Unable To Handle Criticism of Coronavirus Stimulus Waste, Trump Fires Another Watchdog

Glenn Fine was abruptly removed from his post without explanation.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday replaced the acting inspector general leading the federal panel of watchdogs charged with overseeing his administration's handling of the $2 trillion COVID-19 response effort. 

Glenn Fine, who was appointed to helm the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee last month by a group of fellow inspectors general, was abruptly removed from his position as the acting Pentagon watchdog. Trump named Sean O'Donnell, the inspector general at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to the role instead. O'Donnell will continue to hold his position at the EPA.

"Mr. Fine is no longer on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee," Dwrena Allen, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon inspector general's office, said in a statement. She added that Fine has been demoted to principal deputy inspector general of the Pentagon, a job not ranked highly enough to chair the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

Inspectors general are typically seen as nonpolitical operatives and are tasked with an independent watchdog role, overseeing various facets of the government and checking for waste, fraud, and abuse. Trump has clashed with several of them recently as they produced documentation that he views as unflattering to his administration.

That includes Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm, whom the president railed against after she released a report detailing COVID-19 testing delays and critical supply shortages at U.S. medical centers. 

"Another Fake Dossier!" Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

Trump's move against Glenn Fine follows the president's Friday termination of Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community, who dealt with the whistleblower report that eventually resulted in Trump's impeachment. The president did not name a successor.

"As is the case with regard to other positions where I, as President, have the power of appointment…it is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as inspectors general," Trump wrote in a letter to Congress. "That is no longer the case with regard to [Atkinson]."

These actions have been condemned by Democrats, who say the president is trying to inoculate his administration from criticism. "President Trump is abusing the coronavirus pandemic to eliminate honest and independent public servants," tweeted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–N.Y.), "because they are willing to speak truth to power and because he is so clearly afraid of strong oversight." The president also recently hired Brian D. Miller, a lawyer for the White House, as the special inspector general overseeing the $500 billion in stimulus loans carved out for corporations—a move that drew similar criticism from those who noted the close nature of Miller's relationship with the Trump administration. 

Republicans have been considerably quieter, though Sen. Chuck Grassley (R–Iowa) had a recommendation: "I encourage Pres Trump 2view IGs as helpers 2hold bureaucracy accountable+draining swamp," he tweeted. "We all work to solve problems Esp in unprecedented pandemic, IG reports shld be viewed as a TO DO list & not criticism."

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  1. We are only guessing why this guy was dismissed. One reason could be the Peter Principle: plenty of people get promoted out of a position where they are doing a good job into a position where they do a poor job. Good executives recognize this and act. Poor executives tolerate the incompetence. The jury is still out on what Trump is, though he does seem to have a poor track record hiring successful people.

    1. Does Trump have the most fragile ego in history?

      1. No, not quite. I had an ex-girlfriend who was worse.

        1. Hey look, eunuch and his moron friend are here to again demonstrate how insecure and uninsightful they are!
          The sad thing is, the progs they prostrate for don’t even respect them enough to acknowledge them.
          I’ll give you this, though: every breath each of you takes is direct defiance of natural selection

          1. Uh huh. I notice your libertarian skepticism of the powerful is missing when it comes to Trump. Try to defend his systematic removal of IG’s. It’s another obvious attempt to avoid oversight. You seriously don’t notice the pattern? First congress had no right to see what the president is doing, now IG’s have no right either. Don’t be this dumb.

            1. Removing two IG’s is systematic? And where did he say IGs have no right, especially as he appointed a different IG to continue doing the inspections. Oversight is continuing just not with these two IGs.

              1. “Oversight is continuing just not with these two IGs.”

                Well that’s one TDS way of putting it.

                1. How else would you put it? He fired two IGs and appointed two more to continue their duties. How else would you put it?

                2. Lol. God you’re predictable. Do you think IGs are never incompetent or make mistakes? The ICIG purposefully misread the law governing his role, he was pathetic. This new fired IG contradicted what Newsome, Cuomo, and others have said. Is it just possible to you that a federal worker is incompetent?

