FDA Approves Emergency Use of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine to Treat COVID-19

The agency concludes that the possible benefits outweigh the risks.


Anecdotal evidence has suggested that the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine may be effective therapies for the coronavirus infections that are the cause of COVID-19. (Other data have questioned their efficacy as COVID-19 therapies.) President Donald Trump touted chloroquine as a treatment for the disease during a press conference on March 19. At that same press conference, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Stephen Hahn observed, "That's a drug that the president has directed us to take a closer look at as to whether an expanded use approach to that could be done and to actually see if that benefits patients."

The agency has evidently taken a closer look and has issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for both compounds as experimental treatments for COVID-19. The EUA notes:

Based on the totality of scientific evidence available to FDA, it is reasonable to believe that chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate may be effective in treating COVID-19, and that, when used under the conditions described in this authorization, the known and potential benefits of chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate when used to treat COVID-19 outweigh the known and potential risks of such products.

Health care providers are authorized to use the compounds to treat hospitalized adolescent and adult COVID-19 patients weighing more than 110 pounds for whom no clinical trial is available or feasible. The recommended treatment regimen for hydroxychloroquine is 800 milligrams on the first day followed by 400 milligrams daily for four to seven days of total treatment based on clinical evaluation. The recommended treatment using chloroquine is 1 gram of the compound on day one, followed by 500 milligrams daily for four to seven days of total treatment based on clinical evaluation.

Health care providers must watch for side effects and are required to report how their patients fare to the FDA.

Ongoing clinical trials along with these EUA treatments should fairly quickly determine whether these compounds will work against the disease. Let's hope they do.

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  1. Doubt Trump will get the credit for advocating it use/making it happen.

    Idiot taking incorrect dosage mixed with adulterants and dying notwithstanding.

    1. He *was* an idiot for even suggesting it could be used therapeutically. He *is* an idiot for not suggesting it sooner.

      1. “He *was* an idiot for even suggesting it could be used therapeutically.”

        Hold up.
        Where does Trump say it can be used therapeutically? Here’s the original tweet:

        “HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains – Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents)….be put in use IMMEDIATELY. PEOPLE ARE DYING, MOVE FAST, and GOD BLESS EVERYONE,”

        How is that promoting therapeutic usage?

        1. Never mind. I’ve taken Hihn pills today or something. Please ignore the above.

          1. Not me, I’m sippin on straight chloroquine
            Won’t let the virus take hold of me
            This shit is fuckin criminal
            Shit is tuckin criminal

  2. One can hope.

    But I suppose it’s technically too early to hold a celebratory orgy?

    1. I mean, I’ve pre-printed the invitations, but I’ve left the date blank.

      1. Will there be snacks?

        1. Best food is always at orgies.

          I always laugh that the password is “orgy”.

            1. Zee old Einfahrt and abfahrt.

        2. “Will there be snacks?”

          I didn’t say you’d be invited.

    2. Remember to wear your PPE.

  3. So is it the FDA’s fault that guy died from drinking aquarium cleaner or is that still Trump’s fault?

    1. It’s always Trump’s fault. It is known.

      1. Except when it’s Obama’s fault.

    2. Hey! It prevented him from getting COVID-19, didn’t it?

      1. Careful, this is how we get mandatory aquarium cleaner chewables.

    3. I’ve been drinking that shit for years. That dude probably drank too much. Rookie mistake. You gotta start off slow and build up an immunity to it. I had no idea drinking that crap would pay off. I was just doing it because I was bored.

      1. I’ll bet you’re from a time when men were still men though; honed on a steady diet of rusty railway spikes and syphilis . Kids these days are so pussified that they can’t even drink a low dose of highly toxic chemicals without keeling over dead. Our country is doomed.

        1. We used to rub dirt in our cuts to stop the bleeding.

          1. You could afford dirt?!?

        2. I just assumed he’d gone in against a Sicilian when death was on the line or figured he might need to.

    4. Actually, it’s looking like his wife told him to ingest it and ended up killing him, either by mistake or as a side effect, in order to screech “Orange Man Bad” to the press.

      Came out today that she’s a donor to Democrats and various left-wing causes.

      1. I wonder what his life insurance policy looked like. He may have been the most useful idiot of all.

        1. “We were just having the best day before this happened. I made him his favorite lunch, grilled steak and asparagus and red potatoes, and we were just having the best Sunday,” she said.

          Her last donation was to an pro-science resistance PAC.

          I was suspicious before, but now I’m leaning heavily towards the notion that she knowingly served this guy his last meal.

          1. I was suspicious before, but now I’m leaning heavily towards the notion that she knowingly served this guy his last meal.

            No shit. Forgettabout steak and potatoes, if my wife brought me *toast*, I’d suspect murderous intent.

          2. “Honey, this steak tastes odd, what did you put on it?”
            “Oh, it’s a new marinade, you like it?”
            “I don’t know, it’s really…cough, cough, gaaacck.”

          3. It’s like the old joke
            A woman was getting married to her 5th husband. On the eve of the wedding he asked her “what happened to your other 4 husband’s”
            She replied “well the 1st one died of food poisoning, the second died of food poisoning, the third died of food poisoning, and the fourth died from a gun shot”
            The groom said “oh my that’s horrible! Why would someone shoot him?”
            The woman replied “because he wouldn’t eat my fucking cooking!”

      2. Yeah, if the local sheriffs first reaction to this case wasn’t to investigate the wife for murder, he’s outright incompetent. Very few people outside of reporters are dumb enough to believe drinking aquarium cleaner is a good idea.

