Undercover Cops Arrest 2 Women for Operating Home Beauty Businesses In Violation of Coronavirus Lockdown Order

Lockdown enforcement is becoming more authoritarian.


Undercover cops arrested two women in Laredo, Texas, for violating the city's COVID-19 shutdown order. The women, Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia and Brenda Stephanie Mata, had been operating prohibited cosmetology businesses from their home.

The Laredo lockdown mandates that "non-essential" businesses, including cosmetology services, must close. Police say the women were reported anonymously through the department's app.

"Both of the violators independently solicited customers via social media," the department told the Laredo Morning Times. "On both cases, an undercover officer working on the COVID-19 task force enforcement detail made contact with each solicitor to set up an appointment for a cosmetic, beauty service that is prohibited under the emergency ordinance." Police posing as customers then arrested both women in their homes.

Both women were charged with a Class B misdemeanor, which comes with a maximum potential penalty of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The two women were released on $500 personal recognizance bonds.

Their arrests are yet more evidence of law enforcement's self-defeating trend of arresting people for violating stay-at-home orders and social distancing protocols. (The Atlanta Constitution Journal has published a long list of examples here.) Arrests, by their very nature, require police and suspects to come into physical contact with each other. The people being arrested are then put in jails that have become breeding grounds for the novel coronavirus.

The longer local and state lockdown orders remain in place, the more authoritarian the enforcement seems to get.

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  1. Immigrants. Figures.

    1. Au contraire, true Americans. Our forefathers did it to the freaking Brits, it's becoming apparent that it's time to do it to the fascists that have pissed on their oaths to uphold the Constitution. It's past time for a revolution and the ignoramuses who have seized power are doing their level best to ignite one.

      1. Sadly, the only ones who are not unresponsive are the Karens across the land.

        It is as if municipalities revived sleeper cells of Wilson's Four Minute Men.

        1. Awwwww, shut up! Those two women deserved to be arrested. No sympathy from these quarters.

          1. what is wrong with you? you are a POS. go to hell along with your hero cops

          2. Kewl, an Army of God tax leech willing to impersonate and squeal on voluntary production and trade. What a hero!

          3. Wait a second. In Michigan groups gathered on the capitol court house. Instrict violations. No arrests were made. Dave and block traffic so paramedics had a problem getting to the hospital. Did you not read or see that? Unnecessary arrest and a waste of taxpayers money

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  3. Welp, sue for enforcing unconstitutional "laws."

  4. Wow. Just looked a Laredo on Google Maps.

    Usually, truck traffic from Mexico backs up for miles at the border crossing. In the latest image, there's almost nothing.

    1. I hope you realize that the satellite photo data on Google maps can be more than a year old.

      1. It isn't realtime like street view?

      2. Actually, if you look down at the bottom of the image, it tells you the year it was shot - it was 2020.

  5. Another reason to never find a 'cop killer' guilty in court.

    1. Nullification of prohibition laws and dry killers did restore the economy for a while after the Crash and Depression of 1920-1923.

  6. More evidence that illegals are criminals!

    1. No, Mr. JD, the true criminals are those who piss on the Constitution with unlawful takings and numerous other violations of their oath to uphold it.
      "It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government." - Thomas Paine, American revolutionary

  7. Another fantastic moment for the welfare criminals in blue.

  8. Only good cop is one that's in the ground

    1. Why contaminate the ground water supply with cops?

  9. Are you afraid yet? Of the virus, I mean....

  10. One can only assume a public service law firm will take these case to the supreme court to get fascism defined as unconstitutional.
    Like one assumed Hillary would walk away with the win.

  11. Police say the women were reported anonymously through the department's app.

    Seems to be a boom time for snitches.

    Their arrests are yet more evidence of law enforcement's self-defeating trend of arresting people for violating stay-at-home orders and social distancing protocols. ... Arrests, by their very nature, require police and suspects to come into physical contact with each other. The people being arrested are then put in jails that have become breeding grounds for the novel coronavirus.