                  1. Is it just possible to you that a federal worker is incompetent?


            2. I’m not a “libertarian” and I wasn’t commenting on trump, but at the midwits brandy and eunuch

            3. You’ve literally lied and been ignorant to every aspect of what purpose an IG serves. You cited the wrong IG governance and laws regarding the ICIG for over a week. Please sit out any discussion about IGs. You know nothing.

              1. No, you were wrong. Please sit this and all other discussions out.

                1. Proof?

                  1. He won’t provide proof because he’s a fucking lying POS, who spouts lefty talking points, then lies once more as he tells you he’s not a leftie.

                    1. You can’t really expect anything more out of shriek.

                    2. He’s Pedo Jeffy. A big supporter of foreigners who rape children. So much is that he wants to import them to the US.

                2. Lol. No I’m not. You linked to the wrong IG laws for a week while also lying about what whistleblower protections actually covered. I even linked the controlling ICIG that explains how the ICIG only covers maladministration, budget, and other activity controlled under the actual IC. A presidential call with a foreign official does not fall under the law. Anonymity also is not required.

                  You got caught and ran the fuck away..

                  1. He really is a massive shitweasel, isn’t he?

            4. Hey Lying Jeffy, do you think the president has the power to appoint and remove executive officers?

              Don’t you claim to have been in the armed forces or some such shit? In which case you should at least have some idea how the executive branch works.

            5. Uh huh. I notice your libertarian skepticism of the powerful is missing when it comes to Trump.

              As a libertarian, Trump is a failure. But that’s so trivial that it’s not worth even discussing anymore.

              Usually, what people are talking about when they are talking about Trump is whether his actions are legal, prudent, and/or effective within the actual legal, political, social, and economic framework that we live in. And that has to be seen relative to the alternatives, not some unattainable ideal standard.

            6. Behold the mentality of a brainwashed Trump cult member. Nice attempt at answering Nardz’s irrationality. Don’t expect Nardz even comprehend your comment.
              Way too many “libertarian” commenters here are in fact Trump worshiping bootlickers who have zero actual libertarian blood flowing in their political veins. Why they come to this site, I don’t know.

              1. We don’t know either.

          2. Good content there, full rebuttal of everything they said. Excellent post. Keep up the good work.

            1. Really?

              1. Truly! Madly! Deeply!

                1. So what systematic removal of IG is he speaking about. Two IG is not proof of systematic removals.

                  1. Words have no meaning to idiots.

                  2. He can’t tell you because he knows it’s all bullshit.

            2. Not a rebuttal.
              And I’m not surprised you’d want to throw in with the dickless squad. You’re not quite as bad as them, though you do have a doctrinaire habit of lightning yourself on fire too often

              1. He putted himself as sqrsly a few weeks back. Why sqrsly has been quiet.

            3. What informed opinion from chipper and brandy was worth rebutting?

              1. Well, you didn’t prove that Trump doesn’t have the most fragile ego in history, nor did you refute that he has the second most fragile ego in history, behind Brandie’s ex.

      2. Think that’s you and your sensitivity to having people think you’re funny.

      3. That would be Nardz, but Trump is up there.

        1. Sick burn, bro.
          Totes got me

    2. Trump the chump has a poor business record. He makes himself to be a smart person when in fact he is nothing but silver spoon fed, empty suit. First the dismissed the virus as a Chinese disease. Were it not for Dr. Fauci who stood his ground to enlighten us on the reality and seriousness of the virus, we would still be months behind. Trump promised ventilators by the end of April. Shows how clueless and inept he really is. Out of pure greed, his friends on Wall Street have shipped all US manufacturing to a foreign country, a communist one no less. He is so dense as not to realize, you need tooling, machine shops, assembly lines and trained workers to build ventilators. Who is going to make all the tooling, the US has been gutted of tool and die shops. Recently, Ford said it will not deliver ventilators until the end of August..not a peep from GM. So much for Trump’s business accumen. The only thing he knows how to do is say “you’re fired!” which any monkey can do. He is like a rich spoiled kid, who if things don’t go his way, he picks up hits toys and goes home. Except for Dr. Fauci, he has surrounded himself with arse kissers. The best way to keep your job in the Trump administration is to blow feathers up his fat arse.

