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In England, the South Yorkshire Police Department has apologized for ordering a family out of their own garden. Video of the encounter shows a police officer telling a couple and their two children they had to stay inside their home because of the coronavirus. "The virus does not stop on your front gardens," she warned. "A thousand people died yesterday, a thousand people." In fact, the nation's shelter-in-place rules explicitly allow people onto their yards, gardens and out buildings. A police spokesman described the officer as "well-intentioned but ill-informed."

NEXT: A New York Cop Beat Someone Up Over Social Distancing. Will NYPD Policing Finally Change Now?

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  1. The Kid picture is nice. You’re police that does not mean you can abuse the privacy of citizens and not only that you are going inside their houses and telling them to get off the property or don’t do this and that. That’s why college graduation is necessary, we help you in assignment writing .

    1. Excellent segue!

      I remember a few years ago getting paid to write paragraph testimonials for a test preparation service. After enough of those, it got very hard to come up with more without repeating myself. My hat’s off to you, Mr. Strootman.

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  2. And people wonder why folks are just not listening to cop anymore. Some rent-a-cop got killed in Flint, Michigan the other day because he decided he was getting paid enough to try to force Whitmer’s mask “law” on people, and some assholes took exception to that, with extreme prejudice.

    1. Because it’s every ‘Murican’s right to shoot the employees of private businesses for asking customers to comply with the rules of the the business!

      By damn, I done shot me a waiter at the other day for telling me I had to wear shoes to eat in his restaurant! Justice!

      1. There was a fight.

      2. Thanks for the red herring, but nobody is interested. It’s clear that @darkflame wasn’t supportive of the shooting. The text “some assholes” should have been your major clue.

  3. Damn Boobie, er, I mean Bobbie.

    1. “That’s Cuntstubble to you, sir!”

      (They don’t give her rank so, she could easily be a Senior Cuntstubble.)

      1. American police don’t have Constables; they may not get the reference but, that’s how we pronounce it down-under.

  4. The virus does not stop on your front gardens…

    The virus only respects your front door.

    1. No love for the back door huh?

      1. It leaves that for the politicians.

        1. And the priests.

          1. and the MSM reporters? though they’re more boot lickers.

  5. The copper wasn’t well intentioned just authoritarian.

  6. Alternate title: A Copper Named Karen.

    1. Probably had no copper klangers either.

  7. “And nothing else happened”.


  8. “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”

    This should NEVER describe a cop. So the cop got fired, right?

    1. Ignorance of the laws is no excuse. Unless you’re tasked with enforcing them.

      1. “Ah, yes, Officer. It’s time for your pop quiz on the basics of the Law. Please answer quickly and wisely.”

  9. A police spokesman described the officer as “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”

    The police commissioner described the spokesman as “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”

    The mayor described the commissioner as “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”

    The governor described the mayor as “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”


    1. Knowing what the law is seems to be above the pay grade of all those charged with enforcing the law.

      1. Don’t worry, creech. What the law is will eventually be determined by a 5-4 Supreme Court decision.

        1. Did you miss the part that said that this happened in England, not the US?

          1. Hey, they have a Supreme Court, too!


            Now, it has 12 members, not 9, but if three are on sick I guess you could have 5-4 decisions.

    2. And the judge described the whole lot as “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”

  10. A police spokesman described the officer as “well-intentioned but ill-informed.”

    Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Unless you’re one of the King’s Men.

    1. Especially if you’re one of the King’s Karens.

  11. During the Revolutionary War an ~6800 Americans were killed in battle. However, there were ~23,000 total deaths. The additional ~16,200 deaths were from disease, from camping in the elements both to fight the war and as prisoners of war.

    During the Revolutionary War more than twice as many Americans faced their death at the hands of disease in order to earn their freedom than did soldiers on the field of battle.

    In 1776, the case fatality rate for being an American was >0.8%

    1. How many deaths could have been prevented if they only would have worn thin cotton fabric masks?

      1. Yes, and think how many deaths could have been prevented if the U.S. had not retaliated after Pearl Harbor. Plenty of today’s Americans would have been happy to grovel on their knees to the Japanese conquerors rather than face the hell of Iwo Jima and Tarawa, and etc.

  12. “Plenty of TODAY’s Americans…”

    Thank you for reminding me of my debt of gratitude to yesterday’s Americans.

  13. well intentioned but ill informed…hahahahahahahahaha

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