Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation Made Alyssa Milano Backtrack on 'Believing All Women'

Under fire for refusing to support Tara Reade, Milano says she never thought #MeToo would "destroy innocent men."


In September 2018, when Christine Blasey Ford came forward to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, actress Alyssa Milano did not hesitate to support her. On the same day that The Washington Post published its interview with Ford, Milano tweeted: "I stand in solidarity with Christine Blasey Ford. ."

But in the wake of an equally if not more serious sexual assault allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee, Milano has remained silent. Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer who claims that her boss digitally penetrated her in 1993 without her consent, received no tweet of solidarity from the self-described feminist activist.

Milano finally addressed this blatant hypocrisy in an interview with the radio host Andy Cohen. Here is what she had to say.

"I believe that even though we should believe women, and that is an important thing, what that statement really means is that for so long, the go-to has been not to believe them," said Milano. "We have to societally change that mindset to believing women, but that does not mean at the expense of not giving men their due process and investigating situations. It's got to be fair in both directions."

Cohen frequently interrupted Milano to express his wild agreement with her remarks.

"I've been very vocal about Biden and my support for him," Milano continued. "I don't feel comfortable throwing away a decent man that I've known for 15 years in this time of complete chaos without there being a thorough investigation."

What a difference the partisan affiliation of the accused makes!

Milano also explained that she would be remaining quiet about the accusation in part because "the mainstream media would be jumping all over this…if they found more evidence." The implication being that the failure of mainstream media to do reporting on the Reade allegation means that it ought to be doubted and dismissed.

This speaks to the power of silence: The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets generally trusted by moderates and liberals have all refused to cover Reade's story. Indeed, thus far they have essentially pretended that it does not exist, declining to acknowledge Reade in the most basic way and refusing to question Biden about it, even in interviews with the candidate. This mainstream media blackout has evidently provided cover to people like Milano, allowing them to ignore an inconvenient political development.

Yet it's difficult to see the media's treatment of this story as anything other than blatant hypocrisy because there's nothing novel about the Biden accusation when compared to the Kavanaugh accusation. At the time of Milano's tweet in support of Ford, there was no evidence of Kavanaugh's guilt beyond what Ford had claimed in her statements (and little corroborating evidence of Ford's claims ever materialized, given how long ago the incident had unfolded). The Reade allegation is at exactly the same stage: She is speaking up about what happened to her, and asking to be believed. But this time, Milano—who attended an anti-Kavanaugh rally while draped in a banner that read, quite literally, "believe women"—thinks it's not enough.

To those who are not invested in Biden's candidacy, the hypocrisy is obvious. Rose McGowan, a prominent proponent of "believe all women" and Milano's former Charmed co-star, said this:

But aside from the hypocrisy, the disparate treatment of Reade really shows that popular variations of the #MeToo catchphrase—believe all women, believe all victims, etc.—are incoherent. Journalists, policymakers, and an informed public cannot simply default to automatically believing every person who claims to be a victim. De facto presumptions of belief are constantly weaponized by liars and frauds against a gullible populace. Those who work in the business of telling other people's stories—be they reporters or activists—must be skeptical and discerning. They must gather facts and contextualize allegations. They must operate within the broad framework of generally assuming innocence until guilt is proven. Believing everything they hear is a recipe for disaster—it's religion, not journalism.

Ironically, Milano's impulse to protect her preferred candidate may have inadvertently helped her arrive at the correct default.

"I sent the #MeToo tweet two years ago, and I never thought it would be something that would destroy innocent men," she said in the Cohen interview. "So we have to find this balance in the 'believe women' movement, and also giving men their due process and realizing that we are destroying lives if we don't go through the right steps."

If that's actually her standard, then good. But I suppose we won't know for sure until another high profile Republican is accused of wrongdoing.

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  1. “Under fire for refusing to support Tara Reade, Milano says she never thought #MeToo would “destroy innocent men.”…”

    So this is the “I’m an ignoramus!” defense?
    Oh, good; STFU from now on, lady.

    1. Apparently she’s so stupid she needs someone to keep her from looking up when it rains lest she drown.

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    3. Who would ever have thought arose McGowan would be the principled one in an argument. She’s one crazy bitch, but at least she’s consistent on this.