  2. Is Binion making an appeal to authority here? It seems like it because he is criticizing Trump for criticizing “the experts” who are supposedly non-partisan. Nor has Binion offered any evidence that there is widespread criticism of the handling of the relief money, and that Fine has been the one doing the criticism. In fact, the only evidence Binion offered is Trump criticizing a different IG. Now, maybe Binion’s conclusion is the correct one but he hasn’t offered any supporting evidence.
    As for the firing of Atkinson, many felt it was way past due and that it was just. Others, I know, disagree. But are we arguing that IG’s are not touchable or accountable? Or just the ones that criticize the President? What is the standard? I would like a real answer to this.

    1. But those who agree with Trump are not appealing to authority?

      1. Who said that besides the voices in your head?

        1. It was a question?

          1. Some do, yes.

      2. Now please point to where Binion provides any evidence for his assertion that this IG was fired for criticizing the President.

        1. And that’s just it, it’s empty assertions and ‘implying’ all the way down for Binion.

          “Glenn Fine was abruptly removed from his post without explanation.”
          No explanation. How will Billy make an article out of this?

          “Unable To Handle Criticism of Coronavirus Stimulus Waste, Trump Fires Another Watchdog”
          Oh, he makes a wild guess and presents it as fact.

          Seriously, this is so lazy and dishonest that he should be fired.

      3. Is there never a valid reason to fire a federal worker?

        1. This one wasn’t even fired, just reassigned.

        2. Trump sure seems to fire a lot of Federal workers who just happen to have revealed his shortcomings. But guess we aren’t supposed to notice that.

          1. This guy hasn’t revealed anything. He hadn’t even started the job.

          2. You sure seem to make up a lot of bullshit.

      4. Observing the fact that there was nothing unreasonable or illegal about the firing isn’t “agreeing with Trump”, it’s simply pointing out a fact about US government.

    2. remember, presidents are able to fire and hire IGs at will, unless it’s Trump, because it’s Trump. Courtesy of the media’s nonlogic.

  3. >>the president is trying to inoculate his administration from criticism

    lol he’d have to murder like 5 billion people

    >>Inspectors general are typically seen as nonpolitical operatives

    so what do you do when they operate politically?

  4. Ok, why do I have a feeling the incoming comments are going to be colourful

    1. Au contraire. They will all be white.

      1. Please tell me your reason for posting this.
        I mean, what was the thought process that led you to believe typing “Au contraire. They will all be white” was worthwhile?
        Did you think it was clever? Funny? Reflective?
        Or were you just so painfully desperate to post something that you tried really realty hard and thats all you came up with?

        1. What foreground color do you have assigned? Mine is white too, by default.

          1. Same here. And the comments are actually black.

            1. Times New Roman-American

            2. Eh, I running in dark mode.

          2. Black. Because I use the power saving theme. Heathen.

        2. Because you’ve proven over and over that you are a racist asshole.

          1. Oh?
            Feel free to provide some evidence of your claim.
            I mean, unless you’re just throwing out the term “racism” because you’re a portion of the hivemind too unintelligent to provide a valid opinion…

    2. Get your popcorn ready.

    3. Most of the people that comment here think libertarian is defined as “willing to suck Trump balls while putting two fingers up his buttcrack” so of course those comments are going to suck.

      1. Jeff, you’re still worthless.

      2. “Most of the people that comment here think libertarian is defined as “willing to suck Trump balls while putting two fingers up his buttcrack” so of course those comments are going to suck.”

        OTOH, lefty fucking ignoramuses like you make up lies with scatological comments which would embarrass a 5-year old.
        Maybe one day you’ll reach a degree of maturity to understand what a fucking low-like piece of shit you are.
        About your 60th birthday, I’m guessing.

        1. Lesseeee….. 60 in socialist years is about … 1 or 2.

        2. Do you still remember your 60th birhday, Sevo?

          1. “Do you still remember your 60th birhday, Sevo?”

            Do you remember hitting 35-going-on-15, you pathetic lefty pile of shit?

        3. And in comes Sevo with the same old worn out insult. It’s it about that time for you to go out and look for a new cardboard box and plastic sheet to sleep in? How long do cardboard boxes last in the shitty damp SF weather you worthless piece of shit?

          1. Wearenotperfect
            April.7.2020 at 9:23 pm
            “And in comes Sevo with the same old worn out insult…”

            And here’s lefty pile of shit #3 to prove how idiotic lefties are. And doing a wonderful job!
            Take a bow deep enough that your nose ends up in the scum your swim in.

