No foolin' today

No April Fool's jokes today

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Today is April 1. Alas, law bloggers have suspended their customary April Fool's pranks.

Rick Hasen wrote:

One of my great work joys will have to be on hiatus given present circumstances.

Mike Dorf added:

I am aware that today is April 1. In past years, I have written April Fool's posts on this date. I realize that many people want–indeed, desperately need–a humorous distraction, and I don't begrudge them that. I just don't have it in me right now to provide one. In the event that the crisis has largely passed in a year, I'll do my best to provide an especially funny piece then.

Larry Solum has not put up any special announcement, but his pitch-perfect satire posts are missing today.

I stopped writing April Fool's jokes in 2017. I found that people were too eager to believe what I wrote. Indeed, in 2011, I announced that the Harlan Institute was opening up a constitutional law theme park. I called it "Constitution Land." I actually received a cease-and-desist letter from someone who registered a copyright for "Constitution Land." Who knew? I told the attorney that it was a joke. I never heard back from him.


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  1. Perhaps the best April Fools prank a site could pull today would be to post absolutely nothing coronavirus related.

  2. Attractions at Constitution Land:

    The Wickard v. Filburn subsistence farmer hay ride.

    The Paris Adult Theater.

    The Miranda v. Arizona confessional.

    Voyage to the Penumbras and Emanations.

    The Ten Commandments Monument (land graciously donated by Hobby Lobby).

    The “Fuck the Draft” jacket clothing store.

    The Eternal Flame (eternally burning an American flag).

    Cruel and Unusual Punishments Land.

    1. “The Hardwicker” sodomy themed ride was cancelled due to risk and liability concerns.

      1. LOL

  3. News Flash! In a shocking move, some leading Democrats are seeking to have Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio become the Democratic Party’s candidate in the fall presidential election. This comes in light of DeWine’s outstanding performance in leading Ohio’s defense against COVID-19, as reported by the BBC.

  4. I’m glad that fewer people and brands are doing April fools crap today.

    Not because its in bad taste (its not) but rather because most them just aren’t funny at all.

  5. Arthur Kirkland just posted a message on another thread:
    “Hey guys. I just re-read everything I posted over the last year to get a good April Fools joke going and just realized that I am really a huge fucking moron. Sorry for subjecting you to “clinger” insults and belittling religious people for so long. I am a horrible person.”

  6. How does one tell the difference between April Fools’ jokes and regular news (including fake news intended to be taken seriously)?

  7. What if the Cease and Desist letter was an April Fool prank?

  8. Nothing to do with COVID-19!

    The Great Thalidomide Hoax

    Six decades ago, the new drug Thalidomide, which was being used to treat morning sickness and anxiety in pregnant women, was reported to cause dreadful birth defects in the unborn babies.

    But is it true? Recent experiments by Professor Felix Ligurio-Tompa of Miskatonic University show that Thalidomide is, in fact, quite safe to take during pregnancy. In other words, the whole scandal was a hoax.

    A financial corporation known as LCF Rothschild Group used the scandal to acquire enormous profits, by […]

    [To purchase the rest of this article, click on the link below.]

    1. Miskatonic University, the Rothschilds…sounds like real news to me.

      1. Ah, but can you identify the three sources of the Professor’s name?

    2. Thalidomide actually has a new (good) use — treating either cancer or leprosy or something, and it appears to be quite effective.

      As long as the patient isn’t a pregnant woman…

  9. Shouldn’t ‘Constitution Land’ be registered as a trademark rather than a copyright?

    1. The Constitution Land website he linked to in his 2011 post (possibly the one that sent him the C&D letter, and that says it was established in 2009), is quite underwhelming. For example, check out its Big Cases section; it got 3 or 4 cases in and apparently lost interest:

  10. If we’re naming institutes after CHiP’s characters, I’m not sure I’d go with the vertically-challenged mechanic. I favored Officer Jon Baker, but the Getraer Institute sounds impressive and serious.

  11. I totally believe that most VCers are by and large not fuddy old academics but are dynamic inspiring thought leaders with logically self consistent philosophies able to appeal to a wider audience. Especially Prof Somin. Now there is a man who certainly doesn’t let a psychotic obsession with openborders color his commentary on President Trump in particular and every other subject in existence in general. Just thought everybody would like to know that.

  12. A few years ago, I set up a fake run for Congress: campaign announcement, website, “meet the candidate” video that was a Rick-roll.

    My friends who took it seriously still haven’t forgiven me.

    1. The Man Show, back when Jimmy Kimmel was actually funny, once had a campaign to “End Female Sufferage” — getting college women to sign a petition to end it. They did…

      1. I personally don’t find women sufferaging to be a funny thing….

  13. Fortunately, there’s still “lowering the bar”

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