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No, NYC Is Not Running Out of Burial Space Due to COVID-19

Plus: Vote shamers should check their privilege, little change in Biden vs. Trump poll, and more...


Century-and-a-half-old Bronx burial site sparks panic on social media. The COVID-19 death toll in New York City right now is chilling (more than 4,400 at last count). So are images of coffins being buried in mass graves. It's hard to see things like that and not feel the weight of those numbers all the more viscerally—which makes it all the more imperative to contextualize and not sensationalize those images.

Unfortunately, a lot of professional media has been erring on the side of LOOK AT WHAT AMERICA HAS COME TO: THERE ARE SO MANY DEAD BODIES THEY HAVE TO START HIRING PEOPLE TO DIG MASS GRAVES.

The city cemetery on Hart Island is indeed tragic. It has been for the past 151 years.

"Since 1869, prison labor has been used to bury unclaimed and unidentified New Yorkers in mass graves of 150 adults or 1000 infants," states the Hart Island Project website. Families of those buried there were only allowed to start visiting in 2014.

"Since 1980, 68,955 people have been buried in mass graves on Hart Island," notes the Project, which is dedicated to telling stories of those laid to rest there.

That's around 1,724 people per year, 33 per week, or a little under five per day for the past 40 years. New York City Department of Corrections spokesman Jason Kersten puts the average a little lower, telling Reuters that prison laborers bury around 25 bodies on Hart Island each week.

Kersten now estimates that there are upwards of a hundred coffins per week being buried there. So, yes, there appears to be a recent spike in burials in these mass graves. But that's not because there are so many dead that the city has run out of burial space elsewhere. It's because more people are dying right now, and that includes people who don't have anyone to claim their bodies.

That is very sad, and it says something about what happens when the new problem of COVID-19 collides with old problems like isolation and homelessness. It doesn't mean New Yorkers have resorted to just dumping bodies into unprecedented mass graves, and journalists should not imply that it does. (Cue The Guardian: "Aerial video shows mass grave on New York City's Hart Island amid coronavirus surge.")

Kersten said the city hired contractors to add "two new trenches in case we need them."

"For social distancing and safety reasons, city-sentenced people in custody are not assisting in burials for the duration of the pandemic," Kersten told Reuters. That's why new contractors were hired, not (as many have implied) because there are just too many bodies to meet demand.

The fact that the city hired people who have a choice in the matter to do this dirty work instead of getting barely-paid prisoners to dig graves in a pandemic seems like a good development, relatively speaking.

Julia Kite-Laidlaw with the New York City Department of Transportation offers more context here.


Voters tend to be more privileged than nonvoters, notes The Intercept. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) just dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential contest "and already a shaming campaign has been launched against those who are contemplating abstaining from voting due to dissatisfaction with the two major-party candidates," Glenn Greenwald writes:

The premise invoked for this tactic is that only those who are sufficiently "privileged" have the luxury of choosing not to vote—meaning that nonvoters are rich and white and thus largely immune from the harmful consequences of a Trump presidency, which largely fall on the backs of poorer and non-white Americans.

This tactic rests on a caricature: it is designed to suggest that the only people who make a deliberate and conscious choice not to vote due to dissatisfaction are white trust-fund leftists whose wealth, status and privilege immunize them from the consequences of abstention. By contrast, this you-must-vote campaign insists, those who lack such luxuries—poorer voters and racial and ethnic minorities—understand that voting is imperative.

This assertion about the identity and motives of nonvoters is critical not only to try to bully and coerce people into voting by associating nonvoting with rich, white privilege, but also to suppress any recognition of how widespread the dissatisfaction is for both parties and the political system generally among poor and non-white citizens.

But the problem with this claim is a rather significant one: it is based on the outright, demonstrable falsehood that those who choose not to vote are primarily rich, white and thus privileged, while those who lack those privileges—voters of color and poorer voters—are unwilling to abstain….The truth is exactly the opposite.

For the details, go here.


Biden beats Trump in CNN Poll. Americans polled by phone April 3–6 preferred Joe Biden to Donald Trump, with 53 percent of registered voters surveyed saying they would vote for Biden in November and 42 percent for Trump.

The poll of 1,002 people and 875 registered voters had a "margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points" for the full sample and 3.9 percentage points for registered voters, notes CNN. These results are "roughly steady from CNN's poll in early March." More here.


  • Harvard Law School "prohibits firearms on campus but has no clear policy regarding the brandishing of weapons during Zoom class," notes Slate.

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  1. Look at the Chyron at 330 on the CNN cast. Pure comedy.

    1. For those too lazy…

      “Is Stage-4 TDS considered an underlying morbidity?”

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        1. Jesse really does need to change his life right now. His life is nursing a chip on his shoulder that true libertarians don’t love Trump like he does.

          1. Lol. All your socks are pathetic.

            1. So, let me get this straight. You post under an alias instead of using the name your mama gave you (or maybe the lab scientist who hatched you labeled you with). Somehow you are in a higher caste than “sock puppets”, even though you troll and lie, and exhibit language and behavior that your mama (or lab scientist) would be ashamed of, and do all the things “sock puppets” do. So, you are different than a “sock puppet” just because — because you say so.

          2. How would a goosestepping, jackbooted fascist like you know what a true libertarian loves?

      1. Why do you care about this stuff so much?

        1. Why do you ask nonsensical questions?

      2. You might want to take a step back and examine how pathetic your life is.

        1. Says the guy creating multiple socks to troll people. Fucking hilarious.

          1. Believe it or not but there are still a few actual libertarians left on the board who don’t subscribe to any cult of personality. You flatter yourself when you insist that it’s all one person who would go through the trouble of multiple accounts just so they could make fun of your arrogant ass.

            1. No. We know you do as well. No need to raise your hand. Is me subscribing to a cult of personality like you accusing me of wishing murder on others?

              1. We’ve been over this. I confused you with Nardz, and I corrected myself when I went back and checked. But you know this. You need to deliberately lie in order to accuse me of dishonesty. Talk about irony.

                1. You lie about people whenever you dont have a rational rebuttal. Just like you here accused me of worshipping a cult of personality. I literally told you a week or so ago where I disagree with trump but you revert right back to lying about people because you have no rational argument. You even acknowledged my post on it so I k ow you read it.

                  It is sad yet hilarious to watch.

                  1. No, Jesse, he has you dead to rights. You do the same thing to me with your alternative history retelling of our past arguments. “rEmemBeR wHeN yOu rAn aWaY?”

                    Sorry we don’t all hang around here hitting refresh until late. Also, the IG was perfectly correct to allow “hearsay” in an IG complaint. I showed you the memo that superseded your source.

                    And you are in a cult of personality. I know you won’t understand that because, well, because you are in a cult. But know that it isn’t normal or libertarian in the slightest for your first instinct to be to defend the most powerful man in the world from any and all criticism. It is pathetic.

                    1. Speaking of liars, here’s DOL!

            2. Btw, like you you rushed to defend one of your pathetic crew’s new socks. Makes you look totally rational. Lol. Dont drink too much whole laid off buddy.

        2. “You might want to take a step back and examine how pathetic your life is.”

          After you find a brain cell, get back to us.

      3. When my mother was diagnosed with Adrenal cancer back in the early aughts, she was talking to her doctor who was looking at the x-rays with us, and he kept dithering and saying “I’m not a radiologist, but this looks like ‘X’ but don’t read too much into what I’m saying because I’m not the expert here.”

        There’s a conception that every doctor is a stone cold expert at looking at x-rays and they’re not. That’s a serious specialty and a good doctor… *clears throat* stays in his lane.