            1. And why the hell do you feel the need to quote everyone’s comment in your response as if you’re afraid we wouldn’t know what you’re responding too? I enjoy reading your bullshit about as much as i enjoy taking a dump!

              1. Because what you said was so stupid it should pain you to reread what you wrote.

          2. Sevo’s not the brightest bulb.

      3. A,Soc, you should really kill yourself in an agonizing way. Maybe douse yourself with gasoline and light yourself on fire. Which is still better than you deserve.

        Or maybe just lay your mortgage you fucking broke dick dirtbag.

      4. “ Most of the people that comment here think libertarian is defined as “willing to suck Trump balls…”.

        Kind of like how you sucked Hillary’s dick during the 2016 campaign and mocked Trump’s chances of winning? We only have to suffer your dumbass comments until November when Trump wins again. Then you’ll skip your ignorant ass home until someone lights up the faggot signal again.

  5. Unable To Handle Criticism of Coronavirus Stimulus Waste, Trump Fires Another Watchdog

    He probably wants to make sure the money goes to his cheesy hotels to buy his shitty steaks. I mean, that’s where our tax dollars belong anyway– that, and to pay for these people in the military with thumbs up their butts.

    1. Good one, racist.

      1. I’m just trying to do my small part to combat the Chinese Virus, ok?

        1. You’ve signed up as a guinea pig?

          1. The virus doesn’t transfer well to chimps; he’s safe.

        2. You should try one upping the guy who drank fish tank cleaner, and drink Drano. Report back to us with the results.

    2. Thanks for posting how far you bothered to read jeffrey.

  6. Grassley almost gets it – if you’re going to criticize anything the government does, you have to remember that it’s Trump’s government now and that therefore any criticism of government is a criticism of Trump. Trump is so thin-skinned he’s practically transparent and so childish he’ll throw a temper tantrum over any perceived slight so you have to handle him as you would handle any other two-year old problem child – make sure you begin and end every criticism of government with a lengthy and pointed disclaimer that the criticism is aimed solely at the target and comes about despite Trump’s undeniably God-like powers of wisdom, perception and mastery of all aspects of human knowledge. Your best bet would be to couch your criticism in terms of “some people” attempting to undermine Trump and his glorious leadership because they are insanely envious of his intelligence, grace, charm, wealth and good looks by secretly plotting to do things that would tend to make him look bad if people could blame Trump for their foul seditious actions. The poor IG didn’t understand that you can’t just go around discovering problems with a government program without also making it crystal clear that this problem was in no way, shape, or form anything that Trump could possibly have been expected to have known about or done anything about.

    1. Grassley will definitely get it. As we speak, Trump is finding out how he can fire Grassley – or at least get him kicked out of the R club

      1. “Grassley will definitely get it…”

        Will he take your PANIC!!!!! flag with him?

    2. Trump is so thin-skinned he’s practically transparent and so childish he’ll throw a temper tantrum over any perceived slight…

      And notice that that goes for Nardz, Sevo, JesseAz, LC1789, too. Huh, interesting pattern.

      1. Fuck off, Jeff.

  7. Binion must be having a sympathy period and cramps with ENB. Because this place has turned into the biggest bitch fest about nothing.

  8. Anyone notice he owns stock in a chloroquine manufacturer? I can give him a pass for a while longer, but its going to be a disappointment if he ends up being another “lesser of two evils.” I really had hopes for him going down as one of the best ever.

    1. No he has invested in a mutual fund that is operated by someone else that has invested in the company that used to have the patent for chloroquine. The patent however, has long since expired, and the company that his mutual fund invested in (a very small investment BTW) isn’t even the largest manufacturer of the medication anymore.

      1. It is well over a hundred dollars! Maybe as much as a little less than $3,000 could be at stake!

        But you guys have already missed the moving goalposts. They’ve dug up that another fund manager, Fisher, has a large stake in said drug company. And he’s a donor.

        Now, it isn’t his money at stake. It is in his funds. And it is a small percentage – only two or three percent of not his money.

        And said drug company is huge, so loads of people own it in their mutual funds.

        And said drug company doesn’t sell that drug here in the US.