        1. we have female sheriffs in 2020, yknow

  4. Reddit is infested with twats saying anything negative they can think of to downplay or dismiss chloroquine’s benefits. Obviously there’s an agenda being employed with cv-19 – which means a certain faction either MIHOP or LIHOP.

    Also, I hope the governors who banned its use are lynched.

    1. Obviously there’s an agenda being employed with cv-19 – which means a certain faction either MIHOP or LIHOP.

      My brain is incapable of translating this sentence to be about anything other than pancakes.

    2. This economy is not going to nuke itself.

      If everyone calms down and gets back to work, Trump wont be removed and American wont implode.

      Lefties cannot have that!

  5. As long as the orgy is less than 10 people your good

    1. I’ll have a maximum of 10 people in the each of the rooms, which will be laid out like Prospero’s castle in the Masque of the Red Death.

  6. I noticed all the CEO’s who have come to the table like Mike Lindell at the White House today…not one from Goldman Sachs, not one from the Educational Industrial complex, Financial Site, or the “woke” Tech sector from the slum on the Bay. Real Americans come to help..bolsheviks in the financial sector and tech sector just “woke” how much they hate Trump. Google is an enemy of America as is Facebook. Send the bolshevik founders packing…darn globalists

  7. But chloroquine’s been on the market for many decades, so what difference does this “authorization” make?

    1. Maybe it’s something about off-label versus on-label?

      1. It’s still off-label, but more forcefully allowed. This may persuade doctors who were on the fence about using hydroxychloroquine off-label in most states.

        But this won’t work in New York, of all places, since use outside trials recently got locally banned:
        State of New York Executive order no 202.10, March 23, 2020:
        … No pharmacist shall dispense hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine except when written as prescribed for an FDA-approved indication; or as part of a state approved clinical trial related to COVID-19 for a patient who has tested positive for COVID-19, with such test result documented as part of the prescription. No other experimental or prophylactic use shall be permitted, and any permitted prescription is limited to one fourteen day prescription with no refills…
        governor .ny .gov/news/no-20210-continuing-temporary-suspension-and-modification-laws-relating-disaster-emergency

        Hard to believe that Cuomo would welcome a limited trial while at the same time throwing all other patients under the bus, but there it is. Must want really badly to someday control the administrative state. How do they grow, find, and elect guys who would do this?

        1. That’s really disgusting. He likes to grandstand about how New York is suffering but doesn’t want to allow anything to alleviate that suffering.
          Cuomo has Munchaussen by proxy syndrome. Truly diabolical.

        2. No pharmacist shall dispense hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine except when written as prescribed for an FDA-approved indication; or as part of a state approved clinical trial related to COVID-19 for a patient who has tested positive for COVID-19, with such test result documented as part of the prescription.

          Doesn’t the FDA’s waiver for its use for COVID treatments render this moot now? Considering Cuomo ordered hundreds of thousands of doses of chloroquine and its derivatives a few days ago, it seems that restriction didn’t last very long.

  8. This is one of the last areas not over regulated. We never did need the FDAs blessing here. Most prescribing is off-label(at least in my world of pediatric care).
    The FDA ‘granting’ this status is all showmanship, so that this agency can pretend to be our benevolent overlord. Calling their BS here on this.

  9. Why do all the articles about this leave out the story of what worked in France and NY? You can’t just use Hydrochloroquine or the HydroCq with Azithromycin.

    Dr. Zelensky is a family practitioner who has worked in the New Rochelle Jewish Community for over 16 years. His community has been hit hard like much of NY, and his patients are testing positive over 59%. After hearing from his NYC contacts that ICU’s were treating intubated people with Hydrochloroquine and Azithromycin and that they were “only” having 50% “success,” defined as not dying, and they were still going to have terrible lung injuries bc of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome bc Covid19 wages war on the cilia within the lung tissue. When the cilia die there’s no way to move the mucus out & it makes the lung tissue like it’s full of cement. He hypothesized that the only way to beat this virus was to try and make sure the patient never has to be intubated. He was seeing that 59% of the people he tested were positive but the tests were taking 3 days to get the results and he needed to be treating these patients in the first days of the disease so he decided he needed to treat all people over 60 or those younger if they had complicating factor, without getting the results back if they were symptomatic.
    He then had to decide what his cocktail was going to be made of. He combined what the doctors in NYC were telling him and what the studies from China, SKorea and France were saying. He ended up with Hydrochloroquine, Zinc and Azithromycin.

    He has treated between 400-500 (although, I think he went back and looked at his records and came up with 699) people on this regimen, most of them over 60 years old.

    He gives them 500 mg of Azithromycin once a day for five days.
    He gives them 200 mgs of Hydrochloroquine twice a day for five days
    He then gives them 220 mgs of Zinc for 5 days.

    The HYdroCq is the cell opener/ canal that lets itself in and the Zinc which stops the virus from replicating and killing the cells. The Azithromycin beats back any opportunistic bacterial infections.

    After 5 days, they are not “cured.” Many of them think it’s not working bc they feel terrible, fever and coughing but all but three of them are still home, breathing and not getting worse. Three of them have pneumonia and are hospitalized but he doesn’t think any of them will be intubated. They were 9 days into his treating these patients this way at the time of this interview.

    So, if I ever turn up with a positive test I am pretty much demanding my doctors get me on this protocol. The cost of this 5 day treatment is about $20 total. If you have any kind of heart ailment, like my father, I would call my cardiologist now and make sure he had no problems with this or see what other things he would want done if I was to take these meds, so I could be ready when I needed it.

    1. Demand all you want.

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