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Outsider Candidates and Oddballs Shine in Tuesday Primaries

Plus: Protest updates, qualified immunity, and more...


Kentucky, New York, and Virginia held primary elections yesterday. Overall, it was a good day for weirdos, newcomers, and idealists that lean outside Washington establishment lines.

  • Kentucky Republican voters handed a hefty win to libertarian-leaning Rep. Thomas Massie, despite calls from President Donald Trump to vote him out. "By early evening, Massie had racked up 88 percent of the unofficial vote against Todd McMurtry, a lawyer who represented Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann in his lawsuit against media outlets," Reason's Christian Britschgi noted last night. Official results for Kentucky aren't slated to be released until June 30, due to the high number of absentee ballots being cast.
  • In New York's 14th Congressional District, which represents parts of Queens and the Bronx, socialist-leaning Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat three Democratic primary challengers, including the more moderate centrist CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. The area's ample absentee ballots mean final results won't be known for days, but Ocasio-Cortez commands 72.6 percent of the vote and Caruso-Cabrera just 19.4 percent with 100 percent of in-person voter precincts reporting.
  • In New York's 16th Congressional District, which represents part of the Bronx along with wealthy suburban areas in Westchester County, incumbent Democrat and longtime politician Eliot Engel is losing to more progressive newcomer Jamaal Bowman. With 92 percent of precincts reporting, Bowman had 60.9 percent of the vote and Engel just 35.6 percent.
  • Just north of New York City, in the state's 17th Congressional District, Democratic candidate Mondaire Joneswhom The New York Times describes as "a favorite of the activist left"is whopping the deep-pocketed former federal prosecutor Adam Schleifer (who spent $4 million of his own cash on his campaign), with 44.8 percent of the vote to Schleifer's 20.9 percent (with 96 percent of precincts reporting). Jones is also beating former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas and state Senator David Carlucci.
  • In the 15th Congressional District, state Assemblyman Michael Blakewho was endorsed by the likes of black leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson and U.S. Rep. James Clyburn (D–S.C.)is losing to New York City Councilmember Ritchie Torres, a gay black Latino man who was arrested in April for protesting federal housing funding cuts. Torres is also beating out fellow city councilmember and former state Senator Rubén Díaz Sr., a Pentecostal minister and conservative-leaning Democrat.
  • In the 12th Congressional District, which represents parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, veteran Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney, age 74, is just barely beating 36-year-old challenger Suraj Patel, with Maloney currently garnering 41.5 percent and Patel 40 percent.

"Even though Tuesday night ended without final calls in many of the biggest primaries, the results clearly showed some incumbents in serious trouble and major trends shaking both parties right now," writes Politico's Steven Shepard.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looks set to get some new progressive backup in New York's congressional delegation next year. President Donald Trump's iron-fisted grip over the Republican Party appears to be slipping. And Senate hopefuls Charles Booker and Amy McGrath are locked in a tight battle for that Kentucky Senate nomination that belies McGrath's huge cash advantage and support from Washington powerbrokers. […]

When The Associated Press ended its vote count late Tuesday night, McGrath — the national party-endorsed candidate and fundraising juggernaut who's raised more than $40 million so far — had a 9-point lead over Booker with about 58,000 votes reported.

But McGrath's lead is far from secure. The exact number of votes left to count isn't clear, but the 58,000 tallied in early returns doesn't include anything from the state's two largest and most Democratic counties

Tuesday also saw runoff elections in several states, including North Carolina, where "Trump's pick to succeed former Rep. Mark Meadows in a solidly Republican House district in Western North Carolina, Lynda Bennett, fell flat on Tuesday," notes Shepard.

Bennett lost to 24-year-old Madison Cawthorn, who received nearly two-thirds of the vote.


  • Last night in D.C.:

  • A protester is suing cops in Los Angeles:

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  1. It’s a war zone out here…

    But not the fun, fireworks kind?

    1. If any of these pussies had ever actually been deployed to a war zone, they wouldn’t be throwing around terms like this so loosely.

      Also: it’s nauseating the way ENB is clearly cheering the scummiest of these candidates on.

      1. And notice no one at reason shows even the slightest concern for the people whose businesses and jobs are being destroyed by the endless jackass parade that has taken over downtown Washington. Nope, only the jackasses matter, property owners and people trying to make an honest living mean exactly jack and shit to reason. If there is any justice in the world, the mob will get up to DuPont Circle and burn reason headquarters to the ground.

        1. I just moved to Myrtle Beach, which is obviously a tourist trap. Even though a lot of the attractions have reopened, they’re essentially empty. I walked along the beach yesterday, and there was hardly anyone there. While that’s mostly because of ongoing lockdowns in other parts of the country, I can only imagine how devastated business that rely upon tourism must be by these ongoing protests and riots. What sane person wants to take their spouse or children to a city where unrest might break out at any moment? If “silence is violence,” then actively sabotaging the ability of business owners and their employees to earn a living by driving away their customer base is just as violent. This isn’t dinner peaceful boycott—this is mob rule.

          1. This isn’t some peaceful boycott*

            1. Any explanation as to how “some” got turned into “dinner”?

              1. The ways of autocorrect are mysterious and labyrinthine.

              2. It’s more of a Swypo than an issue if autocorrect, but since “Swypo” is a neologism of my own devising, I’m hesitant to use it.

                1. “swypo”

                  I approve

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          2. They have turned the national mall into a fucking garbage dumb and zoo for shitheads. I understand the political reasons why Trump is letting them do it. If he cleared them out, the left would call him a tyrant and the sensibilities of white suburban women would be offended. So, he is letting them do it and letting the suburban women see for themselves what animals these people are. But, at some point it needs to be cleaned out. I hope his tweet yesterday is serious and the next person who touches a statue or monument does ten years in a full on pound you in the ass federal prison. This shit needs to stop.

            1. The liberal-libertarian mainstream is coming for your Confederate (and other obsolete, objectionable) monuments, John. They will be removed, just like Confederate flags at NASCAR events. And the only thing you can do about it involves whimpering.

              The bright side is that after getting crushed in the culture war, you seem really good at impotent muttering.

              1. Lincoln wasn’t a confederate you shithead. And even Jackson was dead before the Confederacy ever existed. They also defaced Lafayette Park and the World War II Memorial.

                Rev you are as dumb as fucking post.

                1. Please do not feed the trolls.

                2. one of the Lincoln statues was commissioned and paid for by former slaves, of course they also vandalized a statue commemorating slaves who fought to end slavery. This is not about being on the wrong side of history anymore this about re writing history to fit a new narrative to create a new world order that is far worse than the one they are tearing down

                  1. Yep, this is just a bunch of Year Zero-wanting thuglets, destroying anything that looks like accomplishment or virtue, since they have neither. No more thought than that.

