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Tara Reade Tells Megyn Kelly That Joe Biden 'Should Not Be Running on Character'

Biden's sexual assault accuser told her side of the story in a lengthy interview with the former Fox News host.


Tara Reade, who has accused Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, spoke with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly in a lengthy interview that appeared on various social media channels Friday.

Reade went over the details of the alleged assault, offered an explanation for why she waited so long to come forward, demanded that Biden withdraw from the race, and criticized Biden's supporters for mistreating her.

"His campaign is taking this position that they want all women to be able to speak safely," said Reade. "I have not experienced that."

Toward the end of the interview, Kelly brought up the sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She asked Reade whether she thought it hypocritical for #MeToo politicians and pundits to deny her the automatic belief that they showed Christine Blasey Ford.

"It makes me upset, it makes me angry because those were people I respected," said Reade. "I supported Elizabeth Warren, who basically said she believed Joe Biden, and dismissed me."

It was not a softball interview, though: Kelly asked Reade tough questions about why she had seemed to acquit Biden of wrongdoing when she told The Washington Post last year that the problem was not Biden himself. In the interview, Reade—who was a Biden staffer at the time of the alleged assault—claimed that she had only intended to acquit Biden of responsibility for her firing: She believes this was retaliatory but that Biden likely didn't even know she was terminated.

Reade gave several explanations for why it look her so long to come forward. She said that Biden's aides shut her down when she attempted to open up about it in 1993, and that then she felt she had no way to tell the story afterward. Reade claims that she has been trying to tell her story for some time now but met with unwillingness or unfriendliness from the journalists and campaign staffers to whom she reached out.

Kelly also questioned Reade about social media comments she had made that were favorable toward Biden and his record on fighting sexual assault. Reade said those remarks were made in a professional capacity, as an advocate for feminist causes that Biden had purported to support.

Anyone looking for a reason to automatically dismiss Reade must have been disappointed by the interview. She is just as clear, concise, and sympathetic as Ford, whose composure was widely treated by the media as evidence that she must be telling the truth. The reality is that a notable accuser's eloquence is basically just fodder for cable news punditry: It doesn't actually elucidate matters.

Reade, like Ford, doesn't possess any hard evidence. That's hardly surprising—indeed, it would be surprising if she did have a way to prove her accusation—but it puts the public in a difficult position. Of course, the toughest spot is reserved for everyone who said said we should believe victims no matter the circumstance, a club of slogan-loving idiots that includes Biden himself.

Watch the full interview below.


Mother's Day marked a milestone as U.S. officials reported just 793 deaths and 20,693 new cases of COVID-19. Both are among the lowest numbers since March, though coronavirus reporting typically lags over the weekends and the true numbers could be somewhat higher.

Still, several virus hotspots—including New York City—have managed to slow the spread of the disease, and are now in better shape than some other areas of the country, where the number of cases is still rising. Some states have begun to relax their government-ordered lockdowns. While it's widely expected that this will cause a surge in new cases, it's too early to tell whether the data will confirm such a suspicion.

Meanwhile, several government officials involved in pandemic response planning—including Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases—are self-quarantining after being exposed to a staffer who has tested positive for the virus.


  • COVID-19 claims another victim: D.C.'s Street Sense newspaper.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union is not happy about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's move to strengthen civil liberties for college students accused of sexual assault.
  • Additional video footage of jogger and shooting victim Ahmaud Arbery does nothing to change the underlying facts of the case.
  • Elon Musk says he's breaking up with the state of California.
  • CNN is annoyed that conservatives keep talking about the Michael Flynn story:

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    – a union that represents grocery workers nationally and is unlikely to understate #COVID deaths: 1.3 million members working mostly in public-facing jobs; 72 reported deaths. Fatality rate 0.0055% over a two-month period…


      As many as 75,000 Americans could die because of drug or alcohol misuse and suicide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to an analysis conducted by the national public health group Well Being Trust.


        This paper finds nursing home residents comprise 57% of all COVID-19 deaths in Spain, 53% in Italy, and 45% in France.

        1. Here’s How Much Downstate New York Is Skewing the United States’ Coronavirus Numbers

          Once again, even with downstate New York included, the coronavirus has impacted the United States much less than other hard-hit countries. But now, here’s what happens when we treat downstate New York as a separate country from the United States in terms of deaths per capita (per million).

          Downstate New York (848.45)
          Belgium (470.51)
          Spain (428.68)
          Italy (376.19)
          France (286.53)
          United Kingdom (228.28)
          Netherlands (210.86)
          Switzerland (155.29)
          Sweden (149.61)
          Ireland (107.34)
          Once again, downstate New York leads the pack and the United States (without downstate New York) doesn’t even come in the top ten (it comes in at #11).


            Even as senior care centers have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus — with patient and staff deaths accounting for nearly 40 percent of all COVID-19 deaths across California — the state is calling on assisted living facilities to house infected patients in exchange for money.

            A letter from the state Department of Social Services sent to licensees of senior and adult care residential facilities on Friday urged them to temporarily take in patients who have tested positive for the virus — for up to $1,000 a day — to make room in hospitals for people who become critically ill and require acute care.

            But health experts and advocates say the plan risks introducing the virus into facilities that have been spared or those already dealing with their own outbreaks.

            That need continues to grow. As of May 3, nearly 10,000 patients and staff in long-term care facilities in the state of California have tested positive for the virus, and 926 of them have died, according to figures released by DSS, which oversees assisted living, and the California Department of Public Health.

            1. There has to be liability for that policy decision. I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.

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            2. Christ, these fucking people.

              Get the National Guard to set up field hospitals, either for C19 patients or for folks with other ailments, but keep them segregated. I realize you guys want to pump up your death counts to own Blumph, but you could try being a little less obvious about it.

          2. To be fair though, the same probably could be said about most other countries. Pull London out of the UK data and it would look much better too. I don’t know necessarily what this tells us about the relative countries. (Not being snarky here, just being devils advocate)

            1. Treat NYC, London, Milan as separate cases and let the rest of the country generate enough income that if national governments feel the need to step in, they have some $$ to do so.

              Crashing the US economy isn’t going to help NYC long term, even if the Cuomos think that will help the Dems.

          3. Let’s go full blown. This was an act of war. I believe it’s plausible that the party most connected to the Chinese had some knowledge of the imminent release of this contagion and gave a wink and a nod expecting political advantage in the aftermath.
            Further I think this
            is related to a cover-up. Since this initial report there has been zero mention of this odd story. The press is trying to push a love triangle. But there is absolutely no corroborating evidence of such.

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      2. As many as 75,000 Americans could die because of drug or alcohol misuse and suicide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to an analysis conducted by the national public health group Well Being Trust.

        No analysis of homicide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

      3. I wish unemployment stats didn’t just lump all “jobs” together as being the same. Being a family breadwinner who is unemployed is different from being a college student barista who can ride out the lockdowns in their room at mom and dad’s house.

        I suspect the mix of these types of unemployment is different than, say, during the Great Depression, but how would one get hard data on that.

        1. how would one get hard data on that.

          As someone who regularly responds to unemployment claims on behalf of an employer, that data is provided for every claim, average hours and average dollars. In other words, the UI agencies could provide it relatively easily.

    2. I’d just like to thank you for giving us actual fucking news.

      1. Agree. The only reason to read Reason any more is to get my news in the comments.

        1. Remember the ol’ “H/T”?

      2. I just want to say fuck you to all the hack writers and dumb cunts at reason. Their first mention of the Michael Flynn story is a “quick hits” piece where they show some liberal stooge complaining about other networks covering the story.

        Is that why you worthless husks of journalists at reason haven’t reported it yet either? Because you’re afraid some chump from the msm might complain?

        No one gives a fuck about cattle farmers or your late-to-the-party thoughts in Tara reade when there’s a coupe plot being uncovered you fucking clowns.

        To echo others, ive never paid money for this magazine, never donated, never visited your sponsors, and never will. The comments are more honest and informative than the articles. And at least people like hihn don’t hide who they are, unlike the chumps writing the articles.


          “The whole thing was orchestrated and set up within the FBI, [former Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper, [Former CIA Director John] Brennan, and in the Oval Office meeting that day with President Obama,” said Powell. When asked if she thinks Flynn was the victim of a plot that extended to Obama, she said “Absolutely.”

          As has been apparent from the very beginning

        2. +1.

          Fuck them and the donkeys they rode in on.

        3. “ And at least people like hihn don’t hide who they are”

          Depends on which of his 800 names he’s using.

    3. Instead, they are likely to overstate covid deaths.

  2. …in a lengthy interview that appeared on various social media channels Friday.

    Remember when Kavanaugh accuser Ford was relegated to social media for exposure?