    If either of these women get infected with the coronavirus, I'm sure the snitch who caused it will be very proud of themselves.

    1. They would “serves her right”. Bet you a dollar,

      1. I thought these people were supposed to empty the jails.

        1. No. You have it all wrong.

          We are emptying the jails of violent offenders, and replacing them with people playing in the park, walking their dogs and cutting hair.

          1. Releasing infected inmates is not going to help, at all. They should be isolated so they can't infect other people.

        2. They do... into cemeteries.

    2. Time to start necklacing snitches.

      1. No, Mr. JD, the true criminals are those who piss on the Constitution with unlawful takings and numerous other violations of their oath to uphold it.
        "It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government." - Thomas Paine, American revolutionary

        1. Well stated.

          It's refreshing to find Common Sense at Reason.

  12. undercover officer working on the COVID-19 task force enforcement detail

    March - 'The stay-at-home orders are really just suggestions, its not like there will be police dedicated to enforcement or anything'

    April - 'Your haircuts are literally killing people. We need a task force to hunt down these murderers.'

  13. STASI -- Stay Tame America, Stay Indoors

  14. Good thing my state's undercover police forces are still up and running. It would be just awful if someone was allowed to be inside their own home doing whatever they want.

  15. Well it IS Laredo. Nobody should be surprised.

    But yeah, wanker cops all around.

    1. At an event in Laredo the Mayor and City council, all rose and recited Bellamy's Pledge of Allegiance. It was like a Nuremberg rally.

  16. "The two women were released on $500 personal recognizance bonds."

    I can only assume this is a good way to finance the police state in a time where Socialism appears inevitable under todays Republican rule!

  17. Bet the undercover cops allowed them to finish the haircut prior to the arrest. You know, for evidence.

  18. I observed a beautician once in Laredo, just to watch her dye.

    1. She was workin’ in a basement shop and I stopped in for a trim.

      I said “take some off the top” she said “all you’re gettin’ Jim”

      Them boys in blue

      Laredo Texas news

  19. Can anyone reference the actual criminal statute, passed by the Texas legislature, that the state is using to charge these women with criminal violations? This has escaped me from the beginning of the lockdowns. It is one thing (of dubious constitutionality) to send out the thug-cops to break up parties, chase people out of parks or even demand that businesses close their doors, under threat of thuggery and violence. But from there it is still quite a leap of dictatorship to charge anyone with crimes that, as far as I know, simply do not exist in any legislation.

    1. Penal code chapter F

      1. Ultra Vires in any case.

    2. Too bad! If people insist on violating the rules that have been put in place due to a true-blue public health crisis (i.e. the Covid-19 virus crisis), then they deserved to be chased out of parks, and fined for not abiding by the rules. I have no sympathy for people who violate the rules of social distancing and who engage in huge gatherings, with no face masks or anything on, and who end up being arrested, fined, and/or possibly worse, at the hands of cops.

      The city that I've lived in for 32 years has recently required that everybody who goes out in public, even if they're just out for a walk, wear face masks, and will be subject to a $300.00 fine if they don't. The police will enforce this rule. Tough if people don't like that. This rule is in addition to the social distancing of 6 feet or more from each other, against huge crowds, and gatherings.

      1. God damn, don't you just love the taste of boot leather.

        May the chains lay lightly on your neck, and I shall forget you are my countryman.

      2. plain to see you would be a slimy rat who would call on your neighbors

      3. If they can force everyone to wear a mask, then they can force all women to wear a burqua. But leftists are enamored of Islam right now, so it would probably be okay with them if that happened.

      4. Spoken like a true Vichy collaborator.

      5. Ooooo. Ve haff roolz, und gnosse mitt gunz.

      6. Well, mapol, when the cops slap the cuffs on someone, they have to do that from within six feet, don't they ? They are breaking their own "edicts"...then when they take someone to jail and there are more than 20 people in jail, they are breaking the "rules" again...Are the cops immune to the virus ? Maybe it's the badge !!!