      1. Is she though? Would she drop Bernie if some woman rose up and claimed he dry humped her at a Beatles concert?

    4. If that’s actually her standard, then good. But I suppose we won’t know for sure until another high profile Republican is accused of wrongdoing.

      Yeah, we don’t have to wait until then to be sure. We know exactly what’s going on.

    5. “Milano says she never thought #MeToo would “destroy innocent men.”

      My immediate thought upon reading that quote:

      (In Dan Ackroyd voice): “Alyssa, you ignorant slut.”

      1. Fun fact: “Jane, you ignorant slut” was written by Al Franken (according to Dan Aykroyd).

    6. “I believe that even though we should believe women, and that is an important thing, what that statement really means is that for so long, the go-to has been not to believe them”

      Classic Motte and Bailey
      Bailey: Believe All Women!
      Motte: What Believe all Women *really* means is sometimes believe women.

      1. “Believe all Women” is inaccurate slogan-craft (for “Believe Women Too”), but the “All Lives Matter” responsive slogan is proof that subtlety in slogans is too much brain work for the biased/proles.

    7. I mean, it’s not like anybody else was saying that they feared allegations like this would be used to destroy innocent men at the time…

  2. Let’s get real–that woman has likely had to suck Hollywood studio exec cock for decades just to keep her B-/C+-list career intact. Odds are pretty high she was sexually assaulted during her years as a child star, considering she was palling around with the Coreys and the rest of the late-80s teeny-bopper clique.

    She’s effectively brainwashed at this point.

    1. Let’s get real–that woman has likely had to suck Hollywood studio exec cock for decades just to keep her B-/C+-list career intact.

      Well, she did brag err, “open up” about having two abortions just months apart back in 1993 despite allegedly being on birth control at the time. Given that birth control pills are supposed to be something like 98% effective, one can surmise that she must have been fucking a lot. Probably getting passed around like currency between various casting couches hoping to land her next big film/ tv role.

      1. “On birth control” is a deliberately vague statement that could mean a lot of things, not just the pill, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fairly indifferent about it during that time, which was right around when she did that softcore vampire flick. And if she was on the pill and not taking it consistently, it would be effectively worthless anyway.

        That’s of course assuming that she actually had two abortions in one year and isn’t bullshitting for sympathy.

      2. “Given that birth control pills are supposed to be something like 98% effective, one can surmise that she must have been fucking a lot.”

        That’s…not how birth control pills work

    2. Nah, she’s just another self-interested liar using feminism and outrage to keep her name in the papers.

      For example; “Milano also explained that she would be remaining quiet about the accusation in part because “the mainstream media would be jumping all over this…if they found more evidence.”
      Unless she’s been living under a rock for the last seventy-five years, she would know that every major mainstream media outlet in the US are DNC auxiliaries, with the exception of Fox (a GOP auxiliary). Some, like MSNBC, ABC, the Washington Post and the New York Times are functionally party organs.

      She knows that the mainstream media is as likely to investigate its political boss as Izvestia would write an expose on Brezhnev.

      She’s just playing the game.

      1. The one doesn’t exclude the other. Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general is filthy and unlike, say, Angelina Jolie Alyssa Milano has never had the clout or negotiating power to give big-gun perverts the thumb without suffering a terminal blow to her career.

        At some point however after spending a whole life in the filth the simulacrum does take over. The fact that Milano’s current husband is a CAA associate is telling, but I doubt she’s fully aware of her own lies at this stage.

        Rose McGowan is a self-made weirdo but to her credit, she did call Milano out on this at the beginning of the whole “Me Too” façade.

  3. her boss digitally penetrated her in 1993 without her consent

    As old as Biden is, I would have pegged him as an analog guy.

    1. Godamnit Leo, you are on fire lately.

      1. Unfortunately, my Governor has ordered me to be here all week.

        1. I knew you didn’t live in Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, or Wyoming!

      2. “you are on fire”

        I too want him to live through a grease fire for being unfunny.

        1. Then lead by example.

    2. It’s only called pegging when it’s done by a woman, Leo.

      1. I can honestly say that I had to look that one up.

        That says a lot more about you than it does about me.

