Brickbat: They're Not Playing Around


The Ohio Investigative Unit, a plainclothes division of the Ohio Highway Patrol, says it will be policing the state's bars and restaurants making sure that customers aren't violating social distancing rules or playing pool or video games, which is banned under a state health order. They will be joined in their efforts by officers from other agencies.

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  1. Fun is not allowed here in Ohio now.
    Unless you want to play the lottery of course.

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  2. If they can’t find something to police they risk being furloughed.

  3. It makes sense they won’t allow pool or video games to be played in bars. I suspect it’s a leftover reaction from when the police had a crackdown on massage parlors. They don’t want bar patrons handling balls and joysticks.

    1. Definitely no happy endings in Ohio.

    2. Is pocket pool ok? Asking for a friend.

      1. Make sure you and your friend maintain social distancing.

  4. It’s on the cops that they’re so eager to crack down on people dangerously socializing when the bars are only open for the sake of alcoholics getting shit-faced, but it’s not the cops that came up with these rules. That’s on the bureaucrats and the rule-makers who just can’t help but crank out regulations long after it should be obvious we’re choking to death on regulations. I’m sure that somewhere in some government sub-basement office, there’s a bureaucrat even now still revising and updating the rules governing the standards of wooden barrel manufacturing for the purposes of shipping whale oil because that’s his job and it’s not his job to question whether or not his job is necessary.

    1. You say alcoholics getting shit faced like it’s a bad thing

    2. Yes to both of your points. I hope people don’t dogpile on you by thinking you’re defending cops when you’re not. True the root of the problem is pissant bureaucrats, but the pigs use their “only following orders” to crack heads for being closer than six feet from your neighbor. And yes I went ahead and Godwinned this thread because this shit is really pissing me off. Too many goddamnes sheep listening to their mayors and governors telling them what to do. Maybe the George Floyd riots couldn’t have a come at a better time.

    3. it should be obvious we’re choking to death on regulations

      Yep. Makes me think that maybe the government people responsible for creating those regulations need a stern talking to.

    4. If cops are busy doing take-downs on neighborhood bar patrons, they don’t have to confront murder suspects, Molotov cocktail throwers, armed gangsters, or violent hostage takers.

      1. Or domestic disputes, that are some of their least fav activities.

    5. It’s an excuse for cops to sit around in bars and get shitfaced drunk on the job.

  5. DeWine is asshole.

  6. “playing pool or video games is banned under a state health order”
    Of FFS, but go ahead and have a happy protest.
    At least the lack of a spike in COVID cases 2 weeks from now could help end this garbage

    1. Or, if there *is* a spike, more protesting could help end it.

  7. What a wonderful time we live in that law enforcement has nothing more pressing than saving people from the scourge of drunken pool.

    All praise our glorious protectors.

  8. You see police departments out there doing this shit and then they turn around and wonder why their are riots in *their* cities – ‘what? Why you all so mad at us?’

  9. They’re really paying people to do this?

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