  20. The only high-risk situation that played out was the cops making contact with the poor ladies.

    Cops are the #1 vector - they have so many (unnecessary) contacts with so many people, it just becomes simple epidemiology math.

  21. Armed men blocked a man in by cutting down his tree because they feared he had the virus. A pastor was arrested for holding church. Funeral homes will let in 10 people at a time...because you know, an 11th person and everyone gets sick! Herding children in childcare is ok. Playing racquetball or tennis will kill everyone! States are quarantining everyone from certain areas. sick or not! Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested potential of using GPS data to enforce social distancing guidelines.
    ​$25,000 and a year in jail for breaking self quarantine for 14 days here in Alaska if you’ve come in to state.
    ​$1000 fine in Sydney Australia if we are caught within 1.5m of anyone

    They are releasing prisoners for safety yet Washington DC mayor is threatening to jail anyone for being outside Similar punishments were announced by Gov. Larry Hogan in Maryland. California threatens up to six month in jail, Michigan threatens up to 90 days, while Oregon threatens up to 30 days in jail. Alaska and Hawaii include the possibility of up to a year in jail for those who break those states' orders. In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the Chicagoans could face arrest if they broke the Windy City’s stay-at-home restrictions, but did not specifically threaten extended jail time. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening to permanently close churches and synagogues that do not comply with his order to stop gathering.
    Maryland State Police said they'd conducted nearly 6,600 business and crowd compliance checks. Newark, New Jersey, police shut down 15 businesses in one night and cited 161 people for violating the governor's restrictions. A team enforcing Denver's shelter-in-place order issued five citations, including to Hobby Lobby and a Game Stop franchise that claimed it was essential, and more than 600 warnings to businesses and individuals. In Chicago, a yoga studio that believed it qualified as an essential health and wellness service was closed after the city, tipped off by several residents, disagreed. Teacher Naveed Abidi of Bikram Yoga West Loop studio said he thought the studio could remain open if the space was sanitized, class size limited and students stayed far enough apart. In hard-hit New York City, police arrested the owner of an illegal Brooklyn speakeasy where a dozen people were found drinking and gambling after someone called 311 with a tip. St. Louis County sent letters stating "punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to 1 year, or a fine of up to $2,000, or both." THIS IS MADNESS!

    1. You can get an abortion but not a haircut.. it must be me, I think they have it backwards..

      1. No, Joesockit! YOU'VE got it backwards. People get abortions for health reasons, as well as unwanted pregnancies, the latter of which can and often enough does impair the physical and the mental health of a woman or girl, especially a teenager, or somebody with underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes.

        1. to bad your mother didn't think like you

        2. If it's just "unwanted pregnancies" then it's a elective procedure. If it's diabetes or something, that's a different story. Are you claiming all abortions are medically necessary and none are elective?

        3. Well, with the six feet distancing rule, nobody will be getting pregnant until there's a vaccine, right?

    2. It's good that these governors are being smart and sensible. So's the governor of the Bay State. What's really madness is the fact that there are a lot of not-so-smart governors who don't care who lives or who dies.

      1. Fuck off, slaver.

      2. If they offered you one, I'd guess you'd jump at the chance to wear one of those special brownshirts.

  22. I seem to remember reading somewhere here, (in a brick bar or roundup?) that barbers were allowed to cut cops hair, and only cops hair, because they decided that it is essential for police to look authoritarian and not appear to suffer along with the plebs, or some such nonsense.

    1. Well, the mayor of Chicago got her hair done, despite her draconian orders that prevented the plebes from leaving their homes.