        1. Eunuch gonna eunuch

    3. I thought only Barry was allowed to peg Biden

      1. Not if NoHo Hank has anything to say about it.

    4. Whoa! Pegged?! Are we not doing phrasing again?

    5. hell damn man

    6. Off topic , but you reminded me that women are more advanced than men, after all. They get their pleasure digitally, whereas men get theirs manually.

  4. “If that’s actually her standard, then good”. I thought the standard was it’s only bad when the other guy does it.

    1. Honestly, you can’t blame Biden. You see if he doesnt get a daily sniff of a 12 year old girl he gets a little loopy. If your mind is in a state of disarray how can you make good/bad decisions?

      1. Sort of like Countess Bathory, except he just needs to sniff the pheromones of young girls to keep him lucid. Less than four years out of the White House resulted in a massive drop in access from the daily school tours, which probably explains the decline.

        1. At least it requires less clean up

  5. What a difference the partisan affiliation of the accused makes!

    Principals, not principles.

    1. Rememebr when you stupidly claimed you made that up?


  6. Gee, if I didn’t know better I’d think that maybe people like Alyssa Milano are complete hypocrites who just take up progressive positions to virtue signal.

    1. It’s not virtue signaling as much as it is confirmation bias. She wants Kavanaugh to be guilty, so in her mind he is. She wants Biden to be innocent, so in her mind he is.

      It’s pretty common human behavior, especially when politics is involved. Two-party politics probably makes it even worse.

      1. I prefer to think that she’s completely full of shit.

        “I sent the #MeToo tweet two years ago, and I never thought it would be something that would destroy innocent men,”

        It’s absolutely been a cudgel to destroy innocent men, and she’s been proudly brandishing it up until now. Apparently it only stops when it’s a person she plans to vote for as President.

        1. Well, at least she mouthed the right words about due process. That’s some progress.

      2. Thanks for explaining why you’re always wrong.

    2. Although I think her wardrobe guy for her role as “Concerned activist #4” at the Kavanaugh hearings nailed it.

  7. >>If that’s actually her standard, then good.

    it’s not. and wow does Alyssa Milano not matter.

    1. ok, will someone please tell me who this bitch is and why I should care? Because I seriously don’t know her from Eve.

      1. They hired her for Charmed, which pissed off Shannen Doherty, who was supposed to be the pretty, core star. A year later, Shannen quit, and was replaced with Rose McGowan. This was a quarter of a century ago.

  8. Predictably, conservatives are seizing on this story as if it suggests #BelieveWomen is really about destroying men who were already disliked by #TheResistance. Don’t believe this right-wing myth!

    Here’s a much better explanation: the allegation against Biden simply isn’t as credible as those against Kavanaugh. I mean, the timing alone is totally suspicious. The absurd rumors about Biden’s “cognitive decline” have been thoroughly debunked, and now desperate anti-Biden forces are throwing something else against the wall.


    1. They are POUNCING, get it right

    2. OK, this is sarcasm, right?

      1. OBL tries for sarcasm. It was funny when he first started but he’s not as good at it as he thinks he is.

        1. It depends. Are you out for comedy or trolling? If the latter, riding the fine line of Poe’s law is just what the doctor ordered.

      2. Sort of. It’s a parody sock-puppet/ troll that’s been doing this shtick for far longer than any sane and rational person would.

        1. It’s actually pretty fun IMHO.

        2. “been doing this shtick for far longer than any sane and rational person would” might easily apply to most of us.

          1. “Far too long shtick” was my nickname in college.

            1. Yeah you could swallow almost as well as your mom.

              1. please, if his mom swallowed then we wouldn’t have to deal with Leo now. (Love ya Leo, just had to go for the joke)

          2. *Pauses for moment of reflection *
            Not me!

        3. It’s the consistency that really impresses me. Every damn story here on Reason gets its OBL troll. That’s at least dedication to the craft.

      3. OBL doesn’t bat 1.000 by any means, but he/she/shim isn’t terrible either.

  9. “…it’s religion, not journalism.”

    I think religious people are aware of the possibility of false allegations.