                    Though Lenin is still standing, last I checked.

            2. What does this say about the current state of our politics that both major presidential candidates have an incentive to just allow sections of major American cities be completely taken over and turned into lawless burning garbage dumps? Trump allows it because it helps his elect ability by not looking like a tyrant, Biden wants to allow it because you can’t tell your own constituency that they’re acting like toddlers throwing temper tantrums.

              “Hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and who knows the economic costs to these neighborhoods, but who gives a shit? Letting people do this helps me get my dream job!” – Political class in America

              1. Tfump is resisting the “do something” urge so often (rightly) derided here.
                Buden doesn’t even know what’s going on.

                1. Not really my point. We’re actually at a place in our politics where our “leaders” see it as politically advantageous to allow mob rule.
                  At least until the end of this election cycle. People who want to participate in society honestly by working, seeking non-violent political solutions and accepting the results and consequences our “democratic” process can get fucked.

                  That’s the message. Trump may pay lip service to the people who’s property is being burned to the ground and are being beaten in the streets by “peaceful protesters”, but the reality is that he and various governors and mayors won’t do anything about it because it might not look good when CNN or Fox edits the footage. We’re being gaslighted every second we’re awake. The conversation right now is being entirely framed by the far left and as usual, anyone who gives even the slightest bit of a shit about freedom is just playing defense on their terms.

                  1. Trump isn’t paying’lip service’ to anything.

                    There are rules that govern what he can and cannot do.

                    And right now Democrats are betting that they can get Trump to break those rules and come in and save everything–which will allow them to call that saving tyranny.

                  2. Yes, it’s not good.
                    But let’s be clear about who created this: the left, and only the left
                    There’s little Trump can do here legally, and even less he can do that isn’t likely to result in defeat and conquest by totalitarian collectivists

              2. What it says is that the country has too many ignorant retards like Kirkland. The political class can only do so much when you have a population that has a critical mass of people as dumb as he is.

              3. What does this say about the current state of our politics that both major presidential candidates have an incentive to just allow sections of major American cities be completely taken over and turned into lawless burning garbage dumps?

                I wonder, regardless of the outcome in November, if Trump doesn’t just clear them out regardless. If he prevails, meh. If he is ousted, nothing to lose.

            3. But, at some point it needs to be cleaned out.

              Wouldn’t that be the DC mayor’s call?

              1. No. She is a mayor in name only. It is still a federal district. It is the President’s and Congress’ call. They just let her play mayor to appease the retards who live in DC and think COSPLAY is actual sovereignty.

                1. Ahhhh.

                  In that case, Trump should wait until November. If it’s still going on, wipe the motherfuckers out.

                  1. He does though need to be publicly out there, pointing out to voters that these riots are a city and state issue, and if the cities and states don’t seem to care about stopping it, then they should remember that shit in November. Be out there, saying the Constitution says this is not his fight.

                    Otherwise, if he says nothing, or little, he runs the risk of looking powerless, a la Carter with the hostages. I know he’s pointing this out already, I’m saying he needs to do more of it.

                    The D.C. stuff needed to end yesterday though. Regardless if it gives the Left a fresh bloody shirt to wear.

                    1. Yep, that should be the Press Secretary’s message, in and amongst humiliating the Acosta’s of the world.

                2. She is mayor like mayors of other cities. The difference is the city is directly subject to the United States instead of a state or county. The major difference with other cities is that Congress can override any legislation not just in a few areas.

          3. Silence isn’t violence, it’s self-preservation–and anyone seeking to force you to comply with the current Two Minutes Hate is violating the NAP.

            1. The same people who claim the silence is violence also insist that property destruction isn’t violence. They aren’t even trying to maintain a semblance of credibility anymore.

              1. I think they should receive the violence they seek.
                They aren’t people, they’re a hive mind

              2. Who needs credibility when every corporation and media organization in America will help you spread your message and donate to your cause no matter how absurd your claims get? Reality no longer hinges on testable hypothesis, it is now completely in the hands of non-falsifiable claims.

                Systemic racism is literally everywhere. Prove that it isn’t.

                There’s a bigger reason why there’s been a war on due process right now. It’s so this bullshit can run amok. This is yet another aspect to all this where the useful idiots fighting this battle for the radicals aren’t going to like how this plays out down the line.

          4. “silence is violence,”

            We need to arrest all the mimes.

            1. Someone seriously needs to make this into a meme.

          5. “this is mob rule.”

            When you listen to fools…

        2. That much is clear and disappointing.

          They’re really dropping the ball faster than Galileo did from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

      2. It’s time, again, for the morning whining-about-Reason circle jerk.

    2. Tea bagging and being cursed at by 14 year olds?

    3. I like how they just ignored that the protesters are the ones starting this shit. The cops aren’t just going out on people, if one person’s chucking stuff, the entire crowd is considered hostile. Bricks and fireworks don’t give a shit how many people are supporting them, they still can injure and kill people.

    4. Hello.

      The 14th didn’t want a ‘moderate centrist’.

      Let that sink in. They deserve everything they get and AOC is going to give it to them deep and hard. Vote your way into socialism New York. But you don’t have the guns to shoot your way out.


      1. it might be that they just don’t want a democrat and will go republican in the general. I highly doubt it, but it’s a possibility. That being said, the turnout for the primary was really low. What do you think the chances are of more moderate folks being intimidated into staying home? Or that there was some funky stuff going on at the ballot box

    5. Eerily reminiscent of the Nazis sweeping thru the Low Countries on their Schwinns


    White BLM protester calls black cop the “N” word. This guy claims the world title of most punchable face. Christ what an asshole.

    1. I don’t hear him say that in the video clip, so maybe it was edited out. In any case, he seems to be completely wasted. I’m surprised they didn’t arrest him for public intoxication alone.

    2. I’m stunned that our Twitter obsessed writers here didn’t notice that Carpe Donktum was banned from Twitter permanently over spurious copyright violation claims (because “fair use” is not provided to the Right terribly often).

      1. At some point, hopefully soon, Twitter is finally going to ban so many people it will just die. Every time they ban someone who is interesting and entertaining, the platform gets less important and more boring. It really is going to end up being a platform consisting of two trans BLM activists yelling at each other because one got a white boyfriend.

        1. That’s the correct way to deal with the situation. Cancel culture boycotts everything they don’t like. We should boycott social media platforms that don’t value freedom.

          If Trump alone were to move off of Twitter to a different platform there would immediately be an alternative to Twitter that would rival its membership.

          I don’t like what Twitter is doing any more than you do. But we have no more say in how Twitter runs its business than we should have in how Masterpiece Cakeshop runs its business.