  23. See how easy it is for even local city council to unleash there SS men like Hitler did. Of coarse the SS men have no mortals either. People must stand up to this, force those evil people out of office yesterday

    1. Awwwwww shut up! The politicians and other people who are enforcing the rules are not being Hitlerites!

      1. Fuck off, slaver.

      2. No, they are "just following orders".

  24. "The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone's anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop's job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops." ~Robert Higgs

  25. While I understand the purpose of the lockdown somehow I don't think a class action lawsuit would lose as the Constitution gives people the right ot life, liberty , and the pursute of happiness which likely includes making a living. If Trump had declared marshal law then it would be different. But the Democrats would never have gone along with that. it seems to me there are a lot of other crimes going on that are more important. Maybe if both parties signed an agreement that you get a haircut at your own risk including the risk of deadly disease. Then the stylist and the customer are in agreement.

    1. The purpose of the lockdown is to erect a permanent Police State, not to stop any virus.

      The coming Comrade Tracing is just a total government apparatus that the Stasi could only fantasize about.

      1. That's total BS, John C. Keller. It has nothing to do with erecting a permanent police state. The purpose of the lockdowns are to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and flatten the curve.

        1. Bull. Consider the mayor of Champaign, Ill, Democrat Deborah Feinen's diktat, which sure seems like it was lying around in a folder waiting for the proper moment to whip it out and lord over the people:

          After the declaration of an emergency, the Mayor may in the interest of public safety and welfare make any or all of the following orders and provide the following direction:

          (1) Issue such other orders as are imminently necessary for the protection of life and property.

          (2) Order a general curfew applicable to such geographical areas of the City or to the City as a whole, as the Mayor deems advisable, and applicable during such hours of the day or night as the Mayor deems necessary in the interest of public safety and welfare.

          (3) Order the closing of all retail liquor stores, including taverns and private clubs or portions thereof wherein the consumption of intoxicating liquor and beer is permitted;

          (4) Order the discontinuance of the sale of alcoholic liquor by any wholesaler or retailer;

          (5) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, or giving away gasoline or other liquid flammable or combustible products in any container other than a gasoline tank properly affixed to a motor vehicle;

          (6) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of explosives or explosive agents, firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever;

          (7) Order the control, restriction and regulation within the City by rationing, issuing quotas, fixing or freezing prices, allocating the use, sale or distribution of food, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, goods or services or the necessities of life;

          (8) (a) Order City employees or agents, on behalf of the City, to take possession of any real or personal property of any person, or to acquire full title or such lesser interest as may be necessary to deal with a disaster or emergency, and to take possession of and for a limited time, occupy and use any real estate to accomplish alleviation of the disaster, or the effects thereof;

          (b) In the event any real or personal property is utilized by the City, the City shall be liable to the owner thereof for the reasonable value of the use or for just compensation as the case may be.

          (9) Order restrictions on ingress or egress to parts of the City to limit the occupancy of any premises;

          (10) To make provision for the availability and use of temporary emergency housing;

          (11) Temporarily suspend, limit, cancel, convene, reschedule, postpone, continue, or relocate all meetings of the City Council, and any City committee, commission, board, authority, or other City body as deemed appropriate by the Mayor.

          (12) Require closing of business establishments.

          (13) Prohibit the sale or distribution within the City of any products which could be employed in a manner which would constitute a danger to public safety.

          (14) Temporarily close any and all streets, alleys, sidewalks, bike paths, public parks or public ways.

          (15) Temporarily suspend or modify, for not more than sixty (60) days, any regulation or ordinance of the City, including, but not limited to, those regarding health, safety, and zoning. This period may be extended upon approval of the City Council.

          (16) Suspend or limit the use of the water resources or other infrastructure.

          (17) Control, restrict, allocate, or regulate the use, sale, production, or distribution of food, water, fuel, clothing, and/or other commodities, materials, goods, services and resources.

          (18) Suspend or limit burning of any items or property with the City limits and up to two (2) miles outside the corporate limits.

