"She Is Suspicious of Cheese"

"Accuracy of sheep meat."

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Thanks to Prof. Mark Liberman (Language Log) for the pointer. Uou can see the Tweet here; I didn't embed it normally because the image looked too small that way.

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  1. “fool” must be a transliteration, not a translation, of Arabic fu:l “fava bean stew”.

    1. “Foul,” too.

  2. I think uour brain has been scrambled by that menu:-)

    1. Picard: I don’t understand.

      “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.”

      “What are you saying?”

      “A luxury sofa. It’s loop is in cornflex. [sighs and slows down] Egg. Of. An. Oven.”

      Picard: What?

      “Shaka, when the walls fell. Beans, gentlemen. A regular Erika.”

  3. I think that your mother’s friends’s husband should change hotels.

  4. Boycotting cheese?!? As a child of the 60s/70s in California, I of course remember boycotting grapes. But cheese…nope, that’s a bridge too far. Not a good idea. (Or even a Gouda idea.)

    1. The argument is the use of animal-derived rennet to make the cheese. Judaism and Islam often raise issues about this.

      Please contact your faith leader in either faith because I am tired of having to find sources for stuff that anyone who cared could find on his/her/its own….

      1. As a vegetarian; one of the happiest food-related-days in my life was when Trader Joe’s started carrying Gorgonzola cheese with non-meat-based rennet. And stores have, for years, been quite good about labeling all its cheese rennet as animal-based, vegetable-based, or microbial-based.
        It is a royal pain in my culinary ass to discover a great cheese–only to find out that it’s made with animal rennet, and I therefore can’t eat it. (I remember when I was a kid, Hostess fruit pies had, in the ingredients label, info that the pie was made with vegetable shortening OR lard. How unhelpful was that!?! . . . it’s either fine to eat, or really really not fine. Imagine a chocolate mousse saying “contains either coco powder or ExLax”! Pretty big difference between these two options!). Sorry, got into a rant and a bit of a digression. 🙁

  5. My hovercraft is full of eels.

  6. What was applied to cheese?

    What if I want Blindfolded, extaordinary?

    There is an awful lot of cheese on their menu considering they claim to be boycotting cheese.

    Tomato meat and tomato meat with hummus: Since when is tomato an animal?

      1. LOL!

        Was it intentional that you went to Rotten Tomatoes for that?

  7. >Boycotting cheese
    Typical. Arabs hate the success that Israel has had with their cheese industry.

  8. I’ll have a foul white jar and a side of worried.

    1. Oh, that comes with the worried? Even better!

    2. Please put A luxury sofa on My property with the Accuracy of sheep meat. And – Beans, gentlemen.

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