Brickbat: Learning a Valuable Lesson


Gov. Kate Brown's order to close all all public schools did not refer to online charter schools. But officials with the Oregon Department of Education say they believe the intent of that order applied to those schools and closed them, too. But while Brown's order was aimed at halting the spread of the coronavirus, the Department of Education has indicated that closing online charter schools is about protecting brick-and-mortar public schools. "Enrollment of new students to virtual public charter schools during the closure would impact school funding for districts across Oregon and therefore may impact the distribution of state school funds and delivery of services as directed under the executive order," the department said in a memo to local school districts. Online charter schools served some 13,000 k-12 students in the 2018-2019 school year.

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  1. It’s always about the money. Asa plus, the kids may learn something. Wouldn’t want the parents to think this is a better option year round.

    1. Yep. Feels like something that could be an easy lawsuit to me.

      1. If you can find a court that hasn’t shut down.

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    2. No, it’s about control, and it’s about better to be equally dumb and poor than allow inequality.

      If progressives had their way, we’d all be dumb, poor, and equal. Except for them, because someone’s got to enforce that dumb poor inequality.

  2. The most valuable lesson I learned as a teenager came for a guy I worked for in high school at the local Gulf station carryout . Always pay yourself first. My friends accuse be of being tight ,but, I look pretty good now with this crap going on now. Even though I’m still working I have a large sum to fall back on if needed.

    1. Ever listen to Dave Ramsey?

    2. Prudently living below our means to save for the unexpected just means we’re a bunch of suckers.

      When the bills come due to pay for all the bailouts we’ll be the ones paying.

      1. In a bailout-free world, the savers would be making incredible amounts of interest helping save companies trying to stay afloat. Instead we get stuck with the bill as the banks undeservedly prosper.

  3. I’m beginning to suspect public education might start becoming less about education and more about employment.

    1. Heh… “start”… Funneh….

  4. This KungFlu hysteria certainly illustrates how stupid and gullible some Americans are.

    Cutting back on education for the schools that actually teach kids important things is NOT a good thing for the USA.

    1. Would you stop it with the kunflu shit. It just make you look like a fucking retard. If your intent is to make intelligent statements, stop using cheap slurs. You may be collecting troll points, but if you will notice, there’s no store that will redeem them for you. So it’s a waste of your time.

  5. Can’t have the kids missing their brainwashing.

  6. Oregon: Still trying to out-California California.

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