      2. I just started using Twitter, and was very annoyed by this.
        Straight electoral manipulation.
        But carpe is on Parler, so I guess there’s that

        1. It appears the Gab is dying. But perhaps Parler will take off. If it does, it suddenly find its banks unwilling to do business with it and no platform willing to host it like what has happened to Gab.

          But that is okay because private property and if you don’t like it go start your own Twitter. Meh principles and all.

          1. I’ve never used Gab, but I do have accounts there, mainly to prevent people from stealing my online identities. I recently received an email from them in which they discussed getting cut off by Visa and said something like “Gab isn’t a bank (at least not yet).” That is ultimately the next step in resisting censorship: someone is going to have to launch a payment processor that embraces tolerance. The problem is that the barriers to entry are enormous, and I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who’d be willing to fund such a project.

            1. Eventually, the step will be to start killing people. That is why censorship is a fool’s errand. People will be heard.

            2. someone is going to have to launch a payment processor that embraces tolerance

              Not possible. Visa, MasterCard and intermediary banks will not allow it. Payment processors are transaction facilitators. They do not actually operate the networks that cause payments to be transferred from one account to another.

              Not to mention you’d need to also start an ISP, cloud host, domain registrar, internet service provider, CMS, and about a million other things.

              1. Well, yes, you’d have the start a credit card network to compete with the big four.

                1. In a heavily regulated industry designed to keep competitors out, to protect us.

                  1. There’s already a pretty handy way around all of this. Cryptocurrency. People need to start getting educated about it and taking it seriously as an alternative. It has none of the regulation and government ability to confiscate that the dollar has. Anyone can own it and use it as they please.

                    Just like all other fiat currencies (which almost every currency on earth is now) it’s value and stability will be based on people’s faith in it. Long term, I see way more of a reason to have faith in crypto considering it’s transparency and potential for universal use than the dollar right now. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to our current national monetary policy, but the dollar is going to become a joke since the Fed has unilaterally decided to enact MMT as the law of the land.

                    1. It has none of the regulation and government ability to confiscate that the dollar has. Anyone can own it and use it as they please.

                      Did you enter a coma in 2008 and just get thawed out or something? The IRS, FINRA, FinCEN, and every 5 eyes national government has policies on crypto and has for a fucking decade. You think you’re anonymous on a public fucking blockchain? You think they haven’t forked the Bitcoin blockchain multiple times to comply with money laundering and terrorism investigations? You think you can purchase crypto with fiat without leaving a trace? Read beyond the wikipedia summary some time you fucking brainless prick.

        2. These people will just move on to that platform and destroy it like locusts. There’s no quarter with these maoists or peaceful breakup. They aren’t going to let it happen.

        3. Also – the racist toddlers meme was hilarious


        Today, Project Veritas released a whistleblower video showing that, at least within Facebook, Adams’s suspicions were correct. Between biased algorithms and fanatic anti-Trump employees (all of whom quite obviously graduated within the last decade or so from America’s entirely Marxist colleges and universities), Facebook is deliberately and systematically censoring pro-Trump, anti-Democrat content, while promoting anti-Trump, pro-Democrat content:

        1. Considering they had 400 full-time employees working for the Obama campaign on social media issues, I’m just shocked.

        2. His pessimism was because social media and other tech companies, all of which are leftist from the top down, were already showing that they were determined to use their massive power to prevent Trump from winning again.

          Adams is a bit of a sperg, but it’s not like they’ve been coy about their censorship. As I’ve pointed out before, within a week or two after the election, Twitter conducted a mass purge of “alt-right” accounts, including some that had been identified as more influential than some mainstream media outlets. There was that meeting of Google execs that got leaked where they were openly wondering

          I said waaaaaay back when the New York Times hired Sarah Jeong that her hiring was no accident, because she literally wrote the book on how to justify censorship of wrongthink. The social media companies are simply enacting her recommendations, while people who dare openly go against this new Moral Panic are losing their livelihoods to vindictive busybodies.

          All this lunacy has been bred in the universities for decades, and it’s not going to be fixed over the long term, if ever, until those places are cleared out. It will be interesting to see how the coof will affect enrollments for the coming year, because these places are heavily dependent on foreign students, particularly Chinese, to bolster their bottom lines. It would be a stroke of good luck if COVID ended up causing a bunch of these open-air insane asylums to shut down permanently.

          1. *openly wondering how to deal with the election results.

          2. Won’t the foreign students simply take online courses if they can’t get visas to enter the country?

            1. They could, but the question is how many will bother enrolling. I’m pretty sure a lot of them are in the US just so their parents can get them out of sight for a few years.

            2. Also, there are some classes that require in-person labs to complete, and an online course can’t fulfill that requirement.

        3. ENB says it’s all in our head. Let it go.

  3. Police driving a car into protesters doesn’t violate New York City Police Department’s use of force policy.

    I suppose at least a car has a marginally less chance than a spray of bullets fired in panic of hitting bystanders.

    1. At some point some member of the public whose business and life has been ruined by these assholes is going to go full Jihad on their asses and rent a dump truck to go right through the middle of one of these “protests”.

      1. Preferably toting a fertilizer bomb in back.

      2. Falling Down.

        There’s no question someone is going to hit back.

        And if someone touches Jesus. Watch out. At least I hope.

        Headline: ‘Conservative snowflakes over react to desecration of Jesus by beating up peaceful protestor’.

        1. That film was underappreciated and has been forgotten, probably because everyone remembers the economic boom of the 1990s and people stopping thinking of Californians as being typical of the middle class anymore. If there was a major flaw, it was turning the subject of the film into a clear bad-guy at the end. It should have been left a little more ambiguous.

          1. Did they turn him into a bad guy?
            He never killed or injured anyone, and he suicided by cop with a water gun

            1. Wasn’t there a Nazi guy who ran some sort of shop? I don’t remember the movie that well but he either killed or at least beat the shit out of that guy.

      3. I read an article the other day claiming that extremest were driving their cars over protester. No people who are tired of the police not being allowed to do their job are taking self defensive action against extremest protesters.
        when protestors block roads working people get pissed about the infringement of their right to freedom of movement. Protesters right to protest does not supercede our right of movement

    2. driving a car into protesters doesn’t violate use of force when they weren’t the ones initiating said force. At this point trying to say the “protestors” were innocent is laughable.

      1. About 25 years ago we were partying at a buddy’s house (a Cuban-born American pal) and it got crashed by a bunch of drunk assholes. At some point, our buddy warned them (he was a boxer in Cuba) repeatedly to cut it out or leave. I mean everything was done to get these guys to behave from going for a chat (they were drunk) to keeping them at bay. Every type of ‘diplomacy’ was exhausted over a period of an hour.