        1. Gupta is a fake ass TV personality. This would only be news to people who think TV personalities are real.

    2. Hello.

      “Biden beats Trump in CNN Poll. Americans polled by phone April 3–6 preferred Joe Biden to Donald Trump, with 53 percent of registered voters surveyed saying they would vote for Biden in November and 42 percent for Trump.”

      Give me a fucken break. If you’re someone who would vote for Biden then you have Wuhan of the brain.

      It’s like clueless Ontarians in Toronto who kept Justin in power with a minority.


      I should add, for those who care, Justin has completely botched and mishandled the pandemic from start to finish governing by events and not from a position of being pro-active.

      At every turn his government of incompetent losers have been wrong. Now they’re pushing for ‘shutting down until a vaccine is found’. Preposterous. What a complete turn around from March when they said ‘we go with the science’ when explaining why they didn’t shut down airspace and the border adding it would be ‘xenophobic’ to do so. In other words they let stupid ideologue mantras determine how they were going manage the crisis.

      But did they learn? Nope. Where we’re learning masks can be a good thing (especially if we open up), the official stance from the Liberals is you don’t need one. Which means, if anyone watched Seinfeld with Opposite George, you do the opposite of what they say. Last week, the Health Minister said, ‘we have no proof China is lying’.

      How this bunch is being listened to is beyond belief.

      Quebec, for its part, has been excellent. This province has been logical and calm. Now they announced a gradual opening by ‘accepting a certain amount of risk and cases in the population’ so as to begin the process of normalizing Quebec life. BRAVO!

      This stands in contrast with Ottawa and for the first time in my life I side with Quebec 100%. In fact, I’m so thoroughly disgusted with the Liberals and Justin I may even vote for the dissolution of Canada next time out.

      If Justin represents the ‘values’ of Canada (well Ontario anyway) I want no part of this emotional drivel on display.

      1. If you’re someone who would vote for Biden then you have Wuhan of the brain.

        You are apparently from Canada or something, so maybe you’re not aware that American’s other choice is fucking Donald Trump.

        1. Apparently?

          Are you new around here?


          1. Not new, another sock from one of the pathetic crew.

            1. That drawer must stink!

            2. I hope whoever is funding them realizes that they’re not really getting their money’s worth.

              1. Probably the same people spreading 5g and putting trackers in your vaccines.

                1. Probably not Lying Jeffy.

                  1. I’m not a progressive, dummy. If you need to use one of your bumper slogan vocab words to describe me, it would be “libertarian” or “never-trumper” if you want to get disparaging.

                    1. I prefer “liar”.

              2. Funding them? You know that anyone can create a Reason reader account for free, right?

                1. Fuck off fifty-center. You guys are too obvious.

                  1. You should get on some meds for that. Paranoia can be a frightening mental illness.

                    No one is paying anyone to post on this little dusty corner of the internet.

                    And if anyone was getting paid per comment, it was LC1789, your suck suck buddy.

          2. wait, when he says that our other choice is fucking Donald Trump, does he mean “fucking” as a verb or an adjective? Because even a degenerate bastard like me has standards

        2. No sane person is going to choose Donald Trump in the voting booth.

          So sayeth Cyto, summer of 2016.

          Now, 4 years later…….

          There is no chance in hell that anyone of sound mind and body who is paying any attention at all is going to pull the lever for Joe Biden. He barely knows what decade he is in. His health has taken an extremely serious turn for the worse over the last few months. Unless it was understood that he’d step down for his veep immediately after taking office, you’d be nuts to vote for this guy. Love him or hate him, he’s not all there any more. Someone needs to put on the record player for him at night….

          1. You give people way too much credit. Im sure alot of the Bernie folk will vote for him like they did with Clinton in 2016. They think Bernie is the right man, but think Joe B. Is an acceptable alternative.

      2. Hello. The poll showed 35% self described Democrats, 25% Republican and 41% independent. A. Thats bad math, B. Makes you wonder where they called, cause if its a big city of course theres going to be more Democrats. And 41% independent smells funny to me.

        1. The “pollsters” actually advertise themselves as a prog political action group. The whole thing is a sham.

          1. This is my shocked face.

          2. This. I don’t want to copy-paste from another post about Navigator research, so:

      3. Canada: 1/3 the deaths per million, 50 percent more testing/pop

        really blew it huh

      4. Yeah, but in Montreal nurses went on ‘strike’ for proper PPE while leaving seniors in human waste.

  2. Our intelligent media…

    Sally Kohn

    I’m really tired of reading how business owners are “forced” to layoff workers. No one made them do that. They *chose* to do that. Not saying it isn’t a hard choice, during a hard time, but to say they were *forced* obscures their agency AND casts owners/CEOs as the victims.

    1. Chris Hayes

      The most cynical interpretation of all this, one I can’t quite bring myself to accept, is they rolled out the model showing 100k deaths after they knew it would be less than that so they could anchor everyone to that # and take a vicotry lap when “only” tens of thousands died.

      1. Chris Hayes was bleating not last week that this was going to kill millions.

        1. Precisely. After salvating over the prospect of blaming Trump for millions of deaths, and proudly disseminating absurd and apocalyptic models, the liberals are now blaming Trump, of all people, for exaggerating things.

          Fuck them all to death. They went from “Trump isn’t taking it seriously, we’re all going to die” to “Trump took it to seriously, it’s not that bad” virtually overnight.

          I repeat, fuck them all to death.

          1. I’ve said from the begining when this results in the bolsheviks taking over I’m not going to shed a tear for a single one of these fuckers.

          2. Yes, the important thing in these times of pandemic is whether or not people love Donald Trump.

            1. No, the really important issue is our hope that TDS causes a long, slow and extremely painful death, slaver.

            2. Oh fuck off you disingenuous fifty-center. That’s not what they were saying at all.
              You’re such a piece of shit.

      2. Gee, Chris, think maybe Bill Gates and his IHME might have been using a garbage model this whole time that caused the panic in the first place, and that they’re too chickenshit now to admit they were wildly wrong?

        So what the fuck are we doing still playing this kabuki safety theater, just to keep a bunch of wine-guzzling Karens from thinking they’re going to die of the coof?

        1. We can’t admit government got it THIS wrong. Why, if we did that we might be forced to consider what ELSE they are getting wrong.

    2. Right. They were forced into a situation where laying off workers became the best option for surviving AND in many cases was the best option for the workers so they could collect unemployment.

      1. We live in the dumbest of times.

      2. In CA, those businesses were closed by government edict; do those J-school wonders figure that a closed business will just keep employees employed?

        1. They could keep paying them with bad checks, like the federal government does.

      3. As soon as the $600/wk + state benefits was announced, it became a NO-BRAINER to lay off staff. The more difficult thing will be finding willing workers in May/June when everybody’s making $20+/hr by not working.

    3. She doubled down on her twattish ignorance.

      The calculus is simple (I’m a business owner). The government, egged on by the evil media, shut down business. They didn’t have a ‘choice’. The choice was made by government edict.

      If they ‘chose’ to keep workers working, they ran the risk of physical shutdowns or fines while depriving workers of pay (remember, when you have no customers you have no revenues that turn into income for employees) and the chance to get unemployment benefits.

      Kohn is like AOC. Illiberal and ignorant illiterates.

      1. First government makes you shut down the biz. Now you’re forced to lay people off. Then government prevents you from hiring your employees back because people are earning $20/hr to sit at home.

        At what point is a revolution justified again?

  3. I got nothing

  4. ENB thought CNN polls were uber important yesterday. What about other polling?

  5. “Biden beats Trump in CNN Poll. Americans polled by phone April 3–6 preferred Joe Biden to Donald Trump, with 53 percent of registered voters surveyed saying they would vote for Biden in November and 42 percent for Trump.”

    So, Trump is doing even better in the polling than he was in 2016?

    Does that poll include non-swing states that don’t make a difference like California and New York?

