

        Also, people don’t want to remember how much leftist violence was actively supported by mainstream leftist infrastructure. I’ll say this much for righty terrorist Eric Rudolph: the sonofabitch was caught dumpster-diving in a rare break from hiding in the woods. During his fugitive days, Weatherman’s Bill Ayers was on a nice houseboat paid for by radical lawyers.

        The infrastructure that kept the underground radical left living in relatively decent comfort during the late 60s and into the 80s has only metastasized since then. The Gen-Xers and Millennial Left are far, FAR more ideologically radical than their Boomer forebears. My life intersects into academic and government circles, and I’ve seen this evolve first-hand over the last 20 years as colleagues have become increasingly unhinged when the political winds don’t shift their way.

        They’ve made their ideology mainstream with their total capture of the school system and mass media–social media in particular, but every MSM and entertainment outlet is parroting these same shibboleths. They can bring to bear to cornerstone cathedral institutions now to essentially ruin someone for not following the current groupthink. It’s why they’re trying so hard to end internet anonymity and shut out voices that don’t conform to the narrative.

        To put it more simply, right-wing violence will always be lone-wolf type incidents because right-wingers don’t have the support of mainstream socio-political institutions. Left-wing violence will almost always be broader and more organized because they can call on resources that extend vertically as far up as the leadership of one of America’s two major political parties, and horizontally through social media and the educational complex. The political and ideological right simply doesn’t organize like that; on the rare occasions they do, it results in a lot of dead and imprisoned leftists as the people in charge actively work to prevent subversion, because they’ve determined that it’s really the only way the left can be engaged on an equal basis if they have a hope of surviving.

      2. I think the pause and noise after was a window being broken. It was much quieter than the previous shots. The shooters all need to go to jail still.

        1. “”The shooters all need to go to jail still.””

          It is hard to put someone in jail when you can’t gather evidence at the crime scene or if the crime scene is compromised.

      3. I don’t think the kids in the car were shooting. If you look at the video of the car there is broken glass from the side windows in the seat of the car as if all the windows were up when the car was shot into. The front windshield is still intact, so the glass had to have come from the side windows.

        If the side windows are up the people in the car are not shooting out.

    2. Of note, CHOP killed more black men during it’s existence than the Seattle Police Department did during the same time frame.

      A skeptic would look at that and think that maybe the people running CHOP don’t actually care if black people live or die, it’s just a convenient totem to get other objectives accomplished.

      1. CHOP killed one unarmed black man in 3 weeks in six blocks.

        The police that supposedly have it in for black people killed 9 unarmed blacks in the 52 weeks of last year in the entire USA.

        That’s about twice the rate even not taking into account six blocks vs the entire USA.

        1. Indeed. The takeaway here is that the greatest enemy of black men (and all humanity) are progressivesMand progressivism. Which is really just a modern form of Marxism.

    3. Now ask yourself who’s really running things in this country?

      Absolutely no one with any level of competence

      1. Absolutely no one (full stop)


        1. Absolutely no one

          We should be so lucky.

    4. Turning their backs on it? I’ve seen it plainly reported in “MSM”.

      1. Link that includes the races of the victims and perps?

        1. Here’s one. From a Seattle TV station’s website:

          There are no stories that say who the perps are, because nobody knows exactly whom the perps were. More than one story mentions that someone (the perps?) managed to get to the Jeep and mess with evidence before the police looked at it, and that there are eyewitnesses who aren’t talking.

          1. We know the shooters were the chazchop “security team”
            They all should be identifiable

            1. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance the “oh you’re still alive” executioner is named James Madison (ironically)

          2. “There are no stories that say who the perps are”

            Yeah that’s a lie.

      2. name checks out

  8. Durkan visited the CHOP and even defended it as an example of democracy in action

    I bet she wouldn’t be so ready with the praise if libertarians took over an area by true mutual agreement.

    1. By her definition, “democracy in action” could include a mob destroying her home and literally running her out of the city. Seeing as how she took a hard stance on CHOP after protesters arrived at her house, I’m guessing she’s not too keen on “democracy in action.”

    2. With guns and were shooting unarmed black teenagers, then scrubbing the scene of evidence and refusing to cooperate with police.

      1. That was my poorly-worded point — libertarians don’t do that kind of stuff. If a community had a meeting and agreed to start a libertarian area, and to kick the city cops and bureaucrats out, the mayor would have a hissy fit. These CHAZ idiots didn’t do that — they took over on their own, without asking residents what they thought of it.