    In the Old Testament alone, there’s the commandment against false witness, the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, the story of Naboth framed so the king could get his vineyard, and for those who use the Septuagint the story of Susanna framed by the elders when she wouldn’t put out.

    Quite a lot of lessons about the dangers of credulity, considering how religious people are a bunch of credulous clinger rubes.

    Journalists would have #BelievedPotiphar’sWife.

    1. Yes, there is a commandment against bearing false witness, but there is no commandment against sexual assault and rape.

      1. Well, ask the men of Shechem (Genesis 34).

        1. You don’t seem to realize that what happened to the men of Shechem wasn’t viewed as a good thing at all. Jacob curses Simeon and Levi’s anger (Genesis 49). Their tribal portions are dispersed so that they would not be able to regroup and fight arbitrarily ever again.

          1. Actually never mind Eddy, I misunderstood your point.

            1. They did overreact a tad, risking the tribal equivalent of an international incident.

              They went a wee bit overboard in enforcing the norm, but the norm still existed.

        2. Shechem? I barely knew’em.

      2. “but there is no commandment against sexual assault and rape”
        “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” The Hebrew word translated as adultery in English also covers fornication, prostitution and rape.

        Deuteronomy 22:25-26:
        But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. 26 Do nothing to the woman; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor,

        1. wasn’t there also a passage where if a woman claims rape in the city/town, and no one can verify they heard her scream then they treat her as guilty, but if she claims it happened outside a town or city (basically rural), then she’s believed over the man? The whole idea being that she would have struggled and in a town in the bronze age, there’s no way someone else wouldn’t have heard it happening

          1. It’s the old fashioned method of due process. Without rape kits, how else do you protect men from false allegations?

  10. “You have always been a lie”

    Rose McGowan sounds crazy.

    1. Yes, yes, got her phone number?

      1. This world, god damn. Lol!!

      2. get the impression Rose really really hates boys. might be wrong kind of crazy.

        1. She’s been cooped up, I feel now is the time to risk it

          1. “I loved you in Scream”

          2. She’s gone waaaaaaaaaaay downhill

            1. I’m looking at her pics on google and the words that come to mind are “Asian Joker”.

  11. The only reason to believe (or give a shit) about Tara Reade is because she is bad news for Biden. Just like the Kavanaugh circus, these allegations are fucking ancient, there are no witnesses, no documentation, and obviously no physical evidence to back them up. They’re attempts to sabotage valid processes with that greatest of puritan violations: icky sex stuff (Ted Kennedy proves simple manslaughter is not enough to prevent one from enjoying a lucrative career in politics).

    It would be truly sad if Tara Reade was raped by Biden and waited this long to report it. We might have been spared nearly 3 decades of Biden, and Reade might have gotten justice. Now our only hope is coronavirus finds Biden.

    1. Actually she did tell people at the time, and they back up her story. So it has more proof then the Kavanaugh accusations. At least she told somebody at the time of the incident.

      1. If that is true then the media blackout is truly detestable. There is nothing stopping conservative outlets from spreading the news.

        1. Many are but they are being ridiculed for doing so. FNC isn’t but it is debatable how conservative they really are. Epoch, Breitbart, Townhall etc have all ran stories with this information. But of course the left just ridicules these sources.

    2. Actually, the reason to pay attention to Tara Reade is to hold the #ImpeachKavanaugh crowd up to the same standard. That was a fucking crazy-central circus and if there’s anything we can do to make that crowd even a little self-reflective, those steps should be taken.

      1. It looks more like engaging in the same sort of bad-faith behavior to me. Obviously the media is not ignoring her out of some newfound rigor in reporting standards. They do it for Biden’s benefit. But to engage in muckraking to prove a point is ridiculous.

        For these people it is not about what is real but about how one feels.

        1. Maybe a full FBI investigation is warranted. But sit on the accusation as long as possible and then demand the investigation on the last day in an attempt to derail his nomination.

        2. agreed, that would turn off the same people who were turned off by the Kavanaugh circus.

        3. Disagree. These people don’t get to impose rules on others, then skate when having those rules applied to themselves becomes unpleasant. Like the sign says, “the best way to get rid of an unjust law is to enforce it strictly.”