        Finally, my buddy said ‘Leave my house’ and the guy spat in his face.

        Well, you can guess what happened next. I still have the ‘shlock’ sound in my head. One punch. Out cold. And sooooo richly deserved.

        Yet, the girlfriend of a guy we knew (who knew us since we were kids and he and the girlfriend knew we weren’t exactly pugilists but more like a Rat Pack sort of group) went off on HIM. In his house. And turned her ire on us. Who tried to keep the peace.

        ‘You’re barbaric’ this and ‘you’re violent!’ that.

        It was a good lesson for us.

        And here we are. I see those protestors like that idiot girl.

        Same with Reason.

        1. Yep. Everyone on the left has been warned, it’s only a matter of time before they push someone who pushes back. I won’t shed any tears over it.

          1. Added spiciness is going to come though when you guys realize that a lot of the cops are allied with Team Protester. Or at least won’t bug the protesters when the protesters start setting up impromptu 3rd-World style checkpoints in the street, as was happening in Lansing, the other day. But definitely will bug you to no end should you defend yourself against some yob at this checkpoint, who is pointing a rifle at you.

            It’s anarcho-tyranny in the flesh.

            1. oh, i’m fully aware, you just need to look at New York and Michigan to know that. I have a feeling that’ll change once it’s their lives on the line.

    3. When a suspect is in a car and attempting to flee, the cops light that fucker up, usually killing the suspect, because they say the car is a deadly weapon. So, I guess they won’t mind too much if people attempt to defend themselves in the same manner the next time a cop car drives into a crowd of people.

      1. Go block traffic and open fire on oncoming cars.
        Totes libertarian

        1. Today’s topic will be on the ‘clean hands’ idea in equity…

          Juice’s suggestion would be perfectly fine for someone getting run down in a parade. An activity where the organizers leased the use of the street for that period of time. Not an unlawful protest/riot.

  4. In other news, humans are morons, and the species survives in spite of their attempts to “think”.

  5. It is now a real anything goes free for all.
    Exciting times for sure.

  6. A protester is suing cops in Los Angeles

    The whole department? They have de facto unqualified immunity.

  7. Kentucky Republican voters handed a hefty win to libertarian-leaning Rep. Thomas Massie, despite calls from President Donald Trump to vote him out.

    Things aren’t breaking the president’s way this year. He might want to reconsider his way.


    The South Dakota governor is amazing sensible and pretty cute.

    1. I’m really thinking about writing her in. She never shut down.

      1. She never did. And she said that she felt that he people of South Dakota could make better judgments about their safety than the government. Reason, if it were an actual Libertarian publication, should be falling all over her. Instead, I doubt the staff even knows who she is and are too busy cheering on AOC in her primary to ever notice her anyway.

        1. Thought she’d signed into law some fairly restrictive bills restricting abortion? Not bans, but jump through a bunch of hoops before you can get one-kind of restrictions. If so, that might explain Reason’s desire to not give Governor Noem too much notice.

          I wonder if she’s going to run in ’24? The GOP could do worse.

          1. Any Republican running in 2024 is going to get slaughtered. The GOP would be better off putting up Romney again as a sacrificial lamb and focus on the mid-terms.

            1. I don’t think so. If they let the never trump people back in sure. But if not, the Trump coalition will hold just fine.

            2. A republican running in 2024 will be essentially unopposed.

              The Democrats, after the ….correction…. won’t have much in the way of a party left.

              It will be at least 2032 before there is anything that approaches true ‘opposition’ status, but for us, it won’t really matter because what will fill in the ruins of the Democratic Party will be old school dems and libertarians.

              Everyone on the same basic path again, with the sticking point being how fast we go.

              1. I wish I had your confidence, Azathoth. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Trump and the rest of the GOP lost in the wake of some galactic tier fraud. I mean, the 68 and 72 elections are how situations like this usually go…but this has been a far from usual year.

        2. And take the spotlight off dreamy Amash?!?

    2. “I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent,” Trump tweeted. “This action is taken effective immediately, but may also be used retroactively for destruction or vandalism already caused.”

      Rather than prison, a more fitting sentence might be dedicated restoration of the monument to its pre-vandalized state, taking as long as it takes. “Seriously. You can do it yourself, or hire someone with your own money. Get started now.”

      1. Absolutely. You put those statues back up as a message. We won’t tolerate or be intimidated by know-nothing, illiberal, assholes who destroy property.

        What bothers me is this. You go and try by yourself to take down a statue and see what the police does. But it’s ok under the guise of a ‘protest’?

        WTF? Clear that shit out.

    3. Yep. Not that I expect large numbers of reeing assholes to descend on South Dakota, since the hills are alive with people who’d love nothing better than to hunt them for sport.

    4. I LOVE her.

      A true voice of reason through all this madness.

      Fucken right.

  9. Republican Sen. Mike Braun (Ind.) has introduced a bill to roll back qualified immunity.

    If he’s successful the cop unions are so suing him for doing that.

  10. In New York’s 14th Congressional District, which represents parts of Queens and the Bronx, socialist-leaning Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat three Democratic primary challengers…

    Good news for Trump. The people still love a clown.

    1. It’s interesting though, 14th district has about 700k people according to google, yet minus the votes we still have trickling in from absentee ballots, less than 30k people voted total. Is it usual for there to be a 4% voting rate in a primary? Doesn’t seem right, especially considering how many people AOC pissed off in her district with the Amazon deal and Covid shenanigans.

      1. I think AOC’s original election had an even smaller turnout.
        If I remember correctly, she won with like 13k votes

      2. Not pissed off enough it would appear.

    Hans Christian Heg was a Colonel in the Union Army killed in battle fighting the Confederates. His statue was torn down and is now being dragged through city streets

      How is it that the same people with 100k in student loan debt don’t know who Ulysses S Grant was?

      1. Because Grant never comes up during a BA in Hate Studies and an MA in therapeutic anti colonial puppetry.

        1. The ‘M’ in “MA” stands for master. Check your privilege.

          1. I wonder if universities will bring back the Diplomate as they seek to distance themselves from the racist overtones of the Master’s.

          2. The question is,

            Will they correct it by subtracting the ‘S’, leaving ‘Mater’, as ‘Mother’

            Or by adding the ‘G’, ala GoT, ‘Maestre’? While never realizing that it’s simply a version of the word ‘Master’

    2. Tee hee, Resistance Isn’t Rational. I’m a stupid cunt and I approve this message!

      1. And local news.

  12. “socialist-leaning Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat three Democratic primary challengers”

    Excellent news.

    We Koch / Reason libertarians need to get over our discomfort with the word “socialist.” Our priority is #ImmigrationAboveAll. And democratic socialists like AOC are — despite their half-hearted anti-billionaire posturing — fully on board with Charles Koch’s open borders agenda.