    1. Didn’t they run something on C-SPAN at, like, 2 in the morning? I forget…

  3. “I supported Elizabeth Warren, who basically said she believed Joe Biden, and dismissed me.”

    You were on a Biden’s staff. You can’t say you didn’t know what politicians were all about.

    1. The idea that Biden uniquely should be disqualified from running on the issue of “character” is a joke. If a questionable character were a disqualification, the very act of filing to run is enough to establish a reasonable doubt as to one’s character.

  4. “According to the report, the first cases of the novel coronavirus were reported at the end of December, however a new paper from five infectious-disease researchers in China reports that Chinese social media platform WeChat searches for “SARS” , “Coronavirus” , “shortness of breath” , “dyspnea” , and “Diarrhea” began to spike on November 17 – suggesting that COVID-19 was circulating in China weeks before the first cases were officially diagnosed and reported.”

    1. Where was the CIA for all of this? Has anyone asked them? Keep hearing about the president should have known etc. but what were the intelligence agencies saying in December and January?


    Illegal alien: “I did it to feed my family”

    Democrats: “Give him welfare, free healthcare, legal immunity, and a path to citizenship!!”


    American opening her salon: “I did it to feed my family and employees”

    Democrats: “PROSECUTE AND JAIL HER!!”

    1. Unreal….That Dallas judge was too full of himself. A judicial tyrant in a black robe.

      1. The judge is an asshole. The Texas guy who passed an executive order telling people they cannot pursue survival is a bigger asshole. Somehow he’s managing to portray himself as a hero.

        1. Well said, and keep at it. The governor, Lt. gov, and AG are all acting like they’ve come in to save the day when they started this mess.

    2. Illegals are now treated better than citizens. Time to rid ourselves of the progressive stain.

  6. Kelly also questioned Reade about social media comments she had made that were favorable toward Biden and his record on fighting sexual assault.

    The left reminded us that there is no such thing as the perfect sexual assault victim, but we now know that Reade apparently doesn’t even make that low bar.

    1. Taking advantage of the Democrats’ tendency toward sexually assaulting people is more like shooting fish in a barrel than a cat pouncing on a mouse.

      1. Don’t think it is just a Democratic thing. It is a male politician thing.

        From personal experience, I can say that once when I ran for some podunk office with no chance of winning, I started getting more attention from women. Women are attracted by power, and it is one of the big seductions into a career in politics.

        1. Back in the 90s people questioned why Bill Clinton would drop trou in front of a total stranger and invite her to “kiss it”. He did it because it likely worked with the dozens of other women he tried it on.

          Just as Trump recognized that many women liked to be grabbed in the crotch by a billionaire, Biden has probably discovered through experience that more than a few women like to be fingered in a hallway by a powerful politician.

          All three of them didn’t get into trouble until they tried their crude-but-straight-to-the-point seduction techniques on a woman who wasn’t in the mood.

          1. Not just billionaires and politicians who can get away with this shit until they don’t. Most young women under the right circumstances (esp if they are horny/drunk enough) will allow just about any guy to grab them wherever. I guess they don’t need to be drunk or horny if it’s Biden/Trump/Clinton.

    2. They actually used pounce? Nice.

    3. “divides Democrats as Republicans pounce

      They actually posted it. Those absolute madmen.

      “The Graunaid, not just pink, we’re Hot Pink!”

  7. Earth Day, Then and Now
    The planet’s future has never looked better. Here’s why.

    On the occasions when they admit things have gotten better, doomsters will claim whatever environmental progress has been made over the past 30 years is only a result of the warnings that they sounded. One of the more annoying characteristics of activists such as Ehrlich and Lester Brown is the way in which these prophets of doom get out ahead of a parade that has already started. When things get better, they claim that it’s only because people heeded their warnings, not because of longstanding trends and increased efficiencies. As a result, there is always the danger that governments may actually enact their policies, thereby stifling technological progress and economic growth–and making the world worse off. Then the doomsters would be able to say “I told you so.” So good or bad, they get to claim that they were right all along.

    1. So much this.


    “California seems fed up with Musk. The Sacramento Bee published an article over the weekend mocking Musk, claiming that even though “COVID-19 has killed nearly 2,700 Californians so far, [Musk] is the one who’s truly suffering during the coronavirus pandemic.”

    It continued, calling Musk a “bratty billionaire”:

    California’s public health officials must ignore Musk’s ranting and stay the course. Twitter threats from bratty billionaires, anti-vaccine activists and middle-aged “militia members” should play no role in guiding public health policy in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

    “And what should California’s leaders say if Tesla decides to pick up its toys and move elsewhere?” the op-ed asks rhetorically.

    “Adiós,” it answers.”

    1. It’s the AOC policy.

      1. Have you seen where aOC is calling for workers to not go back to work why i don’t know makes no sense. some kind of workers strike until all are paid a billion or something

    2. “Adiós,” it answers.”

      But not before it extracts an exit tax.

      1. Does CA have an exit tax? And would it apply to businesses?

        1. Not sure on the specifics but there was the case of a Jewish* millionaire whose business left CA for NV and they spent twenty years trying to extract taxes from him.

          *Jewish part was important as the CA tax authority was caught making derogatory statements regarding his religion.

          1. Ah. New York has tried this too. It applies to people who have multiple residences. They tried to require people to “prove” that NY wasn’t their principal residency. And of course, no proof was enough.

            1. Gilbert Hyatt case is what I was thinking of if anyone is interested.

        2. Not explicitly an exit tax, but when I sold my home in California and moved to another state, I had to write a huge capital gains tax check.

          I sure thought of it as my having to pay to exit California.

    3. California politicians and media showing their disdain for companies yet still wonders why companies continue to leave the state

    4. What the fuck? Are there even any elected Cali Dems who AREN’T anti-vaxxers?

  9. Elon Musk says he’s breaking up with the state of California.

    California lawmaker’s already slung the f-bomb his way. It’s going to be a messy divorce.

    1. yep, by the same mental genius that decided to take Cali’s gig & independent contractor economy out back and shoot it in the fucking head, and is now trying to do the same to Cali’s porn industry. She also willing to tell anyone who’s angry about losing their career, as a result of her incompetence/evilness, to “fuck off” as well, she’s a real class act.

      Texas and Nevada on the other hand, the 2 states that Musk said he’d be looking to move to, are both tripping over each other to let Elon know how glad they’d be if he came and brought his 10k manufacturing jobs with him. Makes it kinda easy to choose between staying in Cali and moving to literally anywhere else, doesn’t it?

      1. The Fort Bend County Judge just wrote a public love letter to Musk, begging him to bring his companies from California to Texas. Why not? He’s already got parts of SpaceX, down south of Corpus, working on Starship. Bring the rest of them to Sugar Land and Katy. Not like there isn’t the room.

        1. I hope he does it. I hope he pulls the trigger and moves everything he’s ever built out of Cali and into someplace American.

        2. The mayors of Palo Alto and Fremont have also tried to ease the tension by talking up their love for Tesla and are getting absolutely roasted for it by their idiot constituents. Musk can’t leave fast enough.

          1. Residents of Fremont are idiots how, motherfucker?

      2. It is also noteworthy that SpaceX is Musk’s other company that has a huge presence in Hawthorne (Los Angeles area). He has been building a shit ton in texas for SpaceX, and could easily shut down Hawthorne as well.

      3. She also willing to tell anyone who’s angry about losing their career, as a result of her incompetence/evilness, to “fuck off” as well, she’s a real class act.

        She’s a fat cholla, acting like a knuckle-dragging dumbass is standard for those folks.

        1. You know, “eat the rich” is supposed to be a metaphor, but the way Cali’s going… well, I’m volunteering her to be first in line for when the tough choices need to be made.

    2. Yeah, suddenly liberals are pretending that they weren’t gargling this guy’s balls as recently as a year ago.

    3. Since Musk was removed from his chairmanship of the board, he might not have the mojo to really move the company. Still his tweet is something the Alameda County government needed to hear.

      1. God shut the fuck up sock we all know its you.


    US and British intelligence agencies are reportedly examining mobile phone data suggesting there could have been an emergency shutdown in October at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    According to a report, obtained by NBC News, there was no mobile phone activity in a high-security part of the Chinese laboratory complex from Oct 7 to Oct 24. Previously, there had been consistent use of mobile phones.

    The report, carried out by private experts, suggested there may have been a “hazardous event,” specifically at the institute’s National Biosafety Laboratory, between Oct 6 and Oct 11.

    Analysis of mobile phone data from the area surrounding the institute also suggested roadblocks were in place between Oct 14 and Oct 19.

    1. Gee whiz, CBS 60 Minutes last night ignored such a report, instead putting on several experts who lampooned Trump and anyone who claimed the virus came from the Wuhan Lab and not from pangolins in the wet market.