    1. I think they only took into account NY and Cali…and that is very telling.

  6. CNN pulls a Reason, changes headline in order to stop blaming democrats and switch to a both sides narrative.

    1. You are absolutely pathetic and sad.

      1. You’re not even good at trolling

      2. You should say that every morning to the mirror, Jeff/Buttplug/Tony/whoever is behind this sock.

      3. Notice how you’ve got no ammunition?

    2. Who cares? No one reports when breitbart or all the other bullshit media you guys consume align with Republican messaging because that is their raison d’etre. I don’t even think liberals watch CNN at this point.

      It is stunning you have 0 to say about another 500bil in bailouts, though.

      Where oh where have my deficit hawks gone. Oh where oh where could they be?

      Fake ass fiscal conservatives. You guys aren’t libertarian, and you aren’t even conservative. So what are you? You want Mexicans and browns out, you want nationalized industry, you want government wealth transfers, you want trade protectionism, you want nepotism and corruption in our highest offices, you want no checks or balances against the executive…

      Gee, you guys sound like every dumb fuck peasant population in history that helped a dictatorship to power.

      1. Hey look, it’s Lying Jeffy making up random shit!

      2. Imagine for a second if ENB had posted a Breitbart poll carried out by an obvious GOP front group, saying Trump’s kicking ass. Now imagine she was trying to pass it off as legitimate.

        Do you see now how disingenuous you’re being?

        1. Disingenuous is putting it nicely. He’s a straight up pathological liar.

  7. WaPo returns to Whatif Hillary was President porn.

    “In sketching out the counterfactual of how President Hillary Clinton would have handled the coronavirus, I gave her every benefit of the doubt. The result was much more policy success and just as much political rancor. ”

    Okay then. Every benefit of the doubt huh.

    1. “…Every benefit of the doubt…”

      That translates into:
      “I made it up”.

    2. Tomorrow in the Washington Post: ‘How antisemitic was president Charles Lindbergh on earth 3.’

  8. At what point do we think the narrative changes from trump did so bad fighting this virus is going to shift to Trumps actions may have saved thousands but he lead us into a great depression? Unemployment at the end of this week will be officially over 25 million if the last two week pattern holds. If we go another month I’ve seen projections of 60 million that’s half the actual physical workforce. We need to relax these measures and we have to do it soon or things are going to get really bad if it’s not already too late.

    1. They are still ignoring that Trump is practicing actual federalism and letting Governors provide their own leadership. Why wont he be the dictator we accuse him of!!!

      1. They were clamoring for a national lockdown just last week whatever that means.

      2. And that will be how they try to thread the needle. “Our heroic (D) governors saved millions of people in spite of Trump!”

        I don’t really see that line playing with Americans.

    2. It’s already happening.

      1. I honestly don’t understand the politicians. Do they honestly believe that work is going to start right back up when they lift these things like nothing happen? It’s insanity.

        1. “I honestly don’t understand the politicians. Do they honestly believe that work is going to start right back up when they lift these things like nothing happen? It’s insanity.”

          I think Trump is the only candidate, D or R who has ever been in business.
          The entire lot of them seem to believe that, by government edict, the economy will start overnight at the flip of a switch.
          Not a one of them has ANY idea how difficult it is to start a company and keep it functioning until it (finally) becomes profitable.
          I would not be at all surprised if the lot of them think:
          1) Get business license.
          2) Something unimportant.
          3) Start banking those profits!

          1. I’d say there is a nefarious amount of wealth transfer about to happen on a national scale, but there won’t be any capital left for anyone to aquire the assets from the bankruptcies.

            1. They will crush small businesses and transfer even more power to Daddy Gov.

              We should be reminding people constantly: this “new normal”, this whole mess, is completely on our “elites” – politicians, media, docs, scientists, urbanites, etc – and they are the reason you lost your job, lost your business, lost your sources of entertainment (sports specifically), and lived under house arrest because a new cold (Corona virus) was discovered in China.
              And they’ve done all this based on models that have proven consistently inaccurate and made assumptions of things they have no clue about.
              Never forget

            2. So many times this. The whole crisis will have the effect of a HUGE transfer of wealth up to the top companies, who got that free bailout cash to buy up those suckers who actually built their biz themselves without buying a Senator or two.

          2. Trump played a successful businessman on TV. In real life, he has been a bankrupt, welching failure.

            1. Trump played a successful businessman on TV. In real life, he has been a bankrupt, welching failure.
              Fuck off and die, slaver.

              1. No, that’s true. Trump family is currently being sued for fraud and racketeering AGAIN. And they are going to lose again.

                How many fraud cases while in fucking office do you need this guy to lose before you realize that he’s a fraud, he has been his whole life, and you are the mark?


                Lol a multi level marketing scam, aka pyramid scheme. The Trumps are the lowest of the low.

                1. I agree Trump is probably not an ethical businessman, and it’s possible he’s not even a good one although his wealth might cast doubt on that narrative.

                  That said even a supposedly ‘bad’ businessman like Trump has more experience in business, and especially in business that runs up against government constantly, than your average Congressperson that went into general law and never had a job outside government.

            2. ” a bankrupt, welching failure”

              Wow, and he still managed to amass a 2.1 billion dollar piggybank and fund his own presidential campaign without external support.
              The art of the deal indeed.

              1. Helps when you lie about your net worth and inherit $400,000,000 from daddy.

                1. And still managed a fivefold increase? How’s that a failure?

                  1. That is highly controversial. Some sources have him down from his initial tax free inheritance. And even if we accept his self reported net worth figure, he still would have done better if he had just stuck daddy’s money in an index fund. What a genius!

                    If you want to look around at billionaires who have accomplished something, you would have to look at Gates, Musk, Bezos, and even Bloomberg. Those guys started with very little and created cornerstones of our economy and technology. But suddenly how much money they make won’t be a measure of the man when it comes to guys like these with you.


                    1. “Some sources”. Are you really so pathetically delusional that you regurgitate propaganda spewed by “some sources” that have no first hand knowledge because personal finances are fucking private, not to mention for someone like Trump, hyper-convoluted such that goddamn accountants make high salaries just trying to make sense of it. But yeah….”some sources” know it all, when in reality they are some 30yr old pulling shit put of his ass to write an article.

                    2. Even if we accept Trump’s declarations of wealth, he would have been better off investing in index funds. That doesn’t speak well of his supposed business prowess.

                    3. MikeP he’s not delusional, he a dishonest piece of shit that likes to say things that aren’t true.

                    4. Whatever let’s you sleep at night, R Mac.

                      And once again, for the record, I don’t like you like that, but we can be friends.

            3. And that says a lot about how shitty the democrats are that trump won.

              What does it say about democrats and the Obama admin that it took a bankrupt, racist, white republican to enact policies that put more minorities back to work and more money in their pocket?

        2. They know that isn’t how it works. But, when businesses reopen and continue to struggle, and teeter, and cut wages, the politicians will strike down those wreckers, the fat-cat capitalists, for abusing the working man in the midst of a crisis. Certainly, more regulation will be required; perhaps nationalization.

          1. Small business employs a huge percentage of the population, theres not going to be any money left to spend at corporations that survive. This is going to crush everyone, what’s coming.

            1. Forseeable, therefore intended. None of this bullshit was a well intentioned accident.

            2. The Progressive model: Create a problem, offer a solution to the problem they created.

              1. Progressivism is munchausen-by-proxy as ideology and turned into policy

                1. I’m stealing that.

                2. Are you guys ignoring the GOP’s role in all of this? Yes, you are. The latest stimulus package is from the GOP entirely and the DEMs are being blamed for holding it up.

                  1. The Donkeys are trying to add $250 billion in pork, you idiot.

                    1. And? So neither of the major parties are committed to reducing the size and scope of the government?! OMG I am shook to my core.