        1. Your point was fine. I’m just royally pissed off today.

          1. Cheer up buddy!

          2. Here, have a cute kitten gif.


  9. why are you in my yard? I let you run the show for three weeks!

  10. What’s the annualized homicide rate for CHAZ/CHOP per 100,000 residents? How does it compare with Kabul or Chicago?

    1. Hard to estimate since the population could be as little as 200 (more-or-less there all the time) to 3000 (may only be there for a bit before going home). If we assume the most generous population, the per-capita homicide rate is 800 for every 100k people. The US is 5 and El Salvador is 52. It also wins in homicides per square mile.

      1. I saw a graphic on Twitter that puts it at roughly 10% (if I remember correctly).
        Next on the list was around 350/100k

        1. I saw a graphic on Twitter that puts it at roughly 10% (if I remember correctly).

          If true, it reasonably exceeds the Confederate Army. CHAZ defense forces killed more black people, proportionally, than the Confederate Army.

          Too bad they didn’t make a flag for Seattle denizens to put up in the back window of their Priuses and Subarus.

    2. I’m beginning to think it would be fun to sit down and do the math relative to the Confederate Army.

      It’s almost certain that whatever dipshit was ‘in charge’ of the defense forces was more directly involved in killing more black people than Robert E. Lee.

  11. RIP summer of love.

    CHAZ 2020-2020

    1. Haha. Yup.

  12. What is funny is that the Antifa goons are so stupid that they don’t understand the mayor and the entire Democratic party see them as cannon fodder. Think about it; they let this happen in hopes Trump would over react and send in the Army and even better kill the Antifa people. The Democrats wanted Trump to turn this into another Waco , the more dead and the more shocking the better, so they could turn the country against him.

    And these dumb asses are so stupid they thought they had a real revolution going. No, you were bait that the Democrats hoped would be turned into human sacrifices for the 2020 election.

    1. >>No, you were bait

      Catch the Fever.

    2. Please present any evidence you have that the Democratic Party wanted to see Trump react and send in the troops.

      1. present some they didn’t.

        1. Some people think one dimensionally. Evidence right above your comment

        2. I have to disprove something that exists in John’s head?

          1. No you have have to disprove well known behavior we have all seen from progs for decades faggot.

      2. Part of Seattle was seized and the mayor and Washington did nothing. Trump didn’t take the bait. I don’t need evidence to see the sky is blue and grass is green.

  13. The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights. One of the legitimate purposes of local government is to protect our rights from criminals. Any government that can’t or won’t do that is undermining its own legitimacy.

    “In political science, legitimacy is the right and acceptance of an authority, usually a governing law or a regime. Whereas authority denotes a specific position in an established government, the term legitimacy denotes a system of government—wherein government denotes “sphere of influence”. An authority viewed as legitimate often has the right and justification to exercise power. Political legitimacy is considered a basic condition for governing:”

    “Political legitimacy is considered a basic condition for governing”, more or less gets it right.

    The old rule of thumb for relative legitimacy used to be the number of police officers per capita necessary to maintain order. In the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict, local government in Los Angeles completely lost its legitimacy with a large section of the population. It became necessary to send in the National Guard, thus increasing the number of police per capita, to maintain order.

    If the jokers in Seattle couldn’t maintain order better than the Seattle police department, it’s because that form of government enjoyed less legitimacy than the Seattle police department.

    1. “Political legitimacy is considered a basic condition for governing.”

      Did it say how legitimacy is affected by shitty laws and shitty law enforcement? Hypothetically of course.

      1. Well, as the standard theory goes, governments lose their legitimacy as people lose their faith in the government–I’d say to protect their rights.

        Someone like Putin enjoys a certain amount of legitimacy if they’re seen by the people they govern as being a protector of their rights and interests or if they consider the alternative to be total chaos. That’s one of the reasons this is so scary. The people of Germany lost a significant amount of faith in the Wiemar Republic, and You Know Who won an election and a mandate because of that.

        Oppression breeds revolt is another way of saying that governments lose their legitimacy when they abuse their people. On the other hand, authoritarians can gain legitimacy by cracking down on crime when no one else will. Either way, the ultimate source of legitimacy isn’t elections. It’s doing a good job of protecting the interests and the rights of your people. Failing to do so makes people vulnerable to believing that some authoritarian making big promises is the solution.

  14. growing annoyance of businesses and property owners

    ugh parents just don’t understand.

  15. Their were no protesters there. Every single person were breaking on law or another.

    1. No no, I’ve been assured by Marxist Jeffy and his knob slobbering knight that they were protesters and had a right to be there.