  13. NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace says he’s “pissed” members of the public are now questioning his integrity after the FBI said a noose found in his garage stall this week was there before his team moved in.

    “This will not break me, none of the allegations of being a hoax will break me or tear me down,” he said. … “But that only fuels the competitive drive in me to shut everybody up,” he added.

    To further thicken this “integrity” plot, NASCAR has said anyone involved would be permanently banned for life. Hmm.

    1. The “noose” was a fucking GARAGE DOOR PULLER.

      He seems to forget that it is not easy, at all, to get into a NASCAR garage. That there are cameras everywhere as well.

      1. From what I’ve seen on Twitter, leftists aren’t willing to let this go
        “But the FBI said there was a noose”
        “But he wasn’t the one who found it”
        “400 years!”

      2. And it wasn’t even a fucking noose. It was a freaking bowline knot—you know, the kind that is found in garages across this formerly great land. You couldn’t slip it around someone’s neck if you tried.

        1. Face it, as of 2020, all ropes are racist.

          1. Yep.
            We need a federal research project to develop rigid ropes that cannot be formed into a noose.
            For the children.

          2. What do you mean I’m a noose? I’m a frayed knot.

        2. Can you link to an image of it to back that up?

          1. Why should we? Has there been any evidence presented of it being a hate crime legitimately?

          2. Bubba and NASCAR have refused to release the pictures they claim they have.

            Not even joking. People have been asking for the pictures for a week.

          3. By the way, this is the third incident in a month of someone claiming noose when it turned out to be just a rope in a circular faction. We had the “noose” that ended up being just a rope from a construction site. We had the “noose” that ended up as just exercise equipment to swing through trees.

            At some point it is on you to prove it was a noose if you are going to make the claim.

      3. Ever notice how often a failing sports figure of a certain visually identifiable minority suddenly becomes the victim of “racism”?
        And how often it is total bullshit?

      4. Is there anyway to tie a handle at one end of a rope that isn’t going to look like a noose to people who see nooses?

    2. He’s in a tough spot. While I don’t necessarily rule out nefarious intent, he could just as easily be protecting his ego here or one of his retarded crew members which would be admirable of him to take the heat to preserve the team mate from getting canceled. On the other hand he could have just said he reacted badly due to how charged up everything is right now and say it got a way from him and his team and people would have probably been satisfied with that.

      1. He claims people are saying it is a hoax. No, no one thinks he put it there. They think he is a complete dumb ass, which he is.

        1. There are people claiming it’s a hoax and its not like that isn’t possible. I just think it’s probably more an overreaction and an oh shit bruised ego not wanting to admit you were a dumbass and apologizing. We live in a society where apologies are just taken admissions of guilt.

          1. For all intents and purposes, it’s a hoax.
            It’s a standard pull down rope with a standard loop.
            Bubba, NASXAR, and the media milked the story to use as a weapon stoking racial tension and demonizing their “class enemies”
            I’m guessing they never anticipated the FBI or any real investigative agency getting involved.
            Now they’re screwed and doubling down on the vilification of non-believers

            1. Al Shartpon’s still on MSNBC just digging the hole deeper and deeper.

              1. How has anyone not stood up to that race-hustling bully is beyond me.

                1. Same reason that police departments just roll over on most lawsuits (which is the reason their budgets are so big), he goes after large companies who can afford to take the hit, and for whom going to court would cost more than just paying up. It’s 21st century mafia tactics.

            2. here’s how I see it. Bubba’s team member overreacted given how ginned up shit was, Nascar overreacted to prevent the media fallout of them being accused of covering up. And now we are dealing with the retarded fallout of those retarded calculations.

              1. NASCAR is courting the cocktail party demographic. Like Reason.

                Everything the left touches dies. See the Boy Scouts.

                Pure poison these people.

                As Spinkstein once sang:

                “Well, now everything dies, baby, that’s a fact
                But maybe everything that dies someday comes back”

                Hopefully it will.

                1. You’d think Wallace would be relieved he wasn’t the victim of a hate crime.

                  You’d be incorrect, though.

    3. Maybe he should start a riot, I mean, protest, in the NASCAR pits.

      1. Mechanics wouldn’t put up with that shit. Good way to lose a wheel the next time he goes out on the track. Or the ability to brake.

    4. He probably would have had more credibility if he hadn’t gone on that pigeon roost The View to bitch about it.

      From what I understand, Wallace wasn’t even the one who made the report–it was some rando looking to stir shit. The problem is that Wallace has been on the circuit long enough to know the difference between an actual noose and a pull rope in a garage. The fact that he’s getting so defensive about this is shady as fuck and indicates that he was probably in on the whole thing.

      I can’t come to any other conclusion with shit like this, Jussie Smollet, the poop swatiska at Missouri, or the hate hoax at the Air Force Academy, than black activists are REALLY itching for a race war so they can feel justified in killing white people. Watch shit-stirrers like Tim Wise and you know they’re wanting the same thing, just like Weatherman did during the 60s.

      1. Don’t forget Lebron’s race graffiti which wouldn’t surprise me was staged.

        A lot of this has to be some kind of orchestrated goading indeed.

        1. Do we even know graffiti was ever there? His crew painted over it before cops arrived and King James didn’t take any pics.

          That sounds like a bullshit hoax.

          1. Don’t you mean ‘posse’?

      2. I can’t come to any other conclusion with shit like this, Jussie Smollet, the poop swatiska at Missouri, or the hate hoax at the Air Force Academy, than black activists are REALLY itching for a race war so they can feel justified in getting killed by white people. Watch shit-stirrers like Tim Wise and you know they’re wanting the same thing, just like Weatherman did during the 60s.


        13% of a population, 90+% unarmed is NOT a winning number.

  14. In the 15th Congressional District, state Assemblyman Michael Blake—who was endorsed by the likes of black leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson and U.S. Rep. James Clyburn (D–S.C.)—is losing to New York City Councilmember Ritchie Torres, a gay black Latino man…

    Will someone please lay out the identity class hierarchy for me? I have lost the plot. (Or, is it possible, voters are choosing these candidates based on their policies?)

    1. 1. Socialists
      2. Everybody else
      Got it?

  15. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $52.1 billion

    Look, Mr. Koch is one of the smartest businessmen ever. That’s why he rose from humble beginnings to become one of the richest people on the planet. But even he cannot prosper without unlimited, unrestricted immigration of highly skilled doctors and engineers from Mexico.


  16. I can’t find the Twitter thread, but there is evidently a writer being cancelled without anyone bothering to say what he did. His ex posted it was a horrible relationship and he is a horrible person, but no details.