          (19) Direct and compel the evacuation of all or part of the population from any stricken or threatened areas within the City if the mayor deems this action is necessary for the preservation of life, property, or other disaster or emergency mitigation, response or recovery and to prescribe routes, modes of transportation and destination in connection with an evacuation.

          (21) Approve application for local, state, or federal assistance.

          (22) Establish and control routes of transportation, ingress or egress.

          (23) Control ingress and egress from any designated disaster or emergency area or home, building or structures located therein.

          (24) Approve the transfer the direction, personnel, or functions of City departments and agencies for the purpose of performing or facilitating emergency or disaster services.

          (25) Accept services, gifts, grants, loans, equipment, supplies, and/or materials whether from private, nonprofit, or governmental sources.

          (26) Require the continuation, termination, disconnection, or suspension of natural gas, electrical power, water, sewer, communication or other public utilities or infrastructure.

          (27) Close or cancel the use of any municipally owned or operated building or other public facility.

          (28) Declare, issue, enforce, modify and terminate orders for quarantine and isolation of persons or animals posing a threat to the public, not conflicting with the directions of the Health Officer of the community.

          (29) Exercise such powers and functions in light of the exigencies of emergency or disaster including the waiving of compliance with any time consuming procedures and formalities, including notices, as may be prescribed by law.

          (30) Issue any and all such other orders or undertake such other functions and activities as the Mayor reasonably believes is required to protect the health, safety, and welfare of persons or property within the City or otherwise preserve the public peace or abate, clean up, or mitigate the effects of any emergency or disaster.

          1. My thanks. You just encouraged me to load yet another thousand rounds of brass. May as well make my confinement productive.

  26. It's not about your health.

    When the State tells you it’s safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but dangerous to go and buy a flower, it’s not about your health.

    When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, it’s not about your health.

    When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems an abortion visit is safe, it’s not about your health.

    When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s dangerous, but allows personal lottery ticket sales, it’s not about your health.

    When the State tells you it’s dangerous to go golf alone, fish alone or be in a motor boat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make-up done & hair done for 5 TV appearances a week, it’s not about your health.

    When the state puts you IN a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their health - it’s not about your health.

    When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor for chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential - it’s not about your health.

    When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting - it’s not about your health.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE... If you think any of this BS is about your health, you’re
    a fool!! Please open your eyes & stop being lead like blind sheep.

    1. Very well said, Liberty !! May I post and send out ??

    2. Perfect.

      I'm stealing this and attributing.


  27. This is Texas. If anyone tries to violate your constitutional rights inside your home, shoot the fucker in the face.

    1. Tex-ass one of the worst police states

  28. So -- how is everyone enjoying the martial law brought on by the fake coronavirus “pandemic”?

    Wake up, people. The coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud -- an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

    The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has turned an illness no more dangerous than the common flu (and probably far less so) into a pretext for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous transfer of resources -- literally, trillions of dollars -- from the citizens to the corporate elite.

    We are being lied to every step of the way. News reports of overworked doctors, overflowing morgues, crowded hospitals, crowded ICUs, mass graves, and refrigerated trucks filled with bodies are contradicted by numerous videos of empty hospitals, empty waiting rooms, empty “testing centers”, and parked ambulances in the alleged “epicenters” of the pandemic.

    Too many of us still believe -- despite overwhelming historical and contemporary evidence to the contrary -- that the government and the corporate media do not lie, especially about the big things. In reality, the government and the corporate media lie about everything -- especially about the big things.

    The coronavirus charade is no different from previous virus panics -- SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Zika -- only now the people at the top think we are divided enough, stupid enough, and weak enough to submit to a massive acceleration of the ongoing transfer of power and wealth from us to them. Sadly, it appears that they are correct.

  29. My county is desperate for the lack of sales tax money. They went in a month from discouraging face masks to imposing a $1000 fine for those not wearing one in an enclosed space that is not their own home.
    It isn't so much the masks that are wanted as the cash.