        And said drug is no longer covered by patent in the US…. the generic is available.

        But don’t let the lack of any real facts get in the way of a good story….

        1. Feelings don’t care about your facts

        2. I am assuming that wasn’t meant in reply to my comment?

    2. Well, if you have a 401k, you too might own stock there.
      The article I read said the stock was a small part of one of several mutual fund type things owned by Trump, but not controlled by him.
      As of now, I really do think if Trump resurrected Mother Theresa and gave her 5 trillion dollars to cure COVID-19, half the country would claim he violated the establishment clause and call for another impeachment.

      1. If he can resurrect Mother Teresa, why would he need her to cure the virus?

    3. It’s a very minor indirect stake that I doubt he has any control over.

      Got a 401K or any mutual fund yourself? Checked it recently to see where your money is invested?

  9. “Inspectors general are typically seen as nonpolitical operatives and are tasked with an independent watchdog role, overseeing various facets of the government and checking for waste, fraud, and abuse. ”

    Poor naive Billy. Did it ever occur to you that public officials could simply be bad at their jobs? Or that they could actually been partisan? I can point to the hundreds of leaks, publicly active “resistance” members… but please continue to live ignorantly.

    1. It’s not paranoia if the unelected bureaucrats are really out to get you

  10. And by the way… anyone who says ” “because they are willing to speak truth to power” is fucking retarded and political. Including chuck Schumer as evidence of your assertion is also retarded and political.

    1. Funny how those who are willing to speak the truth when it’s a Democrat in office always seem to commit suicide with a bullet to the back of the head…

  11. IC IG Atkinson had to go. He was involved in approving at least two of the FISA warrants on Carter Page, as well as approving the several dozen FISA warrants criticized a week or so by DOJ IG Horowitz, when he was GC for the DOJ’s NSD. As DOJ NSD GC, he was apparently required to approve each Title I FISA warrant submitted to the FISC, regardless of its source in the FBI. Many of those FISA applications were submitted with inadequate paperwork, including, in some cases, meant without any content in the required Woods files. That means that he was instrumental in violating the 4th Amdt rights of at least the two dozen targets of those warrants, as well, of course, of Carter Page.

    Moreover, he changed the whistleblower form for his office to allow for uncorroborated hearsay in whistleblower complaints, accepted a second hand complaint lacking corroboration as credible, without doing any validation, ignored multiple legal opinions to the contrary, declared it urgent, and allowed the whistleblower complaint to be sent directly to the HPSCI, despite the HPSCI having no oversight authority whatsoever over the Presidential phone call at issue. Indeed, Congress didn’t have legal oversight over the phone call and if they had had, it would have been by a different committee. Since they didn’t oversight, that probably violated several federal statutes, including the Espionage Act. Atkinson cannot claim that he didn’t know better, because there had been at least three legal opinions to the contrary, including from the DOJ and the IC.

    His actions directly caused his boss, the President, to be impeached. Even if they had been legal (which they very likely weren’t), he should have resigned anyway. He was a Principal Officer, appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Senate. That puts him in the Administration, where his primary duty should have been to the President. It apparently wasn’t.

    1. There’s so much that’s wrong in this comment and I only have so much time, so I’ll pick the most glaring.

      “That puts him in the Administration, where his primary duty should have been to the President”

      No, his primary duty is to the constitution. Funny that Trump cultists need to be reminded of this so often.

      1. What else can you point out that is wrong with his statements, since you maintain there is so much wrong with it?
        As for his duty to the Constitution, how did the President supposedly go against the Constitution in his actions?

      2. You’ve never read the constitution just like you never read your links going to the wrong IG laws.

        1. Ooh, burn. He’s never read the Constitution. I’m sure you’ve really got him on that one. You are so insightful.

          1. At what point in the weird fantasy you have for lovecon1789 are you at, and how does it allow you to take a break to make pointless posts?

          2. Hey faggot, you sure showed him by saying that……..


      3. “There’s so much that’s wrong in this comment and I only have so much time”

        DOL-speak for “I’ve got nothing so I’ll fake it”.

      4. No, his primary duty is to the constitution. Funny that Trump cultists need to be reminded of this so often.

        Trump is his boss; so as long as Trump’s directions to him are not unconstitutional, it’s his job to do what Trump tells him to. Furthermore, Trump can fire him for any reason or no reason at all.

