Brickbat: Cover Up


The Czech Republic requires people to wear masks at all times when outside their homes to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. That law applies even when people aren't required to wear anything else. Czech police ordered nudists in the town of Lázně Bohdaneč to wear masks while sunbathing. "Upon the arrival of the police, everyone agreed to respect the government regulation," the police department said in a statement.

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  1. You would think women would want to cover both sets of lips. Just to be on the safe side.

    1. A cough from one pair, mask or not, and social distancing will enforce itself.

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  2. Have you seen Czech women?

    1. Worth Czeching out?

      1. Ask someone who has a Czech mate.

        1. If they have gay orgies, is the Czech in the male?

          1. Czech your sphincter and see for yourself

        2. Czech your privilege.

  3. I guess it is warm enough in the Czech Republic for sunbathing nudists to be a thing.

    1. Y’all “intimately familiar” with nudist culture, like me? Did you know that after the vows, at a nudist wedding, the officiator doesn’t say, “You may kiss the bride”, he or she says, instead, “You may fuck the bride”?

      So then nudists ALSO have some pretty fancy blow-out Halloweenie parties, even at swank hotels! At normal parties, we impress one another with fake Frankenstein plastic masks and fake stitches and bolts on our necks and heads? The nudists do that same thing with their peckers! That’s call a “swanker wanker” party!

      1. None of those things has anything to do with nudism.

        1. Butt no, sorry, I will ***NOT*** be his SWANKER WANKER YANKER!!! Well, it can always get worse! Recall the gay Canadian airline steward way back when, spread (just then “going viral” literally) AIDS all over the place? See … Kaposi’s sarcoma spread all over the place… (As a prominent sign of the new mystery disease). Well anyway, hopefully these WANKERS will NOT become attractions for a bunch of young fan boys, who might otherwise become the spreaders at the nexus of the next horror, known as SWANKER WANKER YANKER CHANCRE!!! Greedy capitalists as usual will crank out new drugs to cure it, at VASTLY inflated expenses, backed up by their bankers, so then we’ll have SWANKER WANKER YANKER CHANCRE drug-CRANKER BANKERS!!! Riots in the streets, from the anti-1% folks, I’m a-tellin’ ya!!! Conservative newscasters will take the side of the bankers… But one of these newscasters will be caught by a mob of angry anti-1% rioters, some of whom will proceed to PUNISH the newscasters… Said punishment-dishers-outers will be known as… SWANKER WANKER YANKER CHANCRE pro-drug-CRANKER-BANKER-ANCHOR SPANKERS! There will be those who are squeamish about personal punitive violence, but who still secretly support those with less such squeamishness. When no one is looking or listening, they will privately utter their support of the punitive ones. These more shy and secretive supporters of such things will be known as… SWANKER WANKER YANKER CHANCRE pro-drug-CRANKER-BANKER-ANCHOR SPANKER THANKERS! There will inevitably be those who will want to play gay hanky-panky with those who secretly oppose the bankers and anchors in this case, and make the often-mistaken assumption that those who merely sympathize with gays, must actually BE gay. Such prospective unwanted-gay-pass-makes will be known as “hanker-pankers”. The recipients of such unwanted passes will be tempted to SPANK the makers of unwanted passes! They will be known as… SWANKER WANKER YANKER CHANCRE pro-drug-CRANKER-BANKER-ANCHOR SPANKER THANKER HANKER-PANKER SPANKERS!

  4. Gonna be some sexy tan lines after all.

  5. I’m not seeing a Brickbat here. The law is that you need to cover your mouth and nose so that you’re not breathing, coughing, sneezing on other people. It doesn’t matter what other parts of your body you cover or not. It might seem “funny” that nudists would be required to wear masks, but they’re fulfilling both the letter and the spirit of the law.

    1. Aren’t you just the bundle of joy!

  6. Are they wearing thong masks?

    1. I’m scared to click on that.

      1. I know. The Evening Standard?

  7. Have you ever seen real nudists? 99% should be forced to wear full body bags. 1% should be double bagged.

  8. That law applies even when people aren’t required to wear anything else.

    Well, yeah. You can argue whether or not the mask order is over-reach, but if masks are needed, they’ll be needed even when you’re not wearing anything else. They’re not clothing.

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