                      I’m just asking all of you fake libertarians and Trump cultists to stop fucking buying the rhetoric.

                  2. Take it up with IHME, since they’re in your neck of the woods. It was their shit models driving all this hysteria.

                  3. Pelosi’s holding it up because she wants to add provisions for “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections”, bailing out the postal service, early voting, same day voter registration (a long-time Dem wishlist item, very relevant to addressing those businesses and working families about to go under from COVID19), a Protection for Collective Bargaining for Federal Employees Act, a program requiring the airlines to fully offset their carbon emissions, a clause allowing community journalists to modify their retirement plans, And hey, families can’t pay their mortgages, but Pelosi insists that the bill mandates corporate budgets dedicated to diversity & inclusion initiatives!

                    So yeah it’s really very focused on the crisis at hand, and it’s all the GOP’s fault.

  9. “Glenn Greenwald writes”

    Ugh. I can’t stand that phony progressive. If he had any decency he’d retire from journalism after he got #TrumpRussia wrong and Rachel Maddow got it right.

  10. “Biden beats Trump in CNN Poll.”

    They said the same thing about Hillary Clinton too.

  11. “COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the United States. Meanwhile:”

    Fuck off you failed at math journalist. You dont compare a weekly peak to a yearly average. This is exceptionally retarded.

    1. New york on 9/12 2001. ENB – “airplane induced building fires now the leading cause of death in America.”

      I cant even say how fucking stupid this is. There is a reason DoL and JFree are pushing this talking point. Didnt expect Reason to actually drop that far.

      1. You are sad and pathetic. Other people are using this time of stay-at-home orders to better themselves, learn to play an instrument or bake sourdough bread — or something. You are sticking to spending your days bitching about “unreason” with your little cadre of sad Trump fellators.

        1. You do realize nobody respects you no matter which wick you use right?

        2. By the way, unlike most of your pathetic crew, my job is actually deemed essential. It is hilarious watching you, sarcasmic, and the other TDS infected crew get drunk at home while talking about quarantine. You’re non essential at work as you are non essential at life.

          1. It’s utterly hilarious to watch you and the other Trump worshipers get angry and hostile towards anyone who doesn’t pledge their life to Trump like vassals did to the feudal lords of old.

            1. No, what’s hilarious is watching the bougies pretend this “quarantine” isn’t a total joke.

              1. Those things are not mutually exclusive. Alright. Back to work. I do envy you by the way. I haven’t seen a show at Red Rocks since ’96. Best. Venue. Ever.

            2. This is literally what I’m talking about. I dont give a fuck if you worship trump or not. Because virtually nobody here does. What I respond to is you and the other pathetic crew labeling everyone you disagree with as a trump worshiper. That is the ultimate irony and you’re too fucking pathetic to notice.

          2. I’m gonna go back to being essential at work instead of arguing with emotional twits who spend their employer’s time being hostile towards people who don’t worship Trump.

            1. Lol. You again ate lying about your opponents arguments just like when you accuse others of wanting to kill people. You’re so predictable.

            2. “I’m an essential”

              I find that hard to believe.

          3. Dying laughing. Sure, you have some super important job. That’s why you can spend hours here each day, bitching about the writing staff.

        3. You should spend your time at home devising a clever way to kill yourself. You know? Something kitschy and ironic, but also devastatingly brutal.

    2. JFree was here last week bleating that it was the third greatest cause of death, and unfortunately left a link.
      Yes, it was; the two greater causes were nearly double the number.
      Scumbag lefty cherry-picking…

    3. Right, I saw that and just about spit coffee all over the place. Also look at how Influenza is listed at 153 per day. In fact during flu season, it is around 500 – 650 people dying each day.

      1. In the last 13 weeks covid has killed 14k, the flu 28k. This is such a dumb talking point being used by the alarmists.

      2. Covid-19 is already nearing 100k dead worldwide. That’s almost 20% of an average influenza year!

        (link is from “The Lancet” a few years ago. A review that says that flu kills probably more than half a million people in an average year. Of course, that number is millions in a bad year, and hundreds of thousands in a good year. The Lancet is a pretty high-end medical journal, for those not in the know.)

        1. “The Lancet is a pretty high-end medical journal, for those not in the know.”

          Also known for their politically motivated howler of a public health study that estimated 650,000 excess Iraqi civilian casualties because of the US invasion.

        2. And we spend how much fighting the flu?? Tens of millions? Hundreds? Billions? EVERY year with vaccines and meds and hospital stays. And we still can’t stop it. And that’s with lots of herd immunity.

          Imagine if we did nothing. Would that half million be tens of millions?

          The virus, from early data (later found lacking), appeared much much worse. Our response was panic driven, when it should have been measured, with the emphasis on preparation and understanding (testing, PPEs, etc). Guidance not edicts.

          The actual numbers are still worse than any flu in recent history. 1,940 dead Wednesday, 1,900 yesterday in the USA. And rising, albeit a bit more slowly than last week.

    4. “COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the United States. Meanwhile:”

      “Fuck off you failed at math journalist. You dont compare a weekly peak to a yearly average.”

      What Jesse wrote. That blurb from Reason/ENB doesn’t pass the giggle test. I mean, my first impulse reading was to say, “WTF?” Worldometers has the US death toll around 17k. Let’s round up to 20k.

      Heart disease in this country killed ~365,000 people in 2018. Divide by 4, and that’s still 90,000 deaths averaged over January through the end of March. There were probably more heart disease deaths in 2019, given the population is larger, older, and it damned sure isn’t healthier. 90,000 is a lot bigger than less than 20,000.

      The rate of coronavirus deaths, if we assume 2k/day—which has been the rate, more or less, for the past three days—might be 14k a week, and heart disease, on average, doesn’t kill 14k a week. Maybe that’s what s/he meant?

      Pretty dishonest though, and proving Twain’s quip about statistics.


    “We’ve got this tremendous disconnect between what the American people actually think about China and what the media has been telling us,” Bloom explained. “Something like 70% of Americans blame China for it, and yet that’s not what we’ve been getting. So, why? There’s all the usual reasons that most reporters are liberal, and that they trust experts a lot, but they’re also in business with them.”

    “The Chinese inserts in ‘The New York Times’ or ‘The Washington Post,’ those have gotten a lot of attention but also some of these bigger conglomerates like Comcast which owns NBC Universal, for example they are building a big theme park in Beijing which is a multibillion dollar investment which hasn’t come on line yet,” Bloom continued. “And so what does that mean? If Rachel Maddow were to come on and start bashing the Chinese government, you know, the communist party could come down and say, ‘Actually, we are not interested in opening or theme park anymore.’”

  13. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $52.6 billion

    This makes Mr. Koch only the 16th richest person on the planet. After his lifetime of hard work and dedication, it’s totally unfair that he has to watch his fortune crumble in his twilight years.


    1. OBL…Thx for the Koch update. 😉

  14. Maybe Harvard doesn’t have a policy because “brandishing” a weapon over zoom is not and cannot be interpreted as a credible threat to anyone on the call.

    Because the weapon is not physically present, it does not meet the legal definition of “brandishing”. (18 USCS Appx § 1B1.1) One would have thought that law students would know how to look that up before making careless accusations.

    1. “One would have thought that law students would know how to look that up before making careless accusations.”

      Why would you think that of Harvard Law School? The purpose is not to teach anything about law or justice, but to indoctrinate full government control of everything by pretending the law says so.

      1. When I was taking the Model Professional Responsibility Exam prior to the bar exam, I had two Harvard Law students sitting behind me talking about a class they took, “Law and Existentialism.” I rolled by eyes so hard I had trouble reading the exam.