  12. In actually important news, Trump announced cutting funding of WHO, which was horribly needed.

    1. Yes, next Reason will be writing how cutting funds to the WHO (an organization that was covering for the Chinese as they lied about the virus) is somehow going to make matters worse.

    2. Wrong . Trump merely said he was going to look into it, not that he was going to do it. Some FakeNews reporter tried claiming that Trump had said he was going to cut funding and Trump himself had to set him straight on that fact. Trump never said he was going to cut funding. And don’t you dare try going and reading the transcript for yourself to see whether or not Trump did actually say what he said he didn’t say, if Trump said he didn’t say it, that settles it. Unless Trump later says he never said he didn’t say he never said it, in which case you’re on your own.

    3. a few days after some dipshit from the WHO said that they might have to consider forcefully taking people from their own homes for their own safety. When this shit is over and there’s a reckoning for China, these commie cocksuckers should be second in line.

  13. Unable To Handle Criticism of Coronavirus Stimulus Waste, Trump Fires Another Watchdog

    Is there really any point in reading the column after this? Just go write for Vox already.

  14. Trump is such a slimy piece of shit. Barr won’t always be there to protect this mfer. Trump is getting indicted sooner or later.

    1. You forgot ‘again’ since impeachment is a kind of indictment.

      And the corrupt ‘prosecutors’ will have to eat crow again.

      1. I bet you didn’t know Ivanka Trump created 15 million jobs. Did you know that?

        1. I’ll bet you didn’t know that having a brain cell might make you worth something more than a pile of dog shit.

    2. “…Trump is getting indicted sooner or later…”

      About the same time you grow a brain-cell, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

      1. You poor thing. You lost your doctor. Did you ever find him?

        1. Fuck off, fifty-center.

        2. Throw MAGA into the Woodchipper
          April.7.2020 at 7:36 pm
          “You poor thing. You lost your doctor.”

          I didn’t ‘lose my doctor’, you pathetic piece of lefty shit. I pay my own way and have the doctor I chose.
          But as a pathetic piece of lefty shit, you’re more than happy to defend that other POS who made that promise, knowing full well it was a LIE.
          Let me repeat that: He knew full well it was a LIE when he uttered it, and he did so fully confident that scumbag lefties like you would find nothing wrong with that at all.
          Proud or yourself, you pathetic piece of lefty shit?

    3. The dreams of idiots

  15. I thought to myself “I bet the usual suspects will be reflexively and angrily defending Trump.”

    They did not disappoint.

    1. I thought to myself that the usual TDS victims will be here to invent all sorts of reasons Trump shouldn’t have done this.
      And, yes, this idiot and several others are reading Trump’s mind to tell us what they really, really know.
      It’s little wonder that your the object of derision.

      1. I didn’t make an argument. I saw the headline and figured some individuals would be having kittens in the comments. And they did.

    2. You honestly get more pathetic by the thread. Why dont you, Brandy, and chipper find a site where you can all go add nothing to the discussion in agreement.

      1. Boo fucking hoo. If you can’t handle disagreement then you should be the one to get lost.

        1. Where did you offer disagreement?
          You’ve pretty much confined your commentary to shallow bigotry these days

          1. Then you haven’t been reading much. I’ve made a point of backing off the “Trumptards are retarded” spiel and gotten back to sarcasmic making comments with some substance.

            I did think it was funny how much vitriol that 6:56 comment got. You guys are so predictable. And you call me pathetic.

    3. Oh, and you lie all the time when losing an argument, such as accusing people of wanting to murder people. Try making a real argument just once.

      1. I admitted to making an honest mistake and apologized. Which you know. So by dwelling on this you are being a deliberate liar.

    4. In order to “defend” Trump from something, there needs to be a coherent accusation of wrongdoing. Can you articulate what Trump is supposed to have done wrong and why it is wrong?

  16. Inspectors general are typically seen as nonpolitical operatives…

    To be fair to the president, Trump has seen his share of nonpolitical operatives be anything but. Honestly, here, why bother? Little about this stimulus seems above board and pretty much everyone knows it.