          Also, disagree that holding these people to their own supposed standards is engaging in bad faith. There’s nothing wrong with forcing them to expose their own hypocrisy. I don’t even have a problem with sticking it to the #ImpeachKavanaugh assholes purely for retribution. Two wrongs may not make a right, but sometimes the second wrong is a necessary corrective.

    3. It’s hard to imagine anything that could be worse for the Biden campaign than the need to allow Joe Biden to speak in public and on camera. The people supporting him will find a reason to believe that this claim is as irrelevant as the accusations against Bill Clinton were a generation a go, while continuing to believe that what trump said on the tape with Billy Bush actually amounts to a legitimate confession to being a serial rapist.

    4. I share the same skepticism you do, but to be fair to Tara, she can actually prove that she knew Biden and worked with him, unlike Ford. And Tara also can give a solid time/place for when this supposedly happened unlike Ford. I agree that 30 years is about 29 years too late, but if what she says is true, that she did try to talk about it but that it was covered up by the media (which isn’t completely unbelievable, Fox was created because of how clearly biased the media was) then I’m open to tearing Biden’s personal life apart over it. This is the guy who was trying to nibble his wife’s fingers on stage and has a history of getting handsy with kids and women. Pieces fit, even if there’s no hard evidence.

      1. “even if there’s no hard evidence.”

        Are we doing phrasing again?
        Cuz if we’re doing phrasing again and no one told me, I’m gonna be pissed

        1. Dude. Phrasing then. Phrasing now. Phrasing forever.

          That’s not hard, is it?

    5. Don’t worry, senile dementia already has.

  12. so they don’t let just anyone grab them by the pussy?

    1. He obviously isn’t a star.

  13. I did not read this article.

    Rather, I am at the foregone conclusion of “why in fucking hell should I even care about what this stupid cunt ‘thinks’ about anything?”

    1. This

    2. If reason didn’t waste time with articles like this, they’d have to write up and publish a pro-liberty piece.

      1. The problem is that a thoughtful article on the libertarian movement in Moldova has like 6 comments, and an article about some dumb cunt who talks about another dumb cunt has hundreds of comments. What’s poor Reason to do?

  14. I hear Biden pledged to start wearing a mask. My bets are on it being a lone ranger type mask to keep from being id’d.

    1. It’ll also help make it easier to replace him with a body double (preferably one who can form semi-coherent thoughts and speak in complete sentences) if they only have to match from the eyes up.

    2. Ive heard Biden is into roleplay. He likes to ride dog-faced pony soldiers.

  15. All men are rapists unless they have a D after their name

    1. Being handsome helps.

    2. So…anyone with a D unless they *are* a D?

    1. Skwerlz blocked Part I. Reason‘s tolerance of comment content does not extend to linking with the 4 letter word for the age-range of adolescents .

          1. It was a different time.

          2. I lived the 80’s and I don’t remember ever seeing this.

            1. They used to advertise the video for sale on TV.Like a Mr Microphone or a Pocket Fisherman.

              1. Anyone who bought it paid too much.

                1. I had almost forgotten the dark ages before high definition.

                  Damn, late 80s fashion did a great job of making even hot chicks look ugly.

                  1. My theory is that the 80s demonstrates what happens when a culture embraces cocaine too enthusiastically.

    2. Did you get this channel link from Joe Biden?

    3. So…I checked Wikipedia and it says she’s 47. Isn’t that kind of old for Hollywood?

      1. If your career is based on being a spank bank depositor instead of an actress, it is.

  16. I bet she can wait for Joe to sniff her hair.

    1. Carpet or drapes?

      1. Asking for Crusty.

        1. Who?

      2. ….Yes…

  17. We have to societally change that mindset to believing women

    Awesome. Now do Crystal Gail Mangum and Jackie Coakley.

    the mainstream media would be jumping all over this…if they found more evidence.

    Ever heard of Juanita Broaddrick?

    Full disclosure: I don’t believe Tara Reade is telling the truth.

    1. It’s funny how the mainstream media can’t cover this without more evidence, but can broadcast Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh with substantially less evidence.