        1. Did you cover up your paper so they couldn’t cheat off you?

  15. It turns out that, in 2005, Ferguson had some predictions about the Bird Flu. He estimated 200,000,000 deaths worldwide. In fact, in the last 17 years, there’ve been 455 diagnosed Bird Flu deaths.

    But anyone is entitled to make one little 199,999,545 person error, right? Well, maybe. But what about two such errors?

    Dr. Ferguson was equally off with his death projections for mad cow disease. He made big headlines in the United Kingdom by predicting that mad cow disease could kill between 50 and 50,000. Bill writes: “Millions of cows were slaughtered. But to be fair, his scientific ‘model’ was right. The death toll [is 178 to date].”

    But wait! There’s more. Ferguson also refuses to share his methodology with other scientists:

    Several researchers have apparently asked to see Imperial’s calculations, but Prof. Neil Ferguson, the man leading the team, has said that the computer code is 13 years old and thousands of lines of it “undocumented,” making it hard for anyone to work with, let alone take it apart to identify potential errors. He has promised that it will be published in a week or so, but in the meantime reasonable people might wonder whether something made with 13-year-old, undocumented computer code should be used to justify shutting down the economy.

      1. Wow. So this guy is the Paul Ehrlich of epidemiology.

      2. Thanks for sharing this. It sort of pokes holes in the ‘certainty based on facts and science’ narrative.

    1. Uh, there is no computer code that is not documented. The source code itself is the documentation.
      The “comments” left by the original programmer, if they are even there, are always based on what the program was supposed to do, not what it actually does. No programmer EVER trust the comments; you review the code itself.
      So this is bullshit.

      1. Uh, there is no computer code that is not documented.

        I do this for a living – if we’re betting the economy on your code, you need to at least follow decent programming practices.

        No comment on his history of bad predictions?

    2. “…the computer code is 13 years old and thousands of lines of it “undocumented,” making it hard for anyone to work with, let alone take it apart to identify potential errors.”

      So, pretty much like most of the crap I had to come into companies and un-fubar when I was self-employed as a contract software developer? Lots of code in business and industry could be accurately described in exactly the same way. It’s not fun, but programmers work with this kind of stuff all the time.

      He’s trading on broad ignorance of the unfortunately de facto practice in much of the software development realm. This is just a dodge – even elementary school kids have to “show their work”.

  16. The author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family, Sophie Lewis’ academic work “focuses on eugenic, bioconservative and imperial feminism, queer and trans social reproduction, Black feminist family abolitionism, hydrofeminism, postgenomics, and Marxist-feminist accounts of care,” which seems like a lot to fit on a business card.

    Writing in her article titled, “The coronavirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family,” Lewis addresses what she calls “the unspoken and mostly unquestioned crux of the prescribed response to the pandemic: private homes.” She criticizes the assumption that we should all “stay at home” to contain the spread of the virus, arguing that 1) not everybody has a home, and 2) private property is already a “fundamentally unsafe space.”

    “How can a zone defined by the power asymmetries of housework (reproductive labor being so gendered), of renting and mortgage debt, land and deed ownership, of patriarchal parenting and (often) the institution of marriage, benefit health?” she asks. “Such standard homes are where, after all, everyone secretly knows the majority of earthly violence goes down… A quarantine is, in effect, an abuser’s dream – a situation that hands near-infinite power to those with the upper hand over a home.”

    1. But the domestic violence aspect is just the tip of the iceberg. The family is also apparently a capitalist plot for churning out – gasp – productive individuals. In an interview last year with the far-left The Nation titled “Want to Dismantle Capitalism? Abolish the Family,” Lewis stated, “We know that the nuclear private household is where the overwhelming majority of abuse can happen. And then there’s the whole question of what it is for: training us up to be workers, training us to be inhabitants of a binary-gendered and racially stratified system, training us not to be queer.” In her Open Democracy article, Lewis adds that “even when the private nuclear household poses no direct physical or mental threat to one’s person – no spouse-battering, no child rape, and no queer-bashing – the private family qua mode of social reproduction still, frankly, sucks. It genders, nationalizes and races us. It norms us for productive work. It makes us believe we are ‘individuals.’

      1. Reminds me of Shikha’s article on how they should loosen visa regulations because Coronavirus, or ENB’s article on how pimps and madams deserve a chunk of the bailout.

        These nincompoops only have one idea, and they have to view everything through it.

      2. It makes us believe we are ‘individuals.’

        “We represent the 99%”. No you don’t. Nobody does because 99% of the population doesn’t agree on anything other than Nickleback sucks. This dehumanizing claim says we are all interchangeable cogs instead of ‘individuals’ with our own beliefs and interests. Do we all want “health care”? Half the country thinks abortion is health care and the other half thinks its murder. No, 99% of us don’t agree on wanting “health care”.

        If socialism leads to mass murder, no great loss; we’re basically just mowing the lawn. Besides, we all know there are too many ‘individuals’ on the planet anyway and we’re all going to die because of that; why not kill those in the way of our fundamental human right to socialism?

        1. “We all want health care”, when you ignore all the details. The left promises “health care”, and we all want “health care”. Thus, the left is judged by their vague promises and claims of good intentions. Breaking it down to details exposes the differences among the “99%” that mean nobody represents all of us.

          1. I’m still stunned that “leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone” doesn’t represent 99% of people’s views. Even more stunning, it seems that the exact opposite represents some 80% of people’s views.

            1. to expand on this…. our non-gender binary non-traditional relationship advocate academic should always come down on the libertarian side of things.

              The solution to genderqueer polyamorous relationships? “None of my business”.

              The solution to bi-racial homosexual adoption? “None of my business”.

              See how easy this is? You don’t get to decide who other people sleep with, who they play with, what they wear, none of it. Nobody gets to use violence to force you to dress according to their social norms, and you don’t get to use violence to force anyone else to do the things you’d like…

              For some reason people have a really negative reaction to this philosophy. A philosophy that I would call “obvious”.

        2. “because 99% of the population doesn’t agree on anything other than Nickleback sucks.”

          The truest words ever written on this site.

    2. Sounds like she wants a world much like in THX1138. Everyone is in individual government housing and well medicated. the government chooses who gets to reproduce but the children are imediatly separated from the birth mother and taken into government school housing systems and raised by robots

    3. Parody has become impossible.

      1. By now, the writers’ room at The Onion must surely have become a pit of inconsolable despair…

  17. only those who are sufficiently “privileged” have the luxury of choosing not to vote

    Yay! We’re *all* “privileged” now!

  18. Wanna see a really compelling poll?

    I’ve often linked to the Gallup poll that showed Americans’ trust in the media hitting a new all-time low about a week before the 2016 presidential election. At the time, of course, the media was covering little else but Trump’s candidacy, so if that poll wasn’t a verdict on what the American people thought of the way Trump’s candidacy was being covered, I don’t know what it was. Anyone who was paying attention to that poll shouldn’t have been surprised that Trump was elected president a week later. The American public simply wasn’t buying the media narrative they were being force-fed.

    Since September of 2016, the American public’s perception of the media improved again–at least initially. It started trending downward again, especially over the course of the impeachment hearings. It seemed to be trending lower as the campaigns were starting to heat up, and I expected it to test new lows as the media ramps up their criticism of President Trump. However, the coronavirus changes things–or so I thought. I’d assumed that as more people were tuning into the news, their opinion of the news media would improve, maybe dramatically.


    “Attention to local and international news has doubled since December 2019, and attention to national news has increased 13 percentage points.

    . . . .

    Despite the spike in news attention, general attitudes toward the media remain unchanged. Like the 2018 and 2019 results, 34% of Americans currently hold a very favorable or somewhat favorable view of the media”

    —-Gallup, April 9, 2020

    As the news coverage becomes seen as more partisan, expect the the unfavorable opinion of the news media to head up from the 66%, where it is now, up above 70%.