      1. Link to even one comment where I said any such thing.

        1. Hey look it’s you the knob slobberer he was talking about.

        2. “The White Knight
          July.1.2020 at 6:31 pm
          When a guy is handing out rifles from the trunk of his Tesla to people whose only gun-handling experience is playing with a Super-Soaker…

          Actual incident?”

    2. Every single one, eh? You’ve reviewed the actions of each and every protestor?

  16. I have to admit, they lasted a full week longer than I expected

    1. This ended up being a speedrun of all the mistakes that Occupy committed.

  17. Which dream are you referring to, Christian? Violent anarchy? I would point out that is not a Libertarian goal. Your reporting on CHOP has been strongly biased in favor of the thugs who disrupted the lives and violated the civil liberties of all those who live in the neighborhood they took over, and has omitted the most egregious offenses of the so-called protesters you have been unabashedly sympathetic to. I wouldn’t call what you have written light-commentary for a blog post let alone serious, critical, thinking reporting. There have been 65 reported felonies (violent and property crime related) in this area in 3 weeks compared to just 37 for all of 2019. One need not go far to find photos of your favored protesters in masks with semi-automatic rifles barricading the area, stopping and interrogating and even searching passers by, and even threatening reporters at gunpoint. Let alone depriving local residents of emergency services like police, fire, and ambulances should crises erupt, which they invariably do. I would think a writer being paid to write for a Libertarian news source would be concerned with the wholesale violation of civil liberties of others civil liberties by those who are theoretically demanding civil liberties… you know, that is what Libertarians are concerned with, right?

    1. Just another example that Reason is no longer a libertarian publication.

    2. I’m pretty sure Christian was being sarcastic, facetious, snarky, trying to be funny. Whatever term you want to use.

      1. I’m sure you are.

      2. I might agree were it not for his consistent soft-pedal reporting on this from start to finish, in which he failed every test of objective rigor one would expect of a journalist. Christian failed to explore the clear downsides and darker underbelly of what was going on from a libertarian perspective, or the motives of those who cynically sought to leverage this for personal political gain (e.g., Kshama Sawant). He he also took a snarky left-handed shot at the 17 business owners who decided to file a class-action lawsuit against the city over this mess, even though *they* are the ones who were harmed by the “activists” destruction of civil order in their neighborhood. Nor did he bother to write a single word about the second class-action deprivation of civil liberties lawsuit naming the mayor and governor that was filed yesterday citing the most egregious offenses of those who imposed this anarchistic fiasco on those who live in the neighborhood. Real journalism requires a serious and complete evaluation of the story that is unfolding, and when you are a libertarian, an honest appraisal of whether the primary actors you are reporting on are advancing or harming the civil liberties of those around them. Doing that, however, would have required him to actually shine a bright light on the dark underbelly of a bunch of jack-booted “activists” who were willing to deprive an entire neighborhood of its civil liberties and to put the residents there in harm’s way even as they claimed to be fighting for liberties. He didn’t do that. Maybe he didn’t want to look. Maybe he didn’t want to think to hard on it. Maybe he thinks liberties only apply to the right people and not the wrong people (like people who live and do business there). I don’t know. What I do know is that Christian’s reporting on this issue has been extremely sub-par. I hope he takes the next story he chases more seriously and reports with greater maturity and rigor.

  18. Fox News hardest hit.

    1. Don’t worry, they have plenty of other scapegoats.

      Look, did you hear that AOC said something stupid? A vote for Biden is a vote for AOC!!!!!!!!

      1. Pedo Jeffy, you and Kiddie Raper are just two child raping nuts in a sack.

    2. Meh. Fox News has been punching itself in the nuts lately hiring leftists.

      1. Maybe they will even go back to actually “fair and balanced” instead of “Trump mouthpiece. Who knows.

        1. Yeah, it must be quite difficult for you t watch anything that isn’t just composed of shills for the DNC. Bunch of meanies at FNC actually dissenting. The bastards!

  19. Big government, using it’s goon squad (police), had to protect it’s prerogative.

    What were the crime stats for both that part of Seattle and that population and population density in Seattle pre-CHOP? Was a statistically significant increase occurring or was big government using a couple of crimes as an excuse to crackdown?

    “Authority has always attracted the lowest elements in the human race. All through history, mankind has been bullied by scum.”
    – P.J. O’Rourke

    1. Yeah. Who cares about the people that live and do business there? Fuck those privileged assholes.

      The pre chop crime probably looks pretty good to them.

    2. What were the crime stats for both that part of Seattle and that population and population density in Seattle pre-CHOP?