      1. I wonder how many of those experts were colleagues of and coauthors with the researchers in that Level IV lab? How many of them shared the same NIH grants, pre the IIRC, 2014 funding moratorium on gain-of-function coronavirus research?

        Why has there been such a full court press by the scientific community to try and prove that SARS-CoV2 is of natural origin?

        1. Probably because it’s not of natural origin

          1. Yeah, that’s what I suspect, and it frankly takes a lot more leaps of faith to think it came from a non-native bat, then jumped to a pangolin, then to a person. But why are all of these scientists claiming the opposite?

            Is it that they’re just being bribed by China? Is it they can’t conceive of such research breakdowns, so it didn’t happen? Are they looking for some piece of e evidence that would accompany manipulation of the virus’s genome, and inferring that absence of such evidence means absence of such manipulation?

            I can see being unsure or agnostic on whether the bug came from a lab or nature; I just can’t understand why nearly all of these scientists are so strongly saying natural origin. Let’s be honest, if this outbreak started in Atlanta or outside D.C., these same international scientists would be screaming about leaks from a US Government lab, and that it was all Trump’s fault.

  11. … doesn’t possess any hard evidence.
    Of course not. Joe is too old.

    1. “Just because there’s fire on the roof doesn’t mean there’s no snow in the furnace!”

  12. The American Civil Liberties Union is not happy about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s move to strengthen civil liberties for college students accused of sexual assault.

    They’re good for less and less these days.

    1. Yeah I liked their early stuff but they’ve gone mainstream.


    Yet it is not obvious why testing would make a difference, especially to the death rate. Testing does not cure the disease. Germany’s strange achievement of a consistently low case fatality rate seems baffling — until you think through where most early cases were found: in hospitals. By doing a lot more testing, countries like Germany might have partly kept the virus from spreading within the healthcare system. Germany, Japan and Hong Kong had different and more effective protocols in place from day one to prevent the virus spreading within care homes and hospitals.

    The horrible truth is that it now looks like in many of the early cases, the disease was probably caught in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. That is where the virus kept returning, in the lungs of sick people, and that is where the next person often caught it, including plenty of healthcare workers. Many of these may not have realised they had it, or thought they had a mild cold. They then gave it to yet more elderly patients who were in hospital for other reasons, some of whom were sent back to care homes when the National Health Service made space on the wards for the expected wave of coronavirus patients.

    If Covid-19 is at least partly a ‘nosocomial’ (hospital-acquired) disease, then the pandemic might burn itself out quicker than expected. The death rate here peaked on 8 April, just two weeks after lockdown began, which is surprisingly early given that it is usually at least four weeks after infection that people die if they die. But it makes sense if this was the fading of the initial, hospital–acquired wave. If you look at the per capita numbers for different countries in Europe, they all show a dampening of the rate of growth earlier than you would expect from the lockdowns.

  14. “Anti-quarantine protests were not limited to Berlin; thousands of others were seen in Munich, Stuttgart, and other German cities to protest the government’s strict stay-at-home orders. Many folks demanded the government lift restrictions, so a return to normalcy could be seen during the summer months. Protesters accused politicians and hospital workers of spreading panic and overinflating statics that has resulted in their freedoms being infringed on. Some rallies in other cities included anti-vaccination activists. ”

    1. That’s rather shocking considering how conformist the Germans tend to be.

      Apparently South Korea locked down again because some guy with the coof was club-hopping last week. China has to be laughing their ass off at these folks, because there’s really nothing you can do about a coronavirus except get exposed and build antibodies. All they’re doing is drawing the process out longer than they need to.

      1. My daughter was parroting the latest TikTok liberal COVID nonsense about lockdowns working last night, and I shut her down. We live in california- unless they can figure out how to keep stray cats and homeless people from getting this disease, there is ZERO chance that a lockdown will stop this virus.

        1. unless they can figure out how to keep stray cats and homeless people from getting this disease

          The b-movie script practically writes itself: [movie guy voice] California Purge – it’s not just a dangerous fad diet anymore…

        2. The irony is that homeless people don’t seem to be impacted all that much, probably because so few of them are elderly fatasses. Every homeless shelter that finds BatCoof in the population so far has shown the vast majority with a positive test have little to no symptoms at all.

  15. “They’re treating the Michael Flynn story like it’s a bigger deal than the deaths of 2,000 Americans a day.”@brianstelter rips “right-wing media” for extensive coverage of @GenFlynn and the Russia investigation.

    And CNN is the authority on tunnel vision.

    1. in other words don’t look over there, here look at this instead so no one knows how f’d up we are

    2. “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

    3. The media is now complaining that people are talking about the Russia story too much. There needs to be a new word for what comes after shameless to describe them.

    4. “@brianstelter rips “right-wing media” for extensive coverage of @GenFlynn and the Russia investigation”

      “Stop telling the dirty proles stuff that undermines my narrative, assholes! Shouldn’t you be out fomenting panic like the rest of us!?”

  16. Hygienic fascism: Turning the world into a ‘safe space’ — but at what cost?

    The current pandemic builds on a political tradition with origins in the writings of early 19th century philosopher Henry St. Simon. The French aristocrat considered scientists to be “superior to all other men” and the natural leaders of society. Such ideas later informed many progressives in that century, including H.G. Wells’s idea of a new elite that would replace democracy with “a higher organism,” which he called “the New Republic.”

    Others, particularly in our academic establishment, endorse censorship as superior to Western freedoms. Writing in The Atlantic, two law professors suggested that in the “debate over freedom or control,” China “was largely correct and the U.S. was wrong.” Still others have suggested, due to Trump’s often bumbling or ill-informed remarks, that networks not cover presidential press conferences. This same spirit is being embraced by some of the internet’s moguls — Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube — to monitor and censor comments, even those of medical professionals, that are not considered congruent with the accepted iteration of “science.”


    Governor Brian P. Kemp
    May 9
    Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide (1,203) since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th.

    Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use (897 with 1,945 available).

    We will win this fight together!

    1. They better get those folks off the vents if they actually want them to live.

      Read an article yesterday that some people are altering their living wills to forbid any ventilator use if they have BatCoof, because the odds of dying after you get put on one are so high.

  18. Additional video footage of jogger and shooting victim Ahmaud Arbery does nothing to change the underlying facts of the case.

    It’s embarrassing people are using this as some kind of justification. Sightseeing in new construction is low bar criminal trespass.

    1. Sightseeing my ass. He was looking for shit to steal. He was a convicted thief, having cleverly tried to shoplift an entire TV from Walmart, a year or two prior. Yahoo Senior in the pickup truck knew this from having worked in the prosecutors office for Arbery’s case.

      Does it excuse the two idiots chasing him in their pickup truck, while one was holding a shotgun? IMHO, no. I think there might have been a case for Burglary 2 under GA law, which requires unauthorized access of a structure by someone for the purpose of committing a felony or a theft, and that is a felony, but I don’t think those two had the requisite direct knowledge and were personal witnesses to the crime in order to try and perform a citizen’s arrest of Arbery. Were they cops, I think they’d at least have reasonable suspicion of a burglary having been committed to stop and talk to Arbery. Maybe even PC to arrest.

      Again, those two shouldn’t have done what they did. It was hideously stupid, and probably will cost them their continued liberty, and definitely will put them significantly out of pocket. It’ll be a miracle if either of those two avoid prison, despite several prior DAs deciding not to charge them. Let that be a lesson to anyone wanting to confront a suspected thief that it is a lot safer to call the cops, be a good witness, and let them do the confronting.

      But enough already about the narrative that Arbery was peacefully jogging down the street, minding his own business. Even the tiny snippet of the tape the AJC was showing at their site, shows Arbery poking around, and magically stopping advancing any further into the structure, the second he notices the surveillance camera.

      1. Tim Pool’s also saying that someone did call the cops, and that’s when Arbery took off running. I agree that he didn’t deserve to die, but there is a fucking ton of misinformation out there right now. I don’t think the black community’s gonna be happy until they see these 2 hung from a tree.

        1. This is the definition of a lynching. They have every right to be upset. This guy didn’t actually steal anything was jogging down the road and the fucking rednecks decided to take matters into their own hands and perform a citizens arrest he was guilty for no other reason that he was black. They violated the nap and held him hostage against his will he was entitled to fight back and anybody who did this who wasn’t a former police officer with ties to the da’s office would have been an indicted and in jail right now.

          1. *months ago.

          2. you’re not wrong, and quite frankly if 2 guys with guns jumped me, I’d probably go into fight/flight mode as well, whether or not I’d actually done anything. If they had suspicions, then they should never have approached him, just followed until the real cops showed up. But, because they both used to be LE, they probably believed everyone needed to respect their “authoritah”

          3. I can’t figure out any defense of the guys who did this. It is straight up murder. They need to go to the chair. If there is any rational defense for their behavior, I would sure like to hear it.