    People are getting challenged and backing away from him for his crimes, which are literally never specified.

    1. Nobody is allowed to speak of the crimes.

  17. As some of you may have heard, Bubba Wallace, the only African-American in the NASCAR Cup series, was targeted with a hate crime in apparent retaliation because he called for banning the Confederate flag at all NASCAR races–a request that was granted by NASCAR. The noose was found in his garage left by some unidentified party. The FBI came in to do an investigation. The other NASCAR drivers walked in behind his car in a show of solidarity with him. It was a whole thing.

    What you may not have heard is that after a thorough investigation, the FBI concluded that the noose had been in the garage since at least October of 2019, long before Wallace’s call to have the Confederate flag banned at NASCAR races and long before anyone could have known that the Bubba Wallace’s team would be assigned to that garage. In fact, it turns out that the noose in question was actually a pull down cord for the garage door. The FBI has no intention of investigating the incident any further. NASCAR is determined to continue their investigation.

    Bubba Wallce, meanwhile, contends that he’s no Jussie Smollett, and I don’t think he is either.

    I had an acquaintance tell me he was the victim of profiling at a department store last Christmas. When he went to buy perfume, the lady behind the counter asked him how much he had to spend–as if black man wouldn’t have any money to spend!!! The female unit I was with told him that they always ask her that question, too–even though she is not of African ancestry. You see, they have a wide variety of perfume behind the counter. They may perfume that is $200 an ounce, and they may have perfume that costs $90 for a big bottle. Why would she show you a bottle that costs $1,000 if you only want to spend $100?

    Sometimes, people don’t realize they’re being racist, but sometimes, people think they’re being subjected to racism when it’s really something else. If that’s what happened here, no, that isn’t anything like Jussie Smollett.

    1. sometimes an asshole is just that an asshole. That’s why this movement is so overtly pernicious and poisonous. If you believe society is so systematically racist and out to get you why even try?

    2. It should be noted, however, that when people are barred from expressing themselves on the basis of what turn out to be false allegations, their anger is understandable; in fact, even if you oppose the way in which they were expressing themselves or you oppose what they were saying, being told to STFU on the basis of allegations that turn out to be false is likely to make people angry.

    3. Bowline knot. Not a noose.

      1. For those who don’t know, a bowline is among the most common knots–and looks a bit like a noose. It’s a bit like a slip-knot, except it doesn’t tighten when you pull on the top of it. I believe it’s commonly used by first responders, for instance, when they’re lowering someone down the side of a building or pulling someone up the side of a cliff. If you had to pick a knot to tie onto a garage door handle, you’d probably use a bowline, so it would stay fastened but not tighten around your fingers when you pull on the loop.

        1. Oh, and the bowline is among the most common knots taught. It’s taught in scouting–probably the first knot you learn in scouting. I’d bet they teach it in the military, too.

          1. “The rabbit goes around the tree…”

          2. The thing about the bowline is that it doesn’t slip under tension, making it the opposite of a noose which requires a slipknot. It is also the knot needed to make an emergency rescue without cutting the person being rescued in half. Of course, if you put the rope offered around your neck instead of under your arms, you might experience some difficulty breathing.

            Just pull on the damn loop. If it doesn’t tighten it’s not intended to be a noose.

        2. We used a bowline knot for repelling

    4. He’s not an african american. Thats about as accurate as calling him a european american. Hes the same thing as me, an american with ancestors from those two continents.

      Can we get rid of the one drop rule at some point?

      Is my quadroon progeny going to be eligible for all of the goodies that I am?

      1. In the old days, octoroons were considered black, even if they looked whiter than their philandering daddies. So probably yes.

      2. If we can talk to people about these things using sensitive language, we can score points with fence sitters who might dismiss our arguments as being inspired by racism otherwise–just like the social justice warriors say. And swing voters also need to know that, yeah, sometimes a noose is really just a bowline–even if an African-American imagined it otherwise. And that can be a bad thing for African-Americans because it can come across as if they’re crying wolf. Regardless, Confederate flag waving racists threatening Bubba Wallace with lynching in the form of a noose is not a good reason to vote for Joe Biden–not if Bubba Wallace wasn’t really threatened with lynching in the form of a noose.

      3. Careful. These leftist animals are calling for resegregation more and more. People with mixed heritage, especially the ones that don’t necessarily look like it, are gonna be the ones hurt the most.

    5. A friend of ours is from Nigeria and an American citizen while he lives here with his wife.

      He absolutely loathes African-Americans for how they’ve been behaving. He’s disgusted by their victimhood shenanigans. He admits he gets profiled from time to time and he always – always – just plays along and so far he’s had no trouble. His business is based in Atlanta. Go figure.

      1. Nigerians don’t suffer bullshit.
        Great people

    6. unlike a car salesman who will ask how much you are willing to spend then shows you the most expensive car on the lot.

    1. The problem with is theory is that Oswald was a unstable border line retard. There is no way in hell any intelligence agency ever recruited him to do anything. Even the CIA is not that stupid.

      1. Nobody wants to admit that a literal communist nutjob killed JFK. Nobody wants to admit that lone nutjobs can impact their lives like that, its too random and they feel powerless, and nobody wants to admit communist wrongdoing. It was Dallas right-wing hate. It was a conspiracy. It can’t be a lone communist nutjob.

        1. More fundamentally, nobody wants to admit that the things they do not like about their lives are mostly their own damned fault. Instead, morons want to blame somebody else, if not a global conspiracy.

        2. Pretty much that. The only credible JFK conspiracy theory I have ever heard is that the mafia whacked him by putting Oswald up to it. Oswald was the nephew of a cappo in the Traficante mob family. Traficante hated Kennedy and indeed the entire American mafia hated Kennedy because the old man double crossed them by getting them to help his campaign on the agreement that Kennedy would do something about Castro and get their casinos in Cuba back.

          So the theory goes that the mob finds out about this Capo’s nephew who is dumb as a post, a dedicated communist, lives in Dallas, and hates Kennedy. So, when they find out Kennedy is not only coming to Dallas but is going to roll right by where Oswald works, they tell Oswald to do the deed and they will smuggle him out of the country to Cuba where he will be treated as a hero. Oswald being an idiot buys this. The mafia figures it is the perfect crime since the police will almost certainly kill Oswald after he shoots the President. Oswald does it and manages to escape and get himself arrested. Then suddenly, Jack Ruby, a guy who was dying of cancer and had been ripping off Traficante (and Traficante was known to kill people’s family in addition to them for that type of thing) suddenly shows up at the Dallas Police Department and kills Oswald.

          For me the coincidence of both Oswald and his killer Ruby being connected to Traficante is just too great to be believed. If I had to bet on it, I bet this or something close to it is what happened.