    1. I talked to one of my general contractor clients today and he told me that the local municipality fined him $5800 for for going back to recent client’s home and fixing a roof leak, which only required him to go up on their roof for about 30 minutes. A neighbor informed on him and the planning dept. sent some code enforcement stormtrooper out to sanction him.

      Progressives are valueless things with no souls.

  30. Disgusting and despicable.

    And this 'essential' vs. 'non-essential' stupidity is evil.

    All arbitrary.

    Amazing how it's always the low end of the economy where people get screwed.

    Glad the heroes get to still get paid though while these two women are sacrificed.

  31. No doubt the cops were fat ugly feminist lesbians to afraid to arrest actual criminals.

  32. Sounds like another couple of cops in need of high-velocity vaccinations. It cures Fascism permanently.

    Anyone who supports this bullsh** is an enemy of America.

    1. No, John C. Keller! It seems as if YOU'RE the one who really doesn't give a shit about anybody but yourself, just like tons of other people who insist on violating the rules. It's disgusting. It's people like YOU who are enemies of America, not the sensible people who're abiding by the rules.

      1. No Maypol! YOU are the enemy of freedom. So scared of the Kung Flu YOU are willing to sacrifice millions on the alter of YOUR perceived safety. YOU believe a virus will cause more harm than shutting down the state, country, and entire world just because YOU won't see the suffering, anguish, and death caused by YOUR ideas first hand. YOU won't be bothered to hear about the food riots in poor countries, or the depression and despair leading to suicides brought about by the financial depression YOUR fear will cause. YOU won't be bothered to see millions going hungry just to keep a bunch of octogenarians alive another year because YOU are a scared little pussy. YOU are an enemy of the people, YOU deserve to have the chains of YOUR rulers weigh YOU down so you can die a broken, weak, soulless husk of human being, a condition that YOU wish on the rest of us.

        Fuck off, slaver.

        1. "YOU are willing to sacrifice millions on the alter of YOUR perceived safety."

          And that right there is the repulsive moral calculation some people seem to have made. What could be worse? Well, the media's unbelievably sleazy manipulation of bad statistics for one. I noticed they were framing any "reopening" moves in the context of "we're approaching one million cases! REEEE!". The total number of cases is much less relevant than cases over the last few weeks, and fatalities. And even with fatalities, it really does matter what percentage were over 80, or had diabetes, or cancer.

      2. Thanks,Karen.

      3. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on Sunday encouraged MSNBC viewers to "follow their gut" instead of listening to health care experts when it comes to the Wuhan coronavirus.

        "I would push back and, no matter what these decisions, and these other folks on these task force that are being put together," Tlaib said. "Your gut feeling, follow that. It probably is much more credible than what you might be seeing coming out of various administrations."

        1. Crap, I pasted this and bumped enter before I could prepend: "Maybe Mapol will listen to The Squad..."

      4. When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.
        ~C. P. Snow

  33. Sarah Y. James paycheck was for 1500 dollars… All i did was simple online work from comfort at home for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this agency I discovered over the internet and they paid me for it 95 bucks every hour... More Details

    1. Whoring?

      1. The rules are in place for the plebes, not the elites. These women's crime was not cutting their of someone important's perfectly OK for your betters to violate their own edicts...


        Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended getting a haircut in defiance of her state’s stay-at-home order.

        The Democrat insisted that she’s “the face of this city” who needs to look good for her adoring fans. So it’s okay that she broke her own rules against people leaving their homes unnecessarily.

        Hairstylists and barbers are not on Illinois’ list of essential businesses and must be closed during the coronavirus outbreak.

        A defensive Mayor Lightfoot said: “The woman who cut my hair had a mask and gloves on, so I am practicing what I’m preaching.”

        For the record, the Facebook photo of Lightfoot with her hairstylist shows that neither wore a face mask, and they stood just inches from each other.