      4 shootings and 2 murders…not to mention assaults, thefts, etc…in an area of about 4 city blocks (that had been at least partially depopulated by fleeing residents and businesses) over the course of just under 30 days. That’s an annual rate of ~50 shootings and ~25 murders. Combine that with any reasonable estimates for how many people were in the “zone” during that period and report back how well you think it compares with areas not under radical leftist control.

  20. Too bad! I would have preferred to have this little experience going on about till November.

    So what’s up with the riots anyway? Unfortunately, we don’t really get a clear picture about it not even on non-msm news. Does the police plan on making a country-wide strike on the 4th of July?

  21. I would like to think the voting citizens of Seattle would vote that terrible mayor out for good. But I bet they secretly like it.

    1. She was clearly a far-left idiot when they voted for her so I don’t know why they’d turn on her for continuing to be one while in office.

  22. The area quickly developed an Occupy Wall Street-like vibe, with activists giving speeches, staging demonstrations, holding film screenings, and even starting a community garden in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and defunding the police theft, property damage, drug overdoses, rapes and murders.


    1. How old is he anyway? Did he learn that version of events from school?

  23. City agencies also provided protesters with sturdier barricades, portable toilets, and helped to clear trash from the area.

    I thought the barricades were to keep the trash in the area.

  24. Farewell, Wokadishu. I’m sure you’ll reappear in another proggie hellhole soon enough.

  25. I suppose from the Illuminati perspective, this could simply be an example of letting some over-stimulated children act out a bit, and then finally putting them to bed. Does the same attitude apply if a more democratic government is in charge? Do people deserve some slack to act like spoiled brats?

    1. Until they start breaking shit, robbing locals and shooting black teenagers, sure.

    2. I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion. The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13 states independant 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

      1. Nice. Quoting a rapist slaveowner.

  26. “Do people deserve some slack to act like spoiled brats?”

    If they didn’t, people would have stormed DC and hung all the Congressmen years ago.

  27. So BLM “police” who replaced the real cops killed a young black man execution where is the outrage? Where is the NYT? Where is NBC? Salon? Reason?

    The hypocrisy is so overwhelming.

    1. Reason’s silence on the murder of 2 (almost 3) teens at the hands of chazchop “security” is deafening

      1. Even though they were a self declared state, Reason doesn’t really mind blacks dying that much.

        Libertarians are about as lily white as progressives, as a general rule.

  28. “Black Lives Matter…but enough is enough,” said Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

    Just imagine the kerfuffle had Chief Best been white.

    1. They were doing ok until they marched on the mayor’s mansion.

      The nomenklatura will not tolerate that.

  29. Things that have become clear recently: BLM is the bitch of WhiteAntifa which in turn is indirectly funded and by progressive oligarchs and is indirectly an asset of the neo-progressive wing of certain deep-state forces and the DNC. Former CIA torture specialist and literal Stalinist John Brennan could be the poster boy.

    WhiteAntifa lets BLM pretend they are in charge.

    1. Pretty much sums it up

  30. A group predicated upon collectivized guilt (BLM) is suddenly worthy of being considered individually?

    Fuck that, and fuck the usual collection of sockpuppets trying to defend them here.

    1. chemjeff is nothing without reflexively defending his lefty boos whenever they come in for criticism.

  31. You guys remember the left foaming at the mouth when the Bundies occupied an empty federal property? Hell, they were shaking over armed protesters “storming” the capitol building only 2 months ago.

    An interesting fact about these rioting / protests, according to some cell phone tracking data – a comfortable majority of rioters are actually white. Meanwhile most civilian deaths, including toddlers shot to death in the streets of Chicago, are almost certainly nonwhite. The two victims at CHAZ? Black.

    If you want to experience something that’s morally bankrupt and at the zenith of hypocrisy at the same time, just consider “Black Lives Matter”. Because the movement DOES NOT CARE ONE $HIT about black lives. Go ahead, ask them to name the 3 year old who was killed in Chicago or the teen who was killed at CHAZ. His father broke down in tears in a FOX interview, lamenting that no one would tell him what happened and that he can’t even see the body in the hospital. Meanwhile BLM tweeted something about Israel and Marxism.

    Because BLM’s agenda is rooted in radical Marxism and not on basic humanity, their call for racial justice to self serving ethnocentrism. If their protests spread covid to elderly blacks or “racist” whites getting beat up on the streets, they’ll just chalk that up as casualty of war. They are fanatics whose violence and anarchy belies their progressive credo, just like Jacobins. Robespierre was an ardent abolitionist. So what? Who remembers him as a champion of liberty, or even libertarian?