          1. How’s this for a movie? Everyone is out in Dealey Plaza that day ready to take a pop at JFK. The Mob, the CIA, LBJ’s boys, Nawlins homos, Jackie, Madame Nhu, Joe DiMaggio, the Ratpack, old lady Zapruder and her camera gun. Then shitstain Oswald pulls the rug out from everyone. The End.

            1. I like that. I am thinking Death of Stalin meets JFK.

            2. Like Knives Out.

              Oh. Don’t think I didn’t spot your ‘pro-immigration’ stance writers of that film. You can’t fool this idiot.

            3. Been done: Illuminatus!,

              I’ve been convinced for many years that Oswald’s real target was Connally, and that SS agent George Hickey accidentally caused the head shot on Kennedy while preparing to return fire on Oswald.

              1. “…SS agent George Hickey accidentally caused the head shot on Kennedy while preparing to return fire on Oswald.”

                I’d thought that too. The head wound doesn’t look like it would’ve come from the same rifle that led to the single bullet churning it’s way through Kennedy and Connolly. It looked a lot more like fast 5.56 would’ve caused.

                Then I saw on youtube, a newsreel clip of Italian partisans around the end of WW2, executing someone for some reason or other, via firing squad. They had what looked like the same cut down Carcano bolt rifles that Oswald used. One of them hit the victim in the head, and damned if his head didn’t explode in a similar manner to Kennedy’s.

      2. I mean… they DID hire Saddam Hussein, knowing that he was an unstable genocidal maniac…

        1. With two mentally defective genocidal maniac sons.

      3. The CIA was a lot more competent back then, too. Not like today’s glowie retards that seem to destroy everything they touch.

      4. More and more I think the mob did do it.

      5. Though explain how his broke ass managed to get the scratch to go pester the Soviets in person in their embassy in Mexico City. Somebody was helping him.

        Albeit in the most half-assed manner possible. I mean really? The guy’s an ex-Marine (about the only guy that epithet applies to), qualified on a Springfield bolt or a Garand, and you can’t arrange for him to buy one of those surplus? Instead having him use some garbage Italian surplus carbine? That said, we don’t get the bizarre single bullet path if he was using just about any other centerfire rifle and bullet from that range, so that’s something.

        I think the Soviets thought the dipshit was a deliberate provocateur, which is why they let him redefect out of Minsk, along with a general’s daughter as his wife, when other Americans simply disappeared into GULAG. I also think some Soviet Mexican rezident had a bad time in Moscow shortly after the assassination.

        Man though, must Madame Nhu had thought her prayers had been answered when she heard the news.

    Does Greta deserve her own statue?
    A Swedish politician wants a statue of Greta to replace one of Sweden’s most famous kings.

    1. “By the time Charles turned 19, he had won a string of impressive victories, often against larger enemy forces. He forced the Russian Tsar to sue for peace, for instance. He later went on to subjugate most of his opponents.

      Bjoringe claims that Charles XII represents ‘evil deeds and outdated values’ and was an autocrat. In other words, he was like almost every leader of his time. What’s more, he will have certainly held many views that would not stand up to scrutiny today.

      Further evidence that the Anti-Statue Brigade has little or nothing to do with historical context. People all over America and all over the world are tearing down statues, and they all think they’re doing it for reasons that are peculiar to their own unique historical context. It’s bullshit.

      People are angry and scared because of the virus and the economy, and they’re taking it out on statues–and that’s all it is. We fall into their trap when we argue with them about the historical context of this or that. It has nothing to do with historical context. It’s all about the economy, the virus, and being scared today.

      1. And they’re lemmings unleashed and directed by the “elites” who cannot tolerate the populist pushback of the last 5 years.
        Make no mistake: this is a bid for total subjugation of the middle class.

    2. You are sexist for even questioning this.

    3. Good. Yes, she does.

      1. Voice of reason and rational thought right here folks.

    4. Why not just issue a very angry looking cabbage patch doll?

      1. maybe some eco-friendly material like reusable toilet paper?

        1. wrong tense on reusable.

    5. The sooner they put it up, the sooner it can be torn down.
      How about they just secure it with velcro?

    6. “I have resolved never to start an unjust war, but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies.” – Charles XII

      Pretty libertarian for a king.

    7. As a sign of the times, absolutely yes. Tear down a reminder of history and replace it with an ignorant narcissistic retard pushing a marxist agenda. Seems appropriate.

  19. AOC’s mask really brings out the evil in her eyes.

    1. You’re just mad she won’t play doc– err, I mean play ‘engineer’ with you.

      1. If she wanted to play doctor, I’m sure her role model would be someone like Mengele, or Kevorkian.

        And you’re an ass with feet.

        1. ‘Lie back and pretend I’m about to euthanize you’.

          INT. Police station. Night. Rufus giving an account.

          “When I sobered up, see? I noticed these teeth staring at me. It was as if they’re were ready to bite into my head – or dick, see? Then a grin followed and it was as if it was all too happy to inflict pain. That’s when I realized she wasn’t playing doctor. We wanted to be the doctor, see? She’s crazy copper. Crazy!”

    2. gets in the way of her best purpose too.

  20. Fantastic to see BHAZ in the national spotlight as yet another example of pure libertarian ideology in action, after the CHAZ/CHOP shut down.

    1. “…as yet another example of pure libertarian ideology in action,..”

      Sarc or stupidity?

      1. He’s not wrong…

        1. “He’s not wrong…”

          No question here: Stupidity.

      2. Is there a difference anymore?

      3. Precisely what most voters will be asking when the Libertarian Party asks them to vote for a platform that cannot be differentiated in any way, shape or form from CHAZ/CHOP/BHAZ. No cops. No authority. Free immigration. Armed vigilantism. Private courts. Let me know when you disagree with anything the autonomous zones are about.

        Now here’s the part where you sputter and mindlessly fling 3rd grade insults because you are incapable of defending your piece of shit ideology and the results it achieves.

        1. Actually retard it can be differentiated from CHAZ and the like in virtually every single way.
          1. No Cops- Libertarians do not believe in ‘no cops’. Less arbitrary and meaningless laws, especially ones of victimless crimes, and more police accountability.
          2. No Authority- Again, limited government, and government that maximizes and protects individual liberty and freedom.
          3. Free immigration- What? Not a tenet of libertarianism. Maybe possible without a massive welfare state.

          Now here’s the part where you sputter and mindlessly fling 3rd grade insults because you are incapable of defending your piece of shit ideology and the results it achieves.

          Do you always speak in the 3rd person?

          1. Here we have a rare look into two retards pretending to know what they’re talking about. It’s a fascinating look into the world of quarter-wits and how they interact. It’s believed they eventually devoir each other but we don’t have a live incident on camera. Will today be that moment? One can hope. Stay tuned.