            1. John, their logic probably goes something like this: a citizen in Georgia may make a citizen’s arrest of a person they witnessed committing a felony. The criminal offense of Burglary in the Second Degree consists of, “(c) A person commits the offense of burglary in the second degree when, without authority and with the intent to commit a felony or theft therein, he or she enters or remains within an occupied, unoccupied, or vacant building, structure, vehicle, railroad car, watercraft, or aircraft.”

              They think he walked into the house under construction, stole something (or not, the statute doesn’t require an actual theft), and took off running. They were going to try and hold him until the cops came.

              Even if you buy that narrative though, can either the father or son, openly carry and hold a shotgun while they are trying to make the arrest? I didn’t think threatening the use of deadly force was acceptable in that situation? Perhaps they were claiming that their possession of firearms in their hands didn’t constitute a threatened use of deadly force against Arbery? Which sounds like a gigantic stretch, not to mention an idiotic idea.

              Anyway, in the midst of trying to restrain Arbery, Arbery attempts to take the shotgun from one of the two. This is a threatened imminent use of deadly force, because if Arbery gets control of the shotgun, it’s likely he uses it, and so one of the two shoots Arbery. I’ve even read it claimed the first shot (only shot?) was an ND into Arbery, when the shotgun gets pulled out of Arbery’s hands, and the guy pulling on it sympathetically squeezes his fingers on the grip. Including the finger on the trigger.

              That’s looking at the yahoos’ story in the light most beneficial for them. And, though IANAL, nor a Georgia law expert, it’s still in my opinion criminal.

              1. The guy tried to take the shotgun away from them? I hadn’t heard that. You never hear the full facts of this stuff. That is a tough case. I think you are right that they didn’t have a right to brandish a gun in that situation. But, once that guy tries to take it from them, they might have a reasonable fear for their life when they shot him. Does their crime of brandishing mean they are guilty of murder when the guy grabs the gun? I will have to think about that.

                Thanks for the facts.

                1. Dude john how does this in anyway does some guy fighting these fucking rednecks who came at him with their guns pulled more than likely yelling belligerent things at him have anything to do with what happens to these guys. They have no authority. They are fucking assholes. They deserve the chair.

                  1. I think that is the argument, unless this guy was committing a crime. If he was there stealing things and the rednecks went after him, then I don’t think he has a right to go after the shotgun or if he does, he got what he deserved.

                    Now this is just me talking about the morality of the situation, not the law. But for me it comes down to what he was doing there. If he was jogging and a bunch of rednecks attacked him, I totally agree with you. If he was actually trespassing and stealing things and ended up in a fight with the people he was stealing from, then I have a hard time having much or any sympathy for him.

        2. He gets confronted by a neighbor across the street, and then takes off. Flight used to be an indication of wrongdoing, though the deceased could as reasonably have claimed fear from their perceived racial animus.

          He shouldn’t have been chased by two guys, one holding a shotgun. The saying is called “running a guy up to no good off your property” not “chasing a guy down”. I don’t think the father or son had the right to do what they did, and brandishing a shotgun—whatever Georgia’s actual technical definition of brandishing—made a bad situation infinitely worse.

          Follow from a distance, while talking the cops onto him? Fine. Trying to restrain him themselves via a citizen’s arrest when it’s debatable whether either man actually witnessed a felony being committed? Very much not fine, and criminal.

          1. I have no problem with shooting trespassers. I am radical about it. But, even I cannot defend chasing someone down. That is weapons grade stupid. There is no excuse for that.

      2. The one being former law enforcement, I can see this case going nowhere.

    2. I mean, my parents do it. Then again, they’ve designed and built two of the houses they’ve lived in, so they have an interest in floor design and all that wonderful shit. And for a time their neighborhood was about 40-50% construction. But I don’t see Ahmaud being the upper-middle-class type to do that.

      1. But I don’t see Ahmaud being the upper-middle-class type to do that.

        Wonder why that is. I’m sorry I’m really having a hard time giving people the benefit of the doubt on this one that this isn’t about race. How the fuck are the rednecks supposed to know who or what this guy was before they engaged in this forcible hostage taking?

        1. I mean, I have the benefit of knowing his full criminal history thanks to the news, so yeah. As for Billy Bob and Billy Bob Jr., apparently they were aware of him due to seeing his case back when one was LE? That’s what I’ve heard, not sure if I buy it, definitely don’t think that gives them the right to go Mad Max: Lord Humungous on the guy.

        2. They saw a dude who looked like him supposedly stealing stuff on video in the neighborhood before that day (As well as can be determined for another race. In the dark. On a surveillance camera’s typically shitty resolution.) The old man supposedly had personal knowledge of Arbery’s criminal past—the shoplifting a TV case—through the old man’s prior work. Arbery took off running when the neighbor across the street hailed him. Race probably played a role, but I can see it going the same way if he were a white methbilly with the above set of facts.

          One of the two being a personal, recent victim of theft in the neighborhood—They left their pistol in their car like an idiot. Shocking, I know—I’m sure had a lot to do with how personally they took the situation, and their stupidity in trying to arrest Arbery.

          1. If you think that fucking old dude remembers a two-three year case from him shoplifting years ago I have a fucking bridge to sell you.

    3. “It’s embarrassing people are using this as some kind of justification.”

      Well, you can thank the Media and the Racial Grievance Industry for this current state of affairs.

      Americans were told that Trayvon Martin was just minding his own business when got jumped by that cop-wannabee Zimmerman, and that Michael Brown was a harmless lovable kid who had his hands up and was saying “don’t shoot!” when Officer Wilson heartlessly gunned him down (Reason eagerly lapped that one up, IIRC).

      So when people are told by the Media that Ahmaud was a Good Kid who was just out for a jog, and video surfaces of him casing out a home under construction just before the shooting, then it’s not surprising they would wonder what other details they are not being told.

      Especially when simply expressing skepticism about the official story is treated as a de facto admission of Klan membership by the virtue-signaling Twitter brigades.

      I agreed that based on the video this was a Bad Shoot and criminal charges are warranted. But the Media’s refusal to tell the unvarnished truth in cases like this is what creates the skepticism, not some latent racism that has been unleashed by the Age of Drumpf.

      1. Yes. All of that. The problem with these cases is that the media’s desire to create racial animus and virtue signal is so overwhelming that you can’t trust anything they say about the case. Without knowing the full story, it is very hard to have an informed opinion about it one way or another.

      2. Especially when simply expressing skepticism about the official story is treated as a de facto admission of Klan membership by the virtue-signaling Twitter brigades.


      3. And remember that almost every story about Michael Brown’s death had that photo of him as a 13 year old in an arcade plastered to the top in an attempt to emotionally manipulate the story. It makes people suspect, every time they hear a story like this, that they’re being lied to, or at least not being told the whole truth.

        In this case there’s no reason these two should get off. That doesn’t mean the media should expect people to buy every narrative they try to sell about this story.

        1. For grins I went back reviewed Reason’s coverage of the Michael Brown shooting (and you can too, just type “Michael Brown Shooting ” into the search bar) and it was as bad as I remembered.

          Reason completely and totally bought the narrative that the Brown shooting was unjustified and completely discounted the police accounts until it became obvious that they were telling the truth.

          Then they switched to writing more soul-searching articles blaming the drug war and police militarization.

          Not saying that this is the case here; circumstances are very different this time. But the same eager rush by the Media to distort key details and downplay inconvenient facts of this case is why so many people refuse to believe the narrative.

    4. What jogger?

      You mean the guy running away from the house he’d trespassed in when he saw a guy standing outside, watching him, who was on the phone?

      ‘Jogger’ is the first lie. In the video, he walks up to the house. There is no indication that he’d been jogging or running in any way before.

      The entire idea that he was a ‘jogger’ stems from him running away from the house on the video and his mother thinking that he ‘might have been jogging because he was on the football team in high school’.

      He was running away from the house. Not jogging. ‘Fleeing the scene’.

      When your first statement has to be a lie for the rest of your story to work, nothing else you say can be believed.

  19. “The American Civil Liberties Union is not happy about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s move to strengthen civil liberties for college students accused of sexual assault.”

    Whenever the ACLU is on one side of an issue, and the Drumpf Administration is on the other, it’s a safe bet the ACLU is correct.


    1. Unless they accuse Joe Biden.

      1. that’s because it’s the most importantest election ever!!!1

        …so we need to give the highest office in the country to a handsy dementia patient

  20. …are self-quarantining after being exposed to a staffer who has tested positive for the virus.

