Welcome to the 200-Proof Liberals Blog—Founded by Alumni of Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Several of the scholars associated with the now-closed BHL blog have started a new one.

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Earlier this month, I lamented the end of the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog. I am happy to say that several of the scholars previously associated with BHL have now started a new blog: 200-Proof Liberals. Participants include BHL veterans Jason Brennan, Jessica Flanigan, Chris Freiman, and Fernando Teson. Perhaps others will join in the future.

There are already several interesting posts up. I especially like Chris Freiman's post on "Small Government and Effective Government," and Jess Flanigan's on "Equivocation About Classical Liberalism."  I am sure there will be more to come!

I am glad to see that these important voices will continue to be part of the blogosphere. For reasons I noted in my post on the closure on BHL, they are needed now more than ever.


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  1. Read my way through it, and I’m ambivalent. Some of the writing is good, but blogs without comments don’t impress me; Seems like the thing people afraid of feedback do.

    Take “Let’s Also Purge the Left’s Racist Heroes and Influences”, for instance. Some good points, but also arguments that city out to be challenged.

    “For instance, the New York Times dug up some non-peer-reviewed piece George Stigler published in an obscure newsletter. Stigler said low black wages might be tied not merely to discrimination, but to “inferiority as a worker.” He compares them to Jews, who were also subject to heavy discrimination, but who, he claims, tended to cultivate various intellectual and moral virtues which made them extremely successful despite that. Stigler does not say these behaviors are biological rather than cultural. Nevertheless, it’s bad stuff. ”

    WHY is it ‘bad stuff’? Seems like an empirical claim that could, in a contingent world, happen to be correct. Is it a possible truth that is inadmissible to contemplate for ideological reasons?

    I’d like to discuss that. But, no comments.

  2. More honest branding at least.

    1. Seems like a perfect home for Professor Somin.

  3. A competing blog might be named 190 Proof showing a willingness to make small accommodations to reach the azeotrope, which is after all the pinnacle of distillation.

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