    1. Wow. I got all the way down here before I found someone who wasn’t being stupid, lying, or arguing with others. Timestamp is 734MST.

      1. It is a scary time indeed when Fist is the voice of Reason.

        (See what I’d did there? Heh)

  17. Je accuse Trump of intentionally conspiring to underreport Covid19 cases in the early part of this. Je accuse Trump of intentionally foiling access to Covid 19 testing so that the numbers could better reflect his belittement of this threat. I’m not just accusing Trump of ignoring Covid 19 I’m accusing him of sabotaging the response for short term political gain. I remember when Trump didn’t want people tested for the virus. Trump didn’t want some measly cruise ship to disembark because it would “add to the numbers” and make Trump look bad. When a better man might have taken precautions Trump was busy sabotaging the response.

    1. Not surprisingly, you have absolutely no support for your claims.
      We sincerely hope your TDS affliction is fatal, and your death is long, slow and painful in coming.
      You deserve nothing less, and the world will be a better place.

    2. You misspelled China, you retarded fuck.

    3. You obviously lack even an elementary liberal arts education given your idiotic spelling.

      Oh, and on the supposed “underreporting”, how exactly is Trump supposed to have accomplished that? Using his super secret mind control ray?

      Finally, if you look at the timeline, Trump was more aggressive on acting against COVID-19 than either the CDC or Democrats recommended.

      1. naw, he used his absolute control of the media, like any good fascist would /sarc.

  18. OT:
    Wife has the TV on in the other room, I overhear a comment from one of the broadcast news BH’dBBs:

    ‘New York’s death total from the flu is now higher than the deaths from 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

    Uh, yeah, that later number happened in one day.
    Please stuff JFree’s PANIC!!!! flag up your ass, stick first.

    1. When you say “wife has the TV on in the other room” do you mean transistor radio in the cardboard box next to yours?

  19. Oh, and the SF city government is plugging bums into various hotels for periods which can easily be longer than 30 days; his majesty Newsom not yet committing to an end to the population’s imprisonment.
    “So what?”, you might ask. Well at 30 days, a ‘tenant’ becomes a ‘permanent resident’ under SF rent control laws and cannot be evicted unless god and the POTUS agree to it…
    Wanna bet some ‘homeless coalition’, government-funded loser lawyers are looking into this right now?
    Getting rid of the flu is gonna be child’s play compared to getting the government back in some sort of reasonable restrictions.

    1. Make sure you leave the towels and bathrobes when you check out you poor piece of shit!

    2. Shit for permanent free digs at the Palace Hotel I’ll gladly take a shit on the sidewalk

  20. These inspectors are not “independent”, they are part of the executive branch and subject to Trump’s authority.

    If Congress wants inspectors responsive to the demands of Congress and independent of the executive branch, then Congress needs to create such an oversight structure.

  21. it happens sometimes at the time of crisis

  22. TRUMP = arrogant, ignorant, insecure, hyper-sensitive, combative, dishonest; and yet, a MUCH better choice for POTUS than every demoncrap in America.

  23. Why was this article even written, when the subheadline invalidated the premise of the headline?

    “Glenn Fine was abruptly removed from his post without explanation.”

    That’s it. Without explanation. Where is the “Unable To Handle Criticism of Coronavirus Stimulus Waste” part explained? Mind reading? It may be true, it may also be something else entirely. So what? My criticism is not for or against anything Trump did, but this magazine of “reason” acting like every other outlet.

    But all the comments and interaction going on here in the comments section has made the article an online success in the business of media, if not facts.

  24. This whole 2 trillion thing is giving me really bad TARP Deja Vu all over again.
    Ulitimatley we the taxpayers are responsible for this sum. I did a little sloppy math a few days ago. 2 trillion divided by 330 millions Americans means each of us just got billed about 6000. Assuming each of us gets that 1200 back, exactly where is the remaining 4800 going?
    Meanwhile the lifelong real estate con man in the White House who can’t get loans from any domestic bank (And incidentally what “billionaire” has to seek out loans in the first place?) Has just made moves to remove accountability for where the funds are going.
    This is the face of utter corruptions.
    The Thief in Chief is f###ing us all.

    1. He didn’t make any moves to remove accountability. He appointed someone else as IG and Congress still has an oversight committee.

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