    That staffer was the guy responsible for handing Pence his mask.

  21. “Joe Biden ‘Should Not Be Running on Character'”

    Ugh. The “cognitive decline” attack failed miserably, so now it’s about “character.”

    Here’s the truth: Biden was already vetted in 2008 by Obama’s team. If they didn’t find anything disqualifying then, it means there was nothing to find.


    1. Yes, its a spoof, I know.

      Kavanaugh went through multiple FBI screenings.

    2. Uh huh….the better question is when will Brain-Damaged Biden come out of his basement bunker to face the news…


  22.’s benefactor continues to struggle.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $49.3 billion

    Can you imagine how painful it is to work hard your entire life, become one of the richest people on the planet — then watch your fortune collapse because the President isn’t following your recommendations on immigration?

    We. Need. Open. Borders. NOW!


    1. Yeah, its rough. I am only down 5% or so. Poor Koch.

      1. I’ve lost my entire investment portfolio. Bad enough that not a damn one of the numbers matched, but I cracked a nail scratching off the ticket.

    2. He’s just helping level out income inequality.


    1/ It is now obvious that the New York City epidemic peaked over a month ago – deaths topped out on April 7, and the peak hospitalization week was even earlier. In this, New York appears no different than any of the hard-hit European countries – a quick spike and a slower drop…


    Millions of children worldwide have already been exposed to #SARS-COV-2; hospitalizations and deaths are vanishingly low. Yet, suddenly, just as the media and lockdown governors need a new reason to panic people, New York state@reports three child deaths “related to” #COVID…

    “Related” how? Who knows? Some of the kids (and others who were hospitalized but fortunately didn’t die) had an active infection; some had antibodies; some had neither. Did they have other serious medical conditions? Nobody is saying…

    1. A reminder: If you continue to post Twitter hot takes as Totally Not Fake News™ without having paid your union dues to the Journalist Guild as is required of all Real Journalist™ members, you are opening yourself up to charges of fraud and impersonating a Real Journalist™ and can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    2. Does “the children died in hospitals that had treated COVID patients” count?

    3. they were related to someone who had #COVID, duh

  25. Anyone looking for a reason to automatically dismiss Reade must have been disappointed by the interview.

    I understand from numerous twitter dress code historians that in 1993 it was illegal for a woman to enter the workplace in the District of Columbia w/o wearing pantyhose so it is totes impossible the digital penetration occurred as described by the lying whore, Tara Reade.

  26. Fauci is doing a “modified quarantine” where he’ll work from home but also go in to the office when he feels like it. Because rules are for the little people.

    1. I tried to convince my last boss to let me do that. I was ahead of my time.

  27. The American Civil Liberties Union is not happy about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s move to strengthen civil liberties for college students accused of sexual assault.

    Can we finally stop pretending that organization actually cares about civil liberties?

  28. the decision on whether to completely remove manufacturing from the area — instead of just the headquarters and unnamed Tesla programs — would be dependent on how well the company is treated going forward

    “Oh, very well. Here’s a check for $1200.”

  29. This is a notable step up from the Brown birdbrain droppings.

    Reade, like Ford, doesn’t possess any hard evidence.

    That may be true, but there is a fuckton more corroborating evidence for Ms. Reade than there ever was for Dr. Ford.

    1. She is just as clear, concise, and sympathetic as Ford

      I never found Ford to be sympathetic.

      1. her seven-year-old voice was meant to melt everyone’s steely resolve.

  30. Did you hear about the skydiver whose parachute malfunctioned?

    He died of Covid-19.

    1. I heard someone from the CDC say almost exactly that in an interview.

      1. Link?

        Was it something like “If there hadn’t been a pandemic he wouldn’t have been skydiving?”

        1. I heard it on the radio so I don’t have a link. Basically they said that if a person tests positive for the virus it will be logged as Covid-19 related death, regardless of the actual cause of death.

          1. It was a call-in program to the director of the state CDC. The question was how the deaths are being recorded and if different states are doing it differently. He stressed that all states are following federal guidelines but didn’t like it when the caller pressed for what those guidelines actually are. So he admitted that the number of deaths could be greatly inflated since they count every dead person who tests positive, but then said they’re low because they don’t count people who die outside hospitals or otherwise die without being tested. In other words, the numbers are a bunch of bullshit.

    2. At least his social distancing kept others safe.

  31. This woman is a joke, just like her story that changes every day.

    But if we’re so inclined, sure, let’s remove Biden from the ticket and Trump too.

    1. But it’s FOX News! It can be trusted! Had the exact same interview happened on CNN it would be fake news!

      1. Except it wasn’t Fox News. Megyn Kelly hasn’t worked for Fox in 4 years.

        1. Well, in that case, FAKE NEWS!

    2. “This woman is a joke, just like her story that changes every day.”

      You’re good at excuses for dim-bulb lefties. You suck at facts or logic.
      Fuck off, slaver.

  32. Given that Sleepy Joe often comes off like a dirty old creep, I can easily believe that he may have touched Reade in some unwanted, unprofessional manner. Again, there’s a pretty big gap between merely touching someone and sexually assaulting someone.

    There’s no way to prove what she’s saying, it’s wrong to smear someone like this, and in the absence of proof, even an asshole like Biden deserves to be presumed innocent of an accusation this grave. It’s called “having principles”, something today’s left-liberals can no longer even understand, much less relate to.

    When it comes to talking about what a corrupt scumbag Sleepy Joe is, we should stick to the things we absolutely know for a fact, such as the fact that he used his power to strong-arm Ukraine into giving his worthless cokehead son a fake job that paid him a million dollars a year to do nothing. We know for a fact that this happened, because the old fool was so proud of what he did he openly bragged about it to the world.

    1. “There’s no way to prove what she’s saying, it’s wrong to smear someone like this, and in the absence of proof, even an asshole like Biden deserves to be presumed innocent of an accusation this grave. It’s called “having principles”, something today’s left-liberals can no longer even understand, much less relate to.”

      Judge not, lest ye be judged yeself.
      I’m ok with holding Biden and leftist to Biden’s and leftists own standards.
      Ultimately though, I don’t really care that much about the allegations.
      The career corruption and his loyalty to China is a far greater concern

      1. Loyalty to China? First time I’ve heard that. What does that mean, that anyone who opposes Trump’s trade war is loyal to China?

        1. I think he’s referring to American politicians’ long-standing practice of selling out American interests for Chinese money, and in Biden’s case, his blatant doing so by allowing his cokehead of a son to fly on Air Force 2 with him to China.

          And also, let’s be honest here, we have Democrats and MSM folks calling for Chinese style censorship. Saying they’re more loyal to China than the US isn’t a stretch. Although if we give them the censorship they want, they might be surprised, since speaking up against the ruling government in China usually ends with involuntary organ donations or jail time in concentration camps.

          1. involuntary organ donations

            Involuntary? You signed the card, buddy!

            jail time team-building exercises in concentration camps cooperative educational facilities

            Not everyone can learn to code, but everyone deserves to be retrained.

        2. Yes clearly Democrats and libertarians are only loyal to trading with the scumbag governments of the planet and letting anyone into America to join the welfare system.

          It’s why you are going to lose again in November.

          1. Wow dude. That’s so stupid I’m left without a witty retort.

            1. Wait… you think you’ve been witty all these years?

          2. We all lose in November.

    2. There’s no way to prove what she’s saying, it’s wrong to smear someone like this, and in the absence of proof, even an asshole like Biden deserves to be presumed innocent of an accusation this grave

      It’s still relative hearsay, but if she did actually file a complaint on this and it was delivered to the University of Delaware with the rest of his papers, I’m sure some helpful archivist will do their public duty and shred it before it comes to light.

      That, and the fact that her Mom called in to Larry King about it way back in 1993 (which CNN has effectively memory-holed) gives her story better credibility that Christine Boozy-Ford’s blatant hit job on Kavanaugh.

      1. Let’s not forget her husband mentioning it during part of their divorce proceedings in SLO County, CA in like 1995 or 96. It came up in the context of him defending himself against a restraining order she was trying to get the court to agree to against him. The husband claimed she’d been the victim of sexual harassment while working on a Senator’s staff. How that was relevant, I don’t know.

  33. Tara Reade Tells Megyn Kelly That Joe Biden ‘Should Not Be Running on Character’

    The only people who should be running on their character is Larry David and Tina Fey.

  34. “They’re treating the Michael Flynn story like it’s a bigger deal than the deaths of 2,000 Americans a day.”

    Well, you know, Brian, those numbers would likely be a lot lower if the CDC hadn’t changed the definition of a C19 death in mid-April after it became obvious that the number of deaths had been declining since the beginning of the month.