      Heck, when every person after Ford came out, having even less evidence than the one before, the media was on it! But Biden? Meh, we need more evidence. I have a funny feeling that if Tara came out with video, the MSM will reject it because it wasn’t cryptographically signed and timestamped by two digital notories, and that if she had DNA evidence, the MSM would be amazed at how the state of human cloning technologies in the mid 1990s was far more advanced than anyone realized!

  18. I don’t know how many times as a teenager I rubbed one off to this airhead. Now I could only fuck her I’d she was wearing a ball gag and I didn’t have to listen to her. And I know I would never really ever have a shot with her.

    1. The nice thing about being a guy is you don’t have to admire their character, intellect and morals in order to have a good wank.

      1. Yes, I can still rub one out to scenes from her theatrical masterpiece “The Embrace of the Vampire”.

        1. Soldiermedic I always appreciate your comments, but…no, just no. She is fugly now and was never hot, even back then

  19. Unfortunately, she did not inadvertently arrive at the correct result. Because her result was not too be properly skeptical of any criminal allegation and expect appropriate levels of evidence.

    She makes it pretty explicit. She does not want to destroy a good man. You see, her guy is a good man.

    Whereas Kavanaugh was not a good man. He was a bad man.

    Therefore, the veracity of the allegation is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not it is a good man whose reputation is at stake.

    And how does one determine good man from bad man? Party affiliation! That is the beginning in the end of it.

    So even though you made a valiant attempt at dragging those who would agree with Milano into the correct reference frame, they are not coming.

    1. Yes!

      God, what a despicable bitch she is.

    2. Perfect summary

  20. The only Milano worth concerning yourself with has Pepperidge Farm on the label.

    1. okay THIS is funny

  21. “And how does one determine good man from bad man? Party affiliation! That is the beginning in the end of it.”

    Well said.

    She’s an intersectionalist through and a through. Intersectionality suggests that the value of your opinion lies in your your group identity, so to hold Biden responsible would be to attack herself.

  22. The #BelieveAllWomen trope was stupid, illogical and bound to catch anyone who uttered it in a contradictory knot. Anyone who ever professed it deserves all the public shaming and ridicule they receive.

    1. Bumper stickers (and socialist minds) are too short for the actual full slogan “believe all women who accuse men who are not democrats”.

      1. If you’re explaining you’re losing

        1. If you’re explaining, you’re mansplaining, and that’s wrong.

      2. Apparently “#TrustButVerifyAllWomen” was already taken…

  23. So who actually cares what Alyssa Milano (pardon the misrepresentation) thinks?

    1. She had a bit part in Beverly Hill Chihuahua 2. Oh, and she has big t*ts and a good figure (though neither of them likely to be natural). That’s why people care about her.

      1. wonky boobs and ugly face

        1. Some heterosexual men are probably more desperate and less picky than others.

    2. Oddly enough, there are actually people out there in the world who are influenced by her opinions on current events. I know, I know, it is stupid to even stop to contemplate the reality of that, but I assure you it is true.

  24. No soul searching about the lack of evidence against Kavanaugh on Milano’s part i see? What makes her think Biden is innocent but Kavanaugh is guilty?

    1. (D)

      Any other questions?

      1. That Blasey Ford bitch waited over thirty years.

        Did Elizabeth Smart wait thirty years?

        1. Smart’s a Mormon, so probably not a hardcore leftist.

  25. “I believe that even though we should believe women, and that is an important thing, what that statement really means is that for so long, the go-to has been not to believe them”

    Classic Motte and Bailey
    Bailey: Believe All Women!
    Motte: What Believe all Women *really* means is sometimes believe women.

  26. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. After all, her moral judgments are based on venal self-interest and self-righteous indignation.

  27. Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation Made Robbie Soave Keep Whining For Both-Sides-Do-It Fairness Doctrine Narrative

  28. Well, yeah. Being a Democrat in 2020 kind of explicitly means you’re fully onboard the, “it’s okay when the LEFT rapes and abuses women” train.

  29. Someone should challenge her to count past 10 in public w/out 1st removing her shoes

  30. (and little corroborating evidence of Ford’s claims ever materialized, given how long ago the incident had unfolded)

    A blatant misrepresentation there.