    The interesting numbers to me aren’t just the total but the self-described independents. The percentage of independents who describe their opinion of the news media as favorable or somewhat favorable is at 26%. Yes, 74% of independents disapprove of the news media–and as the progressives in the news media become more partisan as the election heats up, don’t expect that opinion to improve.

    I don’t care what people say about Trump when they answer the phone in California and New York. If 74% of the independents in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have a negative view of the media narrative come November, that is not good news for Joe Biden election prospects.

    1. The Media and Political class don’t deserve to survive this.

      1. The media and the transnational elite are racing their way to a revolution. They’re insular, culturally radical, alienated from and contemptuous of the supposedly bigoted and backward people they govern.

        1. They don’t even see it coming, the next Bernie or trump like figure is going to run on “reeducating” them and the political establishment over this shit and that idea hasn’t even crossed their minds as an outcome. Less than 60k people are going to die from this, Vast swaths of the country is going to know anyone who was hospitalized or died from this. But every, single person is either going to be laid off or know someone who was laid off from this or bankrupted from this, lost their house from this or thrown out on the street from this. It’s going to be so ugly.

          1. We must always remember, and remind others, exactly who/what was at fault

      2. And they’re imploding!

        The whole journalist industry is going through convulsions and has been for a long time.

        Streaming and the coronavirus are just the straws that broke the camel’s back.

        Maybe the reason no ones wants to eat at their restaurant is that the food sucks.

        I’m no fan of Fox News, but they draw twice as many viewers as CNN or MSNBC, and the biggest story is that they only draw 8 million households a night between the three of them. If CNN and MSNBC are drawing half of that, and there are 130 households in the U.S., that’s . . . carry the one . . . three percent of the American people?

        3% of the American people are watching progressive news on cable, and the other 97% are just rejecting it. That the market telling you something. We think of these news organizations as being influential, but they aren’t. They’re all Baghdad Bobs. They’re mostly laughing stocks.

        Remember that part in Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the proles howl in laughter at the bullshit being sold by the party, where the part members (bother inner and outer) take it all so seriously? I think that’s more or less where we are now. We’re watching the journalists in their imaginary world where everyone understands and communicated in Newspeak. The biggest difference between Nineteen Eighty-Four and journalism now is that journalists today are not the elite and have no power or control. They’re just living in a delusional dream world.

        3% of the American people watch them.

        That’s the reality.

        1. The purpose of these instutions hasn’t been to make money so much as far as I can tell. Those are all legacy companies that aren’t actually designed to make money but to propagandize and uninform. But you’re right they are even doing a terrible job at that.

          1. Yeah, they’re mostly owned and directed by people who see their value as something other than as a source of revenue.

            Gates put up the cash for MSNBC to help protect him from future antitrust actions.

            Bezos didn’t buy the Washington Post because he thinks their revenue will rise faster than Amazon’s.

            Warren Buffett’s original investments in CapCities ABC (now Disney) wasn’t entirely unrelated to deflection away from his anti-union interests.

            A lot of it is about how when you become an employer of liberal voices, those voices somehow start forgetting to talk about you–oh and every liberal voice that might want to work for you in the future should probably keep their mouths shut, too.

            It’s a sustainable business model because wealthy people will always need to buy that kind of protection and if they can just break even, the value of those assets in defensive terms is worth more than their cost.

            We should see that system for what it is. They barely have more control of the Overton window than they have control of the weather–and that’s only because they have absolutely no control of the weather. Maybe it was different when Bernstein and Woodward were at the height of their powers, but maybe it wasn’t. Network is as relevant now as it ever was. It’s non-stop sensationalism with everyone in the media becoming amazed when somebody actually connects with people from time to time.

            They believe their own bullshit. They had no idea someone could connect with people the way President Trump did. If they had, they still wouldn’t have done so, but they imagine they connect with real people that way all the time. They don’t. They can’t. The American people are an abstraction to them, and what they say and do in the media is their reality. That’s what makes it so hilarious and tragic. They’re like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. It isn’t just that they can’t tell the difference between their own delusions and reality; it’s that they think their delusions are the reality.

            And when the real world doesn’t play along, it is terrible confusing for them.

            1. Media has always been used in this way historically. It’s important we don’t lose sight of that. What they do isn’t any different from the yellow journalists the awards are named after.

            2. You know this has been my stalking horse for some time. The propaganda machine is absolutely driving me nuts.

              But the “they don’t understand average people” bit is also quite understandable.

              I still have no idea how Kim Kardashian’s name is in my brain. I know her name, her sister’s names, her mom’s name… all because she made a sex tape with a rapper that I never heard of either. And now she’s made a few hundred million dollars off of being famous.

              There are guys who make 7 figures a month playing video games on youtube. Other guys make similar dollar amounts doing really stupid and childish stunts on youtube.

              I have 3 kids. I watch them get drawn in to this stuff every day, and I can’t explain it. My daughter will watch some other kid that she has never met get a package with a toy in it and open it and show the toy to the camera. That’s it. They are called “unboxing” videos. You take something out of a box and show it to the camera. They even have these for adults. Some guy gets a new iPhone and opens the box… Ooh, look! You get a little tool to open the SIM card slot!

              These people get paid good money for this stuff….

              So on one level I absolutely agree with your analysis… but on another… there’s no way any sane human could understand the American people. They are nuts.

              1. I understand fashion and gossip and celebrity and voyeurism.

                The news people who think they influence public opinion. That’s incredible.

                1. Influence? They clearly believe they are the sole arbiters of not only opinion, but right and wrong, good and evil, truth, justice and the American way.

                  That someone like Rachel Maddow has not even batted an eyelash after 3 years of being the political equivalent of a flat-earth conspiracy theorist should be telling.

        2. It’s like a russian doll of bubbles. The media is in its own bubble, gazing at the washington/new york bubble, watching the tiny tiny percentage of twitter slobs. This irrelevant navel gazing shit show is completely driven by a tiny number of people on twitter, such that half of the news isn’t what actually happened, but instead what someone’s hot take was.

          1. Yeah, I think the Twitter mobs are much the same. You’d think the American people were up in arms over some things when it may be less than one percent of one percent of the American people.

            1. The leftist, feminist bubble is all in little schoolgirl mode over Governor Cuomo. And his brother.

              They think they are super hot! Reading Jezebel is like reading Tiger Beat right now, only with two aging and kinda motley-looking politicians who presided over the worst failure of the Covid-19 pandemic cast as the teen heartthrobs.

              It is bizarre beyond bizarre.

      3. +10000000000000

        I only hope the blowback remains contained to the political arena.

      4. wouldn’t that be beautiful.

    2. I don’t care what people say about Trump when they answer the phone in California and New York.

      Again, Trump turned up more primary votes uncontested in than Biden or Sanders combined in California. I don’t care what people say about Trump when they answer the phone in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

      1. Biden or Sanders combined

        Er. Biden *or* Sanders.

      2. We’ve heard almost no reporting of Trump’s primary numbers from the MSM. There was a hint of it during the CNN and MSNBC reporting of the Wisconsin Democratic primary debacle, then presumably, Zucker and whoever runs MSNBC shut that info down right quick. They know that if they objectively reports facts like that, registered dem voters and dem-leaning indie voters will become disheartened, and that will fail to swing the election in their preferred direction.

  19. “Biden beats Trump in CNN Poll.”

    I think this was posted non-ironically.

    1. It’s science.

  20. Biden beats Trump in CNN Poll.

    Oh FFS ENB. Seriously?
    This is the same prog polling group as in yesterday’s Roundup. The ones who outright say they’re political activists on their website.
    And they’re commissioned by a network of unwatched hacks who fancy themselves leaders of the ‘Resistance’.

