Brickbat: Curbstomped


The Peoria County, Illinois, sheriff's office has stopped the Green Door Video-Erotic Boutique from offering curbside service. Officials say the x-rated store does not qualify as an essential service under the state's "shelter at home" order.

NEXT: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Warns Stay-At-Home Violators: 'We Will Take You To Jail, Period'

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  1. This is pretty funny, but it is fake because he could be charged as a felony assault on a professional essay writers uk federal employee and postman never wear jeans for the uniform.

    1. Your spamming is felony assault on the English language.

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  2. Another ‘citizen complaint’. People snitching on each other all over the country. Today is the 50 year anniversary of the Kent State shootings. The same people protesting then are now snitching and wanting the protests against the overreach over the virus shut down.

    1. Well, the current protests are just white people culturally appropriating civil disobedience from the brother, so it’s totally not cool, man.

      1. Yes, this!

        Today, religious funerals harassed, but patriotic military flyovers are essential business!
        On the same day Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jews came out for a funeral, hundreds were gathering elsewhere in New York City to watch a military flyover.

        Religion not essential; patriotism is! Because Government Almighty says so!

        Tomorrow, voting (campaigning, rallying) DeRpwill be an essential business, but voting (campaigning, rallying) Libertarian will be akin to selling porn videos! NOT an essential business! Because Government Almighty says so!

        1. Did you see that De Blasio actually did have his cops chase a bunch of jews at another funeral. Sweet satan’s doll collection, he is literally becoming a nazi.

    2. No, it’s their kids doing it.

      1. Karens come in all ages.

    3. Did you see the news out of St. Louis? Snitch’s info is available as basically a ROI to the public, the media requested it and then made it public for everyone to see, 900 snitches. Majority were Democrats, of course, and of course all the Karens were in a tizzy about how they could lose their jobs or be affected because people knew that they were spying for the government. This wasn’t some sort of surprise “gotcha” either, to submit a form they had to acknowledge that the info could be made public.

  3. Constitutional protections? They’ll never play in Peoria.

  4. I guess the ACLU has also closed?

    1. They’re staying at least 6 feet away from this thing.

      1. Closer than they’ve been to the truth in decades!

  5. I am amazed that there even is a video rental service these days. Could they not get an exemption as an endangered species?

  6. Since we have no idea when “this” is going to end, do you see the possibility of businesses actually changing their focus to compete with existing “essential” businesses, and people changing their professions to go into those lines? Like for instance this video store changing their stocks to foods, drugs, and maybe hardware?

    1. exactly how much hardware does a barber shop have to sell to qualify as essential

      1. One pair of scissors per year.

      2. 5 Glocks per week. Barbershops are easier to convert to drug stores, depending on which types of drugs they’re moving and provided they’re not cooking the stuff in the back.

  7. It’s kind of surprising that no one has commented on the sign in the picture.

    It wasn’t so long ago that the Reason commentariat was obsessed with weed, messicans and ass sex. Yet, a sign outside an “x-rated store” that solicits passers-by to “order back door” goes without comment.

    The standards sure have slipped around here.

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