    1. Yeah and you remember the right not caring, cunt? SUDDENLY they did.

      1. Remind us all again how many black teens were murdered and others killed in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ building while the Bundies and their cohorts occupied it and the immediate area around it? How many beatings of people suspected of doing “something”, or just not being one of them? How many business owners extorted and businesses looted? How many police forced to abandon a precinct house? How many residents threatened with violence? How many rapes?

        It’s almost like the two situations are not reasonably comparable, except of course as a shallow talking point suitable only for the truly vapid among us…

    2. Yup.

      And corporations cowardly sending BLM money are helping to find an ideological group who won’t care one iota they did so when the time comes to destroying those corporations.

      2020: The rise of the useful idiots and sheep.

    3. ” The two victims at CHAZ? Black.”

      The CHAZ ‘security’ (ie. cops) are killing black people faster than any other municipal force in the country.

  32. Technically wasn’t this libertarianism? Just shows what you get if you listen to those assholes!

    1. Technically wasn’t this libertarianism?

      Not even close.

      Do you have any more stupid questions?

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  34. There are no legitimate protests going on right now.
    Ask yourself: what do they want?
    Defend police? They got that, despite not having a clear idea what they meant by it, yet they persist.
    Justice? All the Minny cops have been arrested. ATL cops have been arrested. A bunch of other cops have been fired.
    Reform? Louisville and other places banned no knock raids (the only legitimate product of all this shit). Various other measures were instituted. Some places did away with QI. Prisoners have been released thanks to the scamdemic. Chokeholds have been banned. Other ideas are being discussed.
    End of systemic racism? Well, let’s look at how “the system” has responded – protesters have been given relatively free reign, and hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring in from corporate America.
    Racial justice? “Racism” is being banned and canceled everywhere. Seminars on sensitivity are being held. Those found to be insufficiently woke are being fired. The press is flattering in its coverage and covering up their misdeeds. Statues are being felled by force and decree. George Floyd received papal-level memorial services.

    Blacks are dying, but eggs gotta be cracked. They’re not getting much attention.

    Trump? I guess some of you think that’s a legitimate excuse for the acting up, though it’s tough to think of any presidency that had as positive an impact on blacks since at least Eisenhower.

    Despite your wishes, this isn’t and never really was about police issues. It damn sure isn’t about civil liberties, considering the lockdowns haven’t been mentioned.

    No, it’s just Marxist agitation of resentful feelings and a bunch of useful idiots playing along.

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  36. Looks like CHOP put anarchism to the test: Epic fail.

  37. We need a monument to antifa and BLM and show what they are really about so we don’t repeat history. Oh wait…

  38. “The CHOP officially got its start on June 8, when police abandoned their Eastern Precinct building following a series of escalating clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators.”

    No, they abandoned their posts because the mayor told them to. Up to that point, the police were still patrolling and doing their jobs in the precinct.

    The mayor should be charged as an accessory for every crime committed in the CHAZ/CHOP.

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  40. Since it won’t ever be asked, does CHOP feel good that they killed more blacks than the Seattle police did during the duration of its existence?

    Hell, they killed nearly a quarter as many unarmed blacks as police did in the entire US in an entire year.

    Tell me more, please, about the value of black lives to these folks.

  41. Democratic Mayor, “Enough is enough.”

    Sure wish more Democrats would change there “summer of love” ideology and strategy and join reality where the, “everyone’s a victim of someone-else besides themselves” looses it’s prevalent and seductive appeal.

    1. She only said that when they showed up at her door.

      The list of ‘leaders’ I want to see in handcuffs in 2020 is long for me.

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  43. I would suggest bronze replicas of human excrement, bolted to the sidewalk all throughout the former utopia of chaz. So to remind the people of Seattle everytime they stubb their toe.

  44. “Seattle police have arrested dozens of protesters during their sweep’

    Reason is still stupidly keeping with the protest bit, eh?

    No. They were violent, murderous, communist rioters.

    Keep the spade a spade.

  45. Only four shootings?
    What a bunch of pussies they are in Seattle.
    Chicago has four shootings in an hour.

    1. Chicago also covers a lot more ground than 4 blocks.

  46. Durkan should be turned out at the next election.
    What a weak, spineless woman.

  47. “…and even starting a community garden in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and defunding the police…”

    How exactly does a community garden support defunding the police?

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  49. The fact that this “autonomous zone” lasted 3 days, let along 3 weeks is about the most serious indictment of local government imaginable. By the way, in my opinion, state government doesn’t look especially good either.

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