            1. Wow Rufus DICK, we’re not fucking animals. Stop pretending like you’re observing us like we’re sloths on Planet Earth 2.

              1. Let’s avoid insulting sloths, please.

            2. You could always refute my statement. Or, you know, actually, you can’t.

          2. Libertarians do not believe in ‘no cops’

            Let Reason know, since they support the “Defund the Police” efforts currently ongoing and have called for the disbandment of police forces many times in the publication’s history.

            Again, limited government, and government that maximizes and protects individual liberty and freedom

            I see the problem. You are substituting platitudinous bumper sticker versions of the Federalist Papers for libertarianism because you are too stupid to comprehend either the former or the latter.

            Free immigration- What? Not a tenet of libertarianism

            Make sure you let Nick Gillespie, Brian Doherty, Jeffrey Tucker, and Jacob Hornberger know.

            Open Borders Is the Only Libertarian Immigration Position – Hornberger, 2016
            Why Open Borders? – Tucker, 2015
            Trump’s Dangerous Anti-Libertarian Nationalism – Doherty, 2017
            Is Being For More Immigration Inherently Unlibertarian? – Doherty, 2017
            Steve Bannon’s ‘Economic Nationalism’ vs. Libertarian Globalism Is the Battleground of 21st Century Politics – Gillespie, 2019

            Even though you’re as dumb as a fucking rock, I’ll still give you credit for at least making a feeble attempt at special pleading on behalf of Sevo the village idiot. Thanks for playing.

            1. Make sure you let Nick Gillespie, Brian Doherty, Jeffrey Tucker, and Jacob Hornberger know.

              LOL because when I think of libertarians, my first thought is of course any of those clowns. Not too bright, apparently? Thanks for playing buh-bye now.

            2. Make sure you let Nick Gillespie, Brian Doherty, Jeffrey Tucker, and Jacob Hornberger know.

              Are you under the impression that libertarians write for Reason?

        2. “Precisely what most voters will be asking when the Libertarian Party asks them to vote for a platform that cannot be differentiated in any way, shape or form from CHAZ/CHOP/BHAZ…”

          So stupidity. Got it.
          Fuck off, slaver

          1. Now here’s the part where you sputter and mindlessly fling 3rd grade insults because you are incapable of defending your piece of shit ideology and the results it achieves.

            What’s it like being so fucking stupid that your responses can be predicted with 100% accuracy by anyone?

            1. I’m sorry who are you? Yea Sevo is clearly dumb as hell, but you are annoying af and have been commenting here for what, 15 minutes? Sorry no one really cares what you think.

              1. Shut the fuck up you pedophile welcher. I was around here before you had nuts.

                1. Mkay sure.

            2. Don’t you have a statue to go deface?

              1. Obviously you have a very sub average IQ and poor reading comprehension, but as you might have noticed, I’m not a Marxist-Leninist, nor a libertarian fellow traveler, so I’m not in favor of destroying public monuments like JD Tuccille, for example. It’s your boys up there tearing down the statues in the fine tradition of spontaneous order and radical self government. Congrats on your success.

                1. Phew. Glad to hear.

                  And I’m AVERAGE IQ thank you very much.


    The Trump administration can use fast-track deportation proceedings for undocumented immigrants found anywhere in the U.S. who have been in the country for less than two years, a federal appeals court ruled in a major setback for states that backed a lawsuit seeking to block the plan.

    “Expedited removals” have been available to immigration officials for two decades in cases where undocumented people were apprehended within 100 miles of the U.S. border. The government last July expanded the rule to apply nationwide, triggering a lawsuit by advocacy groups that feared a broader crackdown on immigrants.

    1. “Reason” hardest hit.

    2. Jesus, Trump actually won a lawfare fight?

    A new GOP bill would give each taxpayer $4,000 to take a vacation anywhere in the US through the end of 2021

    1. What kind of proof? I’m sure I could rent my place to some relatives in exchange for renting theirs.

  23. Kentucky, New York, and Virginia held primary elections yesterday
    Does Virginia really count? There are 11 House and 1 Senate seat on the ballot in November. Of 24 possible primaries, there were only 7 yesterday (House – 4 D, 2 R; Senate – 1 R).

  24. >>libertarian-leaning

    just fucking stop. every one of these people will be graft agents or neutralized five minutes after they arrive in Washington.

  25. ” . . . including the more moderate centrist CNBC anchor . . . ”

    THERE’S a phrase you don’t read every day!

    His criticism came after protesters pledged to tear down Lincoln’s Emancipation Memorial in the Capitol, vowing to return to Lincoln Park Thursday night to topple the controversial statue.

    Organizers of the protest said they would not be working with the police and would achieve change ‘by any means necessary’ as they crowded near the 150-year-old statue paid for by former enslaved people.

    Although paid for by former slaves, the Emancipation Memorial is criticized as it was designed by white people and depicts a former slave in a subservient position to Lincoln.

  27. I see libertarian (sort-of) gadfly Sam Sloan was among those AOC beat in the primary.

    Meanwhile, the Milwaukee story as linked from here is a mindfuck. Anybody have any info as to motives?

    1. Roberta, my guess is that the neighborhood local yokels didn’t like their trap house getting repeatedly raided. The children in question were likely trafficked, and brutally initiated into the lifestyle. I’m glad they were found.

      That anyone would call their blog a ‘trap house’, is as inexplicable to me as the (thankfully out of fashion) Pimp n Ho parties people went to a few years ago. What a disgusting, victimizing, morally bankrupt activity.

  28. In other news…General Michael Flynn walks.

    That prosecution was a travesty of justice.

    1. That prosecution was a travesty.

  29. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled 2-1 Wednesday that a lower court must grant a request by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to drop its case against former National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.).

    Flynn won his request for a writ of mandamus ordering Judge Emmet Sullivan to grant the DOJ’s motion last month.

    1. Who’s the one judge opposed?

      We need to examine why judges are so supportive of naked abuses of power.

      1. An Obama-appointed judge opposed granting the Writ. What a surprise. Judge Naomi Rao absolutely destroyed the dissent in her majority opinion.

  30. Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly is doing his part for the mob.

    He has #CancelYale trending. As he pointed out, a lot of Ivy League schools are named after slave owners/traders. We can then work on state schools that outlawed black students until very recently and end those, too.

    I do love this anarchy.

    1. Why don’t these esteemed institutions dissolve their endowments and distribute the money to the downtrodden?
      Actions, not words.

  31. LMAO!!! AOC gets re-elected… One would think the only thing AOC could win is a stupid contest. I didn’t know an entire community could actually be just as stupid…. lol… freak-en amazing!!

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