    IRL Biden must be polling in the single digits if they only have him beating Orange Hitler by 11 points.

    1. You would think she’d keep 2016 in mind.

      Why a Fake News CNN poll of 845 people is link worthy is perplexing.

    2. You could just stop reading the morning roundup. Do something else with your life.

      1. Fuck off and die, scumbag.

      2. Good point. I can’t imagine how frustrated the Trump supporters must be when this libertarian magazine and it’s libertarian commentariat refuse to pay homage to the BEST PRESIDENT EVAH. They must be in desperate need of dental work from all the grinding of teeth.

        1. I can’t imagine how filled by resentment one must be to throw in with the MSM, which Reason has wholeheartedly joined, and continue claiming “muh libertarian magazine!” despite constant evidence to the contrary.
          Maybe try baking your identity on yourself instead of groups/labels

          1. Yeah. Because being critical of the president equals agreeing with the MSM, voting for Hillary, and anything else your fevered imagination can dream up. I truly don’t understand how you and the others can be so hostile towards people who disagree with you about politics. I’ve never been emotionally involved with a politician. I seriously don’t get it.

            1. You and she lost, asshole.
              Grow up.

          2. You remind me of this scene from Lord of the Rings.

            1. That’s pretty hypocritical coming from a Media Matters astroturfer.

            2. You remind me of a one legged squirrel trying to hump a duck

        2. Me: “The ‘pollster’ is actually a special interest group”

          Sarcasmic & Jeff’s? sock: “Hurr durr, cocksucking Trump… Hey look over there!”

          Hey, can you dishonest shitheads try to rebut the accusation for a change instead of trying to derail and distract?

          1. Impossible.
            Anytime you make a statement regarding anything within three degrees of separation from Trump, it means you’re carrying water for him.
            You need to include a ‘to be sure’ at the very least.

            Catch up with the mainstream, brotha.

        3. While there are certainly plenty of Trump supporters here, pointing out the limits and biases of a poll isn’t necessarily paying homage to the Best President Evah.

  21. Anyone who uses the asinine phrase “should check their privilege” instantly loses all credibility with me. Come up with your own material and stop trying to be so hip.

    1. It’s not even hip to say that.

      It’s hipster douche.

    2. “Problematic,” gets the scroll past treatment too.

      To hell with these people.

    3. Which is also true about pretty much any buzzword cliche in any forum.

  22. The fact that the city hired people who have a choice in the matter to do this dirty work instead of getting barely-paid prisoners to dig graves in a pandemic seems like a good development…

    It’s probably nice to get out of the cell every so often.

  23. …already a shaming campaign has been launched against those who are contemplating abstaining from voting due to dissatisfaction with the two major-party candidates…

    Not too many tools left in the progressive toolbox, it seems.

    1. I can just hear one of the young folks saying “Biden’s beating Trump in the polls, so why drag my ass down to the polling booth?” So let’s hope those polls continue to show Biden with an easy win, right up until election day.

  24. Harvard Law School “prohibits firearms on campus but has no clear policy regarding the brandishing of weapons during Zoom class…”


    1. Have there been any suicides on Zoom yet?

  25. Oh why do I read the comment section at Reason. All it does is make my blood boil with the rampant stupidity galloping free right now.

    All around me people I know have melted into compliant, non-critical-thinking blobs of humanity. They were probably always like that. They just needed a reason to be cared for by Dear Leader.

    1. Don’t you understand? He’s a heroic, wise figure who is draining the swamp and showing up all those deep staters.

      1. We understand that you’re a fucking lefty ignoramus who, in some vain hope that we’ll think there’s another one so imbecilic, tries a new sock.
        Fuck off and die.

      2. You’re so butthurt and bitter lol. Your raised blood pressure puts you at higher risk for covid.

        **crosses fingers**

  26. Really? “Reporting” on something from CNN?
    I thought she was alive in 2016.
    CNN will have a poll showing Biden beating Trump throughout Trump’s second term.

    1. “Really? “Reporting” on something from CNN?”

      It’s far worse.
      The poll was conducted for CNN by an outfit which brags about providing progressives with stories and talking points.
      It’s a pretty good bet the ‘random sample’ consisted of the residents selected from San Francisco, Boston, and (for a fly-over view) Madison, WI.

      1. The 41% of independent pollers made no sense to me. That just seems like an outright fabrication.

  27. Is there any news outlet that is not now considered “fake news”. The term itself has become meaningless through it’s gross overuse.

    The WSJ is not fake? Because it neglected to mention television ratings? WTF?

    1. If it doesn’t praise Trump then it’s fake news. True news pays homage and swears fealty to the BEST PRESIDENT EVAH.

      1. That’s an odd take…

        During these daily press briefings, at least 2 or 3 reporters will stand up and ask the President some form of “gotcha” question designed to get him to say he’s a terrible President. Then they’ll go to his staff and try to get a quote from them disagreeing with the president. “Mr. President, do you take responsibility for the millions of people who are going to die?”

        How many news outlets challenged Obama to admit mistakes? When during the 8 years of Obama did a White House Press Pool reporter stand up and demand that Obama take responsibility for something he had no role in doing?

        Or, to be more fair to what an actual reporter would do… can you recall a single reporter asking Obama “Why didn’t you authorize a rescue mission to the Libyan embassy when it was requested?”

        Or “Why did you scapegoat some guy with 10 views on youtube for causing the attack on the US embassy?”

        Those two would actually be legitimate questions that a real reporter might ask, even if put more diplomatically. But nobody ever dared broach the subject.

        NBC had NY Mayor De Blasio in an interview a couple of days ago. The same network that has repeatedly asked Trump to admit “failures” of one sort or another during the pandemic had the number one failure of a political leader in the US in a sit down interview. Did they ask him why he didn’t act to slow the spread of the virus, even as other cities were locking down? Did they ask him why he ignored advice from the CDC and his own health advisers and pledged to keep the schools open, no matter what?

        No, they heaped praise upon him and congratulated him on doing a wonderful job. To their credit, they didn’t ask too many questions in the “please say something negative about Trump” category.

        If you can live through the last 12 years and think “these accusations of ‘fake news’ being hurled about are only about Trump being thin skinned and expecting that all media should bow before him” then you are wearing an amazing pair of blinders.

        1. Of course people in the media are going to not like Trump and they are going to act more harshly toward him. He lies so much it is like bizzarro world when he talks. He then calls them enemies of the people, etc. People don’t like being lied to their faces, especially when it is easy to see the truth. Reporters are people and they are going to hold a grudge.

          Fan of him or not, it is really frustrating how his fans won’t admit just how much this man lies. It is his defining feature. No other president gave bad hurricane path predictions (and forced NOAA and a few other agencies to either back him up or stay silent) just to save his ego. No other president has been sued as many times as Trump. No other president has lost lawsuit(s) for fraud while in office. The man is a habitual liar.

          So reporters asking pointed questions, even if the questions arise from bias, is not fake news. It is oppositional coverage, but Trump purposely sought out that relationship with the press. He needs a good supply of outsides to identify to his supporters as enemies.

          “Fake news” is the OAN network Trump likes to pump. Seriously, go watch it. Looney fucking toons. “Fake News” is Trump-speak for unflattering coverage. “Fake News” is factual reporting that Trump doesn’t like.

          Honest men seek out attention and light. The Trump’s do the opposite every damn time. Look up the shenanigans they pulled in this latest fraud and racketeering lawsuit they are in. The Judge just slapped them hard for being lying, obfuscating shits.

          The lawsuit, filed in 2018, accuses the Trumps of deceiving people who invested in a multi-level marketing company called ACN Opportunity by claiming it was a legitimate and promising business venture while not disclosing that they were being paid by ACN for its promotion. The plaintiffs’ contractual agreements with ACN required arbitration, and although the Trumps were not party to those contracts, they sought to have their lawsuit bound by the same arbitration clause.