        In a recent public service announcement, Lightfoot urged Chicagoans to stay home to save lives. She told women: “Getting your roots done is not essential.”

        An annoyed Lightfoot angrily responded to the backlash over her haircut by grousing: “I’m the public face of this city! I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye. I take my personal hygiene very seriously. I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?”

        1. I do miss the haircuts.

          The barber shop around here is as much a social thing as anything. Very old school with the original chairs and all that. Car&driver, Sports Illustrated in the magazine racks, you get the picture.

          I know for the ladies who go to the salons for the pedicures, all of whatever they do it is their own thing and I am sure it is missed.

  34. No one has the right to break the rule. And especially during such sensitive time, one has to be careful it can cause you or others harm. Good job by the cops.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Makhdum Kazi! It's good to see somebody who's displaying good sense posting on here! Bravo!

      1. that snake charmer aint even an American and neither are you

    2. Is that the same for Illegal Immigration Doc?

    3. To the contrary, everyone has the right, and the obligation, to defy illegal laws. Remember: Everything Hitler/Stalin/Mao/et al did was legal.

      There is no legal basis for the powers that authorities have taken unto themselves.

    4. Okay, I know we need some comedy to lighten the grim, but who let these two retards in, Dr. M and Mapol? Been breathing too long inside their masks, the carbon dioxide getting to their brains.

  35. As July 4th approaches and the lockdown continues, remember that the Declaration of Independence, our birth certificate as a nation, declares the right to life, the ability to provide for yourself. Government is literally starving people to assert its false authority.

  36. " undercover officer working on the COVID-19 task force enforcement detail..."

    Think about that for a moment...and then shudder.

  37. this is just a dream but I hope people remember the enemy is the politicians and the tax parasite traitor cops. politicians have zero power without scumbag cops to en-FORCE their shit laws

  38. There is this THING for low-level misdemeanor violations called CITE AND RELEASE. If the city of Laredo really found it necessary to "arrest" these two ladies. by citing and releasing them on scene, it would have avoided all the unnecessary steps of booking them into the jail.

  39. Alcohol prohibition was evil. A ban on being productive is positively wicked.

  40. Prior to all this petty abuse of citizens, I had generally believed that LEOs would not follow clearly unconstitutional orders. I no longer hold that belief. This does not bode well for the day they are ordered to seize legally owned weapons. Looks like we'll have to move them from "allies" to "targets"

  41. Were they not able to shoot the ladies' dogs at the same time? Seems like a waste.

  42. I would simply take it to a jury. I don't think the state will be able to find 12 Karens, especially since the trial probably won't take place until the virus scare is over and has been exposed as needless.

  43. My god!! It's good that they got arrested. The whole world is going through such a phase & these people are running their business activities. Seriously!!

    I would suggest you be at home, keep your self Hygenic & drink clean water.

    1. Fuck off slaver

  44. The police department should be ashamed of itself. Surely, they have better things to do than bust underground cosmetologists? As a career LEO, I would have politely declined to participate in "CoVid-19 Task Force." Emergency regulations do not have the force of law.

    1. Cops will readily admit they do not enforce EVERY law, EVERY minute, EVERY day. They DO exercise discretion. Mystery to me how anyone reasonable could do this, unless they were given specific orders to do so.

  45. I know a guy. Guy is a barber. We talked. I got an appointment. Got a trim in his garage. At 8:15 PM. Cash only. Tell only people you trust he said. He does about a dozen a night. I tipped him double and worked out a barter for some reloaded 5.56. I'm think'in we're both patriots.

    1. You are both patriots. Keep it up!

  46. So now we've got officers going undercover to catch these "hardened criminals" CUTTING HAIR in order to FEED THEIR FAMILIES.

    Boy am I glad they're releasing a bunch of robbers, rapists, and pedophiles to make room for all of the evil beauticians!

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