    1. Current Top Headlines on CNN World News.

      Analysis – Renewed outbreaks in China and South Korea show risk of reopening
      Chinese and Indian soldiers engage in ‘aggressive’ cross-border skirmish
      Prince Harry sends support message to Invictus Games participants
      China hits back at so-called coronavirus ‘lies’ by US politicians
      Japan’s central bank gets its first woman executive director in 138 years

      HOW DARE YOU! It’s CNN’s job to decide what’s important and what’s not, Chris Cuomo said so! If CNN says Prince Harry tweeting some shit and Chinese and Indian troops brawling on the border are of equal importance along with the Bank of Japan getting with the 1880’s and CNN’s own opinion of how to run China, who are you to say otherwise? Besides, there’s a funny video of a kitten falling off a table and you’re not going to see hard-hitting speaking of truth to power like that just any old where besides legitimate news sources like CNN.

    2. I mean, considering in 2019 the average amount of deaths per day in the US was between 7-8000, and that currently a lot less people are driving or doing stuff, somehow I have a feeling that those 2000 people aren’t really raising the overall amount of people that die daily that much.

      1. According to excessive death numbers, daily deaths were up in March and April. The CDC reports per week deaths compared to the weekly 3-year average show high deaths in several states. With New York, of course, being the highest. Numbers haven’t been reported for all of April or May. Some states still didn’t experience any more excessive deaths then they did during the 2017-2018 flu season. Others had massive spikes.

  35. Although it has been obvious for 2+ years, there is slam dunk evidence that Obama attempted a coup of his successor. Literal treason. No other political “outrage” could come close.

    Reason: crickets! Get yer crickets!

    1. Some of the MSM bigwigs should be looked into during these investigations. We know they were working with the DNC during the 2016 debates, passing questions and info to Clinton. Between that and a clear pattern of bias and false stories, I think it would be enough to open up RICO on them once the investigation really gets under way.

    2. It’s 90% of the reason why the asshole is still living in D.C. when he should have gone back to wherever he came from more than three years ago, just like every one of his predecessors did going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson.

      Most of his waking hours are spent in his heavily defended bunker, working and communicating with his loyalists to undermine Trump and operate almost as an ongoing shadow government with the government.

      Frankly, it’s probably the most un-American conduct by a former president in our nation’s history.

      1. You’ll know the allegations get legs when he leaves D.C. for somewhere without extradition to the US. Or when Michelle Obama, despite in no way wanting the job, figures running as a candidate is the only way to short circuit any investigation into her or her husband’s role in starting this entire Russian influence hoax.

    3. You can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the politician.

      Absolutely no one should be surprised that Obama initiated the Flynn prosecution, nor should anyone be surprised that his sycophants in the FBI and CIA employed a fugazi to provide the foundation for impeaching him (only going to the Ukraine angle when that all blew up in their face).

      Nuke Chicago today.

      1. Nuke Chicago today.

        But, Lex, my mother lives in Chicago…

        1. ::checks watch, shrugs::

      2. >>Nuke Chicago today.

        Buck Rogers season 1 episode 6 “Plot to Kill a City” …

  36. “Anyone looking for a reason to automatically dismiss Reade must have been disappointed by the interview. She is just as clear, concise, and sympathetic as Ford, whose composure was widely treated by the media as evidence that she must be telling the truth.”

    Ford was a goddamn train wreck.

    1. I’ll take people’s word for it. She was basically unwatchable for me. I’ve seen a few clips of her speaking but I had to tune her out after two sentences.

      I’ll have to assume that she doesn’t sound like that in her role as a professor, otherwise her students would never get through a lecture.

  37. Further evidence that COVID-19 is realigning politics in California:

    Tesla Inc. TSLA -0.26% has asked a federal judge to allow the electric-car maker to reopen its lone U.S. assembly factory, calling a local government’s insistence that it remain closed to fight the spread of Covid-19 a power grab that defies the U.S. Constitution.

    The lawsuit, filed Saturday, followed a new string of messages on Twitter by a frustrated Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, saying he is ready to abandon California as the company’s home after Alameda County officials said Tesla can’t resume production even as the state begins to start reopening.

    The Tesla CEO, through Twitter, on Saturday morning said: “Tesla is filing a lawsuit against Alameda County immediately. The unelected & ignorant “Interim Health Officer” of Alameda is acting contrary to the Governor, the President, our Constitutional freedoms & just plain common sense!”

    Even after California has told them they can reopen and start manufacturing again, the progressive idiots that run Alameda County (Berkeley – Oakland – San Francisco) are keeping their own lockdown in place–which seems to be all about culture war politics more than anything else. It isn’t just your run of the mill petty bureaucrat making himself feel important by keeping Tesla shutdown. It’s more about the idea that if rednecks elsewhere in the U.S. hate lockdowns, then they’ll just keep them in place out of spite!

    The lockdowns and the virus laid bare any pretensions progressives had about making women, LGBTQI+, or other minorities free to do anything. Even when the issue in question only impacts their own constituencies, they’re primarily about bullying people–because they can.

    What makes a bureaucrat imagine that he or she knows what’s best for millions of people in Alameda County–better than they know for themselves? It’s gotten so bad, they’re about to make “redneck” out of a silicon valley entrepreneur like Elon Musk, and he is presumably not the only one screaming bloody murder.

    I maintain that being a progressive is about using the coercive power of government to force people to make sacrifices supposedly for their own good. We can officially scratch “for their own good” off of that definition. It isn’t the good of the people they’re worried about. It’s just about inflicting the party’s concept of good on people who don’t share their values.

    IF IF IF and when the people of California start to realize that out politics is the progressive Democrats against the working people of California, we may see the state start to become a two-party state again.

    1. It will only realign California if there is a Democratic alternative to Newsome or people are willing to vote Republican. I wouldn’t say either is impossible. But, if I had to bet, I bet there will be no alternative to Newsome and people will refuse to vote Republican and things will stay exactly the same only with very low voter turnout. My guess is that it will end up being like New York City, which has a malignant retard for a mayor but a populace too stupid and beat down to do anything about it except check out and not vote.

      1. That’s the point, John.

        If the central issues driving California politics are no longer about racism, homophobia, xenophobia, feminism, and global warming and become about millions of middle class Californians losing their jobs, their homes, and their businesses because of the lock down instead, then you get a different result.

        P.S. San Diego is experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases because of people coming across the border legally from Tijuana.

        “TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – The number of deaths from the coronavirus in Mexico’s best-known border city, Tijuana, has soared and the COVID-19 mortality rate is twice the national average, the health ministry says, after medical staff quickly fell ill as the outbreak rampaged through hospital wards.

        . . . .

        More than 21% of patients who have tested positive for coronavirus in the city do not survive, health ministry data showed as of Thursday. In the rest of Mexico, the figure was just under 10%

        And just like that, discussing immigration is no longer verboten in polite society.

        Cha cha cha cha Changes.

        The dominance of political correctness in our discourse accelerated dramatically during the Obama administration and probably peaked in his wake. All trends change, and the death of this wave of political correctness didn’t come to an end with the election of Donald Trump. I think it was punctuated when Elizabeth Warren ran on social justice issues, even going after Bernie Sanders himself as a sexist, only to come in fourth in her home progressive state of Massachusetts. The coronavirus is a reset button, like the election of Obama was before it and 9/11 was before that, but this wave of social justice was already dead and dying–if you can’t even use it to come in better than fourth in Massachusetts.

        As social justice becomes less of an issue, Republicans in California will do better and better.

        1. I understand all of that. But you have to remember that voting is revealed preference versus stated preference. It doesn’t matter what your biggest concern is. What matters is what concern causes you to change your vote or keep it the same.

          It make work out the way you say. But I think it likely works out that people have all of the concerns you describe but still because of the tremendous social and emotional pressure that exists in these communities to vote democrat and feel like “one of the good people” and not vote “Republican and be a racist” that people either still vote Democrat or just stay home and don’t vote such that the same people remain in charge. I have seen this happen in New York City. Everyone there knows DiBlasio is a dangerous retard who is destroying the city. But, they can’t bring themselves to vote for a Republican and the Democratic party there will not and really cannot offer anything better. So, people just get disillusioned and stay home and don’t vote. Meanwhile, the lunatic fringe still shows up and votes, because they will vote for any lunatic retard, and the same people stay in control. I bet that is what happens in California.

          1. All that social pressure shit goes out the window when average people are losing their homes.

            Last poll I saw suggested that Trump’s approval ratings after COVID-19 are pretty much where they were before. That’s great news if you’re running the Trump campaign.

            30.3 million people lose their jobs–and they don’t think any differently of the president than they did before?!