    There was not little corroborating evidence; there was zero. While the time since the alleged incident was great, it didn’t stop at least some evidence from emerging; and that which did always contradicted her allegations. All the people she named as witnesses, the records of the account she gave to her therapist, and the available documentation of what nights that year had parties; it all contradicted her account.

  31. Tell ya what Alyssa. I want you to spend a full day ALONE with Joe Biden. Then tell us what you think.

    My guess is your smelly cunt will be very sore.

    1. Nah, she’ll be fine. Biden will have forgotten that anyone’s in the same room as him after a few minutes!

  32. She could stop at “I never thought”.

  33. “Believe women” is a good slogan but it almost sells short the accusers. They are not just women. They are women who have a known and provable connection to the person they are accusing. They have witness confirmation that they disclosed the accusation contemporaneously (making it much more likely their accusation is true compared to if they made it up last week). The people they are accusing generally have a pattern of behavior that fits a profile of someone who might do what they are accused of (e.g. Biden’s creepy on camera behavior). It is the sum of these circumstances that make it reasonable to believe, on the balance of probabilities, that their accusation is credible and true. It doesn’t mean it is proven beyond all doubt but if creepy uncle Joe is innocent Milano needs to provide more of an argument to explain why. Not just “he may be innocent” because while he may be innocent there are good reasons for believing this unlikely. People talk of needing “evidence” while ignoring the fact that testimony (e.g. from an accuser) IS in fact evidence. When combined with the circumstances I describe above such evidence becomes credible and probable. We should not discount such accusations because the person they have accused belongs to a particular political party.

    1. It’s a moronic slogan because there are too many examples of women who have lied about accusations for that phrase to not be laughed out of existence. It’s a overly simplistic statement for simple minds.

      Due process exists for everyone here. Whomever acts more emotional is not automatically entitled to win with no accounting of reality. That’s how toddlers and liars operate.

  34. She’s right in that for a long, long time, the default position was to doubt women. Sadly, you still see too much of that. Problem is, it’s completely disingenuous to say that a slogan like “believe women” wouldn’t lead to problems.

    First, it’s just as easy to come up with a slogan that doesn’t at least suggest that you should be taking sides from the very beginning. Second, it’s been quite clear that many activists aren’t interested in evidence. I’ve seen countless examples of random women on Twitter or Facebook saying they were assaulted, and without the slightest context, women will instantly state that they believe them (and I don’t mean type the slogan, I mean say it outright. Lastly, by definition, if you believe someone before all the evidence is in, you’ve abandoned objectivity, which isn’t something you can get back whenever it’s conveinant.

    And all that is before you inject the obvious political bias into this.

    1. The conventional wisdom is that in the “bad old days” men just went around raping women and nobody believed them, or they slut-shamed them if they did. And surely there was a full measure of disbelief about date-rape allegations. But at the same time, the “bad old days” was also a time where guys who got all rapey had a tendency to get shot by angry fathers and brothers. So it isn’t like “nobody believed women”. Certainly there were plenty of families who believed their daughters enough to put an end to someone accused.

      Even as recently as the 1990’s there was a case of a 15 year old girl who was raped in College Park (Atlanta area) in Georgia. For 2 weeks the rapist was at large as the police searched for him. One day he turned up. The police found him in the middle of College Avenue. Naked. Beat to hell. With a pair of vice grips attached to the remainder of his rapey-bits.

      It seems that a group of the young lady’s cousins and brothers found the guy before the police could.

      During the interview on the radio you could hear the police spokesman kind of chuckle “Yeah… in the middle of the day, but it seems that nobody saw anything….”. It certainly didn’t sound like they had any intention of doing an exhaustive investigation into the matter.

      So there was another side to those oddly balanced scales.

      1. And the “believe all women” push is going to run into some trouble if race relations and the catalysts for many acts of mob violence in the early 20th century comes up

        1. It already has come up and it hasn’t bothered liberals one bit. The intersectionalist party just finds an intersectional derogation and continues its cognitive dissonance. The priority is accorded according to levels of Diversity Pokémon Points, as usual. I actually know a liberal woman and her mindset appears to be that “racism” is the only reason a woman would throw a false accusation of rape and sexual assault against a man.