          “The gravamen” of the lawsuit, wrote Schofield, “is that Defendants made untrue, misleading and unfair statements to induce Plaintiffs to enter the Agreements.” In their motion to compel arbitration, the Trumps argued that they should be treated just like ACN for contract purposes, since they were indeed affiliated with the company when it paid them to advertise it. But the crux of the lawsuit, the judge noted, was that “Plaintiffs were not aware that ACN was paying Defendants to promote and endorse the company, and, consistent with that understanding, Plaintiffs did not treat ACN and Defendants as at least somewhat interchangeable.” Thus, the court held, the Trumps could not ride along on the arbitration clause agreed to by AGN and the plaintiffs.

          Schofield’s order also had critical words for the Trumps’ treatment of the federal court by squeezing benefit from it before arguing it was the wrong forum: “Defendants aggressively litigated in this judicial forum for eight months before informing Plaintiffs of their intent to arbitrate the surviving claims. Defendants obtained the benefits of litigating in federal court—dismissal of the racketeering claims, a stay of discovery while the motion was pending, and the issuance of numerous non-party subpoenas that would not have been available in arbitration. … Now that Defendants have extracted what they can from the judicial proceedings, they seek to move to a different forum. … Such tactics undermine a fundamental purpose of the FAA to support the economical resolution of claims.”

          1. “People don’t like being lied to their faces, especially when it is easy to see the truth.”

            The funny thing is that’s the same battle the media has to fight. They sure have asked pointed questions, but they’ve also falsified stories and quotes, and “people” see that, too.

            People can hold the opinion that Trump is a lying blowhard, while also recognizing that a lot of the media is no different. The media continues to dig its own grave. The omnipresent recording devices and blogs, websites, etc. have been able to point out what the media has gotten wrong.

            So the media needs to ask pointed questions of Trump and of itself. So far, though, they’ve only been willing to ask pointed questions of one of those.

            1. That’s fine. “the media” isn’t above criticism. But Trump’s “fake news” movement is all about cover ups and controlling the narrative. It isn’t about journalistic integrity, so let’s not pretend it is.

              1. That is just plain stupid. And ahistorical.

                Trump is a politician. Of course he is full of shit. He is different only in degree and sophistication.

                The media is not supposed to be a propaganda machine. Yet they routinely cover obvious lies as if they are revealing fact. Their main torchbearers have openly plotted to push false narratives with the explicit goal of harming Trump specifically, but republicans generally as well.

                The new York times has been open about their newsroom’s focus on getting Trump. They reluctantly let go of their failed Russia attempt and openly searched for another angle.

                This is not about some random conspiracy theory blog turned news source. This is all of the top media outlets abandoning their mission and becoming an arm of the party. Thus is Soviet style propaganda.

                Nobody pretends that The Conservative Treehouse is an unbiased and reliable arbiter of truth. And none of these right wing conspiracy style sites are in control of the debates that are at the center of our political system.

          2. “He lies so much it is like bizzarro world when he talks”

            But enough about you.

      2. sarcasmic…I have to say, Cyto is right about the MSM press these days. I watch the press conferences and I am frankly appalled. I really can’t stand the repetition and repetitive remarks from POTUS Trump. Drives me crazy. I’m like, ‘dude, I heard you the first 1,936,207 times you told me this. I know, you shut down China entry, and it was a big decision to shut down Europe entry’. Enough already. And for Pete’s sake, can you (Ford, GM) get started rolling out ventilators so I don’t need to hear about the 10K ventilators we have just waiting to go? Enough already.

        The MSM press has simply lost any semblance of trying to elicit useful information. The questions are posed in a manner to elicit a reaction, not information (which is what the American people actually need right now). It is completely asinine. I don’t even think the MSM knows how incredibly awful they look. My wife, a naturalized citizen, simply has this to say: They are communists.

        Frankly, it doesn’t matter very much whether POTUS Trump is the best POTUS ever, or the worst. He is the guy we have sitting in the chair right now, and I hope (and pray) that he will be wildly successful dealing with this crisis.

      3. “deplorables praise Trump”

        Hey sarcasmic, this is really all you have in your arsenal, huh.

        Your rebuttal to every accusation in this thread so far has been “Trump lover!” You never have anything meaningful to say.
        The obvious conclusion here is that you’re just here to distract.

      4. Don’t laugh. Christian Germany in 1939 was exactly like that. Faux and CNN regard Libertarians the way Volkischer Beobachter and The Christian Science Monitor regarded libruls an’ joos. I personally do not believe The Don is half as bad as Nixon, Bush or Bush, but his party stinks.

  28. anyone else notice that TikTok donated $10 million to the W.H.O. today

    TikTok is owned by China, you can’t tell me the the WHO isn’t beholden to them yet NBC this morning was touting how great it was of Tiktok. NBC is blind or Fools or also owned by the Chinese now

      1. Taiwan and Hong Kong are the non-communist Chinas the mainland slave pen ought to surrender to in a transfer of sovereignty. All three would be a lot safer as a result.

  29. The seams in the EU are really starting to show and fray.

    “Italy, with over 18,000 coronavirus deaths, more than any other country, seethed at the refusal of Germany and other EU nations to offer medical help and supplies in the early days of the pandemic in March. Public opinion has become even more inflamed by Germany’s and the Netherlands’ reluctance to help financially at a time when the Italian economy risks foundering after weeks of lockdown.

    In this emotionally charged climate, what to German politicians is fiscal prudence looks like an act of war to many Italians. In a recent opinion poll, 70% of Italians said that Germany is trying to “strangle” their country, with only 16% disagreeing. A majority of voters for every Italian party, including traditionally pro-EU ones, endorsed that view.”

    Remember that time the other states didn’t want to bother putting down Shay’s Rebellion because it wasn’t really their problem?

    That’s seen as a turning point in the end of the Articles of Confederation. They’re more of a European confederation than a European Union, and as the economic crisis blows up (and it will get worse from here), we may see things start to fall apart.

    P.S. Trump isn’t the only one accusing Germany of pursuing its own interests at the expense of its allies.

    1. Is Trump “accusing” Germany of pursuing its own interests?

      That’s sorta his thing, isn’t it? He does what is good for America, and he expects other leaders to do what is good for their countries.

      1. Yeah, that’s just fine. Germany should do what’s in its own best interests–just not on the U.S. taxpayers’ dime.

        If Germany doesn’t want to spend their treaty obligation for their own national defense because the U.S. taxpayer will shoulder the financial burden of their defense for them, then the United States should do what’s in its best interests.

        1. I think that was also part of the program.

  30. >>Voters tend to be more privileged than nonvoters

    i thought it was finish high school and don’t get a girl pregnant.

  31. Has anybody seen John lately? I dont remember seeing him post in the last week.

    1. He *is* conspicuous by his absence. Hope he’s OK.

      1. Maybe hes just taking a break. Its good to disconnect from the electronic world on a regular basis. But yeah i hope hes ok.

        1. He’ll take breaks every once in a while. He’s usually gone for several days at a time, if not weeks, when it happens.

  32. Let’s not forget there are people dying of the things that killed us everyday before the Corona virus. I am guessing that was a pretty good number in a city the size of New York.

  33. ENB, credit where it is due: The headline section was a refreshing piece of perspective, the sort of stuff I came to Reason for in years past. Worlds better than the TDS fever pieces I usually see these days.

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  35. Thanks ENB for the context. South American media are broadcasting those pauper graves as the Communi-virus Holocaust proof that Whoopee! We’re All Gonna Die! With bans on driving I will bet money the lowering of routine auto deaths will more than offset the deaths added by the slightly more severe flu season. Reason journalism is still alive and well.

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