            When the sheriff comes to move you out of your apartment because you haven’t paid the rent and Karen leaves to go live with her parents and takes the fucking kids or your house gets foreclosed on and the unemployment rate is 20%, they’re going to blame somebody–and among the people I know in my stomping grounds (North County San Diego, Orange County, North LA County, and elsewhere), they’re blaming Newsom.

            Watch to see what happens in that special election coming up in Santa Clarita. That city was the model for the typical planned community in Southern California for the series Weeds. They were Ronald Reagan Republicans (a Republican who hardly ever bothered with a culture war issue–and was pro-immigration), but they drifted towards the Democrats as the Republican party became more about culture war/social justice issues. If we see them break for a Republican in this special election, 1) it won’t surprise me, 2) it’ll be the first time the Republicans gained a House seat from California in a long, long time, and 3) it will confirm what I’m hearing from the people I know and talk to.

            The only issue that really matters IF IF IF people can go back to work, and Newsom and the Democrats are on the wrong side of that issue. I think they may end up feeling about the lock-downs like Pete Wilson did about championing Prop 187. It was real popular at the time! But winning that battle lost them the war so badly that the only Republican they’ve been able to elect since was himself an immigrant with an unshakable accent. Cuomo and Newsom have removed themselves from serious consideration for national office–and have opened the door for Republicans to move in again.

            1. “All that social pressure shit goes out the window when average people are losing their homes”

              Will you stop posting if your pontification is wrong?

              Otherwise it’s just some dickhead playing nostradumbass.

              1. Is this Tulpa?

                Hi Tulpa!

    2. I maintain that being a progressive is about using the coercive power of government to force people to make sacrifices supposedly for their own good.

      You do realize that by that definition, Elon Musk is about as progressive as it gets? If it weren’t for using the coercive power of the state to subsidize “clean” electric cars in the name of saving the planet from the hotcoldwetdry, Tesla would never have existed as a going concern.

      I have about as much interest in the Musk/Commie cripple fight as I do the Cuomo/DeBlasio dick-measuring spat. I can only hope they all lose.

      1. Pretty much that. If getting fucked over by the government they helped create stopped people from being leftists, leftism would have died out a hundred years ago. These people never learn. It is either “if Stalin only knew” or “we just had the wrong people in charge”.

        I would love to share Ken’s optimism but there is a 150 year history of these people’s behavior that says otherwise.

      2. “If it weren’t for using the coercive power of the state to subsidize “clean” electric cars in the name of saving the planet from the hotcoldwetdry, Tesla would never have existed as a going concern.”

        This isn’t true just because you say so. To certain people on the right, that’s the way things work, and I’m sure there are plenty of progressives who buy cars because they think that’s the way things work, too.

        The fact remains that selling cars to people who are willing to pay a premium for them is the libertarian and capitalist solution to doing that, and the fact remains that Tesla continues to sell cars to buyers even after the tax incentives expired.

        Meanwhile, replacing government services with private contractors, which is what is happening with Musk’s SpaceX program, isn’t just libertarian and capitalist, it’s fucking anarch-capitalism in action.

        If progressives were wildly enthusiastic about giving Cody Wilson and whatever he’s doing now to 3d print AR-15s a bunch of tax breaks, I don’t think that would make Cody Wilson a progressive. In fact, while the government picking winners and losers may not pass a libertarian purity test, I’m not convinced that tax credits are entirely anti-libertarian in every way. Anyone who wants equal taxes for everything may in favor of something beautiful, but in the real world 1) setting taxes lower is better than higher, and 2) various interests will always pursue tax breaks commensurate with their influence on government.

        1. “This isn’t true just because you say so”

          Look at the money he got and when he got it retard. He’s right. Sorry you want him to be wrong just because you say so.

          1. “Look at the money he got and when he got it retard.”

            Does anybody know what this means?

      3. I don’t think that making money off the spoils of progressive policies makes one a progressive.

        1. If it grifts like a progressive…

    3. It isn’t just your run of the mill petty bureaucrat making himself feel important by keeping Tesla shutdown. It’s more about the idea that if rednecks elsewhere in the U.S. hate lockdowns, then they’ll just keep them in place out of spite!

      That’s pretty much all it boils down to. Any state keeping the lockdowns in place into June is just practicing economic vandalism at that point. From what I’m hearing, in a lot of rural areas they’re doing whatever the hell they feel like anyway, since the governors and their goons won’t leave the comfort of their urban cocoon and thus can’t enforce their edicts.

      1. And then the people in the cities will just drive out there and give them their money. I drove by a DC Metro parking garage this morning and it looked as full as it would have on a Monday morning before all of this. Maybe that is some kind of an exception. But I keep seeing more and more traffic and people just saying the hell with all this nonsense. I think June 1 might be a real watershed moment. There is something about the turning of a year or a month that causes people to finally draw a line about things.

    4. What a dick. THe company I worked for went to the county, asked them for help in designing a back-to-work-policy, and then got clear directions from them on how to do so. You’ve got to ask yourself if you work for a company with a CEO like Elon Musk if you really want to work there owing to the fact that the CEO is telling everyone to get back out there on the assembly line while there’s a deadly pandemic going on. I wouldn’t. I’d probably send an all-company email

      To: Elon
      CC: all company

      Dear Elon:

      Its probably best for all of us if you get busy with your project to launch you and your weirdo girlfriend to Mars. A company that puts profits and the interests of its rich CEO ahead of the health of its employees isn’t exactly where I want to spend my time. I quit. Go fuck yourself. Sincerely, American Socialist.

      1. “What a dick. THe company I worked for went to the county, asked them for help in designing a back-to-work-policy, and then got clear directions from them on how to do so.”

        Why should anyone need to do that?

        Why should anyone need permission from a county bureaucrat to open their business or go to work?

      2. “THe company I worked for”

        Lol, okay.

      3. the CEO is telling everyone to get back out there on the assembly line

        Actually, he’s not doing that. But you knew that.

      4. All of a sudden Mr. Sustainable Energy Man isn’t the golden god he was before.

      5. A county of 1.6 million people has 2,000 cases and 71 deaths and we need to continue the shut down beyond the current two months it’s lasted? What the hell is wrong with you people?

        1. You should see the assholes in Moraga acting like everyone has airborne leprosy/HIV. Fuckers lean away when you walk past them.
          One fucker I almost decided to drive block him to really give him something to lean away from but my girfriend is one of the Hygiene Hystericals and I like being with her more than I disliked a Lamorindan being a fuckhead so I didn’t.

  38. >>coronavirus reporting typically lags over the weekends

    The Nurses are all out at bars?

    1. more like the reporters are all at the bars.

  39. So I had to go to COSTCO this morning with the wife. We get there early and are standing outside. The wind is blowing and it is cold even though its May. I am standing out there miserable but have my mask at the ready because you have to have one when you go into the store. That annoys the hell out of me but it is their store. I will live by their rules. All if fine until some fucking male Karen standing behind me wearing a mask that looks like he stole it from the IBM clean room somewhere, tells me I should be wearing a mask. I told him to fuck off that the chances of the virus spreading outdoors in these conditions at this distance were zero. He then said it was “the decent thing to do”. At this point my wife intervened probably for the better.

    The media has some of these people so fucking panicked, it is pathetic. And frankly it is starting to scare the hell out of me. These idiots will believe and follow anything. Fuck this nonsense. I am not wearing a mask everywhere for the rest of my life. You have to die sometime.

    1. I’ve never been more embarrassed and ashamed to be an american in my entire life(maybe #bostonstrong). I feel bad for the women who have to depend on these spineless pussy busybodies and I feel bad for my grandkids who I’m going to have to explain that yes humans did in fact build the sky scrapers and not gods in 30 years.

      1. They are just so easy to manipulate. They have no inner sense of confidence and identity. All you have to do is convince them that doing something makes them “tolerant” or “a good person” and they will do it. Worse still, the more ridiculous and symbolic it is, the more they are willing to do it. They would never make an actual sacrifice or take any real risk to do any good. But boy will they go out and virtue signal and bully everyone else so they can feel good about themselves.

        1. That’s the thing nobody’s going to modify their behavior to do what they want to do they are just going to do it. Irish democracy and all that. I just can’t stand the blatant shameless hypocrisy of it all. It’s sheer theater and nonsense policy and it’s completely obvious. Why are these box stores allowed to be open but no mom and pops? Why are they allowed to be open but not churches? We have fucking real world shit everyone can see it’s theater and makes no sense yet they just go along with it. It’s insane and beyond the pale retarded. Beyond the pale.

          1. We have a virus that is very contiguous and can be very deadly but affects the old and the sick almost exclusively. It rarely produces anything beyond mild symptoms in young, healthy people. It also spreads like wildfire in contained, indoor spaces.