          See, the thing you have to understand is, the world liberals inhabit is basically the music video for Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer.’ Robbers, rapists and murderers are always white men, black men are always saviors who get the blame when they rescue the victims and the white female at best is morally tortured about standing up for the savior and at worst sides with her co-racial tormenters because racism. Barbecue Becky as they say. It goes beyond racist cops taking out their frustration on innocent “teenagers.”

          Then of course you could try comparing the actual number of people (of all races) lynched throughout U.S. history to the number murdered in one year by the favorite section and see how long you manage to keep the mic in your hand.

      2. “And surely there was a full measure of disbelief about date-rape allegations.”

        Prior to the 1970s, there seems also to have been assumptions about the moral character of the kind of girls who hung out unescorted at keggers and/or frat parties.

        Having been a college student in the 2000s, I can vouch that my observations might have led me to a similar conclusion if I lived in a society where fornication was still considered (regardless of its frequency) at least marginally “deviant.”

    2. The last sentence is all that matters

  35. “Fuck smiley glad- hands with hidden agendas.
    Fuck these dysfunctional, insecure actresses.”
    “Learn to swim!”

    – James Maynard Keenan

    1. Fuck tool!

    2. We can dream!

  36. Progressives: Principals over principles.

    OF COURSE the media is protecting him. He is they and they are him. They are one.

  37. I quite love the false god that is intellectual consistency. Expectations of consistency expose frauds and partisans for who they really are, but irrational commitment to consistency also exposes the schizoids and psychopaths who reject truth and think they’re gaining standing for being consistent. In the end, everyone crucifies themselves on the cross of hypocrisy and truth prevails. Gotta love it.

  38. She’s a mindless tribalist and raging hypocrite. If she didn’t have double standards, she’d have none at all. All her rules for proper behavior depend on what team someone is on.

    Democrat women should be automatically believed, Democrat men should be entitled to due process, non-Democrats are guilty until proven innocent.

    The hilarious part is when her cognitive dissonance runs into reality, considering most of these high profile cases are left-wing women accusing left-wing men. I’m sure her pea brain just defaults to whoever has genitals closer to hers must be the more noble, but it’s funny watching her squirm and backtrack to avoid admitting she could possibly be wrong about something she feels passionately about.

    In many ways there are few people more insufferable than a dumb woman who happens to be good looking. She’ll spend her entire life getting her backside kissed because of her looks, having people smile and nod with every dumb thing she says, never being challenged… but as her looks start to fade, more and more she’ll realize people don’t give a crap about her opinion (as younger more attractive girls steal the spotlight) and when she finally starts receiving equal treatment instead of special treatment…. then she magically becomes a life-long victim.

    Just got to hang on to that sense of power and milk that 15 min of fame as long as possible.

  39. Given Joe’s decaying mental state, he may end up admitting to the so-called “assault” during one of his incoherent soliloquies. Regardless, Ms. Milano’s rational for her defense of Joe is more than just blatant hypocrisy. Despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary (Weinstein, Epstein, Cosby), leftists are SO addle brained they can convince themselves that only BAD MEN commit sex assaults. BAD MEN = white men who openly reject progressive orthodoxy. If Weinstein had been a prominent conservative, his rape rampage would have been halted decades ago.

  40. Who’s Alyssa Milano?

  41. #toolate

  42. #StandWithSurvivors and sign this petition to launch an investigation into JoeBiden. No credible sexual assault allegation should be left to fall through the cracks because then predators continue to attack. #VoteBlueNoMatterWhoRapesYou #VettingBiden

  43. Alyssa, try not to get stuck to your seat thinking about him, but I’ll bet you liked Slick Willie too, didn’t you?

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  45. When Alyssa Milano says “innocent men” she means leading “Democratic Presidential candidates”. Otherwise, she still thinks all women should be believed. You know, there is an exception to every rule, and Creepy Joe must the that!

  46. I applaud her willingness to change her opinion in light of new evidence. That’s like the opposite of being an idealogue.

  47. If that’s actually her standard, then good. Justice is Matter
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