Brickbat: School's Out Forever


The School District of Philadelphia has barred teachers from providing remote instruction to students while schools are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. School officials say teachers may not require students to do work nor grade any work they do submit because some students may not have access to technology to complete and submit their work. The district is, however, encouraging teachers to have contact with students' families and create plans to welcome students back when schools reopen.

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  1. Until the cripples can dance with great grace and beauty, NO ONE will be allowed to dance, dammit!!! It might make the cripples (ooop, I mean, the challenged folks) feel bad!

    1. I hear the bloods invited the crips to dance.

  2. It’s the Philly way.

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    1. Unless EVERYONE can do this, NO ONE can do this.
      Please set fire to your computer. Or else.

  4. Wow, that must have really pissed off the teachers.

  5. Look, if you start allowing people to learn at home via the internet, they might find out it works even without the school district involved. Many families might say no thanks when the school doors eventually reopen.

    Next thing you know, there will be more and more homeschoolers. As we know from the Rev, only backwards, knuckle-dragging hayseeds believe in homeschooling. Ergo, homeschooling can potentially turn even a sophisticated and cosmopolitan urban population into a backwoods mob of Jed Clampett-style Hicks (just minus all the oil money).

    1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      This is to prevent public schools (and teacher unions) from becoming irrelevant.

    2. What about parents who like have jobs and stuff?

      1. Jobs? Nah… we’ve shut that down. No jobs for you!

        Actually, south Florida has an answer of sorts. First responders and healthcare workers can leave their kids at public school after-care programs during this crisis. Those programs have otherwise been shut down because of the coronavirus. Wouldn’t want to spread it around, you know?

        Of course there’s the cynical view of this strategy – you take the critical population of healthcare workers, who also happen to be the people most likely to be exposed to the virus, and you put their children all together in close quarters for the entire work-week. That way, you can spread the virus among healthcare workers with much greater efficiency.

        1. Kinda like a chicken pox party?

          1. Exactly! Only with the most deadly virus in the history of mankind and the most amazing heroes of our time.

            1. Uh, initial mortality of the AIDS virus? 100%.

              1. THIS ONE IS WORSE DAMMIT!

        2. Solves the mask shortage problem. No point in wearing one if you’re 99% likely to get infected from your kid.

      2. With permanent and generous unemployment benefits, who needs a job?

  6. A bit more explanation from the democratic socialists.

    1. I think it’s funny that Socialist nations by and large have the most restrictive border policies, anti-movement rules, and worse death rates during this KungFlu hysteria.

      Trump was called all sorts of names for trying to LIMIT some non-Americans from entering the USA. Not even completely close the border.

        1. Dum-dum. The article says nothing about border restrictions because unreason hacks write the stupid article you tried to cite.

  7. The philosophy is very simple. If some people get more than others, that’s unfair. If no one gets anything, that’s fair.

    1. And fair (as defined as everyone gets the same bag of dirt) is better!

      Thus the socialist economic plan: much better for every family to earn $30k than for a distribution where the median is $50k but some earn more than others (and where the families can actually find stuff they want to buy).

      1. Minor exception for the nomenklatura who get extra money and perks for their hard work maintaining all that equality.

    2. Statist policy in a nutshell. Equality first, last, and foremost!

      1. Equality first, last, and foremost!…but for thee, not me.

  8. Same bullshit in my obama/trump union “liberal” city, for the same reason.
    We already have an eschool program, and the kids arent allowed to do that either. They do however want them to spend 10 hours a week on assigned work that the union spokeperson (superintendent) specifically state they will not be given credit for.

    1. That sounds insane.

      1. So? We’re talking public schools here.

  9. So are they discounting property tax for this period of shutdown?

    1. +100000

      We all know the answer to that one.

      1. Not only that, but teachers should be paid MOAR!

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    1. Not clicking the link, but we know is ISN’T teaching online!

      1. Camgirl. It’s always camgirl.

  11. So, here in south Florida they’ve decided to continue with classes via their internet tools. They have been distributing laptops to students who need them. This past week was spring break, so starting next week teachers will be online in the morning hours. We’ll see how that goes.

    It looks a lot like they are going to be doing guided homeschooling. A teacher will be providing the curriculum, but it will be up to the parents to do the actual teaching. At least, that’s what I’m assuming will be happening.

    And they seem to be putting a lot on the teachers. They have a suite of tools online, particularly geared to math and reading, that they already use in school. But the teachers are cobbling together online materials to flesh out lessons themselves. Everyone’s experience is going to be different based on how the teacher is able to solve this puzzle.

    I give them high marks for keeping focus on moving the education of the children forward. We’ll see how that works out in the real world, but so far they are at least on the right side of making sure the kids education doesn’t suffer.

  12. In other words, “shut up and bake some cookies.”

  13. create plans to welcome students back

    Good work, Philadelphia.

  14. Philadelphia doesn’t want to lose it’s reputation as the worst educated city.

    Baton Rouge: At least we aren’t Philadelphia!

  15. Can we have a conversation about that stock image at the top?

    1. Let’s take notes.

      I brought my…pencil. Now give me something to write on.

    2. I think I subscribed to her site for a while.

  16. That’s actually standard. In all districts around my family, work is being assigned, but not mandatory. No grades are being taken. A number of kids only have internet on a cell phone, and some don’t have it available at all. They simply can’t perform the required work.

    1. but some can. So why hold everyone back based on the resources and abilities of others.

  17. Our local Catholic schools were online in full teaching mode, every child with a Chromebook and dedicated classroom software, last Monday.
    Our local ISDs will be online this Monday, with students who don’t have a computer supplied one, and public school teachers brought up to speed on how to use them.
    But we’re redneck hicks, out in the rural hinterlands, who don’t care about schooling our kids. Right?

  18. No child left behind. Now the progs have clearly indicated what they meant by this… that everyone must be held back to the pace of the slowest in the class. Harrison Bergeron for them is not a cautionary tale, but rather a guide toward a progressive future. All hail the handicapper in chief, superintendent of Philly schools.

    1. The philosophy among so-called “educators” has been “No child getting ahead” for at least 60 years. Sometimes they’ve been overruled by school boards and required to present enriched courses of some sort for the more capable kids, but they’ll eliminate or sabotage those courses the first chance they get.

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