            So what did we do? Absolutely nothing to control access to crowded indoor spaces like mass transit, nothing to quarantine and protect people in nursing homes (in New York State they forced nursing homes to take people with the virus, which is straight up murder as far as I am concerned). Instead of doing any of that, they told healthy people who were at the least risk to run around in masks and stay in their homes unless told otherwise.

            It is a case of mass insanity. It is the only way I can explain it.

            1. “We have a virus that is very contiguous and can be very deadly”

              Right but we’re talking about COVID which is neither of those.

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    1. I wonder why the person who signed up the bot, thought Reason would be a great place to harvest clicks for Desi websites.

  42. “Nineteen sailors have been killed and 15 others injured in an accident involving Iranian naval vessels in the Gulf of Oman, Iran’s navy has said.

    Iranian media reported that the support ship Konarak was hit by a new anti-ship missile being tested by the frigate Jamaran during an exercise on Sunday.”


    The Iranians can’t do anything right, and that isn’t just random, arbitrary incompetence. This is Ayn Rand level ‘train stuck in the tunnel’ stuff–that section of Atlas Shrugged being the greatest thing she ever wrote.

    Even before the U.S. became so dominant in oil production, Iran and Venezuela were the two members of OPEC that always wanted OPEC countries’ quota slashed. They wanted less production world wide and higher prices for each barrell–because they were the only two countries in OPEC that couldn’t produce their quota. It’s been that way for decades in Iran’s case. There just isn’t anything about an authoritarian centrally planned system that rewards competence or act anything like a meritocracy. It’s rewards cronyism.

    The same problems presumably impact their military. The people in charge of everything from procurement to training are probably the family and friends of the powerful rather than competent managers. That’s why you can’t pump your quota of oil out of the ground because your equipment and personnel are incapable of doing so–for decades at a time. That’s why you accidentally shoot your own commercial airline down. And that’s why you kill 19 sailors and injure another 15 in a naval training exercise–despite naval power in the Persian Gulf being so integral to Iranian security.

    if you think things are bad here in the U.S. with 14% unemployment nationally, imagine how bad it must be in Iran, when the price of the only commodity they can sell on the black market (oil) for foreign currency has fallen so low, it’s bankrupting drillers in the U.S.

    World events are often driven by economic disruptions, and it will be interesting to see what happens as Iran emerges from lock down. The mosques have been shut down for months, but they’re opening up again on Tuesday. My understanding is that the time right after prayers on Friday has typically been times of protest, and the Iranian people have so much to protest, so much that it’s probably not about this or that incident anymore. Their government is so profoundly incompetent, it’s hard to imagine things getting better without getting rid of the government first.

    P.S. The Trump administration is in the midst of withdrawing our Patriot anti-missile batteries from Saudi Arabia as well as some of our troops. Long term, Iran remains a threat, but the Mullahs have a lot more than the United States and Saudi Arabia to worry about right now.

    1. People who haven’t been in the military often don’t understand that the first and most important thing is not to shoot each other. Doing that is harder than it looks. Forget killing the enemy, first you have to not kill your own people. Friendly fire accidents happen with even the best trained forces. In poorly trained forces run by fanatical retards like the Iranian forces, it happens all of the time.

    2. The statement added that the Konarak had been taken to a port for “technical inspection”, but it made no reference to the circumstances of the accident.

      Do they think the repairers aren’t going to notice all that twisted and charred metal?

      1. It took them forever to admit they’d put one of their own boats aground on a breakwater near their naval base, despite the boat sitting there, broken, for months.

        I think the news about Iran supposedly trying cyber shenanigans against Israel, a day or two before their blue on blue, is sort of interesting. F-35 does supposedly have all sorts of ECM games it can play, and the Israelis have already shown how clever they are at this sort of thing with things like Suter. LOL at blasting your own tender assisting in the missile exercise.

        At least it wasn’t another airliner.

        1. That would have been quite a trick with an anti-ship missile.

  43. I thought the prepper and GOP community at was alot more stoic than the bitching and moaning I see upthread. I mean, John actually had to wait outside where it was cold and he found the mask he was wearing to be inconvenient. Are you guys sure you are ready for the upcoming race war and {rubs hands together} communist/socialist alliance that is all going to put you in reeducation camps. You don’t seem ready is all I’ve got to say.

    1. “prepper community at… bitching and moaning… upcoming race war… communist/socialist alliance… reeducation camps…”

      Lol, you really do live in a fantasy land of strawman villains and prog tropes inside your head.

      How the hell you’ll survive the real world when mom kicks you out of her basement, is a mystery.

  44. There’s one political party that at least cares about sexual assault and some women getting raped and that’s the Democrats. Look at how they are getting all fluttery about just one accusation of sexual assault. I mean, Dear Leader has 25– one of which is an accusation that he violently raped a 13 year old– and all the GOP did is tell us those bitches they were lying.

    If you think fucking a women against their will is ok or you think its ok to violently assault a women in college because you are a privileged frat bro you should probably vote Republican. That’s kind of where they are at. If you don’t think that, you should probably not vote for them.

    1. yawn, boring.

      1. You left off “immature”, “stupid” and “smug about it”

    2. Democrats care deeply about sexual assault. They just don’t think any Democrat is ever guilty of it and every Republican is. Funny how that works.

      It is really astounding how stupid and irrational you are. You are so stupid and emotional, you don’t even realize what you are thinking. You just emote.

      1. “It’s okay to be raped by a progressive” – t. AmSoc

      2. Speaking of emoting: Tell us how cold it was John when you had to wait outside of the store with a mask on {while there was a pandemic going on}. Was it really cold? You poor thing. Were you really in the military?

        1. I’m a northern Canadian, born and bred, and even I find damp spring cold to be unbearable sometimes.
          Where do you live that you don’t understand hypothermia or comprehend the dangers of cold?

          You’re so mindblowingly naive and ignorant.

        2. God damn John must have really pissed you off to cry as much as you are.

    3. >>>one political party that at least cares about sexual assault and some women getting raped

      ya (D) needs more combined rapes and pregnancies to advance that bullshit narrative about abortion necessary for rape victims

    4. Is it true a DNC insider said, “that lying white bitch better man up and get down on her knees for her next president”?

  45. Discussing the Tara Reid story is becoming a pro-Biden thing at this point.

    The story only matters insofar is it exposes progressive hypocrisy, but it makes the #MeToo critics look like hypocrites as well–if they’re using this story to suggest that 25 year old accusations should be given serious consideration.

    Meanwhile, the best, most effective and persuasive arguments against Biden have nothing to do with Tara Reid.

    You want to sink Biden’s candidacy?

    Highlight his stance on the Green New Deal.
    Highlight his stance on Medicare for All.

    Tara Reid is a distraction. At some point, the Biden campaign will want you to be talking about Tara Reid so that you won’t be talking about all the really damaging things you can say about Biden on the issues that really matter to swing voters in swing states.

    1. Highlight his history of being one of the primary senate architects behind asset forfeiture policies and minimum sentencing. He’s literally the worse dem candidate for black people to run since FDR.

      1. Add to it him spearheading bankruptcy reform in 2004, that made it far more difficult for consumers to file, either under Chapter 7 or 13. You can argue it was way too easy before for consumers to walk away from unsecured debt, but it’s hard to square Biden’s sponsoring that bill, while claiming to be the friend of the working class.

        He’s just a thorough shitbag, however you look at him.

  46. Lol, you really do live in a fantasy land of strawman villains and prog tropes inside your balding head.

    How the hell you’ll survive the real world when mom kicks you out of her basement, is a mystery.

  47. I see faggot AmSoc crawled out of his tent in the junkyard after flogging his limp little dick all night to say sexual assault is ok if you’re a liberal Democrat and prog shitstain. Typical hypocrisy. It’s why the left is gonna get assfucked hard in November.

    1. Just like Jeff, he’s a Media Matters fifty-center, paid to visit and derail.

  48. If you guys are so concerned about sexual assault why are you voting for Dear Leader? He’s had lots of women around him that have been repelled by his advances enough to file a report about it. You seem to have two sets of standards– one for glorious Dear Leader and another for everyone else. How North Korean.

    1. Who said any of us were actually concerned about it? If Biden gets hoisted by it, that’s perfectly fine. It’s not like the left has the moral high ground here, not after the second-wave feminists sold out their principles on Billy Jeff.

      Hell, Trump getting elected in spite the sexual creeper accusations is exactly what the left deserved.

    2. Nobody gives a shit about it, but everyone is pointing out the hypocrisy of the media and the left for ignoring.
      Your point on double standards is absolutely correct, you’re just lying about who the perps are.
      You’re so utterly dishonest.

  49. Allegations from decades ago are abhorrent. Was there ever another complaint? We should concentrate on actual predators.

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